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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  March 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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parts of the carolinas, the primarily low is south of nashville that will weaken a new low will blossom late tonight and early tomorrow morning and that move to the northeast as we go through your friday, we get scraped by the storm and a decent amount of moisture is gathering as the low takes ship, winter weather advisory goes into affect in newcastle and gloucester and camden county and all points to the north and west, for the heavy wet sloshy snow expected here on friday it will be dense and heavy and what to expect here in the morning in cape may county is rain. and the snow line make its to right around philadelphia and snow parts to rain and changing
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to rain for most of the southern new jersey and all of delaware by the late afternoon hours. here is your timeline the snow arrives 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and that is where you'll see the snow and rain depending on your locate and that is when the snow and rain wraps out along the coast this is what to expect with the heavier bands of snow, this is on the philadelphia line and lighter amounts as you head into southern new jerseyth delaware we'll give you the specific amounts when we come back with the full accuweather forecast a big recovery in the temperature department. adam thanks very much. >> the snow is coming our way one last time, we want to remind you to join the action or breaking news any time, email your photos and video to join
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the action at or use the hashing to #6abcaction. they have arrested a teenager for a deadly shooting in overbrook and now they are trying to track down a second teen and they are both just 16 years old. chad pradelli is live with the details on this. >> reporter: shirleen police say that the alleged trigger man is 15-year-old hamilton a manhunt for him is underway and police warn he is armed and dangerous. he cannot even drive a car but he can kill according to police 15-year-old hamilton is the one that pulled the trigger hit james stahlman while walking his dog last month. >> they were walking around and they came up with the idea they
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wanted to rob somebody. >> they are charged with adults as murder and a 14-year-old whose name is not released is charged with lesser offenses, with the help of surveillance video, the juveniles were picked up by officers and then a search warrant for this home on west girard where the two live. we have several weapons and we are checking them to see if they are our murder weapon but we don't believe that they are. >> they both attend high school but instead of math class they will be behind bars. for no other reasons than these kids wanted to rob somebody and this man lost his life. and they will never see their father again. >> hamilton lives on north wanna maker, and the search is underway, if you know his
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whereabouts, call police. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a philadelphia police officer that shot and killed a man during a traffic stop will not face charges, 26-year-old brandon tate brown died in december in may fair the officer that shot him said that tate brown was reaching for a gun and district attorney seth williams says the evidence supports that and says the case say tragedy but not a crime. david henry just heard from tate brown's family and he'll have a live report at 5:00. from the delaware newsroom the latest case on skimming devices on atms has authorities on the search for the thiefs that installed them. in prices corner delaware, they were victims and had money stolen from their accounts. the internal skimming device was installed this weekend.
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anybody that used the bank had their card information stolen from the magnetic strip. they were only notified when they started to receive calls. >> they took $500 on saturday and then another $500 on sunday. >> and they saw it was a funny transaction and closed my card down. >> there was information that was used to create cards to use to withdraw funds at other atm's, wfs is working to get those customers their money back, they have surveillance video of the suspected skimmers and they are turning it over to the fbi. they are looking to nab the thiefs. less than three hours from now villanova will start what their fans hope say long journey through the ncaa tournament. they have to get through lafayette first and that happens in pittsburgh, jeff skversky is
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live at the energy center in pittsburgh, where the two teams will face off a few hours from now. >> let the madness begin villanova and lafayette these schools only separated by 67 miles, the coaches didn't necessarily want the match-up, because they are friends but the fans love this match-up. villanova and lafayette the fans can make the drive to see the match-up. >> lets go nova! >> they are going crazy for the cats, nova nation is out here in pittsburgh, cheering for the number one team in the east as j. wright and company hope to put their name on a final four run. these fans did not have to travel far to see their favorite team. >> since i went to clench here i was pulling for one philadelphia team to make it out here and for
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this to be my favorite team, i couldn't pass up this opportunity. >> you are wearing a sixer's hat what is up with that? >> i have to get some nova gear. >> once they win the national title i'll be buying the hat and t-shirt. >> that fan that came from canada is rooting for both schools. >> fans of both teams are expected to be heard loud and clear tonight? >> it's a dream come true i'm a winner no matter what. >> supporting both teams is not that uncommon. the coach of lafayette, o'hanlon is a former villanova standout ballplayer. >> for once in my life i'm against villanova it's very strange. not something i am used to doing. >> it's a little strange for villanova star, darren hilliard from bethlehem, he grew up down
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the street from lafayette and in fact he used their gym in high school, to help him get the scholarship for villanova. all sorts of connections as they get ready to start at 6:50 tonight. we are live in pittsburgh jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> a friendly fight but a fight nonetheless nonetheless. it took 15 hours to remove a truck carrying kiwis that overturned and they could not move the truck until they off loaded every single piece of fruit from it. it was backed up across the bridge through the morning commute, at 11:00 this morning. a tanker driver is credited for the fiery accident in pennsauken.
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brian irving was behind the wheel when the tanker overturned and exploded last month. is he receiving tickets for careless driving and other violations. it's time now for the check of the "action news" traffic report. >> autumn marisa is in for matt pellman. >> we are going to go outside to the schuylkill expressway, all in all not look too bad right now. road crews are out preparing the roads for the upcoming snow so speeds across the region are slower out there right now blue route 20 miles per hour and 17 miles per hour on 95 it's probably one of our larger slow-downs right now, we'll go live to cotman avenue on 95 here is the construction zone in the southbound lanes you can see the commute about 35 minutes in the northbound lanes from the vine to wood haven taking you about 30 minutes from woodhaven
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to the vine. and one accident at new egypt road, a car fire to report and outside to the area of bridges the ben franklin off ramp on to the vine street expressway was backed up and we are nice and clear now. looking at ben franklin bridge no reported delays there that is better news from this morning. mass transit all services are on time with no reported delays as well. if you are headed to the sixers game 6:08, two trains are leaving from fern rock. >> thank you autumn. someone is sitting an a winning lottery ticket. it's worth $2 million, metro news on frankford avenue will get a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket and the big winner matched all five white balls and that person had a double play
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option and that doubled the win so far that winner has not come forward. >> still to come, new details on the terror attack in fountunisia, find out who took responsibility for it today. >> investigations into what police call brutality. and what it was carrying and what crew his to do to get it off the road.
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isis now says it was behind yesterday's gun siege at a popular museum in tune eesh arc the attackers opened fire outside of the museum killing 20 tourists and one tunisian others ran for cover including three survivor who's hid inside of the museum until this morning. authorities made nine arrests overnight and two gunmen also died in the shootout.
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the search continues for the accomplices, and this raises fears that isis will go after similar targets in the future. >> my concern is an individual that is becoming radicalized in their basement is watching video on the internet of an attack and decided they want to replicate it. some popular museums in the united states have added extra security as a precaution. >> and now the latest on police brutality at the university of virginia. one black student was left bloody and it was all caught on video. this video was taken early wednesday morning when alcohol and befr able you can see his bloody face there on the face
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now, his head injuries required 10 stitches the 20-year-old junior got emotional in a rally for his support. i beg you guys for your opinions and the way you feel about subjects, we are all part of one community. we deserve to respect each other in times like this. >> johnson is charged with public intoxication and swearing and the officers involved are placed on administrative duty during this investigation. >> thank you alicia. the man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in arizona is behind bars today. ryan giroux was booked on a long list of charges connected to yesterday's violence and police say that the whole thing started with an argument in a hotel. giroux was been in and out of prison since 1994. to business on this thursday
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afternoon, taking a look at the board, a mixed day for stocks the dow lost 116 points and the s&p lost 10 points today. target is planning to raise their minimum raise to $9 an hour, the move is expected to take affect next month it puts them on the same level as their rivals, wal-mart and tjmaxx, it will happen at all 1800 stores across the country but it's unclear how many employees will see the raise the target says they do not disclose employee wages and they did agree to pay $10 million as part of a settlement for the massive data breach in 2013. christians are serving the feast of st. joseph and that means a delicious treat the action cam was at termany
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bakery, the donuts filled with crime is the tradition to have today and they believe that joseph was the husband of mary, the mother of jesus it was first established in 1479 and we got to sample some of that. a taste test in the newsroom. >> so delicious. sorry adam there was not enough for you. >> our office is separate from the newsroom they hog the food there and don't tell us in the corner of the building there. >> you finally figured it out. double scan live radar we have the rain to the south and the area of white snow breaks out in the mountains in west virginia and virginia as it starts to bump into the colder air, speaking of the chill the numbers 41 in allentown and 42 in trenton and 44 in philadelphia and 45 in atlantic city. and only low 40s for trenton as
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well as land caster. satellite and radar shows high clouds coming in and the sun is penetrating through the cloud cover and it will be late tonight, and notice the precipitation moving west to east not north to south it will take it's time pushing in to the middle to tail end of the rush tomorrow morning. clouds are thickening up one last full night of winter and it feels like temperatures are below freezing basically area wide the exception cape may 32 degrees, that sets up temperatures cold enough to break out for snow for most of us. but at 8:00 tomorrow morning, the general area is still dry and rain breaking out south and snow starting in lancaster county and then it pulls in and turns heavy and steady late morning into the afternoon and at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon still snowing around philadelphia trenton and all points west, it looks to stay at
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the heavy wet snow south of the city, that is where temperatures go into the upper 30s and we flip over to a period of rain before it all exits here between 7:00 and 9:00 tomorrow night and temperatures near the freezing point north and west. the map has not changed much since yesterday not really any accumulation in southern areas it's a quick change to rain and millville-atlantic city maybe an inch and wilmington 3 inches of snow here is the three inch line, and north and west of philadelphia, 3 to 6 inch of snow expected a lot of it the grass, the cars and the trees but even in pennsylvania where you see most of the snow, it could get slushy on the roads. then the vernal equinox arrives at 6:45 when the direct rays are over the equator as the sun tries to warm us.
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wet snow and rain at times in the afternoon 38 degrees, at least we are above freezing in the afternoon than will help some of the road conditions and then a nice recovery saturday 55 degrees and then the chill returns against sunday and monday highs well below normal despite sun and clouds 42 to 44 degrees. i like my flat stomach. how it looks on tv. >> why are you saying that? >> because you ate all of that stuff. >> look what we have to deal with here. >> a childhood cancer survivor is on a mission, 12-year-old peter zucka wants to make life easier, today he donated 50 wagones to dupont hospital in wilmington and young patients used them to navigate the hallways peters used it on his back after he was diagnosed with cancer and it always put a smile
4:22 pm
on his face. they went all around the cancer floor with water bottles and everybody was fair game and they would squirt their daughters and nurses and laugh and play like little children are suppose to. >> peter donated the wagon through his powerhouse foundation. >> wonderful. a car goes off the road and slams into multiple houses and a tractor trailer catches fire on the highway, what crew his to do before they put it out and traffic in that area. >> you no longer have to go under the knife to tighten sagging jaw lines and saggy skin
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tiberius lauderwink can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 2 from the pennsylvania lottery, the simplest numbers game yet. they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. from our delaware newsroom a tractor trailer caught fire and blocked traffic on 295 you can see the flames shooting out of the rig this happened before
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6:30 this morning in the northbound lanes in newcastle the truck was carrying a load of potatoes, and the crew his to take them off. it was six hours before the lanes were finally reopened. police are still trying to figure out what caused a dump truck to overturn in millville. workers were shoveling the load out of the back of the dump truck to upright it medics were checking out the driver but we are working to find out how badly he was hurt. specters are checking out a home in tioga-nicetown chopper 6 hd was over west hilton street where a car slammed into the front porches of three homes, nobody was hurt and
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4:30 now and "action news" continues with the dangerous love test, why one man's current girlfriend jumped into the river with his ex to see who he would save. >> and waging a war against gravity. >> and it attacks my jowl. >> now you can fight back against jowls and facial fat without going under the knife. and later from taunting police to standing on his seat. a daredevil biker leads police on a chase fit for a stunt man you'll never guess what he said when the chase was finished. >> we begin with a freak accident by a philadelphia that just moved to new york.
4:30 pm
tina newhan was going down the street and then on the sidewalk a piece of wood from a construction site blew down and hit her. here now is vernon odom on the scene. >> reporter: she left this northern liberties apartment building on north 5th street just 8 months ago, heading for manhattan for a wonderful married life and prosperity. the tragic and sudden death of tina went viral across the world she was living in new york city for 6 months. she was walking along gusty west 12th street yesterday afternoon when she was struck by a 4 by 8 feet piece of plywood fencing
4:31 pm
and was declared dead at bellevue hospital. she and realty manager jennifer lower were good friends. >> she is extremely nice, and loved art she moved because she was getting married and she was really excited about that. >> she was working as a real estate agent new york city. her fiance wrote a statement this is the most devastating loss, she was the woman of my dreams. >> i spoke with her brother by telephone, the family is devastated we miss her terribly and her burial will be here in philadelphia. >> to be walking down the street and for something like this to happen is really tragic. it should have never happened. >> clearly there were safety violations and negligence on
4:32 pm
that new york city street, funeral arrangementses are still in the planning stage. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> that is a tragedy vernon. three students were arrest affidavit a brawl at atlantic city high school police say that the fight broke out just before 11:00 a.m., they are not sure how many people were involved or why they were fighting no students were seriously hurt but a security guard was treated after having a medical issue quickly spread to the main house and the family of four escaped unharmed and are staying with relatives.
4:33 pm
whale they look for the cause. the last full day of winter they are being kind of generous right in the back of the head as it departments right here in chester county in honey brook in chester county a hot spot tomorrow, where you see the most accumulation you have a brown ground and this scene will look very different, 24 hours from now, double scan live radar there is the primary low transferring its energy to a coastal storm that will move to the north and east, all the moisture is heading in our direction and there is no way to avoid it and it's bumping into cold air, winter weather advisories are in affect tomorrow and all points north and west forever the heavy wet slushy snow, northwest suburbs
4:34 pm
and slick tomorrow in pennsylvania, the philadelphia metro area, the roads are wet with a little bit of slush and southern new jersey and delaware, because of the change to rain it's wet roads for you tomorrow. tricky travel and the other half not bad for tomorrow with the storm coming in. totals coming up in accuweather. >> we can deal with it. thanks adam. with wintry weather approaching check, can you find live storm tracker 6 radar and if you see snow or breaking news email your photos to, or use #6abcaction on social media. speaking of breaking news we have some right now, chopper 6 hd is live over an apparent attack here in southwest philadelphia, this is the 5500 block of lindbergh boulevard police tell us a little more
4:35 pm
than a half hour ago, a 20-year-old man was stabbed multiple times inside of that chinese restaurant, he was taken to penn medical center with what was described as serious injuries a weapon was recovered but we don't know why this man was stabbed. again the 5500 block of lindbergh boulevard the scene of a man stabbed several times inside of that restaurant. hillary clinton spoke in front of 3,000 people this afternoon the camp association conference marked her final paid speech as she gets ready forever a presidential run next year. she focused on the importance of childhood education, she was not asked about recent criticism about the use of personal email at the state department. people in our area are
4:36 pm
taking part in a fundraiser for people battling multiple sclerosis. rick williams is live in the newsroom with more. >> multiple sclerosis affects more than 4,000 people across the u.s. and it attacks the nervous system and there is no cure. this fundraiser is called swim for ms coming up ali gorman talks to one temple student that is swimming for her sister and we'll tell you how the money raised will help people fighting ms every day. and three bucks county elementary schools are set to close as the school district moved forward with plans to rebuild and how it weighs heavy in the hearts of parents and students. until 5:00, back to you in the studio and shirleen. >> thank you rick. it's that time of the year when the bravest and finest
4:37 pm
face-off in the battle of the badges it was the fire and police department, the annual weight loss competition sponsored by weight watchers it's this sunday they start with the fire department leading in the standings 15-13. now a special report for a trouble spot for men and women. sagging jaw lines and double chins several doctors are offering an in office solution for those problems. >> susan wants to present a fresh energetic face to clients, she wanted to smooth out the surgery and researching options they she came across thermy rf
4:38 pm
dr. wolf says lifting jaw lines and necks is challenging. plumpers have been used. doctors doctors recently used rf to shrink but it would be too hot for the outer skin but in thermy are. f a thin wand is inserted into the layers. >> you can control the temperature and heating and also where you are heating, sensors and a thermal camera makes sure the temperature above and below is carefully control the and the incision is so tiny there is no need for stitches the evening of the procedure i had no pain whatsoever and i was pretty swollen, but susan says she
4:39 pm
didn't bruise and the swelling went down in a few days and the tightening goes down gradually but susan says there is no mistaking it i see a real result. >> the tightening continues for three more months dr. wilks says that thermy rf is getting attention from men as well. you have excess skin and fat hanging over the top of your tie, you become self-conscious. it's considered an in between treatment in between non-evasive ones and full surgery, the price is about $4,000 to find doctors offering it go to the link for this story at a lot of people both men and women talking about this today on social media with me. >> thank you alicia. three pairs of designer jeans for just $150 and it's true and just one of the deals you can find on the main line this weekend. >> plus, a daredevil biker was
4:40 pm
behind bars, and it was not easy to put him there. >> and later talk about tough love a man's current and former girlfriend jump into the river with a challenge save me or save your ex. what is behind the bizarre sense of devotion. >> and word on the snow coming tomorrow, "action news" at 4:00 continues.
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an army platoon was given a free pass to hurl racial slights on wednesdays and thursdays authorities say that chen took his own life in 2007 after being
4:43 pm
tormented over his chinese heritage. >> a high speed chase turned into a motorcycle stunt show, it started when police tried to pull over that driver for reckless driving but he sped away and speeds topped at 100 miles per hour. the 22-year-old man as you see stood on his bike and there were obscene gestures to police he said i want to say i love my two baby girls, i'm sorry i disappointed them. here at the big board with the big talkers, in san francisco the archdiocese is looking into if the main cathedral take shelter there. homeless people that seek shelter says the water goes off every half hour under the covered doorways and during the night the sprinklers go off soaking the homeless and their things, they are not sure if the
4:44 pm
sprinklers were meant to clean the place or clean them. the archdiocese says they serve thousands of homeless people every year and they are looking into this. ouch. talk about a love triangle and the ultimate test of affection a 20-year-old man in china says he was so sick of the bickering between his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. it ended in a muddy sticky situation both women threw themselves into the river to see who he would save woo jumped in and saved his current girlfriend what about the ex? he called hi brother and called him and told him to go to the river and rescue her, the brother didn't go just called the fire brigade and they got her out and the ex knows where
4:45 pm
she stands and ruth bader ginsburg you can see she is not much for selfies, but smile or not, the truth is the internet is all about room, in fact there is a tumbler feed, called notorious rbg, they even made t-shirts so all the rbg t-shirts can represent. she has her own bobble head doll and, she also stars in her own comic book series the internet can't get enough and if only she can start working on the selfies. you can hold yourselfyy in contempt. >> love her. lets get a check of the roads. autumn marisa is at the traffic
4:46 pm
center with and update for us. we are dealing with a lot of volume, these are the northbound lanes approaching allegheny, a thick, heavy volume from wood haven to the vine, 35 minutes and the same to go in reverse, taking a look at the big picture, speeds across the region between the mid-20s into the 30s, slow jumping off the turnpike into the eastbound lanes of schuylkill expressway as you approach the blue route also slow going if you are on the vine heading towards 95 you are tapping the brakes there too. and in bordentown, rising sun road near connecter road another accident and downed pole in mansfield township after east mansfield road and norristown george street and west marshall street an accident to report there as well.
4:47 pm
area bridges look nice and clear and lets take a nice look at the ben franklin bridge, we'll bring you an update in the 9:00 hour. >> thank you autumn. adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up n.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist adam joseph along with the accuweather forecast includes snow for tomorrow. >> one could look at it as the winter snow and spring snow. >> wherever it arrives. >> maybe we'll see. the action cam was down the shore this afternoon in cape may, you can see a calm ocean and notice the sparkle with the sun glistening off the ocean and the high clouds the leading
4:50 pm
edge of our next storm. not finding any precipitation at the present time, it will be another 13 hours or so before we start to see some snow and rain pull into our region, 42 now and 41 in allentown and 33 in the poconos, and temperatures are cool no matter where you are even the shore. the breeze is coming off the ocean and temperatures tumble back into the upper 30s and low pressure is now near nashville and that is beginning to weaken and it transfers off the coast and a new low develops off the carolinas and you see snow breaking out in the mountains of west virginia and virginia and that is an indication that cold air is linking with this storm. so 8:00 tomorrow morning, all temperatures will genally be above the freezing point and we'll start to see snow break out in western lancaster county and rain in the far southern
4:51 pm
parts of you viewing area and quickly that snow and rain pulls in during the mid to late morning in the afternoon and wilmington philadelphia and snow in the afternoon tomorrow and you can see temperatures near 40 and even during the evening rush temperatures will be above freezing where it is snow, and that will help some of the road conditions with the higher march sun angle and rain in southern areas and it exits here between 7:00 and 10:00 tomorrow evening, here is what to expect in the far southern areas in cape may county and cumberland and cape may county. glassboro and hammonton and mount holly this is your 3-inch line over the city of philadelphia to the north of there, you get into the 3 to 6 inch amounts, in the delaware
4:52 pm
and lehigh and even buck county on the trees and grass this snow is a very wet snow pasting to the surfaces but with temperatures above freezing most of the main roads look wet even north and west of philadelphia, the sidewalks and side roads could turn on the slushy side. spring begins tomorrow evening 6:45 p.m. and spring snow is not uncommon for philadelphia. the snow is around 1 inch in philadelphia, the highest in march had 20 inches of snow so it can happen. >> a nice recovery to melt the snow away over the weekend, saturday 55 and we step it down and the chill arrives, 40s on sunday and 40s on monday and
4:53 pm
tuesday and we try to recover back closer to normal with a few showers on thursday. overall spring arrives but winter is putting its food down. >> we'll get there eventually. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! make your house the house when you
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a big designer sale is happening on the main line. a boutique in brenmar is giving things away this weekend if you can get cowboy boots or a cute new dress for spring this is a sale you can't miss. can you get a dress for 60% off. >> they are all beautiful and travel well. the sale is happening at ella's grove this weekend, all kinds of
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designers and clothes for summer and fall, take this jacket for instance. originally $425, now $75. frye and gringo boots are 50% off. you get four pairs of jeans for $150. it's a great brand and there are racks of other items that are buy two get one free. >> can you get this jacket as a free item and it was originally $400. >> that is not a deal, that is it a steal. the sale is this saturday from noon until 4:00. for a link to ella's grove just go to i'm nydia han channel 6 "action
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news." >> nice sale. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. here it comes another round of winter weather and it will arrive on the first day of spring. the approaching storm kept crews busy today keeping our roads prepped for snow and the trucks ready to plow. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the prep for more snow for spring. it will likely affect the morning and evening commutes, cecily tynan is live now with the latest from accuweather. >> winter is not going without a fight stormtracker 6 live double scan showing moisture building to the south and west and notice though only in the higher elevations of virginia and west virginia we are seeing it as snow, this is mainly rain at this point.
5:00 pm
that is typical for march and it is moving into colder air and creating snow right now there is low pressure south of nashville this is beginning to transfer its energy to a coastal low, that will move up to the north and east and gradually strengthening as it does and this brings us a messy last day of winter. the national weather service posted winter weather advisories for tomorrow for the bulk of our viewing area, this is not a light and fluffy snow, the only area not under the advisories and for central and southern delaware, this is mainly a rain event this is midmorning likely towards the end of the morning commute the snow overspreads the region and again for the far southern zones of rain with a few snowflakes mixed in as we head through the day the rain-snow line moves up near philadelphia by early evening and north of


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