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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that is typical for march and it is moving into colder air and creating snow right now there is low pressure south of nashville this is beginning to transfer its energy to a coastal low, that will move up to the north and east and gradually strengthening as it does and this brings us a messy last day of winter. the national weather service posted winter weather advisories for tomorrow for the bulk of our viewing area, this is not a light and fluffy snow, the only area not under the advisories and for central and southern delaware, this is mainly a rain event this is midmorning likely towards the end of the morning commute the snow overspreads the region and again for the far southern zones of rain with a few snowflakes mixed in as we head through the day the rain-snow line moves up near philadelphia by early evening and north of philadelphia this
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will stay all as a wet snow event. this is what to expect as far as the storm's timeline, the snow is arriving frtd west to the east at 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, the heaviest will be during the day between 11:00 and 5:00 and that is when we'll see the change over to rain and that all ends by friday evening, we'll talk more about the timeline behind this system and how much snow to expect where you live in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. now lets switch live to "action news" reporter john rawlins who is at the valley forge national park with penndot's plan for the storm and more tomorrow. >> reporter: hi rick, district 6, that is the five county area here taking this storm forecast very seriously they will have at least 180 trucks at the ready and there could be extra trucks, but that will be made tonight. most of us are suffering from
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snow fatigue. >> i am getting excited for spring i think. i need to kick winter in the bud. >> spring is tomorrow and it's going to snow. >> i am not happy about that. >> alex and her dad among park walkers and riders today mindful conditions this last day of winter better than the first day of spring. >> tomorrow it's going to snow on the first day of spring. >> how do you process that? >> i'm in an acceptance mode that after friday it will all be good. and penndot's brine trucks are laying down a protective coating resrow fitting them with salt spreaders and plows. >> are you looking forward to it? >> no. >> you want it go away too? >> yes. >> we have had enough many of us saying enough already we had
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it with nuisance storms. you are ready to see this go. ready to go. it reopened this weekend is a living breathing color. hardy annuals dealing with the spring, and a contrast to winter's dull landscape. >> blooms reminding us people are playing in the dirt and planting flowers and weeding and mulching and suffering from allergies, still better than shoveling snow. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> back to you all. >> thank you. and with wintry weather approaching be sure to check, you can always find the forecast and see breaking news in your area, be sure to email your photos and videos to join the action at
5:04 pm or use the #6abcaction on social media. philadelphia police have arrested one teen and are still looking for a second teenager in connection with last week's deadly shooting in the overbrook section, 16-year-old hamilton is the gunman that shot james stuhlman in the chest. hamilton is still on the loose and 15-year-old brandon smith is in custody charged as an adult with murder, a 14-year-old has also been charged but with lesser offenses. we'll have more details in a live report at 6:00. philadelphia's district attorney says that the shooting death of brandon tate brown was a tragedy not a crime. they will not charge the two police officers involved in the shooting of tate brown in december. they said that tate brown reached for a gun and that is when one officer fired. david henry is live now in center city with more.
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>> yes, sharrie, as far as the d.a. is concerned, the case is closed and no charges against the police officers but brandon tate brown's family says it's not over yet his mother was informed of the decision this morning. like anymore, i choked and i cried. >> last december brandon tate brown was pulled over by police and he was driving this white car and police say he didn't have his headlights on and one of the two officers spotd this gun wedged between the passenger seat and console and that is when he allegedly started strulging with the officers, it was cam toured on this grainy surveillance tate brown eventually broke free and tried to get his gun and that is when one of the officers shot him. >> this is not the case of an unarmed man shot while running away, it's the case of a
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struggle and mr. brandon tate brown's attempt to get his illegal gun. >> the gun was stolen and had tate brown's dna on it. the family saw a different video, the video shows tate brown at the back of the car not reaching through the open passenger door. >> i saw my son nowhere near the right side and never got to open the right side of that door. >> tate brown was a convicted felon and served five years for shooting someone, if he had a gun in his car he may have been sent right back to prison. >> the only mistake my cousin made was that he was driving while black in the city of philadelphia. >> and may fair, near the 15th district. next question please. >> the criminal case is now closed and the family of brandon tate brown is now pursuing a civil rights lawsuit against the
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city and the police. live at city hall, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. officials in cape may released more information today related to investigations into the city's police department, this after the county prosecutor clarified that the police department is not under investigation for criminal activity, the investigation is the center of a contentious city council meeting earlier this month. that is when the contract was rescinded prompting one count ill member to resign on the spot. classes were back to normal at paulsboro high school trk was temporarily closed down when the fumes sickened staffers yesterday. it's said that the fumes came from a neighboring refinery having issues earlier in the week, a dozen people got sick and were take and to the hospital yesterday causing the high school to close early and none of the symptoms were
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serious. a tractor trailer driver is cited for careless driving after crashing his big rig in pennsauken, the explosion happened on the off ramp of 190 and the truck erupted in huge flames, brian irving suffered only a minor injury and the delaware port authority says that the damage costs were close to a million dollars. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. lets go live to autumn marisa in the traffic center with the very latest. >> hi rick and monica we have a lot of volume there this is southbound through the construction zone at cotman avenue, you can see the vehicles blocking the right and lane, the three lanes are trying to merge into one slowing us down, speeds in the 20s and 40s on the schuylkill expressway and slow going on the blue route southbound taking you 40 minutes right now to go from the schuylkill to 95 and on the
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schuylkill expressway from the turnpike to the blue route taking you 16 minutes when it should only take you six minutes for that commute. concord and concord road, we have an accident to report and moving along into mansfield township, after east mansfield road we have downed poles. >> thank you autumn. march madness is underway, we are an hour away from kickoff for villanova lafayette match-up. villanova won 15 straight games and lafayette a 16 seed has never won a game in the big dance and tip-off is 6:50 p.m. it will be fun much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 today. every stroke is helping people fight back against multiple sclerosis. ali gorman tells us how a
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national swimming fundraiser will help people battling the disease. and how president obama's executive order can make a difference in the skies. cecily tynan has the latest on the stormy warm, that is all coming up next.
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we have breaking news from west philadelphia, a two vehicle wreck in the 98 hundred block of bart ram avenue one car rear ended another and the driver is still trapped. they are trying to remove the driver now and no word on injuries but obviously fire and ambulances are standing by. >> in international news isis claimed the responsibility for the deadly attack at a museum in tunisia. they fired on tourists as they got off a bus. nine people are arrested in the incident, the unclear if any of them have ties to isis, hundreds of tunisians rallied at the
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museum in support of the victims. meanwhile the cruise line stopped all stops in tunisia. president barack obama ordered the federal government to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases by 40%. the president got a look at a solar panel after signing an executive order to ramp up the use of natural energy sources. that is the same amount of 5.5 million cars that they met many one year. health check thousands of people are diving into action to help those living with multiple sclerosis. that includes students and staff at a community swimming pool. >> ali gorman joins us with that story. >> multiple sclerosis affects thousands of people in the u.s. and some have mild cases and
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some are debilitating it's call swim for m.s., it's a cause that hits close to home. >> ann is suiting up for a special swim, she and many others dove into action at a temple university pool, every stroke helps to raise money to support people battling multiple sclerosis. it's a lifelong disease that affects the nervous system. ann swims for her sister christina, diagnosed with ms six years ago. >> she was 25 and incredibly athletic and was a member of temple university's rowing team. she says her sister's health plummeted to the point that she could no longer walk. but has since rebounded and is back to running but not sure how long it will last.
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>> swimming for m.s. is a national fundraiser they collect donations to support the multiple sclerosis association of mesh, anyone can join any pool any time. >> anybody can sign up and do their own swim or swim laps and people do cannon balls for cash they can do their on swim or log on to the weekend and support ann. >> it helps them get necessary services and help with medical costs and medical equipment to help them get around safely, for ann the cause is personal and she hopes that more people take the plunge, if you don't have the time to donate or are tight on money read something about the disease, spreading awareness counts. >> this is one of many swim challenges taking place locally and nationally, if you would like to learn more, get involved at monica back over to you. the fifth annual science
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festival is coming back with a bang. balls in the air, these lucky kids funded the nine day festival, it's april 24 and to may 2nd there are 100 events by dow chemical showing how to change liquid nitrogen to foam. it's all part of the science and engineers.
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target has reached a set settlement after a massive data breach in 2013, a $10 million fund is published for victims and anybody that can prove they were affected could be eligible for up to $10,000 in compensation, and they are giving their employee a boost in pay, entry level is boosted to $9 a month and $10 in a year. and times square could soon be less fun toys r us has not
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renewed their lease at the flag ship store there. they were there since 2000, it include a 60 foot high ferris wheel and a life size barbie dream house, the retailers looking for less expensive space nearby. a $2 million power ball ticket was bought here at metro news at frank ford avenue it matched all five white balls and the buyer chose the power play option that boosted the prize from $1 million to $2 million, you can watch the drawing every wednesday night here at 6 abc after "action news" at 11:00.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board time to tell you where and when the snow starts. rick is ready for a snowball fight. >> i have seen rick throw good luck with that. >> no snow today fortunately plenty of sunshine sky 6 hd looking at wilmington delaware and a little bit of wins now. the winds have died down since yesterday and it's another chilly day despite the sunshine temperatures 45 in philadelphia and that is 9 degrees below normal and allentown 43 and wilmington 44 and trenton 42 and millville 44 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing there is moisture that is building to the south you look at the cloud cover and the
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clouds are really moving from the west to the east and they will gradually be thickening up in the overnight hours 31 in philadelphia and millville 27 and wilmington 26 and trenton 28 degrees the cold air is in place and this sets the stage for snow for really a big error future tracker showing at 8:00 in the morning, this is when the moisture moves in from the south and west. it gradually moves in throughout the day and it's heavy through the afternoon and at 4:00 south of wilmington and south of lakehurst, it is all changed to rain and philadelphia snowing and it moves out and it all out of here by friday night at 9:00. south of millville south of atlantic city and dover we are looking at a quick change over
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to rain. as far as the i-95 corridor around three inches to 1 inch to millville, this area a slushy 1 to 3 inches primarily on the grassy surfaces, it's march so a lot of this will melt on the roads, north of philadelphia though, 3 to 6 inches of snow and some of that will cause some slushy accumulation on roads and especially the higher elevation the good news is most of the storm system is out of here in time for the vernal equinox when spring arrives at 6:45 tomorrow evening this is when the sun's rays are directly over the equator and the angle increases through the month and the normal high will be up to 65 degrees think there is something to look forward to in the long-term but in the short-term we have more wintery weather on the way 48 when spring arrives on friday night and the first day of
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spring seasonable, 55 degrees and anything on the grass will be melting on saturday but sunday, the chill is back and 44 degrees on monday the high only 42 and tuesday temperatures remain 10 degrees below normal and can we get warmer air later in the week. we'll have more in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. happy birthday by the way. >> where is my present? >> did you get her a gift? >> no. >> friendship. hundreds of customers may have fall and victim to what is known as atm skimming sharrie williams will have the details. mo'ne davis's story will now be seen by millions and we'll explain more.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. the viral video of a university of virginia's arrest continues to cause across the country. officials say that it's part of a much bigger plan and let the madness begin villanova and lafayette is fine tuning their game plans before hitting the hardwood tonight and we are live in pittsburgh with a preview, people that saw cell phone video of the arrest of university of virginia student say he is now a victim of police brutality.
5:31 pm
two alcohol beverage control agents tackled 20-year-old martise johnson to the ground causing a bloody head wound elizabeth is live in new york now. >> reporter: monica just this afternoon, virginia state police confirm they have launched two investigations one that is more administrative in nature to see if the agents followed protocol and a second criminal investigation is also underway. >> his head is bleeding! >> bleeding from his head and tackled to the ground. this video of university of virginia student johnson is now under independent review by the state police at the question of the governor. >> i'm bothered and disturbed by the photo, someone will have to answer for it.
5:32 pm
>> alcohol beverage control agents made the arrest after the 20-year-old tried to get into a bar near campus. >> the general conclusion is it looks like they may have used too much force to affect an arrest. not knowing the front end of that conversation makes it difficult. >> while they warn it's too soon, students march in support of johnson brought to tears at a rally last night. >> i beg of you guys to please respect everyone here, we are all part of one community and the students vow to rally peaceful but believe that johnson was the victim of police brutality. and the video is the latest example of the brutality between victims and police. johnson is charged with intoxication and obstruction of
5:33 pm
just sis. >> his family and lawyers are expected to speak soon and will he be fighting the charges vigorously. >> elizabeth thank you world news tonight will have more on the student's arrest and more on the claims of police brutality. you can watch that at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. more news the neshaminy district is moving forward to build a big elementary school and to do that they will shutter three smaller ones including everett elementary. walter perez has more. >> reporter: when it comes to samuel everett elementary school this was long in coming. >> one of the oldest in the district and one in need of prepares. >> and so earlier this week the
5:34 pm
school board voted to close samuel elementary at the end of the school year and part of a plan that includes the closures of two other schools. the sales orrin tales of those properties would go to the construction of a $34 million school on the site in south hampton and school officialed believe they can pull this off without raising taxes and they also say that the new school once it's built and open it will save the district $1.5 million in operating costs each year. >> we want to increase the education opportunities for the children in the district without burdening the taxpayers. >> we spoke to parents about the plan some of whom support the idea but they don't understand the value of building a mega school instead of repairing the
5:35 pm
smaller schools. >> what happens to the sales of schools that we sold? >> the school board is ridiculous, the schools they are targeting to closed were targeted in the beginning and they said they were lookinging at other options. >> oliver heckman and lower southhampton, will be shut down at the end of the 2016 school year. walter perez channel 6 "action news." at the "action news" big board delaware authorities say that a wfs bank branch in price's corner is the latest to fall victim to atm skimming someone installed a skimming device on an atm sometime this weekend, anyone that used the atm had the information including card strips.
5:36 pm
and the bank only became aware of it when customers started to report unauthorized transactions. >> they took $500 on saturday and another $500 out on sunday and they saw it was like a funny transaction and they closed my card down. >> they used the information compromised on the skimming devices to create cards that could be used to withdraw funds at other atm's bank officials say it's unclear how long the skimmer was in place but they have video of the thieves and they turned that over to the fbi. a 20-year-old man was attacked in a south philadelphia restaurant this afternoon chopper 6 hd over the business in lyndon boulevard detectives say that a 20-year-old man was stabbed several times and was
5:37 pm
rushed to penn medical center they have recovered the weapon but not arrested the suspect. chopper 6 hd was over the northbound lanes of kelly drive at mountain green and brewery hill drive salt trucks were called out to treat the area before the road was reopen. with the storm tomorrow we are more likely to see more of these crashes. >> as for tonight, lets see how the commute home is shaping up as we check back in with autumn marisa. she is in for matt pellman. >> we can't complain too much. we have all the typical delays the schuylkill expressway 30 minutes from the blue route to the vine and here are our eastbound lanes heading down to the city now, over to the big picture, the speeds in the region, we are in the teens out there and no incidents to report on the major highway, that is certainly good news, this is the calm before the storm tomorrow we have a big delay from the turnpike to the blue route in
5:38 pm
the eastbound lanes it's taking you 15 minutes to do that and typically it only takes 6 minutes. the bridges look nice and clear but on the ben franklin bridge we have police activity taking out the right hand lane and merging down to employee lanes. not bad compared to the truck that was tipped and had all the kiwis, much better now rick. >> thank you autumn. in other news tonight some kids in camden got a chance to get up close and personal with well trained dogs a front row for the camden county police demonstration k-9 unit. the most decorated dog, zero showed off his skills and he is just as friendly as he is talented. >> still ahead, a little boy battled back from cancer and other children with diseases get
5:39 pm
these little wagons. and villanova is not looking at this game against lafayette as a lay-up. i'm jeff skversky and we'll hear from both teams coming up. and i'll have the timing of this storm coming in and how much snow you'll see by this time tomorrow. >> all right that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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the paulsboro high school boys basketball team is two win as way from being crowned the best team in new jersey. they came back from ber began field high to claim a victory. that win earned them a trip to the semi finals against roselle catholic. >> we have played together since we were little in fourth grade and that helps because everybody buys into playing defense hard and going hard on defense and everybody knows their offensive roles. >> friday's semi finals patch will be played in toms river. well, with the ncaa
5:43 pm
underway people were celebrating march madness at a fundraiser, its an annual event at the crystal tea room, this nine hour fundraiser is done to benefit philabundance, last year $350,000 was raised and they hope for a big turnout for the villanova-lafayette game. and they are getting ready to take the court in just over an hour. ducis rogers is live now with more. >> the ncaa tournament opener for both but only one can advance, villanova is looking to capture the magic they had while what lafayette is looking to write the cinderella story. jeff skversky is live. >> will this go down as the best
5:44 pm
villanova team ever 32 wins with a school record but this is where it really counts fans are lined up to go in they are playing whatlafayette a team they have not lost to in 94 years this is not a lay-up even though a number one seed has not lost to a number 16 seed but the wildcats have to watch out for the three's, only one team in the entire country are a better shooting three team than the leopards. >> obviously a big opportunity for us villanova is the second best team in the country we are playing well at the moment but we have to do some things to compete with them. >> nobody has been able to solve villanova this year other than two teams and they haven't lost in 2015, so it's not like i have
5:45 pm
john wooden on my bench and can come one a devious plan, we'll have to be solid and hope that maybe villanova misses a couple of shots nobody is here thinking we are beatable it's march and anything can happen in march. >> if we go out and play our game, we know that not many teams can beat us but when we don't play that game we can be beat by anybody. >> villanova's run for a founal four starts tonight. look at them in this run dmc video, and nova is trying to make some noise first they have to silence lafayette. they are 7-1 all time, including a w to start last season. we are live in pittsburgh getting ready to go into the arena for the big game. i'm jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> we'll check back in with you at 6:00.
5:46 pm
temple hopes that the ncaa tournament bug is out of their system. we start with -- he hurt his achilles in the win to get in the tourney, baylor commits 20 turnovers and they take a one point lead, one final chance for baylor and save brackets georgia state wins, uab a 14 seed facing iowa state william lee hits the tough jumper to put uab up late. and one player said afterwards, we come here not just to play games but to make some noise and win some games the blazers win 60-59. sharrie back over to you. >> my bracket is all messed up.
5:47 pm
a local foundation hit a major milestone today in its attempt to help kids living with cancer peter zucker lost a leg to a tumor peter presented the first 50 wagons to the hospital last year and today he was on hand to present the last 50 wagons. next it's goggles for movies. and the action cam was in delran county to get a big donation before it heads overseas, they turned a shipping container into a village in africa board games and playground equipment will be sent to the village along with the library.
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meteorologist, adam joseph joins us now for the last full day of winter. >> he has a trick up his sleeves, old man winter. >> i'm wearing short-sleeves. >> you do that. as we look at double scan live
5:51 pm
radar, a full amounts of sunshine, just a few high clouds streaming in and those high clouds will lower and thicken as we go through the overnight hours, right now 45 degrees in philadelphia, a good 10 degrees below normal and 43 in allentown and 34 in the poconos and even farther to the south temperatures in the lower 40s and a bit a sea breeze in atlantic city and beach haven where temperatures are in the upper 30s, moisture is gathering to the south and the original low to the storm that pulled away from texas is now near the central part of the tennessee valley, that is weaken and transferring it's energy and that will pull to the north and east and bring the precipitation in and you start to see that interaction with the colder air in the mountains with virginia and west virginia flipping it from rain to snow. it is cloudy and chilly and
5:52 pm
anywhere from 6:00 until 8:00, with temperatures going to the freezing point in the tail end of the rush tomorrow between 8:00 and 9:00, what is when we start to see the snow break out from the west to the southeast future tracker confirms that at 8:00 tomorrow morning, most of the area is dry and cloudy with temperature as above freezing the snow and rain building to the south and west. late morning into the afternoon, that is when the precipitation turns heavier and by 1:00 a heavy wet snow, wilmington and philadelphia near trenton all points to the north and rain in southern delaware and new jersey, as early as late morning and afternoon continues to rain heavily at 5:30 tomorrow for the rush and snow in trenton and lakehurst and all points to the north and west and this remains snow tore the entire storm and temperature as above freezing for this storm that is some good news, by 9:00 tomorrow night, that is when the precipitation pulls off the coast, a quick change to rain in
5:53 pm
the southern areas anywhere from millville, atlantic city and north of dover about an inch of snow, you get closer to west grove and media and mount holly, 3 inches of snow and then north and west, we receive 3 to 6 inches and most of that accumulation is on the trees and cars and grassy surfaces on the roadways it's slushy where you see 3 to 6 inches but not icy tomorrow at 6:45 that is what everyone is eyeing towards the beginning of spring when we say hello to the vernal equinox, snow? march is not uncommon we average an inch of snow in the spring season in 1915, we had 19.4 inches of snow in one storm in the spring it can happen and it will this go around. as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast 38 tomorrow and the wet snow and rain and a nice recovery here on saturday, 55 degrees with a healthy amounts of sunshine, but
5:54 pm
another front slips through to bring a chill for sunday, monday, tuesday, with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average, and then we finally bust back into the 50s midweek with a few showers on thursday. and a lot of that accumulation is like paste it will paste itself to the cars and trees. a lot of the pavement just wet and slushy. in the meantime mo'ne davis will be a subject on the disney channel, the 13-year-old will serve as a cult an on the movie no word on who will play mo'ne or when it will air. disney is the parent company of 6 abc.
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to teenagers are under arrest as people search for the shooter of a man walking his dog. and the investigation into a fatal police shooting. also nora muchanic has more from her area tonight reporting there. for cecily tynan jaime apody and rick williams i'm monica malpass have a great night.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night a former traffic court judge is sentenced for lying to the fbi and an early morning blaze destroys a home in delaware irk but the big story on "action news" is the snow about to fall just as spring arrives. penndot's brine trucks were back in action putting down a layer of protection on 422 in montgomery county and trucks that had been on pothole patrol were being fitted with spreaders and plows hopefully for the last time.
6:00 pm
meteorologist, cecily tynan is live now with the latest from accuweather. >> despite the calendar saying that spring arrives tomorrow, winter is not done with us yet. the moisture is building to the southwest and you'll notice most of these echos are green and just a little bit of snow shopping up in the higher elevations. it be running into colder air and there is one area near nashville and that is transferring energy to a coastal low and is rolling to the northeast and it intensifyies as it does. but it's not a monster storm but it will bring us messy weather, the national weather service issued winter weather advisories for a slushy wet snow for most of you viewing area except for southern delaware and extreme southern new jersey that is where it will be a mainly rain event. right around midmorning to the


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