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tv   Action News  ABC  March 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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by a vicious dog could have been prev entered and wet snow is gone but could create an icy mess overnight. awaiian islands, for 2 weeks. (in unison) we were! (man) with a helicopter tour. (woman) how did you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. (woman) yeah, $1 million payout. (man) with top prizes of $1,000,000. (foreground woman) the leis are a nice touch. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. 6.5 and media and allentown 6.1. and mcguire air force base 6.7 and mount laurel and sicklerville" of snow and brick township 5.7". temperatures marginal all day it was not light and you fluffy snow. temperatures around freezing still. 33. allentown, reading and lancaster 31. trenton 30. wilmington 33.
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millville 34. and temperatures will be dropping below freezing tonight so the concern really moves to the road conditions with patchy fog and low clouds and temperatures below freezing and any slush or wetness on roads on untreated surfaces will be refreezing tonight. so sidewalks, drive ways, bridges and overpasses will be ice dwri overnight and early tomorrow morning. good news is i'm fracking a spring thaw. bad news it doesn't last long. i'll explain in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> all right. cecily. let's go live to sharee williams in cherry hill tonight. sharee with temperatures going down what are conditions of route 38 and 70. >> hey, jim, at this point can i tell you the roads are wet. we'll take a look for yourself though traffic is flowing moving slowly no freezing or sciencey spots at this pointen the main roads and sidewalks here as you can see a different story where we probably need to take more precaution. i spoke with people in cerry hill and across the bridge in
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september are city and they all tell me they were helping r hoping for a great better first day of spring. >> i'm not happy about the weather. it's not a good first day of spring. >> tam ra hill not impressed with snowy cold start to bring. she's on her nightly walk in center city with dog joe and sadly she had to put his doggy sweater on to keep him warm. >> this is not what spring should be like right. >> not at all. i was hoping for flowers and sunshine and instead we get rain. >> the calendar says spring. but mother nature said have another round of snow. >> so cold. i like woke up and was like it's snowing. is it seriously snowing. >> while it may not feel like the season has changed we ironically met sbring. >> what's your name. >> spring. >>-r-i-n-g. >> how can we be interviewing spring on the first day of spring. >> i was really sad. i woke up this morning and
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looked out the window like you're kidding me. >> in cherry hill along haddonfield road it's back to shoveling snow. a job alex romero was not sdpekting. >> the other day, very good. now, it's all covered in white. >> at the low's theater people were hoping for better swiping weather and trying to make the best of their chilly, wet night. >> i'm with my wife trying to make sure you cannot let this weather slow you done you know what i mean? will smith came out with a great movie. we're going to sit here and try to enjoy this and try to state warm i guess. >> we're all trying to stay warm. so if today is first day of spring i think we all wanted better proof than we got today, jim, liver in cherry hill. sharee williams. "channel 6 action news." >> hrt all right. sharee. lehigh valley got the worst of all this. shovels and snow blowers had to
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be pulled out of the garage in allentown. one resident told us she went to four stores trying to find rock salt. there was not any. as snow fell through the very last hours of winter this sign echoed request of many residents. >> and "action news" viewer sent is a photograph that caught our eye today. we wanted to share it with you. and anne sanity's sent sos to mother nature and the call is save your spring. invite with us by emailing picture or videos to join the action at or use the #6abc action on social media. >> we have breaking news out of new orleans tonight where a meshety wielding man threat end tsa agents at the airport and was then shot by police. one of the bullets grazed a bystander. two other people were hurt fleeing the scene and a female
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tsa agent is seen taken out open stretcher. these clips were taken by by standers and posted to social media because louie armstrong airport did not shut down and the man seen in the photos to attended to on the ground is the suspect. fbi asetting investigating there is no immediate report this has anything to do with terrorism. they have identified the us is spengts as taxi driver. >> and new jersey state police have identified two people killed in a fiery crash open the atlantic city expressway. shawn mcbride and gabriel lynns were driving in the westbound lanes at 1:30 in hamilton township when their car lost control, hit another vehicle and caught fire. the driver of the bmw who was outside his car checking on a flat tire was also hurt it was snowing at the time. but the cause of the crash has not been officially determined. philadelphia police say the teenager that pulled a trigger in the murder of james staulman
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surrendered this afternoon. tiefine hamilton is in custody and he and two other taken ageers affected to rescue him. and the situation escalated into gunfire. hamilton and brandon smith are charged by aadults. a 14-year-old was also arrested. tonight a follow up to story we told about you two nights ago about a pit bull that attacked three members of new adoptive family. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the animal care and control team of philadelphia dann. >> jim, we were starting to hear that only days earlier the same dog who this family was fostering viciously attacked and severely injured their family dog. and that they had warned the agency not to put the dog up for adoption. >> the lady told he he was great with kids. great with other dogs. >> selena traily said last friday she picked up the 2
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1/2-year-old pit bull that act philadelphia referred to as done. she was to provide foster care until they could find permanent home. she had tape her dog chloe a 1-year-old are pit pull to the ken toll make sure they gotta long. they did. she took him homech the next day a terrible things happened. >> it was horrible. my -- he tried to get on top of my dog. my dog groulded and don d.y. deposit like that he gribd gripped on to chloe's face and wouldn't let go. >> her dog had a number of stitches for severe rips area tears. it cost her over $700. she called act representative that cold her they would come by to pick up the dog. she was startled when told despite what happened the agency would move forward trying to put the dog up for adoption. >> i said that dog attacked my dog what if it attacks a kid she said don't worry about that it won't do that. >> she saw it was adopted by a
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couple. success. two days later the dog viciously attacked nicole and 11-year-old son and his sighter haley crow. >> i could not believe that poor family. the kids. i just could have been my kids and it was how can someone sleep at night knowing that she adopted that knowing that it -- viciously attacked my dog. >> after a number after tends to get the agency to explain what went wrong sue cosby executive director called us to say while i don't know all the facts we're looking into it we have policies in place to protect families from dangerous animals. >> now director sue cosby said the dog was laced in garn teen and will be put down. we're live in hunting park. i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news," jim. >> all right. dann thank you. half a dozen cars were burned to a crisp tonight with a karif fordier caught fire in new
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castle county, delaware, it happened eastbound route 295 near route 9 before 7 bgz and the driver was able to separate cab from the card holder before the fire spread. she escaped yourry but the other did not. >> surveillance captured a group of man vandalizing jim's steaks causing thousands of dollars in danl. it happened 3 a.m. sunday when the restaurant was closed. the owner thinks the help were drunk and mad that they could not get in. >> after one bangs on the glass the second charges window launching his body into the place. kennett silver says both were shattered instead of turning the city gum shoes he ask for help from digital detectives. >> i think the police have now if to worry about dealing with serious crimes as you guys cover
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every day and i was more concerned about them wasting their time on something i thought we could handle on social media. >> trying to solve crimes with web wizs or whipped web wes is not true but it's already racked up more than 500 no -- no make that 50,000 views on-line. that's prettyty impressive too. still to come on "action news" tonight protesters describe a deadly xlees shooting and get criticized by unexpected source. the mother ever the man that was killed. we have video of today's solar eclipse. cecily. well, today, temperatures did not climb out of the 0s. snow i'm tracking drier air string of 40s and s. >> i'm nydia han a local couple had trouble with their son room
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and ultimately it was not clear. we'll show you why. final out what happened. >> and jamie apody with the wildcats getting ready for game two of the ncaa tournament when "action news" continues tonight .
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>> isis claimed responsibility for bombing of pair of mosques in yemen that killed 137 people and injured about 350 more. but the whitehouse yet to confirm isis was in fact the culprit. white house spokesman says the islamic state ovrp claims responsibility for attacks. they targeted mosques by shiite rebels that recently took over capitol. the protests against police in philadelphia that got out of
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hand last night in lawncrest is being condemned tonight by the mother of brandon tate-brown. he's the man officers shot and killed during a traffic stop in december and demonstrateers claim hear they're doing this all in his name. yesterday, district attorney seth williams said police acted without excessive force and no charges wore filed. in a statement to "action news" tam ra brown-diggerer son must be respect for williams and commissioner and charles ramsey and law enforcement officers and they have been kind of professional in dealing with her. they says she rejects all forms of violence and calls for peaceful protests in honor of dr. reverend luther king jr. and last night ten people arrested for disorderly conduct and they want the names of the officers involved publicly released pennsylvania officials say more people are working in the state
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than ever before. payroll hit a record high in february. 13,000 jobs added last no and for history making total of just below 5.38 million. tally means as soon as finally recovered all the jobs lost during the recession. the state unemployment rate rose a tenth to 5.2% and that's still better than the national average of 2 1/2%. >> now to the latest "action news" troubleshooters case. a local couple spent big money" on a sunroom that is playinged with persistent leagues. i may need to turn to nydia han i for help. >> i met starling from their home in burlington judge judge they asked the crew for a leak that would not go ahey. >> this was supposed to be your wife's ankle tu arie. >> didn't look like a sank tour arie. >> no they sglopt sunroom is
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like storage room unless you wants to call it rain room they say it leaks. >> it started in original area and then behind the cureo. >> all the towels everything is covered with towels everything is soaked and strips you can finds are discolored that's where the rain was coming in as well. >> how much did you pay for the sunroom. >> over 25,000. >> this was worst of the investment in take 70. >> it came from with lifetime warranteech the couple did come out 4 times to fix it oot the the last time they called 2 years ago they got the run around. >> tell me why it waited two years. we were frustrated frustrated and not getting anywhere. >> after talking to the company it becomes apparent this story is not so clear cut. the company believes the starlings latest week is due.
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>> in order to do right by customer and "action news" viewer the company is speaking the sunroom and citing so more -- no more leagues. >> it's our prejudiceer. >> child starts repaired the roof. replaced gutters and scrubbed the malls nrping mower things. two important lessones you have to be persistent don't will the a lot of time passing buy. make sure you understand what lifetime warrantee means. the company tells me warrant covers parts and teerlz not labor. i'm nydia han, "channel 6 action news." >> well the. >> star gazeers looked upwards to witness a rare total clips of the sun. some of the investigate bus came out of norway. it was visible byage liens and
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struggles. it occurs when the teen end up between nurse and fun. >> called coordinate fairy fight and they snows it's out of here. >> you know i told my kids may it's spring. my son ran out on back porch. >> in paging suit. >> without shoes on stowy back parch to feel it's wing. let's win it that way. >> surprise, surprise. >> cold air is stk ago around later. it will warm up most of the day tomorrow. stormtracker 6 double scan showing that the snow is out of here. we just have a few sprinkles left around and the action cams taking a look at wynnefield heights where the snow is sticking open the trees and lots of flush on sidewalks. you want to okay care of that tonight. temperatures drop below freezing it will gets icy in the overnight and early morning hours. snowfall for winter it shows you that our winter got worse as it
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progressed this september a tenth of an inch in snow. 10.6 snowest but march close to a foot of severe weather. 26.9 my normal at of snow the arm amount of snow for whippeder is avoid 22 had the 4. sfoly weather. spring is on the air. 54 in one month and average high of 66 degrees. we'll be saying good-bye to the snow. rights now 33 in philadelphia 34 millville, trenton allentown reading and lancaster dropping down 31. wilmington 33. temperatures below freezing. there's a concern about icing over nights. satellite 6 and action radar showing that moisture has pulled out and she wants a lot of low clouds and she will be with us in the morning hours. sunshine appears by the afternoon. tonight the clouds linger and slush will be freezing.
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it's a good idea to treat sidewalks m driveway. 30 allentown and 27 wilmington and trenton down to 31 degrees. but other weather improves tomorrow. wind out of the southwest pump temperatures through a more seasonable 55 degrees stuck notice 30s philadelphia. morning clouds could give way to afternoon sun shim. it opens the door for cooler air to move in on sunday. high 45 degrees. it will feel cooler when you factor in the breeze and looks like temperatures stay in the 40s for beginning of next week. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast morning clouds and fog giving way to afternoon sunshine. 55 degrees. union game was supposed to take place tonight. union game rescheduled 4:00 tomorrow i think it was a good call. surprised, brisk and colder, 45. monday gets colder. with high of only 42. temperatures begin to trend up. 6 degrees on tuesday.
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on consequence increasing cookies back to normal. nurse, 60 with showers and then on friday a few lingering showers with highs in the mid 50s. not a beautiful accuweather 7 day forecast temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s instead of cecily with snow. >> spring has arrived which means prom season is around the quarter. i'm getting a second floor around the dance floor thanks to a giveaway at the moorestown cher. topped teenager shared this. there were also plenty of shoes and jewelry to top off each luck. >> the scale at dinner and concert celebrated 75 years of
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music, education philadelphia youth orchestra and special event brought out all five pco ensembles and boy did they hit go.
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>> villanova back open the hardwood. >> not since 2009 have villanova made it past opening day of townment. nc state next. they beat duke, louisville and north carolina this season. here's jeff skversky in pittsburgh. >> last time villanova was in sweet 16 ryan deachnia was watching games on tv. now he had help them. for the first time since 2009. these groups and kids have eyes set open a much bigger prize. >> i really want to take my team to final four villanova not
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just happy to be there. they don't expect to walk over nc state like they did against lafayette. a shot at sweet 16 is at stake. >> it would mean a lot us to. weaver trying to take it one game at a time f we can beat nc state that would be great. >> trying to enjoy that if we get. there all we can do now is concentrate on what do we have to do to beat nc state. >> this group of villanova players never played nc state but from watching them open tape hopefully it's a sign of things to come. time to run out open the season with villanova and pittsburgh, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> tip-off 7:10 tomorrow night the ping-pong ball bowl. sixers hosting 14-1 knicks tonightch the regardless how you feel about sixers and whether or not they should be tanking watching nerlens noel develop
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will be fun. rookie with best game so far. many highlights above the win look at that. career game for noel. 23 point 14 rebounds. five fields. and brook. simers lynn it
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>> dug collins in herbshy tonight. they held off the patriots 6 9-67 fifth tight until six years and neumann geretti girls also won. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". jimmy's guest willie nelson. colin hanks edward sharp and magnetic broom. >> oohh. >> i love them you. >> love them. "action news" continues at 5:30 for cecily tynan, jamie apody ducis rogers the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a great night and good week
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>> dicky: from austin, texas, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- willie nelson. colin hanks. and music from edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i [ cheers and applause ]
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