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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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e back. take a look you can see the damage caused to this tahoe when the dirt bike slammed head on into this vehicle. this is what's left of a mini dirt bike. the owner of this chevy tahoe says the driver of the bike didn't even see the collision coming because his head was turned. >> i was afraid. i couldn't see where he was am i thought he was under the truck. it was scary. >> reporter: philadelphia police say it was around 1:30 p.m. when residents in this mayfair community say the 20 something-year-old dirt bike driver was on the sidewalk and in the roadway. on the back of the bike, a young woman riding the pegs. kevin keating says he was approaching cottman avenue on the 7200 block of hawthorne street when the pair slammed right into the front of his tahoe. >> i didn't see them until the last minute and i don't know if i closed my eyes when the impact happened and i slammed my brakes. i just know he wasn't looking at me, he was looking -- looked like he was looking back towards cottman avenue and -- and next thing you know i didn't see him and she was
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on the ground in front of me. >> reporter: the man suffered a broken leg. the woman was in worse shape thrown several feet. both were unconscious. saturday night "action news" reported on another dirt bike atv crackdown. the operation netted the most illegal street vehicles in one day for the city, 68. those who saw this crash aftermath say people need to truly realize the danger. >> the cops can't even try to chase after them because they're afraid something like this would happen and so it's horrible. it's horrible. >> reporter: the young man and woman injured were rushed to aria torresdale. we understand they are in critical condition. at this point, police do not know their identities, so they are listed as jane and john doe. reporting live near mayfair kenneth moton channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you kenneth. it happened this morning in upper chichester. a bandit was trying to make his get away from a gas station in the 3300 block of market street when his black
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volvo struck a witness who was trying to prevent him from fleeing. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at the scene. walter, what is the update here? >> reporter: well, jim according to employees here, they say that the victim is actually a friend of the owner of the shop. meanwhile upper chichester police are checking out surveillance video of the crime that started as a robbery and ended as a hit and run. surveillance cameras captured the scene as this man walked into the shell gasoline convenience store on market street in upper chichester a bit before 10 o'clock this morning. investigators say he quietly walked behind the counter pulled out a knife demanded money from the clerk and took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. but as the thief tried to make his get away, a customer inside the store chased after him. >> surreal i guess. we were just in amazement. i'm still kind of shocked that what we witnessed happened. robert conroy who works across the street says he saw the whole thing unfold.
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he said he could see the good samaritan desperately trying to pull the thief from the front seat of his getaway car. >> when the gentleman then jumped out, car backed up, he went underneath the car and the car then proceeded to go forward and ran him over. >> reporter: we also spoke with dave bratton of chichester who pulled up moments later. he said it was obvious the victim was in a lot of pain. >> he was holding his neck and his arm and the police officer that i spoke with actually said that he think he broke his arm and that he was on his way to the hospital right there. >> reporter: and the victim was taken to crozer chester medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. meanwhile police say the suspect got away with less than $150. he's described as a white man in his 30's who fled the scene in what they believe is a black volvo v50 a late model black volvo v50. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live from upper chichester, walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you walter. philadelphia police are looking for a group of teenagers that ambushed a
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young victim on a septa platform. surveillance video captured the incident at the locust walnut station in center city last thursday. the victim was sitting on a bench when the group attacked. police say there may be as many as 16 suspects. they are looking to identify. the victim suffered just minor injuries and was treated at hahnemann hospital. before the names michael brown and eric garner became part of the national conversation, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey ordered up an assessment of the use of deadly force in the philadelphia police department. those results were released today. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story. >> we're doing this for brandon brown. >> reporter: protesters greeted police commissioner ramsey as he left the justice department news conference today on the use of deadly force by philadelphia police. at that gathering the justice department delivered a lengthy study of shootings by police and concluded wholesale reform is needed in terms of
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training policies and investigations. >> as you'll see in the report we've identified 48 findings that do identify what we would call serious deficiencies in some key areas with regards to the use of force. >> reporter: in 2013, police commissioner ramsey called for this federal analysis as he saw a drop in violent crimes and even assaults against police but at the same time saw the number of police-involved shootings on the rise. he called this report which recommends more than 90 reforms a good one. the report in no way compares philadelphia's situation to racial tinderboxes like ferguson missouri, staten island or cleveland but ramsey had this comment on the racial tension that is constantly arise. >> in case you haven't noticed i'm black myself. so, i'm not real proud of the fact that we have a disproportionate amount of crime occurring in african-american communities. >> reporter: last week many of the same demonstrators from today confronted commissioner ramsey is a rowdy town meeting in the wake of d.a. declining
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to prosecute prosecutors who shot and killed brandon tate brown during a traffic stop claiming he was going for a gun. >> we have a history of nonviolence and we're not going to be called labeled thugs or causing a ruckus simply because the commissioner calls us that. >> reporter: the mayor and the police commissioner say they're already in the process of implementing many of those key reforms called for today. at police headquarters in center city. vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> three men are under arrest tonight accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of power tools. whitemarsh township police say matthew suarez, nicholas suarez and donald hodem are connected to a series of thefts in delaware montgomery and chester counties. they used a screwdriver to break into trucks and steal power tools that they would resell. several car owners in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia were left with hefty repair bills today after
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a string of thefts overnight. thieves targeted honda vehicles along hartel avenue. they broke windows to get at the vehicle's air bags. those air bags can be sold on the black-market for hundreds of dollars each. the major crimes units is investigating at least 30 air bag thefts in the northeast from last month. and we are now just learning of 20 air bag thefts over the weekends in queen village in south philadelphia. five blocks at front monroe, fitzwater, christian and catherine streets were targeted. the cars of choice, accord civics and acuras, all of which are made by honda. more than 100 passengers have finally reached their destination in orlando tonight after their frontier flight was stranded in delaware last night. the original plane is still stuck in the mud. it happened at 9:30 last night as the pilot taxied from the gate at new castle county airport. the wheels of the plane went off the pavement and into a grassy area. passengers were jolted but
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unhurt. crews tried to tow the plane. that didn't work. now they're trying air bags to lift the plane then tow it. frontier flew in another plane to transport the passengers this afternoon. philadelphia's land bank was the topic of debate today at city hall. the land bank was formed last year as a streamlined way to develop vacant properties around the city. now some want the city to be able to transfer property into the land bank using a municipal agency as a middleman. supporters say it will further streamline the process. opponents want more oversight before an amendment is passed. coming up on "action news" tonight grace under fire. mo'ne davis and her sympathetic response to an offensive tweet made by a college baseball player. march sadness gone viral. we'll catch up with a villanova band member who let her emotions flow when the wildcats tournament came to an
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gleaned we're starting our first week of spring feeling more like winter with temperatures stuck in the 40's am i. tracking a midweek warmup but it will come at a cost. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> and more on villanova's disappointment. ducis rodgers when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> bullington county construction site the scene of a gas leak today. they were called out to kirby court and parkers mill boulevard in the middle of the my place apartments. residents were asked to steer clear of the area today. phenom mo'ne davis is
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responding to a derogatory tweet a-tweet about her that got a bloomsburg university baseball player kicked off his team. joey casselberry a junior from montgomery county used choice words when criticizing news that mo'ne will be the subject of a disney channel movie. bloomsburg dismissed casselberry from the team saying his words do not represent the school. but mo'ne has asked the university to reconsider. she wrote a letter to the president saying in part while i admit you a pretty hurt when i read his comments i felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. and she said this on espn sports center this morning. >> everyone makes mistakes and i know he would like as -- if it was me i know i would want to take that back and i know anything he would do just to take that one tweet back and i know how hard he's worked so i mean why not give him a second chance. >> bloomsburg university officials said "her request demonstrates the type of
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person she is, her level of maturity. the university says it will review the case but right now stands by its decision. ." villanova's loss to north carolina state saturday may have driven more than a few people to tears but only one of them was seen on national television all the while playing her piccolo. annie mckorman caught up with her today. >> reporter: she's famous for the tears she shed the night villanova's men basketball team lost. today she tells "action news" what she was thinking exactly at that moment she captured empathy and pity across the can country. >> when i looked up in the very beginning i actually see myself on the jumbotron and my dad was at the game since i'm originally from pittsburgh and i was just embarrassed 'cause i didn't want him to know that i was crying. >> reporter: immediately she became an internet sensation twitter #dubbed her flute girl then piccolo girl.
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which is it? a piccolo. >> i would have been fine if people called it a flute. >> reporter: the response has been positive even from the team that took the wildcats chances to move ahead in the big dance. nc fans were tweeting me saying sorry about that, it was sorry to see. >> and the memes. >> reporter: the meme that is came along with it, john travolta, joe biden the whiplash teacher,. >> on campus she's getting recognized. these members of the girl's basketball team taking selfies with her today. >> i was like oh my god are you the flute girl. the picture went viral. i was like oh my god no, don't cry. >> reporter: she's played piccolo since her freshman year in the band. this year was her only chance to play in the tournament. for now, she's taking all this attention in stride. >> it's embarrassing to cry on national tv and be seen doing it but at the same time like it happens. it's out there.
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if i don't have a sense humor about it i'm just going to torture myself. >> reporter: at villanova annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> ♪♪
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>> tough couple of days at villanova but you know you got to play the game and there's no guarantee. >> they did not play well that day and it's one and done when you're in the ncaa tournament. jay wright named big five coach of the year. small consolation. how about no consolation at all given to what happened to villanova this weekend. the cats should be preparing for the ncaa sweet 16.
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instead they are wondering what happened. the number one seed was bounced saturday to nc state in the round of 32. this isn't the first time nova has come up short. but for some reason maybe it was the number one seeding. this one hurts more. >> each day, you know, the hurt goes away some, you know. there's just -- you -- you know you got to accept it and you got to move on but there's a part of that you will never accept it, you know. and that's where you got to just, you know, just got to find a way to deal with that and move on. >> last week coach wright told us anything less than a final four appearance would be a disappointment. the players, they echoed their coach's assessment. >> tough because everyone expects us to do well in the tournaments and we did well in the big east but we tried to play well throughout the whole season. i think we did that. we can't like i said before judge ourselves just on the ncaa tournament. that's how the outside world will view us but we know how
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successful our season was like how many wins and what we accomplished this year. >> temple still chugging along in the m.i.t. owls are in the quarterfinals many. temple is all we've got at this point. >> just feels good to play basketball. that's was want to do no matter whether you're in the ncaa nit you just want to keep playing basketball and that's what we're focused on doing right now. >> baseball's opening day is two weeks from today. the phillies will open at home against the red sox. phils are still down south in clearwater. favoring the twins ryne sandberg and paul moliter first time two hall of famers have managed against one another. really? the hall says so. i believe the hall. cody asche supplies all the runs phillies would need. two run homer. phils blanked minnesota three to nothing. nfl owners meetings under way in phoenix. nfl is considering a nine-point touchdown where a 50-yard point after attempt
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could be attempt after a successful two-point conversion. meanwhile chip kelly is expected to meet with reporters on wednesday. jim gardner not a fan. he's a fan of todd herremans. herremans preparing to continue his year with the colts. he's working out in broom mal. he was leased by the eagles last month one of many changes made by coach kelly. jaime apody caught up with the former bird. >> what happened? >> i don't really know. you know, they say all good things must come to an end so i had a great time in philly and i appreciate the fans and the coaching staff and everybody involved with the organization but it's time to move on and i'm looking forward to my opportunities in indy. >> no bad mouthing there. all class from todd. >> thank you deucis. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> did not feel very much like spring today. >> it's not going to tonight or tomorrow again. i. tracking some warmer air for the middle of the week. won't last long, though. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions out there and loads of sunshine. the action cam in bristol pennsylvania along the delaware and showing all that blue skies and sunshine but really not helping to warm things up at all. the accuweather highlights show that, yes, we are stuck in the chill. we've been in the chill since early december and temperatures running close to 3 degrees below average and snow 26.9-inches that's about five and a half inches above normal. i am tracking much warmer air
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for one day. future tracker showing 1:30 on thursday afternoon temperatures in the mid to up are 60's in philadelphia areas south, low 60's up to north. however, this will come at a cost. it won't be a bright and sunny day on thursday. i'm tracking some showers perhaps even some thunderstorms ahead of a cold front. pretty quiet out there, just quiet and cold, 42 degrees in philadelphia right now millville 42, trenton 39, allentown 37, wilmington 42 and the poconos only 27 degrees. and it's breezy enough to create a bit of a wind chill factor. feels like 37 in philadelphia, feels like 29 in allentown and it feels like 33 degrees in wildwood. satellite6 along with action radar showing we're beginning to see some clouds moving into western pennsylvania and you can see some snow across ohio. this is from a clipper very fast moving system that will really be diving to the south. that will bring us some clouds maybe even a flurry or two generally south of philadelphia and it's going to
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feel like winter, 21 degrees in the suburbs about 27 degrees for center city. as we head through the day tomorrow, high pressure building in means morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. still chilly though, with a high of only 45 degrees. on wednesday it's more seasonable. temperatures up into the 50's ahead of this warm front 52 degrees that will bring us a few afternoon showers behind that warm front that's when temperatures soar into the upper 60's before a cold front brings us a round of showers and thunderstorms and much colder area as we head towards the weekend. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, morning clouds again, perhaps a flurry generally south of philadelphia giving way to afternoon sunshine. the high only 45 degrees. three days in a row with temperatures stuck in the 40's. on wednesday it's kind of the opposite. we start with sunshine. then the clouds roll in with a few showers with that warm front. the high 52 degrees. and look at what happens behind that warm front. we have a surge of
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unseasonably warm air 69 degrees on thursday. i wouldn't be surprised if some areas south of philadelphia hit 70 but it will be wet with some showers and some thunderstorms and future tracker showing at 2 o'clock, these are the showers ahead of that cold front. the cold front out to the west and that likely will bring a few rumbles of thunder really for the first time this spring and then behind it, temperatures really start stepping down. friday breezy and cooler, 52 degrees. saturday i'm heading to a soccer tournament on saturday for my son and you going to have to bundle up for that. 39 degrees feeling like winter with a mixture of clouds and sunshine with the storm system down to the south. sunday it will still be chilly but not quite as harsh. plenty of sunshine, 46 degrees. and monday clouds mixing in with some sunshine and perhaps a few showers with a high of 54 degrees. not fair when the one day this week with temperatures near 70 we also get showers and thunderstorms. >> just unacceptable. >> it's the way it is. >> i know.
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highway construction season is now in high gear. and today penndot asked motorists to give its crews a break. while standing near the route 4 22 construction zone acting district executive christine riley urged drivers to slow down in work areas. she says police will be out enforcing speed enforcings speed limits. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff shirleen allicott adam joseph and ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> ♪♪
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breaking news this3ñ/monday, the fallout tonight after the explosive decision at a well-known university. police revealing their findings after the alleged attack seven men and a female student. it divided the school and made national headlines. off and running. the first major candidate announcing he's running for president. promising no abortion no gay marriage, no gun control, no irs. the deadly collapse. the scaffolding that gave way today in one american city. witnesses horrified. workers in a free fall. the beloved tv reporter a young mother who collapsed after her report. the sudden brain aneurism that took her life and our medical team and what you should know. and did pope francis perform a miracle? you'll see the moment after this kiss.


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