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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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don tollefson. chad pradelli is live with the full story in doylestown. >> reporter: well with good behavior and time served don tollefson could be out of prison in little more than a year and he was sentenced to 15 years probation and ordered him to pay $164,000 in restitution but for his many victims, they don't believe that justice was serve or that tollefson was remorseful. for those he ripped off and defrauded two to four years in prison is not enough. >> i hoped for more and he'll do time and hopefully he gets the treatment he needs and he won't be able to scam anybody else. >> but the sentence fits the crime tollefson was a first time offender and did a lot of good with his winning ways charity over the years but a
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lack of emotion by the sportscaster played a role in his sentence. >> i think the guy is a manipulator, today perhaps the well ran dry, he didn't know what to say or done had nothing left to give us as far as the act was concerned. >> i told mr. tollefson i believe the sentence was fair and reasonable taking into the consideration all the aspects. >> tollefson was whisked away to jail and unable to comment, he blames drug and alcohol addiction for his crimes and he did not address his victim because they did not want to hear from him. he said it was incredibly selfish and unfair and dishonest. and the family of brad fox were in court today their charity was among the victims. >> our day is not going to change anymore whether he went to jail for 50 years or 50
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minutes, we have a 5-k to put on and we'll keep raising money for other people. >> and as part of his prison sentence don tollefson will continue to undergo mental health evaluation. we have more on the plane crash in the french alps, the state department announced there were three americans on board, one was emily selke a 2013 graduate of drexel university. she was flying with her mom yvonne on the germanwings flight. the family is from virginia. marcy gonzales has more on the selke family and the crash investigation. >> reporter: search teams scouring the steep remote crash scene in the alps for the victims, the 150 people that were on the flight are all presumed dead including three
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americans, two of them a mother and daughter from virginia yvonne and emily selke's family released their statement expressing their grief calling them two wonderful caring amazing people that meant so much to so many. >> we extend our deepest condolences. >> investigators are making progress in what caused the plane to drop 32,000 feet before slamming into a mountain yesterday, this black box was found at the scene and the cockpit voice recorder intact and now being analyzed. >> we succeeded in getting an audio file that contains useable tonights and voices. >> the french president says the casing for the second black box was also recovered and the flight data recorder was not inside. >> in that severe of an impact it's not that hard to break
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free. >> the victims are being mourned today around the world and the state department has not released the name of the third american on board. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." bowe bergdahl will be court marshalled on desertion of leaving military service. he was taken by the taliban and held for five years he will be charged with misbehavior before the enemy. >> there is more on bergdahl's charges on world news with david muir at 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. turn together forecast we are dealing with showers today and warmer temperatures are moving in it's a good idea to keep an umbrella close by tonight and tomorrow. meteorologist, cecily tynan is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the steadier light rain we had at lunch time has moved over new york and new
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england and that is warm e esection showers, llentown 39 degrees and wilmington 43 and reading 39 degrees, it's cool and damp and temperatures wider showing that to the west of that warm front pittsburgh it's 69 degrees and charleston it's 76 and that is the surge of warm air we are getting for one day tomorrow. but a wider view on double scan live shows the warm front, severe weather to the south and low pressure is moving to the north and west and a cold front moving through as this gets closer we'll see showers and thunderstorms developing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow
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evening. so what is ahead? the big problem tomorrow morning will not be rain but areas of fog that could definitely slow down your morning commute and then we are flirting with 70 degrees, if we hit 70 tomorrow that will be the first time in a little more than four months and then periods of showers and behind the system a return for winter for your weekend. >> cecily flirting with 70 we like that. stay ahead of changes in the weather by checking can you always find live stormtracker 6 live double scan and the forecast. smoke hung in the skies over bethlehem northampton county today after a three-alarm fire leveled a manufacturing warehouse this morning the flames broke out at 4:00 a.m. on the 1100 block of mock chunk road power had to be cut off to parts of area so firefighters could bathsle the blaze at one
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point 2500 customers were left in the dark, no one was injured so far there is no estimate on how much it will cost to pay for the damage. a high school teacher was arrested after being accused of inappropriate contact with a female student. police say that michael swider met up with a 17-year-old student after school and she says the two kisses several times and planned a sexual encounter at a local hotel. swider is now out on bail. students told "action news" they were upset and some said the charges were too harsh. and distracted driving plays a much bigger role in teenage drivers than previously thought. it looks at 1700 videos of teenage drivers just moments before a crash and found that distractions played a role in 60
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of the moderate to severe accidents. the study needs to be a wake-up call for teenagers and their parents. we hope that our central findings of the study will make parents more aware and the potential for disaster officials say that cell phones aren't the only distraction for young drivers and talking with friendses in the car can a make teens lose their focus. >> time for the "action news" traffic report matt pellman is in the traffic center with a closer look at the commute home. how are we looking. >> lets focus on 202 and the chester county southbound side no crashes and slow through the work zone, as you head through this point at 29 on down to 401, and just north of there we watch a crash in charles town township, at windsor run and the normal afternoon slowing popping up on the westbound side of the 30 bypass else where there is a
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wreck in new garden township at copper beach court and now a crash in buck county in the westbound lanes of pennsylvania turnpike, several miles of heavy traffic resultsing with speeds in the 30s as you come away from the ben salem interchange. schuylkill normal afternoon delays, the bridge opening has wrapped up but we have downed wires at 59th and callow hill and the delays on the 10 and 15 trolleys. and elk township southbound side that one is off to the side. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thanks matt, more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, wednesday night, there is a new alzheimer's drug being tested in our area that hopes to improve memory and slow down the disease. >> trout season is upon us eva pilgram shows us how they stocked up the wissahickon creek
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today before the fishermen start reeling in their catches.
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today marks five years since
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president obama signed the affordable care act he reiterated his believe that health care is a right not a privilege, more than 16 million americans have signed up for health insurance through obama care, it's future is uncertain and the republicans have vowed to dispose of it. and now say snapshot on the country's health and it has mixed news for our area. philadelphia is ranked as pennsylvania's unhealthiest county due to factors of high rates of obesity and adult smoking and lack of primary care doctors but bucks and montgomery counties are in the top ten for healthiest counties in the state. moved south jersey counties are among the least healthy, in
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trenton they say it's not just about bragging rights or shaming counties but letting communities know what they need to focus on to improve health in the future. and a drug is being tested in montgomery county abington neurological associates is evaluating t 817 a for moderate alzheimer's, it boosts chemicals that helps memory. t 817 ma is designed to slow the disease down and protect nerve cells in the brain. >> they slowly spread out and involve speech and language and visual pace areas and what this medication is designed to do is protect the toxicity and protect the nerve cells from getting damaged by the protein. >> if you would like to learn more the study is open to volunteers, call 910
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extension 6. >> a welcome sign of spring if are you a fishing enthusiast, it's trout season along the wissahickon creek that is good news not just for and letters but for students that want to venture outdoors. >> what is the big of the fish you ever caught? >> i'm not sure a bass. >> they stocked the wissahickon creek along with local kids, the fish are brought in in these trucks. >> the water comes up and spits it like this and we have oxygen getting pumped in the bottom and that is the two life lines. >> if you took somebody from potter county and put them here it would be difficult for them to know they were in the city of philadelphia. >> the fish are brought in so as many people as possible can experience the joys and
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frustrations of fishing. >> it's cool to get the fish and catch them. >> in order to stock the creek they load up the buckets full of fish and you can see -- >> hopefully they don't jump out and they carry these fish to the creek and dump the fish right into the water. >> the buck the is moving around and it's hard to keep your grip. >> trout season starts april 4th but the kids can get a jump start at any creek that is stocked recently by the state. >> kids that come out and that are successful are more likely to engage in the activity again. today was a chance for the kids to see the fish they would hopefully catch. >> some swim off fast and some lay there we have to push them out farther so they don't just lay there in the dirt all day. >> along the wissahickon eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." job seekers got the chance
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to seek new opportunities in wilmington the parks and recreation host aid jobs fair today more than a dozen companies were on hand including sears, walgreens andlowes. can you go for all the top stories at can you also communicate with members of the "action news" team. we'll be right back.
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the heinz company is buying kraft foods creating the third larn of the food and beverage company in north america, right now it brings in revenue of 28 billion, this will officially merge heinz and kraft for the second half of the year. consumers are seeking more unprocessed foods and have migrated away from one time staples of the american diet. auto workers are hoping to turn sales into a big raise workers for ford and fiat and chrysler
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expire in september. union leaders hope to win a raise in base pay for 100,000 veteran workers for the first time since 2005. >> ford came up with a way for drivers to obey the speed limit their newest fx car reads speed signs, but drivers can override the system by pressing on the accelerator firmly. coming up we check the forecast. looking live at philadelphia international airport gray skies over philadelphia which talks about the imminent precipitation cecily tynan will have details of that when we come right back.
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time now for the accuweather forecast cecily tynan is joining us be it's rainy today but we are looking forward to warmer temperatures. >> it's a tradeoff a lot warmer but unsettled. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the steadier rain has moved up to the north and we still have some light showers in our western suburbs, one line moving across reading and coatesville crossing 322 route 30 heading across pottstown and quaker town and norristown you are getting in the action in about a half hour and sprinkles near doylestown, associated with the warm front pushing in and
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once it does temperatures are off to the races but today it was cold and damp, 45 in philadelphia and fourth day stuck in the 40s, normal high for this time of year is 56 degrees, allentown 39 and wilmington 43 and trenton 42 and millville 46 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the showers associated with the warm front out to the west moving through early tomorrow morning. we are dealing with this tomorrow night the first time this season we see severe weather breaking out near oklahoma city, some severe thunderstorms and a lot of these with hail up to 2 inches in diameter the real chance is oklahoma city into missouri and we do have photos sent in on facebook jason sent this in and the hail is big and the size of quarters the cold front will be moving through our neck of the woods tomorrow night when it
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comes through at night you lose the heating of the day and i don't expect severe weather but a rumble of thunder or two, tonight spotty showers and fog will develop and temperatures don't drop at all and allentown 35 and wilmington 39 and millville 42 degrees, the warm front will be lifting through the region at 9:00 tomorrow morning, the winds are out of the south and this will likely bring a round of showers, it's unsettled in the morning and all day long, we are looking at periods of showers and look at this future tracker in philadelphia showing 70 in dover, likely the warmest day so far this year and the cold front moves in tomorrow night and still temperatures in the 60s ahead of that front than front could have a line of gusty downpours, the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow the temperature up to 70 degrees the warmest weather since last november but it will be damp with fog in the morning
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and showers and perhaps thunderstorms in the evening, and friday slow to clear and morning showers and then clouds give way to peeks of sunshine and 54 degrees, feeling like winter on saturday 40 degrees and perhaps a flurry but not quite as harsh on sunday 48 and monday the temperatures climb to normal at 56 degrees adam will have more coming up in the full accuweather forecast. still ahead ott 5:30, a big drug bust involving this tractor trailer and a smuggling operation in berks county plus a local man woke up from surgery and became a millionaire. >> and eagles coach chip kelly spoke at the owner's meeting today and jaime apody as more on what he said about his new qb. we'll have that and more.
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and we start this half hour now with breaking news over the city's olney section, chopper 6 hd is over the scene of an accident involving a fire truck and another vehicle. this is in olney this is north 3rd street and grain street a fire truck is there on the side, this happened after 5:00 tonight, the driver of the vehicle on its side was trapped briefly but is now freed. now a number of fire crews are on the scene the victim the driver of that truck is transported to the local hospital. this ligs is under investigation involving a fire truck and another vehicle in the city's olney section, we'll keep an eye
5:31 pm
on the situation from chopper 6. three local car dealerships are being accused of deceiving consumers for selling cars that are not fit for the road, the exhibit of a lawsuit announced today by the pennsylvania attorney general nydia han warned you about one dealership in a special consumer report. she has the latest now. >> reporter: the dealerships are car vision and drive that has locations in philadelphia and conshohocken. "action news" warned you about drive here back in 2011 and now the pennsylvania ag says that the dealerships and their president broke the law and scammed a long list of consumer. >> drive will give you a car for a dollar. >> bad credit no problem! >> drive and car make big promises to
5:32 pm
consumers, "action news" spoke to customer danielle back in 2011. >> i told them how much i had and they hold me no problem. >> but the pennsylvania attorney general investigated 120 complaints the lawsuit the ga filed says they sold used cars at inflated prices and sold vehicles not road worthy. >> turned the heat on tonight was burning, a loud clunking crashing noise. >> she told us she bought an accura cl from here and in 19 months her vehicle needed 10 repairs and they costs her $500 out of pocket. on ton of the $500 she put down and the $240 she was paying per month and while a report showed the car was worth $2000 her
5:33 pm
lease with drive here was costing her $9,390 thousand and the car was only hers for three years. the company did not respond to our calls but in 2011, and said that all cars are sold with a warranty and helping customers with subprime credit that could not purchase a car at other dealerships. >> they are seeking restitution for consumers and they believe there are other victims of these alleged scams that have not filed complaints, go to for the link to the a.g.'s website to file a report online. also on you'll find tips to keep in mind any time you buy a used car i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." a major drug smuggling operation that funneled heroin and cocaine and meth is now out of business, officers took the
5:34 pm
six men into custody yesterday following an investigation that began last july investigators say that they shipped the drugs from mexico to reading where they would be broken down and distributed. and they got a words for another transaction occurring they spotted the suspects and an outy, they found cash guns and methamphetamine, the men are held on $1 million bail each tonight. from our delaware news, fell wear state police are looking for two men wanted for armed robberies they say they hit four gas stations, in each case one man walks in with a weapon and demands money and cigarettes and one looks out. they hope that someone recognizes these men and calls police. from the "action news" big board to a protein theft caught
5:35 pm
on video south detectives are looking for a thief that went on a stealing spree in the south street whole foods and made away with expensive grub and it happens three times the police released the surveillance video today and the first happened on march 8th at 9:30 in the morning, the male suspect wearing a hat walked up to the meat counter and filled his basket with several packages of meat and then put them in his own bag and walked out without paying and then struck again twice a week later and walked up and took the meat and once again walked out and then the suspect returned and this time he took several items from the seafood counter and then put them in his bag and walked out. store officials say he took nearly $1000 in meat and seafood products if you
5:36 pm
recognize the thief contact philadelphia's south detective division and we posted the full surveillance video on our website at >> thank you sharrie. officials in wisconsin say that a state trooper killed in a shootout with a bank robbery suspect was three months out of the academy and working his dream job. trevor casper was killed last night pursuing the suspect who also died in the shootout. meantime in california, a man threatening to kill himself opened fire on officers called to check on him last night. michael johnson, a 14 ylds veteran of the police department was killed and the suspect was founded this morning. italy's highest court will decide if amanda knox is guilty. they were freed three years ago when they acquitted them and
5:37 pm
then the acquittals were thrown out in 2013. she is free right now living in seattle. a top nigerian official says that people have been kidnapped by boko haram and they are being used as human shields, as many as 500 people were taken and many of them children. they were in northeast nigeria earlier this month and officials say that the militants went to primary schools and rounded up students and teachers as advancing troops were closing in on them. >> a new report shows that the fbi is lagging in the fight against terrorism. the report was released today by fbi director james comey and three members of 9/11 review commission saying that the agency needs to become more tech savvy and hiring more ling with
5:38 pm
the. 18-year-old margaret mol even awas founded and her classmates gathered to share memories of her life. at the end of the service students lit candles and stood in a prayer circle and then walked outside and released white and purple balloons in the air in honor of her spirit. so far police have no suspects in her murder. a man in philadelphia police
5:39 pm
custody after he allegedly stabbed north man to death inside of a logan home earlier today. the suspect walked into the 35th police district and told officers he just stabbed a man and officers when to the home on 19th street and found the victim. democrat demonstrators rally against governor chris christie today hours before his fund fundraiser in center city. >> workers activists and local leaders protested christie's position on sick leave. he took a strong stand against paid sick leave. it's hard to pick between a paycheck and taking care of their families or themselves. now a hump day or hump
5:40 pm
night. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> it's a ho-hum hump night. rick and sharrie, could be worse or could be better. at the schuylkill expressway eastbound side is slowing no afternoon is immune from that and the travel time is double what it should be on the eastbound side from the blue route as you head into the vine, the accident involving the overturned vehicle and fire truck on olney at grange avenue stick with fifth as an alternate. just go around the block in that area. and past bensalem the accident is off to the side, and doylestown, a couple of accident as long 611 and just around the corner from the second one a crash along alms house road. and the power problem affecting the 10 and 15 trolleys is fixed
5:41 pm
so they are running there. >> thank you. >> i'm just talking about traffic. >> thanks matt. still to come on "action news" a northampton man makes it through surgery and get a get well card from his father what was inside changed his life forever. we'll have the details. eagles coach chip kelly takes questions frtd media at the owners meeting in philadelphia. what he said about his new team coming up in sports. the temperatures are inching closer to the mid-atlantic, we have one day flirting near 70 degrees but it comes with a tradeoff. we'll talk about it in accuweather. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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a northampton county man is wealthy after his father-in-law senhim the card of a lifetime. he was recovering from hernia sister-in-lawry when he got a get well card. his dad sent a golden ticket scratch-off in the card. >> i took my glasses off and i'm looking at it and i scratched
5:45 pm
the rest of them off just to make sure and i was shocked to say the least. i had surgery so i didn't jump up and down but in my mind i was jumping. >> they confirmed it was in fact a winner the couple got a ceremonial check of $7 million. >> that is a big payoff. turning to sports chip kelly met with the media today. they want to know what kelly is focusing on now. jaime apody is live now with more. >> reporter: will they hit the lottery with marcus mariota, we have chip chat, the eagles coach spoke at the nfl coaches meeting and he addressed howie roseman, that move was made to maximize everybody's strength he said he wants to keep nick foles along with bradford, but the question
5:46 pm
is bradford his guy for the long run. >> could brad be that guy if he is healthy? >> i hope so but i'm not a predict ter guy. >> i'm not putting a label on anybody. >> he sounds like he is on target i don't know what day he is cleared to be 100% but he is running around right now. >> what about marcus mariota, at the chip kelly press could have been hear what the coach said about his boy tonight at 6:00. there is a reason whyimmo was a fan favorite. he returns to wells fargo this time wearing red and black instead of other and gets to play with his former teammates the last time he will ever take the ice here in philadelphia and is expected to retire after the
5:47 pm
season after one last chance at the stanley cup. >> i'm looking forward to being here, it's a fun ride and a last chance to say good-bye. >> even if i play 10 or 12 minutes a game, and we win games i'm happy to be out there. i have to remind myself, the reason why i'm here is not to play 20 minutes but to help this team as much as possible and the playoffs and the stanley cup is the big of the thing. >> i asked him what it would feel like to get the ovation from the fans and tears filled his eyes, hear his emotional response at 6:00. and phillies are hosting the astros, a nice shot here to center. >> great driving grab. and houston bats did as much damage as their gloves. here one is deep or gonzales and konger does the same thing that is a shot. not sure if it landed yet.
5:48 pm
alfredo gonzales allows five runs in four innings. there are two local hoops playing, the villanova women host st. johns tomorrow in the third round of the women's nit and the temple is hoping to punch their ticket to the nit final four. the disappointment of being snubbed for the big dance is it passed and now the goal at the smaller dance is to win it all. >> that motivated us to play good basketball. to win the nit and it's another process, you go out and take care of business and make sure we are clicking on all cylinders and we make sure we are playing our best basketball. if they win the nit final four it will be at the garden. so i was video chatting with my girlfriend.
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70 degrees the first time we hit that in philadelphia and comes with on and off rain, still 70 degrees as we look at double scan live radar steady showers that pass through earlier this afternoon have lifted north of new york city and we are seeing some spitting light showers west of
5:52 pm
philadelphia and now moving towards the conshohocken curve and approaching parts of center city and montgomery county and even north parts of bucks county light showers hitting the windshield wiper once or twice and it heads to doylestown and eventually trenton. temperatures have been stuck in the 40s running 10 degrees below normal that is 56 degrees yesterday we bottomed out for many areas yesterday and only topped off in the upper 30s, there are some signs of spring like the crocuses may be popping in your backyard in 12 days it is 12 stays and mother's day is coming and 57 days until moral day, 43 in wildwood and 43 in
5:53 pm
beach haven and to the northern and west of philadelphia we are only in the upper 30s yet again and just at freezing in mt. pocono, and one ribbon and moisture in new england, there is patchy drizzle around and the fog is the big issue that develops late tonight and eventually more rounds of rain developing in the nation's heartland now severe weather from oklahoma city to west of memphis but all that energy lifts to the northern and west and we won't see severe weather with the warmth tomorrow. fog is developing 35 to 42 a damp chilly night and then the warm front arrives, and you can see upper 50s with the rain south of philadelphia and still stuck in the 30s for tomorrow morning in allentown and 2:30 in the afternoon someone on twitter asked can i hit tee time tomorrow?
5:54 pm
>> i probably wouldn't rounds of rain with temperatures near 70 degrees and then the cold front a roos in philadelphia tomorrow night and behind that cold front gusty downpours and even the rumble of thunder. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, unsettled and damp tomorrow with the warmth of 70 degrees and then cooler on friday after morning showers peeks of sun and 54 and then a winter like weekend again, saturday a lot of clouds and a scattered shower of 40 degrees and then not as cold but still 40s here with sunshine on sunday, and we are back to normal on monday tuesday and wednesday, as we try to warm it to upper 50s to near 60 and it's a dry stretch. >> that was me asking about the tee time. >> i wouldn't do it. stay with us.
5:55 pm
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together...
5:56 pm
expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, a drexel graduate is among three americans killed in the plane crash in the french alps and don tollefson learns his fate for his fraud conviction. >> it's sitting on the side of route 9 in bayville and now there is an effort on the way to save this dinosaur from extension. i'm nora muchanic and i'll have that story next at 6:00. >> now for adam joseph, jaime
5:58 pm
apody, monica malpass, sharrie williams and the entire "action news" team have a good night.
5:59 pm
> >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and camden announced plans to transform five struggling schools and a three-alarm fire burns in bethlehem. but the big story is the revelation that three americans were on board the plane that crashed in the french alps and one of the three was emily selke an honors graduate of
6:00 pm
drexel university and emily was with her mother on the plane and investigators have recovered one of the plane's black boxes one mystery is why they didn't hear from the pilot when it descended 38,000 feet. sara bloomquist is live now in university city. >> reporter: jim the drexel campus quiet tonight this is spring break but in this internet age the few students on campus quickly learned today that one of americans killed in the plane crash graduated from drexel and today we learn more about emily selke and her mother yvonne who also died in the plane that went down in the french alp. we learned that american emily selke was on the flight traveling with her mother, yvonne, when the plane crashes in the french alps,


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