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tv   Action News  ABC  March 26, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪♪ >>action news delare valy's ldi w poammi with jim gardr. >> there is deloping news
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tonight in the germanwing's cra invtigation of the cockt voice recorder revealed onef at one me pilots left the cockpit and couldn't get back in as he was pounding te door. buthe other pilot couldn't or woun't on it. waall ts mns is only a matter of cjecture at this hou i dsday night and the bg story on "action ws"s the myste of why one of e pie plots of the ill-fated geaing's airs s locd outfhe cockpi investigats reed eoice rcorderas t sound of the pilot first gently knocking on teoor, but there's no aner. then he knocks louder. ad finally you can hear him try to smash t door do. was the oer pilot unconscious bcae a catastropc mdal event? deessuzion or a willful at? thelane desnded 3800 feet and cshed io the fnch alps
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kilng all on board. oe of the victims was a graduate of drexel uversity ad dann cuellar is on campus tonig. >> e campus is on spring break ritow but t sdents would rema are sadden to hear that oef the vicms was a recent drexel grad. anlrning mo about emily sl ander mother who died when the plane crashe dexel uversi announced that 23e-old emily selke graduated with hors and a music major. and on bod the germanwing ight travelling with her mtr yvonne. >> and even though i didn't prsonallynow her i feesad. > drexel is deeply saddened to hear about the loss of emily sl and her mother. > affected the drexel
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comny and my thoughts a prayers to her family and fie. >> shwas a member of a sory, d emily served as the membehip v.p. and w an integral pa of our growing chaer. andmbodied our spirit. a person and friend emily alwa put oths befe hself and ced deeply for those in her life. ei will be grely missed by her fellow sisters. her mother yvonne worked in washingnnd did intelligence cntct work for the peagon. >> am sll kind of shocked. we'reust a small little cmnity. > eee fily lives in this moment in virginia outsi o washiton wre tod the nibor's learned that emily and yvonne we among the dead. >>i every moment youan muchhat the only thing i can say. iasure theyad no idea smhi li this wou hppen. it rl tragedy. >> in a stement the ske
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fami says they a deeply sdded by the losses of yvonne and emily, two wonderful caring ad amazings pple w mea so mch to so many. li at drexel univsity dn cul cnn 6 "action new" > have more on the crash investigaon atur webte at tnht y can read about emily selke and see ptographs and videos fr the scene in the al. septa driver treated tonit afterttked on t bu ad it happened in dauphin in the strawberry mansn session of the city. tey arrested the susct who pnched t driver. >> a technicians hard at work i a gloucter county school istctrygo repair the dme done by hackers. athe school in swedesboro is kenneth moton. wapeace the story here? >> jim, this disict a its
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fourchools paralyzedy a ber attack that now under ivestigatn by the new jersey stateocand the f.b.i. late tog we saw the i.t. guys at wrkn this building. the system is almost bk at 100%. > they felt like they were thrown back in the sne age after hkers waked havoc tanov the comter network ad holding it for random. >> confusion, shock. we were a little surpsed. i id somethi to my hband about it because wre bei helfor random? i ver heard that before. > email, no access to files anno computer-based testing fr the students. ito my oldest son was nervs, and now it has been pushed back and now he is nvous for more da. > iwas hijacked by a malware so new it is uetected by solve
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wear. dmdi 500 big coin worth $500 in real cash. >> it has to be tn agers that's what i am thinking. andeople from our counties use i to make money. >>nd this sll school dstct in this small community trgete this trd grader was baffle > whwldhey do this? it a school district why do they want money f it? >> nsensitive sdent or epleenformatn w obtaid. the i.t. employees were worki workebuildinghe nwork and wrkg to make it more secure. >> tay you juston't know witpele. wtthe chly today, it is so iut a lot of pple ae oit and kw to t ito in. > the disict stays email is ba. and aoh te that state tsng resum. its also chaing praices
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and ocures and working with a cpany ttighten network serit jim. rpti life in south jersey toght kenne moton channel 6 "actnews >>nd aet nht making way for a soupy, foggy morning of the ru hour may be affected u one thing erybody will nte a dramatic spike in the temperate. adecily tynan is trkg it al ve at the big boar >> we finally climb out of our march chill. tday high only degrees. the fourth d in a row stuck in the 40 hads -- 40's. a rm front to the south a tere is plenty of very rm ar. cnnnat70 r t high and rleh 67. alta aigh of 73 degrees. thwm a is mi our way. te pbl is, we'll also get ito some moisture. storraer le double scan showing another round of swers mov offshore. more building to the soh.
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we tap into tt tomorrow. i e meantime a cold front is ding acrs the plains and it is e focus of sere weathe sen reported tornadoes from olomao arnsas. tis fnt is movi through our neck of t woods torrow ng. teoothing aut the timing itill lose a lot of dynamics a it v in tomorrow night. loi at the possibili of rumblef thunde probably no severweath. te pblef t morning rush huthough itsoi to be sou. lowlouds areas of fog, some scatred shers. ueaution a allow t time ad will talk aut the timing o e thuerorms and the return of the winy weaer for yo weekend in e fl aceather sev-y forecast. > l ght, cecily thank you. >>ere is some extraornary vd tonht of the tnados teang through moore, oklahoma. sprgs of exploding electcal trsformers look bike bombs going off. they say the storms cimed o
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fe andad nerous injuries in tulsa, county. te of thousandof peop are witho power. >> the sennce f don tllefn is 2-4 years in prin. convicted defaultg fans o of $34000 in spor packages tod. thstenceas handed down and tolfsotoldhe judge every day is it humilting reflex o his action. ande was ordered pay rstution a on protion for 1 yes kwh he -- when he gets outf jail. nd seahg r the cause this big fire in betehem earlyhis morning. nby was inre but the lmes shot so cse to power nes that officials were forced to sh off power to me than 20 customers. adhe smoke was so thick and odor so strong that t order issued a shelter-in-pce orde foreveralours. >> are getting more answers tonight about the contract dspute thas prenting
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rchd stockton universi om oeni a campus at the old sowboat cino site in atlantic ci. terump taj mahal does not wnt a colle nt door leading tolad igo frs of sdents gmbling. ad sckton bought t being fo$18 million. anthey td "action ne" tnht ve beestabd in the heart. te scho ys it may need to resell t propty orust la it empty. >>from our delaware news room toght poker players in the diamond statean gamble online aait pyersn las vegas. nvada and delaware announced td their netwo is up and rnning. i c accessed through the website to delaware park dover downs d harriton raceway. a megamerger between hines
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and krt. anth expe to safe $1.5 blln through combining mnufactureng and dirution. adrafh a lehigh valley pa whune of worke and the deal still needs to be approvey fedal regulats ad stockholders of kraft. ofose hinewill forever be asoated with pennsylvania but the mger brings seral of ka's brands up one roof. cheese wiz, a staple of t cheesestk, make it a fly ceespe. adream chee was created but in new york state and the philadelia me was just for mrketing because everydy thought philadelphia h great creek cheese- cream cheez.
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>>and bus is stuck in a sinkho and swt aw. a trist veo surfaces o t very first moments of the teost attack inside after museum in tusia. nd what wld call all of the you philadelphians to line up in the rain tonight? nt concert or a celebrity apearae but it mit insre yu. nd sck in the 40 tacng md air tomorrow the warmest day of the year. ad have detls in the aceaefecast. d ducis rodgers has the
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>>he newz military chard
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bedl wh desertion and he culget life in presson in coict -- in prison in convicted. h s abandon his post-and was captured by the taliban. andast yr handed ov to the us. in exchange for five tliban prisoners held at guaanamo. >>nd new vid sfaced of te terrorist attack at the bardo museum in tunisia. and k by tourists looking at msm tiles along with other mseugoers wn the shot rang out. sever more groups sent them fleeing to safety. 21 people but none in ts
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groupere killednhe attack. >> dratic pictures from braz where a bus was swallowed b a hole in the road and swept ay by rushing floodwats. youce the bus dip into the crater dispeamomentarily and rmerge only to be cared aw by the rapid. amangly evybody was able to escape tt bus unharmed. >> if she par like that s shou t be -- is he going to park like that? >> veo on obtained by a congrewoman parking job. and s pulls into an angled sot but straight on barely simng between two coectly-park cars. when s gets out she sms are but leaves it. aspokesperson says neither car dmaged. >>nd new videos on teenage distcted dring from aaa.
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wheth it was teing, talking or applying make-u rsrers fnd distraction acnd for nearly 60% of all acent thais four mes what was peviously estimated. tlking to a passenger proved most dangerous for teen drivers, flledy talking on aell phe. >>he city of phileh is hrinfor the customer. i night a indication. philadelia teenagers want the work. "actn news" reporter srr wllm has the story. >> it may have been a cold rainy night, but that didn't stop huneds tn agers for lining up at a chance at a smm job. >> i have to pay for stuff on my own to be successful. >> i never thought about doing anytnlikehis uino s i mean it mighte a good opportunity snoofrnt a pidehia parks and rcaon hted the job fair in west philadelphia. 2500 jobs from pool work to camps up for grabs. >> i le to help kids so this is sething i would le to do.
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>> it was wonderful when i pulled up and saw the line otside. it lets you know that the mayo when he said we need to make sre the are jobs f our yung people. > a yor michael nutter rcely announced plans to epa the summer job pgram aduoersay its imptant. >> is is an alternative to hanging o during t sumr on the stree doing nothin you don't have to get in tole. > there was such a huge respon for the summer jobs tat everyone couldn't fit into oeoom. i e firsroom they actually leaedbout what jobs a availae andh agehey nd t be and what sll set they wllea er the summer. fr tre it's on tthe next room where sden are given istctiolheeton h to aply forhe jobs th wt. > lifeguard is the hideghest pying jobhat's what i am ami for. >> he is 18 and a senior in high
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school. > i need moy for college. > if hir iis his fir job ev. h hopes to use earnings to pt in around theous >> i think about helpingut my mom and ts job would help me. > in west philadelphia sharrie wllis for chann 6 "action nws." > ifou or your child are lookingor work another one on saturd at 6000 rising sun avenue fr noon to 2:00 p.m. et bet the warming acuweaerocast. >> making you think of summe tmorrow. ad tti a lilbit of a bre inhe action. we h some showers movi trgh earlier ts evenin bt the actn cam out and about in cenr city y see t flavor of the evening, it dmand the sidewalks are wet. yocan feel theoistu in the ai tais t situation tomorrow
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witon and off showers. tempeture-wi haven'tropped mch fmarlier day. theigh 47 deees, 9 deges eow normal. i 43 in philadelph right nw. mivil 4 altown and trent 40. wiingn 43 and wildwood 46 dee. tmpetures mostolding sea toght. stei 6 ang with actions radar showing we had some sors earlier today. ad earlier this evening. tey moved offshore and ls of cos e in place, a there are re showers building up in the souths we head through the dy tomorrow. the focushough ofhe re weher aoss the plains stas, part of oklahoma a arkans, as many as seven rpt toadoes. tis associated with a cold fo marching east as we head troh the day tomorrow. thiis heang through our rgn morrowight. ahdf it tomorrow a surge of warm air and moisture. anthe morning rush hour there b fog with some showers,
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drzle it won't be at cold. tmpetures around in t 40s hadg through the morning. ad through the day keep umbllaoha. i noa sh-out but getting on d o showers. a 9:00 showers sth of phidelphia yu nocthe win atre streledut from from the south, pling up warm air. and 3:30 stter showers, epeally h of pidpa. ad torrow night with the cold front vanceomeing wh we cnet a le of gusty downpoorsnd perhaps a rumble of thunder as the cold air psh in. tmrow enjoy t warmth for oe day. phidelpa if we hit 70 deees the wmest day since noveer 24. and want to draw your ateiono the shore tu. weyou t wind out of the south they are off the ocean and a t coopler on the beaches.
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adhe forecast breezy and warm and damp tomorrow of the hgin philadelphia 70 dges. friday few lingeri shors in the morningnd clouds give wyo a feweeks of sunshine. 5 degrees. std the went feel back hgof d possibility of sme flurries. and sunday not quite as cold. 48 degrees. moly sunny. bumng it up to 56 degrees on mny. 5 on tuesday. adedsy temperatures up n60 with i incasing clds. atdeoff tomoow 70 degrees but don forget the umbrel. > ank you. >>hlcheck," a new study fnds that a cause of behaviol poemin cldrenoulde due to air pollution while they are in the womb. reah from new york and los angeles lked at exposure to pllion ding pregnancy and studd thkids as ty grew up to 10 years old.
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thme air polluon theore likely they had memory issues and adhd. hower this is important, the sty was not smallnd did not cncde what is caung th connectio >>cross the county america's favote jackpotame coming to you ghnow. gt rey, everybody this porba. goeveni erica. tnht a guaranteed jacot woh $40 million. gab your powerbl ticts a good luck. timto see how y did. fr numb 54 gets us stted. at aamerica we have g theumber 23. and pture of chris, a 2-aold illi entrepreur realized he won when the machine said you need t fi a claim. the next numr 19 after the 7 and rounding it out with the numb 5 forour winning powerball number good luck 14 a the pow play mulpli is 2. alook at toght's winning nmbe from a of us here
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have a
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>>e hedromhip kl twi matter a week or tw > but s forced to talk tday > da't foed to tk lst we? > he just showed up no advance warninor anything. chip ia little unprectable a ve seen e last couple
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of wes. cip kelly hes that sam bradfo ian nfl quarterbk. i t nfl you never know. and if he owrs' mtings the egl te a b risk on bradford coming off his second ac thais one of the reans the ra made him available and his hefty salary. and itoun like he will be readyor training cp in july. > he is with r training staff every day. ade g to meet with him aril 20. it snle is tart to b ful recovered, i just don't knowxactly what he will be ceedo be 100%. but i know that he is running and moving arou rht now. we'rn allowed to be there wen any of that sff is going on, i cldn't te you what he loks like moveme-wise o aythg ke that. >>to t ice, kimmo timen spe hf ofis nhl career with the flyers and he returns tonight as a blackhawk. ad gting a lot of loverom telo. ad he told us pregame it s
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eotia ad simmon and t goal. 20. adn the secd period giric redirects and the flyers win 4-1 to end that fo-gam sid. >> sll to come the sixers look for their first road win in more than 2 1/2 months. >>ps temple
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>>he sixers are in dver to fce the nuggets. they e trying to snap a
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16-me ro losing stre. and the bl moment grant. tey jump out to an 8-0 lead. from there they go long-ball. jas richas the old manhit it. adonit threes a covingto25 poin and the xers win. it the first road w sce like january 8th. templend. aduings a nice cut to the hoo ollead by 14 but down to 8 b hf time. theecond ha more cummings scoring 15 point in the final game. adhe owlsin 77-59 and they fce mmin tuesday at madison sqre garden. and murray state and another qart final game. and time winding
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down a frean throw it up and see what happs. tat happened. o.d. wins and they advance to the n.i.t. final four. a the phills and astros and gonzalez doi a poor job of imrsonatina pitcher. i'tough. twop adhat is in ler earth ort, and gonzaz e.r.a. 7.53 and the phiies lose. >> and jimmy kimmel le next. and the entire "tion news" tam i'm jim gardner, gd ng. ♪♪ >>actnews"s spsored i rt by --
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