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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 20, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, john stamos -- from "fantastic four", michael b. jordan -- and music from matt and kim with cleto and the cletones -- and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you.
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i want to wish -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'd like to wish those who celebrated a happy 4/20 today on april 20th, which is today, marijuana smokers around the world smoke even more marijuana than they usually do for reasons that are not entirely known. the legend is a small group of stoners in northern california came up with this in 1990. they gathered to smoke at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20. supposedly they picked the number because it was the local police code for marijuana smoking in progress but it wasn't the local police code for marijuana smoking or for anything for that matter. but if you think about it is perfect. no one can remember what started the holiday of smoking pot but it is a festive occasion. gets more popular ever year.
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last night, revelers gathered in times square to celebrate what is now known as >> 10, 9, 8. >> 7. >> 7. >> 6. >> 5. >> 7 [ laughter ] >> ryan seacrest may never come home. [ cheers and applause ] in san diego, mcdonald's started to test its all-day breakfast menu today which was obviously a coincidence. you know the traditional turkey on thanksgiving, it is
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funions. >> hitler was paranoid and delusional and couldn't leave his basement which is not unlike a lot of pot smokers. we have a special -- thank you for applauding on the hitler joke. we va 4/20 themed quiz for you in a few minutes. we asked pot smokers on venice beach a bunch of questions. it's worth staying up for. john stamos is here tonight. and we have a new trailer from four four. michael b. jordan brought it along for the four four. and another trailer floating around, you may have seen "batman versus superman, dawn of justice." the trailer was leaked on-line as these things are on friday. the movie looks fun.
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to be honest in a fight between batman and superman,ing superman wins. he is -- in real life it would be if floyd mayweather fought bill gates he would kill him. case closed. in north korea a real life super hero kim jong-un is said to have achieved something that is literally incredible. according to the state-run north korean media over the weekend kim jong-un climbed the highest mountain in the country which is 9,000 feet high. takes days to climb. there was reportedly no problem for a man built like roseanne barr. what you are about to see is not a joke. this is an actual north korean news broadcast.
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[ speaking korean ] >> jimmy: he just happened to be with a bunch of fighter pilots who did not fly him to the top of the mountain. and the amazing part he climbed the mountain wearing black dress shoes. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] a lot of people are saying the images of kim on the mountain were photo shopped because there's no video of him up there and he isn't wearing a hat, despite the fact it is about 15 degrees. i believe kim jong-un did climb the mountain for one good reason. the reason, that is where super cuts is. the only supercuts in north korea. they have a supercuts and that's it. >> they arrested another fence jumper at the white house last
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night. why are so many people suddenly trying to jump the white house -- is in the new ice bucket challenge or something d.c. police released a photo of the suspects trying to get in. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: of course the suspect was a man. it always is a man. a california man named jerome hunt. he scaled the fence and made it ten feet before the dogs showed up. he was said to be carrying a suspicious package. you know when amazon promises the same delivery day, because of all the jumpers they are thinking of putting steel spikes on top of the fence which is crazy. the white house fence doesn't already have spikes? garbage dumps have spikes on the fence. there are abandoned blockbuster video stores that have spikes n. 200 years no one thought to go to home depot to get fence spikes for the white house. the first lady, mrs. obama is really torn up about. this on one hand, it is
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potentially dangerous for her and her family. the other hand, at least one person in america was exercising yesterday. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] back here in california, former rap mogul suge knight is in court. in january he was caught on camera running over two men on the set of a movie that dr. dre, ice cube. they were on the set of this movie, a movie about legendary rap group nwa. he ran over the men. one of them died. suge pleaded not guilty. when the judge set his bail at $25 million he collapsed in court. this time he had to be pushed in the courtroom in a ♪ >> jimmy: he is literally laid back.
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so, probably has his mind on his money, et cetera. meanwhile, snoop dogg doesn't participate in what the young people call shenanigans anymore. he has his own you tube channel and hosts something special for us on our show, a nature show. i don't think it would be right to observe 4/20 without a visit from snoop dogg. here he is with tonight's edition of plissanetearth. >> it is your host with the most. let's check out some videos. okay. we have a baby -- is that a fox? i don't know what it is. he is way up. that's a kwirl. try to get a nut? get your nut on. he's running up a tree and now he's really going to get his nut on. see what he is doing. she's like where are your nuts at? is that a squirrel eater.
11:44 pm
what eats squirrels? what is that animal called. they are having sex games. he ak-47ed it. oh, wow. that's going to be scary. is he going in their house to get their babies? what's going on? aw, that's sad, man. went in there and stole the baby while they were out screwin'. that goes to show you can't leave your babies at home unprotected while you are having unprotected sex. hmm, hmm, hmm. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back, we will talk to smokers on 4/20 with special edition of "pot quiz." so stick around. hoets ♪
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on this very special holiday. a religious holiday for some, april 20th, 4/20. celebrations are happening around the world. perhaps most enthusiastically in the state of colorado where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2012 and where they are holding a number of 4/20 events them cannabis cup is happening there. snoop dogg has a show there tonight. there are a lot of pot parties going on. as a result of that, the police in denver launched a new campaign to promote safe marijuana use. officials at very events over the weekend handed out snacks that encouraged people to eat
11:50 pm
after smoking pot instead of driving. last year 12% of the duis in colorado involved marijuana. the denver police department tweeted this, this is a real tweet. we see you rollin' but we ain't hatin'. please remember to consume responsibly this 4/20 weekend. i want to say -- [ cheers and applause ] >>. >> jimmy: to give you an idea of what is going on in colorado right now, that's from the police. they might be high, too. i don't know. this comes from our abc affiliate in victoria, texas where news anchor josh kerry had more than a little trouble keeping it together on air. >> going real heavy and i had to park my car and eat there because i couldn't 0 go nowhere. i saw tree limbs and everything flying everywhere. tree limbs like from the trees. oh, yeah, bad. >> tree limbs from trees. who knew?
11:51 pm
on to other story -- [ laughter ] thunderstorms, report of a tornado touching down -- i'm sorry, folks. giggles aside. according to a sheriffs deputy a tornado briefly touched down before 2:45 this afternoon. that reported tornado touched down for a brief period of time. >> >> jimmy: this 4:20 is out of control. you should see him during a monsoon. he can't keep it together. marijuana is legal here in california as long as you have a prescription. you don't have to have a medical problem but you have to have a prescription. from time to time we head to venice beach where enthusiasts have been known to gather to ask simple questions. we did it today for a special
11:52 pm
4/20 edition what's a 1099? >> i don't know. >> what's 4/20. >> when you smoke weed. >> who's the leader of russia. >> i'm schott not sure. it doesn't matter. >> who is shaggy's friend. >> scooby. >> can you name four senators? >> i cannot. >> can you name four types of edibles? >> i mean you can drink it. there's cannipunch. put it in chocolate, put it in food. it is versatile. >> do you know who went to the moon with neil armstrong? >> negative. >> who is woody's friend in "toy story." >> that was buzz lightyear. he's cool. >> who killed abraham lincoln? >> i don't know. >> who killed tupac? >> probably suge. >> who is the mayor of mcdonald's land. >> cheeseburger man?
11:53 pm
>> where does the vice president live? >> white house. >> where does sponge bob live. ♪ he lives in a pine under the sea ♪ >> can you finish the sentence, no taxation without -- >> i don't know. >> finish this sentence huff huff -- >> pass. >> who may run for president soon. >> hillary but i don't think he will get it. >> what member of the kush family. >> o.g. >> kush. >> what is our national debt. >> a lot of money. i don't want to guess. >> how much does cost october? >> $5 foot longs. >> are you registered to buy weed in california?
11:54 pm
>> yes. >> name as many senators as you can. >> i can't name any. >> name as many strains as you can. >> blueberry purple train wreck. >> blue dream. >> dr. dream thumb. >> scotch bud, purple urple. >> orange kush. master kushog. >> what happens on april 15th. >> i don't know. smoke weed. >> i don't know what happens april 20th. >> smoke weed. >> the second time but not the first time. >> maybe good for you both times. >> thank you, everybody. great job. music from matt and kim. michael b. jordan is here and we'll be right back with john stamos.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight from the forthcoming marvel blockbuster "fantastic four" michael b. jordan is here. he plays the human torch. then a dynamic duo from brooklyn, new york - their latest album is called "new glow" matt and kim from the at&t stage.
12:00 am
tomorrow night, courteney cox will join us, chef steve martorano will be here, and we'll have music from alabama shakes. they are great. and later this week - the cast of "black-ish" will be here, dr. phil and manny pacquiao together, for real. guillermo diaz from "scandal" will be with us and we will hear music from chet faker, and earth, wind, and fire with chicago. so please join us. our first guest is a much-beloved star of screen and stage he has a new tv show in the works and he just returned from the white house and he didn't even have to jump the fence to get in either. he went through the door. please say hello to john stamos. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:01 am
>> happy -- happy 4/20 to the band. >> you have been hanging around don rickles too much. >> nice to see you again. >> tell us why you were at the white house over the weekend. >> good question, right? >> i got this beautiful invitation. the president requests your presence to be at the white house. it was a greek independence, celebrating greek american independence day. i was on tour with the beach boys and oh, my god, what a great. i got invited to the white house by the president. >> jimmy: yeah. >> as days went by, sort of -- you probably know, they sort of say, well, the president might be there and you might meet him and you might not but i was still flattered to be there. >> jimmy: you never know what will happen. >> just to be nominated. [ laughter ]
12:02 am
>> it was one of the greatest days of my life. >> jimmy: really? >> it was pretty special. >> yeah. i was there and taking pictures with the cool greeks. the guy who created the dove bar and these really important greek people. [ laughter ] why is that funny. >> it is an important thing, especially on this day. >> right. >> jimmy: who is the guy who invented the dove bar. >> i can't remember his name. >> jimmy: he did ice cream and chocolate, everybody is doing that. >> but he made a lot of money. so it was a great -- you know, so flattered. and my father would have been so proud because i was there with the greek-americans. >> jimmy: representing your people. >> may dad would say you have to represent the people. they are again we don't know if the president will be here or if you will meet him. they march me down and i'm standing next to the, you know,
12:03 am
to the -- what's his name >> you have his name? >> jimmy: yanni? i have pictures. maybe this will jog your memory. >> that is the archbishop. >> jimmy: of the greek orthodox church. >> of the greek orthodox church. i was going to wear the same out fit. i am glad i didn't. >> jimmy: what did you talk about? >> he wanted to know about my father and where i was from. very nice. there's the press. this gentleman he's in charge, he's the finance minister there, right? there's issues, i don't know if you know going on in greece with money. >> jimmy: they have none, right? >> last time i saw tom hanks, i said just buy greece. i'm standing next to 0 this powerful gentleman and he's a finance guy.
12:04 am
usually finance guys you go, can you give me a tip on what -- i didn't ask him any tips. we the president did this speech about greeks. he comes down and says hi to people and gets in to this heavy-duty political conversation with this gentleman. i'm literally in the middle of it. >> jimmy: so this is the real conversation? >> i'm eight inches from him and him and i'm thinking, what am i going to say? i'm looking at yanni and the president and my find mind starts wandering going -- the president's voice is very distinct but i'm thinking jay ferrell does a great impression at snl. this is going through my head but what am i going to contribute. i have a dumbo on my front yard. >> jimmy: i have a lot of yogurt
12:05 am
money. >> you know, it was -- it was sweet. but then the president, in all of his -- i mean you met him and spent time with him. he looks to me and says john stamos, how are you. >> jimmy: what did he say to you? >> i just told you. he said john stamos -- no, he said how are ya? and he says this is the best looking greek man in the world. >> jimmy: is that what he is saying there? [ cheers and applause ] >> it was a little tricky. there are 200 greek men in the room going oh, really? why he is better looking than me. and then you think that is sweet of him to say i was the best looking greek but then who do you have, you have zach michael
12:06 am
dukakis, corpse of tele. >> very flattering. >> how many pictures did you take with him? there you are again with him. >> it was strange. he talked to me a long time. what are you going? i said i'm doing a new pilot for fox. somebody squeaked about fox and said, hold on, mr. stamos is an entertainer. i don't do impresses but tonight i will. >> jimmy: all right. >> is he an entertainer, entertainment department. not a newscaster stamos. he's an entertainer. thank you, mr. president. he is defending me. >> jimmy: i would like if you were a newscaster. wouldn't that be funny if you showed up on the news one day. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about -- we need to take a break but -- >> but. >> jimmy: no, what happened? >> can i finish the president story? >> jimmy: yes, you can finish the president's story. i thought it was over. >> it should have been. it is long.
12:07 am
i'm walking out. here's the deal, i'm walking out through the back and all of a sudden i hear stamos and it's the president. he says let's get a proper picture. that's the other picture. so we are taking this picture together and i had an entourage, not proper strippers no i had my press agent. and my cousin george. cousin george. >> jimmy: nice. >> they wanted to get a picture. i'm taking the photos. so one at a time -- he goes guys, i don't have time. all four let's get in and take a group photo. i'm thinking because i have been in this position as a celebrity and so have you. it is like let's hurry up because i have to get to pilates. this gief has to negotiate with iran. but he is still like, okay, let's hurry this up and let's go. it is unbelievable.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: must have been a slow day. that's all i can figure. >> no. regardless, it was a beautiful day. and regardless of what side of the political fence you sit on, i got to meet the president and my mom would have been so proud. he put an l. in it. she called him >> i wish i could have called my mom. >> jimmy: not that the white house isn't important but when we come back, i want to ask you about "full house" which may be coming back to television. john stamos! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t, mobilizing your world. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> john stamos is with i wrote in lead -- >> jimmy, i know you are a humble guy. >> jimmy: thank you. >> i look up to you. >> jimmy: you shouldn't look up to me. >> i do . he's a good guy, great wife and kids. you are an inspiration to me. >> jimmy: face of you to say. >> i really mean it. >> jimmy: i thought something mean was coming. if it makes you feel any better, i wake up every morning and go i
12:15 am
wish i was john stamos. especially when i hit that mirror, man. the worst part of the day. >> you are looking good. >> jimmy: tell me about the "full house" thing. we have heard rumors that you were going to do it again on netflix. >> there's been some rumors. i did a pilot for fox first, which i'm proud of. they pitched it to me like i play a guy, a swingin', i'm 50-year-old bachelor. i own a restaurant. like a george clooney before he abandoned everything that he stood for. and all of a sudden in the first 60 seconds i find out i have a son and he has a daughter so i'm a grand -- i'm a -- it's hard to say. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> they called an said, we are trying to figure out the title. and they are like what do you think of grandpa and i'm like what do you think of [ bleep ] you? [ cheers and applause ]
12:16 am
>> jimmy: what did they think of that? >> call me blacky which is cool or uncle jessie but i'm not going out as grandpa. hey, grandpa. >> jimmy: it is a good title. >> it's going to be something like that. i'm proud of the show. i hope it gets picked up. >> jimmy: i hope so too. and the "full house" thing for netflix. >> i'm going to give you the exclusive. >> jimmy: please do. >> literally -- [ cheers and applause ] five minutes ago they called and sealed the deal. we have been working on this for many, many years them original creators -- we were trying to do a spinoff. we wanted to give credit to the legacy. we didn't want to throw it away. so netflix came around and said let's do 13 episodes. it starts as a reunion and then spins off in to this like a spinoff and then -- so you have
12:17 am
candace and jodi and andrea barber and candace has three boyce and it is a reversal and we turn the house over to her. it is a labor of love. we have been trying so many years to do it right and i think we finally got it perfect and just five minutes ago they said you can give the exclusive to jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: oh, that's great. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: will your friend bob saget be on it? >> he better be. >> jimmy: will the olson twins be on the show? >> if we can't get the olson twins, we're going to dress you up. >> jimmy: i would definitely play the olson twins. >> would you? >> jimmy: no question about it, yeah. >> we're going to try to get everybody, dune hour special and then in to the spinoff. >> jimmy: very good to see you. you look fantastic. congratulations on being america's sexiest greek. john stamos, everybody. we will be right back with michael b. jordan.
12:18 am
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♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is a talented young actor blessed with a name that gets him a table at any restaurant in chicago ever on august 7th. he flames on as the human torch in "fantastic four." please welcome
12:21 am
michael b. jordan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: michael, it's good to see you. i don't want to dwell on this. i'm sure it makes up most of your life talking about this stuff. how is the whole having the same name as the greatest basketball player ever -- >> i think every time i come here -- >> jimmy: it's crazy to me. it's not a jab. do you feel like i wish i had the same name of a less popular bull like will perdue. >> d.j. armstrong. >> jimmy: d.j. armstrong. >> i have not met m.j. yet. >> jimmy: i notice you are wearing what appear to be classic jordans right now. >> i ask them and they send them
12:22 am
over. >> jimmy: really send them to you. >> it's a rare list a few people get a chance to be on. i just so happen to be on the list. thank you reggie, appreciate that. >> jimmy: do you know michael jordan? >> i never met him. i have been to his parties. wear his shoes all the time and i haven't had a chance to meet him yet. >> jimmy: you think he would have summoned you at some point. >> like come here. >> jimmy: do you go to parties where he is at, those kind of parties. >> nba all-star weekend parties, stuff like that. >> jimmy: he has a birthday party every year. >> you went? >> jimmy: i did go once. >> what did you bring him? >> jimmy: i was trying to think of a gift and i brought him a basketball. >> that's original. >> jimmy: we have a photograph i'd like to show on the big screen because it's that exciting. here we have you with another
12:23 am
legend, another guy you don't want to be named after sylvester stallone. what's going on there? >> we are training for my big fiechlt he is showing me how to take the hook to the body. hook to the body, hook to the head. teaching me to dig in and go for it. >> jimmy: a spinoff of the "rocky" series. creed. >> apollo creed's son. adonis creed in search for his own legacy and identity for the most part, living in the shadow of his father and seeks out rocky to come and train him. >> jimmy: are you old enough to understand when i was a young man what a big deal this is? "the rocky" franchise in general? >> my dad and everybody above 40 have -- >> jimmy: it's the 40th anniversary of the rocky. >> that's as big as it gets where did you shoot the movie.
12:24 am
>> philly. >> jimmy: you must understand. >> there were people lined up on the perimeters of the set, screaming rocky, rocky! you really understand how important this guy is to the city. >> jimmy: will you punch beef and chase chickens. >> there will be no punching beef. i did chase chickens. >> jimmy: oh, you did? >> i did i told them to give me the fattest, slowest oldest chicken because i would not be embarrassed on screen. literally i had p a's exercising chickens for three hours before i stepped in. i picked him up first try. >> jimmy: are they that hard to catch? >> yeah, chickens by nature are nervous and kind of, you know. >> jimmy: do you get hit a lot in the movie when you are playing a boxer? do you actually get punched? >> we try to -- you do choreography as much as you can but you are in the heat of the
12:25 am
moment, the adrenaline. sometimes you have to take a punch. >> jimmy: who are you fighting with? >> all real fighters, gabe rosado, andre ward. >> jimmy: did you think it would be a good idea if you didn't have real fighters because i'm an actor. >> i'm pretty method when it comes to stuff like this. i got in shape and trained for it. >> jimmy: that has to be fun. >> dude, this body right here -- [ cheers and applause ] >> game on. i can't wait for the summer. >> jimmy: talk about four i loved foantastic four when i was a kid. for those that don't know you say flame on 0. it is weird they have to say flame on. it is like activate the powers. >> jimmy: even my oven i don't have to speak to it. >> how cool would that be. like flame on and -- >> jimmy: pilot light won't go on. you played -- your sister is sue
12:26 am
storm in the comic book and played in the movie by kate marin. downif you noticed but she is a white person. >> i do know that. >> jimmy: how did they figure that out? >> i'm pretty sure there are white people with other ethnicities, doesn't mean biological. >> jimmy: you can't reveal one of the big secrets? >> something like that. it is self explanatory. i don't like to draw attention to the ignorance. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but, you know. >> jimmy: brother and sister and of course people are going to ask this question. >> it's, you know. >> jimmy: okay. >> there's a thing called adoption. >> jimmy: do they make you sign your life away as far as being secretive about the marvel stuff. >> fox is top secret and marvel when it comes to their projects. in if i had to leave set or go to trailer, big huge black cloak or robe on you. for the crazies on top of the
12:27 am
roof. 100 million taking pictures and stuff like that. >> is it a fun thing to do playing a super hero? you are used to playing boxer, super hero and all of stuff. >> incredible cast. >> jimmy: we have a trailer and this is the broadcast premier of brand new movie fantastic four which opens august 7th. take a look. >> we got you six years and millions of dollars and you gave us nothing. what's different now? >> reid richards. he answers the questions we don't know to ask. this is our chance to learn more about our planet and maybe even -- i want you to meet my daughter sue. >> you want to be famous? >> i want my work to make a difference.
12:28 am
>> this guy doesn't take order 0s well. >> especially from people who say i don't take orders well. >> if i do i know who to call. >> i got say it's fun having you here. >> really? >> no. >> what you have created here is incredible. >> you sure you are in shape to do this? we're good. >> just cracked travel. >> incredible. ♪ >> all i want to know is where are my children? >> four have survived. all with unique physical conditions.
12:29 am
>> you can't face this. use these powers to help people. you opened the door you don't know how to close. you don't know anything about what's coming. >> and who's coming. >> if you want to stop him, it's going to take everything you have. >> how long until he's in? >> two minutes. might be a little less.
12:30 am
12:31 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank john
12:32 am
stamos, michael b. jordan and apologize to matt damon, we ran -- we were talking during the commercial break, next time he comes back to promote "creed" heed going to fight guillermo. you are going to have a fist fight together in the ring. it will be great. you should start training now. >>. >> guillermo: okay. i will train. >> i want to apologize for matt damon. we ran out of time for him tonight. nightline is next but first, this is their album "new glow" here with the song "get it" matt and kim! [ cheers and applause ] >> one, two, three -- ♪ ♪ at one am we go for gold at one am when we we lost control ♪
12:33 am
♪ at 1 a.m.. oh yeah we don't want to go home ♪ ♪ at one a-m no wrong and right shades of grey black as the night ♪ ♪ we all sing along but the notes are wrong ♪ ♪ get it get it get it ♪ ♪ at one am lets make mistakes at one am when we we cut
12:34 am
the breaks ♪ ♪ at one am oh yeah we don't want to go home ♪ ♪ we all sing along but the notes are wrong ♪ ♪ get it get it >> one, two, three ♪ get it ♪ get it ♪ ♪ get get it get it get it get it get get it ♪ ♪ get it get it get it get get it get it get it get it ♪
12:35 am
♪ get get it get it ♪ get it ♪ get it ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ less make a mess because we
12:36 am
have been clean too long ♪ let get undressed and get to the song ♪ hey, let's make a mess because we have been clean for way too long ♪ ♪ ♪ let's make a mess because we have been clean for way too long ♪ get all the lyric ♪ let's make a mess because we have been clean for way too long ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." triple jeopardy. he is convicted for murdering his wife twice. harris says he is innocent and his children agree. >> our dad had nothing to do with the disappearance. >> now he is on trial again. his defense pointing to evidence of a different killer. can he get a jury on his side? from the first steps to potty training. some parents think everything their kids do should be public knowledge. now a growing internet faction is push ing back against what they call over sharenting and they are not the only ones that don't like what they see. and give them five days and limited material and they can build this. she


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