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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news this noon, a 16-year-old girl survives a plane crash and then walks for to days to reach help. >> and we get an update from a school destroyed by a tornado and teachers are trying to save whatever they can. but the big story on "action news" is another day of upsetled weather and showers and thunderstorms moved through the area this morning, this is the scene along route 55 at vineland and cumberland county. some area could be hit with downpours and flooding today. lets get to karen rogers in for david murphy. >> with the humidity in the air we are getting the downpours at times up to an inch an hour, we have flash flood warnings this morning where they had over 3 inches of rain. and there are flood advisories for parts of the region including philadelphia and bucks and montgomery and atlantic and cumberland and gloucester and
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salem county new jersey continuing until 3:45, we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have got some heavy rain in parts of this region and areas south and east are hit hardest with this so far here it is in elmer, a lot of lightning strikes with this hit here in malaga, happening here along 322 not far from glassboro and rowan university. it's likely to hit the area. and hammonton not far from the white horse pike, look at this area from speedwell we have 57 lightning strikes right now through the region. these storms are blossoming right now we see the motion as they drift from the east-southeast the trouble is they are moving slowly and dumping so much rain as they do. if philadelphia west of the city is getting hit hard and up near trenton a lot of lightning strikes there as well. i want to show you that, in trenton you are getting hit with
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lightning and downpours. so a lot happening with the weather now we have the risk, a low risk of some severe weather, in anyone of these storms we'll talk about this and when the storms move out in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. stay ahead of the severe weather with the storm tracker 6 app on your mobile device you'll find the hourly forecast and alerts for incoming weather, when you see severe weather happening we want to know, send your pictures to, or post it on social media using #6abcaction. now developing news in philadelphia police are investigating a murder in the west oak lane section this noon. the man was founded in the back driveway of 71st avenue detectives say he was shot in the head at 7:00 this morning, police have no suspects or motives at this time. they are locking for the gun
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used in the shoot snoog president obama is coming to philadelphia this afternoon he is slated to address the naacp convention in center city. john rawlins is live now at the pennsylvania convention center with a preview. >> reporter: good afternoon well it's expected to be a full house to hear the president this after none it's expected that mr. obama will among other things address a bipartisan effort in congress to lessen the sentences for non-violent crimes. he comes here after the unrest in ferguson, they believe he will speak to police misconduct to education to the length of incarceration zblrks this issue of race and inclusion is a national security issue when
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someone can go into a church anywhere many america and kill nine innocent people -- >> i'm very interested in hearing his thoughts on where we are headed with education and education policy, and what his thoughts are on making shower we are growing quality schools. >> i hope to hear about jobs and racism in america. and how to deal with it black on black crime. >> the whole justice system. sentencing those that are offenders. the whole system needs to be revamped and taken seriously. >> the president was ridgely expected to speak at 3:00 this afternoon, that may be pushed back as it looks like his travel plans he may not be arriving in philadelphia until that time. he will not be in the city for long and there is be one other
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stop before stop here. president obama is reacting to a landmark deal to limit iran's nuclear program, diplomats signed the agreement after marathon negotiations in vienna they are calling for them to move in the new direction. but critics say iran cannot be trusted. mary bruce is joining us with more from washington. >> reporter: there is no question, this is president obama's biggest diplomatic achievement yet after working into the early morning hours negotiators emerged with a 100 page pact and hope. after seven straight days of negotiations and months of diplomatic wrangling a historic
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government with iran. the president hailing a new chapter in iran's relationship with the west, touting the deal as a victory for diplomacy, it gives opportunity to move in a new direction, we should seize it. >> it limits iran's nuclear capabilities and not developing a nuclear weapon for the next 10 years and crippling sanctions will come to an end including those aimed personally at iranian officials. >> and a sticking point a long standing arms embargo will be lifted overtime. iranians are looking and praising the deal it as a win-win. >> lawmakers in washington have 60 days to revow the deal and already republicans are threatening to block it. >> based on what i know i'm
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highly skeptical at best. >> the president is issuing a dire warning about the alternative. >> it means a chance of more war in the middle east. >> congress will decide whether to vote to rerail the dole, and the president has vowed to veto any legislation that stands in the way of this agreement. >> mary thank you. >> a 16-year-old boy is recovering from a stabbing that happened at a philadelphia playground it happened before midnight on the 2900 block of wharton street in grays ferry the teenager told police he was playing basketball when six men approached and stabbed him twice in the back the boy was taken to the hop and he is expected to survive and police are looking for his attackers. >> three robbery suspects were on the run with a rifle they stole from a home in torresdale. >> police say they broke no the 92 hundred block of academy road
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and made off with a television and laptop nobody was hurt. this is the second robbery at this same house within the past year. starting next monday can you purchase rail passes to use during the pope's visit to philadelphia. there is limited rails running september 26th and september 27th trains will stop at 30th street and not suburban station. the pass will cost you $10, you must pick your home station and select a window of time you will be traveling. >> they will try to keep crowds consistent. you can follow the pope by following 6 abc pope on twitter. >> still to come, a woman accused of staging her own kidnapping is now getting some vindication, the announcement from the fbi that could clear her name. and a celebration at mission control, the historic moment in
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>> mexico's most notorious drug
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trafficker is on the run the reward for guzman better known as el chapo. this after he escaped from a maximum security facility. they say his family and known drug associates helped him break out. he tunnelled out of his prison cell sometime over the weekend. >> the man that died after being pulled in a chokehold by a white police officer says they will push for more police reforms, eric garner's relatives held a news conference with al sharpton despite the $1.9 million settlement. he was stopped for selling loose cigarettes, he could be seen yelling he could not breathe after being put in the
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chokehold. >> they treated my husband like an animal and i think they give animals more respect than humans and i think they need to do something about that, asap. >> the chokeholds are banned by the nypd but the city did not admit admit admit liability under the settlement. they say he planned to set off pressure cooker bombs think the plot targeted an unidentified university with an attempt to kill students in the name of isis. he is credited with alerting police to the threat and he told police that his son has a history of mental illness, he is scheduled for a bail hearing today. a teen is recovering after surviving a plane crash.
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autumn was flying with her step grandparents from montana to washington state. the last thing she remembers was a big impact. she walked to a highway and a driver gave her a ride to a store where she called 911. she was throated for dehydration. prosecutors charged a man that was said to be a hoax. quinn said that his girlfriend was taken for ransom, she turned up safe hours before the ransom was due she said she was set free after being released from the trunk after two days. and yesterday they announced the
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arrest of muller an attorney, saying there was enough evidence to charge him with the abduction. >> today is a fabulous day for denise huskins, and aaron wherein, they are 100% not guilty and innocent. we'll have a full report on this coming up at 12:30 including the evidence. a nasa spacecraft finished a fly by of pluto today. scientists were just a little excited. >> five, four, three two one! >> that was the celebration inside of mission control for the new whoize son mission, the first trip to pluto and its moons was lunched in 2006 to map the surfaces of pluto and its largest moon. still ahead here at noon, a company is accused of making
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potentially faulty airbags. coming up at 12:30 the progress of an elementary school destroyed by a tornado we get an update on the cleanup. we'll be right back.
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>> another company is under investigation for making airbags that may explosion. they say that arc automotive could make air flags that could
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explode. the investigation covers half a million chrysler town and country minivans and 70,000 coyeah optima sedans. >> health check this noon researchers made a surprising discovery about prenatal testing, used to detect problems in unborn children and a new study shows it could detect signs of cancer in mothers, the research applied to one test that picks up both dna for mother and baby and in one case the baby had abnormal results. but there was nothing wrong with the baby but a tumor in the mother's blood and they tried to deliver the baby early to continue they are treatment. lets check in now with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead at
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46r. >> coming up at 4:00 a cyber savings smack down, a fight for two row tail giants could mean a win for you the consumer and it's a bitter custody battle over a child that was not born yet, the exwife taking her husband to court for frozen embryos. and you know that nfl are known for their end zone dances so maybe it may not be a surprise to know that this toddler can go. coming up today at 4:00 in big talkers. love that kid. take us with you on the go with the free 6 abc news app watch it streaming live on the smart phone or tablet. and watch that little guy on the go. accuweather forecast is coming up storms in the area when we come back.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is here. >> within the last hour we saw these storms really blossom and they are producing a lot of rain in a short period of time. lets take you now to stormtracker 6 live double scan, around the area and you can see that the hardest hit continues to be south jersey you can see the flashes with double scan, that is live lightning strikes, 14 in the area, but we saw as much as 50 not too long ago, lets go to some of these areas hardest hit this is malaga along 55 here in 322 and hammonton, look what is happening downpours are producing heavy rainfall and live lightning strikes there
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near speed well as well. i want to show you the precipitation totals and radar estimates that we have seen so far we have seen 3 inches of rain in parts of salem and cumberland county new jersey. it's very localized and a big deal, that is why we have the flooding on the roadways coming down in a short period of time, now philadelphia you get it as well. a cell near willow grove we notice that these cells move through the area, and causing heavy downpours, not a lot of lightning at the moment and heavy downpours with cells lifting to the north and east, starting with the temperature it's 79 and all the storms are holding the temperature down a bit but the dew point is there 72 degrees that feels oppressive through the area and the wins are out of the
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southeast at 5 miles per hour and the pressure continues to fall satellite 6 along with action radar show that it's not that the storms are blanketing the whole region we are not locking at one line of storms crossing through but the air mass and the low pressure coming nearby it's unstable, we get the storms popping up and future tracker 6 showing at 2:30 in the after none, not everybody will get them but when you do that is the downpours are you getting, that produces the flooding peppered through the area not everybody is seeing them and 2:30 in the morning, more storms coming through the region but any point today or tonight you could see downpours. 86 degrees by 3:00 p.m. and by 7:00 p.m., 84 degrees and by 9:00 p.m. 81 a slight risk for damaging winds humid today and downpours and high of 87
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degrees, still unsettled tomorrow and especially late morning no the afternoon some downpours and 85 and we get the break by thursday and it's refreshing and low humidity it's beautiful, friday it's nice and bright and 84 degrees and saturday warmer and 88 and a sloit chance for a shower or thunderstorm late on saturday or sunday and monday hot and humid and 90 so today really be careful with the storms we are constantly online helping you through this. >> good day for the app. there is machine much more ahead. a big tribute to the u.s. womens soccer team the commemorative cover hits the magazine. >> and taylor swift steps on stage and the malfunction that left her stranded in the middle of her soldout concert. those stories and more coming up.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues, with rick williams sara bloomquist and meteorologist. david murphy. hello again, here is the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, two homes are damaged in newcastle county after a fast moving fire started late last night. and reaction continues to roll in both positive and negative to the landmark deal over iran's nuclear program and
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a berks county school is still in shambles after strong storms ripped through the area last week, the volunteers are on scene to help clean up the mess. >> an investigation is underway after a fast moving fire damages two homes in delaware the flames broke out on the unit block of edgemont in newcastle county. david henry has the latest. >> reporter: police and fire investigators are trying to sort this one out there was a shooting on this block yesterday morning that let to the arrest of a 15-year-old boy and then a fire that damaged two hougss on the same block investigators are trying to figure out if the two events were row lated in some way. the 15-year-old was arguing on and off with a 27-year-old and the boy later shot the man in the legs and he was treated


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