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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  July 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ >> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, july 16. we're following several developing and new stories. >> investigation is underway reports of lasers being pointed at aircraft near newark airport. >> the white house so looking to close the digital divide between philadelphia and camden. >> former president is in the
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hospital after a fall. >> let's get traffic from matt pellman and weather from karen rogers. >> reporter: you're in the mid to upper 60s. 67 in millville and dover. 68 degrees on the boar walk in ac. a nice, northerly flow. the dewpoints are way down. yesterday they were in the 70s, they are down in the 50s today. it feels nice and comfortable as you head out. satellite and radar showing the rain is long gone. we have leftover clouds here and there, we have partly cloudy skies, we'll get bright sunshine through the day today. the one issue is isn't until 8:15. a flood warning in effect for cumberland county for the maurice and cohancy river. the river is above average that will recede as the day wears on. that will wear off at 8:00 a.m.
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overall sunshine and high clouds 9:00 a.m., 70. noon 76. 3:00 p.m., 81 degrees, 6:00 p.m., high of 82. which, matt is a a couple of degrees below average for the day, quite a change for the past few days. when i hear you say that magic phrase we have nothing going on. it's music to my easier. good morning to you and good morning everybody. not a whole lot going on on the roads, we have a vehicle broken down by the south street on-ramp, they have it towed away. both lanes reopen toward past i couldn't think avenue in university city. i-95 southbound has cleared out around cot mannor. northbound head the ramp to the vine street expressway that is open now. by horsham watch out for a shash along -- crash along horsham
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road at walnut avenue. between route 42 and 45 a lane is blocked in both directions. we have electrical repairs along atrium way taking out the left lane. matt. >> thanks, matt. developing this morning several pilots of airlines are reporting being hit by green lasers while on final approach to newark international airport. the pilots started reporting the incident after 9:00 p.m. they were heard contacting air traffic control warning the hour. the to tower. the towfer decided to -- tower decided to change the approach path to avoid the lasers.
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>> the new plan from the white house to bring superintendent access to low income families in philadelphia and camden. katherine scott is live in center city with how president obama plans to ease the digital divide. >> reporter: the program is starting close to 30 cities, philadelphia and camden are included within the first group. the president said in this day and age the superintendent is a necessity. you can do your homework and apply for jobs and pay your bills. this program will bring more access to more people. it's called connect home it's a program geared to bringing access to everyone. president obama at schools and at home, the internet is a necessity, the digital divide puts people without at a disadvantage. >> the internet is not luxury, it is a necessity. you cannot connect with today's economy without having access to
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the internet. >> reporter: connect home will begin in 27 cities. philadelphia and camden are two of them. 90% of households headed by a college graduate have internet, fewer than half of low income households are plugged in. >> while high speed internet access is assumed for millions of americans it's too out of reach for too many people especially low income and rural communities. >> reporter: private, public and non-profits will work together with the program. there's no time line when it comes to philadelphia and to camden. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> 5:05, viewer video shows flames on the roof of a 9-story apartment building in spring garden. smoke alarms went off at broad
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and mount vernon street. it is believed that the fire came from air-conditioning units on the roof. 120 people had to be evacuated while crews responded. residents have been allowed back into their homes. no injuries were reported. we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday. charges have been filed in new shooting that wounded a woman in the port richmond section. the neighbor is under arrest. he got into an argument with the younger woman. he is accused of shooting the woman in the stomach. police in ocean county new jersey want to talk this man they say he pulled his white work van in barnegot township and asked if she needed a ride. the girl said no, and he drove off. police fear he is up to no good. >> president george hw bush
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fell at his home in kennybunkport in maine. the family believes the hospital stay will be brief. bush has a form of parkinsons disease. increases are coming to transit assuming that will help fill a 60 million-dollar budget gap. on the flip side commuters who drive across the four port authority bridges will be getting a discount. 18-dollar credit will be added to drivers accounts after they make 18 trips in a months over the walt whitman bridge, commodor barry bridge, betsy ross bridge, betsy ross bridges. like a spending award. by one get one free. >> reporter: i like those awards. >> in a week 1/2 you'll be
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good. >> reporter: that's right, lrpt, let's take a -- all right let's take a look right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region, for a change it's dry this morning and staying dry through the day. let's go outside and start the day with a beautiful shot. look at that, as you can see a few clouds as the sun is trying to rise. we're beautiful colors in the sky over the ben franklin bridge. 65 degrees the dewpoint is way down. yesterday in the upper 60s today, 54. the humidity has dropped like a rock. the winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour. the barometer is rising. we can see the spin in the atmosphere off the coast is as it does we're left with a few leftover clouds. it's a gorgeous day. down the shore we have a moderate risk of rip currents. be careful otherwise it's a nice shore day. cool, 77 for the high, lots of sun and winds out of the
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northeast. day planner 8:00 a.m. 69 in the city, 2:00 p.m. 81 degrees and by 5:00 p.m. holding at our high of 82. which is below average it's a gorgeous day thanks to the area of high pressure that is providing the sunshine and the humidity. the high sinks to the south as the warm front approaches it looks like late at night in the overnight hours it triggers a shower, but otherwise the daytime is good, a couple of great days ahead. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a refreshing breeze today cooler 82 degrees for the high. tomorrow mostly sunny skies nice, 84. looks like we'll see afternoon high clouds in the overnight hours maybe a shower, saturday more humid and it gets hot, 90 degrees for the high. a chance for a late-day thunderstorm. should not spoil your plans too
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much. sunday, 92 thunderstorm. monday we'll have heat wave number two 92 degrees for the high. tuesday it hot 90 degrees. wednesday, clouds, sunshine, still warm, 88 degrees, we have a couple of gorgeous days before we return to the heat and humidity. no matter what you like i've got it in the seven day. >> today is gold, karen gold. a texas firefighter saves the day, but the take down had nothing to do with the fire. >> last night's espys had many golden moments. >> reporter: balligomingo avenue looking great, nice and dry which is a welcome change from yesterday. we'll talk about a crash in montgomery after the break. >> lays potato chips are looking for someone to invent a new flavor. you can win $1 million if you
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do, that's later in the morning buzz.
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>> 5:13, there's philadelphia city hall, some of the lights along broad street. today is karen rogers pick of the week. 65 degrees only 82 today less humid, it's going to be just perfect. >> you know, matt pellman she said if you're stuck in traffic you can roll down the window and enjoy the atmosphere. >> reporter: and she said you can blame me because the weather
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will not be the problem today. that's good news for her i guess, not me so much. coming out of the burbs things look good, even the schuylkill expressway here in king of prussia where we were water logged yesterday this morning this morning there are puddles on the side. westbound headlights passing 202 heading toward the turnpike are moving along nicely. to keep the good news coming in horsham, montgomery county a crash at walnut avenue and horsham road is gone. everything reopened there. north in bucks county. let's talk about work zones closing the eastbound side of autopsy -- alms house road start to use bristol road as the alternate. bustleton pike will close from 9 to 3:00 p.m. until neck -- next
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week. burlington county watch out for the work on the turnpike connector, eastbound they are taking out the right lane in florence township. rob robinsville one lane is blocked eastbound by the turnpike. time for the waze app getting reports of road kill on the road unfortunately on the 30 bypass, eastbound watch out for that. tam. >> will do, thank you matt. caught on camera firefighter in texas took down a would be gas station robber. he was checking out when the masked suspect pushed past him. a former marine and high school wrestler used the moves he learned to take the system done, he did it simply because it was the right thing to do. >> happening today jurors in the colorado shooting trial will
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be become for driver's license numbers. they will continue to consider whether james holmes was legally insane during the 2012 deadly attack. his lawyer say he was in the grips of a psyche psychic -- psychotic episode. david sweat is back in a prison swell in a special housing unit. he will be confined to 105-foot sole dear cell. he is facing disciplinary charges stemming from the prison break last month. he was shot and captured after 22 days on the run. his break-out partner was shot and killed. >> last night's espy awards did not disappoint.
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mo'ne davis won best break through athlete for pitching against the boys. den vin still accepted the jimmy vee perseverance award on behalf of his daughter leah. he brought many in the audience to tears as he described the trouble to stay strong for his daughter and then he spoke directly to his little girl. from the moment you were born you molded me into the man i was today. i dreamed about how i was going to show you about life, in the five years you taught me more about life than i could ever do. >> leah made a surprise video. doctors would not allow her to travel she went intoeadmission
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back in late march. women's soccer team took home the espy award for the best team. >> amazon said their prime sale day was a hit but some were not all that impressed.
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america runs on dunkin'. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ >> reporter: i have some very exciting news for you, are you ready? it's another new traffic pattern. >> just what i wanted. >> reporter: along i-95 coming to us tomorrow night they will set it up saturday morning by cottman avenue they will shift the three northbound lanes in which the headlights are traveling right now to the center of the roadway. they are working to finish the lanes in the center of the roadway. the changes coming this weekend yet more changes along i-95. i-95 all look good in delaware.
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along 295 the delaware memorial bridge watch out for on going construction. by the time you're heading to the shore across the bridge hopefully things are open and clear. mass transit is on time so far this thursday morning. >> reporter: look at the numbers, 56 in quakertown fleetwood and coatsville, and 66 in center city. mostly in the 60s in new jersey. 61 in browns mill. 67 in buena. 65 degrees in dover delaware. good looking start to the at day. the dewpoints are way down, yesterday we were up in the 70s, we dropped to the 50s we start to climb up to the 70s oppressive humidity for the weekend. enjoy today while you can. gorgeous today lots of sunshine, this afternoon 82 degrees a refreshing breeze,
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tam. going on to "healthcheck" new concerns about lyme disease. the risk is expanding beyond parts of the country where the disease is found. most cases are concentrated in the northeast and midwest. more regions in the areas are considered high risk. 20,000 cases are reported every year. but experts say the reality is ten times as many people affected. >> not amazon consumers were enthralled with christmas in july mainly because they believe the selection stunk. here's america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money. amazon facing backlash over its prime sale. customers used the #am zone failed. >> best products were snapped up in minutes. did you notice customer service at the internal revenue service
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hit a huge low. 37% of callers reached a real person. this might be the most american version ever of a very american icon. check out the ford apollo meant to look like a saturn rocket. proceeds go to youth development programs. >> makes me want to trade in my metro card. that's america's money. >> 5:23, up next in the morning buzz, how about southern biscuits and gravy potatoes. a brawl broke out in the middle afternoon arizona highway this video is coming up at 5:30 a.m. and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet
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>> morning buzz time, it's no longer just okay to have chips taste like chips. lays is doing us a flavor contest where they try to get people to come up with recipes. here's the final four, wavy west coast trurvel flies. -- truffle fries. >> truffle fries southern biscuits and gravy kettle cook
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greek town euro. you can try them out. the winner gets a million dollars. >> that's something. >> truffle fries that win. that's the most normal. >> thatgraphy thing is not winning -- that gravy thing is not winning. >> gunfire erupted in philadelphia overnight sending a person to the hospital. now police are scouring the area looking for that shooter.
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>> happening now on "action news," the victim of an attempted home invasion provides police with an important clue in the case. >> accuweather is calling for a beautiful summer day after downpours drenched the area. >> caitlin jenner receives a standing ovation after she
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receives the arthur ash courage award at the espy. >> good morning everyone, matt pellman has traffic and karen rogers has weather. >> reporter: 635 degrees in philadelphia. 56 in reading. 57 in allentown, 67 in millville. 66 on the boardwalk in ac with the flow out of the north the humidity is way down. yesterday we had dewpoints in the 70s. today the 50s so a huge change it feels nice and comfortable as you head out the door. satellite and radar showing the rain is long gone, but we have a flood warning left this is for the cumberland county the maurice and cohancy rivers. they are not seeing flash flooding, but the river levels are above flood stage. the they continue to reseed. noon, 76 with bright sunshine.


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