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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, horror on the highway. a wildfire sweeps across a freeway in california. cars and trucks engulfed in flames. >> my god. >> i can feel the heat. >> drivers running for their lives. helicopters called in, but were efforts to douse the flames hampered by drones? terror attack investigation. new information about that gunman who killed four marines. his troubled family life. his mysterious trip to the middle east as we learn more about his victims, heroes who were cut down in a hail of gunfire. >> a weekend of wild weather. giant blocks of hail falling from the sky.
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chaos at a concert. fans running for cover. the deadly lightning strikes, 45 million americans in the danger zone right now. and caught on camera. elephant rampage. the angry animal gone wild chasing down his handlers tossing this car like a toy, so what set him off? all right, hey, good morning. we're going to start here with the story that is still developing this hour. firefighters tell us they've never seen anything like what happened overnight on this freeway in california. >> the video shows the moments when a fast-moving wildfire swept across this highway. the drivers were surrounded by those flames. hundreds of them running for safety. their cars and trucks left to burn. and an infuriating question this morning, were efforts to fight those flames from the air hampered by the interference of amateur drone operators?
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let's get the latest now from abc's matt gutman who is on the scene in phelan, california. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. that fire is still smoldering. this is what remains of a man's house. that fire raced across the countryside chewing up thousands of acres, as you mentioned, so fast, in just a couple of hours moving so quickly it caught up to those motorists trapping some. overnight the horror on the highway. another racing up the hill leaping onto this interstate. cars, semis, even this boat bursting into flames. some turned into charred metal husks. it moved so fast this family narrowly missing it. >> oh, my god. >> i feel the heat. >> reporter: the scene apocalyptic fleeing their cars
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on foot, others taking to the hill. sedans on single track roads. this man from michigan on his first trip to california. >> people were running up the hill. it was just a nightmare. >> reporter: his kids taking it hardest. >> i grabbed my kids and everyone was screaming, cars were on fire, blowing up. >> reporter: squadrons of jets dropping tons of flame retardant hoping to slow the fire. helicopters dumping buckets of water on those burning cars to little effect. that wall of fire creating a massive curtain of smoke looping over the town of oak hill. only 5% contained the fire consumed more than 3,000 acres. >> where do you want me to go? >> i want you to get in your truck and leave. >> reporter: emergency crews saying relief efforts delayed because of interference of five personal drones in the area. 26 minutes, that's how long those firefighters were delayed in fighting the flames because of those drones. now, no arrests were made. i want you to see and hear how dry it is out here. this is already shaping up to be one of the worst fire seasons in well over a decade, and, dan and paula, we are not even halfway through. >> no, there's a long way to go
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and they're really going to have to figure out this drone issue. it's not the first time it's happened and i expect it'll pop up again in the future. matt gutman, thank you for your reporting this morning. we're going to move now to the full-scale federal investigation into the young man who shot up those two military facilities in chattanooga, tennessee, killing four marines. we are learning much more about the gunman and his possible motives, and abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the new information this morning. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. fbi technicians are working through the weekend this weekend to go through and exploit the computers and cell phones that once belonged to mohammad abdulazeez. the computers and cell phones were seized from his home a quiet street in the small tennessee town of hixon to determine what drove the young man who until this week neighbors had considered an all-american kid. >> in my experience this was an isis-inspired attack. >> reporter: officials tell abc news a seven-month stay
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in the mideast in jordan last year by abdulazeez could have been a turning point. >> why did he go overseas? who did he meet when he was there? >> reporter: from what authorities have learned so far, abdulazeez's transformation from teenager at a swimming hole to 46 fighter to terrorist happened in rapid fashion. a friend who ran into him just a few weeks ago saw nothing out of the ordinary. >> i saw him two weeks ago completely 100% normal. >> reporter: but for all the smile, abdulazeez grew up in a family with strife. court documents filed by his mother allege his father beat her and the children and threatened to take a second wife as permitted by islamic law, and in a blog posting last monday, abdulazeez wrote "life is short and bitter." [ sirens] three days later the deadly attack. the fbi had no warning he was even thinking about violence. a stealth terrorist. >> these individuals are
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learning how to avoid the fbi and our surveillance. there was no opportunity along the way to stop this individual from carrying out this attack. >> reporter: the fbi says it has not yet found the evidence on public social media that would show abdulazeez was inspired or directed by isis, but the work this weekend at the fbi lab will be to determine if he was communicating on secret encrypted channels used by isis that the u.s. for all its might so far has had a hard time cracking. >> they're really worleyed about nice encrypted channels. my question is if he was in touch with isis, which we don't know yet, why wouldn't isis already have claimed responsibility? >> that's an excellent question. and generally they do although now lots of isis followers are praising him but so far no direct claim of responsibility. >> at this point he seems like the nightmare scenario doing it on his own. >> absolutely. >> brian ross, thank you. appreciate it. this morning we are remembering four marines lost in that tragedy.
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young sons, young fathers. three were war heroes who fought in iraq and afghanistan. one had just enlisted in the marines and jim avila has more. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. overnight the bodies of the four slain marines killed here in chattanooga were escorted by police across country to dover air force base for the final flights home to their families and funerals. >> it's extremely tragic to see an american soldier killed on american soil. ♪ god bless america ♪ >> reporter: overnight mourners gathered to grieve the loss of the four fallen heroes from the just enlisted to combat veterans, the faces of those murdered where they worked. the faces of the victims. the baby face skip wells just 21 years old, the only son raised by a single mother, he had only recently joined the marine reserves. >> no one would ever expect to die in the capacity in which he did.
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but he died with his boots on, and he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: and in the moments before he died, wells according to the associated press texting his girlfriend these last words, "active shooter." mohammad youssuf abdulazeez opening fire at the marine corps facility after driving seven miles from the recruiting office where he began his rampage on thursday morning. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan, 40 years old who survived two tours of duty in iraq only to be gunned down here at home. sullivan's family draped a flag over their restaurant in springfield, massachusetts, and wrote this "he was our hero and he will never be forgotten. thank you, tommy, for protecting us." in grantsburg, wisconsin, carson holmquist's picture hanging on his high school military's wall. he was only 27 and in
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california, david wyatt was dedicated as a father and husband. his aunt says his life was one of joy and love. also overnight in -- also overnight here in chattanooga, the family of dennis pedigo, he's the police officer who was wounded during the firefight said that he is doing well and his spirits are good. dan. >> jim, and we thank you for your reporting. and this statistic from "the new york times" this morning is jarring more marines were killed in chattanooga than in all of afghanistan this year. a horrific event and that concludes our coverage of that 46. we're going to move on to the extreme weather this weekend. 45 million people across the midwest and the plains bracing for severe summer thunderstorms packing damaging winds, large hail and flash flooding and rob is here. rob, teach me how to speak, please. >> just let him do the weather. >> problem with summer thunderstorms, they're not only
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tough to say but scattered we got them across much of the country and got them across the northeast but a strong complex of thunderstorms right now moving across wisconsin. we have a severe thunderstorm watch out till 9:00 central time. this is the same line of storms that moved through minneapolis just a few hours ago. overnight, the skies lighting up in minneapolis. thunderstorms firing across the u.s. in selita, colorado, four people struck by lightning, leaving one dead. and in kentucky as storms roll in, sam smith giving a concert in louisville escorted offstage then chaos as concertgoers run for cover. luckily no injuries but that outdoor show ending early. >> i can't see the center of the road. i can't see anything. >> reporter: in south dakota, hail, hammering down. hammering down. drivers getting pelted and watch as these huge ice chunks pummel this golf course, some the size of baseballs, and this morning, residents cleaning up after seven confirmed tornadoes ripped
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through northern illinois and iowa earlier this week snapping trees, tearing roofs off homes and destroying cars. >> all of a sudden all i kept hearing was it's all gone. it's all gone. it's all gone. >> more tornadoes possible today and tomorrow though the main threat is going to be some damaging straight line winds and frequent lightning as we've been seeing. this line of storms will kind of stretch out. this is the typical time of year where the northern half moves more quickly than the southern half so back through the high plains you'll see severe weather. chicago today i think you'll get it later on this morning and then tomorrow kansas city back through indianapolis all the way up through buffalo is where the cold front will be. damaging wind, hail and a brief tornado possible tomorrow and also some heavy rain with these storms and across parts of new england, could see 2 to 3 inches of rainfall as we go through monday. paula, much more weather coming up in just a few. >> rob, great to have you back and we'll check in with you later. now to the serious jailhouse death of a woman in texas seen here on cell phone video. now, authorities say she hung herself in her jail cell but her
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friends and family say they cannot fathom that she would kill herself as they led a demonstration outside the jail demanding an investigation. abc's mara schiavocampo is on the story for us this morning. good morning, mara. >> paula, good morning. yeah, her family saying she was excited about starting a new job and would never have taken her own life. they're now demanding a full investigation and are joined by a u.s. congresswoman from her district. >> we demand -- >> all: answers. >> reporter: overnight protesters gathering outside this texas jail where sandra bland spent her final hours. >> sister sandra dee serves justice. >> reporter: the rally seeking answers to the 28-year-old's mysterious death. >> you just slammed my head into the ground. >> reporter: bland taken into custody after this routine traffic stop took an aggressive turn. a bystander capturing the moments on camera. >> for a traffic signal you slam me into the ground and everything. >> reporter: police saying in a statement on thursday that bland was argumentative and uncooperative. but this morning, the officer involved is now assigned to administrative duties for
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violations of the department's procedures regarding traffic stops. the fbi now also looking into the case. abc's linsey davis speaking with the congresswoman from that texas district. >> i don't believe that we should allow this case to languish without a full investigation. >> reporter: authorities discovered bland dead in her cell three days later saying she hanged herself. the district attorney saying videos like this -- >> it's a little bit of depression as well as ptsd. >> reporter: -- could be used in the investigation. >> self-diagnosis is something certainly that we are going to look at and consider with the motive for a suicide. >> reporter: but bland's family saying she would never take her life and was the one assaulted. >> based on the sandy that i knew, that's unfathomable to me. >> reporter: now, the officer involved in the arrest will remain on administrative duties until the conclusion of the investigation. the texas department of public safety also says the fbi will
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conduct a forensic analysis of the videos related to the case and they will release related video footage to the public as soon as possible. a lot of questions here to be answered. >> but social media post about ptsd and being depressed, her friends and family say it's being taken out of context. >> that's what we're hearing. but, again it's all part of the investigation into what her state of mind was at the time of her arrest. >> as you said, a lot more questions to be answered. we'll switch gears to the race for the white house. your voice your vote and the unexpected twist for hillary clinton. many people thought her run for the democratic nomination would be a cakewalk, but there she was in iowa overnight sharing the stage for the first time with bernie sanders, the socialist senator from vermont, who is generating surprisingly robust crowd, donations and excitement and abc's devin dwyer is on the story from the white house. good morning, devin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. things starting to get interesting for democrats. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, the other democratic candidates, as you said, on the stage together in iowa side by side for the first time. they didn't go after each other
8:15 am
by name, but it's clear this nomination race is heating up. for democrats, it's finally a face-off. >> this country belongs to all of us. >> we are ready to win this election. >> reporter: overnight hillary clinton sharing the stage in iowa for the first time with bernie sanders, the socialist from vermont who's been drawing huge crowds. >> we need a mass movement from coast to coast. >> i'm running for you. >> reporter: clinton the front runner meeting real competition in iowa for the first time standing shoulder to shoulder with former governors martin o'malley, lincoln chaffee and former senator jim webb. die-hard democrats are excited to size up their options. hillary is popular but faces shifting support. 70% of democrats in the latest ap poll seeing her favorably, that's down 11 points since april. >> thank you so much, iowa. >> reporter: the clinton campaign announcing friday it's buying its first tv ad time. >> everyday americans need a champion. >> reporter: spending more than
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$7 million in the early primary states including nearly $4 million in iowa. bernie sanders hasn't announced a single major ad buy. >> there is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: today republicans are attending another iowa cattle call too. 10 of the 15 candidates in the gop race converging on a summit with religious conservatives. donald trump, who is on the cover of "the new yorker," making a belly flop splash is near the front of the pack saying he expects to win iowa. now, wisconsin governor scott walker and former florida governor jeb bush also near the front of the pack there in iowa. almost all the 2016 candidates will be swarming the state this weekend. those critical iowa caucuses now just about six months away, dan and paula. >> full employment act for political reporters across the country. it's going to be a great race. devin, thank you. we want to turn things over to ron with the other stories including a shooting spree in maine. >> that is right. a convicted sex offender in
8:17 am
maine is back behind bars this morning accused of fatally shooting two people and wounding three others in separate incidents in that state. police say that anthony lord beat a man and stole guns from him and a pickup truck before going on that rampage. when he was arrested a 22-year-old woman was rescued, would have been in his custody unharmed. a small passenger plane crashed into a rugged mountainous area of alaska killing one person but four others on board that plane survived. coast guard officials say their rescue efforts were hampered by poor weather and the steep terrain but they were able to hoist the survivors by helicopter from that crash site. overseas in south africa more than 300 people injured when their commuter train rammed into a stopped train. the accident occurred in johannesburg on friday during the height of the evening rush hour. the stopped train was in a station at the time. and back at home, it's three strikes, and you're out in baseball. last night it was three outages, power outages, that stopped a game between the washington nationals and l.a. dodgers in d.c. a bank of stadium lights behind third base went out the first
8:18 am
time leading to an hour plus delay. in that game they got the lights working. it went out again and again. three times was enough. the game was suspended in the fifth inning with the dodgers up 2-1. that game, if you're keeping score, paula, will resume later today. in denmark three elephants from a traveling circus got loose, went on a rampage in a beach. it apparently began when a circus worker struck one of the animals with a stick causing that one to run off. yes, the angry pachyderms tried to pick up a truck with his tusks. >> they're really strong. >> a lot of adrenaline. paula. >> they're very angry. in this case the elephants were eventually calmed down and they were rounded back up. >> how about this why don't we leave the elephants in the wild and stop making them travel around in circuses. >> i would be in favor. >> i was chased by wild elephants in the wild, one of the most terrifying experiences in my life. i'm not even making that up.
8:19 am
>> did you provoke the elephant? >> no, they saw us and ran after it. >> you are a threatening human being. >> i am not a threatening -- >> what do you do with an elephant, you don't stop, drop and roll. >> you send your chihuahuas after them. >> you run as fast as you can. >> ron is correct in this. as he is in most things. >> we want to do what do to you do if there are summer thunderstorms. is that how you say it? >> i was unable to say thunder or summer thunderstorms. but, rob, you saved me. winds blowing we had a thunderstorm just outside of there yesterday that caused some winds to kick up the clouds, sand storm low visibility. might be more of these as we go through time. very active monsoon season and what's left of dolores. what is a category four hurricane. now the moisture from this will get into the desert southwest parts of california will see
8:20 am
some moisture, especially in the see -- sierras. >> reporter: heat indices up in canada, it will feel like 100 for a good chunk of the country and this moves off to the east tomorrow. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: unfortunately we're included in that heat. we'll feel temperatures 100 to 105. thunderstorms north and west from lansdale to doylestown and new hope crossing over the state line pushing into new jersey. it will be out here in the hour or two. combination of sun and clouds the rest of the way. there's the view of the philadelphia international airport. very sticky today, high of 90. forecast in the next hour.
8:21 am
>> heat, my goodness. >> i thought you were actually going to bring a beach ball to the set. >> that is a grand idea. >> no, it is not. it is a terrible idea but like the idea of heat. talk about that coming up in the next half hour. also coming up, the new clue a year after the murder of this professor from florida state university. what we're now learning about the car that may have been used in his killing. plus, making movie magic. how did they create special effects on blockbusters like "star wars" and "jurassic park"? we take you behind the scenes at the special effects factory that pulled it off. back to the theater for "back to the future" when all are hitting the screen again. up ahead in "pop news." >> welcome back, sara. >> thank you, ron. "good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. this isn't just the start of school
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and coming up on "good morning america," does this picture hold new clues in a year-long murder mystery? who gunned down a popular florida state professor? and making 40 years of movie magic. we go behind the scenes.
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meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather hey, chris,. >> reporter: good morning, to you, eva. it's getting dark behind me. let's go over to storm tracker 6 live double scan. hefty line of showers and thunderstorms it's a slow go from chalfonte to doylestown and new hope. another line stretching across central pennsylvania that is pushing to the southeast. it could clip delaware in the next couple of hours. a worker shot at a center city adult book store police have big clues in the case, details at 9:00 a.m. him for now, we send you back to "good morning america." because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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because baby we got bad blood you know it used to be mad love. so take a look what you've done because, baby now we've got bad blood. hey now we've got bad blood. >> the classically trained sir ian mckellen reading something that may sound familiar to you. we're going to have more on this and the big celebrity ready to name him her best friend is straight ahead in "pop news," and, of course he's poetically reading "bad blood" by a certain pop artist. >> i think he needs to do that holding the cane from "lord of the rings." that would make it more -- >> with the hair. >> yes, with the flowing hair. also, a nerd bonanza. this is really cool as if that wasn't nerdy enough behind the scenes of this
8:31 am
company, industrial light light & magic, founded by the geek supreme overlord george lucas, the place where they made movies like "jurassic park" and "star wars." those huge blockbusters coming up later. first here the new clues this morning in a murder mystery that has baffled police for a year now. >> dan markle, a florida state university professor and father of two, he was gunned down at his home in florida and on the anniversary of his death authorities are revealing new clues that they hope will track down his killer and abc's phillip mena is here with the story. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. such a puzzling case, this was a well-known college professor who police said was the intended of that fatal attack. but here we are a year later and still no sign of a suspect. this morning, new information released by tallahassee police that they hope will solve a brutal crime. >> this is a picture of the suspect vehicle. >> reporter: exactly one year ago today florida state university professor dan markle
8:32 am
murdered, shot in his car in cold blood. >> he was so full of life, so full of love, a friend to so many people. >> reporter: officers releasing information about the suspect's car in hopes of getting closer to solving the crime. >> the first thing is going to be the color. >> reporter: saying the silver vehicle has one black passenger side mirror and a missing tow bolt. police also saying they believe the car's owner may not have known the car was used in a crime. >> i can't imagine a person wanting to hurt him. i don't think any of his friends can. >> reporter: according to police the father of two shot by a waiting assassin. markle on the phone when he arrived home telling an unidentified caller, someone is in my driveway. the suspect then followed him into the garage shooting him in the head. >> the driver's side window is all bashed in and he's got blood all over his head. >> reporter: alive when police arrived, markel was pronounced dead in the hospital hours later. two days before he posted to his
8:33 am
blog about the death penalty. he had received threatening comments in 2012 on the same website. >> is it possible that some of his scholarship and literature created some enemies. i guess that's as possible as any of the other scenarios. >> reporter: and to help get the case solved reward money has now been increase edd from $25,000 to $125,000. >> hopefully that will work. >> and authorities really haven't been able to establish a motive hire. >> just that controversial blog post is something that keeps coming up as something to possibly look at but still no motive. >> mystery. all right, thanks, phillip, appreciate it. ron is back with another look at the other news headlines including mon on our top story, those california wildfires. >> yeah, that's right. a thousand firefighters out there in california still battling that huge fast-moving wildfire that is east of los angeles. the raging wildfire set 20 vehicles ablaze on interstate 15, the main highway between l.a. and las vegas. that fire only 5% contained at this hour. and turning now to iraq where isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing in the eastern
8:34 am
iraqi province of diala. the death toll, at least 115. nearly 200 others were wounded. this is tack happened when the victims gathered to mark the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan. in texas caught on camera a woman giving birth in a car. >> oh, no, please. >> on a busy highway. >> there it is. >> looks remarkably calm. >> there's no way she just had a baby. >> well, maybe she found that baby. i don't know. or a stork dropped it through the sky light. >> the baby looks real. >> the proud dad presumably on his way to the hospital was driving. i don't believe he is shooting a video at the same time. >> i just wish it looked that -- she made it look so effortless. >> really looks easy. >> it's hard enough when you have help. you're in a car. >> i assume this happened a little before the video shot. maybe the seat was back. >> don't ruin it for us all. >> there was some -- >> i'm not done. >> okay. >> carry on. >> i'm not done. >> ron claiborne. >> i will not be ignored.
8:35 am
finally, tom brady's allegedly dae fleetgate ball could soon have a new home. the ball is going on auction tonight if anybody is interested. the bidding starting at 25,000 bucks, sara. allegedly. the football was found to be underinflated during the new england patriots and indianapolis colts playoff game back in january, and, of course, new england won that game and led to his four-game suspension which he is appealing. >> and, sara, after that comment i advise you never to visit the city of boston. >> or anywhere near there. >> i think the price of that auction is going to inflate. >> oh. i saw what you did there, p. >> yeah i think everybody saw how poor it was or defleet, exactly. >> hey, rob, you do you want to save paula? >> let's continue this horrible analogy and take it -- you know, their main argument was that the cold deflated the ball because of the ideal -- well, with the heat now that ball would be so big it would be ridiculous. wouldn't be able to play with it. let's go to philadelphia.
8:36 am
>> did you just change the subject? >> what? it's inflategate. we're doing weather. philadelphia skyline temperatures in the mid 70s it will be toasty there. heat advisory in effect through tomorrow for the city of brotherly love. southwestly crank up, the big four cities in the 90s. same thing for new york. it is mid july, so it's not unusual. if you want to cool off head to the beach. water temperatures across the gulf coast 87 degrees. 75 degrees across atlantic city. the beaches across the northeast is beginning to warm up. off the texas coastline 85 degrees the pacific northwest it's been unusually warm for the past month and a
8:37 am
half. heat advisory, temperatures up over 90 degrees and in medford 100 degrees. severe weather getting into chicago, we're seeing right now across parts of wisconsin and monsoon flow continues out west. that's a check of the national outlook, here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update we have showers in new hope and bucks county. we'll see sunshine by afternoon highs near 90. laughed to keep yourself from saying. >> makes sense to stop. >> beach forecast and the bouncing ball that we promised. we brought it full circle. >> tomorrow will you bring the beach ball please? >> we'll ask props for that. >> thank you, rob marciano.
8:38 am
. coming up here on "gma," behind the scenes with the pioneers of modern special effects from "indiana jones" to "star wars" to "jurassic world" how this company has been wowing audiences for 40 years. >> excited for that. the little hockey fan who had a meltdown over her favorite player and t but he goes on a different -- connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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there's something for everyone. [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] dan our resident and self-proclaimed i might add sci-fi nerd freaked out when he heard about the story. you are breathing a little ref right now. >> i checked my heart rate. it's okay. as i said the other day on the air i'm probably not the type of guy that dresses up like boba fett and goes to comic-con but i do love sci-fi movies. and this morning we're going behind the scenes of industrial light & magic which was founded by george lucas. these people have been making the effects for blockbusters like "star wars" and "jurassic park" for 40 years. it is the biggest blockbuster of the summer. desuring more than $500 million in profits since it premiered in june. >> these animals are evil. >> reporter: the next huge hit
8:43 am
on the horizon -- >> chewy, we're home. >> reporter: "star wars" fans already in a frenzy for the release in december of "the force awakens." now, we take a sneak peek behind the scenes where the movie magic is made. >> nothing is impossible. >> reporter: this is the special effects studio founded by george lucas called industrial light & magic. it's where indy escaped from "the temple of doom." where dinosaurs were first resurrected. and where yoda evolved from a puppet to a 3d kung fu fighting jedi. >> if we ever went forward and do things where he had to walk or sword fight, we would have to come up with a new way of doing it. >> reporter: coming up with a new way is the studio's approach for the past four decades. their innovation motivating others to do the same. >> seeing indiana jones was an inspiration for me to not only study ancient egyptian texts but
8:44 am
create new technologies. >> that belongs in a museum. >> so do you. >> reporter: even changed human lives with "star wars" influencing the invention of a real bionic arm. >> and they were so inspired by "star wars" they actually nicknamed the decca arm the luke. >> reporter: the man who created the "star wars" universe is now hoping his movie magic will spark a new generation of creator. >> who knows what 10-year-olds were up spired by pushing the lever on the millennium falcon. >> can i say something? i asked him what thrills him as much as sci-fi? he said "downton abbey." >> not quite that way. >> she's twisting it a little bit. >> no, i heard it. i heard it. >> sara heard it. >> it was a very private, beautiful moment. >> it was. >> no longer private. >> no longer private, yes. >> it's actually charming. >> never tell paula anything. and you can catch, by the way, the full special or sara, "raiders, raptors & rebels:
8:45 am
behind the magic of ilm" tomorrow on the science channel. it's ago going to be great. coming up on "good morning america," ian mckellen's hilarious take on one of your favorite pop songs straight ahead in "pop news" with sara. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here. welcome to the sleep revolution. all new emergen-zzzz. a natural way to power down. with melatonin plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep.
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8:49 am
>> take a look what you've done because, baby, we've got bad blood. we've got problems and i don't -- >> i think after hearing him i understood the song better. mckellen's best buddy stewart also added his flair to a reading of "blank space," my personal favorite and got them entry into taylor's super elite band of friends. the singer tweeting "you made my day. you two are ultimate squad goals" and as all swifties know and apparent lily patrick stewart knows, that's the highest praise you can receive from taylor no, really, i might, i'm old." >> that's funny. >> after they sang they tweeted at her can we be in the squad? the fact they knew that. >> she's so great. >> she transcends. >> paula is making a bid to be in the squad. >> should we tweet her and see if she'll tweet back? >> we will after the show. fans of "back to the
8:50 am
future" -- >> let us know how it goes. fans of "back to the future" will be able to celebrate the film's 38th anniversary. makes me old by going back to movie theaters. all three will return to the big screen in october so get there by delorean, hoverboard or any means necessary. if you can't get enough of marty mcfly, look forward to an anniversary edition of the trilogy on blu-ray and dvd and a vinyl soundtrack. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> supposedly it's wrapped in flux capacitor paper. i'm up. i'm doing it. >> i can't get enough of mcfly. >> i can't get enough of the flux capacitor. why am i the only one that said i felt old? you guys are all older than me. >> because we are old. hockey superstar t.j. oshie caused a major upset for his biggest fan when he traded from the blues to the washington capitals this week. 5-year-old libby lu could hardly believe the news. >> t.j. oshie left the team. >> t.j. oshie left the team. >> he's going to be on another team. >> look at that face. >> it looks like it rocked her world. >> basically devastated. >> hockey has young and very passionate fans.
8:51 am
t.j. was able to turn that little frown upside down and recruit a new capitals fan after chatting to libby lu on the phone on "sportscenter." he then followed up with the ultimate care package, a signed jersey which libby lu's mother says they're hoping to frame as soon as they can get her out of the jersey. >> adorable. and really quickly we have a new contender this morning for the best reaction ever to a baby announcement. take a look. >> you're pregnant? no, sir. no way. oh, my god. oh. oh my god. oh! >> the baby's very blessed with a proud grandmother. i love this. she has like total optimism. >> that's a good time to ask. >> cash in now, get it on -- >> know the point of tough love. >> "a" plus. >> come on. >> it's for your own good. >> thank you, paula. tough room. >> we'll be right back. >> here.
8:52 am
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effects of everyday acids. >> i just want to say -- >> hey, thanks for watching, everybody. rob will be covering the summer thunderstorms all day long. much more coming up on "world news." >> i'm eva pilgrim, in effect on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. breaking news, the death toll is rising after this week's deadly shooting in chattanooga tennessee. plus a woman rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head in north philadelphia. we're in for a summer scorcher this weekend temperatures in the mid 90s it will feel hotter out there. chris has the exclusive
8:57 am
accuweather seven-day forecast. those stories next on "action news" saturday morning.
8:58 am
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>> good morning, it is saturday july 18 i'm eva pilgrim. here's what we're following on "action news." a worker is critically injured in a shooting at a center city adult book store and police are searching for the
9:00 am
gunman. pickpockets are targeting female shoppers we'll tell you where to be on the look out. get ready for the hottest weekend of the summer, we're talking down right dangerous heat. let's get to it, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we joke about the heat, but it's not funny. >> reporter: it will be hot and humid today but tomorrow we get into the dangerous category. looking live at the philadelphia international airport. everything is quiet. the runways are dry. it's warm and sticky out there but we have thunderstorms pushing through parts of the viewing area. let's go over to double scan live. we're zoomed into lower bucks county. trenton, mercer county. 206. i-95 seeing heavy downpours it's a slow go from langhorne to newtown, east into central portions of new jersey. we have lightens strikes reported, you can see it pushing off to the


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