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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking developments. plane debris found. it's being called a major lead in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. that plane vanishing over a year ago. the tantalizing clue being analyzed right now. also breaking right now a new wildfire raging on the west coast adding to the dozens already burning. evacuations under way right now. officer indicted facing murder charges after shooting an unarmed man during a traffic stop. new body cam video of the incident released overnight as protests grow. drama on the dime. brought to tears, what they'd in professional baseball player so emotional in the middle of a game.
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well good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with that stunning discovery in the search for the missing malaysian passenger jet. a piece of debris washing ashore a year and a half after it vanished. >> it was found thousands of miles from the search zone. experts say it is believed to be part of a wing only found on a boeing 777, the same model as flight 370. the latest from abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: this could be an important clue in one of aviation's biggest mysteries. crews on reunion island examining what investigators believe is likely a piece of that missing malaysia airlines plane. >> i have sent a team to find the wreckage. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation tells abc news this piece does appear to be from a boeing 777 and there is only one of those planes missing in the world. the piece is possibly a flap from the edge of a wing a type that is movable and used during
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takeoff and landing and that is specific to the 777. military helicopters launched to spot debris and sonar devices scanning the bottom of the ocean. this massive multinational search for the missing plane has turned up nothing in the 17 months since ma laigs flight 307 disappeared off the radar. 239 souls on board. if it is part of the plane it would be the first physical evidence found. while it may give hope to grieving families analysts say it is unlikely to provide them with the answers they are still waiting for. >> because it has spent a year drifting thousands of miles away from where we think the actual impact point is it probably isn't going to help us find where the airplane is on the bottom of the ocean. >> reporter: where this piece turned up is on the drift track of where investigators believe the plane crashed and they say if confirmed it puts to rest a theory that perhaps it landed
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somewhere after being highing gentlemaned. bazi kanani abc news, washington. >> bazi, thank you so much. the growing battle against two dozen major wildfires in the west including a new wildfire in drought-ravaged california breaking out north of san francisco near clear lake forcing evacuations in the first six hours, fast-moving flames burned through more than 3,000 acres of thick brush and destroying some structures. it's one of the most of dozens of active fires burning up and down the state. in southern california the coast guard trying to determine the source of a three---long oil slick that appeared in the water off a popular beach near santa barbara. marine experts say it's not thick enough to scoop up and believe it is dissipate on its own. turn to the shooting of an unarmed black driver by a white police officer in cincinnati. the officer is expected to plead not guilty to murder charges later today. overnight the lawyer for ray tensing, the officer, says his client is being crucified.
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much of the evidence comes from the body cameras worn by the two officers who responded. >> this morning a new angle after the deadly shooting. police officers converge on samuel dubose's car, one of those, ray tensing charged with murder after turning himself in. >> this is without question a murder. >> reporter: it happened july 19th during a routine traffic stop. a few blocks from the university of cincinnati. officer tensing asking why the car has no front license plate. >> do you have your license on you? >> yeah. >> what's that bottle on the floor there? >> a bottle of -- >> a bottle of what? >> okay do you have your license on you? >> reporter: dubose hands the bottle over but doesn't produce a license. tensing keeps asking. >> i'm asking you a direct question. do you have a license on you? >> i thought i did. what did you pull me over for? >> reporter: the officer reaching for the car door.
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stop stop. we won't show you what happens next but you can hear the gunshot. moments later the car out of control rolls away until it crashes, dubose slumped at the wheel. minutes later on police radio this is how tensing describes what happened. >> i almost got ran over by the car. he took off on me. i discharged one round. struck the man in the head. >> reporter: he later claimed he was being dragged by the vehicle and had to fire his weapon. overnight dubose's mother saying she's pleased her son will get some kind of justice. >> i'm relieved because now i realize that my son did not do anything and i know that everybody know now he didn't do anything. >> the family in the midst of their mourning also calling for calm in the community. the demonstrations overnight remained peaceful. now to the nfl deflategate controversy, the players union filed a lawsuit in federal court
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seeking to have patriots quarterback tom brady's four-game suspension thrown out. it follows a defiant stance by brady and owner bob kraft call calling the decision unfat thomsenable. he said simply he replaced a broken phone with a new one. another critical phase of the theater shooting trial. jurors set to begin deciding the punishment for james holmes today. holmes' mother took the stand yesterday for three often emotional-filled hours. arlene holmes said her son never harmed anyone until july 2012 the day of the shooting. >> he has a serious mental illness, schizophrenia chose him, he didn't choose it. and i still love my son. >> jurors already rejected an insanity plea from holmes and must decide whether he should be executed for his crimes.
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a big show of support last night for one of the school teachers wounded in that deadly louisiana theater shooting. the teacher got up and spoke about the tragedy at a prayer service. she was repeatedly interrupted, though, by cheers of encouragement. she says going to the movie with a fellow teacher was a last-minute decision and told the crowd how she got away after the gunman opened fire and shot her in the leg. >> instantly i started crawling to the exit and as i crawled i was praying because i really thought he was going to shoot me in the back of the head as i crawled on the ground. so i prayed. i was able to run towards the front exit. >> the teachers got separated as the bullets were flying and that's when one teacher pulled the fire alarm to alert authorities. water woes new this morning. a serious concern at the location of next summer's
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olympics. the dentist and the growing pro-toast ttest-tests protests. what left this mlb player in tears in the middle of the game?
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in portland oregon environmental activists have suspended themselves from the st. john's bridge. they're protesting the arrival of a ship that royal dutch shell plans to use in its arctic offshore drilling project. the activists say they have enough supplies to stay on that bridge for several days. police say that for now they don't have plans to remove the protesters. new concerns this morning
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about water safety in brazil as athletes around the globe prepare for next year's summer olympics. researchers say they'll be swimming and boating in wears so contaminated they could become violently ill. the study commissioned by the associated press found viral and bacterial pathogens and that includes human feces but brazilians insist it will be safe. fauxout from that discredited rolling stone article on rape at the university of virginia. the managing editor is stepping down. "rolling stone" has been the target of lawsuits following the article including one yesterday from three fraternity members for defamation. ford's new f-150 truck is getting mixed results after undergoing crash tests. it scored top rating in five tests. the only one to earn a top safety pick but the super cab version did poorly on a front crash test. ford says it will make the necessary improvementsen 0 next
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along the gulf coast and may find wet roads in the northeast and southwest. if you're flying airport delays possible in boston new york philadelphia washington, d.c. phoenix and los angeles. well now to the growing outrage over the minnesota dentist would killed a beloved african lion. >> protests yesterday outside the office of dr. walter palmer in a letter to his patients palmer wrote i don't often talk about hunting with my patients because it can be a divisive and emotionally charged topic. the safari club international said it was suspending palmer's membership pending an investigation. palmer whose whereabouts are unknown at this point said he had no idea he was shooting a prized resochi lion and deeply regrets it. in zimbabwe one of his african guides had a court hearing and could face up to 15 years in prison. the guide thought he acted legally in killing the lion and then was shocked to find the animal had a tracking collar. palmer could be prosecuted in u.s. courts but in his statement said he had not heard
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from authorities. 911 dispatcher in albuquerque, new mexico has resigned after hanging up on a caller trying to get help for a dying teenager. well the teenager later died and the girl who made the call saying she's stunned. the albuquerque fire chief said the dispatcher's actions were outlandish. the ak-47 bandit truck again. the prime suspect in a robbery of a credit union in mason city iowa. during tuesday's holdup he was wearing a black di mask. the bandit accused of a string of bank robberies that began in early 2012. during one of those he seriously wounded an officer while making his escape. and this from south florida will just break your heart. a teenager stealing an ipad from a 4-year-old boy. the kid was just watching cartoons at a hair salon where his mother was working when that teen pulled that ipad right out of his hands and ran out the
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door. that teen is still on the loose. the little boy not hurt but certainly upset. understandable. animal control officers are trying to figure out how one of the deadliest snakes on the planet ended up inside a luxury high-rise. residents spotted the albino cobra slithering down a hallway and called police who tried to corral the serpent but put up quite a fight. they got in there with a broom, much to the relief of the residents. >> everybody was shocked. >> we talked about throwing a laundry basket over him but worried the snake would go someplace we could find him. >> i scaled the wall into my place? >> animal control officers say one misstep by police who captured it could have landed them in the hospital or worse. ooh. i don't think i would have returned home. you know the old saying there is no crying in baseball. well try telling that to mets shortstop. wilmer flores. >> he broke down last night on
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the field. why? well there were rumors floating around that he was being traded from the team. now, why would that be so upsetting? he's been with the mets since he was just 16 years old. turns out it was just a rumor. that's according to the manager, terry collins. >> somebody came to me and said will mer is crying. i said why? he got traded. to who? for what? i didn't know. you guys think these guys are stone cold robots. they're not. they're human beings who have emotions. >> we don't see emotion often on the field. >> not anything like this. spemlation that a deal to trade him was in the works but then it fell through and he got of course on social media, everybody has access to phones and whatnot and the crowd was starting to get wind of and was giving hip an ovation and got worked up about that but hopefully he's going to stay with the team that's had him since he was a teenager. >> i heard the yankees might be calling you today. >> you did not hear that. >> i didn't hear that no.
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>> goodness gracious. >> you never know. i want to cheer him up a little teej. >> he'd be happy to go with the yankees and not happy to be with the mets. >> well he's emotional. i don't know flores call us on the show tomorrow and we'll chat about it. best boss ever. who is the ceo who gave his employees more than $200,000. >> and is he hiring. the 400-pound beast the guy reeled in from his paddle board. woah woah marge... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance and we both feel integrity such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance.
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♪ time to check "the pulse." a new nomination for boss of the year. >> after selling his company for a huge profit a turkish businessman gave each of his 114 employees a generous share. the average payout $237,000. that's 150 times what the workers in turkey make in a month. >> he said he pushed for the bonuses because everybody worked to make the company a success. that's awesome? awesome boss. is he hiring? >> i think we missed the bonus part but still. >> a collection of letters from summer camp is going viral. >> online parents are sharing what their kis write to them
4:23 am
including this doozy one kid writing i'm having to write another letter. no joke. i'm forced to write you guys. okay, bye. >> i am only smiling in the pictures so you think i'm having tons of fun but i'm not. >> finally this kid just misses social media writing, i cannot survive without instagram. it's camp. go outside. play with something. >> that's the point, right? even in camp they miss the social media. >> almost like a drug. withdrawal period when you can't have your iphone or ipad. >> one week kids. summer camp isn't for every kid. maybe basketball camp. but not for this kid. >> right out there in the middle of the action but no matter what happens around him, he's clearly not ready to play. the teams keep on running past him. there he is. hands in his pocket. not budging. we give him props for standing his ground. >> he looks like he's on a leisurely stroll in the middle of the game. >> maybe he should try tennis.
4:24 am
>> tennis. >> golf. >> chess. >> chess. maybe he's just a chess player. >> he's a thinker, right? he's seeing how this game should work. don't want to participate. maybe he should coach. >> all right. how about this ginormous catch by a fisherman on a paddle board. >> yeah this man reeling a massive seven-foot-long grouper and pulled him into the water but the fisherman was not going to give up taking home this huge catch. oh, got to take it home. drilling that thing. oh, my goodness. lemon butter sauce on that thing. >> what teej? why can't you just throw that back in the water, let him swim away. >> they fought. it was personal at this point. >> oh. >> it's never personal. that's just too big of a fish to reel in anyway. it looks more like flipper than a fish. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everybody else an amazing accomplishment for an athlete you need to see. stay with us.
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south and northeast still drying out as well in the midwest. and finally this morning one of the most incredible athletic achievements of all time. >> a man not completing just one triathlon but 50 in every state of the country all for a great
4:28 am
cause. we get more from dana green. >> reporter: 2.4 miles of swimming 112 miles on a bike 26.2 miles of running for 50 days in a row in 50 different states. over 7,000 total miles. >> in my opinion you can't put a salary cap on life and limitations of the mind and the body and hopefully we've proved that right today. >> reporter: lawrence would sleep just four or five hours a night and take breaks occasionally but with his family by his side always kept his mind on the ultimate goal. >> you have to have the big picture, but then focus on the immediate and the way i got to every finish line is my wife and five kids. >> reporter: so why would lawrence push his body to the absolute extreme limity well it's all to raise awareness and money for a cause he believes is the biggest problem facing the next generation childhood obesity. >> i hold the world record for the most ironmans in a year and nobody cared and so i needed to pick something big enough and
4:29 am
this is what i came up with. if you look in the school systems, obesity is an epidemic. this generation is in trouble and we need to realize that movement is necessary. real food is necessary and we need to focus more on prevention instead of treatment. >> reporter: saturday night at thanksgiving point, a couple thousand people almost moved lawrence to tears with all of their support. >> my mind is absolutely blown. i dreamt of this day and it was never this awesome. >> reporter: the iron cowboy hopes to eventually raise a million dollars to help fight childhood obesity. how will he top this? >> i got lots left in the tank man. >> reporter: you could probably go another 50 states do it all over again. >> bring it on. >> reporter: dana green, good for utah sports. >> all for a good cause. >> 50? i couldn't get one in. >> no i couldn't get half in. i tell myself i'll still have my knees in 30 years. that's what's making news in america this morning.
4:30 am
>> good morning here's what's happening on this thursday, july 30. police in the bustleton section of philadelphia are on the scene of a deadly drag racing crash. >> we're under another excessive heat warning for most of the day today. >> there could be a break in the missing malaysian airline that vanned -- vanished last march with two people on board. >> good morning everybody let's get weather with david murphy and traffic with matt


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