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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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northern california as two dozen wildfires burn. "action news" is hashtag. it's time to celebrate our 35th birthday, with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. come to the only place that makes little hearts race. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place ♪ go before they grow. ♪ >> it was an emotional night as family and friends gathered to grieve and pay trib out to
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three young people killed in a horrific car crash last week. saturday night and the big story on "action news" say vigil held at the scene of that crash in bustleton to pay tribute to the lives lost. "action news" reporter jeff skversky was jeff jeff chirico was live at the scene. jeff. >>reporter: sarah as you can imagine this was night of unimaginable pain, grief and sorrow for mothers and fathers and grand paern and friends that lost their lives here. the vigil started 8:00 and you can see some folks gathered around the growing memorial candles burning right now balloons in the air. this is the tree that stopped a speeding acura according to police wednesday night. >> we need to show our young people how dangerous this is. >> family and friends shared hugs and shed tears at the tree where three young lives came to an end wednesday night and 17-year-old yvette gonzalez is one of them remembered by her
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friends for cheerfulness and optimism. >> she always had a smile on her face and was positive about things even when things going down she was always off. >> gonzalez and sabrina roads of philadelphia and phillipea fernandez died after this acura ran into a tree in the bustleton section. police are looking into whether drag racing may have been involved. the driver 20-year-old christopher bloomfield of philadelphia survived his friend doesn't believe he was racing another car. >> not them. i believe it was an accident. >> i'm sure they were all going in the right direction man they were going to be something. >> sabrina roedz was one of eight children and headed to senior year george washington hospital. she can't make sense ever the macety that claimed her life. >> i've been in a car hundreds of times when a kid i'm here with my family it ain't right. i don't understand it.
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>>reporter: and back out here live as the home orial grows people still mill around here remembering the three young people who lost their lives wednesday night and another passenger abagden artonaf is in critical condition and bloom critical condition and bloomfield walked away from the crash. they're still investigating to determine whether speed and potentially drag racing was involved in wednesday night's crash. jeff chirico "channel 6 action news." >> jeff, thank you. a 10-year-old boy hospitalized tonight after being shot outside a community pool in chester today. police say the gunman was just 17 years old and the investigators say around 1:00 this afternoon an altercation took place at the park where the pool was located. the suspect chased three young boys and fired his gun hitting 10-year-old twice in the stomach. the boy was rushed to corzer-chester medical center for treatment. police have not yet released
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the name of the 17-year-old suspectch the chester police commissioner says the teen will be prosecuted as an adult. we'll have more on the story coming up in our next half hour. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who murdered a woman found dead in a car in a school parking lot. just after 5:00 this morning officers were called to the 280 officers were called to the 2800 block of frankford avenue kensington they found the victim in the driver's seat with gunshot wounds to the head and torso. she was pronounced dead at the scene and police have not released her identity yet and no rests were made. >> rescue crews found the body of a swimmer that the went missing friday in berks county. witnesses say the 20-year-old man died into the birds man died d dived into the birdsboro quarry and never came back up. there's no word what led up to the incidents the differs found the body 40 feet below the surface of the water. >> turning now to steamy temperatures. it was hot today. but not quit as humid as it was
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earlier in the week. we're he aid in the right direction sort of we hope. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board tracking temperatures and she has a first check of the forecast melissa. >> sar ar we're in the first day of august so to get humidity relatively on the low side we're not doing too bad across much of the delaware and lehigh valley and as we look at numbers currently across the mid-atlantic region 8 3 in philadelphia and 82 in the corridor washington d.c. and 78 richmond, virginia. cooler air to the west. 69. buffalo and pittsburgh at this hour. you look at the dew points it's level of the moisture in the atmosphere and any time you have dew point numbers in middle and upper 50s august you can see we have a pretty comfortable air mass overhead and you probably notice relatively low humidity for the start of the weekend. we have a couple changes however. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you a weak disturbance across the eastern great lakes and a lot of that moisture north and east and there's some moisture as well to the south and east of cape
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may and that's pressing offshore. it looks like we are in the clear for the rest of tonight. we'll take a look at what is ahead for us on our saturday. dry and a warm one overhead. the humidity stays low but that heat rolls on in fact we could be counting day six heat wave by surprised. details sarah in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> melissa thank you. developing news now from northern california where residents of some 5,000 homes are being advised to evacuate. and more than two dozen large wildfires are burning and more than 9,000 firefighters are trying to get the upper happened and that's turning out to be a huge challenge. bone dry vegetation and triple digit temperatures are fueling the flames and biggest fire is in the lower lake area where firefighters have been turning loose horses goats and other livestock in rural neighborhoods as owners three to safety. one firefighters was killed battle was killed battling the flames. >> this is the one of the fires burning out of control is
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generate generating enough smoke to be seen from outer space. this picture was taken from a nasa satellite. it shows the rocky fire in lake county charring more than 22,000 acres and the wildfire is 5% contained. >> swell appears vice-president joe biden is seriously consider joe biden is seriously considering a run for the whitehouse. his political team has started to actively sxor a possible presidential campaign. they're talking to possible democratic donors. biden has yet to tell his staff whether he'll run or personally ask them to do anything. bide sent expected to make a final decision as soon as early september . >> now to something many phillies fans are hoping to never see. at least once you see it it looks weird. cole hamels on the mound in another team's un forl. that's what happened in arlington texas as he made a debut as a texas ranger. jeff here now with more. >> strange, right? >> yes. >> hard to believe it's the
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only uniform we've seen him in he's won a world series here mvp and seeing him pitch for someone else it's hard to believe. he makes his baseball history tonight. hamels first place to ever flow a no-hitter only to throw for a completely different team in next start. how about this irony. hamels wearing a red hat red jersey and rangers debut after no-hitting giants in first two innings they get to hamels. he allows five earned runs three come in the third. hamels strikes out 6. he last less than 8 innings and tied at 7 between rangers and giants in the 9th. hamels looking to lead texas to first ever world series they're two games under 500 skom into play. coming up more from hamels and old team phillys with another big win. >> nice to hear, thank you jeff. >> it's no secret that philadelphia loves sports teams
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and today a mural was unveiled slowing that devotion as artwork. it shows event and stadiums and david mc shane mural artdist designed and painted the giant work. if you want to see the mural for yourself it's along the walnut street bridge between 24 and schuylkill avenue. there is much more to come tonight on "action news." word tonight that another lion in zimbabwe has been killed sparking new concerns and new crackdown on hunting and also ahead a true miracle baby born weighing one found and he's finally home at one year. his amazing story coming up. >> eagles made a trade on eave of training camp. jeff skversky will be back to tell us what is going on when "action news" comes right back
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>> there's reports another line was killed in zimbabwe, jericho a companion killed by a dentist last movement some experts dispute that saying jericho is alive and well. they're calling for walter palmer the dentist to be extradited and he allegedly killed cecil after lure killed cecil after luring him out of his sanctuary. if he is not extra diet aid u.s. law could put the huntder
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behind bars. >> it allows the justice department to bring charges against animals taken in violation of foreign nation's law. imprisonment is a possible penalty. >> there was already international outrage over cecil's killing and parks and wild life management suspended hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in the area where the lion was killed. >> debris that could be from missing mall asia airlines flight 370 arrived at state of the art lab in france. motorcades cord add van with a wing fragment inside. it floated assure in pat of the it floated assure in pat of the indian ocean. it's used for landing and turning a plane. they'll use the piece to confirm if it is part of the jet that disappeared in march 014. aviation experts are sound ago large after two different flights lawpding at jfk have
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potentially dangerousen counters why drones yesterday. new york investigators do not suspect foul play. but, they're trying to track down whoever was at the controls. and the big concern is that a drone could bring down a flight especially if it crashes into the cockpit or engine. faa has banned drones from flying within five miles of any airport. a teenage father was shot to death in his own neighborhood and tonight his family is hoping you can help solve the murder. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report tonight's crime fighters report. the tears flow freely when adrianna talks about her 19 adrianna talks about her 19-year-old son louis marana speaking through a translator she still can't believe her son is gone. >> it's not the same. >> after 1 p.m. friday, january 16 police were duld 700 block of bailey street in dam den for reports of gunshot victim.
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when arrived they found miranda shot multiple times and taken to the hospital where he later died. >> the motive is unclear right now. >> he don't want to talk. people saw and don't want to talk. >> detectives say it was cold that day and someone had to have seen something. >> there was a lot of people out that day and we feel there's a lot of people out there that saw what happened. >> set discontinues crime commission is administering 1 commission is administering 1,000 reward for information that leads to at rest and conviction of the person responsible. just call 2 15-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous all calls will remain anonymous. she leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter and baby on the way. malina says understandably her grabbed daughter is taking his loss very hard. >> his little girl every day she's asking for him she misses her dad. >> for "crime fighters" i'm
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storm. ice water feels pretty good these days it's been hot and continues to be hot. >> this is day five of heat wiv and we're more than lookly going to top out 90 once again sarah. we'll talk about the details. double scan radar showing you dry and quiet. it's even dry down at the coast. we are noticing some showers and storms just off the coast there of cape may. all of that moisture will stail stay well away from the ream yn for tonight. for the second half of the weekend it's high pressure continuing to dominate. we'll show you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd down at penns landing looking at spruce street harbor park this saturday night. we have partly cloudy sky overhead and humidity certainly is not bad for august standards is not bad for august standards. this is day five and counting of heat wiv and it started back on tuesday with high of 9. stayed in lower 90s on wednesday. yesterday maxed out 90 and tad
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reached 90 degrees. it's warm at the surface. currently 83 in city and 73 allentown and lehigh valley and look at the poconos with northwesterly wind, 57 there. at the coast in cape may coming in 72 and 78 there in beach haven. satellite 6 and action radar quiet across the region we had disturbance earlier in the day. moving across areas in upstate new york and northern sessions of new england moyt tour stays well from our area. >> it's partly cloudy, warm one, not bad, 61 suburbs for the overnight low and 70 degrees in philadelphia. and tomorrow, it's going to be a jam-packed day especially if headed to citizens bank park. the phils are at home taking on the braves. first pitch 1 35 sunny and warm and first pitch temperature 86 and once we get to ninth inning it's 88. here's the setup or second half of the weekend.
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it's hot. not humid. you notice aid sdrop in humidity levels today. once again that will be the case on surprised. this dome of high pressure stays put. it will be a hot one. highs in the 9 0dz but we'll stay sunny and dry with westerly winds overhead. and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast high temperature at 90 temperature at 90. rinl of high pressure for the start of the workweek moves east and offer shore. what happened to the western periphery after the high. the average showers and comes to do as well. high temperature coming in 9. on tuesday it's not as humid but stays hot 90 and by wednesday breaks heat wave with high temperature of 87. thursday, sunshine around with thunderstorm possible with another weak disturbance moving on in high of 81. friday mostly cloudy and thunderstorm in at 83. and as we get into next saturday sunshine and clouds sharing the sky high of 83.
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so it looks like that heat rolls on sarah and it could be day six of the meet wave tomorrow. >> we'll be prepared for that. thanks, melissa. police spent a year in a north dakota nick ubut little prev oris home. he waiingd over 1 pounds when born 16 weeks early. there were times he was not sure if he could make it they're over joyd the baby could leave the hospital. >> it was hour by hour minute by minute, it is nerved and excited i'm sure there will be tears. >> hope i have what it takes. . the whole team of yours came in on their day off to say good-bye to trevor after 3 45 days with them they saird a special bond. trevor has been home for a week now and everything is going well. he won't be the youngest for long another new baby is due in just a few weeks. up next on "action news" tonight jeff skversky has
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sports. raising royalty takes to the track in new jersey and why triple crown winner american far off is doing. first here are tonight's powerball winners
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>> a living legend hit the track at mama's park in new jersey today. triple crown winner american american pharoah did race laps. they boosted total purse array. it's now a record $1.75 million request winner getting $1.1 million american pharoah is over womening favorite in a eight horse field. jeff now with sports training camp about to begin the gang is all here except what happened. >> except for one chip kelly it's always interesting the day before training camp. eagles kickoff training camp tomorrow but when they take the
11:27 pm
field for first practice one familiar face will not will be. defensive back brandon boykin sent packing as he was unpacking on report day on eave of training camp. tre trading for a fifth round pick next year the writing was on the wall for boykin when the eagles drafted three defensive backs. hes with a little caught off guard considering chip kelly told him he would have had a shot to start. >> yeah i feel like i was best playmaker in secondary every year i've been here. i think that may trade is kind of shocking to everybody. i talked to him earlier in the i talked to him earlier in theier face to face and he told me i would get the shot to play outside and obviously that was not true. >> no it is not. all right. speaking of trades. cole hamels is first pitcher in the history of baseball in the
11:28 pm
history to throw eye no hitter and then to make his very next pitch and very next start for a completely different team. still hard to believe hamelves is gone. making debut for rangers tonight in what looks like phils jersey and hat. perfect law the first two innings dating back to last start for phils in chicago. nothing lasts forever hamels allows two homers and five earned runs in rangers debut and they love him in dallas he gets standing ovation as he lives in 8th. rangers, dints, hide tenth right now and hamels is gone own all ever a suddenen a 2 own all ever a suddenen a 22-year-old kid could be considered ace of staff. hamels perhaps jealous of aaron knoll. >> hall of fameers throwing out the left pitch. is this lefty throeing righty
11:29 pm
who knew he could do that. roun howard is not -- swing that bat. rbi spingle tied at. he has the most rbis in the league since mid june and litter in the upping cameron rupp get ot out of town. he'll take a 5-2 lead and they're not oo even close to be done. fifth inning herrera looks like the right ball. into the second sdek. even teammates can't believe it look at faces in the dug yot. this is hard it believe too. phils season high 12 runs. launching one of three homers. filts win 12-2 the best record in baseball and best buy filts neem 60 years. >> we basically came out the second half and were trying to get -- brand new mind-set the first half was first half and theft there and just came out
11:30 pm
second half and just planned to have fun. >> ben revere making debut in toronto after getting traded and revere over five but makes nice catch in left field. blue jays lost to kansas city. >> still to come in sports latest on chase utley where and which the phils star will play next when we come right oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey!


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