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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night walter is off. in the news tonight a philadelphia neighborhood says it's getting no help with a roach infestation on one
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street. plus, cole hamels leaves a classy good-bye note to the city of philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" say collision that caused chaos at petco store in bucks county. a car crashed through the front of the store leaving one person hurt and sparking a frantic effort to get animals and people out of the way. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live now in bensalem with the the full details tonight. andia. >> sarah take a look behind me and see what is left behind from the vehicle going into the front of the bensalem petco. you can see that there's shattered class and crumbles from the sirnd block column left on the sidewalk. luckily police say there were no major injuries here today. cellphone video captured a car that crashed into the petco 23 that crashed into the petco 2300 block street road around 2 2300 block street road around 2:30 sunday afternoon according to police a female driver was not injured and a customer hit by flying glass suffered only minor injuries and at the time a local rescue organization was
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hold ago doption event inside the store. they would not comment to "action news." police say though, no pets were injured. petco closed for the rest of the day putting signs in window a manager at the store would not comment caution tape surrounded the front window hit by the vehicle. and back out here live no word on whether or not that driver will face any charges. now one witness described that crickets were actually let loose in the store during the time of that crash. again we got no response at all from petco when we reached out to them. reporting live many bensalem. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> annie thank you. turning to weather now, it's a hart start to the month of august. some relief may be soon on the way. meteorologist melissa magee over at the big board with our first check on the accuweather forecast. hey, melissa. >> hey, sarah, once again across the delaware and lehigh lehigh valleys we hit 90 in philadelphia this is day 6 of the heat wave and currently in the city coming in at 89
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degrees, 87 tren top. 77 poconos. along the coast in avalon coming in at 80 beach naichb at 81. so if you step out on the town on august we you have covered with your evening planner. it's partly sunny, not bad, 17 tonight, 87 we'll drop down to 85, 8 p.m. under mostly sunny sky and partly cloudy, 9 p.m. temperature dropping down to 8 and 80 is the number 10 p.m. tonight. couple changes on the way as we get to the start of the workweek. overnight tonight into the day monday we'll tap into a southwesterly wind. that will increase the humidity levels in the moisture across the region so tomorrow even tuesday, dew point temperatures will be in the lower 60 rz. so you will notice a slight increase in the humidity come tomorrow. we'll talk about what's ahead. well it was nice and comfortal today. however that humidity returns for the start of the workweek monday and with that comes tlaevt showers and storms and also taking a welcome at when this heat wave will break. those details sarah comingp in the full and exclusive
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accuweather forecast. >> okay, melissa. thank you. in just six hours now septa will on its lottery for regional rail pass its for the pope's visit to philadelphia but you don't need to stay up late to get a pass registration will be on all day tomorrow and it doesn't matter what time you log on everyone has an equal chance. it opens one minute past mid sniingt and ends 11:59 monday it is valid one day regional rail travel saturday or sunday. emails are expected to go out thursday through sunday this week ahead to let you know if you're lucky enough and you got picked. you can get updates on the pope's visit following 6abcpop on twit erin we're posting the latest news, tips and piingts as we prepare for arrival of pope francis in september. >> well it's a day eagles fans have been waiting for since december the birds are back on the field. the team kicked offer training camp today at the novacare
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complex in south philadelphia. "action news" sports director ducis rogers joins us with the details. >> hey, there, sarah day one is in the books. a lot of people on the outside of this team view this team with a lot of skepticism. chip kelly made a lot of chainings in the off season and men in that building behind me take an opposite approach. they view this team with a lot of optimism. chip kelly in 2015 philadelphia eagles took the field this morning for first day of training camp and they trust the hard work they put in now will pay dividends in december january and hopefully february. everyone is excited and optimistic including new quarterback sam bradford coming off a knee injury. >> just to get out there and be a part of it felt g obviously getting adjusted to the speed of it again. i was happy to get out there and start playing football again. it really picked up exactly where we left off i thought a lot of hard work and stuff these guys put in over the last six weeks or show showed and
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guys came become in great shape and knocked out the condition and knocked out the conditioning test and practice intergityed well today. >> the eagles have a lot of work to do in a short amount of timech the first preseason game that you can believe it, two weeks from today at home against indianapolis. must have mosh more later in sports. liver outside the eagles novacare facility in philadelphia. ducis rogers, "channel 6 action news." >> ducis, thank you. >> now let's talk phillies despite a rough season the team is slowing promise with best league record since all star break. as of yesterday they're doing it without a long time fan favorite. cole hamels made first start with the rangers but not without a classy good-bye to fans. "action news" reporter trish hartman as hor. >> at sunday's phillies game against the braves fans flocked to citizens bank park according to one fan not ready to let go of his cole hamels phillies jersey just yet. >> i'll wear it as long as he's in baseball ail wear it.
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>> the three time all start pitcher wants philadelphians to know he supports them. one day after his pitching debut for the texas rangers he and his wife he heidi took out a full bathe in sunday's "philadelphia inquirer" thank "philadelphia inquirer" thanking the city they called home since 2006. >> it was classy move. he's a classy guy. he took us to the championship, mvp, great player. tough to see him go. >> part of the ad reads city of philadelphia where we had our first home and made our family it will always hold a special place in our heart. while they're sad to see him go they say the move was necessary they say the move was necessary. >> he's someone you want on your team. unfortunately we had to deal him to rebuild the farm sim. >> he left his mark in sports and education with the foundation he started with his wife in 2008. the non profit also took out a full page ad in sunday's inquirer promising while hamle inquirer promising while hamlees is no long air philly the foundation is still committed to philadelphia
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schools. fans say it's the end of era. >> i'm sad when a lot of phillies i waxed the last three years leave. it's j-roll it's sad and you know it's one of those things you get used to watching players for so long, they're part of philly. >> in south philadelphia, trish hartman "channel 6 action news." >> his mission was to explore the kindness of people all across the nation. sadly after two weeks the journ sadly after two weeks the journey of a hitchhiking robot came to an end right here in the city of brotherly love. this is hitchbought in happier times. two weeks ago his canadian owner sent him out on cross country experiment to see who would pick him up and where he would go. boston fenway park and down the coast to new york city and this weekend hitchbot was found dismembered damaged beyond repair and happened in philadelphia. there's a serve underway tonight to find out who did it and no word whether he'll be repaired and sent back out on the road. >> much more to come on "action news," a roach infestation on a bridesburg street has residents
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pleading for help. where they state bugs are m coming from and why they say the problem is getting worse and they share a bond based in loss and hope for peace. dozens of teenagers all over the world come together in our area to share their stories and more from eagles training camp and highlights from today's phillies, braves games, jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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police and state marshall evaluating a fire in the rhawnhurst section they found a car fully engulfed in flames on the football field. they extinguished the plays and not before the fire caused damage to the field. no word yet about any possible suspect. frustrated neighbors in philadelphia's brideburg section tell "action news" cockroaching are taking over
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the street. some have packed up and left. residents along the 4300 block of sellman street say the problem started in elderly man's house which is infested with thousands of roaches. neighbors tell "action news" they spent three months trying to get help from various city agencies. >> it's going down the block. you know, like 14, 15 houses on the block and everyone has got them. >> i spray every day. i try to keep it under control. but it's getting worse. >> residents say officials removed the man from his home earlier this week and taking him to a hospital. they expect exterminate they expect exterminators to be on the block tomorrow to try to help them get rid of roaches. >> 60 taken agars for more than a dozen countries gathered in bryn mawr, montgomery country for something called project common bond. each of the teens lost a family member to act of terrorism or global violence. for the past week they worked on conflict resolution and challenging teens around the worl to get involved in
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bringing peace to their communities. >> and the holocaust awareness museum held summer music festival in elkins park montgomery country today. >> the museum a non profit, focuses on educating people about the halocaust. they host hundreds of framingz they host hundreds of framingz:00 a.m. students each year. organizers expect the numbers to grow this years because of new stated occasions ally good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck.
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>> breaking news now a serious and frustrating situation for commuters route 76 glockster city right now. all northbound lanes closed approaching the walt whitman bridge. that's because this tractor-trailer caught fire here at about 5:00. now, firefighters arrived and the fire is under control.
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but now they're waiting for some additional equipment to remove the diesel fuel from the tractor-trailer. again all northbound lanes closed approaching the walt whitman bridge and shore traffic backed up for miles. a busy travel day and horrible place to have this happen. all northbound lanes close add approaching walt whitman bridge route 76 gloucester city. we'll keep you updated on air and online at all right. eagles training camp now underway and this is the chip kelly era. so what would it be without controversy. >> little things going on away from the fields. some things we heard before. the eagles kickoff training camp today and what would another season be without little controversy. especially with chip kelly running the show. the the big story today a player not even. there defensive back brandon boykin traded last night to pittsburgh hot topic after he texted a local reporter chip kelly was "uncomfortable around
6:17 pm
grown men of our culture" which implies he treats black players differently a sentiment said before. boy skin not saying chip is a race racist. live to ducis rodgers is eagles camp south philadelphia. boykin told me last night he did not have a relationship with chip outside football but that he's not upset with him. what more you can tell us about this. >> well, jeff chip was asked about it today. he's confused by what boykin had to say they hugged last night when boykin parted ways with the team last night. chip says he doesn't understand why boykin would feel that way. >> i'm always been a brand dan boykin fan and he did unbelievable james "jimmy" morrison job in the two years and i wish him success. >> i'm tired of talking about that we're trying to build a championship team here. we have a lot of good guys in
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the locker room and chip has done a good guy this off season putting guys in place so we can succeed. and we're looking forward to moving on. you know i can't agree with any of those comments but at the same time everybody has their own opinion. >> eagles hope this is just a day one distraction and they can focus on what's important upcoming season. chip kelly of course made a lot of changes during the off season. he changed some players but his methods remain the same. day one was very up tempo as usual. there are several unanswered questions surrounding this team. first and foremost sam bradford first and foremost sam bradford's knee. will it be helpthy enough for him to start week one. bradford thinks so. >> in the past six weeks from the time we broke ota until we started a put in a lot of work and i think the process and work during that time you know i trust it now. the things i did during that period. are the things required on the boot ball field. i'm sure once with you get into
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preseason games and it's real i'm sure that will be a step. right now i feel good about everything. when you talk to him he feels confident and is on track to where he wants to be. >> the first preseason game is two weeks from today and the first regular season game six weeks have tomorrow. things will happen rather nast south philadelphia. reporting live in eagles i'm ducis rogers "channel 6 action news" jeff, to you. >> all right. ducis glad to see bradford on track to start first preseason game. baseball now since all star break phillies have been the hottest team in baseball. yeah, hard to believe harry phils have the best second half run in 60 years can they keep it going. phils and fap attics trying to take down atlanta for the first time in four days. second inning phils strike first cody ashe rbi single and ryan howard scores and 1-0 lead and baivz take the fifth. peterson from morgan it's a four-run homer.
6:20 pm
phils lose 6-2, third loss in 15 games. >> chase utley plague a rehab game in lehigh valley aaa today utley gets two singles and walk as designated hitter and phils second baseman has been out since june with ankle injury will play tuesday in trenton. his reportedly on chicago cubs his reportedly on chicago cubsry dar. what he says about a potential trade. >> i try not to pay too much attention obviously i have friends saying this stuff all the time but again like i said my whole goal is to get healthy and get back to the big leagues and get back to the big leagues. >> utley always short and sweet >> utley always short and sweet. by the way up in the poconos today matt kensth wins the race. >> it's a special day for a new jersey woman who has 100 candles and more than 100 special friends to help her celebrate and melissa magee has your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. >>owning town was the place to be on this hot day to check out some of the area's coolest hot rods. this is the tenth annual car and mike show benefiting making strides against breast cancer and dozens of vintage cars and motorcycles are on display to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. >> all right. melissa here with a check of accuweather forecast we did it again reached 90s. >> like it or not we did it again. we had heat wave that will continue, sarah, and it looks like tomorrow those temperatures once again in the 9 0s. we'll show what you is going on stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it's dry, pretty quiet. high pressure dominating the region. no issues with precipitation.
6:24 pm
however, that will change as we get into tomorrow afternoon. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today looking up at the sky there in valley form, pennsylvania, bright and blue and a few puffy, cumulous clouds overhead cool and calm conditions over the area. high in philadelphia, 9 o day 6 of heat wave and this heat wave for city at least will more than likely continue for start of the workweek tomorrow. atlantic city high today 89. same thing in trenton. wilmington 88 degrees. 86 in allentown. and outside tonight we're starting to tap into a southwesterly wind. that will pump more moisture coming in from southerly direction and will invade the delaware and lehigh valley monday. currently 9 in city and 77 poconos and 85 reading and along the coast in avalon at this hour with afternoon seabreeze kicking in, 79 beach haven and in at 80. dew points level of moisture in the atmosphere. comfortable.
6:25 pm
dew points are below 60 around 52 city. by tomorrow you will notice a slight increase, uptic in mute slight increase, uptic in mutety and certainly nothing unbearable for august standards unbearable for august standards. here's whaingz going on in the big picture. satellite 6 and action radar. drew and quiet across the mid-atlantic region across the west and great lakes and tracking severe weather it's riding up north and through canada. as you get into monday some moisture will cut inland across insteer orsections of the northeast and clipped by precipitation this afternoon. the big story tomorrow is the peak of the heat invades our region. we have this ridge of my pressure that goes off to the south and east. so we will be tapping into a bit of a southwesterly wind with this heat pump overhead on the western periphery of the high tapping into the moisture and humidity will be lurking. highs nonetheless in the the 9s and unsettled weather stays north and west an piece of that moisture will move into the roj moisture
6:26 pm
will move into the rojon by the afternoon. future tracker 6 showing you 2:00 tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms firing up and quite isolated in nature. they will continue by 7 p.m. tonight and again bulk of heavy moisture on monday i should say rides on off north and east. call from accuweather tonight partly cloudy, it up of humidity in the air with southwesterly wind. 63 suburbs and 72 in philadelphia. here's sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it's more humid tomorrow with afternoon shower or thunderstorm. high of 92. heat continues on tuesday in at 90 and finally by wednesday we'll break our heat wave with high up to 8. after that a bit of change in the pattern. unsettled on thursday with showers and storms. high up to 80. on friday it's a cool day with thunderstorm or two possible. and high temperature in at 79. cloudy and rain chance on saturday. 80. as we get to next sunday is not as warm high temperature coming in at 81. day 6 of heat wave today sarah
6:27 pm
and looks like it will continue with a throat of thunderstorms. >> we can hand it will now. >> exactly. >> thank you melissa. >> we want to wish a happy birthday to edgele flat who turns 100 dunkin' donuts the action cam was at the birthday party with more than 100 family and friends at moorestown field club in burlington new jersey. ethel has three children 7 grandchildren and 11 great grand kids and she has a positive attitude and seeing the good in people. abc's world news surprised next on chapel 6. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. we're right back here again on 6abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee jeff skversky, and walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll see you
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welcome to "world news tonight." growing danger. wildfires in the west burning out of control. thousands evacuated. dozens of homes gone. now, the air force joining the fight. run, joe, run? the vice president considering a bid for the white house. reports say it was his son's dying wish. will biden take on clinton? church bombings. the explosions 30 minutes apart. now, the fbi is investigating. and, bikers beware. hit and run accidents on the rise. cyclists hit by an suv. could cameras curb these collisions?


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