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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday august 4th and we're following several breaking stories. >> a philadelphia police officer is injured when a taxi collides with his police cruiser. we are live with more details. >> search is on for a killer who took a man's life at a brewerytown auto garage. >> lightning strikes and scattered thunderstorms move through the region. we're tracking them now. find out if they'll clear up before the end of the morning commute. >> i know one person who knows the answer to that question. first matt pelman has a look at traffic in for karen and dave murphy. >> all right, guys. we have a little drizzle redeveloping here on the terrace after a break in the rain. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. it's light showers coming in
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from the west into places like chester county, delaware county and philadelphia but farther to the west some heavier rain and down to the south moving away from baltimore, a strong thunderstorm and that is triggering thunderstorm warnings highlighted in orange across new castle county delaware, kent county delaware and then we'll see whether or not they're extended later into south jersey. a closer look on that system and it is headed towards places like middletown and townsend between now and about a quarter after the hour. odessa about 8:17 and clayton 6:18. these only take about 15 minutes for the worst of it to pass you but along the way you're going get lots of lightning heavy downpours and perhaps that gusty winds ahead of the rain so a good idea to be to take cover indoors as they pass or at the very least stay inside your car because of the frequent lightning that we're seeing. don't what happened you in a car under a big tree that might fall down, though. as we take a look at temperatures and we are warm this morning again 76 degrees in philadelphia. 66 in allentown, 77 in millville. and the dewpoints up there in the 60's and 70's.
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again, well over that threshold for humid air. as we roll through the day hot this afternoon, a high of 92. clouds and sun overall still humid an slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm that could also be strong and blustery. matt pelman when i step inside we'll take a closer look at the next round of storms that appear to be coming into areas of the south. >> they seem to just keep coming. good morning, david. we're seeing some really wet roads this morning in those areas to the south like down in delaware and then some roads are just damp like here in the great northeast along 95 but it's also slow now on the southbound side entering the work zone at cottman avenue. farther south you slow again from allegheny through this points at girard. the southbound cars are the headlights coming towards center city. and yesterday pretty much all day we saw big northbound delays here as we got used to the new construction patterns they set up over the weekend. this morning no major northbound delays yet. we'll be keeping tabs on it to see if they develop. you can see some people tapping their brakes as they enter that work zone at girard avenue. on the big picture still
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having traffic light troubles along the roosevelt boulevard at cottman avenue by the roosevelt mall i wouldn't advise trying to cross over the boulevard there at cottman and our overnight crash the police-involved accident in west philadelphia, that mostly out of the way so traffic is getting by there now at 56th and haverford. we still have a crush in upper dublin by twining valley golf road. one in oreland as well along church road at heather road. worcester township a wreck along stump hall road at valley forge road. that's 363. no big issues at this point on the northeast extension if you're coming southbound from quakertown or lansdale. but there is a downed tree and wires from the storms this morning in westtown township chester county along westtown road. shiloh road or walnut hill road would be better bets. tam. >> thank you matt. and breaking right now a philadelphia police officer has been hurt in a cruiser crash that involved a taxicab. let's go over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live near the intersection of 56th and haverford avenue in west philadelphia. she's got more details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. nobody was seriously injured in this crash. everybody was in stable condition and the accident does remain under investigation. you can see that now the intersection has completely cleared here at 56th and haverford. traffic is getting through at this intersection in west philadelphia. but this happened just before 3 a.m. the 19th district police vehicle and the taxicab collided at the intersection. the cab then went careening into the vacant building at the corner. you could see front end damage on both of the vehicles. we're hearing there was one passenger inside the taxicab but that passenger the police officer and the taxi driver are all going to be okay. they did suffer isn't bumps and bruises. what exactly led up to this crash remains under investigation. accident investigators were on the scene for hours this morning but again, the intersection has been cleared. it is now opened for traffic and everybody is getting by here this morning. we are live in west philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine.
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also breaking overnight a gunman is on the loose after opening fire and hitting two people at a hip hop concert in central jersey. the shooting happened outside the pnc bank arts center in holmdel monmouth county. two people were flown to nearby hospitals. a rappers j. cole and big sean had been performing at the venue when the gun shots rang out. the rappers also performed in camden at the susquehanna bank center on friday and they're scheduled to appear at madison square garden tonight. state troopers say the gunman fled into nearby woods. canine units are searching for him right now. someone fired a barrage of bullets at a front door of a house in camden overnight. this happened just before midnight on the 2700 block of saunders street. police say one person was taken to the hospital for an injury. no arrests have been made. and police are trying to determine the reason for the bullets being fired. >> philadelphia police find themselves in an intense standoff with a murder suspect in a brewerytown homicide and this morning that suspected
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killer is still out there on the loose. it began with the fatal shooting at an auto repair garage on west cabot around 5:30. authorities say a 48-year-old man had been shot in the chest. police then discovered a trail of oily footprints that led them three blocks away. authorities believe at the time that the suspect had barricaded himself inside this home at 26th and girard. armored vehicles moved in as did a police swat team. they took a man into custody but it turned out he was just the roommate, that the man they wanted had slipped out of their hands. >> right now we do have a name of a possible suspect and police are holding various last known addresses from where this suspect has known to reside. >> police are now questioning a number of witnesses. >> some old school retailers are stepping up to compete with the likes of amazon. maribel aber has our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. hello, maribel.
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>> hello, good morning to you matt. macy's and bloomingdale's will start same day delivery service in philadelphia this month. you order online, this is what happens, for five dollars more than the standard ground shipping fees, you can have the items delivered that day. the retailer launched the service in a few markets last year with the addition of philadelphia and other cities t-it will now be available in 17 markets. stocks tumbled yesterday after reports showed manufacturing in the u.s. slowed last month. right now futures pointing to a lower open and the report on factory orders is due out later today. if you feel like it's an icebox at work right now well if women feel cold in the office, it's with some good reason. most modern officers use climate control systems set to the metabolic rate of an average 40-year-old man weighing 155 pounds. that standard was first adopted in the 1960's but hardly represents today's workforce in the office according to european researchers. women tend to have a significantly lower metabolic rate than men which explains why we're all wrapped in shawls and blankets at work
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and you you can't see it here matt and tam but i am running a small heater to my left because it is cold. >> wow. [laughter] >> there you go maribel. >> i think it's hot in here. >> i always have a shawl. >> in the studio they do keep it cooler. >> for the equipment and all that. >> we'll try and boost that up a little bit. >> thank you gentlemen. >> storm tracker6 live double scan, we have issues this morning. had some earlier thunderstorms that are over on the other side of trenton and now a second batch is coming in from the west and if we go in closer the areas of biggest concern new castle county delaware and kent county delaware where there are thunderstorm warnings in place for these storms and let me go ahead and just move the track edit on this a little bit and we'll get you the very latest arrival times for this guy right here which has been off and on showing some possibility anyway of some rotation which would indicate a storm that could produce some strong damaging wind gusts along with a lot of lightning. 23 lightning strikes from this line of storms in the last 10 minutes or so. if you're in red lion bear christiana new castle pennsville, penns grove, you look at the arrival time on
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your screen, that's roughly when you can expect to see this storm come through and we'll see whether or not it maintains strong storm category. at the very least you'll get lightning and decent rain out of it. if we track this other one down to the south this guy here has even more intense lightning and heavy rain and back in here that little red arrow that you see the dark red arrow that's an indication that some of these storms may also be thinking about developing some rotation and a potential for some strong gusty winds f you're in middletown summit bridge jamison's corner odessa mcdonough and these other places on your screen including port penn, again those are the rough. eta's of when this will probably be in your neighborhood. the worst will only take 15 or 20 minutes to get past you maybe add a little bit more to that with the gusty winds out ahead. if you can afford to maybe give it another 15, 20 minutes past these arrival times you'll probably be in better shape. they're moving very quickly towards the east-northeast. the wide view shows you it's
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that cluster some lighter less intense precipitation in chester county, delaware county moving back into philadelphia right now. as we take a look outside, we have sky6 and we even see some breaks in the clouds out there toward the shore right now. of course they'll close in again as we watch these storms move in later on assuming they do make it all the way over towards the coast. 76 degrees right now in philadelphia, 77 in millville 75 in cape may. still in the 60's up in allentown where you are getting a break in the rain. rest of the way as we go into the afternoon mostly dry. there is the chance of an additional shower or perhaps another thunderstorm popping especially from philadelphia south or south jersey and delaware this afternoon. that's the best chance. not a lot of it showing up on the model right now but the national weather service's storm prediction center is putting our area at a slight risk of strong gusty storms. now that would include anything popping this morning and anything that pops up again this afternoon. there's a slight chance of hail. i'm not real big on that personally. also a slight chance of an isolated tornado. thunderstorms this afternoon
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not real strong but there is the chance of something popping that could be problematic and those guys that we've got right now do you know in the south i'd be careful of them and stay indoors because of the potential for strong gusty winds and again those thunderstorm warnings up right now in new castle county and kent county delaware. sun and clouds up in the lehigh valley today, still humid, 89 degrees. less of a chance of an afternoon storm up north. chance of a spotty storm down the shore. clouds otherwise. low chance of rip currents. and 92 is your high in philadelphia a mix of sun and clouds still on the humid side today. your exclusive accuweather seven days, we have these morning storms for another couple of hours this morning. then this afternoon a couple of more might pop up especially south of philadelphia. otherwise, it's clouds and sun, humid 92. tomorrow the big change. cold front gets off the coast. humidity drops. temperature dips a little bit and it will be more comfortable tomorrow with a high of 89 degrees and lower humidity. then thursday 82, even better temperature-wise although clouds will increase and then late in the day thursday and thursday night look out for
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another round rain to arrive. this time it could be periods of heavy rain thursday into portions of friday. friday wie might also see a thunderstorm popping so one to 2 inches of rain on the way there but it looks like we're dry for the weekend. >> like following an episode of true detective, your forecast. >> yes, it is. it's confusing. a lot of stuff going on. we got -- >> thanks david. 6:12 now. losing control. a father goes to extremes to get back at his daughter's bullies. >> new at 6:00 some of these teens have been camping out in central park since sunday. i'd say they have a good reason why. we'll tell you why it is, matt. >> this driver is camped out. i don't think he wants to be. his vehicle broke down in the northbound lanes by woodhaven rowan. delays on the schuylkill expressway. we'll check them out after the break. >> a stunt man says don't worry about that surfboard i'm just going to take my motor bike out to sea. see the wild ride later on
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> and this is just in. those early morning storms have led to some power outages and right now peco is saying 2,078 customers do not have power. most of those are in bucks county. >> let's turn to matt pelman for a look at traffic.
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>> starting to get word of traffic light sunshines in bucks county. what are warrington, 611 lights are out. this is going fob a smorgasbord for you guys. first some building volume here along the schuylkill expressway coming eastbound past spring garden street. secondly construction and a positive update here. yesterday they reopened this ramp from spring garden to the westbound lanes of the schuylkill. that ramp has been closed for about a week and you might notice this ramp from the eastbound side of the schuylkill to spring garden is open this morning. people using it. at first penndot had made it sound like they were closing that ramp around the clock. then they amended things yesterday and said no, just during the overnights. so that's good news for those of you that use that ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to spring garden street. now the accident portion of our traffic report. there's a new one in west conshohocken along front street at william street. still have the one in upper dublin by the twining road golf course. oreland heather road and church road. worcester stump road and valley forge road.
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now the dopped tree and wires portion of or traffic report. westtown township chester county westtown road near westtown road. stick with shiloh road or walnut hill road instead. we have this downed tree east nantmill blocking 401 between fairview road and route 100. i would use 23 and 100 to get around that. in east of coventry closing bethel church road 9:00 until 3:00. stick with ellis woods road to get around that one. matt. >> quite a run down. thank you matt. an illinois father seen on this cell phone video trying to run over a group of teens. he claims he thought they were bullying his daughter. it happened in rock ford on wednesday night of last week. police say 56-year-old roy williams went after the kids with a cane. after hearing his 13-year-old daughter was in a fight. and then got into his suv and drove after them. none of the children were hit but williams was arrested once police saw the video. a dentist named walter palmer is taking major flak
6:18 am
for the controversial killing of cecil the lion. the problem is, it is the wrong walter palmer. a minnesota dentist named walter palmer killed cecil last month in zimbabwe. outrage quickly spread and dr. palmer had to close his business. now a dr. walter palmer in louisiana is getting death threats. he is having a hard time stopping them. the wrong dr. palmer is even asking police to step up patrols around his dental office. >> new information in from septa in the last half hour on that ticket lottery for transit passes during the pope's september visit. septa officials say they had 38,013 entries into the lottery. people to enter for the chances to buy up to 10 of the 10-dollar passes. septa is only making 350,000 of the pause available for september 26th and 27th. winners will be notified later this week. it's not clear what septa will do if there's extra tickets once sales are complete. >> 6:18.
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hanging 10 with a twist a motorcycle stunt gives new meaning to riding the waves. david. >> storm warnings now dropped in new castle county and kent county as these storms are deintensifying a bit. we still have lots of lightning and decent downpours. if you're in any of these towns listed in the blue box the arrival times for these storms roughly listed for you. you probably want to take cover because of the downpours and slightly gusty winds out of these. we'll be back with your day planner forecast.
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>> australian stunt rider robbie maddison is making waves for this incredible video. he's surging the waves that tahiti on a motor bike. madison put small skis an propeller tire on the back he said the idea came to him when he was on the back of a boat watching his wife ride awake boardly he said he took the past two years to prepare for this stunt and i bet this turns into a sport. >> yeah.
6:22 am
>> x games here we come. >> i would try it. >> would you. >> good. adventure. >> anchors away all right. >> heading tout 422 this morning. had the remnants of a crash here at the end of the ramp from oaks egypt road to the eastbound lanes 422. penndot is assisting but as you can see it's off to the side. watching a new wreck in cheltenham along cheltenham avenue at chestnut avenue. starting to get word of power outages in bucks county and in warrington the traffic lights are dark along street road at 611 there by the sunoco and the citizens bank. david. >> all right, storm tracker6 live double scan still tracking storms coming into delaware. you can see that it's lighter to moderate rain up through chester county and pushing in towards philadelphia but if you're down here in southern areas and even over in salem and cumberland counties new jersey a couple storms coming your way with lots of lightning. lightning up to the northern tier is diminishing a little bit. i have a concern about this storm down here. there's no warning for it right now but it is fairly heavy storm with some gusty winds. probably going south of middletown delaware and then
6:23 am
we'll see if it makes south jersey. again those are the times with the arrival time of the heavier rain and lightning that you see on your blue box there. lightning could even jump out ahead of those times a little bit. 81 degrees by 9 o'clock. today we'll see 87 by noon. most of the day is dry with clouds and sun. 92 is your high. it's still going to be hot and humid out there and during the afternoon hours there is the chance of a spotty pop-up storm especially in south jersey and delaware. some of those could be strong so if you hear a rumble of thunder at a, guys, you head indoors on the lower floors. matt. >> you got it. thank you david. happening today, philadelphia police recruits will visit the holocaust memorial museum in washington d.c. the action cam was at the police academy in northeast philadelphia this morning as the recruits headed out. the visit to the museum will expand on their classwork on ethics. the anti-defamation league partners with the holocaust memorial museum to offer the training program. >> vandals strike at a haunted house in delaware giving its owner a little scare instead. >> later an officer is hurt
6:24 am
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>> 6:26. hoping to catch a lightning strike or two here as we take a live look across the delaware river and parts of philadelphia and south jersey. tracking strong storms in parts of our area. look out for more later today and a high of 92. >> ominous skies there. an odd prank has left a
6:27 am
delaware scream park without their favorite employee. someone attempted to steal dee dee graves making off with one of her arms. the brazen bandits left behind a dismembered torso of the mannequin and legs still bolted with a now hiring sign hanging around her hips. this happened at the halloween haunted house called fright land in the 300 block of port penn road. managers say they have video of the suspect and they're offering a $500 reward for info. the wait is almost over for these devoted one direction fans. the boy band performs live on "good morning america" later this morning. some of these girls said they have been camping out in central park since sunday to make sure they get a good seat. of course 6abc is your front row seat for the show. just stay tuned for "gma." it's right after "action news." >> 6:27. we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey. >> we're learning more about a concert shooting in monmouth countily we'll go live for an update and that's up next.
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>> breaking now on "action news." concert chaos in new jersey. two people have been shot. there's a search for the gunman. >> a cab crashes with a police cruiser. >> strong storms moving through the region right now. >> let's find out more about that at 6:30 on this tuesday august 4th with dave murphy. you say as they come in they move swiftly but come down intensely and matt pelman is looking at the traffic. good morning. >> little drizzle on the terrace right now. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan the first round of storms this morning now over by bellmawr getting away from us. another round coming in. there were thunderstorm warnings. you can kind of see them just in the beginning of this loop in orange down in delaware. they've been dropped but we have a couple thunderstorms on the way and there is a fair amount of lightning, 13 strikes in the last 10 minutes or so from this grouping of storms. and i'm tracking that one down to the south because that's producing the most frequent lightning and the heaviest
6:31 am
downpours and maybe a little bit of blustery wind ahead of it. if you're in chambersville bayside or down towards shiloh bridgeton and deerfield the times on your screen are the rough eta of this storm and it's not going to take that long for the worst of it to get past you. maybe 10, 15 minutes. but if you have the option of waiting 10 or 15 minutes after those times you might have a better time of it. there's a couple recent lightning strikes farther to the north but most of what you see in the north is just light to moderate rain highlighted in greens and yellows. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. 66 in allentown, 75 in avalon. it's also on the humid side with some dewpoints in south jersey in the 70's an occasion of very moist humid air. that 67-degree dewpoint reading in philadelphia now down to 66 is also fairly noticeable humidity. as we roll through the day it's hot and humid again today. by noon 87 bee 3 o'clock that's your high 92 and by 6 o'clock 88. chance of a shower or thunderstorm possible up in
6:32 am
the afternoon especially in south jersey and delaware. take forty four any storms because there's a slight chance of strong storms. what about those roads. i see you some wet once, matt. >> we d seeing the windshield wipers indicating there is still a little bit of drizzle falling in delco this morning along the blue route 476 and northbound starting to get busy passing baltimore pike, the media swarthmore interchange headed up towards lima springfield. crowd is gathering. in the neighborhood a bunch of issues from the storms. we had downed trees and wires one set in westtown township chester county along westtown road near westtown way. maybe stick with shiloh road or walnut hill road instead of westtown road. east nantmill chester county downed tree blocking 401 between fairview road and route 100. i would stay on 23 over to 100 instead of 401. meanwhile in worcester township a lot of w's this morning, here's a crash along stump hill road at valley forge road. still have that one in west
6:33 am
conshohocken along front street at william street. yeah, real eight a lot of w's. oral land the crash along church road cleared out. one on cheltenham avenue at chestnut. debris in the roadway in lower win ged. our crash in upper dublin by the twining valley golf course cleared out. spill some traffic light issue in warrington along street road at 611. watch it if you're headed through that intersection. matt. >> will do. thank you matt. we continue to follow breaking news. an active search for a shooter who wounded two people at a concert in central jersey. it happened in the parking lot of the pnc bark center in holmdel last night. one of the shooting victims is listed in critical condition. the gunman was seen heading into the woods. we will have a live report on this coming up in just minutes. also a philadelphia police officer was hurt after a collision with a taxicab overnight. it happened at 56th street and haverford avenue in west philadelphia just before 3 a.m.
6:34 am
a 19th district police cruiser collided with the cab. the cab then went flying into a vacant building at the corner. the officer the cabbie and a passenger inside the cab were not seriously injured. the crash remains under investigation. it is unclear if the officer was responding to a call at the time. >> new this morning, a carbon monoxide leak forced a lehigh valley senior center to have to evacuate. the allentown fire department detector high levels of the gas at the episcopal house last night. they found the cause to be a broken boiler in the basement. everyone on the first 11 floors had to get out. some residents waited for the all clear on an air conditioned bus. others went to a temporary shelter a few blocks away. two people did fall ill because of the co but their conditions are not serious. a little five-year-old girl is thrilled to be out of the hospital and back home this morning. she barely escaped a hit and run on sunday. "action news" was there as karley green returned to her north philadelphia home last night. she was greeted with that bouquet of balloons and a welcoming party from the local
6:35 am
motorcycle club and her family says they're incredibly thankful. >> just, you know, grateful that we have, you know, community support, you know what i mean and we just happy. we excited, you know. now all we got to do is just find out whodunit, turn yourself in and we going to move forward. >> karley suffered a mild concussion when someone struck her on the 2200 block of lambert street. police believe the driver was in a light colored jeep or suv with pa license plate jsg6673. another hit and run remains uninvolved in southwest philadelphia. the 22-year-old woman injured in that wreck has been upgraded to good condition. police say someone hit dominique parker-sims yesterday morning. she was waiting for a bus at 84th and lindbergh boulevard. witnesses said they saw someone in a green pickup truck stop briefly but then drive away. >> 6:35 is the time and high winds from severe storms in new hampshire caused a circus tent to collapse at a fair ground leaving two people
6:36 am
dead. state police say 250 people were inside the tent in lancaster last night when strong winds lifted it up. a father and his young daughter were the ones killed. at least 22 others were taken to the hospital for injuries. the storm moved through quickly packing 60 miles an hour gusts and hail. spectators say the giant poles unside the tent crashed around them. >> it just went completely dark inside and we see the circus people are starting to leave the tent and somebody's screaming get out, get out and all of a sudden i looked to my left and i see sky. >> the national weather service had issued a severe weather watch for lancaster at the time. >> now back to the breaking story unfolding right now in central jersey where there's an active search for a shooter. >> the gunman is wanted for wounding two people outside of a hip hop concert in new jersey. we have an update on what we know. calla. >> reporter: good morning.
6:37 am
those two people shot are now in critical but stable condition at an area hospital but now the search is on for the shooter. actually behind that police tape in the woods behind me there's a number of police looking for that shooter. the shooting happened just before 11:30 after the j. cole concert let out at the pnc bank arts center here. j. cole is a hip hop artist who attracts a younger artist and witnesses tell me there were a number of teens in the crowd a witness who took his 13-year-old daughter to the concert said problems started when some guys made some comments to a woman in the parking lot about her body. there was an exchange of words and moments later that witness said it sounded like firecrackers going off. he grabbed his daughter and took off for cover. he even snapped some pictures of the two victims raping on the ground surrounded by concert goers but it's just too graphic to show you this morning. we can tell you that j. cole has not tweeted a thing about this. we did check but his concert tour does continue tonight at madison square garden where
6:38 am
security will likely be arched. live in holmdel. >> we're keeping an eye on storms moving through right now. sky6 captured dramatic lightning strikes over the city less than an hour ago. david has had his eye on it all morning. >> he joins us right now. these storms have been moving quickly through our region. >> they have. there's another little cluster down to the south of us but looks like it's dying away. storm tracker6 live double scan the one cluster of thunderstorms that hindered us earlier is now over by new york but you see another cluster of showers mainly in and around philadelphia. as we go in tighter no recent lightning strikes from any of what you're seeing here. but there is steadier rain pushing into media delaware county. that's blue route 476. that's about to pick up some additional rain and new castle county delaware, wilmington, pretty much on the other side of that steadier precipitation. in wilmington you're down to lighter rain. still certainly a nuisance but in another three or four
6:39 am
minutes it will probably start to break apart. cherry hill, philadelphia, kind of in and out of the moderate precipitation. and we still have one thunderstorm left over. this one is farther south. you can see it pushing out of new castle county delaware right on the southern half beginning to cross the delaware bay but really falling apart and the last recorded lightning strikes are actually back behind it in areas south of middletown. it doesn't look like this current batch is still producing lightning. things improving for us and if we leave you with the live view you can see a lot of the region is dry but some of you still dealing with rain that's steady enough that it will slow you down but not as bad as that stuff we had earlier. cloudy skies across the region. every now and then you see a break in the clouds away from those rain cells and it looks like things will begin to dry out quickly this morning and we'll see sunshine reemerge. temperatures 76 degrees right now. your dewpoint in the mid 60's. that means it is on the humid side and of course we still have that southwesterly wind blowing up bringing that humidity into play. 7 miles per hour.
6:40 am
not real breezy out there. in terms of precipitation, the rest of the way today well, most of the day just looks like a mix of clouds and sun. it will get to be hot this afternoon and humid but there is the chance of an additional pop-up shower or perhaps a thunderstorm particularly in areas south of delaware. late at 9:30 you see something off the coast of the wildwood. if anything were to pop this afternoon or this evening it could potentially be strong although i don't expect many of you to see that. we do have a slight risk of severe weather, though posted across the region and this is not only for the stuff happening this morning but anything that does pop this afternoon. there's also a slight chance of hail. i'm not real big on that frankly and a slight chance of an isolated tornado. most of the afternoon and evening looks fine but if you hear a running mate indoors on rumble of thunder indoors and lower floors. this will be the main story for most of you. by 2 o'clock 91 and your high today at 3:00, 92, hot and
6:41 am
humid once again today. we'll have to wait until later tonight for those humidity left to start to drop. 92 in philadelphia, 89 today in allentown. these are your highs. 90 in reading. down the shore you're in the mid 80's and a little bit better there. still humid. not a big chance of rip currents at the shore today. and 70's in the water. for the phillies tonight partly cloudy skies, 87 to 79 your range of temperatures as we do drop off the and the humidity should start to lower. hot and humid today, look out for a spotty storm here or there and then less humid tomorrow, a high of 89, still very warm but feeling a lot more comfortable tomorrow. and then a high of just 82 on thursday below average for a chinch. increasing clouds on thursday, though and there will be rain arriving either late in the day or at night and at times we could see periods of heavy rain thursday night and in through a good deal of friday. periods of rain friday a thunderstorm flown as well. clouds break and the rest of the weekend looks dry.
6:42 am
>> thank you david. it's 6:41. see more stories you didn't see last night including the wild weather that caused an entire read to collapse overseas. matt. >> already been a bit of a wild ride this morning tam. here on 95 right by the philadelphia international airport a rough ride because they milled the roadway overnight. if you're coming southbound towards delaware county, watch out you're going to be bumping along this morning. we'll see if there are delays elsewhere on 95 and talk about some downed trees when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. binge eating disorder or b.e.d. isn't just over-eating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. and, i learned that b.e.d. is the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. when i binged, i felt completely out of control. i would eat really, really fast and eat so much during my binges. it was very upsetting. to learn more about b.e.d. go to
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and talk with your doctor.
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:44. and that is philadelphia international airport. some gray skies here. in other areas it is raining pretty good right now.
6:45 am
some strong storms still moving through our region. it is 74 degrees on city avenue. >> let's head over to matt pelman for the latest on traffic. good morning. >> gray skies kind of reflect the mood of this morning commute. we've got several issues that are kind of keeping us not so happy as we head out on this tuesday morning matt and tam. along 95 looks like it's going to be another very slow morning in the northbound lanes headed toward that new construction pattern right here at girard avenue. you can see we're already starting to back up. this caused huge delays yesterday and we're expecting them again this morning. you know on the southbound side it's going to be busy because it is pretty much every single morning. in fact, let's check the speeds on the big picture. 18 miles per hour southbound by cottman. then 13 and 17 as you travel from approaching the betsy ross bridge on into girard. getting word of a new crash on the lincoln drive by the old 9,292nd precinct. travel tremendous on the roosevelt boulevard at cottman avenue by the roosevelt mallly i wouldn't count on being able to cross over the boulevard
6:46 am
there at cottman this morning. watching a bunch of downed trees and wires from the storms that rolled through. westtown chester county there's some along westtown road near westtown way. maybe stick with shiloh road or walnut hill road. east nantmill chester county 401 blocked since the overnight. i think i would use 23 and 100 to get around that local blockage and a tree did not come down so penndot needs to take it down here in bedminster township bucks county. scheduled to close irish meetinghouse road from 9:00 until 3:00 today. you can use 113 to get around that. couple new work zones and traffic lights out in warrington along street road at 611 by the sunoco. couple new work zones in delco. conestoga road through mid september in the mid days. car can't drive. they close from 9:00 until 3:00. tam. >> this just in into "action news." dramatic video of flooding in china. a entire road collapsed off a cliff. three cars plummeted several feet. one man actually risked his
6:47 am
life trying to retrieve his vehicle. nine tourist got swept away in there flooding. the victims bodies have been recovered. a california sheriff's deputy saved a man stuck on the tracks seconds before a speeding train plowed into his car. this is new video of the rescue. the officer and his partner ran to the scene after witnessing the driver slam into a rail signal. the crash knocked him unconscious. one deputy rescued the man while the other tried to get that oncoming train to slow down. you see the damage done to the car but they got that man out of there and no one was seriously hurt. >> time is now 6:47. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. david. >> earlier thunderstorms have degenerated now into just showers but some of this is fairly steady rain so slow it down right in the center of the community as you're driving around the roads right now. we're still wet. when we come back we'll have your day planner forecast. >> ♪♪ een putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
6:48 am
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> smooth as silk is what we're hoping for. not what we're getting this morning. >> no. >> with the wet roads we have a bunch of accidents, a bunch of delays here on 42 in bellmawr camden county. northbound volume headed towards 295. it's not terrible but you can see there's about an eight minute delay on that northbound travel time. in burlington word of some downed wires closing neck road between jerry's drive and center avenue. old york road a possible alternate there through burlington. close by in moorestown they're paving stanwick road again today and tomorrow. going to be blocked during the mid days. stick with westfield as a possible alternate. tased. >> good news with the rain this morning matt is that the
6:51 am
thunderstorm activity is now gone and this batch of rain is moving toward the east-northeast very quickly. any given area with this latest batch probably only wet for about a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. and then things improve. we're going to be into a mix of clouds and sun for most of the day. it's hot and humid again with a high of 92 this afternoon and during the afternoon and early evening hours there's the chance of another pop-up thunderstorm especially in south jersey and delaware. and anything that does pop could potentially be strong but i think most of you will get away without seeing that. quickly i i've done this all morning as we've been tracking storms. if you're traveling out of town there's the chance for strong thunderstorms maybe an isolated tornado from maine down to coast cal virginia. everything else out to the west is basically kansas city and nothing else. right now we don't have any major delays at philadelphia international airport matt and tam. >> okay david. almost time for "good morning america" so let's get a preview. >> we'll check in with dan harris. dan, does anything else matter owner one direction this morning? >> um, you're putting me on the spot. let's say it all matters.
6:52 am
how about that? is that the diplomatic answer. let me tell you what's coming up on the show. you can be the judge. breaking overnight we had a really sad situation up in new hampshire. you can see the aftermath there. a tent collapsed during a circus show, caused by violent storms high winds and hail. two people reported killed. more than a dozen injured. abc's lindsey janice right there on the scene of the accident with the latest. also happening right now severe weather up and down the east coast. devastating flash flash flooding in florida forcing evacuations water rescues road closures. our severe weather team is tracking all of it for us this morning. plus the outrage this morning over this. the handcuffing of two school children in kentucky with adhd. one of the incidents caught on camera. the sheriff and the deputy now facing a lawsuit alleging they violated the children's rights. our legal analyst dan abrams is here to give us the take on the case. switching gears, an exclusive interview with the surfing daredevil millions of people are watching in this viral video. dat stunt man opening up about
6:53 am
what inspired him and what he plans to do to top it. all coming up next on "gma" and as you mentioned one direction. we'll see you very soon. >> there's only one. thank you. we'll see you later. local robotics experts are offering new hope for hitchbot. the robot had been hitchhiking across the country test the kindness of strangers. its demise started an international uproar. many comments played into negative stereotypes about philadelphia. a robotics firm offered to try to fix hitchbot. the canadian makers say they have been overwhelmed bistort support but have no interest in pressing charges against the vandals.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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>> police continue to sen for a shooter who wounded two people at a concert in central jersey. it happened in the parking lot after the j. cole concert at pnc bank arts center. >> a accident along the blue route northbound side near macdade causing heavy delays coming off of 95. david. >> hot and humid one today matt. clouds and sun most of the way, wretch degrees by noon. 92 is your high by 3 o'clock. less humid tomorrow. we have some of those showers
6:57 am
still popping through the center of the region. gone before too much longer. >> roll the music. we got to go. >> yeah. >> have a great day. we'll be back in about 25 minutes.
6:58 am
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good morning america. breaking overnight, tent tragedy. the terrifying moments as a violent storm rips this circus tent to the ground packed with fans. >> lancaster fairgrounds, circus tent collapse. it was called in as a mass casualty. >> a father and his young daughter killed. dozens injured as severe weather strikes from maine to florida. record downpours turning roads to rivers putting cars and homes underwater. new this morning, bad behavior. a sheriff caught on camera handcuffing a third grader. >> ow, that hurts. >> the 8-year-old with adhd crying out in pain punished for his behavior after teachers said he was acting out. split second. the incredible rescue caught on camera. a sheriff's deputy pulling a m


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