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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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developing now on "action news" an apartment fire in berks county forces dozens of people out of their homes. >> also developing, a man is gunned down while riding his bike. we are gathering new details live from the scene. >> wawa is one step closer to beer sales in the pennsylvania town. but you won't be able to reach into the cooler for a six-pack just yet. >> good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday. matt pelman is filling in for karen and dave murphy are we done with this heat wave yet. >> looks like we may be. it's going to be a close call. take a look at satellite. we have some high cloud cover out there but i think the sunshine will have a tendency to get through that pretty quickly today. overall going for a mix of sun and some patchy clouds today. 74 degrees currently in philadelphia. notice how the winds have started to come down out of the northwest and the northern suburbs and this is where the humidity is really dropped. we're starting to get more of a westerly flow across the southern tier but for now the humidity is still somewhat noticeable in south jersey delaware and to a degree in and around philadelphia. that's all going to change today, though as it will be less and less sticky as we go through the afternoon. 74 by 8:00 a.m.
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still a bit humid and about the southern half of the region. in the afternoon it is going to be warm, 74 by 8 o'clock by noon 86 and we're going for a high of 89. if we manage to hold that 89 it will officially mark the end of the heat wave but either way today is going to be less oppressive than it was the last couple of days. we have some changes with that next approaching rain maker matt. i'll have details on that coming up. >> hopefully it's goodbye and good riddance to the heat wavily we just said goodbye to our construction crews along 95 northbound side by the airport but they're going to return during the midday and then again during the overnight. you only have a couple hours without them but at least for the morning rush all the northbound lanes are opened us a travel up towards south philadelphia. unfortunately though not opened in furlong bucks county york road still shut down near sugar mill road because of a nasty overnight crash and truck fire. stay over on 611 easton road or even 232 as some alternates. on the pennsylvania turnpike overnight construction at the fort washington interchange has cleared out and in case you were wondering the eastbound lanes are opened
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this morning between willow grove and bensalem. awful tractor-trailer fire there yesterday just before noon. closed them down for most of the rest of the day. but this morning they are opened and available to you. in mercer county still some construction for another half hour along 195 eastbound as you head toward the turnpike. and on the new jersey turnpike northbound in camden county watch out for restrictions until 6 o'clock in the left lane. southbound on 295, though, the work is clear. matt. >> thank you, matt. let's go back to that accident you mentioned in bucks county. the action cam is live at the scene of a tractor-trailer crash. it happened once again at york and sugar bottom roads in furlong. the ups truck that you can kind of see right there, you see the cab, it hit a concrete barrier. the cab caught fire. looks like it separated from the trailer. now, police say the fire did not reach the trailer or burn the contents of the truck. the driver was not seriously hurt. there's also a fuel spill on the scene that authorities are dealing with association we will keep you updated on the
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closures involved with this tractor-trailer crash and fire. >> and we're also watching this developing story in berks county. an apartment fire that has displaced at least 31 people from at least 11 families. you can see what remains of that charred building and you can see the damage done. these flames broke out on community drive in kumr township. there were no reports of injuries. the red cross is on the scene helping all of those people who have been displaced. and in philadelphia police are searching for a shooter who gunned down a man execution style on his bicycle. let's go right over to "action news" reporter katherine scott live on the scene in wynnefield. she's got more details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam. so far police have not been able to identify the victim. they believe he's a man in his late teens or early 20's. they don't yet know the motive of the shooting that happened here in wynnefield overnight. just before midnight police were called out to the 5300
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block of berk street. multiple 911 calls came in after the shots were fired. when police arrived they found the victim on the sidewalk. he had been shot at least once in his head. he was pronounced dead on the scene. police say he had been shot at point blank range while he was on his bike. he was still on it when he collapsed. the shooter then got into a vehicle that had two other men inside. they went south on georges lane from berks. >> city surveillance cameras are one block away at the intersection of 54th and berks. we found private surveillance cameras in the 5300 block of berks. so hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help us with this homicide investigation. >> reporter: they are hoping that those surveillance footage will provide a few more details. only description they have so far on that vehicle that the shooter got into was that it was a dark blue or black sedan. enough any tips the homicide division wants to hear from you. we're live in wynnefield katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that.
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new this morning folcroft police have been circulating fliers in the search for a missing child and now the fbi has stepped in as well. 11-year-old la kwan lat more you see his picture here was last seen riding his bikes with friends in delaware county on monday august 3rd. folcroft police do not suspect foul play but they consider this a suspicious case because lat more has never run away or been in trouble before. the search for lat more will resume at 8 o'clock this morning in the area of folcroft avenue and chester pike. >> 5:35 now. a bucks county neighborhood is in shock after a domestic dispute led to a fatal stabbing between a father and son. police were called to the 500 block of trappe lane in langhorne yesterday evening and there they found a 66-year-old man suffering from stab wounds. authorities say it happened after a heated argument between the man and his 27-year-old son. the older man was rushed to saint mary medical center where he later died. word of the tragedy quickly spread through the neighborhood. >> oh, my god, this is shocking. unbelievable. this neighborhood is generally quiet. we been here 30 years and
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never seen anything like this before in my life. >> the son is now in police custody. >> new this morning, the fbi is looking into the security of the credit e-mail server which hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state. according to the post agents contacted the denver base technology firm that helped to manage the system. investigators have been trying to determine whether clinton sent or received classified information on an unsecured e-mail server. a spokesperson for clinton's presidential campaign is down playing this saying that the fbi is not targeting clinton. chris christie just barely secured a spot in tomorrow night's gop candidate's debate debate. national polling ranks the new jersey governor ninth among the top 10 republicans in the running so he'll be on the stage. donald trump leads that pack. the other participants will be jeb bush scott walker mike huckabee ben carson ted cruz marco ukee row rand paul, rand paul,
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chris christie and john kasich. >> wawa about to start selling six packs at a delaware county locate. the concorde township board of supervisors approved wawa's request to sell beer: wawa made the request to make its namaans creek location the first wawa in the state to do so. the state liquor control board must still approve the plan. somewhat what customers are asking what took so long. >> i think it would be very convenient absolutely. instead of having to go out to a liquor store or a beer distributor, i live right down the street so grab a sandwich, grab some gas grab a six-pack. >> now beer distributor in the state claim competing with wawa would create an unplaying field. wegmans and stores have jumped into beer sales in pa. >> time to talk about will we continue the heat wave or not? >> maybe but probably not. >> i vote no. >> probably not.
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it's going to be a close call. we're going 89 and you need 90 for a heat wave. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you we are dry and as we take a look outside tranquil conditions outside. the farther north you go through the region the better chance you have of the humidity already dropping in philadelphia and points south towards the shore still might feel a little bit humid to you this morning but the winds are in the process of turning are round out of the northwest and we should continue to see some improvement along those lines as we go through the day. 74 degrees is your temperature. your dewpoint 66 degrees so still rather humid in philadelphia. winds still out of the west-southwest at 5 miles per hour. as we take a look at satellite and radar, there is some cloud cover out there but it's high and thin enough where we think we're going get some sunshine in pretty quickly and overall sun mixing with patchy clouds today. as we roll through the day it looks like a warm one 74 degrees by 8 o'clock, 84 by 11 o'clock, 88 by 2 o'clock with a high of 89 around 3 o'clock and if we miss 90 today, it will end our heat wave in eight days. most of the heat wave was not as oppressive as some we had
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in the past but it was a little humid over the past couple days. we're looking like we're checking off some squares on that and making things a little better around here. i temperatures. we'll be on the warm side everywhere across the region. not posting any 90's today. 85 in allentown, 87 trenton 88 wilmington and millville 86 in cape may. less humid. a closer look down the shore shows you we once again have a recurrence of rip currents today so swim near lifeguards as is always a good idea. 65 in the ocean right now. little cooler off atlantic city. still 75 off the delaware beaches and around the mouth of the delaware bay. rip currents possibility even down in rehoboth and death bethanybethanybeach. phillies beautiful night for baseball. mainly clear pleasant 83 for the first pitch and 76 degrees in the ninth inning. phillies continues on a roll. tomorrow there is a rain maker, an area of low pressure that's coming at us from the southwest but it's slower to arrive so it looks like we're going to stay dry tomorrow and
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then as it is comes by on friday it now looks like it's going to stay far enough south where the northern suburbs could stay dry. philadelphia kind of on the bubble but the best chance of steadier rain is down in south jersey and delaware. so rather than us all getting thumped with heavy rain now looks like most of that may stay farther to the south. we'll keep tracking that to your. 89 today, is that knee less humid. tomorrow sun and clouds, 85 still dry. and then friday our main rain looks like it stays to the south and we get a high of 82. for the weekend it now looks like that system is gone in time to give us a dry saturday morning. it might be cloudy to start out but we should see some sun breaking through and a high of 84. and mostly sunny on sunday, 86. monday's also good. more humid tuesday with a thunderstorm. >> i love mondays. >> i know you do. >> you're by yourself on that. >> thank you david. thank you, tam. 5:40. still on "action news," new video released showing the moment an explosion rocked sunday services at a new mexico church. >> wanted security guards for the pope's visit next month. details on that after the break.
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matt. >> smooth sailing so far this morning in conshohocken tam along the blue route 476 just north of the schuylkill expressway as the headlights come up towards the mid-county tolls. they're not facing any issues at this point but we still have issues in bucks county and we'll see what things look like in chester county after the break. >> and melissa magee hops on a rollercoaster to give us some thrills before kids go back to school. an fyi for you when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪♪ >> coming up on 5:44 here on this wednesday and the sun coming up over the horizon starting to shine on those buildings in center city. it's 74 right now. we could stop our heat wave today with an 89 high temperature. maybe it goes to 90. we shall soon see. i'm sure everyone will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens. >> sweating either way. let's go to matt pelman taking a look at traffic. >> i need everyone to join me in a chorus of happy birthday this morning please. yes, we have our birthday cake here along route 100 in exton because today it is happy 101st birthday i couldn't draw 101 candles, it would have taken too long the 101st birthday to the traffic light. yes, our first traffic light which debuted in cleveland ohio. not a person a-traffic light debuted in cleveland ohio august 5th 1914.
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so today 101 years old our traffic lights. isn't that exciting? yes, as you pass under one adhere to it but also wish it a happy birthday today. traffic looks good along 100 by the target at sunrise boulevard. sun not really up yet but the sky is starting to brighten. situation in furlong bucks county with the accident involving the ups tractor-trailer. there's what's left of the trailer. the cab caught fire after the truck struck the construction barrier here in the ongoing work zone. along 263 york road close to sugar bottom road. they're still out here cleaning up. there was a fuel spill as well so there's a lot of cleanup to do. i think that's what's left of the cab of the truck. look nd charred wreckage. have the heavy duty tow truck there hopefully getting ready to tow it away. looks like they still have some work to do. until they can get 263 york road opened in furlong maybe stay on 611 easton road or 232 as some alternates. time for the commuter report
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bought to you by the waze app. one of the members of the 6abc commuter team says a watch out pour a pothole in the road along 66th street in north philadelphia. >> video captured the moment one of those blasts occurred in a new mexico church. >> take this all of you and eat it for this is my -- >> i need everybody to calmly exit the building. >> holy cross church was holding mass when investigators say that explosive detonated in a trash can near the entrance. that crash shattered part of the door. a second church in new mexico is cleaning up from the explosion. authorities say they're not ready to name a suspect or suspects in these cases. >> heavy duty rooftop air conditioning units are behind new york's deadliest outbreak of legionnaires' disease. legionnaires' is a severe form of pneumonia. officials think the infected patients inhaled contaminated
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water vapor or mist from the cooling systems. those towers have been cleaned but the disease has an incubation period of up to two weeks. this bandit in mississippi seems like he's just lazily getting out of bed and committing a robbery without even putting on a fresh pair of pants. newly released surveillance shows the man in his pajamas or pants at least holding up a hotel clerk. it happened in columbus late last week. no one was injured in the holdup. >> ♪♪ >> happening today philadelphia is hiring to help with the pope's visit next month. a job fair will be held at the pa link center on j.f.k. boulevard from nine until 10 o'clock this morning. recruiters from philadelphia works will be conducting interviews on the spot. they're looking to hire up to 100 temporary security guards. the job pays eight to $10 an hour. and for more updates as the city gets ready for the visit of pope francis be sure to follow us at 6abc pope on twitter. >> this week's fyi philly is all about taking advantage of the final weeks of summer.
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melissa magee heads to six flags great adventure check out a new rollercoaster. meet he will diablo spanish for the devil. it's the 13th coaster at six flags great adventure. >> you start out pendulum style swinging back and forth. then you gain momentum and speed and you'll have a lot of hang time upside down. >> reporter: it'supside. >> it gives that you stomach drop that you get on the first drop of every other coaster. pretty much every time you go back and forth. >> reporter: six flags is also home to kingda-ka the taste rollercoaster in the world. >> launches you from zero to 128 miles an hour in three and a half seconds. >> reporter: are you kidding me. if that isn't enough excitement the tallest and fastest drop ride is right underneath honestly named drop of doom. >> 415 feet about 30 seconds to the top and then 10 seconds
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:51. we have some breaking news. sky6 picture to show you. you can see smoke rising from camden, new jersey. three row homes are on fire. a couple other houses had to be evacuated. the fire broke out 21 minutes ago. it's on the 1100 block of sheridan street in camden. they're checking on occupants of some of these other houses and chopper six will be on the way to get us better pictures than this but a fire burning in camden right now. >> hopefully everybody is okay over there. we're checking the bridges this morning. it's bridge check time as we head to the platt bridge. if you're headed to the airport early this morning
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there we go westbound lanes traffic moving okay in them. if you're headed westbound on the ben franklin bridge out of camden into center city, no delays yet through the ongoing patco construction zone of course. that right lane remains closed through labor day weekend but at this point the traffic is moving fine. at the delaware memorial bridge you're still without a lane in both directions. speeds there in the 50's. in wilmington edgemoor road is still closed by 495. just outside 12th street to get onto 495. david. >> matt we expect a good deal of sunshine today overall. don't forget sunscreen as you head out. temperatures this morning 62 degrees in pottstown, 64 in saint davids. 60 in chester and in these northern and western areas particularly where you see that green we have a northwest flow and the humidity levels have dropped. now in these areas where it's still yellow which is philadelphia down through most of delaware and south jersey it still feels a little bit humid because the winds are still coming a bit out of the southwest but that northwest wind is going to overtake you here and also lower the humidity. down the shore it might still be just a tad sticky today. 76 degrees by 9 o'clock, 86 by
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noon. and we are looking at a high of 89 degrees this afternoon right there at 3 o'clock and if we can hold the number under 90 it will end our heat wave at eight days. matt. >> thank you, david. police in florida have released a 911 call from a scare at a sunday service. a pastor stopped his sermon to subdue a would be robber. >> we had a fake gun. he has a knife. >> police say the caller is returning to 21-year-old johnny grace who is accused of putting a fake gun to the head of the pastor's money and then demand everyone in the church to hand over their money. pastorless snodgrass was able to push grace against the wall much pastor it's family members held him down until police arrived. >> a remarkable case of lost and found 70 years in the making. he will leach joe ramos lost his wallet while serving serving in world two. 91-year-old said it went missing when his battalion took shelter in an austrian farmhouse. he received a letter from a
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doctor whose late grandfather owned that house. ramos says he's happy to have that treasure back. it was filled with pictures. >> ♪♪ come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. ♪
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5:57 am
give us some pictures of the scene so we're going to stay with this for a little bit longer. fire crews arrived shortly after this broke out at about 5:30 this morning so about 27 minutes ago and here we go with the chopper six live pictures giving us these first images of what is going on there on sheridan street. it looks like the heavy smoke is still pouring out of these structures. you really don't see many flames just yet and camden firefighters on the scene on the ground with their ladders trying to get this under control right now. this is something we will monitor for you right here on "action news." >> and from our new jersey news room a grand jury has cleared six police officers in the shooting of a suspect last summer. the man was killed on the 400 block of berlin new freedom road in winslow camden county on august 1st of 2014. prosecutors say 42-year-old daniel saint pierre had a gun wase and was struggling with officers before he was shot. audio of the confrontation was picked up by a dashboard camera. none of the officers were hurt. >> time right now is 5:57.
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we're following several developing stories including an apartment fire in berks county that forced several families from their homes. >> and later how to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot in center city. an app that brings valet driver to you. >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep)
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 5th. we are starting with some breaking news. a fire has spread through a city block in camden. you can see the fire crews on the scene and all that smoke and chopper six is live over the 1100 block of sheridan street. >> at this point we know that three row homes are on fire. two more have been evacuated because of course firefighters


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