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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 5, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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company is hiring hundreds of security guards. and philadelphia police need your help tracking down this burglary suspect. and now the details, philadelphia is hiring help for the pope's visit next month, a job fair is going on since this morning right here in the city, up for grabs is up to 100 temporary security guard jobs. >> there is a big economic impact that comes with the pope's visit and part of that is the opportunity for jobs, through this event today they are looking to hire 100 temporary security positions and many people hope that that transitions into something more personal nants. >> this is the opportunity that jasmine tailer is looking for, with millions of people expected for the world meeting of families, facilities around the
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area need security and today the city is hiring. >> it's very high in importance and the urgency to have the best out there. >> philadelphia works hosted the events at this career link center and hundreds applied. these candidates would mainly help with crowd control, these are three week full-time positions that pay between $8 and $10 an hour. >> because of the increased traffic expected for the papal visit. people would need to be on time and be aware of the rules and be able to communicate with crowds of people. if they perform well on the job, this could be their foot in the door for a permanent position. >> i amplied part-time and i'm looking for a full-time position, i have a child ready to go to college and as a parents i need more than one
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job. >> the candidates will be selected for interviews. katherine scott can channel 6 "action news." meanwhile we are expecting new details for the pope's visit to the city. mayor michael nutter and state and local officials will hold a news conference today at city hall, you can see it live here on 6 abc and streaming at for more updates, as the city prepares for the visit of pope francis, follow us at 6 abc pope on twitter. >> another job fair is happening now discount grocery chain alde is holding five hiring events, they are held in bellmawr, trenton and bordentown, new jersey, this is from the bellmawr location. you can stop by the philadelphia mills mall, alde purchased all 66 bottom dollar stores last
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year with plans to reopen many of those locations. lets get back to breaking news from the hunting park section of the city, we have a barricade situation and an s.w.a.t. is on the scene now, this is the 700 block in the hunting park section, they were called out earlier this morning on a report of two men shooting at each other here in this neighborhood. at least one of the men ran into the home here on the block and they are believed, one or two of these armed men believed to be hold up inside of a house here on the block, the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene along with a huge police presence here on the 700 block, again the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene monitoring the situation and as of yet it doesn't look like they have moved in on any of the home there's, and getting their plan together, we have not heard of any evacuations at this point. we'll continue to monitor the
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situation but again one up to two men believed to be barricaded inside of a home here on the 700 block in the hunting park section, we'll follow this on air and online at turning to accuweather now, today feels less humid, could be an end to the heat wave we are experiencing for the last several days, looking live at the beach in cape may, new jersey, a lot of umbrellas out to block the sun but there they are heading out to the beach today. lets turn it over to meteorologist, david murphy, also out in the sunshine. >> just before we cutaway from the shot at the shore, you can see a big splash of wave action, the surf is heavy and a chance of rip currents, a beautiful day on the beach but swim near the lifeguards and look for the red flags. the sun is really evaporating
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the clouds and later in the afternoon a few more clouds may pop up but it will be pretty bright. warm and 86 degrees in philadelphia, lower than washington and behind new york city, but the east coast all pretty toasty and here is the best shot of all, the dew points are dropping down to 53 in philadelphia, remember we have to have a dew point of 60 for it to be considered humid and you have to go to washington to even get a little sticky right now and the rest of us are improving, heading to the pool today, bring the sunshine because of all the sun it's going to be warm, 81 is where we were at 10:00 and by 3:00, 89, we expect that to be the high today. 88 at 4:00, and 85 at 6:00, heading out to the phillies tonight, it looks like temperatures are falling from the 80s to the 70s, by 10:00, we should be down to 76, sunscreen
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and cool drinks and it feels more comfortable than the last couple of days. >> happening now police and the fbi is working to track down a missing boy in delaware county, 11-year-old lakwan lattimore is last seen dropping off potato chips to his little sister before riding off on his bicycle monday afternoon, his family says he never stays out past dark. >> lakwan never stayed out oversunlight, i don't allow anybody to stay out, they ask me and i say no, i don't trust people. >> the police are searching the woods and nearby creeks, looking for the sharon hill elementary students, 5'3" tall 152 pounds, last seen wearing a blue and white collar shirt and sneaker and carrying a gray backpack, his family is offering a $1500
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reward leading to his whereabouts, if you know anything call 1-800-the-lost. philadelphia police are looking for the man that broke into someone's house and stole hundreds of thrasher worth of appliance, he was captured on surveillance video looking right into the camera, it happened on july 23rd on the 2200 block of north side enham street in spring garden, police say he got in by forcing open a back window and once inside he stole $66 hundred worth of appliances. this man is under arrest for shipping lsd gummy bears and chocolate from colorado to new jersey. the atlantic city police and the task force worked with colorado police to arrest tray brasher in boulder. police say he had lsd laced gummy bears and psychedelic
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mushrooms, he will be extradited to new jersey now to face distribution charges. wawa is about to start selling beer at one location, the township board of supervisors approved wawa's request last night to sell beers, to make the neiman's creek location the first location to do so. wegmans and some sheets convenience stores have already jumped into beer seals in pennsylvania. there is more to come on "action news" at 12:30, a possible case of ebola right now in the united states. find out where police have a patient in isolation. and in new york city officials say they may know where the deadly legionaires disease is coming from. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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officials in alabama say a home is being quarantined because of a possible ebola case, right now the patient is treated at the university of alabama birmingham hospital, after feeling symptoms and notifying authorities the patient recently travelled to a country with active ebola cases and family members of the patient are asked to stay inside of their home in birmingham. officers are guarding the house and we should find out if the patient actually has ebola. now to the latest of another deadly disease, officers believe that cooling towers are to blame for spreading legionaires, a sear case of pneumonia. >> this morning a major health warning for the outbreak of legionaires disease, 86 people contracting the disease and
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seven deaths so far. >> symptoms are fever, cough and shortness of breath, if you have these symptoms police immediately seek treatment. it's a severe type of pneumonia caused by breathing in the bacteria, it's not usually spread person to person but comes from the cooling towers on buildings. if it's not properly contained. it could spread in the water and go into the air. >> the air is sucked in here and goes through the filters be evaporates and goes shooting through the top if there is legionaire in here it gets shot out of the top. five cooling towers were tested positive for the bacteria. daniel was hospitalized for 25 days. >> what if you didn't go to the hospital that day? >> i would not be talking to you right now.
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>> people are wondering what is safe? >> drinking water is safe, the water you shower with and the air conditioning is perfectly safe to use. >> that was dr. richard besser reporting for us this noon. today the fbi is looking into the security of the private email server that hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state, clinton's lawyer says the agency wants to make sure the emails were properly secure. and they want to make sure that she did not receive and send classified information on unsecured emails. the roster for the first republican candidates debate is out now, organizers say that the candidates were picked based on recent polling data. ten of the 17 republicans will take part in tomorrow's prime time debate. getting the highest poll numbers and taking center stage is
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donald trump, jeb bush and scott walker, chris christie just made it in at number nine and the seven other candidates did not qualify including former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum will take part in an earlier forum. coming up a live look from center city from our temple camera. the sun is shining and less humidity out there, we'll be back with your full accuweather forecast.
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this week's fyi philly, about taking advantage of the final weeks of summer, melissa magee heads to six flags great adventure and a roller coaster. >> meet eldiablo, spanish for the devil, soaring seven stories high, it's the 17th coaster at six flags great adventure.
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>> you sway back and forth and gain momentum and speed and you end up with quite a bit of hang time upside down, it's designed to give high adrenalin disorientation high off the ground. >> you get that pretty much every time you go back and form. >> great adventure is also home to king deka the tallest roller coaster in the world. >> and 415 feet about 30 seconds to the top and 10 seconds down 90 miles per hour. >> that is wild. oh my goodness, my heart is beating just think being that ride. >> david is like yes that looks great and i'm like oh my god. >> i love being dropped. tower of terror is still my
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favorite. >> lower humidity. stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows we are dry, so yes the roller coasters are all running and as we look outside, there is sunshine aplenty. and generally speaking, it's bright out there, a couple of highlights to your forecast, lower humidity today, it really has dropped overnight, and the next rain maker looking to the south and finds the heaviest rain south of philadelphia, 86 in philadelphia and due points in the 50s, not humid and winds from the west at 10 miles per hour, and satellite showing you that despite the fact that we had a thicker cloud cover mass moving through at dawn, it has now cleared out. there is patchy stuff coming out of the northwest later, 85 is your high in allentown and 86 in reading and 87 in trenton, a little warmer down through wilmington and dover and mid to
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upper 80s from points at the shore, everybody is dealing with lower humidity. we are back into the pattern where the on shore flow has created a chance of rip concerns, a moderate chance along it's delaware coastline, we are looking at ocean temperatures to the mid-60s, from some up welling, 76 degrees from the mouth of the delaware bay where it is warmer and rip currents possible down along the delaware beaches today. rest of the way 89 by 3:00 that, 86 by 5:00 and 83 by 7:00 and upper 70s by 9:00 with an overnight low of 68, comfortableover night and a great night to go to citizens bank park and see the phillies. and last night franco gave us a charge with a grand slam. we'll see what happens tonight, sun and clouds tomorrow and there is an area of low pressure
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farther to the south, it will be drier and nicer on thursday. but at night we'll be on the lookout for rain arriving, friday morning it's rainy into the afternoon as well as the low pulls away from us, rain from philadelphia south, that is a change for the last couple of days, when you get hammered with more rainfall. sunny and less humid, a beautiful day out there, feeling comfortable and you need cool drinks walking around in that level of warmth, it will be heat wave day number nine, but either way it's not that uncomfortable and we'll break with a high of 95. and maybe a thunderstorm popping up as well. a high of 82 degrees, we'll have to keep tracking this but it looks like most of the rain is through the southern half of the region, saturday dry in the morning and clouds are breaking and sun in the afternoon and high of 84 and the weekend wraps up in fine shape with a high of
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86, monday a mix of sun and clouds ain few more clouds around and clouds and sun on tuesday and the chance a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. today feeling a lot better and tomorrow even better with temperatures dropping about 4 or 5 degrees. >> thank you david. on the people scene this noon, robert downey jr. topped the forbes list for it's fourth year in a row, he pulled in $80 million so far this year and jackie chan and vin diesel are second and third. >> say it isn't so, kermit and miss piggy calling it quits. this before their new prime time tv show, this could be a gimmick
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here is what you'll see tonight, the middle and then the goldbergs and blackish and then celebrity wife swap before "action news" at 11:00. if you are looking for distraction this afternoon, check out, we posted a story on pests in big cities and american housing surveys look at plumbing and heating is problems and vermin, of the cities survey, seattle washington had the highest percentage of homes reporting rats and when it comes to mice philadelphia had the highest percentage of all cities
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surveyed. nice. if you want to read more head over to >> because you don't have enough cats. so we are looking at a warm one this afternoon, bright too and stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing us how we are dry, with a mix of sun and patchy clouds moving in in the northern and western suburbs but less humid than yesterday and the last couple of days and highs in the mid-80s, the center portion of the region, less humid and winds 7 to 10 miles per hour, and highs in the mid-80s for the most part. a chance of rip currents along the coast and 83 in millville and only 85 in sea isle city, if you are just reading or walking around outside. remember the sunscreen. i'm usually pretty good with that. and i hope you are too. we have the high uv index in
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play. >> thank you david. parts of o'hare interests national airport in chicago may look like a petting zoo these days, because goats, sheeps and llamas have taken over the landscaping duties, they keep the grass neat and trim by eating it of course, because they can go where animals cannot. that means lower rodents, kind of a theme, and fewer birds and we know that birds and planes do not get along. a long at stories we are following this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00, mazda is recalling almost 200,000 suvs and find out why owners in the delaware valley will get their vehicles fixed first and a 12-year-old is home alone when robbers break down his door . >> camped out in a closet he came face-to-face with the suspects before police arrived.
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sounds like a movie. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us at channel 6 "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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