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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  August 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good good morning everyone it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, august 6. here's what's happening. >> like it for not it's going to happen major highways will close, we'll have live details. >> a driver gets stuck on railroad tracks, now he could face charges. >> we're learning about the man who was shot and killed in a tennessee movie theater. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing we have clouds west and farther south and west we have rain. there's a fair amount of cloud cover starting to dig through. in allentown we're down to 59. 62 in trenton. 60 in reading.
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64 in wilmington, some suburbs kind of cool and we dip into the upper 60s on the boardwalks. heading out we're looking at 68 by 6:00. 71 by 8:00. partly cloudy and comfortable conditioners, as we roll through the day it's going to be a warm one. noon, 81. by 3:00, that's the high of 85 with clouds increasing as the day goes on, perhaps late this afternoon or evening. the poabt -- possibility of rain. the rain that's arriving is because of the area of low pressure west of us. it will track south tonight and into tomorrow. looks like most of the rain we get from that will be south of philadelphia. when i come back i will show you a couple of models there's not total agreement with the placement of this rain. we're looking forward to the weekend whether -- where we bounce back. karen, what do the roads look like? >> reporter: the roads are clear and dry.
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i-95 at girard southbound traffic heading toward center city moving just fine at this point. we can see the construction off to the side. on the big picture we're seeing speeds overall on schuylkill expressway and i-95 mostly in the 50s at this point the phils play today at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you'll have an afternoon game with the extra congestion in south philadelphia. taking another live look, here we are once again looking at i-95 dry and clear as we step outside. this is the vine street expressway, westbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. it's early no delays just yet heading out the door. >> reporter: back at the big board we've got the pope clock up, 51 daze, four hours before the visit. he'll be here for two days, during that time 25 milesful highway will be closed. let's show youath -- what
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this this is going to mean. these areas are called traffic boxes. you can walk in, but you can't drive in. this will go into effect on friday september 25th. in this area at 6:00 p.m. right here. look at the bolderrers to the north, delaware boulevard spring garden, up to girard that's where you are to the bottom it's a little clearer. it will just be south street. smaller section over here, university city, west philadelphia that will go into effect on friday night at 10:00 p.m. 6 for this area, 10:00 for that area. if you want to be around here, sketchers, ad
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get a pair of those. >> reporter: now with the restrictions and closures have been announced people can start to plan ahead and you should. traffic restrictions are out and residents are learning about where they can and can not go. >> private vehicles will not be a viable option on the weekend in center city. >> reporter: most of the road and bridge shut down takes place friday evening september 25th, the night before the pope arrives. getting around could be a headache disruptions to daily routines could be significant. >> i commute to south jersey, it's a 30 minute commute. coming into the city or leaving the city will be hectic. there will be no septa bus or trolley service within the traffic boxings. bikes will be allowed in and out for businesses who remain open many have started planning. >> we've had meetings about it
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and we're trying to prepare for it as best as we can. >> reporter: some businesses city hospitals are bringing in cots so workers can sleep on them because a lot of people will be in town that weekend. depending on where you are expected to a lot of walking of a couple of miles or more. >> highway traffic will be restricted 10:00 p.m., friday july 25th. the schuylkill will be closed from the blue route. westbound, 76 i-95 to route 1. the vine street expressway will be closed in both directions, river to river. the ben franklin bridge will be closed until noon the following monday. city avenue blocked between lancaster and bell month. the pope will be staying at saint charles borromeo seminary oncy avenue. go to for a look at the closures and traffic
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restrictions. we've posted the links we have on this on facebook. >> driver took a wrong turn and got stuck on septa tracks in delaware county. it happened at 3:30. the 19-year-old driver drove on the tracks at brook haven road went a short distance and got stuck. the action cam was there when police removed the vehicle. pennsylvania's top prosecutor could face criminal charges. attorney general kathleen kane will be formally charged today possibly with purjury and obstruction of justice. those are two of the charges the grand jury recommended that she fails for allegedly leaking secret info to embarrass a former aid. she denied any wrong doing. bill cosby will testify under oath in connection with one of the many sexual assault
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allegation also against him. judy booth is suing cosby for alleged sexual assault when she was 15. could also biwill face deposition on october 9 and booth will testify a week later. thieves have sidelined a philadelphia football team as it was about to kick off the season. vandals broke into the concession stand and shed and stole critical equipment and pads. the team is 2014 american league champions and scrambling to replace the gear before the season opener. musikfest kicks off in bethlehem if you're a child of the 80s and 90s you might want to show up. didduran
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musikfest runs through the 16th. david murphy is going up. >> union of the snake. >> takes me back to my teenage years. >> reporter: i like them, too, i would like to have gone to that concert tomorrow but friday morning i'll be up there saturday and monday, in the tent. storm tracker 6 live double scan, shows that we are dry this morning. as we take a look outside we have early sun coming up over the horizon, you can see the clouds vacating over northeast philadelphia. we're seeing the sky cover get bright out there but clouds will generally increase during the day. that's going to be the story. 59 degrees in allentown. it is cool and comfortable as you step outside. trenton, 62. wilmington, 64. in philadelphia, we're up to 70. 66 in millville and ranging in the low 70s across most shore
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communities 62 in ac inland at the airport. it looks like clouds get thicker as we go through the day later this evening and evening we're looking at mostly cloudy skies the model is not showing it, but there could light showers beginning to move into shore areas later this evening, and evening. eventually we see the rain pushing up toward philadelphia although you can see the heavier stuff is likely closer to the shore and all weekend tonight in philadelphia is lighter precipitation. allentown, sun and clouds, increasing cloud cover as the day goes on. pleasant high of 81. down the shore clowsdz increasing -- clouds increasing. late-day rain, no problem with rip currents just yet that will be a problem tomorrow as the wave of low pressure gets off the coast and pushes wiewrt on the beaches. -- water on the beaches. light rain in southern areas but not so much in philadelphia
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during the daytime. # 5 is the high, a little bit less than yesterday. 71 by 8:00. 80 by 11:00. by 5:00 p.m. we'll be clouding up. we'll see our high of 85 around 3:00 p.m. this model run has the rain tapering off and ending in philadelphia early afternoon. there are some models though, that keep the rain on and off throughout philadelphia and south. down the shore, most of the models playing up the rain a little bit more. the idea tomorrow most of the rain is by the shore the closer you get to philadelphia, the less you get. the morning is wettest part of the day. 85 increasing clouds, there's a chance of late sprinkles and showers down the shore late in
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the day. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we have rain, most of it south northern suburbs won't see anything. 80 is tomorrow's high. clouds on saturday, high of 83. sunday and monday, highs in the mid 80s. we get into an unsettled pattern tuesday with a pop-up thunderstorm. >> still ahead on "action news," we learn more about the attacker who was killed at a nashville movie theater. >> we learn about an officer who has been been taunting an officer with peanuts. >> reporter: we have 42 at creek road. back to the future hover board see video later in the morning buzz.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across center city. thursday 5:14, 72 degrees, a nice mild start to your thursday. >> hi karen. >> reporter: nice to see you guys. time to check the suburban traffic report. we have problems at this early hour. starting on route 42. look at this traffic scram you don't normal -- traffic jam you don't normally see this early. we have lights ahead blocking the right lane swells left lane. -- as well as the left lane. you only have the lane in the model to get by.
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look at 42 northbound jammed you you got to take your time getting in use the black horse pike because this accident is causing delays with two lanes blocked. pottstown mosser road at industrial highway watch for an accident restrictioning there in montgomery county -- restricting traffic there in montgomery county. two accidents in on the big picture. speeds are looking good schuylkill expressway expressway commuter traffic report we found people talking about this accident on 42 that seems to be the big one that people are worried about and someone sent in a picture of the jammed traffic as they were waiting in the line. be careful as you head out black horse a good option for you.
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59 in allentown. 60 in reading. feels good out there as you step outside. 66 degrees in millville. we're dry. we're not entirely dry we'll see increasing clouds especially south of the city. high of 85. >> new on "action news," a s.w.a.t team killed a man who launched an attack on a suburban nashville movie theater. the 29-year-old was carrying a hatchet, pepper spray and pellet gun that appeared to be a real gun. he blasted three people with the spray. testimony continues in a controversial trial of a white police officer and black homeless man. officer randall is accused of voluntary manuals. police say he he was shot ten times.
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defense attorney general alleged he charged the police officer. >> a police officer was forced to resign after this video went public. it shows the officer throwing peanuts at a handcuffed homeless man. the officer was placed on discipline -- administrative leave, the inmate who was apparently drunk was arrested. phillies had a two-run homer in the 8th. phillies lose 4-3. they are still 13, 4 since the all star break. the eagles resume training camp after taking yesterday off. chip kelly will replace his top receiver jeremy maclin. nelson ago -- agular was drafted
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in the first round. jordon matthews had a terrific rookie season with 872 yards and 8 touchdowns. looks like people will get a 4d experience at the movies. the odd sight in washington, d.c. involving a police officer and woman has more than passer byes scratching their heads.
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>> this video is crisscrossing the internet of a woman riding on the hood of a police cruiser in washington, d.c. the cruiser pulled out from a parking area on the street. the woman remained on the hood of the cruiser while cars passed. the cruiser went down the street with the woman posing provocatively. washington metro is having internal affairs looking into it. >> reporter: don't you know there are video cameras anywhere. you can't getaway with anything any more. just remember that.
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let's check the cameras on route 42 northbound at creek road. look at the backup because of the accident. you can see the flashing lights blocking not just the right lane, but the center lane, as well. you might want to take the black horse pike instead of 42 northbound. trolley 10, 11, 13, 34, 36 diverted to 40th street until august 17th for instruction. 101 and 102 shuttle busing. philadelphia is 70. suburbs in the 60s. yesterday we broke the heat wave, getting up to 8 # there. down the shore there's a chance of pop-up shower with steady rain arriving tonight. the southern cote of the carolinas and back through atlanta and parts of the southern states have severe
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chance of afternoon thunderstorms. there's a patch out in the midwest. on the big board philadelphia international airport looks like all green aircraft and no rain reported in our most frequently traveled destinations this morning. >> let's go to "healthcheck," you want to live longer. add spice to your life. researchers examine the diets of half a million chinese over the last 7 years the most used spice is hot chill -- chili pepper. it's one of the things you should consider. lexus is testing its hover board. >> a road rage incident brings
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traffic to a standstill. she has ae. >> movie theaters will have 4d that means bigger ticket prices. we have a frontrunner for the new face of the 10-dollar bill. roosevelt leading the pack of historic women. harriet tubman in second place. fall flavors coming, pumpkin spice peach now. carmel apple and candy corn available at the end of this month. can't wait for the pumpkin spice. you don't have to wait until easter folks that's your peeps news.
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>> in the morning buzz this morning, i know you love back to the future the hover board figures in that. it could be a thing in our future but in a limited way. lexus created one and they have done it. it's a professional skate boarder, you can see him sliding down rails and glieldz over water. it is not all smooth riding, there were a couple of tumbles
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they are doing it just because they can not to mark it. it doesn't seem like this will be something to bring to the public. you can ride it anywhere, it does have the magnetics underneath. california business owner said he was on the receiving end of a scam that resulted in a 100,000-dollar verizon phone bill. >> special appearance in new jersey to the delight of spectators, we'll be right back.
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>> now on "action news," the delaware valley preparing for widespread road closures during the pope's visit next month. >> new this morning crews check out a haz/mat scare at penn's campus. happening today criminal charges are expected to be filed against pennsylvania's top prosecutor. >> good morning, 5:30 august 6. let's find out what's going on
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in accuweather someone has a parisian flare, karen rogers. >> reporter: i brought paris to philadelphia. >> welcome back. >> reporter: welcome back. clouds are getting thicker as we go through the afternoon in particular eventually there could rain arriving especially down the shore showers this evening, and later tonight. dry for now 70 degrees in philadelphia. 59 in allentown nice and cool and comfortable as you step outside in the lehigh valley. 60 down the pike in reading and lancaster. 62 in trenton and 69 on the boardwalk in avalon, new jersey. as we head out the door. 68 degrees, 71 by 8:00. comfortable conditions. rolling through the day it will be a warm one. we did break the heat wave yesterday. that's good. by 3:00 p.m. we'll see a high of 85 degrees and humidity stays on the low side today. as we take a look at that a


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