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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 6, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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operative to harm state prosecutors she believed made her look bad. >> motivation for these acts exposed by the information we gathered and in the attorney general's own words this is war. this is her war, based upon the evident conducted without regard to the rules and without regard to the law and without regard to any collateral damage. >> kane has consistently denied she broke any laws and released this statement. i am very disappointed that the district attorney made the decision to pursue this case, i have proclaimed my innocence since these allegations came out. i look forward to the opportunity to present my case in a public courtroom. i remain committed to leading the office of attorney general
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and a resignation would be an admission of guilt and i am not guilty. right now on we have the list of charges against kathleen kane and more details about the history of this investigation. extensive road closures will take effect when the pope visits philadelphia next month and most of the restrictions will last throughout the weekend and people are reacting to this news. eva pilgram is live in conshohocken eva what are people saying? >> people are talking about what the traffic closures will look like, right now traffic in conshohocken is pretty slow and people are expecting anything but that when the pope rolls into town. >> it's crowded but fantastic. >> expecting it to be busy, but hopefully it brings business to the area and that is a good thing. >> road closures start friday september 25th at 10:00 p.m.
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u.s. 1 is closed in both direction from belmont avenue as will 76 eastbound from the blue route to 95 and that has businesses here on fayette street preparing for extra traffic. >> we are bulking up on everything kind of right in the middle of fayette street and there are few places after the exit so we are planning on a lot of foot traffic. >> those that live in the area are getting creative with their weekend plans. >> we'll have to ride a bicycle. >> we may avoid the city on the weekend i'm not riding a bicycle. >> no question everyone is preparing for traffic craziness something they say will be worth it. >> it's going to be it's a very special situation and we should be honored and we are to be part of it. >> one weekend we can do that. >> now for a full list of road closures for the suburbs and the city, we have maps and all the details on when the closures will start and when they will
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stop on our website at in conshohocken, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> you can take another look at the closures and traffic restrictions by going to plus share information with your family and friends by posting the link on facebook. >> remember you can keep up to date on all the developments surrounding the pope's visit with our special twitter account just follow at 6 abc pope. turning to accuweather it's much less humid and not as hot but changes are coming and they are wet, looking at sky 6 hd in philadelphia a clear day, nice out there. david murphy is joining us out there with more details. >> sunshine on the terrace right now but lets look at the area of low pressure out to the south and west tracking to the east coast meaning the center of this system misses us to the south and inundating rainfall in the
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carolinas and perhaps virginia around here it's light in philadelphia and probably arriving later this evening and late this afternoon and into the evening areas to our south and southern delaware could pick up the activity. there doesn't look to be heavy rain here but there are models backing off on how much we are going to get. from you in the northern sub ubs you probably don't have to worry about the rain. temperatures ahead of all of that 80 in philadelphia and down the pike in washington a little more humid down the coast and not too bad in philadelphia as we roll through the afternoon, 84 by 2:00, and 85 is your high at 3:00, and we are sitting on it at 4:00, the low 80s by k and 74 by 10:00 and in that 6:00 to 10:00 period you see sprinkles and showers building in to delaware and south jersey. severe weather probability for
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those of you traveling around the country, the low pressure cruises through areas to the south there could be afternoon thunderstorms, some of that potential by kansas city as well. and delays at some of our airports up and down the east coast and chicago and new york city were among them, but those were traffic delays on not weather delays. now they have cleared those out. things are better going into the afternoon, i'll take another look at future tracker 6 and show various model predictions for how much rain we'll get it doesn't look like horrific rain but some areas especially down south should get wet tonight. >> thank you david now to the latest on malaysian airline flight 370, two different countries are telling two different stories about the debris found in the ocean. that leaves the families caught in the middle.
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>> reporter: malaysian investigators and families of those lost on hm 370 may be closer than ever before to getting answers about the doomed flight. >> the malaysians now know where the wing fragment came from. >> a piece of debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh 370, this appears to be the first piece of physical evidence since mh 370 vanished in april of 2014 with 23 9 but they remain cautious they did not fine a virile number just a mainance code. the clashing commons have infuriated those who had loved ones on the plane.
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>> i cannot have full closure until they bring back my husband. i need to give him a proper sendoff. >> malaysian authorities also found a window and aluminum foil on reunion island but cannot cop firm that came from mh 370. >> the search continues for the sub merged plane off the coast of australia, as the investigators are combing the area for more debris. in washington, stephanie ramos channel 6 "action news." there was a has matt scare this morning in university city, staff at the pen school of dennistry called in a spill at 2:00 a.m. authorities said it was a none lethal liquid leaking from a tank. governor jack markell is signing a law aimed at improving fire safety it requires builders of single family and
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two family homes to provide families the cost of putting in an automatic sprinkler system and home buyers get information from the state marshall for auto matic sprinklers. this morning in south philadelphia dozens of volunteers spent a few hours filling backpacks with school supplies for local children in need it was all part of the backpackathon at lincoln financial, volunteers stuffed them with notebooks paper and pencils, the backpacks and supplies are donated to 24000 children from low income backgrounds. and today local teens are hoppering their local police officers by preparing and serving them lunch. they were here as they worked on the project working for our
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heroes they started cooks at k and lunch was served at noon. much more ahead here on "action news" at 12:30 we now know that bill cosby will testify under oath find out when his court appearance will be. and blue bell is making ice-cream again but you won't be able to eat it just yet. let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line.
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testimony continues today in a controversial trial concerning a white police officer and an unarmed black man it showed the moments before jonathan randall was killed. officer kerrick was charged with manslaughter. he was looking for help after a car wreck. bill cosby will testify under only in connection with one of many sexual assaults against him.
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julie hoff is suing him for sexual battery, she was just 15 at the time and that is why there are no limitations he will face the depositions. no one is immune from being called for jury duty, former president george w. bush reported to jury duty on thursday he sat with the panel hanging around for a few hours he was not selected to serve during a trial. a st. louis woman was caught trying to steal a plane because she wanted to go to china the woman parked her car until illinois yesterday and walked into the cockpit of the 20 seater jet that was being renovated. she tried to start the engine but the plane was disabled.
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she was arrested. blue bell will start making their ice-cream again they closed their plants in april and recalled their ice-cream after the deadly listeria bacteria was found in some of their products they have been testing products for nearly a month and state officials have not found signs of listeria they have not said when the product will be back in stores stores. nasa will rely on their russian counter parts, to sign a hundred million contract and nasa is working closely with russia since retiring the space program since 2011, the spacecraft for boeing and space x for missions launched in the u.s. in 2017. still ahead on "action news" at
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12:30, musikfest kicks off and what to expect when you head out.
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penn state up verthas a new shield logo they say that the schools previous shield logo was released in the 1980s, they decided to overhaul it to bring the logo into the 21st century, they say that they created different variations that led to a lack of branding cohesion it still has the head of the iconic nittany lion statue. if you are a child of the 8:00 and 9:00, duran duran is performing tonight, concert goers will have additional decorations to admire they are hanging yarn creations across the ground and it's covering
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trees and poles and even a bridge 6 abc is proud to be an official media partner once again. >> it sounds like a nice weekend again. >> it's a great kickoff weekend for duran duran and i love musikfest and i'll see you on the 6 abc tent. and a lot of my friends will be up there too. >> we continue to hang the cool woolen pieces of artwork around musikfest it's dry and that is good. we have sunshine across the region and earlier the action cam was looking at the seagulls, i guess those are, hanging out over the schuylkill river. and they are just kind of hanging out and it's not a bad day. 80 is your temperature and the dew point is 53 winds from the south-southeast at 5 miles per hour. cloud cover is thinning out a
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bit and we have a fair amount of sunshine coming through but you don't have to go too much farther west to find the thicker spots. you'll see the skies turning more gray, and we turn our eyes to the precipitation, the leading age may fall apart before it pushes in. but we have a late day arrival of sprinkles and showers, 82 in reading and 85 in wilmington and 85 in philadelphia later on and mid-80s all the way down to the shore, late rain arriving south. down along the coast itself no rip currents and we'll start to see a pickup in that, and maybe saturday as a wave of low pressure gets off the coast. nice on the beach and increasing clouds and perhaps rain, some of that in cape may county and in delaware and some could filter in closer to philadelphia as well. 76 in the water closer to
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rehoboth beach 84 by 3:00 and 85 by 5:00, and by 7:00, basically cloudy and 82 is the high there, 79 by 9:00 and overnight low goes down to 67 degrees, for musikfest tonight in bethlehem, the rain that is arriving looks like a southern system and areas from philadelphia south that has a chance of being effected by this if you are headed north to bethlehem you are all right for duran duran. they hit at 8:30 with an opening ac before then. and 78 at show time. and then future tracker 6 showing you that overnight tonight and in through tomorrow there will be still be cloud cover around and there is disagreement as to how much precipitation we'll get out of this, the latest run that came out an hour ago on this one here the rpm, has backed off from much rain at all but there are
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other models that show rain coming in late this evening and overnight and getting out of here at some point on friday afternoon. the different models in terms of how much rain we'll get differ a bit. this will really depend on the storm track and the track is far enough south where we end up with less than a .10 inch that means light rain or sprinkles around philadelphia but down the shore it's pushing higher amounts. somewhere a half inch or less looks pretty good, for cape may county maybe up as high as atlantic city and down through delaware, that builds in late this afternoon and this evening and intensifies into tomorrow morning 85 is today's high and increasing clouds and late sprinkles and showers are possible south of philadelphia late today and this evening, and then steadier rain in philadelphia late tonight and tomorrow rain to the south and a high of 80 degrees, and
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philadelphia may see sprinkles or light stuff but steadier rain possible in parts of south jersey and delaware hopefully we dry out into the afternoon but the closer you are to the shore the longer it may last. tomorrow a break for sunshine and the weekend is looking great and a high of 83 in philadelphia and you can probably knock 3 degrees off that high in allentown and bethlehem where musikfest is happening. sunday looks great 86 under the sun and another nice one on monday. >> thank you. on the people scene tonight is john stewart's final appearance as the host of the daily show he took over in 1999 and steered the show from jokes to political satire he featured correspondents that went on to
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be stars. trevor noah is expected to take over the show next month after a short hiatus. the set of the daily show will be donated to the museum in washington, d.c., it will aacquire the desk globe and prop, john stewart was the voice for a strong and free press.
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here is what is coming up on 6 abc, beginning at 8:00 you can watch the astronaut wives club and the mistress at 9:00 and rookie blue at 10:00 and then "action news" at 10:00. and if are you looking for distraction this afternoon check out we posted the best toys in the background of the movie toy story you never
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realized they were there probably. there is an entire community of toys filling out the shelves, some include the smiling dinosaur and snake who has been woody and the pals sin the beginning, if you want to see the full list go to and click the link there on the home page. all big part of the story there. >> they are. david with a final check of the forecast. >> it's warm out there and still pretty nice, high temperatures this afternoon in the northern and western suburbs, lots of low 80s, 80 and 81 way up north in allentown and bangor clouds mixing with sun as we go through the afternoon, evening and night, as we look at the i-95 corridor there may be a late day shower or sprinkle south of
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atlantic city and cape may and over toward dover and points south, where we have the best chance of late rain, and continuing overnight into tomorrow morning. but it doesn't look like it will be an inundating rain because of area of low pressure is tracking far to the south and it's a bigger issue for washington d.c. and norfolk and raleigh and other points to the south. we are getting a brush from the storm and the first rain drops could occur late this afternoon and this evening. >> thank you. looks like flipper is taking up resident in the north jersey river the bottlenose dolphin dove in and out. it's connected to the raritan river that feeds in the raritan bay, it's not unusual for the dolphins to swim inland and believe it's smart enough to make its way out to the ocean
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again. >> coming up on "action news" at 4:00 big talker followup. the woman at the center of a frozen embryo battle. and can one divorcee keep -- that is the question that the ocean county judge is faced with this week, what his ruling could mean for other families in new jersey. that is it for "action news" at noon don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for meteorologist, david murphy rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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