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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, august 7. breaking right now. >> gunfire erupts in north philadelphia leaving a teenager dead and police are looking for the trigger woman right now we're live with the details. >> the man behind a craig's list add is on the run after he scammed house hunters out of thousands of dollars. ten of the chosen ones prime time debate of the gop season. >> nobody pulled the sword out of the stone, we'll see. >> reporter: fairly cool and comfortable. we have clouds breaking up in and around philadelphia. if you're down the shore if you take a look at satellite, you can see it's cloudier, we have a southern system passing us by, we have light rain in
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philadelphia briefly. that looks like it's over and down the shore perhaps through the morning hours a couple of more sprinkles and showers. looks like the sun is re-emerging in the northern half of the region and make it down the shore. 78 in allentown. low 70s along the boardwalks. as we roll through the day noon 80 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 83 that's the high. by 6:00 p.m. holding on to the low 80s. boy, the weekend is looking salute gorgeous, we'll have details from accuweather. carnal, what about roads early on? >> reporter: you mentioned sprinkles to the south. the roads are dry on the schuylkill expressway. northwesterlyless we -- never theless we have an accident here. police blocked all lanes they pushed the accident off to the side. we have police penndot on the
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scene look for that on the schuylkill expressway westbound. otherwise you're moving in the 50s. even i-95 the first signs of slowing 39 miles per hour southbound near girard. no big problems there. the one big accident we have is in honeybrook, police have shut down twin county road between popular and ash street. if you're in that area stick to route 23 to avoid that problem. in new jersey, northbound traffic 42 from creek road no problems, a little bit of building volume that's about it. southbound we'll see the shore traffic hit early but a little too early for they can't. >> breaking right now an argument in north philadelphia sparked a hail of gunfire that left a teenager dead and has police looking for a shooter who they say is a young women. katherine scott is live with the details. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the shooter is a woman her late teens early
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20s, the victim is an 18-year-old man. the detectives at the homicide division are investigating the case as they continue to look for the shooter. this happened around midnight in north philadelphia. the shots rang out on 1900 block of crosskey street. when police found they 18-year-old man he was already inside the home after his family members carried him inside. he was shot twice once in the chest, once in the abdomin. he was rushed to the hospital, he was unconscious and underwent surgery and pronounced dead after 2:00 a.m. after he was shot, family members carried him in the home. circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under investigation. >> the shooter female and other females on the block were involved in an earlier dispute altercation and fight. and then, after that, this female returned with other
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females and that's when the shooting occurred. >> reporter: and police did locate some private surveillance cameras on the block but they are unclear if there is any footage that can help in the investigation. call homicide division if you have any tips. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that, katherine. we're at the big board to talk about the big event last night, the top ten gop candidates meeting up for prime time debate. they were ready to mix it up. republicans like new jersey governor chris christie scrambled to compete for attention because a lot of spotlight was on billionaire donald trump. christy got in a few jabs. he and rands paul went at it over the patriot act. christy as they say his response was don't come for me unless i call for you. >> megyn that's a completely
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ridiculous answer i want to collect more records from terrorists and less from others. >> use the fourth amendment. get a warrant. get a judge to sign the warrant. >> govenor christy make your point. >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things about that. vintage christy. when the candidates go out on the trail people hear something you said you get momentum, it may not go to smoothly because of this, the closure of the george washington bridge the whole controversy that kicked o the suit over that has been quashed, but it's been revived. now attention is back on an issue he may want voters to forget. 44-year-old harry moore
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posts ads for retle listing in -- rental listings in west oak lane and takes deposit and then he said the properties are no longer available. >> my boyfriend said he wasn't getting any bad vibes off him he is really good at it, i guess. >> reporter: how are you feeling now? >> angry because i'm displaced and i have a 2-year-old. >> reporter: moore has taken ten thousand dollars from four victims since march. >> the days of wheeling and dealing over some cars is over. maribel aber has more. >> reporter: there will be no more price haggling at lexus dealerships. employees will be trained to let
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the customers walk away if they don't like a set price. stocks sold off as investors awaited the july employment report that's due out today. futures report to a lower open. the jobs report will be released with the forecast of 225,000 jobs being created. netflix is branching out to spanish language programming they have shows from latin america. viewership numbers are strong in the early going. back over to you. >> have a great weekend. see you next week. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are looking at a few sprinkles and showers down south the southern storm system cruising by the
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south is so far to the south we are only seeing light rain around. it is pushing closer and closer to the shore and then we dry out later this afternoon. as we look outside, we have sunshine coming up in and around philadelphia and the northern half of the area looking at plenty of sunshine. 70 degrees in philadelphia. 58 in allentown. 63 in reading. again, most of the clouds over the southern portion of the region this morning, but that sun is going to be working down toward the shore during the morning and especially later in the afternoon. 70 degrees on the boardwalk in cape may. future tracker 6 shows you not only does the rain get out of her in the morning and afternoon hours down south. but we see the clearing, and it looks like most of us will see the return of sunshine for the morning and afternoon. allentown, sun mixing with clouds, 83 degrees and pleasant up in the lehigh valley this afternoon. down the shore a pretty nice day, as well. once we get into the afternoon. 76 is the high. we have clouds and sprinkles and
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showers around in the morning. in the afternoon the sprinkles and showers start to die down. eventually we get brighter and we're not looking at rip currents in the water. it had been an concern but the concern has diminished a little bit there. swim near the lifeguards. 83 is the high in philadelphia. clouds and sun comfortable conditions winds out of the northeast at 8 to 16 miles per hour. here's how the numbers will crawl up today 69 degrees by 8:00. 78 warm by 11:00. we spend afternoon in the low 80s high around 3:00 p.m. at musikfest the main stage show is flaming lips. they take the stage at 8:30. they are opening the gates at steel stacks 5:00 p.m. concert time temperature around 80. but most of the time you'll be falling in the mid 70s. it will be comfortable and dry tonight. for the weekend, high pressure buildings in, sunshine along with it.
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saturday and sunday looks sunny and warm. so make your plans. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83 today we're looking at improvement even down the shore this afternoon getting it quick in philadelphia. nice and warm on saturday, 87. another 87 on sunday absolutely gorgeous this weekend. we're moving up the arrival of unsettled weather looks like clouds giving way to sun on monday. there can be a spotty late thunderstorm, probably a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday, but it looks like the system is out are of here pretty quick and we are looking at dry conditions wednesday and thursday, highs in the mid 80s. with duran duran last night i'm not surprised. >> reporter: back to the 80s. >> up next, more stories you didn't see last night including newly released footage that could crack a 20-year-old art heist. >> a cabbie is fine for passing
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up certain pickups. >> reporter: no problems at route 1. we'll take a live look at the accident scene on the schuylkill expressway coming up. >> the students have to get their zs before they get their as right? cdc says that means later school start times. >> reporter: yea! [laughter].
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>> breaking news, two intruders broke into a south philadelphia home slapped the owners around and stole their stuff. they made off with cash, jewelry and cell phones, the victims refused medical treatment. >> let's go over to karen rogers, she is taking a look at the your morning commute. >> reporter: we have an accident on the the schuylkill expressway. we have penndot police on the scene. westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway approaching girard open and moving better now that the accident is off to the side. not too many reports of accidents on the commuter traffic report picking up an accident on rising sun avenue watch for that in philadelphia. we've got another accident that they are talking about over west dunkin avenue.
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a couple of minor accidents but not a big problem. ben franklin bridge volume is not a problem. summertime treats us nicely here. westbound traffic coming into the city, right lane blocked on going construction on the ben. we had an accident cheltenham but that has cleared. we have all the latest traffic on twitter with the #6abc traffic. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're basically dry through the region. david has been talking about the sprinkles south of the city. they are very light temperature-wise, 57 in quakertown, 71 in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey, upper 60s riebt -- right now matt. this is surveillance video from 1990 released now of a half billion art heist at a boston museum. a security guard seems to be
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improbably letting someone in through a cracked door. crook used the same door to steal masterpieces. nobody was ever charged the paintings have never been found. this is new video of a father appearing to leave his infant daughter inside a hot car in a central iowa parking lot. a passer by spotted the baby sweating and crying inside the car. officers used the special tool to unlock the car door and rescue the baby. she is expected to make full recovery. a woman said she and her daughters were refused a cab ride because they were african-american and now a former new york city cab driver is going to have to pay up. the judge ordered him to pay $25,000 for not picking up thumb
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he and picking up who white passengers. >> are you kidding me, you picking up these two -- i did say some bad words. you wouldn't take my family, i'm going to report you. >> jordon said her lawsuit is not about the money she wants cabbies to think twice before refusing a fare based on on race. the cabbie said she is going to counter sue. teenagers need more sleep cdc is sounding the alarm saying many students need more sleep. >> reporter: sunscreen if you're heading to the pool. a great weekend ahead. a great weekend for musikfest. i'll be up at the 6abc tent stop by and say hi if you're enjoying the first weekend of musikfest.
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getting you downtown and weekend forecast. >> get some of the corn if you go up there. the corn is good. philadelphia schools are hoping to stretch what isrd already a 3-day weekend into a 5-day weekend when pope francis comes to town, but first tech bytes. >> reporter: galaxy note 5 and s vi edge and the smart watch. >> reporter: it appears teens no longer go to the mall to make friends. >> reporter: three-quarters of girls use social media to meet friends. just a month after it launched apple's new streaming music service attracted 11 million members. the real test will come in september when the free three
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month trial period comes to an end. spotify has 20 million paying customers. >> reporter: i'm going to check this out. why not. >> reporter: give me your password. >> reporter: those are your tech bytes. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine®.
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>> the philadelphia school district is asking for afroorvel approval to keep schools closed for september 24 in preparation for the pope. src will vote on whether or not to approve the additional day off for august 20th. >> reporter: let's go outside there's the boulevard southbound traffic on the left heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you're looking okay. it's been a good start to the morning, regional rails are looking good, no reported
6:22 am
problems on them. the trollies continue to have 10 11, 34, 36 diverted to 40th street until august 7. >> reporter: clouds down south in south jersey and delaware. the sun is back point north. 79 by 9:00. 83 degrees is the high today. not all that bad today more sunshine as the day goes on. if you're traveling out of town, the florida panhandle has potential for severe weather. southern georgia some areas along the gulf coast and a half spots out to the west, but most of the population centers look okay. major traveling destinations, philadelphia, boston to orlando no rain reported. happy trarvelings -- travels. >> 80% of middle and high schoolers start school before 8:30, and cdc say that's a bad
6:23 am
idea. doctors say school start times should be pushed back a little bit, because if they don't get enough sleep they will be overweight, suffer from depression and engage in risky behaviors. >> the phillies begin a 9 day road trip and chase utley will be along for the ride. the inflammation on his right ankle since june could start with the padres tonight. that's him doing minor league action there. of. >> the search for a philadelphia boy comes to a tragic end. >> reporter: katherine scott is updating us on a shooter in north philadelphia. >> reporter: that's right, matt, police say a woman shot and killed a teenager in north philadelphia. we're live with the
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>> a delaware county commute came together to mourn an 11-year-old boy found dead in the darby creek. this is the scene outside the church where the family worshiped. dozens held candles and balloons as they shared the memory of the young man. tragic new developments in a traffic crash along the white horse pike. we learned overnight that one person involved has died. it happened after 8:00 near
6:27 am
manheim avenue in galloway township. the driver of the car was killed. no word on what may have caused the crash. musikfest unofficially kicked off with a band that used to be showed endlessly on mtv. duran duran brought everybody back to rio again. the ten day festival kicks off tonight with the flaming lips. 6abc is a proud sponsor of musikfest. >> a beloved bakery is closing its doors in philadelphia leaving hundreds out of work, but maybe not for long.
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america runs on dunkin'. breaking right now on "action news," a teenager is dead police are searching for a young female shooter who had
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backup. >> a family with two children are among seven people sickened from poisonous fumes in south philadelphia. >> money raters call out the donald for previous slams on women and immigrants. >> it's friday david murphy. >> reporter: we have sunshine coming in over philadelphia and the clouds are thicker down south and there are clouds and sprinkles around in south jersey and delaware. the sun is coming back in the north and we expect it to push south during the afternoon. eventually later today you'll see sunshine returning to the shore. 70 degrees in philadelphia right now. 69 in wilmington. 65 in trenton. 58 cool, and comfortable in allentown. 71 along the boardwalks this morning. as we roll through the day it's going to be a warm one with the
6:31 am
sunshine growing as the day goes on. 3:00 p.m., 83 is the high, we'll be holding the low 80s by 6:00. got the musikfest call tonight and the weekend call which is looking good, that's coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i know people who are taking off for the weekend. because i've got a whole lot of nothing happening on the roads. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound just a minute ago we saw the crews leave the scene and and schuylkill expressway westbound back open and looking good. i-95, looking at 21, 23 miles per hour. as we look live approaching cottman, it's not too bad right here, that's southbound traffic heading toward center city. pretty light volume. this is summertime volume kicking in. 20 minute ride southbound on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine. we have construction in egg harbor township, mill road is
6:32 am
closed use zion road and the parkway southbound near the great egg tolls we have construction there. the shorepoints if you're heading out early seems like you are, or sleeping in, the shorepoints are looking good right now. >> it is 6:32 we're starting with breaking news. philadelphia police are out looking for a young woman she is wanted for gunning down an 18-year-old man outside his house. katherine scott is live outside police headquarters with details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam that's right the search is on for a woman police say shot and killed an 18-year-old man. detectives at the homicide division are investigating just after midnight shots rang out on the 1900 block of crosskey in north philadelphia. when police arrived they found an 18-year-old man shot twice once in his chest once in his abdomin. he was rushed to the hospital. he was unconscious as police took him to the hospital.
6:33 am
he underwent surgery and pronounced dead around 2:00 a.m. police say the shooter was fighting earlier with other women on the block. she returned with another group of women and a gun that's when when the shots were fired. >> the shooter is described as a female, 18 to 20 years of age wearing jeans and last seen north on foot in the 1900 block of crosskey street. >> reporter: and police did locate some private surveillance cameras in the area, but they say it is unclear if there is any footage that can help in the investigation. if you have any tips police want to hear from you. live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia detectives are sorting out details on a double shooting in the city's logan section. the victims are brothers. they are found on the 1500 block
6:34 am
of north camack street. witnesses heard gunshots and a car speeding away. the men are in critical condition. this story is developing. car fumed sicken the seven people in southwest philadelphia overnight. it happened in the 2700 block of island avenue. firefighters found two people inside a row home overcome by fumes. we're told a 69-year-old woman was unresponsive at the scene and a firefighter along with two children and two adults in a neighboring home also got sick. officials say a car was left running in the garage and that is to blame. >> well, donald trump was not surpriseingly a big talker and target. he was questioned boo his posts posts -- about his posts about
6:35 am
women. >> he call women you don't like called fat pigs, dogs and slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. i've been challenged by so many people, i don't frankly have time for to that political correctness. >> trump wouldn't rule out running on a third party ticket if he doesn't win the nomination. hillary clinton held a star-studded fundraiser in los angeles. kardashian chris jenner posted a picture on twitter. she said she is often in a state of disbelieve from what she hears from her 2016 rivals. kathleen kane has been charged on a number of political corruption charges. she has been charged with
6:36 am
violating grand jury secrecy laws and lying under oath. governor tom wolf is calling on the state's top prosecutor to step down. >> have one filed against her seems to me compromises her just the filing of that, it's going to make it difficult for her to do her job as the top law enforcement officer while she has to defend herself against these charges. >> doesn't look like she also listen -- she is listening, she is saying she is innocent and is going to defend herself. a bakery that has been in the city for a century is relocating to bellmawr, new jersey in october as part of a merge he were with ginsburg. amoroso's.
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>> better not change the recipe. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows you we are mainly dry, south jersey and delaware, a couple of sprinkles and showers that could continue on and off through the morning hours, i think you will see drying there. fortunately the southern low pressure center was so far south it didn't do much. overnight in philadelphia we did get a brief shower, but that's gone. areas close to the airport are seeing early sunshine. looks like the northern half of the region will return to partial sunshine quickly this morning. folks in south jersey might have to wait until later in the morning or afternoon for that to occur. temperature 70 degrees if the city. dewpoint 63. winds out of the north northeast at 9 miles per hour. a little bit breezy. comfortable out there overall. future tracker 6 showing you how we got clouds to the south and a lot more sunshine the farther north you go, as we move into the afternoon 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.
6:38 am
we'll see the sun re-emerging down the shore and the showers and sprinkles are centered in the morning. 69 degrees by 8:00. 78 by 11. 82 by 2:00 p.m. we spent the entire afternoon in the low 80s. high of 83 around 3:30. 84 in allentown. 82 in trenton. 82 in wilmington. clouds mixing with increased sunshine from north to south and looks like down the shore you're in the 70s in cape may and atlantic city. closer look at the shore shows a temperature off ac69 degrees in the water. highs eye long the coastline in the mid 70s. a little bit warmer in cape may and the delaware beaches and the water at the mouth of the delaware bay is a little bit warmer. by the way i had a concern we would see an enhanced risk of rip currents, but doesn't look like that now.
6:39 am
musikfest, did duran duran last night. tonight it's the flaming lips. there are two opening acts. the main concert not until 8:30. at the opening time period, 80 degrees, most of the region will be in the 70s dry and nice for musikfest. current temperatures to the west are a little bit warmer down in through here, looks like we'll bounce those numbers back up over the weekend in philadelphia with lots of sun and high pressure building in. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83 today. we are looking at improvement in the morning in the northern suburbs and down south during the afternoon gradually getting better and better with the high of 83. for the weekend make your plans, sunshine aplenty on saturday and sunday, highs around 87 degrees both days, you'll need cool drinks, but it will be a nice weekend and great for musikfest. monday sun to clouds, 88 degrees, by afternoon or evening there could spotty pop-up thunderstorms in a couple of places.
6:40 am
i don't think it will be a washout, though, better chance of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday with a high of 84. looks like that's all over for wednesday, though, we're back to dry, warm conditions for the middle of next week. >> 6:40. a scammer who is cleaning up. police warn about a window washer demanding cash for unsolicited service. >> a so-called villain is harassing people in new york city. >> reporter: this is northbound past 320 in delaware county. a problem with new disabled vehicle all the latest on these problems when "action news" comes right back.
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at times, the path to recovery from a mental and substance use disorder may be unclear but laying a strong foundation with the support of others... ... makes all the difference. for information on mental and substance use disorders... ...including prevention and treatment referral, call 1-800-662-help. brought to you by the u.s. department
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of health & human services. >> the sunshine skipping off the clouds there. look on sky # -- sky 6 the ben franklin bridge, 79 degrees on city avenue. >> karen makes me want to be sitting on a boat. that sounds good. anything is better than sitting in traffic. this is i-95 you get the idea with the flashing lights. northbound traffic in delaware county past 320 we have an accident blocking two lanes, you can see from this on the fair right lane -- only the far right lane is getting by. i-95 northbound a serious accident only one lane getting by in delaware county just past 320. in fact if we bring in our
6:44 am
commuter traffic report on the waze app i'm catching speeds of 9, 10 miles per hour. everybody is crawling along northbound with one lane getting by. the accident is past 320. of it's a 23 minute ride from delaware to the blue route as opposed to the southbound a seven minute ride. a new problem disabled vehicle mill creek road near orange wood drive. a disabled vehicle not that far off from i-95 in levittown. looking live the vine street expressway, traffic is moving well at this point. other than the big accident on i-95. not to many other issues. traffic you often see it jamming already, it's not happening just yet. we have the latest traffic at twitter with the #6abc traffic. wow, storm tracker 6 live double scan we can see sprinkles with areas down to the south.
6:45 am
we're seeing it in delaware and parts of southern new jersey, the rest of us look dry temperatures wise, 63 degrees in warrington, 70 in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey, mid to upper 60s not looking too bad matt. >> a gaza line explosion in colorado forced surrounding communities to evacuate. this is new video of the inferno in we would -- wells county. a crew hit a pipeline, no injuries reported. police are warning a south philadelphia neighborhood about a window washer who is up to dirt tricks. the man is doing the cleaning without permission and demanding payment. this is has been happening around front and mccain streets. most of the targets are elderly. 78-year-old joan donnelly said the man walked into her house. >> i was thinking who the hell is this, you know, i mean he just walked? >> leave our neighborhood
6:46 am
alone, we don't need you to wash our windows, we can wash our own windows and leave the he r elderly alone. >> one person snapped a photo of the man we haven't identified him because he has not been charged with a crime though questioned by police. rutgers camden is closing the campus friday september 25th due to the closure of ben franklin bridge. classes resume at noon on monday the day after pope francis leaves town. morning classes at rutgers campus on monday will be canceled. has all the highway an traffic restrictions. keep everybody in the know by sharing it on facebook. >> spiderman super hero is taking his role serious. >> reporter: sunshine re-emerging down the shore but
6:47 am
this weekend looks great down the shore. 80 on the beach. bright and breeze with on saturday, 82 with sunshine on sunday. i'll have the decay planner forecast for philadelphia, coming up next. and reach for the one you deserve.
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> we turn to amy robach as we do so many times we do at this time in the morning what else coming up on "good morning america." >> reporter: it's friday great to be with you matt and tam.
6:50 am
the first republican debate held in cleveland. the top tier candidates faced off. and frontrunner donald trump didn't hold back. he joins us live this morning and then we have more on the severe weather in parts of the county. tornados in the midwest. storms down south ginger tracking it all as we head into the weekend. stanley cup winning hockey star facing serious allegation at the center of a sexual assault investigation. we'll tell you what we know this morning. people on the planet is rocking our party in the park. what a great way to kick off our weekend all coming up next on "g.m.a." >> party! thank you, amy. >> reporter: let's drive up there, come on. we got our own party going on. it's not a good party a traffic jamison i-95 northbound traffic in delaware county at 320 only the right lane continues to get
6:51 am
by with this accidents scene, 30 minute ride northbound from delaware to the blue route. meanwhile, mass transit is looking good. patco, septa and regional rails on time. >> reporter: clouds in south jersey and delaware, but the sun is coming back in philadelphia and the northern suburbs. by the end of the afternoon most of you might be drawn to the pool, remember the sun is strong enough to require sunscreen. 9:00 a.m., 72. any sprinkle or shower will be down the shore, it will be so light i don't think it will prevent you from getting stuff done. noon 80 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 83 is the high. highs in the mid 80s this week. a spiderman brawled with the heckler he hassles the panhandling characters and
6:52 am
shouts racial slurs he wrestled the man to the ground. >> jon stewart signed off from the daily show. he used his political sarcasm calling out injustices in the world. stewart cruised his last show -- used his last show to raise $2 million for autism research. jennifer aniston pulled off a secret wedding at their belair estate. they have been engaged for three years, the magazines are saying are they breaking up. this isirst marriage aniston's second.
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>> top stories at 6:55, a young woman is wanted for gunning down an 18-year-old man outside his house in north philadelphia. fumes from a car parked in a garage sicken the seven people in two separate philadelphia homes. it happened on island avenue. it is unclear why the car was left running. musikfest officially kicks off tonight in bethlehem with
6:56 am
the flaming lips, duran duran performed last night at a special preview night. >> reporter: i want to give you a look at the accident scene live in delaware county. i-95 320 we had an accident we saw emergency workers and fire crews and ambulance that came and left. it appears that the accident has been pushed off to the side. traffic is moving again but you can see it jammed on i-95 from delaware to the blue route, 27 minute ride versus ten minute ride. improving situation. the boulevard southbound approaching the schuylkill expressway slowing no big shakes dave. >> reporter: i like shakes actually. storm tracker 6 live shows you sprinkles and showers down south. satellite shows you how the clouds are clearing philadelphia and points north. we'll see the return of sunshine. 83 is the high about #--
6:57 am
3:00 p.m. the sprinkles down the shore won't last too much longer. >> we'll get an extra shake. >> and cheese, burger. >> have a great weekend we'll see you monday!
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, fight night. the republican presidential candidates finally face off. donald trump center stage taking off the gloves and taking aim at his gop rivals. >> you're having a hard time tonight. >> hillary clinton. >> i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. >> defending past comments about women. >> i don't, frankly, have time for total political correctness. >> sparks fly. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug and if you want to give him a big hug again go right ahead. >> as the contenders try to break out of a crowded pack. >> thank you, meghan. i wasn't sure i was going to get to talk again. >> our team breaks it all down and donald trump here live only on "gma." also breaking walmart wallop


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