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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 7, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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they are looking for a woman in connection with a murder in philadelphia and the victim was a teen fwer. vernon odom is live on cross key street where it happened. vernon what have you learned. >> reporter: this deadly confrontation was triggered by a dispute by some teenage girls apparently. at this hour and this time the search is on for a killer and the search is just over 12 hours old. gun fire erupted here at midnight on the 1900 block of north cross key it took the life of a 19-year-old he was testing his sister when the gun fire erupted but his mother says that it was instigated by a 40-year-old woman and mcmillian succumbed to wounds in the stomach. >> the shooter, a female and other women on the block were
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involved in an earlier dispute, altercation and fight and after that this female returned with other females and that is when the shooting occurred. >> three shots i heard three loud shots my kids started scream daddy what is going on? and i run back to the door and i see the kids running and laughing like it was a joke. >> even after the shooting. ? >> yes. >> police have not released the name of a murder suspect at this hour. live in north philadelphia vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. >> philadelphia detectives are sorting out details on a double shooting that left two men in critical condition in the city's logan section, the victims are brothering, they were found on the 1500 block last night. witnesses there say they heard gunshots and a car speeding away. investigators are not sure that
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is where the shooting took place or if someone dumped the brothers there. >> this just in now, a car hit a build on the 3200 block of concord pike this happened at 11:00 at delaware open mri, and no one was hurt. lets turn now to weather this friday afternoon and it is a beautiful day outside, it's looking like it will be a nice weekend as well. we love the gorgeous summer weekends looking live at center city philadelphia from our temple university camera, the sun is shining. lets turn it over to karen rogers. >> it's a beautiful shot and gorgeous and sunny in philadelphia but not everywhere, we do have some showers that are stubborn to exit the jersey shore, we are looking live at double scan the best technology lewes delaware and cape may it's a nice day here
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in the city and people are at the shore anticipating the weekend and these showers are exiting off the coastline and the low is off the coast and you are stuck with some sprinkles out there right now and the clouds and showers will get out by the end of the afternoon, stormtracker 6 live double scan i put in our satellite mode, you get a sense of where the clouds are, the sunshine is along the i-95 corridor and areas north and west s. here are the clouds stuck with them in parts of southern delaware and new jersey, the area of low pressure is off the coast and the low is kicking out of here and it's racing out too, and things are getting a lot brighter, satellite 6 along with action radar showing it all in motion, the clouds start to decrease and the sun is coming out if full force and already 82 and feeling comfortable in philadelphia dew points in the 50s, so not really
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humid out there. 75 is the high in beach haven and 79 degrees on the beaches in delaware if you go out for musikfest go ahead no weather worry, 82 at 5:00 p.m., for flaming lips it's going to be a great show and great weather night as well. >> karen thank you. "action news" learn that pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, is expected to surrender tomorrow. prosecutors say she leaked grand jury information to the philadelphia daily news and then allegedly lied under oath, she will turn herself of for arraignment in montgomery county and she plans to defend herself vigorously chicago black hawks star player patrick cane, is under investigation following rape
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allegations, marcy gonzales has the details. >> one of hockey's biggest stars who helped the chicago black hawks win two stanley cups at the center of a rape investigation. he is accused of sexual assaulting a woman that began at a bar near his home in hamburg, new york over the weekend. >> it is alleged he met a young woman and got into some type of a conflict. the 26-year-old is not charged with a crime at this time we are gathering information both the black hawks and nhl say they are aware of the investigation and the nhl adding they are monitoring the investigation, kaine is no constranger to controversy. he clashed with a buffalo cab
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driver. >> i caused pain for my family and home town of buffalo and the city of chicago. >> and in 2012, pictures of kaine partying at a university surfaced and since then he clean cleaned up his act. >> i don't think something should be said until he is charged. >> but hamburg police are sharing little and they are investigating some kind of alleged incident in his home and kaine still hasn't commented. philadelphia police are looking for the women that stole from a toys "r" us store it happened last monday on the toys "r" us on the 2700 block of south 3rd street in philadelphia. once inside the women stole several baby items call police if you have any information.
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car fumes sickened seven people in southeast philadelphia, it happened on island avenue, firefighters found two people inside of a row home overcome by fumes and we are told that a 69-year-old woman was unresponsive at the scene, a firefighter with two children and two adults in the neighboring home also got sick neighbors blame a car left running in the garage. >> a bakery that is a southwest philadelphia fixture for more than a century is leaving the city. amarosa's has outgrown their location and will move to bellmawr new jersey, the move also means 200 layoffs those employees can reapply for openings at the new south jersey location. >> coming up ahaetd find out why the south african government is criticizing major airlines
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today and a warning involving sun roofs saying some could shatter while you are driving.
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we are following breaking news for you this morning. taking a live look cherry hill new jersey, there was a gas main break and as a result of it the new jersey turnpike in shut down in camden county in both directions the new jersey turnpike at interchange 3 and 4 in cherry hill, you are taking a look at cherry hill new jersey and burnt mill road and the inn for this gas main break. a cracker struck a gas pipe in the area that caused the leak and again chopper 6 hd live over the scene right now. the gas leak forcing the new jersey turnpike to be closed in
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both direction interchange 3 and 4 in cherry hill sure to cause big traffic problems. take 295 as your alternate. >> in the wake of the big game conflict, some african countries that allow huntsing are criticizing delta and others for banning hunting trophies they are disappointing with their announcement that they will no longer allow the trophy because it will hurt the economy and conservationest efforts. we have a warning for sun roofs that shatter for no reason sometimes while you are driving and now a government agency is now investigating. here is the story. >> reporter: her sun roof
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spontaneously exploded. >> it sounds like a gunshot while he was driving down the highway. >> boom zbll and more stories online about drivers in shock. >> my sun roof exploded in front of my eyes. >> glass expert using a sling shot with the mannequin in the drivers seat showed what it looks like when the sun roof shatters and simulating the driver. >> the cracks go at 3,000 miles per hour in an instant this glass is completely broken. so what is going on? most sun roofs are made of tempered glass for your safety. breaking into small pieces instead of small dangerous shards. but that could mean a shattering
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defect. >> if you put a pin in a balloon it catastrophically breaks. >> they have 400 complaints in the national highway administration's data base on all makes and models they are reviewing the complaints and looking at certain kia sorrentos, they are reviewing the performance of the sun roofs for their vehicles but an investigation found only that foreign objects like rocks and gravel have been identified as the sun roof breakage now they are calling on them to make new safety standards like laminate glass like that used in windshields, so when hit it remains in place to protect the driver. >> you should not have to ride at risk worrying about whether your sun roof will explode over
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you. >> alabama is now the third state in a week to pull state funding from planned parent hood the governor's office released a statement say that alabama state medicaid agency will end their contract with the group with a 15 day notice if they oppose the decision the nonprofit has 15 days to apply for a hearing. >> still ahead on "action news." find out what a pennsylvania boy is doing to keep ducks safe when they cross the road and taking a live look at philadelphia international airport from sky 6, nice clear skies in our area but not everywhere in the region, karen rogers will break it down coming up with the full accuweather forecast.
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breaking news in new jersey chopper 6 hd over the scene right now you can see first responders there it all started with a gas leak, a contractor striking a gas pipe in the area, causing a leak in cherry hill. you are taking a look at the scene, as a result the new jersey turnpike is currently shut down in both directions at interchange 3 and 4 in cherry hill, no traffic getting by meteorologist, karen rogers, taking a peek at the traffic cameras telling us there say backup for miles as a result of that. and only expected to grow, you see the stretch of the turnpike there, and that is the area shut down beyond that, anyone that is trying to go that way evidently stuck in the major delays, and only continue to grow as folks try to get where they are going and a nice shore weekend, that will only continue to cause the backups, karen suggesting 295 as an alternate.
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the new jersey turnpike and local roads as well closed in cherry hill as a result of a gas leak in the area, a young boy in schuylkill pennsylvania is helping one duck at a time. he was upset when he saw ducks being struck and killed by drivers and wrote a letter asking the borough council to add duck crossing signs. >> it made be feel sad and my mom told me i could write a letter. >> great advice from mom council voted unanimously to install the signs the boy will likely be on the other side of council chambers one day. it's not just for grown ups. >> make a difference any you can. good way to teach him and maybe he is teaching us. stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region, we are enjoying a nice day in the city, we do have showers stuck in
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southern delaware and southern new jersey we with go in closer with stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us a few of those showers now the temperatures 82 in philadelphia and 78 in allentown and 79 in reading and 79 in millville and 73 in cape may and as we go on outside, and check out this day, we are looking down the shore in atlantic city and you can see not as busy as you might normally see on a friday but we do have lots of clouds and it's dry in atlantic city but a few showers are lingering just south of you there. things improve in the afternoon and a great weekend ahead. hang in there atlantic city, how about the wind there's, 25 miles per hour wind gusts at the airport and 25 in wildwood, even with the clouds you feel it with the wind pelting you at 25 miles per hour kind of blasting the sand and that will ease as well. we are really not seeing too gusty winds in the city, winds
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sustained at 10 miles per hour, it feels nice and breezy. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us clouds filling in to the west. but here are the showers stuck in southern delaware and new jersey, starting to dissipate as an area of low pressure pulls off the coast that will make the clouds dissipate as well and all of us will enjoy the sunshine in philadelphia north and west. if you are headed to the lehigh valley this afternoon, sunshine and clouds and kind of pleasant the dew point upper 50s and low 60s, that make its feel confidence at the shore 76 late clearing not as warm as in the city with a high of 76 degrees, a couple of showers exiting and clouds dissipate as well and things improving in the afternoon, flaming lips tonight at 5:00 i like saying that, partly cloudy and try and nice evening in bethlehem and no worries for you i'll be out
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wednesday afternoon to greet you and we'll have some of us out there all the time to fwreet you. saturday and sunday this low we are talking about kicks off the coast a brief area of high pressure and sunny and warm conditions for the entire weekend, wherever you are going lehigh valley or the shore it's looking good. saturday bright and breezy at the shore 80 degrees, sunday sunny and warm and 82 don't forget the sun alert we have the sun burn alert the uv index is high with a peak time of 10:00 until 4:00, lots of sunshine through the region and 86 degrees, are you not seeing a lot of sunshine at the shore but that happens late in the day with the clearing, saturday warm and sunday and 87 no worries the weekend looks great and 87 degrees, monday sunshine to clouds and 88 we end our dry streak with a chance of shower monday night and a better chance on tuesday, clouds and humid
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with a handful of showers and wednesday sunny skies and rebounding nicely and even on thursday, we are looking dry and 85 with mostly sunny skies not only a nice summer weekend ahead but a nice summer week. >> karen thank you. >> we'll have more after this. every friday mr. lewis connects with his friends at the senior center to enjoy a nutritious, hot meal. which gives him the energy he needs to connect with his grandson, so he can teach him how to land the big one. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery like hot meal programs we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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back now to breaking news in cherry hill, chopper 6 hd live over the new jersey turnpike it's shut down in both directions at interchange 3 and 4 in cherry hill you can see traffic starting to backup in the area for miles there this is all related to a gas leak in the area, a contractor striking a gas pipe there in cherry hill,
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they have shut the turnpike down in both directions at 3 and 4. >> and you can see them forcing everybody off at 4, it's easy to get to 295, but first have you to wait in that line of traffic. >> what a mess. >> imagine a nice summer weekend and people want to hit the turnpike and head to the shore, it's a mess right will. >> we'll continue to follow that on in the meantime a check of the weekend weather. >> we have nice weather there lets take a look, stormtracker 6 live double scan, the only showers we have will down at the shore right now and the bulk of it off the coast and it's dissipating as well as the cloud here is your high temperatures and what you'll see, a high of 86 a nice day, sunshine and comfortable but it's cooler at the shore with the clouds late to exit. >> thank you. here is what is coming up
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tonight, shark tank at 8:00 and then what would you do followed by 20/20 and "action news" at 11:00. if are you looking for distraction, check out we posted a story on a 3-year-old taxi driver halo is a mobile taxi app similar to uber or lift, halo recently hired a 3-year-old boy to be their newest driver he looks serious don't worry he doesn't actually drive the car he is sitting on top of a person disguised as the seat. but people are surprised when they see him, you can see more of this video just click on the link, here are the stories we are working on today at 4:00. flames burst out of an airplane full of passengers, the jet looking more like a rocket. and rock and roll takes over the
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lehigh valley we are live as all the fun of musikfests gets underway for the weekend. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, karen rogers rick williams sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm alicia vitarelli have yourself a great friday it's a great looking one.
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