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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  August 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that run tax sees limos and other means of transportation are trying to prepare for the pope's visit. >> "action news" reporter trish hartman joins us live with new and important information. hi, trish. >> reporter: hi, brian and monica. well, with the announcement of traffic restrictions for the pope's visit earlier this week many people are making arrangements as to how they're going to get around the city and that includes transportation companies. the cab and limo companies we spoke with say they're making tentative plans while waiting for more information from the city of philadelphia. taxi cabs lined filbert street in center city waiting to pick up customers. drivers say while they plan to work the weekend of september 26th and 27th, it's going to be a challenge. >> it's going to be like not good for me, you know. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia announced wednesday two traffic boxes will be put into effect while
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pope francis is here. a traffic box around center city will go into effect at 6:00 p.m. on friday. another box stretching from the schuylkill river to 38th street in west philadelphia is slated to start at 10:00 p.m. friday. officials say while drivers cannot reenter the traffic boxes once they've left, no decision has been made about taxis, uber drivers and shuttle services. anthony runs global limousine in south philadelphia which lies outside of the traffic boxes. >> if all else fails we'll bring them as far as we can from the outside area and then hopefully be able to have vehicles in the box area in order to transport them to their final destination. >> reporter: the independence visitors center says philly flash buses will not run saturday and sunday during the pope's visit but flash will offer extended service during the world meeting of families. >> we want to make sure flash is running september 19th through the 25th particularly for the conventions so we think we'll still service a lot of people. >> reporter: for those relying on septa's regional rail when the pope is in town
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hose that he is chosen in the lottery to purchase passes that weekend have until 11:59 sunday to buy them. even after the lottery officials say about 22,000 regional rail passes remain unclaimed. since the lottery many passes have popped up on web sites like ebay and craigslist selling for much higher than the original $10 cost including this listing for two passes with starting bid at 50 bucks or a buy it now price of $2,000. now, septa officials say they have no way of monitoring the resale of those passes but they do warn against buying passes from people you don't know or for paying more than face value for them. as for those 22,000 unclaimed rail passes, information on how to purchase those will come from septa one week from today on friday august 14th. live in center city, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you, trish. well, at&t and verizon continue to increase cell phone service in philadelphia
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before the pope arrives. they have been boosting tower for the last year and a half. the cell towers will remain beefed up until next july when the democratic convention comes to town. >> we learn today the peep will use a piece of history when he makes history in philadelphia next month. organizeers of the pain pal visit announce today that the pope will use the gettysburg lek turn when he speaks at independence hall. that is the very same lek turn from which president abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address back in 1873. the lectern is part of a private collection and will be made available by the abraham lincoln foundation and the union league where it's temporarily on display. you can stay on top of all the late of the updates as prepare for the pope's arrival at we'll be updating you with the latest information what you need to know including a list of major highways and road closures to help you plan for that visit next month. >> in other news tonight a woman who worked at a philadelphia bakery remains in critical condition after being shot outside that business.
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it happened at 6:00 a.m. at the best cake kosher bakery here in the 7500 block of haverford avenue in overbrook. police say the 56-year-old victim was outside the back door when two men robbed and shot her. investigators say she was the victim of attempted robbery just last friday as well at the bakery but never reported it to police. >> "action news" has learned that pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is expected to surrender tomorrow. she is face facing criminal charges for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. sources tell us kane will turn herself in tomorrow for an arraignment in montgomery county. she said she intends to defend herself vigorously and to remain in office. philadelphia police are looking to identify three women who were spotted on surveillance camera stealing from a toys r us. it happened back on july 27th at the store on south third street in south philadelphia. police said the women took several baby items from the shelves and then ran out of the store.
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they got into a blue honda accord with pennsylvania plates. if you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call philadelphia police. >> turning to the forecast, get ready for a a nice weekend. it will be warm, not that humid but also no rain in sight. meteorologist cecily tynan joins us outside with some good news from accuweather. hi, cecily. >> hi, monica. doesn't get much better than that in august. we did wake up with some clouds and some showers along the shore. satellite6 along with action radar showing 5 o'clock this morning you can see that band of clouds along the i-95 corridor and areas south and east. those showers across parts of delaware, southern new jersey, but clouds quickly moved into new jersey and delaware and now finally those showers have moved off the coast and high pressure is really flexing its muscles and bringing us some gorgeous weather as we head through the weekend. temperatures right now about where they should be for this time of the year. the average high for this time of the year is 86 in philadelphia. we hit 87 degrees last how, now down to 86, allentown 83, trenton 84, wilmington 84,
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millville 80 and along the shore with the clouds and that sea breeze quite a bit cooler, avalon and the boardwalk in atlantic city it's 75 degrees. but it's a very dry air mass and also it feels very comfortable inland with a wind speed, we have winds at 9 miles per hour but you can see along the shore winds currently close to 20 miles an hour in sea isle city and that's from that low pressure that is rolling off the coast of virginia and that will bring some problems down the shore for the first half of the weekend. tonight, though, the evening planner on this friday night, it's going to be beautiful at 7 o'clock, 82, by 8 o'clock, 88. 9 o'clock, 76 and by 10 o'clock, 73 degrees. so, what's ahead for the weekend? it will be a dry weekend with seasonable temperatures, highs in the mid to upper 80's. unfortunately down the shore that storm system will not only bring some lingering clouds tomorrow morning, it will bring the risk of returns. rip currents. i'll talk about that in the
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full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. perfect weekend to get away and with that we get a check of the "action news" traffic center. >> autumn marisa i. >> route 30 westbound at 322 there are injuries involved. ambulance just left so police are trying to get the vehicles off to the side of the road right now and hopefully alleviate that long line of traffic behind it. taking a look at speeds across the region, very slow going in the teens out there. schuylkill expressway extremely slow in those eastbound lanes. bit of gravel spill on the eastbound lanes right at gulph mills kicking up a lot of dust and a lot of those stones so low visibility there and causing a big delay. it's taking about 50 minutes right now to go from the blue route down to the vine street expressway; so keep that in mind if you're on the schuylkill. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, we had a disabled vehicle taking out the right-hand lane in those eastbound lanes heading into new jersey. that has been cleared but it's still nice and slow, not too bad if you're in those
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westbound lanes right now. other bridges through the area, the tacony palmyra just closed so that's good news. we're still slow on the walt whitman. we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. brian back to you. >> thank you autumn. a tornado that touched down in south jersey last june largely spared homes and private property but one place that did sustain a lot of damage cleaning up and its adorable residents are getting rather impatient nora muchanic reports. >> reporter: roofers are making on repairs on the rabbit retirement home in lind wall which was damaged in june's tornado. right now 37 of the floppy eared bunnies are housed at the nonprofit runy yoga instructor. typically shelters won't take them n lori says rabbits are often an impulse buy that the
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owners soon regret. >> parents, they get a bunny for the kids but they get it as a toy and then after easter the kids don't want it anymore. either they dump them or they just surrender them. i take in elder buns, hard to place buns, special needs, the sick ones. >> reporter: volunteer vicki is giving foster care to willow a 10 week old bunny with some serious injuries. >> she has a broken front shoulder and she has a broken neck. she is going to have the leg amputated when she weighs enough for surgery. if i hadn't stopped that day and talked to the owner, she would have been dead within a week. >> reporter: laurie mills welcomes donations but is currently using her own money to care for the rabbits hoping to find adoptive homes for as many as she can. >> they all get spayed and neutered. a lot of mine are free roam. they use the litter box. they greet you at the door. and i don't know, they're just so pleasant to be around. >> reporter: laurie says she'll hop right on any requests to ad adopt or foster
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these abandoned bunnies. nora muchanic. >> have a rabbit as a pet. >> no, all cats and dog. >> yes. >> i have one. they're good pets. live namhis name is lionel u can call him lonnie fresh. ali gorman has more in health check. >> mcdonald's has workers who will be wait on their fast food customers at their tables but you may have to wait extra long for that service here in the u.s. we'll explain. those stories and more when cecily comes back with that full accuweather forecast next. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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>> we just learned the jury reached a decision in the colorado theater shooting trial and we are expecting to hear what that verdict is in about two hours at 7:00. jurors deliberated over the last two days. a decision to sen dense james holmes to die by lethal injection will have to be unanimous. jurors also could decide on life in prison without the possibility of parole as the best sentence because of his mental illness. if they cannot all agree, holmes will be automatically sentenced to life.
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holmes killed 12 people injuriy during that 2012 assault. >> right now in alabama forecaster are working to find out whether tornadoes responsible for collapsing the roof of a wal-mart. along with that wal-mart a gas station and another nearby store will also damaged. the storm managed to overturn an 18-wheeler. officials say none of the injuries was life-threatening. >> health check it is fitness friday. if you're trying to lose weight or get left lane this afternoon you think it's not that easy or impossible one local man says if he can do it, anybody can. >> and it has some pulses racing in the news room right now. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with a picture that has a lot of people talking. this is lionel dixon now. he has turned his life around. he lost 150 pounds through diet, exercise and pure determination. and now he is helping others do the same.
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climbing this mechanical ladder at island gym in absecon new jersey, 31-year-old lionel dixon appears fit, strong and healthy. but he wasn't always this way. >> the way i used to eat, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: he admits he used to eat a lot of unhealthy fattening and sugary foods. this was him about 10 years ago. he weighed 275 pounds. but at one point also tipped the scales at 315. then he had a wakeup call. >> i said enough is enough. i was like you know something, this is the last time. i'm doing something, i'm going make a change. >> reporter: he started by cutting out junk food and eating a low carb high protein diet. he also got moving. but says in the beginning, it wasn't easy. >> i was tired, i was grumpy. i kind of felt like giving up and going back but i knew psychologically i couldn't do that. >> reporter: he stayed focused and over time people
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started noticing results. >> throughout the years i noticed him getting leaner and leaner and more focused. >> 9,000 followers. >> yeah. >> that's a lot. >> reporter: now he's become somewhat avenue social media star. he goes by the name lonnie fresh after losing 150 pounds, he started posting on instagram pictures and videos of his journey. >> i knew that high to conquer my fears. >> reporter: thousands now follow him for motivation to see what he's eating and how he got healthy. he even competed in a bodybuilding competition and has a deal to tell his story in a book titled out of the shadows. the goal now is to inspire others. >> because at this point in my life now it's not about me. it's about others. it's about others that is going through the same struggle that i went through. >> reporter: and lionel also now eats more carbs, healthy carbs like vegetables and quinoa.
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he is it have advice if you're an emotional eater, he says get help through a friend, the church or a professional and if you want to follow lonnie fresh or hear more about his book go to >> amazing. >> what a journey for him. >> good for him. >> inc. credible. ali thank you. today the drexel college of medicine welcomed mew if students with a white coat ceremony. all members of the class of 2019 got their white coats and recited the hippocratic oath. friends and family were there to cheer them on. >> beloved camp counselor was remembered. it is the 16th annual sunshine games in worcester bucks county. annie madden was tragically killed in a car crash 16 years ago but her family started this special day of relay races, games and fun with the variety club camp. local businesses including aetna now sponsor them.
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>> ♪ >> mcdonald's has begun a new table service at locations overseas. the fast food giant is testing out servers bringing food directly to the customers. it's a simple concept. you order at a touch screen
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kiosk sit and wait for your food. this is one way mcdonald's is trying to boost slumping sales overseas but as of this moment there are no formal plans to bring that service to the united states. >> the latest project to spruce up down down glassboro is compete. they cut the ribbon today. more than 300,000 square foot facility here is broken up into private apartments. it's also housing for reand what university students. there's retail and restaurant space as well plus a place for medical offices and close to 200 parking spots on the premises. looks pretty. >> up next here on a friday night we check back in with meteorologist cecily tynan with the complete weekend accuweather forecast. >> amazing looking. let's take a look live at the action cam in bethlehem. muse particular fest under way and lots of folks enjoying good feud and music. tonight's main perform math the flaming lips. they take the stage at 8:30 and musikfest runs through august 16 so get out there and check it out. we'll be right back.
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>> friday night we're off to a great start for your weekend weather-wise except at the shore but that's going to change pretty quick. cecily tynan with details. >> that's exactly right brian. we're looking at can i six capsky6.lifeguards off duty. good idea not to swim if the lifeguards are off duty because rip currents will be a problem.
5:25 pm
if you look at the sky conditions you can see a veil of clouds. the clouds have been slow to clear down shore but inland we got a good amount of sunshine today and temperatures back to the average high for this time of the year. remember monday and tuesday 93 degrees both days as our heat wave continues. we broke that heat wave on wednesday, 89. yesterday 85. and today so far the high 87 degrees. 86 is the average high for this time of the year so about where we should be for this time of year. right now in philadelphia 86 degrees with loads of sunshine. allentown a gorgeous days, 83. reading 82. trenton 84. millville 80 and on the beaches you got the wind off the ocean so that's cooling things off a bit. avalon and the boardwalk in atlantic city currently 75 degrees. dewpoints show you that most of our region we're looking at dewpoints in the 50's. that's a very comfortable air mass, a little bit higher closer to the ocean where you get that marine influence but generally we're looking at low humidity right through the weekend with a lot of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful
5:26 pm
summer weekend. satellite6 along with action radar showing the system that brought the showers down the shore for much of the day, a lot of clouds, that's low pressure off the coast of virginia and it will be moving away from the northeast and strengthening as it does but high pressure is really trying to bring us a dry flow of area down from canada and that's what will keep us in that comfortable air mass but with that low pressure churning it will create rip currents down the shore and also some lingering clouds tomorrow morning. but tonight, friday night it's going to be beautiful. mostly clear inland. breezy down the shore at 68 degrees in philadelphia. allentown dropping down to 59 degrees. great night for sleeping. trenton 63. millville 64. cape may 68. and toms river the overnight low down to 61 degrees. your saturday forecast showing lots of sunshine in philadelphia. it will be seasonably warm. 87 degrees. a lot like today. down the shore breezy and again with those rip currents the morning clouds, afternoon sunshine with a high of 77 degrees and the poconos spectacular weather, plenty of
5:27 pm
sunshine with a high of 77. association the five day at 5:00 showing that sunshine will be holding for sunday as well. the whole weekend just looking fabulous. 87 degrees. on monday, it gets more humid with a possibility of some late thunderstorms, 86 degrees. a better chance of some thunderstorms on tuesday as a front flips through 84 degrees and we dry out on wednesday, partly sunny, 84. adam will let you know if that dry weather continues through the end of next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. this weekend so show going to be really nice. >> thank you. >> much more ahead in our next half hour federal investigators set to revisit last year's crash on the new jersey turnpike that injured comedian tracy morgan. plus a warning for anybody who plays the pennsylvania lottery. scam artists officials say are trying to trick you out of your money on the phone. >> and a celebration in wilmington four years in the making. the $33 million project now complete. officials say it's made roads safer for drivers.
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those stories and much more next at 5:30. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck. and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud. live loud. super poligrip. seals out more food.
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♪ super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place. so you never have to hold back. laugh loud. live loud. super poligrip. get strong all day hold. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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>> hello again. rick is off. brian taff joins us. here's what's happening on "action news." sparks flew in cleveland ohio as the republican candidates for president faced off for the first time last night and that showdown made television history. plus, philadelphia police are searching for a killer after a fight between teenaged girls escalated into a deadly shooting. and a new push from delaware's governor to protect internet users in the diamond state. >> and now the details. 10 of the 17 republican candidates for president duked it out on stage last night for the very first time and the showdown drew record viewership. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> yeah, he said that. more than 24 million people tuned in to see just what else frontrunner donald trump would say. that makes him one of the most watched events on tv this year and the most watched primary
5:31 pm
debate in history. abc's stephanie ramos has more from washington. >> reporter: the day after the big debate, top gop presidential candidates gathered at a forum in atlanta hosted by red state a conservative blog. >> for a guy from new jersey it is a relief to be in a red state i guarantee you. >> reporter: the memory of last night's debate still fresh in their minds. donald trump, the main attraction flanked by nine other republican presidential candidates raised his hand when asked whether he would consider running independently. trump then called out by moderator megan kelly for his offensive remarks and tweets about women. >> what i say is what i say. >> reporter: after the debate trump complaining he was picked on. >> the questions asked of me were much, much more difficult. >> reporter: while trump may have been the center of attention, the other candidates tried to grab the
5:32 pm
spotlight. ohio governor john kasich got a big reaction when he embraced gay marriage. rand paul and chris christie clashing on spying by the nsa. abc news political analyst matthew dowd says there were three winners marco rubio john kasich and carly fiorina who appeared in the night's earlier debate. >> jeb who needed to get restarted on his momentum didn't show up. i thought he was probably biggest loser the of the night. >> reporter: as for the seven gop candidates whose debates played to eventually an empty hall they continue to fight for their political future with karley fiorina probably getting the biggest boost from her performance. stephanie ramos, abc news washington. >> developing news now former eagles wide receiver erving fryer has been found guilty in a new jersey mortgage fraud case. fryer was convicted of applying for multiple mortgage loans in quick succession while using the same property
5:33 pm
as collateral. frier and his mother turned downdeals. >> governor jack markell signed several internet privacy bills into lawful he signed four bills in wilmington. one deals with protecting students when they use the internet in school. at aims to make sure children don't see online advertising that they shouldn't. the third helps folks who want to stay anonymous online such as victims of crime or those in witness protection. the fourth bill aims to make sure social media information is not something employers can require of their employees. >> i do appreciate very much the leadership of the attorney general and the legislators for sort of thinking this through and as the attorney general said particularly in a session which was so busy and there were so many things going on. >> the attorney general says the next step is to make sure these bills are properly enforced. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man who shot and killed a teenager while he was defending his sister. it happened around midnight in
5:34 pm
north philadelphia on the 1900 block of north croskey street. officials say i started as a a fight between teenaged girls and ended with the death of moses mick milan. vernon has details. >> reporter: the manhunt continues tonight. i emphasize manhunt. earlier police thought they were looking for females but all indications are the suspect the killer is a male. gunfire erupted in the 1900 block of north croskey street. when it was over an 18-year-old resident of this neighborhood was dying. police say moses mcmillan eventually succumbed to wounds of the chest and abdomen. a number of neighbors told me they saw teenagers mostly girls involved in some kind of ruckus in the middle of the block. then heard gunfire. >> three shots. i heard three loud shots. my kids started screaming like
5:35 pm
daddy what's going on? so i run back to the door and again i see the kids running laughing like it was a joke. >> reporter: even after the shooting? >> yes. >> reporter: mcmillan's mother has told me her son was mortally wounded as he was defending his sister from a gang of girls in a ongoing dispute. the all female bunch had been at the house earlier and returned with one male wielding a handgun and who police believe was a male. >> males became involved and we believe a male is responsible for the shooting death of the 18-year-old victim. >> we got to do something about these kids, man. they out of control. they don't have no respect for life and now we lost a life and it's going to be another life gone 'cause someone has to pay for this situation. >> reporter: tonight police say they could use a tip on any information one might have
5:36 pm
to lead to the arrest in breaking this case. as usual the city of philadelphia has posted a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the killer who remains at large tonight. live at police headquarters in center city, vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> thank you vernon. philadelphia police also want your help finding two theft suspects who they say targeted a woman in a center city bar. surveillance video shows a man taking the victim's purse off the back of her chair and then walking away right there. police say they used some credit cards inside to make fraudulent purchases. if you recognize either of those men you're asked to call philadelphia police. >> federal officials will meet next week to investigate the cause of a crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. morgan was in a limo van on the new jersey turnpike last year when it was rear-ended by a wal-mart truck. morgan was on his way back from a show in delaware. his friend, james jimmy mack mcnair died. the crash will be the subject of an ntsb meeting on tuesday
5:37 pm
in washington. >> the fbi has released new surveillance video in hopes of finding some priceless works of art last seen in philadelphia a decade ago. this is video from inside boston's isabella stewart gardner museum from march 1990. it's grainy but it does show a security guard allowing a visitor into the museum just 24 hours before the theft. the fbi is hoping somebody will be able to identify that mystery person. in all, 13 pieces of art were stolen worth half a billion dollars. police believe the art was taken to connecticut and philadelphia sometime after that heist. >> pennsylvania lottery officials have that issued a warning tonight about scammers. they've gotten reports of scam artists posing as lottery claim agents directly contacting people saying they've won some kind of prize. lottery officials stress they would only contact you if you won a second chance drawing which you have to physically enter. they also say claim agents will never ask for any kind of personal information or any
5:38 pm
processing fee. >> today state leaders came together in wilmington to celebrate the completion of the i-95 and route 202 interchange project. it began in 2011 and cost more than $33 million. it widened the ramp from 95 north to route 202 north from one now to two lanes. officials say the new road is safer with less traffic congestion and the project did help create jobs. >> we helped create a nurturing environment for job creation and one of the reasons why our friends wanted to be here because of the transportation improvements we made. >> officials say they finished the project months earlier because of the unexpected closure of 495 last summer. >> that should provide relief moving forward but what about tonight as people try to get to the shore and the mountains for the weekend. >> always busy. let's see what autumn marisa in for matt pelman has to say about it all. >> no relief tonight. we'll start on the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound approaching south street. we have an accident up ahead. you can see the police there,
5:39 pm
the white truck. there's a black truck in front of that. we have debris on the road. looking not too bad in these eastbound lanes as you're making your way to the walt whitman bridge but that's because most of our motorists are jumping off onto the vine street expressway making their way over the ben franklin bridge to get into new jersey right now. so don't be fooled by that because we're seeing 95 northbound up to the walt whitman bridge very slow going right now as well. you can see speeds across the region. they're into the 20's which is good. we were in the teens earlier today so 12 miles per hour on 95 and taking a look at that ben franklin bridge, you can see that long line of traffic making their way over into new jersey and down to the shore right now. back to you, monica and brian. have a great weekend. >> you too, autumn, thank you. much more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a scare on the tarmac. what delta airlines says is behind these flames which shot out of that plane's engine as he was backing away from the gate. >> in sports eagles have about a week until their first preseason game at the linc. jaime apody with anup date on
5:40 pm
the birds. >> hot start to the week. 87 for the high today in philadelphia and i'll let you know where temperatures go into the weekend coming up in accuweather. >> all that and so much more when "action news" continues on this friday night.
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>> airplane passengers in nashville tennessee got a scare on the tarmac this morning. flames came out of the plane's engine when the pilot turned it on. delta says the aircraft was en route to cincinnati and had not reached the runway. flames disappeared when they shut the engine off. all passengers did get back to the gate safely. delta says the cause was likely some extra fuel that was in the plane's tail pipe. top democratic lawmakers have vowing to app pose presidenopposepresident obama'sl with iran. several other democrats with ties to israel have spoken out against the plan. the white house says they're not surprised by the opposition and they say they're confident the deal has enough support in the house and the senate. >> chicago blackhawks star patrick cane the subject of a police investigation over something that might have happened at his home last weekend. reports say kane is accused of sexually assaulting a woman
5:44 pm
after an incident near his off season home in buffalo new york. police would not elaborate at this point on their investigation. the nh and will. plan hawks tell abc news they're monitoring developments but kane hasn't been charged with any crime. >> time for towards. bun big name spent time on the sidelines. >> jeff skversky live in the "action news" sports center tonight with more on that. >> hey guys a little concern out there. jobs are on the line right now at eagles camp. one to watch out for, the corner spot opposite byron maxwell. eric row the rookie working with starters for the second straight day instead of nolan carroll. live with jaime apody at team headquarters. jobs are up for grabs and we're dying to see just how good this team will be after all of the changes chip kelly has made. >> yeah, jeff, unfortunately some of those newcomers just can't get on the field. kiko alonzo sidelined with that concussion. veteran jack ertz and michael hendrix didn't practice today.
5:45 pm
what's deal with demarco murray. he was back in uniform after missing yesterday with are respiratory illness but he still didn't do much at all today. held out of all seven on seven and 11 on 11 drills. they've only practiced four days and murray's missed most of them. of course he's one of the many newcomers on this team that looks far different than last year. think of sam bradford inryan matthews byron maxwell alonzo. the guys tell me they think they're super deep at every position now. you have to wonder how all these fresh faces will mesh together. chemistry is important. malcolm jenkins says that's fine. >> you bring in quality guys that are competitive and want to be the best it's easy to get along. everybody comes to work every day with a positive attitude, applies guise are thirsty to play well and succeed and dominate. we're not happy with just, you know, being a little bit better than we were last year. we want to be the best in this league and every day we come out here we're competing to do
5:46 pm
that. >> seethe sound hungry. sam bradford really stood out to me today. he just looked so much better than all the other three quarterbacks his poise in the pocket, his throws. it was really impressive. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about the forgotten man at running back that is ryan matthews. live at the novacare complex eagles training camp jaime apody channel6 "action news. jeff. >> great to hear about bradford. all eyes on him and that knee. chase utley expected to return finally to the phillies lineup tonight in san diego for the first time since late june because of that lingering ankle issue but utley may only be playing about four days a week going forward. the phils rebuild project in full effect. the youth movement perhaps sparking the team. they have won 13 of their last 18 games since the break and they've only lost one series. the fans not the only one feeling better these days at the ballpark. the players feeling pretty good, too. >> for sure, for sure it's more fun to watch. we having a lot of fun. like i said everybody is
5:47 pm
running to the bat right, not taking any plays off, playing good defense and it feels good to be on a team like this. >> fun to watch, too. finally move over harlem globetrotters. there's a softball team traveling around with a few tricks up their sleeves. check this out. this batter batting backwards, spins around and gone. what in the world just happened? this comes from a montreal based trick softball team. take another look there. the batter swings around from the right side hits left still hits the home run. if playing softball isn't hard enough as i have found out if you saw my video from the other day. those guys right there just completely showing off. makes me look bad. back taigles in the studio. >> and if you did miss that video, it's on, jeff. we want to make sure everybody sees it. i'm sorry about that. a father's day treat came a little late for one very special dad. the action cam was at philadelphia runner in center city this morning where brian
5:48 pm
beck of gloucester township got showered with attention. beck was the winner of the gary papa run's brand new nominate your papa contest. beck was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year but his family says that has not slowed this guy down one bit. the store gave him a brand new running outfit so he could keep getting out and about with his beloved family. >> how about that. >> yeah. >> all right. still ahead on "action news at 5:00 another check of your weekend forecast. >> and stepping live outside, sky6 hd over penn's landing right now. adam joseph back for the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
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>> the action cam live in bethlehem where musikfest just got under way. a staple of summertime. tonight flaming lips take the stage as the headliners. sand steal stage. musikfest runs through august 16th. 6abc proud to be a media sponsor. >> adam is here. how the weather is going to be. >> perfect. lots of sunshine in the lehigh valley and very comfortable temperature. typically music fest is hot, humid but it's not this week. >> they picked a good night. >> enjoy. as we take a look at double
5:52 pm
scan live radar all is quiet after a very dreary day is the tractor-trailer shore especially witday at theshore. you can see that early ominous looking sky. we had some rough seas with the winds out of the northeasterly direction but we will clean it up for you at the shore if you're down there the rest of the weekend. as we look at the almanac in philadelphia for at a, it was 87 for the high. 1 degree above the normal and the low where we should be at 69 degrees so a pretty perfect day and that 106 degrees back in 1918 that's the hottest it's ever gotten in philadelphia so thankfully we were far off from that this afternoon. as we look north and west of town, 82 in quakertown. warrington 83 degrees. a very pleasant 80 right now in that saint davids as well as slatington and fleetwood. to the south and east again because of those winds off the water and also the clouds that we saw most of the day and still lingering in southern in southern cape may sun, 75 in
5:53 pm
sea isle city, bridgeton 79 and hockessin delaware with sun up to 82. there you can see the clouds that lingered through again, good chunk of the day even with some showers in the morning and early afternoon hours, south of atlantic city, but now north atlantic city you can see the sun returning there and beautiful up in the lehigh valley and as we widen out, we have low pressure down to the south over north carolina and that will slowly move off the coast and be about a few hundred miles east of atlantic city this weekend. that will really churn up the waters but for tonight it's clear its calm, it's seasonable, 59 to 68 degrees for that low temperature. that low again off the coast tomorrow. it is sunny, 87, nice with low humidity and as we get into sunday that low migrates and continues to pull away. 87 with high pressure to the north trying to wedge in that dry warm air. there could be some high clouds coming in in the afternoon with some filtered sun on sunday but overall a decent weekend but an increased risk for rip currents this weekend with that low off the coast.
5:54 pm
so, again, watch for some very choppy waters, 77 saturday sunny and nice sunday at 80 degrees. and in the poconos, beautiful there. upper 70's for highs. a lot of sun. low humidity. and just a few clouds on sunday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 87 for the next two days. so, exactly duplicate of today. and then monday clouds increase in the afternoon with a chance of a scattered thunderstorm of 86. but it's more humid with a front on tuesday, more active day of 84 and then that front slips to the east here so we dry out wednesday of 85, looking great on thursday, mid 80's. and then clouds will increase again on friday but temperatures remaining below average at 84 degrees. so, as we're going into the second week of august, looking pretty good with no 90's and no extreme humidity. >> can't ask for better than that. >> no, you can't this time of year. >> thanks adam. >> much more "action news" when we come right back.
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5:57 pm
>> future doctors had an exciting day at temple university school of medicine today in north philadelphia. it is the annual white coat ceremony. 204 members of this year's class officially got the white coats that they will wear during their medical education. they heard from international medical experts. all good luck to these med school students. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more next at 6:00. a woman is in critical condition after an early morning shooting outside a philadelphia bakery. plus police find items belonging to a folcroft boy who drowned earlier this week. >> cell phone service around the city got a big boost for the upcoming papal visit. those stories and more up next. for rick williams, cecily tynan, sharrie williams, drain avenue the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night and a great weekend. >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night. a piece of gettysburg history will take center stage during the papal visit and a carbon monoxide incident sends five delaware residents to the hospital. but the big story on "action news" tonight is armed robbery and gunfire at a kosher bakery in philadelphia. the 7500 block of haverford avenue was the scene of the holdup at the best cake bakery. the owner was shot in the neck. live at the crime scene in overbrook is "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad, what's the latest on this? >> reporter: jim, we received some new information here in the past 10 minutes. now investigators believe the
6:00 pm
two suspects walked through the back door of the bakery you see there encountered the victim, there was a struggle. one of the suspects fired a shot hitting that victim in the neck. that bullet went through her airway and lodged near her spine and right now she remains in critical condition at a local hospital. the shooting has gripped this overbrook neighborhood. >> we're scared. we scared. it's scary. friendly, neighbor, friend. >> we have she needs we are there for her and we are there for her every day as we are anybody in our community that needs anything. >> reporter: investigators say this is the second crime at the best cake bakery during the past week. last friday, there was an attempted robbery but she fought off the would be thieves and police believe today's armed robbery was planned. >> understanding from week that she pays her employees on friday so this is why they targeted her on friday so it clearly was a setup robbery as


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