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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday august 11th. i'm tamala edwards here with
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nydia han. matt o'donnell is off. breaking right now a lot of traffic trouble from flash flooding to crashes, the schuylkill expressway has just been a mess this morning. >> yeah, the accuweather team is tracking rain, also putting a damper on your morning commute. >> a barrage of bullets fired overnight a in a south philadelphia neighborhoods. >> all new this morning, a car burst into flames after crashing into a septa bus. >> let's tell you more about this rain and about that commute. we've got team coverage this morning. matt pelman will help you get around the schuylkill, katherine scott is there near the scene where the crews are scrambling to get roads back where they need to be. let's get going with the rain. karen rogers is in for david this morning. good morning in good morning. that steady rain has already moved through the area. we're dealing with light rain now but the damage is done with the ponding on the roads. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan and you can see how that heavy rain has already pushed north and east of the city so go ahead and take a look at that and there you can see in it trenton energy surf city, in atlantic city, in cape may, in philadelphia itself you're just dealing with that light
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rain at this point continuing. the national weather service has already canceled the flood advisory because that steady rain has moved through through the philadelphia area. it's only in mercer county and areas to the north where we still have that minor flooding dealing with right now so you are going to see the flood waters recede if you have any, the ponding on the roads. we have a marginal risk for severe weather later this afternoon as thunderstorms ignite and we could see some gusty winds with that. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. it feels warm, feels muggy. here's what you can expect today. by 8:00 a.m. we're just dealing with clouds by this point. the showers moving out of here, 72. by noon you're basically dry with mostly cloudy skies and 75. by 3:00 p.m., that's when you start to see some of these thunderstorms develop, 82. that's your high today. by 6:00 p.m., a thunderstorm or two still around and 79 degrees. so, these are the key times. until 8 o'clock this morning we're seeing the showers ending. the steady pounding rain has already left the area. we have some ponding on the roadways still, though, from 1:00 to 7:00 that's when we
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see these scattered storms and isolated strong gusts so matt, if people are having a tough time dealing with the light rain right now on the roads, later on for the evening commute that's just going to be more problems. >> oh and they certainly are having a tough time, karen. we've seen so many problems and if you're keeping count this is number four on the schuylkill expressway. it's another crash here in the eastbound lanes right where 76 splits with 676, the vine street expressway. the crash is in the gore point. this vehicle right here was facing sideways a minutes ago but now straightened out. what's happening this morning is these vehicles are hitting puddles and they're losing control in many cases spinning around. we had that happen just up ahead underneath 30th street station where there's still some flooding in the right lane partially blocking that right lane. had a jackknifed tractor-trailer on the westbound side earlier. katherine is going to have more on those situations in judge a minute but also on the schuylkill the eastbound off ramp to girard avenue remains closed. that's because of advened tree. if that's your normal exit by
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the zoo exit at montgomery or go to spring garden. south on the boulevard broken down suv past fox street sticking out into the right lane. this is 95 southbound side between academy and cottman as it head towards the work zone there's a crash taking out the left lane giving us early morning delays. looks like an obstacle course on the pennsylvania turnpike. there's a crash past delaware valley taking out the right lane then construction near bensalem in the left lane. in willow grove traffic lights still not working along 611 at fitzwatertown road by regency square. a new crash in lower gwynedd along welsh road at lower state road. hope you got all that tam. >> goodness. the hits just keep on coming. thank you matt. let's switch live to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's getting a closer look at that mess out there on the schuylkill. katherine, how is it looking right now? >> reporter: well, we have seen a lot of progress. obviously we've seen a lot of messes on the schuylkill expressway this morning but where we are by the south street bridge you can see that traffic is now moving.
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they were able to clear that tractor-trailer that was closing the westbound lanes earlier this morning. so, all the traffic now getting by in the westbound lanes. but around 4 a.m. a tractor-trailer jackknifed. the 55-year-old driver was taken to the hospital with shoulder and leg injuries. all westbound lanes were closed and traffic here was an absolute mess. but the tractor-trailer has now been towed and traffic is moving again. then while all that was going on, there was a backup in the eastbound lanes under 30th street. a car had spun out there, traffic was snarled. we know there was street flooding in that area so you do want to keep an eye out for that when you're in that area and also out and about this morning and then another problem on 76 by girard an off ramp was closed because of a tree that fell there. so, of course, just be wear when you're out and about this morning. we have seen some problems but also progress here along the schuylkill. we're live along the south street bridge, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> all proof people need to
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take it slowly this morning. katherine thank you. we're following developing news in south philadelphia. gunfire struck a man and damaged a few parked cars around 1:30 this morning. 20 shell casings were found on the 1500 block of south colorado street and nearby 17th street. stray gunfire hit a parked lexus and pontiac. police say a 30-year-old man was shot in both legs and in the arm. he is in stable condition. so far police have not made any arrests. >> it is 6:06. new this morning a car caught on fire after backing into a septa bus in south philadelphia. the accident happened on the 1300 block of south broad street around 12:30 this morning. the bus was stopped at the time of impacts. 10 people on the bus are okay. so is the car driver. septa officers helped her exit her vehicle without injury. >> police in wilmington are looking for the gunman in a triple shooting. the shooting claimed the life of a mother and wounded her young daughter and another mom. it happened yesterday afternoon in a home on the 400 block of west seventh street. that's where the young girl and her 25-year-old mom were
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found wounded. that mom later died. another mother identified as 51-year-old marta wright was also shot. she was discovered in the street nearby. her daughter talked to "action news." >> i heard the shot and i seen a friend that was with my mom and i didn't see my mom. so when i got a little closer, they -- somebody was yelling it's your mom, it's your mom. >> now, the murdered woman's son wasn't shot. he ran out of that west seventh estate home. at this point investigators are not saying if the shooting was random or planned. >> now to a developing story. it's been another night of tension and protest in ferguson. nine people were arrested as people continue to mark the one year anniversary of the death of michael brown. police made the arrest after protesters blocked traffic during demonstrations. as well saint louis county declared a state of emergency in the wake of the violence on sunday night. sunday evening three officers were hurt and several businesses were damaged. "good morning america" will continue our live coverage on the unrest in ferguson. "gma" will start right after
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"action news." >> more good news for moms looking for longer paid leave after their babies are born. and what does a local coffee company have to do with a national yogurt chain? maribel aber is life to explain. i guess we're not the only ones to love la colombe. the ceo of chobani yogurt. he's become majority owner of la colombe. la colombe opens its first cafe in rittenhouse square in 1994. how much will your pay goup good news is your paycheck will go up next year but not by much. there's a is your i have by powers watson it puts the average raise next year at 3 percent. it calls a 3 percent increase the new norm in corporate america. stocks rebounded with enthusiasm on monday. the dow ended up 242 points. the rally snapped a seven session losing streak. right now futures pointing to
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a lower open. finally adobe is announcing it's going the give now mothers six months of paid leave. the change goes into effect november 1st. adobe is the latest tech company to increase parent at a benefits. last week netflix and microsoft also increased the time new parents can take off with pay and the move towards expanding maternity leave is gaining looks like some momentum. back over to you guys. >> good news there. thanks maribel. >> we were just saying when your baby you're going back six weeks old. >> i wanted to quit my job last week when my son was sick he's in elementary school. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan around the region right now and you can see that we have some heavy rain in spots but the heavy rain has left the city and it's moving along the coastline but it was coming down for awhile. let's take a closer look with storm tracker6 double scan and we can see in trenton you were getting hit with that on 95. that's already lifted up to the north and east but it's in belmar seaside heights, surf city where you're getting that driving rain.
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now in philadelphia in the surrounding area, norristown, in malvern, coatesville you're mostly dooling with light steady rain in wilmington, salem, elmer. the same situation. i want to take one more look a little farther down to the south and give you an idea of what's happening and you can see some of that steady rain is leaving atlantic city and cape may and trying to push offer the coastline right now. let's go on outside. we want to see what this day looks like not that pretty. sky6 looks live at philadelphia international airport where we mostly have light rain at this point but you got to watch 'cause the damage is done. at one point we had a half an inch an hour coming down in the city and that's why we had that ponding on the roads. satellite6 and action radar showing how quickly it moved right into place and that's why the rain was coming down so fast. we haven't had rain in awhile. poor drainage in the area and that's why you have the flooding on the roadways. so, now we're seeing that leave the area but behind it we're still dealing with some showers and some light rain in spots. future tracker six showing from about 8 o'clock up to 1 o'clock it's rather dry out there. we're seeing clouds, maybe a
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shower moving through. we advance this up to 3:30 and that's when we start to see after 1 o'clock and into 3:30 we see these cells develop through the area and these could be containing more thunder and lightning and even some potentially gusty winds. at 8:30 in the evening, the last of the storms exiting its region but they're strong as they do. so, not everybody is getting these afternoon and evening storms. they're just going to be scattered but those that do could be hit with downpours, lightning and we even had a risk for strong winds that could make it severe weather so that's through the afternoon and evening hours and we're going to have to be careful about that one. let's see what this day looks like hour by hour. 8:00 a.m., 72 degrees and lots of clouds. i think the showers are ending at that point. by 11:00 a.m., 75, mostly try. by 2:00 p.m., 82 degrees. we're already starting to see some of those thunderstorms develop. by 5:00 p.m., those thunderstorms will be moving through the city and into new jersey and with the chance for some of those strong winds, 82 degrees for your high so we're holding the temperature down.
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much of the day. it's not going to be rain free but you have to be careful. moderate risk of rip currents if you're going into the session today. 78 degrees. you have heavy rain now, then you'll have mostly cloudy skies with a gusty thunderstorm later in the day. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. humid today with some thunderstorms later on in the afternoon and evening, 82 degrees for your high. so we have the morning rain and then the afternoon rain coming. wednesday clouds and sun, drying out nicely, just a chance for a late day storm and 85. thursday's gorgeous. partly sunny and nice and 85. friday's turning warmer, still nice and 89. saturday really heating things up. hot with a chance for a thunderstorm late in the day and looking at a high of 90. sunday partly sunny. looks great for the eagles and the union as long as you don't minds it hot. 90 for your high. monday still looks hot with 90 degrees for your high with mostly sunny skies. we need the rain but we're getting an awful lot of it at a. >> all right. >> 's 6:12. up next more stories you didn't see last night including a high flying police pursuit.
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why officers wanted that hang glider grounded. >> plus the startling study on air traffic control. what the government reportedly knew that kept under wraps matt. >> we would love to control the traffic but we're not having much luck this morning, nydia. had a crash on 95 southbound past academy. that just cleared out. delay as you can see is far from gone and won't be gone for several hours. we'll update the four situations on the schuylkill expressway and talk about a new crash on 42 when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪ for life...
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we've had a lot of traffic trouble on this tuesday morning. the schuylkill expressway has been the scene of not one, not two, not three but four accidents this morning. the first was a jackknifed tractor-trailer here at the south street exit around 4:30 this morning. the westbound lanes were shut down for a time but you can see the good news is this accident has cleared. traffic moving along nicely here. at least for now. >> you know matt pelman we say that you've been playing traffic whack a mole this morning. you get one then another then another. >> they just keep popping up. >> yeah. >> the good news is they move pretty quickly. i guess we're whacking them effectively tam and nydia. with the rain now mostly stopped for the moment roads are drying out. we're not seeing the same sort of ponding and puddling we saw
6:17 am
a couple hours ago. here was one of our plethora of problems along the schuylkill expressway. it was a downed tree that was blocking the ramp from the eastbound lanes to girard avenue. as you can see that ramp has reopened. they made pretty quick work of turning that downed tree into sawdust. check that one off the list. still have a little bit of high water eastbound by 30th street station kind of partially blocking the right lane but our crash there and our crash involving the jackknifed tractor-trailer on the westbound side, they've both cleared as has the crash along 95 southbound side past academy. although now you're seeing the normal morning delays with speeds in the 30's and then 20's farther south by girard avenue. it's an obstacle course still on the pennsylvania turnpike. as you come in from new jersey in the westbound lanes first you're hitting a crash near delaware valley taking out the right lane. then you go a little farther and there's still some construction near bensalem in the left lane. little farther along if you're getting offer at willow grove watch out because south of the turnpike along 611 at fitzwatertown road by regency square those traffic lights
6:18 am
still aren't working so it's kind of every driver for him or herself through that busy intersection. still have a crash in lower gwynedd along welsh road at lower state road. there's a new one in hatfield by the vm marconi's pizza club along clemons road at forty foot road. a new wreck along 42. it's southbound side at 534 blackwood-clementon road blocking the see deliration lane. not a big delay there yet or on the northbound side. nydia. >> all right matt thank you. new video on "action news." police in southern california briefly pursued a man flying a motorized glider. this after they initially thought he had dropped contraband over a prison. the man later told police he didn't even realize he had flown over the prison and he hadn't heard the helicopter ordering him to land. police say they made an honest mistake. the man was later released without a citation. >> a federal study found that many air traffic controllers struggle with chronic fatigue. the study was done back in 2012 and then kept secret for three years. a fifth of the air traffic
6:19 am
controllers observed committed some significant errors and more than half of them attributed that to fat teaming report followed the controllers keeping track of their sleep patterns and found the average controller received just 5.8 hours of sleep a night. they have to watch all those planes in the air, maybe a good idea for them to mandate a little bit more shut eye. >> yeah, there is not enough sleep and certainly a very important job out there. 6:19. next and new at 6:00 talk about a java jolt. surveillance video records a close call for customers at a new york city starbucks. karen. >> storm tracker6 live double scan showing still heavy rain in spots especially right along the coastline if you're at the shore what comes later in the afternoonly details in that seven day coming up next. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money.
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binor b.e.d. disorder isn't just over-eating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. and, i learned that b.e.d. is the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. when i binged, i felt completely out of control. i would eat really, really fast and eat so much during my binges. it was very upsetting. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. >> this is newly released surveillance video showing a suv hopping a sidewalk. one person had to be checked out for a leg injury. people said this could have been worse. most of the commuters had just
6:22 am
cleared out of the coffee shop when this crash occurred. >> people driving no starbucks, dmv's noplace is safe. >> it's scary. before you had your coffee you're not going the notice the guy. >> right. [laughter] >> got to pay attention especially as you're headed out this morning. we have so many issues that we're watching and now, oh, good, here come the delays along 422 eastbound side from the saint gabe's curve through this points at trooper into 23. after the delays clear out well they probably won't because we'll have construction during the midday 9:00 until 3:00 blocking one of the eastbound lanes so just expect those eastbound delays let's say most of the day. on the westbound side approaching sanatoga there's a crash. require getting by that without too much of a problem but midday construction will close pleasant view road in lower pottsgrove starting at 8:00 so in just about an hour and a half by police station. stick with sanatoga road to get around that issue. we've had a few issues this morning on the mass transit front but at the moment things look okay. trains are on time. patco of course continues running on its construction schedule with those lapses in
6:23 am
service until labor day weekend. karen. >> storm tracker6 live double scan showing that heavy rain that produced so much ponding on the roadways. that's along the coastline right now. as we look a little closer to the city, we can see we're dealing with mostly light steady rain in trenton as well. in doylestown some heavier pockets. new pockets developing you see the area of yellow, some heavier rain out to the west. that's going to be hitting reading shortly but that heavy rain has moved out of here. in philadelphia 72 degrees, no flight delays on the board flying across the east coast. i would watch orlando though because they're dealing with fog so you may see flight delays develop then. your accuweather forecast for much of the morning and afternoon hours we'll see mostly cloudy skies but then we get strong storms developing scattered. not everybody is going the see them later on this afternoon and ending this evening. 82 for your high. tomorrow clouds and sunshine just a chance for a shower, 85 and it becomes less humid. thursday is gorgeous tam and nydia. >> looking forward to that. thank you karen. the hot phillies got cooled off in the desert.
6:24 am
the diamondbacks demolished them 13 to three. the d-backs busted open a tie game with 11 runs. starting pitcher aaron harang gave up eight runs. the series continues tonight at 9:40. >> ♪ blinds to go's
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is going on now make a splash with new sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more, all at 20-35% off! it's the hottest sale of the year. just when you need to cool off most. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> happening a new hearing relaterd to the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case that rocked rocked penn state. former psu president graham spaniard vice president graham shuttle and tim curly will
6:27 am
have their cases considered in superior court in harrisburgly all three accused of perjury endangering the welfare of children abinstructing justice conspiracy and failure to report suspected child abuse. >> also happening today pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in montgomery county to talk about the state's budget battle. pennsylvania's budget stalemate is in its second month. wolf wants a multi-million dollar tax increase while republicans approved a spending plan with no tax increase and with a smaller boost in school funding than wolf wanted. wolf vetoed that plan. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane will hold a news conference tomorrow to address her legal situation. charges will brought against kane last week alleging she leaked secret grand jury information to a reporter and then lied about it under oath. kane's preliminary hearing is set for august 24th. >> it's 6:27. we're following several developing stories this morning. >> a man survives a shooting and provides police a key piece of evidence. the bullet landed in the ashtray of his car. >> ♪
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discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> breaking right now on "action news," rain wrecks. no matter how you slice it, it is not easy getting around this morning. >> the earlier downpour got the commute off to a rocky start. accuweather says there could be more storms later today. >> car owners waking up to all kinds of car damage from shotout tires to bullet holes near their brake lights. >> state of emergency. police make more than a dozen arrests during another night of protests in ferguson. >> good morning. it is busy here at 6:30 on this tuesday august 11th. matt and david are off. nydia han is here. let's go to karen rogers, she's got accuweather and matt pelman has traffic. >> you think what's the big problem. the big problem is overnight we had some heavy rain that came down and that created all of the ponding on the roadways that you're driving through right now.
6:31 am
storm tracker6 live double scan showing that heavy rain is shown by the yellow, that's already hugging the coastline at this point through belmar, surf city. a of pock here or there near doylestown, near glassboro, new jersey and out near reading. for the most part in philadelphia and the surrounding area you have steady light rain that you're still dealing with right now. and the national weather service has canceled the flood advisory for philadelphia but still out there for mercer county. if you're in trenton dealing with that until 8:45. at this point just minor flooding but here's what you can expect. until 8 o'clock or so this morning, those showers are ending but we're still dealing with the rain that already came down. the ponding on the roadways. then once again from 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock this afternoon we have some scattered storms. not everybody is going the see them but one or two of them could be with some very strong wind gusts and that's the concern for later this afternoon. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. feels warm and sticky out here and with this light rain by 8:00 a.m., 72 degrees, holding with that with lots of clouds. by noon mostly cloudy skies and pretty dry and 75.
6:32 am
by 3:00 p.m., mostly cloudy skies with a few thunderstorms around and 82. by 6:00 p.m., those thunderstorms really hitting the area and starting to exit the coastline. 79 degrees. so, thunderstorms this afternoon could be a real problem and you already have problems this morning driving around, right, matt. >> oh, we've had so many, yes. something for everyone as we head out on this tuesday morning but the good news now is, karen, even though we're starting to see the delays because of volume the condition of the roads has improved drastically from, say, 4:30 this morning when it was an absolute mess. we had four different issues on the schuylkill expressway. here's the one that's left. it's a crash in the gore point as you come eastbound and exit for the vine street expressway. so, the lanes are opened. traffic in them moving okay. i'll let katherine scott tell you about our earlier issues on 76 but this is only one left. going slowly on 95 southbound side as you can see approaching the work zone at cottman avenue again from the betsy ross bridge into girard. even a little slower than normal because of the wet conditions and in the neighborhoods there are a bunch of accidents like one in
6:33 am
hatfield along clemens road at forty foot road. also one blocking a lane in lower gwynedd along welsh road at lower state road and in willow grove we're having trouble with the traffic lights along 611 at fitzwatertown road by regency square which is south of the turnpike. on the turnpike itself problems in the westbound direction coming in from new jersey. there's a crash past the delaware valley interchange, then construction blocking the left lane near bensalem. in new jersey, on 95 as you head southbound toward the scudder falls bridge watch out for a crash approaching route 29 blocking the deceleration lane. that's the exit lane. same situation exit lane blocked here along 42 southbound at 534 blackwood-clementon road. you're getting by that without too much of an issue. on the northbound side just building volume, still a very wet ride as you head up toward the walt whitman bridge on this tuesday morning. nydia. >> matt, thank you. developing overnight, police in glassboro gloucester county are investigating a terrible accident. a man was hit by a vehicle then dragged a short distance.
6:34 am
this all happened at around 1:30 this morning on the 600 block of quincy court. the man said to be in his 50's is being treater at cooper university hospital. police have not said if they have the vehicle or driver involved. >> also developing this morning, police are investigating what sparked gunfire in south philadelphia overnight. when the bullets stopped a man had been hurt and cars had been damaged. around 1:30 this morning police say a 30-year-old man was shot in both of his legs and in arm. 20 shell casings were found on the 1500 block of south colorado street and nearby 17th street. stray gunfire hit a parked lexus and a pontiac. the victim is now in stable condition and so far there have been no arrests. it is now 6:34 and this is yet another developing story. a man helps philadelphia police track down a woman who he says shot him. he gave them pivotal clues about this woman before being rushed into surgery in critical condition. the 28-year-old victim was shot near his suv on the 5400 block of holland street in lawncrest. investigators say that the
6:35 am
vehicle held a major piece of evidence. >> inside that ford suv is some blood and we also found the actual bullet the projectile that we believe entered through his back and came out his chest. >> a police officer rushed the man to einstein medical center. the victim gave a description of the shooter along the way and police later arrested in woman. she's now being questioned. >> police in riot gear are on guard this morning once again in ferguson, missouri. 23 people were arrested overnight. some hit officers with rocks and water bottles. they are protesting last year's deadly shooting of unarmed black teen michael brown by a white ferguson police officer. they are also upset about this week's shootout between another young man and police officers. ferguson is under a state of emergency. >> all of the good work that's happened on both sides of the street it's been marred by violence and that's why we have to be here and that's unfortunate. >> no one was injured in the latest scuffles. more than 60 people were arrested yesterday. "good morning america"
6:36 am
continues our coverage of the unrest in ferguson. reporters will be updating the situation live from missouri starting at 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." >> two serial burglars in south jersey must have a bit of a sweet tooth. they've been spotted breaking into three dunkin' donuts in gloucester township. the crime spree happened overnight yesterday. masked men used a hammer to break the front door at a location on black horse pike. two hours later they entered a dunkin' donuts on white horse pike through the drive through window and did the same thing at a store in pine hill. police are not saying exactly how much cash they managed to steal. and a brazen burglar is wanted for a break in that he did in broad daylight. camden county police just released this surveillance from the westfield garden apartments two weeks ago. you can see the suspect repeatedly knocking on a door and once he figures out nobody is home he sneaks around back and slips in through a window. moments later the same man just saunders out the front door. >> we are now 45 days until pope francis' visit to
6:37 am
philadelphia and restaurants and businesses located within the traffic box are still wondering what they'll have to do to stay opened during his visit. mayor michael nutter and law enforcement are getting ready to answer those questions and will likely release details later this week. we're told meetings will be held with business owners including those at reading terminal market to discuss delivery and security plans. "action news" is going to pope francis' hometown next week. jim gardner will be in buenos aires argentina to meet the people and see the places that helped form the pope's views and pins. jim's reports begin next week on "action news" at 6:00 and 11l: >> a little sneak peek of his schedule. they're really busy but it is going to be pretty interesting. >> the pope is so beloved. it will be exciting to see that. not so exciting to see storm tracker6 because we're covered with a lot of rain through the region and let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan and you can see the heavier rain, that's where it's yellow. it's mostly along the coastline. that's what moved through about 4 o'clock this morning through the city.
6:38 am
i want to show you a little tighter view this business. with double scan we can see even some pockets here of some heavier rain so you're getting another pocket or two right near trenton, coming up right now through doylestown, one that moved through glassboro and about to head through medford lakes. in the city itself it's mostly just some light steady rain as well is as in norristown and malvern and coatesville and wilmington and salt let me. it's pretty light but it's still raining. heavy rain just about to hit reading. i want the take one more look in that area because that rain looks pretty significant out there so let's take one more pocket and you see this right here, that's heading towards reading and then fleetwood. this cell here will hit near honeybrook shortly. let's go outside and see what it looks like right now. dreary out there. feels really sticky, too. we're looking live at the ben franklin bridge. lots of clouds up above and that light rain coming down pretty steadily still. satellite6 and action radar showing how that rain moved right into place in the region. even though the steadiest has moved out there's pockets of
6:39 am
heavier cells here or there and we are in the process of seeing a dry period come from about 8:00 a.m. to about 1:00 a.m. we want to look at that at future tracker six. so, we look at from 8:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m. we can see we're dealing with mostly cloudy skies. it's basically dry. just some scattered showers but then we watch after 1 o'clock, you kind of get the idea that there's some stuff building out to the west. we see how these thunderstorms develop through the region and they'll be scattered. not everybody is going the see them but you could have some heavy downpours, some strong gusty winds. this is a look at 7:30 in the evening. and you can see the final push of storms coming through through the region and then clearing out in the late night hours. and we have our always on day planner to help you out kind of track that through the day. the main risk with this, later on this afternoon you could see lightning and downpours but we have a chance for one or two of these storms to have strong damaging winds so that's why we're being so careful to watch them through the afternoon and evening. let's spell it all out for you. by 8:00 a.m. 72, lots of clouds clouds. by 11:00 a.m. you're basically dry, 75 degrees, lots of
6:40 am
clouds, maybe a peek of sunshine or two. by 2:00 p.m., mostly cloudy skies. but we're going to see some of those storms developing here or there and by 5:00 p.m., 79 with some of those storms. your high only 82 degrees with the clouds and some of the rain falling so it's not going to rain all day. we kind of have book ends through the morning and in the afternoon they could be stronger. humid with thunderstorms later today after the morning showers exit, 82 degrees for your high. tomorrow is not bad, clouds and sun, drying out 85. a chance for a shower at the end of the day. thursday partly sunny and it's really beautiful. 85 degrees, low humidity and feeling nice. friday is turning warmer and 89. saturday hot with some thunderstorms developing at the ends of the day, 90 degrees for your high. it's a good summer weekend. certainly feeling like summer with 90 for your high on sunday, too. partly sunny skies. looks dry for the eagles and the union. monday still hot, 90 degrees and humid, too, with mostly sunny skies. so we're turning up the heat a little later in the week. today's high only 82 degrees. >> thank you karen. >> it's now 6:40 and up next
6:41 am
an "action news" exclusive surveillance of an unsolved drive by shooting in delaware county that you'll only see here. >> u.s. olympians get sick while training for the summer games in brazil and some officials worry it could be a sign of what's to come. matt. >> good morning, nydia. just south of west chester we had a broken down truck here along 202 by styles boulevard. it's cleared out. and now we're just left with wet conditions and big delays elsewhere including on 95. we'll check that out after the break. >> also when we come back a shark sighting offer the jersey shore is generating as you might imagine a lot of social media buzz. we'll tell you about that when "action news" is right back. >> ♪ passes pas
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here philadelphia international airport. definitely one of those mornings it's good idea to check flight tracker, call ahead because we have had some stormy skies. it's 6:44, 71 degrees. your high today will be 82. >> and on the ground it's been ugly just about everywhere hasn't it matt. >> take that extra cup of coffee, extra breakfast snack. you'll have time to eat it while you're in the delays. we had a whole bunch of issues along the schuylkill expressway. only one that's left is a crash in the gore point as you exit for the vine street expressway. at this point all lanes opened on 76 and we're basically just back to normal morning delays. and this is what normal looks like along 95. yeah, plenty crowded southbound approaching cottman, then again from the betsy ross bridge through this point at allegheny into girard, those normal delays now in full effect. wants to warn you about a couple things. along 95 northbound during the midday today, just like a bunch of the days last week,
6:45 am
they're going to work at the girard point bridge. so, expect delays then at that point. the platt bridge is probably going to be your better bet. no delays so far this morning along 95 through the ongoing zone by girard avenue but nearby they started tearing up columbus boulevard overnight last night. they're doing some milling and paving work there over the scores of the next month. so, between race and spring garden watch out for a rough ride this morning and if you travel the roosevelt boulevard during the midday today, 9:00 until 3:00, so later on watch out for construction southbound between ninth street and the schuylkill. that would give us delays at that point. talking about some of the crashes in the suburbs this morning, in hatfield one along clemons road at forty foot road. had one in lower gwynedd at welsh road along lower state but that cleared out. we had a couple issues, one a crash the other construction on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. speeds still in the 30's as you come from new jersey. mercer county a crash along 95 southbound approaching 29 head towards the scudder falls bridge. one lane is blocked there. nydia. >> matt thank you. a drive by shooting was
6:46 am
caught on surveillance video in chester and only "action news" has the dramatic footage. someone opened fire outside of the neighbors mart and deli on the 2000 block of edgemont avenue last night. people on the streets scattered. the victim ran inside the store. and then as you're about to see the woman falls to ground holding her side. she is now in the hospital. her condition has not been released. no arrests have been made. >> new this morning, 13 u.s. rowers came down with a stomach illness in brazil. they got sick while competing the the world junior rowing championships, the trial run for next summer's olympics in rio. no final word on what caused the illness but the u.s. team doctor believers it may be due to pollution in the lake that they were training on. high levels of viruses and bacteria turned up in the water during an independent analysis. officials are also examining food and drinking water. >> a 7-foot long hammer head shark has been detected again roaming along the jersey shore line. a ping picked up the shark swimming off laviolette ocean county. that borders toms river
6:47 am
township. the shark hasn't attacked anyone. it's been spotted in shallower waters after venturing out of belmar in monmouth county. the nonprofit o search tagged the shark to track it for research. the shark is named elias and has its own twitter page. i'm about to follow him. i wonder if he'll follow me back. >> i'm sure -- you don't want him to follow you. >> that's true. >> on twitter. >> a live preview of "gma" is up next. >> plus, this is not the impression you want to make at the dmv when you're about to take your driving test. karen. >> most of us dealing with some light steady rain but with storm tracker6 double scan we notice some heavier pockets along 2422 and 222. be careful if you're traveling right there. details on the rest of the day's forecast coming up when "action news" comes right back.
6:48 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we've got some breaking news coming to us out of chester county, the town of parksburg. you're taking a look at a picture of the scene of a fatal fire. this is the 300 block of main street much at almost 5 o'clock this morning they were called out, they were told that there was a fire there. when they got there they found heavy fire conditions coming out of one of those twins. during the operations they recovered one fire victim and realized that that person had died in the course of the fire.
6:51 am
they did manage to get it under control. the crew is still there. we'll bring you the latest if any more details develop. >> it is now 6:50. time for a preview of "good morning america." amy robach joins us with a look at what's coming up right after "action news." good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, nydia and tam. great to be with you both. coming up next on "good morning america," donald trump's feud with fox news heating up. anchor megan kelly responding to the republican frontrunner saying he will not apologize to questions she asked him. hillary clinton weighing in on the latest. and then a state of emergency declared in ferguson, missouri. heavily armed police dispatched throughout the city arresting demonstrators after a gun battle between two groups erupted earlier this week. we're live on the scene with the very latest. plus a top-secret study about fatigue in air traffic controllers. the report revealing just how many of them are not getting enough sleep. just how much of you are at risk when you fly. we'll answer that question and then officials at yellowstone national park say they have
6:52 am
captured the grisly bear and cub they believe attacked and killed a hiker. now this morning we hear from a woman about her own encounter with a bear in virginia. seeing some of her injuries there. she's going to telling to us how she made it out of that attack alive, all next on "good morning america." tam, nydia, back to you. >> all right, amy, thanks. >> thank you amy. >> our delco delays early on this tuesday morning as you look outside a little bit wet and definitely a little bit slow here along the blue route 476 both ways by baltimore pike, the media swarthmore interchange. lanes are opened but plenty of traffic in them. on 42 northbound side delays forming there as well. especially passing 534 where there's a crash on the southbound side blocking a lane and in just a few minutes ellis street closes today in glassboro for railroad crossing work. main street works instead. >> karen. >> most region at this point has light steady rain and it is starting to exit. we're seeing a couple heavy pockets like near reading that will be hitting allentown and a couple near the coastline pushing off the shore. 82 degrees for your high today.
6:53 am
it's 72 right now. by 9:00 a.m., 73. at that point we'll just have mostly cloudy skies. by noon pretty dry and 75. but in the early afternoon hours we're going to see a few of these strong storms develop. we could have some gusty winds, 82, that's your high for today. by 6:00 p.m., 79. tam and nydia. >> karen, thank you. hey, so, this woman needs a little more practice before taking her driving test. this is damage she caused with a car moments before taking her testa tennessee dmv. the 54-year-old said she accidentally hit the gas pedal while in the parking lot. no one was seriously hurt. >> ♪ hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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>> welcome back again. breaking news coming to us from parksburg chester county. video just in the scene of a fatal fire. this is the 300 block of main street. firefighters arriving to find heavy fire in one of those twin home. as they made their way through the home recovered one fire victim determining it has been a fatal scene but they did get that fire under control. >> four different situations early this morning on the schuylkill. this is the only one left eastbound here at the vine a crash in the gore points. all lanes are opened now just normal delays. karen. >> storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have most just light steady rain through the region but that will be moving out of here. we'll have a dry spell for awhile with lots of clouds. at 9:00 a.m., 73. by noon, 75 and later in the
6:57 am
early afternoon hours and evening we get some isolated thunderstorms develop. that could be rather strong. >> we'll be ready for a tough commute on the way back home, too. all right, it is what it is. for matt pelman, matt o'donnell, dave murphy, nydia han, karen rogers i'm tamala edwards. have a good day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. new overnight. firing back. the fox news anchor at the center of that dust up with donald trump not backing down. >> i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. >> responding to the front-runner for the first time, his republican rivals piling on, hillary clinton weighing in. also breaking overnight. state of emergency. heavily armed police patrolling the streets of ferguson, using mace to break up crowds, dozens of demonstrators arrested. throwing rocks and frozen water bottles at officers, shutting down a major highway, tensions running high right now. white house arrested. an aide to president obama under investigation, charged with assault, allegedly stealing her boyfriend's gun and firing it at him. what set off her angry tirade? and "baywatch" blockbuster.


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