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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. new this morning, massive blasts. earth-rattling explosions rocking a major city. a warehouse full of hazardous materials igniting into a huge fireball. the eruption felt miles away. >> i could just feel my whole building shake. i thought it was an earthquake. >> homes on fire, neighborhoods completely destroyed, dozens killed. hundreds raced to the hospital. the desperate search for survivors right now. also this morning. jimmy carter's new battle. the former president revealing he has cancer. the 90-year-old saying it has spread throughout his body. the president's new message and courageous fight. donald trump under fire this morning. taking aim at the front-runner.
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tying him to democrats. trump is still leading the way. and clawing her way into the record books. the young american attempting to become the first woman to conquer one of the deadliest climbs in the world. right now. 6,000 feet of sheer stone. >> i'm kind of scared. actually really scared. >> she's talking to us from the mountain this morning. how she says she's not stopping until she reaches the top. no. >> we do say good morning, america. we were saying happy friday eve. this is friday for amy. >> it's friday for some of us. just sayin'. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> not to rub it in or anything. it is a very busy thursday morning. we want to get right to the devastation overseas. the massive explosions rocking one of china's biggest cities. we want to show you the view from above. drone footage.
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of the aftermath. >> just incredible, robin. these images emerging of the people racing to rescue survivor this is morning. a police officer carrying that man to safety. thousands forced to flee. a row of cars completely burned out. just the shells remain. the streets there. bob woodruff is on the scene for us this morning. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. you can see the smoke. toxic chemicals behind me. this morning, the rescuers are searching for survivors. this deafening explosion -- rocking this major city illuminating the night sky. the horror beginning just before 11:00 p.m. a fire at a warehouse storing hazardous material in the chinese port city of tianjin. firefighters rushing in. 30 minutes later. two massive explosions.
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this man caught on surveillance at the moment of the impact. at least 44 people dead, 12 of them firefighters. chaotic scenes as the hundreds of wounded flood hospitals around the city. this morning, the death toll is rising. [ sirens blaring ] rescuers racing against the clock to find survivors. this man showed us where he was struck in the back with shrapnel. you were hit by it? on the streets, the damage is stunning. buses decimated. a mile away from the blast, top floors filled with shattered windows. oh, my god. and this is where the workers were sleeping last night. let me take you 360 degrees around. this is like ground zero. all of these homes of the migrant workers destroyed. cell phone video from a high-rise capturing the massive fireball shows just show far-reaching the eruption was.
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it is estimated to be equivalent to 21 tons of dynamite. could be felt up to six miles away. monica andrews, an american living in tianjin, describing the moment of impact. >> i could just feel my whole building shake. i thought it was an earthquake. >> reporter: they don't know what caused these explosions. just a short while ago, we saw another plume of smoke. as for the huge blasts last night, so powerful they've been registered as earthquakes. david? >> that is incredible. all right, bob. we appreciate it. now to the announcement of jimmy carter. the 90-year-old revealing he has cancer. martha raddatz is in washington with more. >> reporter: president carter has remained so active and so engaged in his humanitarian work it's easy to forget he's 90 years old and more vulnerable to cancer than most of us. former president jimmy carter
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making the grave announcement in a statement. that he has cancer. and it has spread. our 39th president saying recent liver surgery revealed that i have cancer that now is in other parts of my body. carter did not announce the type of cancer. his father and three siblings all died of pancreatic cancer. carter has previously said doctors have been monitoring him for the disease for years. he sat down with george just last month. >> you know, you recently said that you and rosalyn are prepared in a religious and psychological way for what comes next. >> that's true. >> how do you get there? >> i'm not eager to get there. first of all, i'll just as active as i was 25 or 30, 40 years ago. i'll be 91 in october. my travel capability and my vigor, physical vigor will die down. i'll have more time with rosalyn
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at home. >> make a full life more full. >> i think so. >> reporter: overnight, messages of hope pouring in for the peanut farmer from plains, georgia, turned champion on human rights. president obama releasing a statement, jimmy, you're as resilient as they come. and along with the rest of america, wee are rooting for you. we are, indeed. president carter says he'll rearrange his busy schedule to undergo treatment and will provide more information when facts are known. possibly next week. robin and david? >> incredible to see that recent interview with george and just how active he is in his early 90s. we're pulling for him. donald trump feeling the heat. the first attack ad of the campaign targeting trump. showing him praising democrats, including hillary clinton. jon karl in martha's vineyard
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this morning. >> reporter: trump may be facing new attacks this morning. but he continues to defy plit kl gravity. the latest polls show him with a commanding lead in the early primary states. it's the first attack ad against donald trump of the 2016 campaign. >> in many cases, i probably identify more as a democrat. it just seems that the economy does better under the democrats. >> reporter: senator rand paul aimed squarely at the front-runner, using trump's own words against him. the donald's reaction? he swatted away paul in an interview on cnn. >> he's failing in the poll. weak in the military. i thing he's far better doctor than a senator. he's a mess. >> reporter: attacking trump has been a ticket to oblivion so far. rick perry and lindsey graham are at the bottom of the polls. teflon truch is still on top.
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polls since this controversial performance last week, he holds a commanding lead. in iowa, trump at 22%. with dr. ben carson in second at 14%. scott walker now in third. while trump fends off his republican rivals, wednesday jeb bush lashed out after the democratic front-runner. >> you have hillary clinton, the secretary of state, dealing with confidential informing. thinking it was okay to use a private server? >> reporter: hillary clinton is now reportedly turned over that private e-mail server that she refooufed to turn over for so long to the justice department. that happened yesterday, we're told. new polls in new hampshire and iowa show hillary is facing a tough challenge from her long-shot challenger bernie sanders. >> those numbers tightening.
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thank you. now to the toxic chemical spill in colorado. the head of the epa on the scene claiming the water is back to normal. the agency is facing a possible lawsuit. and businesses that rely on the rivers are hurting. kayna whitworth is in durango for us again this morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it's eerie. you look behind me, that river looks vastly different than a week popping i want to show you something. just underneath the surface, you can see. we pulled this rock this morning, it's covered in the toxic heavy met also the. the epa is testing the water for 24 chemicals. speaking out overnight about the accidental release of 3 million gallons of chemicals into the river. >> this is not the end of the story. damage sometimes doesn't show up for months or even years.
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>> reporter: t >> the epa does take full responsibility. >> reporter: officials are on site and saying early tests show vast improvement. the colorado department of public health now clearing facilities to pull from the river again. the mustard yellow color fading. the danger still present. i'm more than 40 miles downstream where the spill happened seven days ago. it doesn't take much to kick up the toxic heavy metals, like lead and arsenic. summers are short here. local businesses that make their living on the river are hurting. >> we're losing about 25% of our season right now. >> reporter: while the overall effects are unknown, the epa says they know the what eer is flowing to lake powell. they have people testing it and keeping people out. lake powell holding more than 4 trillion gallons of water which
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would dwarf this spill. that is not making people feel better. the epa saying we might not have test results until sunday. the young couple about to board a flight for their so-called honeymoon and then stopped and charged with trying to get to isis again. the 20-year-old daughter of a war veteran and police officer and her new husband being held without bail. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: good morning, david. that police officer's department is underlining he had nothing to do with his daughter's issues. this morning, we're learning more about the young couple federal prosecutors say were ready to swear allegiance and join isil. 20-year-old jaelyn young was aftering to work for thrierrori in syria as a medic. >> she's one of my friends. i know the kind of person that
7:12 am
she is. and this doesn't make any sense the. >> reporter: her father is a u.s. veteran with tours in iraq and afghanistan. he currently works in the vicksburg police canine unit. in a statement, the family says they're devastated and had no knowledge of or involvement in jaelyn's plans. >> this is something that's like being hit between the eyes with a 2 by 4. your eyes are still blinking and your head is still shaking but the pain has bt set in yet. >> reporter: he says he's known muhammad dak louisiana for years. the parents first learned the son was in trouble when the fbi showed up at their door and asked to look into his room. >> shocked. stunned. all but immobilized. they had no idea he was heading to turkey. >> reporter: they expected their son to start grad school this week. and not sitting in jail. we reached out to lawyers for
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the couple they have not yet entered a plea. police tell us that the parents of this couple are cooperating with their investigation. david? >> i can't imagine the shock for these families. want to get to amy with other breaking headlines. good morning. >> we're talking at isis. it's just claimed responsibility for a massive truck bombing at a food market in baghdad. at least 62 people killed. 125 people were wounded. meanwhile, new video as u.s. fighter jets launched the first air strikes from southern turkey against isis targets in neighboring syria. a new faphase in the air campai. here at home, millions of drivers will see a big spike in gas prices today. a problem at a refinery in indiana means gas has to be chipped in. some terrifying moments overnight during this concert at a minneapolis nightclub. a 30-foot section of the ceiling
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collapsed, sending water pouring on to the floor. about 1,000 people were inside the club. only three people were injured. the same club where part of the prince movie "purple rain" was filmed. in florida, this truck carrying a load of cars burst into flames on interstate 95. the truck driver managed to unhitch his cab. he escaped without getting hurt. and finally, forget the breakfast of champions. how about the beer of champions? or you could have a boozy breakfast. wheaties is teaming up with a brewery in minnesota to make this new beer, called hefewheaties. no word if athletes will grace the can. strahan with the whole germany connection. and i know you like beer? so -- >> when i show up here and i'm talking -- well, i just had wheaties this morning. >> what's the problem? >> i don't know what happened.
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>> can you bring me a wheaties, too? now to the latest round in deflategate. tom brady and roger goodell facing off in federal court. the judge grilling both sides. getting the league to admit there is no so called smoking gun tying brady to the deflated floobls. ryan smith has been tracking this story from the beginning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. deflategate going from the field to the courtroom. the judge pushing for a settlement, probing the nfl with tough yes about the evidence against brady and asking brady's team about why the star destroyed the phone. this morning, quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell, locked in battle over the star's four-game suspension for deflategate. the heavy weight matchup taking place in new york court. while tom brady was greeted by
7:16 am
camera clicks and words of support. roger goodell with a different sort of welcome. judge richard berman hearing the appeal saying he's still mulling legal issues in the case but admitting he's having trouble finding evidence brady was part of a con conspiracy. saying i'm not sure where the gate comes from. and grilling nfl lawyers. is there any dwrekt evidence? the league saying there may not be a smoke gun but there is evidence of culpability. >> judge berman attacked the nfl today and tried to see if the league is willing to settle. >> reporter: the judge, testing brady's side, too. asking the four-time super bowl champion's lawyers why brady destroyed his cell phone during the investigation. his lawyer saying he often gets new phones to protect privacy. but conceding it could have been done in a different way.
7:17 am
brady is eligible to play in the first preseason game today. both sides can't reach a settlement in the next six days, they're back in court next wednesday to argue their case for another round of an already bruising fight. >> in your report, you have the courtroom sketches. and michael's over in the social square now. those courtroom sketches of tom brady are drawing a bit of attention, wouldn't you say? >> just a little bit. cameras were not allowed. we relied on sketch artist jane rosenberg to do the sketches of the action in court. that might explain why tom brady looked like this. it was a twitter meme touchdown for more than 130,000 mentions in just 24 hours. here's brady compared to lurch from "the addams family." i see the resemblance. that's from "thriller." and superimposed in the painting
7:18 am
"the scream." probably how brady felt when he saw the sketch. the artist, jane, came back. apologized to fans for not making brady as handsome as he is. >> maybe she went for the zombie look. >> she's an accomplished artist. i think tom brady has bigger issues. >> it's everywhere online. >> mt. rushmore. did you see that one? >> just add to it the list. strong storms. you brought the hail back. >> i northern plains northern great lakes we saw the biggest hail. bigger than baseball size. 50 severe storm reports in western minnesota. that will move east, but the heat was burning up in bakersfield, california bringing a dust devil. and a composite of the perseids meteor shower.
7:19 am
let's get to your sunny cities brought to you by kohls. >> reporter: good morning everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we take a look outside this will be one of the best days of the month. lots of sunshine, clouds afternoon, there's sky 6. temple university location looking south on broad street. i'll tell you what, it's low humidity, a gorgeous morning. as you check out the seven day. a nice afternoon for august around here. # 83 degrees, beautiful. sunshine, low humidity. tomorrow, warmer low humidity,
7:20 am
stickier this weekend. who tried to blackmail them. and distracted life guards. our team on the lookout. from social media to sleep. we have an optical test for you at home with paula faris next.
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chopper 6 is live over the a town home fire in burlington county. you can see the smoke coming from the windows and the rooftops. that house is gutted from that fire. this is weaver drive.
7:27 am
firefighters are battling a two-alarm blaze. the fire has been burning for less than a half-hour it did some damage stay with "action news" and for the latest developments. let's head over to karen rogers who has details on the spill on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: truck spilled this, the sheetrock on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching belmont. chopper 6 was overhead. for a while blocking both lanes, one lane getting by on the schuylkill expressway westbound. that has created a mess. you can see how the traffic jams up on the schuylkill expressway westbound. it has grown, the delay approaching montgomery to belmont. it's practically a parking lot. it's affecting septa bus routes 9, 127, 124, take ridge or route 23 to avoid the problem. >> let's take a live look at sky6 live hd at philadelphia international airport. guess what you'll not want to go anywhere today. david murphy will tell you that.
7:28 am
>> reporter: it's not a great day to leave town, that's for sure. it's comfortable on the terrace, sun and clouds. we're down to 68 degrees, cool and comfortable in philadelphia. allentown has dropped into the 50s. 67 in sea isle. low humidity and high of 83 degrees, below average, low humidity, sunshine. a gorgeous august afternoon. tomorrow, 88 degrees, low humidity. but over the weekend we get stickier again. >> wear -- wear back in a half-hour, next on "g.m.a.," donald trump.
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good morning, america. right now, still searching for survivors from those devastating explosions at warehouse in china. dozens of people were killed. neighborhoods destroyed. the blast rej skgistering on th richter scale. hillary clinton's turned over the e-mail server she used as secretary of state to the fbi. the investigation ramping up. a big change coming on "sesame street." pbs is discontinuing the one-hour version of the show this fall, replacing it with new half-hour episodes. >> aw. >> 3-year-olds and their attention span. maybe they'll watch more of it. we're still two hours of fun, as we say good morning, america. much more to get to including the terrifying ordeal a t sea
7:31 am
for the teen whose jet ski broke down. he was bobbing in the water for hours. what he did saved his life. we begin this half hour with the real -- with real estate wars taken to an extreme. a miami beach realtor arrested. accused of trying to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from two rivals.chiavocampo is the story. >> reporter: those broerks saying they're still shake frn the ordeal. he threatened to ruin them if they didn't cut a check. they're the megabroker duo behind some of south florida's most glamorous high-end property listings. >> buying a property is the biggest invest. >> reporter: this morning, the lux realtors known as the jills, the target of a plot. >> my name is kevin tomlinson. >> reporter: they say this man
7:32 am
tried to allegedly extort them for $1 million. court documents say he filed a complaint for ethics violations against both of them accusing them of hiding homes they were having a hard time selling. he reportedly told the jills he could resolve the complaint and make it go away for $500,000. later increasing it to $h 800,000. adding if they didn't pay, he would hit the nuclear button, making this situation front page news. the jills letting authorities know. a violent showdown at his penthouse. tomlinson allegedly resisting arrest. he reportedly grabbed the handle of an officer's firearm in an attempt to gain control of it. the realtor bruised in his mug shot. the world of real estate can be cut throat.
7:33 am
>> you're a [ bleep ] disgrace. >> reporter: as seen in shows like "million dollar listing." he's now fighting charges. in a statement, tomlinson's attorney says the charges are baseless. he plans to plead not guilty to eventual charges. tomlinson is free on bond. he's been fired from sotheby's. the beauty queen arrested for allegedly pretending to have cancer. part of a scheme to raise tens of thousands of dollars from people like you at home. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a rm fore beauty queen is accused of an ugly act. behind bars because police say she faked having cancer. 23-year-old brandi lee weaver-gates crowned miss pennsylvania international after years of collecting tens of thousands in donation money to treat leukemia. who would do that? >> i have never seen something
7:34 am
like this. >> reporter: the investigating officer seen here arresting weaver-gates on facebook, invitations to fund raisers like this one. bingo for brandi. and photos showing her bald and wearing a mask as far back as 2013. >> her last fund-raiser alone, in april of this year, they raised between $13,000 and $14,000 for her. >> reporter: $14 hour,000? >> yes. >> reporter: police say she lied to her family. making her sister drive her to ons hopkins. if true, the charges of left the by deception and receiving tollen property could keep her locked up for 14 years. she's not entered a plea yet. the organizers of miss pennsylvania international already stripping her of her title. saying she must return that sash and crown. for "good morning america," gio
7:35 am
benitez, abc news, belfont, pennsylvania. >> you do not want to know what we all think. now, the incredible sir vooifl story. a young man trapped on the water at sea. after his jet ski broke down. clinging to a buoy all night long. phil l phillip mena has the tori. >> we're looking for one person. >> reporter: 19-year-old dylan gowen was traveling from coney i island to new jersey. >> he's supposed to come into this beach? >> yeah, affirmative. >> reporter: he removed his heavy clothing. swimming to a buoy for shelter. >> i was yelling, screaming, waiving my hands. they couldn't see me. >> reporter: as soon as the sun rose, the teen who is a junior firefighter trained in water rescue decided to swim to shore.
7:36 am
he was spotted 30 minutes into his swim. >> i ran to the ambulance -- i just hugged him. it was very good. i'm very happy that my son came home today. >> i had a smile on me from ear to ear as soon as i saw that boat. it was the most amazing thing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> mm, mm, mm. some kind of reunion with that mom. time for ginger had the stt this time lapse you have to see it. you can see the planes coming into the airport. just had to show that. phoenix moves to heat. excessive heat warning close to 113. excessive heat warnings and watches stretch into the santa monica mountains. red-flag warning and watches from renotice to boise. >> reporter: nothing but good news here, no rain as we've been saying all morning.
7:37 am
lots of sunshine building through the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows that we get a high of 83. low humidity this afternoon. 88 and pretty nice tomorrow. be extreme heat in the deep south. this shows it. that's a tahoe. you have the label. it started to melt. days after days of 100s. >> a good reason to hit the pool. and get cooled off. i'm saying this because our paula faris is pool-side this morning. and on the lookout. paula? >> hi, robin. coming up on "gma," distracted life guards putting lives at risk on the pool and at the beach. you won't believe how many drownings happen when a life guard is present in this chair. we'll have a live demonstration next on "gma." ♪
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lookout. this morning, the dangers of distracted life guards. just because there is one on duty, doesn't mean your kids are safe. for every second their eyes are off the water, someone's lives could be in danger. paula faris has the story from bedford hills, new york. >> reporter: good morning, lara. already one too many tragedies this summer. many happening when a life guard is on the job and in the chair. but their eyes are not on the water. watch as this on-duty life guard takes his eyes off the water to pour a bucket of it over beachgoers. the confrontation escalating to this physical fight. >> call 911! >> reporter: experts say it happens too often. life guards distracted. >> are you a life guard? >> reporter: this guard was fired after being found lounging in the shade while on duty.
7:43 am
bringing her infant here h this car seat to work with her. >> aren't you supposed to be watching the water? >> in the same way you wouldn't want a health care worker to be fooling around, you don't want a life guard doing it either. >> reporter: adding to the distraction, social media. on-duty life guards posting self-fis and videos. this one reading sneaking my phone while guarding. >> everyone is responsible for their actions. >> reporter: larry is with a company that certifies life guards. catching life guards listening to music. on their phone while guarding. >> that second or two seconds that they're distracted from the water could mean somebody's life. >> reporter: almost 1 in 5 children who drown in pools do so with a life guard present. children like 13-year-old ricky harris, seen here on surveillance footage getting into a pool at camp and never making it out. one life guard is in the stand.
7:44 am
another appears to be on a computer. ricky going unnoticed for more than ten minutes. paramedics rushing in. they're too late. his family is suing the transylvania university, the camp operator, and the two life guards. the thoughts and prayers remain with the family but they deany wrong doing. the life guard on the commuter was on break. >> many life guards are 15, 16 years old. they make mistakes. we know this. >> reporter: that's why newell says even if a life guard son duty, parents need to keep an eye on their kids. >> life guards are not baby sitters. >> reporter: if you catch a distracted life guard, speak up. all it takes is couple of seconds for a life guard to lose focus. there are 31 swimmers in the pool. let's say i want to take a quick selfie, hey, there, everybody.
7:45 am
i'm posting this with life guard selfie. this isn't taking long. in those moments, where my eyes were on the phone, they were not on the pool. do you see this swimmer at the bottom of the pool in distress, waving his arms now. lara, i had no idea. >> that's something, paula. thank you. so heart breaking to see that little boit. thank you, paula. we want to thank the town of bedford rec and park department for helping with that demonstration. all eyes on the pool. coming up, the the young woman trying to make history, taking on the so-called "murder wall." one of the most difficult climbs in the world. we'll hear from her when we come back next. ♪ go big or go home putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be
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all right. back now with that extreme athlete out to make history. trying to become the first woman ever to scale the murder wall, one of the most dangerous and deadly climbs in the world. look at that. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: the eiger, no ordinary mountain. they call it the murder wall. 6 thourkts feet of death-defying limestone in the swiss alps. known for frequent avalanches and sliding rocks.
7:50 am
one of the world's most dangerous peak. >> there's the eiger. shining in its -- daunting gloriousness. >> reporter: and this morning, 22-year-old sasha, a columbia university student, is set to claw her way into the record books. aiming to become the first woman ever to conquer the peak. >> if i achieve this, i have proved to myself that something i didn't know was possible was possible. yes! whoo! >> reporter: but this mountain is different. she admits. >> i'm kind of scared. actually really scared. these other two climbers were here. last night, one of them was telling me how his friend, was climbing here and he died. and i was like, holy [ bleep ]. like, that's -- i mean, that could totally happen to us. >> reporter: by day, sasha climbs. by night, camps on the edge of the cliff.
7:51 am
she's on track to meet the summit next week. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> good for her. wishing her the best. >> and thank you, reena, for the story. when we come back, the day's big headlines. also, the "modern family" teen star opening up about the surgery that changed her life. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
7:52 am
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scene of a two-alarm fire in evesham township. a town home on the 100 brock of weaver drive was badly damaged by the blaze. no reports of injuries. let's head over to karen rogers with an update on the mess on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: it's still a mess on the schuylkill expressway. schuylkill expressway westbound approaching belmont. chopper 6 overhead. one lane getting by. look at the jam up westbound from montgomery drive to belmont on the the schuylkill expressway. eastbound is jammed, as well. take route 23. also effecting bus routes, 9,
7:57 am
27, 124 and 125. we have a new problem on i-95. problem on i-95. this is in delaware county i-95 southbound past the blue route we're jammed from ridley park to 322. an accident involving a car and car carrier blocking the right lane. >> thanks, karen. let's head over to sky6 live hd taking a live look at center city and that skyline is beautiful today. it's going to be a beautiful day as you can see david is standing outside. >> reporter: gorgeous, erin. we have clouds and sun building through. the temperatures bounce back up to 71. we're in the 60s across the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 8 # today. a fair amount of sunshine, occasional clouds, most importantly low humidity. the number 83 is below average for this time of the year. sunny and warmer tomorrow, 88. not that humid.
7:58 am
the humidity creeps back in saturday and sunday with highs in the 90s, heat wave number four on the way. >> that's it for now, "action news" continues in a half-hour. i'm erin o'hern here's more "g.m.a." introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ the story of my life good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the "modern family" star opening up about her health battle. ariel winter revealing why she was in so much pain for so long and the decision that changed her life. the storm unleashed on twitter. one of the hottest dating apps, tinder, fighting back this morning about claps that it's to blame for the hookup culture and cheating. and hypnotize to exercise. the newest ways celebs are motivating themselves. >> my habits have changed drastically. >> could it be the secret to getting in shape. ♪ cause i'm happy clap along if you feel that ♪ and tory johnson here with
8:01 am
back to school "deals & steals," as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] so great to have so many with us here in times square this thursday morning. >> a beautiful thursday morning in new york. a lot to get to this morning. a lot of the country is back to school already. as your kids get ready, we have deals and steals for everything from desks to backpacks. you have to buy a desk? >> it's a little desk like you sit on the bed. >> school's changed a lot since we've been there. >> you don't have to walk seven miles across the plains anymore. >> uphill, both ways. >> we have evolved. great deals coming up from tory. also coming up, dr. ashton is here, sharing the perfect meal to start your day. she calls it blunch.
8:02 am
you heard me right. she'll reveal what's under the dome. >> blunch? >> blunch. >> i'm in. we begin with the morning run downand amy. the death toll climbing after the devastating explosions in northern china. huge fireballs shooting up from a warehouse. at least 50 people killed, more than 500 injured as the back-to-back explosions ignited buildings and blew out windows and doors. the impact felt six miles away. more than 6,000 rescuers are searching for survivors this morning. back here at home. a traffic nightmare. two trucks collided. one driver was seen running across the highway. his pants catching fire. phillip mena has the rescue. >> reporter: overnight, a massive fireball erupting when two tractor trailers collided on
8:03 am
a busy highway. onlookers horrified as the flames spew toward the vehicles on the new jersey turnpike. explosions continuously rocking the roadway. shutting down traffic in both directions. cameras rolling as the driver emerges from the truck ungulfed in flames. his leg on fire. a couple visiting running to his aid. >> we ran down and we were just trying to help him get rid of the flames from his jeans. i think he was in shock. so we just tried to get his jeans off, get the fire out. tried to get him away from the truck. >> reporter: thanks to this couple's actions, the driver suffering only minor injuries. this morning, the charred shells of the trucks still smoldering. the shorts have not said what caused the explosions. one of the trucks involved was carrying paper. the other, medical xwas. a potent combination. for "good morning america,"
8:04 am
phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> thank you for that. an outpouring of support this morning for former president jimmy carter. he's revealed his battle with cancer. it was found during recent liver surgery. no word what type of cancer it is. cart e, who is 90, is said to be upbeat and optimistic. a set back for linzie von. she crashed today suffering an ankle fracture. she's been forced to return to the u.s. as kids prepare to head back to school, a new study shows shair being assigned too much home work. elementary students are getting three times more than recommended for their age. teachers should only assign ten minutes per night for first graders. add ten men its each year to avoid too much stress. that's a silent applause in the studio, i'm included. one ground hog in pennsylvania got into a jam. no, it wasn't punxsutawney phil.
8:05 am
that's a good thing. this ground hog wasn't seeing anything at all. an officer couldn't get the can off the little guy's head. they brought in a long-armed grabber to pull the can off the ground hog's head. and guess what? pop. >> yay! >> pop goes the groundhog. he was free. it was fun nip the -- >> cute. >> the officer in question said he was upset because he didn't get a thank you at the end. he just scurried away to the woods. >> couldn't talk after that. >> he was grateful. hole in one, yeah. now to mike until the social square. >> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." in our heat index, "modern family" star ari rks l winter opening up about the surgery that changed her life. and the popular dating app under fire. is tinder to blame for creating
8:06 am
the hookup culture? swipe to the right if you think so. plus, hypnotizing for exercising. could it be the secret to getting in shape? and tory has the back to cool supplies. oh, for my girls. ♪ it's just a summer thing ♪ yeah, it was just a summer thing ♪ double it up this summer with a hot deal from mcdonald's. (music) the $2.50 double combo... (music) ...a mouth-watering double cheeseburger and small fries for just $2.50. ♪ it's just a summer thing (music) delicious just got doubled this summer at mcdonald's. (music)
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windows 10. a more human way to do. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. welcome back. time now for the heat index. this morning's hot button, "modern family" star ariel winter opening up about her breast reduction surgery. revealing in an interview with gam the physical and emotional pain she was dealing
8:11 am
with. >> second highest in the class. >> reporter: she's best known as the nerdy yet lovable middle sister, alex, on "modern family." this morning, ariel winter is opening up about her deeply personal choice to undergo breast reduction surgery this sum person going from a 36-f to 34-d. winter sharing the struggled that led to her decision. i could post a photo where i feel good and 500 people comment about how fat i am. also discussing the physical pain of having a large chest, saying, i had a lot of back problems. it started to hurt so bad that i couldn't take the pain. >> she wanted to be able to set the record straight, talk about it, it's out there. and kind of answers every kind of question. the physical pain got so bad she couldn't stand up. every time she would go online, she would sea horrible things.
8:12 am
>> i don't know how you don't have a meltdown every day. >> reporter: winter telling "glamour" one of the few people she confided in before the surgery, her tv mom, julie bowen. >> she was the only co-star to know what she had been going through. >> reporter: breast reduction surgeries are on the rise. nearly 115,000 women underwent the proceedier last year. >> some of the benefits are feeling better about yourself. physically and emotionally. and having more self-confidence to walk around and move in the world. >> reporter: winter is hoping sharing her story will inspire others, saying it's something that i did to better my life and my health. i think that can benefit a lot of young girls. i have felt happier with mist than i ever have. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we're joined by cindi leive.
8:13 am
good to see you. a lot of reaction. >> incredibly positive. i mean, even is saying, it's great that she came out and said, she did this and why. and that she feels better about her body. pi favorite comment was on the facebook page. one of our readers wrote, this is your decision. i always loved you as an actress for your voice. your chest is your business. >> well said. she didn't tell many of her family members. she told her tv mom, as we just heard. i'm curious. in her decision to talk to glamour. a brave thing to do. >> she said her sister was a big source of support. her boyfriend. i think she came to "glamour" because we take pains to cover a store story like this in a tateful way. i think she wanted to share what she was going through. there's a bigger issue. she was really getting beaten up
8:14 am
on social media. she would post a picture she thought she looked great in, i'm sure she looked great in. immediately, 500 comments. >> that your breasts are too big? you look fat? >> yeah. that's appalling. >> i love that she wants to help other girms. the body shaming part is present for a lot of people. >> and the physical pain. she's very careful to say, and i thought this was important in the story, part of the reason she was doing this was she was getting back aches. her neck hurt. >> i've heard that. it changes your posture. and you're also embarrassed the. you tend to roll your shoulders forward. do you think that's partially why the story resonate sod much? we hear stories about girls want to enhance. we're not hearing as much as girls embarrassed. >> a lot of people are saying, that is something i could benefit from. i think she wanted to talk about this because the emmys are
8:15 am
coming up, "modern family" is nominated. she didn't want the whole conversation to be, wait, what did she have done? >> it doesn't have an affect on hur career, do you think it does? >> no, no. if it makes her feel great and confident, that can only be good for her career. i don't think she did it because of hollywood. i think she did it because she personally wanted it. it's the only right reason to do it. >> your boobs, your body, your choice. >> one way of putting it. >> i'm going to needle-point that on a pillow, by the way. >> thank you. that's for you. >> can i point out the issue it's in. the september issue of "glamour." you have a great article with tig notaro. i love the whole issue. >> she's great. a great documentary. >> always great hwhen you're here. tinder versus vanity fair.
8:16 am
the people behind the dating app not happy about the scathele artic -- scathing article. here's dan harris. >> reporter: it's the wildly popular dating app where users can choose who they like with brutal speed. swipe right for yea. swipe left for nay. now "vanity fair" is taking tinder to task, arguing in a new article that tinder and similar apps are destroying the rituals of courtship and promoting a hookup culture where users say racking up one-night stands is king. the author went further, tweeting 30% of all tinder users who are supposed to be single are married. tinder reacted with a tweet storm of epic pro portions.
8:17 am
30 tweets in less than four hours. writing that the survey is preposterous and that the vast majority of tinder users are looking for meaningful connections. they attack the vanity fair article calling it disappointing and one-sided joud journalism. >> tinder wanted to defend themselves. now everyone is reading it. >> reporter: tinder later apologized. our intention was to highlight the amazing stories that have sometimes left unpublished. and in doing so we overreacted. new york magazine is weighing in, saying they exclusively interviewed young single people, who are active, sometimesov overactive tinder user. this morning, tinder is
8:18 am
defending its success in starting real relationships. the number one people use tinder is for dating. meanwhile, "vanity fair" couldn't be retched for comment. the reporter is defending her work. saying journalists are often called unfair for doing their job. it's all unlikely to put much damper on the swiping and whatever happens next. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> thank you, dan. up next on the "gma heat index," you're getting sleepily. very, very sleepily. >> you want to work out. >> you love the treadmill. >> the new way to motivate yourself to work out. hypnosis! can you be hypnotized to exercise? deb roberts is here with that. >> good morning. it sounds like mumbo jumbo. a new york hypnotist has helped a lot of people get their workout fwroouf back.
8:19 am
>> you're beginning to feel your eyelids getting heavy. >> reporter: we have all seen it in the movies to get you doing what you don't want to do. >> zonk me out soy don't not that i'm at work. >> reporter: it's used for all kinds of things. but to jump-start your workout? lots of people, including olivia munn, swear by it as the key to motivation. she posted her kick-butt videos on instagram. this hypnotist says she's changed lives through hypnosis. right now, trying to help 21-year-old mag by the reach her goal of running a half marathon. can hypnosis help get you to the gym? >> yes. absolutely. you're in a relaxed state. you can see yourself exercising and getting the benefits. your mind gets excited by it. >> reporter: one of her clients, 42-year-old kevin johnson went
8:20 am
from chain smoking to pumping iron. >> instead of getting a snack or having a cigarette, i go straight to the gym. >> reporter: now, 15 pounds lighter, he feels great. >> it's put a positive spin on my life. >> reporter: believe it or not, the american psychiatric association gives it a thumbs up. it's not a magic pill. >> it's not going to be a magic bullet to get somebody to get healthier, eat better, workout. >> reporter: he acknowledges real results come from discipline and hard work. but says hypnosis may help you get there. >> when will you go exercise? >> tomorrow morning at 5:30. >> 5:30? wonderful. >> reporter: maggie was determined to turn things around. a selfie of her, where is it? she sent us a selfie. this morning. just before 6:00 on a run. now, truth be told, she was probably more motivated by her
8:21 am
appearance on "gma" this morning. than a quick hypnotist session. but she's willing to give it a try. kind of like meditation with a lot of suggestion and foe cushion. if you practice and you are motivated to do it, it's changing your mentality. >> i love it. worth a try. >> do you see behind yourselves. >> that's making me dizzy. >> i will work out. i will work out. let's go to ginger outside. >> i like that idea. maybe my dress can help, too. i love this. you're from oregon a but you've made it through how many states? there will be more than a dozen. i love road trips. let's look at tampa, since june 1, 28 inches of rain. now a flood watch while miami is in a severe drought.
8:22 am
>> reporter: nothing severe around here. we have nothing on storm tracker 6 live currently as we look outside we have a fair amount of sunshine overhead and cloud here and there. comfortable, too, temperatures in the low 60s to 70. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows an exceptional afternoon for august in philadelphia. a high of 83. low humidity, below-average temperature and a fair amount of sunshine. low humidity tomorrow, 88. stickier oyster weekend. back to ginger. smile. let me see your best smile. that's a good one. let's get in to do some "pop." ♪ you know the music. it's friday eve. let's go "pop news." break out the clean ex. get ready for a cry. "the notebook" officially being turned into a tv series. yeah, yeah. >> really? >> i'm excited, too.
8:23 am
>> yes. david, how can you not love that movie? >> how do you turn it into a tv veeri veeri series? >> it doesn't matter. it's still "the notebook." >> nicholas sparks is on board. his tale of noah and allie still in the development stages. if ryan doesn't sign on, we hear that this guy is the second choice. in the immortal words of a dripping wet ryan gosling in the film. it wasn't over. it stilln't over. >> that's the scene right there. >> i made a fool of myself on a plane watching that movie been. >> did you cry? >> oh, it was bad. >> that's over. it is over. >> i'm still in therapy over it. >> that may have been oversharing there.
8:24 am
also in "pop news" if you're planning one last trip this summer, why not live like a royal. you can at the country estate belonging to none other than the queen of england. this is a real thing. vacationers can rent a cottage on the queen's estate. rental, $930 a week. if you did wit a group, may not be that bad. and during your stay, visit the royal residence, sandringham house. and the place where the christening just took place. you might run into neighbors. the duke and duchess of cambridge live next door. or this guy who lives in the woods nearby. word has it he lives in the woods nearby. and finally, in "pop news." i love this song -- here's the story of a little white lie that
8:25 am
turned into a big, big, big problem. sue fell in love with yogi. sue's husband's pet peeve was big dogs. she sassured him it was a puppy. years later, his true identity came out. he's a great dane. you think sue's husband notice snd and sing yogi is such a big fella, they needed an athletic dog walker. we thing they might have found one. >> here we go. here we go. >> oh, he's a walker all right. the walking dead. [ laughter ] >> well done. >> and that is "pop news." >> when you saw that sketch, you must have went, oh, boy. it's gold. gold in "pop news." a lot ahead this morning. battle of the breakfast. sit the most important meal of
8:26 am
the day? what should you eat to lose weight? and huge "deals & steals," back to school edition. >> the best time of the year. >> amy, the happiest mom. ♪ the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> whoo!
8:27 am
>> a 19-year-old boy is critical condition after being shot in the face. it happened while the teen was at a water ice stand in overbrook park last night. police have no suspects in the shooting. let's head over to karen rogers commuters have been dealing with a mess on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: once you get a problem on the schuylkill expressway, it never fixes. chopper 6 was overhead a truck spilled sheetrock all over the highway. schuylkill expressway is jammed from spinning garden to bell month. eastbound back to normal delays. stick to 23 or ridge avenue. affecting septa bus routes. ridley park i-95 southbound traffic to 322 an accident involving a car carrier cleared, but we're hearing reports of
8:28 am
another accident near the blue route. schuylkill expressway, a mess, i-95 a mess, good luck today. >> sky6 live hd taking a live lack at sunny cape may. if you're down the shore today, then we welcome any invitations to have us come with you. >> reporter: i'm grad i'm not in traffic -- glad i am not in traffic and standing on the terrace. 71 in philadelphia. 70 in sea isle. low humidity, sun breaking through. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a beautiful day, high of 83. low humidity. it's a few degrees below average. down the shore, 08 is the high. swim near the lifeguards, a chance of rip currents in the water. friday, warm, low humidity, 88. stickier over the weekend, 90 saturday, # 3 -- 93 on sunday. all things considered not too shabby. >> that's it for us, we'll be
8:29 am
back in a half-hour. i'm erin o'hern. more "g.m.a." is next. but the stainmaster petprotect carpet and cushion system helps prevent pet stains, reduce pet odor and easily release pet hair. so get petprotect and let your pets be pets. how did it become absent-mindedly to snacking? eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
8:30 am
♪ school was great. all right? >> what was that? i thought you said we were going the act casual? >> riley, is everything okay? >> we welcome you back to "gma." so many fell in love with "inside out's" riley and the emotions that li inside her head. now she's back. a new animated short. we have that exclusive first look just ahead. >> can't wait. also, great "deals & steals" for all of your back-to-school needs. >> up to 75% off. look that. looking good. >> we know that face. >> a little birdie said there are desks. >> bring your desk to school day. we'll get to the bottom of that, too. time for our special series.
8:31 am
diet wars. this morning, we're taking a good look at breakfast. we've been told for years eating it first thing in the morning can jump-start your metabolism. a new report in "the washington post" says everything you thought you knew might be wrong. >> reporter: for years, we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. >> it helps boost your my tab lichl. >> reporter: dietary guidelines saying not eating breakfast is associated with excess body weight. that may not be the case. in the latest issue of "obesity" magazine, no different in weight loss for those who ate breakfast and those who skipped it. >> our culture is so exposed to the belief and the statement
8:32 am
that breakfast leads to less obesity they came to believe it even though us tl wasn't much evidence. >> reporter: many nutritionists disagree. >> if you go too long without eating, certain hormones decrease. you'll crave more sugar and carbs. >> she says think of the two ps. >> they are protein and produce. produce can be fruits or vegetable. protein is the most important aspect of breakfast. it takes a slower time to digest and help and it will keep you fuller for longer. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> you heard it there. dr. jen is with us. you did a deep dive on the research. what did you learn? >> there's a lot of observati
8:33 am
observational data. the cause and seventy not there. my take is very individual. if you're a breakfast person, go ahead. it's not going to matter one way or the other. here's what does matter. if you think of this water cooler like your storage tank. this is basic energy ambulance. you're always burning calories, even if sleeping. you're taking in calories. if your maximum goal is around 2,000 a day and you take in more, you don't burn it, it gets stored as fat. >> okay. easy enough. we talked about brek it's a. what about timing the other meels of the day? how important is that? >> it does matter a little bit. there's tate that to support that the magic number is 3:00. you want to consume your calories, my tell traitor is not working great. before 3:00 in the afternoon. >> here. >> that's perfect. so about two-thirds of the calories a day before 3:00 in the afternoon. that's about 1300 for a woman. 1600 to 1700 for men.
8:34 am
>> what percentage? >> about two-thirds before 3:00. if you talk about sir cade yan rhythms, we have clocks in our body. they're in our brain, liver, pancreas, muscle, at the. they're metabolically active in terms of insulin and fat. the people who eat later in the day have more problems with weight. >> what is your secret weapon? >> here it comes. i call it the blunch. >> what is this blunch you speak of? >> it's breakfast, lunch. >> we used to call it brunch. >> i renamed it. scrambled eggs. i do eat the yolk. coffee, water. toast. vegetable. >> it looks delish. it's a full plate of food.
8:35 am
>> blunch. >> dr. jen, you'll take questions? >> absolutely. >> i love that. the sir cade yan rhythms. any other questions you might have, tweet drjashton. time for a little throwback thursday. nwa rose to fame and some say infam my in the '80s. tomorrow, a film hits the theater. abc's byron pitts, so good to have you here. >> hello, friend. this movie will move you. it's about relationship and being relevant as much as about rap. ♪ yo, dre >> what up? >> i got something to say. >> reporter: the late 1980s, five young black men calling themselves nwa becoming the voice of a generation. ice cube, dr. tre, eazy-e, dj
8:36 am
yella, mc ren. some hearing only violence in their lyrics. others hearing their stories. >> these clients, they look like gang members. >> cow can't come down here and arrest people just because of what they look like. what are you crazy? that's police harassment? >> you said you're manager, right? >> yeah. >> not a lawyer. >> does that matter. you cannot come down here and harass these guys because they're black. >> reporter: the movie is a true family affair. ice cube, one of the producers, is played by his son. >> yeah. >> you played your daddy well. from the smile, the jheri curl, the black man hug. you had it down. what was it like for you. playing a time in history that in many ways is repeating itself right now with the violence between police and men of color. >> my father has kept me
8:37 am
informed about the harsh realities of the world. nothing has really changed except we got camera phones. >> this is more than just a rap movie. it's a movie about american history. brotherhood. standing up for your rights. and standing up for freedom of speech. >> reporter: the government, they say, tried to censure them. >> we had the fbi. major media against us. people that didn't ups what berp about. >> reporter: in this age of freddie gray, sandra bland, the lyrics resonate today. is life better today for a 19-year-old if compton, california, than it would have been for you back in the '80s? or sit the same? >> i think it's pretty much the same. it's what you make of it. you have to -- protect yourself. you have to look out for yourself. you have to make sure you stay alive in a place like compton.
8:38 am
and you have to have the right attitude. it's the same as it's always been. it's a place of choices. and you gotta make the right ones. >> "straight outta compton" opens tomorrow the. >> his son, goodness, like looking in a mirror. ice cube made great choices. others did. >> dr. dre, world renowned producer. the headsets. ice cube this is a guy who makes movies. tv shows. he's a producer. and the thing he talked about most, he's most proud of, he's been married for 25 years. they've raised five good kids. >> they have. this film is so much more than rap. >> no question. no question. it's about -- i call it boys in the hood meets jersey boys. it's about guys who had a talent, they came together, they had a dream, they looifd it.
8:39 am
>> they should have used that in the trailer. hey, byron, thank you very much. great to have you here. see much more of this man's report on the movie, then and tonight, on "nightline." thank you, we appreciate this weather. >> i can't wait we can't wait to start the warmup in new york city. but the heat is buildings back in. chicago gets back to 90. kansas city in the low 90s. saint louis, too. scattered storms moving through south dakota. southern minnesota and northern iowa will get into it this afternoon. that's a look at the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: straight out of delaware county not good enough for a movie. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry, one of sunshine out there, gorgeous day ahead. 8 # is the high, low humidity.
8:40 am
88 tomorrow. but still pretty nice. that. now to the exclusive sneak peek of the "inside out" short. a bonus feature on the home release. >> the short is called "riley's first date." the first look starts now. >> is riley here? >> red alert! >> boy, boy, boy. boy. boy. >> there's a boy in my house. >> i knew she was going skating. i thought it was with her friends. >> why is there a boy in my house? >> this isn't a date, is it? >> i don't like this. >> she's only 12. >> let's probe. layer it can cool words so it's not obvious.
8:41 am
>> so, what's the dealio with jordan? omg he's awesome sauce, for sheezie. >> did she just say fo sheezie? this is embarrassing. i can't. i can't. >> just what may 12-year-old says to me. it is available on digital hd on october 13th and blu-ray october 3rd. we have a lot more ahead. next, huge back to school "deals & steals." st
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as amy robach said, it's the most wonderful time of the year. sending your kids back to school. for the kids and family, it can cost a bundle. we have "deals & steals." >> this is from gilt. i like to call this training wheels for your job. start with the roll top desk. then we get to graduate to your desk. is that how it goes? there you go. ten options. all kinds of luxury, really gorgeous arts and crafts sets. a big deal. >> what is the deal? >> normally, each piece is $55.
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everything today is slashed in half. so $27.50 to $224. >> not bad. >> big savings. >> next up, school supplies. >> you want to spin it? you're a novice. >> i'm going easy on it. >> ooh. >> these are from freckle box. don't you think reading is a lot more fun when you personalize the bookmarks. note bookses, binders. really fun. kids can have a fun time today designing what they want. normally, the pieces range from $4 to $27. today only, slashed in half. starting at two bucks. >> slashd in half. great deal. the next thing is the calendar. parents, if the kid's going back, the calendar, too. >> everyone's sketd is busier than ever. we have 400 calendars to choose
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from from we have something for everybody. and really good deal. normally, $5 to $22. everything here is slashed by 75%. literally, $1.25 to $5.50. >> i'm going to take the "star wars." up next, lunchtime. >> this is packit. what i love about this is, you stick the whole thing in the freezer. there are no ice packs. no gel. it's all built in. you stick it in the freezer overnight. in the morning, it's cold, will last up to ten hours of cooling time. no fighting about lost ice packs. normally, $15 to $25. everything slashed in half. lunchboxes started at $7.50. >> keeps everything cool. >> the all-important backpack.
8:47 am
from lands end. there's five sizes. depend tong size of your child. they start from prek to teen sizes. because this is so important, we had to bring in reinforcements. alexandra, come op over here. do you give it a thumbs up? >> yes, definitely. >> a little twirl. >> all right. >> padded shoulders. she doesn't start school for a few week. big deal on these. $29 to $89. everything is slashed in half. it includes free shipping. >> can we get a shot of alexandra's sneakers, too? the converse? that makes the outfit. we'll work on that. tory, awesome. thank you. thanks to the companies for providing the deals. go to on yahoo! for these and three bonus deals. coming up, behind the scenes. the man from u.n.c.l.e. come on back.
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director guy ritchie and alicia vikander are two of the people behind the new movie, "the man from uncle." alicia teams up with armie hammer and hen i have cavill. they develop an interesting relationship along the way. >> no fun dancing by yourself. i need a partner. ♪ come on take my hand and baby won't you walk with me ♪ >> you're not an east german chop shop anymore. >> still no drink? >> don't you make me put you
8:51 am
over my knee. >> so you don't want to dance. but you do want to wrestle? >> i did not say that. >> aeelicia and guy, thank you r joining us. >> i caught the rerun in the '70s. i loved it. it was, for me, captured the golden age of the spy genre. and, when someone threw the idea of it across my desk, i was confident i could do something with it. that would be worth it. >> and alicia's role wasn't in the original series. you created gabby for this movie. >> yeah, we did. we made that up on the day, that dancing scene. it was something else. >> it was one of the last scenes that we shot. rerehearsed it in your house. >> the dancing came in on the day. >> the dancing came on the day.
8:52 am
the slap -- >> the slap was there for awhile. >> armie wasn't expecting the slap. >> not the first time. >> and you were the evil master mind to whisper in her ear -- >> i love a slap in a film. >> this sin credible. "the new york times" has called you a sensation. the hottest young actress in the world right now. the equivalent of a cinematic supernova. you have eight movies out this year? >> yeah. >> that has to feel pretty good. >> feel -- always feels a bit strange. >> what's been the most surprising part? >> by the way, eight movies is a lot. >> it's weird. >> i thought we were unique. >> we have to congratulate you. you were married in the middle of all of this? >> i foonl lyfinally got marrie ago. >> part of the cast was there? >> most of the cast was there. we had a wonderful time.
8:53 am
>> congratulations on a fantastic mover i have. there is something for everyone in this. it's fast-paced. it's fun. it's great. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. i'm glad you enjoyed it. >> e yes, i did. just c people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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thanks for watching today. tomorrow, our big party in the park. you just saw them, the band perry. >> for those of us who will be here. >> amy. >> happy friday eve, everybody. >> happy birthday, dad. >> happy birthday, amy's dad. >> new jersey transit authorities plan to announce today important parking access and restrictions to downtown
8:57 am
camden during the pope's visit next month. we'll have details on "action news" an speaking of traffic we'll head over to karen rogers. >> reporter: there's a delay on the schuylkill expressway 43 minute ride from the vine to the blue route because the right shoulder is blocked with the accident with the truck and sheetrock. jammed from spring garden to belmont. the eastbound delay is back to normal. septa bus detours in the area. an accident at ridge pike and butler. extra delays there, as well. another accident vine street at walnut street in pots grove township. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look at a sunny, picture-perfect center city skyline via the temple university camera. let's head over to david murphy everybody's favorite man today. >> reporter: it's i say -- it is a nice job to have today, we're up to 73 degrees, low humidity,
8:58 am
slight breeze, it's nice. this afternoon, 8 # degrees, below average, lots of sunshine for the most part. a few clouds dishing in, low humidity. tomorrow, warmer but not all that humid, 878. saturday and sunday we're back in the 90s and soupy. >> the gloucester premium outlets are opening in blackwood. we'll show you the center with dozens of discount stores. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. i'm erin o'hern have a great thursday, it is a beautiful day get outside and enjoy it. have a great morning!
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>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today from the new film "american ultra," connie britton. and star of the hit series, "homeland," rupert friend. and michael gets deliciously artistic on summer school week. plus the lovely busy philipps returns to the desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ [applause]


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