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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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medicine, that is up next. breaking news tonight, from the penns landing hilton. the the hotel had some unwanted guests, alleged drug dealers. only "action news" was there as police raided the place tonight. as for the suspected dealers, they may get a new room, a jail cell, downtown. friday night, jim's on
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assignment, i'm monica malpass. the the big story on "action news" tonight is kilos worth of cocaine in a popular penns landing hotel. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live at the the scene with exclusive video right now, hi there, sharrie. >> reporter: large sum of drugs found at this hotel according to police, and right now four men are questioned in connection to the drug sting operation that went down here. how tell guests watched as dozens of police moved in the area and police are still here, as one of these hotel rooms is now being held as a crime scene it is a sight that toss than the happen often, at least not here. police, swarmed the popular hilton hotel along penns landing. >> you can see the lights from a few blocks away. >> reporter: sources tell "action news" that a hotel employee spotted the suspicious items in one of the rooms. philadelphia police were called into investigate and they say they found a large
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amount of drugs and a loaded weapon. >> a three and a half kilos of alleged cocaine, what a appears to be cocaine, packed in kilo type form and loaded semiautomatic handgun. >> reporter: police waited for owners of the room to return and then took them down, causing a big commotion. >> i had no eye tea what they were here for i thought maybe a concert or crowd control for harbor park. i'm shocked to hear that is what it was. >> i think it was such a great community here. everybody knows each other, cool spot to hang out in philadelphia with families. stuff happens every where. >> reporter: things happen every where but people definitely surprise by this location just steps away from the delaware river, steps away from the spruce street harbor park. it is a are popular area in the city. this investigation police tell me far from over. at this point they are working to acquire a search warrant to go inside that hotel room, and look further. four men right now are in
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custody. we are live in penns landing, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". thanks, sharrie. >> chopper six live over more breaking news right now. this is a three alarm fire in the city of trenton. the blaze broke out in the last hour in the 200 block of hills place. one person was reportedly rescued from the home. in word yet on his or her condition. the fire is still burning right now. this is busy route 130 back open in cinnaminson after this flaming car shut down the road this afternoon. one person is hospitalized after a wreck in the southbound lanes near cinnaminson motor lodge. police say car hit a utility pole knocking down wires, before the vehicle burst into flames. the driver was able to get out before the the fire but was still injured in the crash. still no word what caused a small plane to crash in allentown today injuring the pilot. police brush to the scene at little lehigh creek around 11:00 a.m. just west of the i78 overpass, and a experimental, amateur built plane, crashed, in six to
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8 feet of water. only person on board the pilot was rush to the hospital, conscious, but hurt, and no word on the extent of that pilot's injuries. planning for the papal visit, it is starting to drive some philadelphians mad. for many city dwellers the sore subject: parking. "action news" reporter trish hartman live in northern liberty tonight and many folks are asking when those secure perimeters go in effect where will their cars go? >> reporter: exactly, monday contact northern liberty is one of those neighborhood just outside of the traffic box, that is put in place by the city and just one of the places where people are bracing themselves for the impact of those restrictions put in place for the the pope. in northern liberties, many residents park on the street in unlabeled spots with in time limit. when the pope comes to philadelphia next month some folks say they will stick it out, while others. >> i am going to my boyfriend's house that weekend. he lives outside the city. i don't have to worry about
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parking. >> reporter: city official says once the plan traffic boxes around center city and west philadelphia go in the effect the night of friday september 25th, drivers can commute within the box but once they leave they cannot reenter. folks live outside those traffic boxes fear their precious parking spaces will disappear. >> two weeks beforehand i will find a spot, and i will leave it there and then just walk every where. >> reporter: within the center city traffic box city officials say a secure vehicle zone within the the zone will be required all vehicle tolls be removed by 10:00 p.m. logan square pizza and grill is inn identify that zone and making adjustments including no deliveries and simple menu. >> we will only serve cheese steaks, fries, and pizza. >> reporter: employees are making arrangements now for what they hope will be a busy weekend. >> i have a friend that lives right across the street from my job. i will house sit for her while she's out of the city so i can
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walk to work. >> reporter: folks with philly bike tour hope they will show off to the city, by pedaling in the restricted zone but say they may need to modify their routes that week even. >> we are still trying to decide our plan because we are based in fairmount so we are trying to decide based on the perimeters establish if we can still run bike tours. >> reporter: city officials say if you live near those restrict areas your best betties to find a parking space for your car and leave it there for the weekend. the residents and businesses within that secured vehicle zone should receive notices about moving their vehicles in the near future. live from northern liberties, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> thanks, trish. if you plan to take new jersey transit trains over the weekend the pope is here you will need a special pass. there will be a limited number of tickets available tomorrow at noon. 4,140 per day. you will need them to ride the ac or river line trains which will only be operating at
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certain stops. "action news" is on the ground in argentina tonight, gathering stories from the place where pope francis was born and raised. jim gardner will start his series of live reports on monday, every night at 6:00, and 11:00 right here on "action news". remember to visit our special pope channel on six you can see security perimeter maps and other road closures in detail and get more information on the transportation situation, both on septa, and new jersey transit. tonight, we are hearing 911 calls for the the first time, after the the earthquake that shook parts of new jersey overnight. the 2.7 magnitude quake rattled both nerves and walls in the bernardsville area of somerset county. it was more than a bump in the night when quake struck at 3:41 a.m. folks were jolted out of their sleep. most everybody described it as a boom. >> it sounded like something hit the house like a big tree has fallen and it shook things
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off our shelves, et cetera. wait as i big jolt. >> i was sleeping. the it woke me up out of my sleep. it felt like a train was coming down the street i guess. then my baby woke up. then we had to feed her. and my dog was shaking. >> i personally slept through it. my stepfather throughout house was coming down. he came around and woke everybody up. >> reporter: calls came into 911. police were not surprised that they felt it too. >> we're starting to get numerous reports, we have got right now a seven chapelrock way, felt the the ground shake, i don't know if there was an explosion or earthquake. again, numerous calls right now. >> yeah, that is possibly felt our building shake. >> seismologist say the quake was at a rather shallow depth at 2 miles underground. these blue colors report folks of the people that felt it. shaking was felt as far away as hamilton. police say there have been no reported injuries or damage in bernardsville.
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simmering tensions turned to assault in north fail when one woman attack another with a frying pan. the fight sent one woman to the hospital and another to jail. it happened here in the 2300 block of north reid street at 4:30. police say it was all over an ipad month. man hit the by the cookware has a non-life threatening injuries. fbi says this bank bandit struck again today, the second time this week. surveillance recorded him walking in the citizens bank on rising sun avenue near cottman at 9:47 handing the teller a demand note. monday, detectives say the same guy, robbed the pnc bank at bethlehem pike and wissohickon in flourtown n1 was hurt in either hold up. >> ♪ >> happier news here great music filled air at philadelphia foulke festival in schwanksville at the old farm. they played tonight and later film screening for 50th anniversary of his head alice's restaurant.
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they will there been crafters, live radio broadcast. it is a beloved three day event in montgomery county. there is some caribbean vibe tonight at eakins oval in center sit the eye with caribbean night on the parkway complete with authentic cuisine, music and dance there were beer garden participants. it kick off at 5:00 and it just wrapped up. still to come on "action news" britain's prince william has a royal warning for the paparazzi. also after the historic flag raiding at u.s. embassy in cuba we will hear what this milestone means to cuban americans in our area including one of our top officials in philadelphia. plus new numbers just coming in the news room tonight about the the devastation in china from that massive explosion and we will hear of an amazing rescue days later, cecily? we hit 88 degrees in philadelphia today but 100 in bismarck, north dakota and some of that heat and humidity is heading our way. i'll have details on heat wave number four in the accu weather seven day forecast.
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we will hear from sam bradford about being sidelined for this weekend. ducis rodgers has that in sports when "action news" continues in a moment.
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tonight the american flag is once again flying in cuba, for the first time in more than 50 years. thousands of cubans line the streets to watch the flag go up in the newly opened embassy in havana chanting u.s.a. and waving american flags. historic moment signals new diplomatic relationship with cuba. the pennsylvania marines lowered that flag back in 1961, actually took part in the ceremony today. >> our leaders, president obama and president castro, made a courageous decision to stop being the prisoners of history. >> kerry says u.s./cuba talks on full normal says of ties will start in mid-september. a new relationship with cuba has a personal meaning for some cuban in americans who live in philadelphia. the city a's managing director
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and a popular chef are just two of the many people who have blended lives with ties to the island nation. jeff chirico has their story tonight. >> reporter: typical friday night at cuba libre in olde city, pack dining room keeps the kitchen hopping but chef andre rokay has something else on his mind american flag rising over reopened american embassy in his home land of cuba. >> unaudible. >> today i think it is a great day for most countries in our opinion. >> reporter: a successful chef, he came to philadelphia for new opportunities. the his family still lives in the communist country with which u.s. restored diplomatic relations after 54 years. rokay believes this will lead to better lives for his people. >> we are a very poor country. we need a lot of help from the not u.s. government but u.s. companies, tourist, people who need to invest money in
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cuba to benefit my people. it is beginning of the not just normal icing relations and opening up of a embassy but dialogue that will show reforms around democracy. >> reporter: philadelphia's managing director richard negrin was born to parents fled to fidel castro's rule. he supports decision to normalized relations saying more than a half century of severed ties did little to help the cuban people. with the you had flag now flying over havana is there talk of the cuban flag flying here in philadelphia the flags of the 90 countries are represent add long ben franklin parkway but cuba is not one of them, just yet. >> we start that had conversation. once normal says occurs, about a month or two ago, we started to have meetings internally. we will do that before our administration end. >> reporter: in center city jeff chirico channel six "action news". as for that report of an al gore campaign for president being talk about yesterday, a spokeswoman for the the former vice-president, shot it down today. she said he is not interested in running in 2016.
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quote he is laser focused on solving the the climate crisis. tonight in chine at urgent search for survivors continues after those deadly explosions, massive blasts on wednesday, tore through a warehouse that houses hazardous materials. investigators are working to determine which chemicals were inside. rescuers meantime pulled a trapped fire fighter out of the ruble, 32 hours after the blast. >> i think it is a strong will which helped him hold on. i could feel his strong inner power. we kept urging him to hold on and telling him the ambulance was arriving. >> death toll from the explosions have climb to 85 and more than 700 people are being treated in the hospital. parents of the late american kayla muhler says that they were told by american officials that their daughter was repeatedly forced to have sex with the leader of the islamic state group. islamic state financesser and his wife were holding her when
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he took her as his quote wife and forced her to have sex with him when he visited. american officials learned that information from another teen had been held with muhler. meanwhile, american military and intelligence officials say isis terrorist have used chemical weapons in an attack on syria. they are investigating credible claims that isis used a chemical agent similar to mustard gas on kurdish troops in northern iraq. both incidents are heightening fears that the islamic state may have stockpiles of these extraordinarily dangerous weapons. it is a mess, in madison, wisconsin tonight a sinkhole opened up in a parking lot swallowing three cars. 300 residents had to evacuate their apartment building, most have been asleep overnight when a water pipe burst creating the the sinkhole and what a mess, water flooded their basement and underground garages knee deep. royal family is telling pop race toy back off, they say photographers have gone
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too far snapping pictures of the two-year old prince george. we are looking at authorized photos of the toddler taken earlier this year. royal family asked media groups to not pay for or publish any unauthorized photos of prince george. health check at 11:00, science shows that the old saying laughter is the the best medicine is no joke. researchers have found that when you laugh a really deep belly laugh, it opens up your blood vessels causing less stress on your heart. it can also unstress your mine by releasing endorphins. >> there have have been other investigators that have shown that there may be an effect on immune response. so perhaps, better response to someone who had a common cold or infections when they laugh. >> research does show that 15 minutes a day of laughing can be as important for your heart as 30 minutes a day of exercise days a week. that does not mean skip the gym but watching a good comedy
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or staying in touch with your funny friend doesn't hurt. that is why we love to work with rick. >> exactly. >> best thing, on the treadmill and you put something on, put on a comedy, run and laugh at the same time. >> you have to catch your breath, every now and then. >> weather will be hot. >> it will be hot. >> if you wanting to running i suggest do it earl any the day because by the afternoon it will be oppressive especially on sunday. storm tracker six live showing if you are looking for rain, not around here. we have dry conditions and it is certainly a gorgeous friday night to be out on the steel pier in atlantic city or out on the boardwalk. people are enjoying this summer night. i know a lot of people on vacation down the shore this upcoming week. you will have a good beach week but inland it will get hot. right now in avalon it is 76 degrees. ocean city and margate 75. surf city 76. cape may 74 degrees. inland millville a cool spot dropped down to 67 degrees.
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philadelphia 76 down from a a high of 88. allentown 71. wilmington and trenton 74. reading 75. satellite six with action radar showing that high pressure is firmly in control of our weather, so that is keeping our skies clear. it is also keeping this cold front at bay. it is trying to move down from the north but it will not get very far. that means tomorrow will be a hot day. the lots of sunshine. some cloud bubbling up in the afternoon with a high of 91. that front could touch off isolated thunderstorm in the poconos. elsewhere we will in the see any activity at all. sunday this high pressure intensifies and that increases the the heat pump machine. 93 degrees and also dew points will be rising up in the mid 60's. it will be noticeably more humid, on sunday. if you are down the shore the ocean temperature comfortable at 76 degrees. it will be beautiful on the beach this weekend. the don't forget sun screen tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 83 degrees. sunday warming up to 85 and
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more humid on sunday. heading to the poconos tomorrow will be warm, mixture of cloud and sunshine, isolated thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. 82 degrees. sunday will be sunny and humid, and pretty toasty with a high up to 85 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, lots of sunshine tomorrow early in the day, a few cloud in the afternoon. it will be hot but humidity not oppressive. 91 degrees. sunday hot and humid with a high of 93 degrees. the eagles season, preseason game at the link, definitely stay hydrated, drink lots of the water you can by there at kick off. ninety by fourth quarter. 93 degrees. heading in to monday this is peak of the heat. 94 degrees. also chance of the thunderstorms. we have a better chance on tuesday ahead of the weak cold front. 92 degrees but that cold front will really not, income down the heat if at all on wednesday. 91 degrees. pop up thunderstorm possible.
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thursday 90, again thunderstorms possible and friday an extended heat wave with a high of 92 degrees. this heat wave could last into next week. i giggle at myself when i tell people to drink water at a football game because i necessity that is in the beverage of choice. >> but best thing for you. >> water and beer every now and then. >> thanks, cecily. >> a group of 12 young ladies on their best behavior as they graduated from a seven week etiquette program. action cam was there for a ceremonial afternoon tea at hotel sophie tell in center city philadelphia it was part of the salvation army be your best program. these young woman learn about etiquette and manners about how to properly dress for a formal meal to setting a table. tonight's beautiful tea party was a chance for the girls to show off their newly hone skills. very cool. ducis is here with the
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eagles news, sunday match upcoming quickly. >> we have some news. we will have to wait one more week, to see sam bradford, in game action. the eagles are holding him out of sunday's preseason opener against indy. eagles insist that bradford is not hurt. he has not had a setback with that surgically repair left knee. chip kelly says it was his call and just being cautious. the bradford is disappointed but he understands. >> i think anytime you put the time in, you know, come training camp, work for two weeks, it is fun to get out there and play real football
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again. so i think it is disappointing but, you know, i'm excited about the opportunity next week. >> my decision. we have been back and forth on it. i made final call. we will get him ready to play with the ravens. >> any opportunity is great. we have to make the most of it. that is what we're all trying to do. >> zach ertz will remiss remainder of the preseason. tightened had surgery to correct a core muscle injury that is believed to be groin related. eagles are confident ertz will be ready for the the season open are september 14th. >> biggest thing for news this situation to be honest with you is that, it is something we wanted to get cleaned up. so, work was in the important. long term he will be better for it. we wanted to get it out of the way. >> earlier today coach kelly met with the family of former partner of the philadelphia police officer robert wilson the their. wilson was kill in the line of duty back in march. former eagle lesean mccoy makes his bills debut. he gets 16-yard on six
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carries. he will face the bird at the lincoln december 13th. marcus mar yet, is he it would than that got away. tough start against the titans. not a good showing. intercepted here on the screen pass, that is his only inn completion. but he also has a costly fumble. he threw for a touchdown. eagles will be following his career rather closely. still ahead, phillies visit milwaukee and chase utley continues, to put on a show, for scouts.
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milwaukee with the phillies. the he has in the been traded yet but reports say at least half dozen teams have made offers. the scouts are watching, and utley goes four for five. he has 11 hits, in 22 at bats coming off the disabled list. utley has average up to 208. to the brewers in the third strange play jonathan lucroy, herrera and dom brown collide. catch is made. they tag to second base, and comes all the way around to score. the phillies lose, three -one. second round of the pga championship suspended by rain but before that happens tiger wood make a mess at eighth hole. he is at four over. cuties at two over. jordan spieth makes a big move this chip in helps him shoot five over 67. he three is back from jason day and matt jones. john daily at ten after putting his ball in the water, he throws his club in the lake michigan. one man's trash is another man's treasure, and good
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souvenir right there. >> sell it on e bay, keep it, lots of options. tonight students in north philadelphia graduated from vacation, bible school, action cam at minister is brown ame church on north 25th street for the the ceremony. you look gorgeous, you guys. students with children and adults who attend the school all week and they each got a certificate. theme for the class was a blast from the past. jimmy kimmel live next here on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues for you 59:30 tomorrow morning. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jim gardner, the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. you have a good night. make it a great weekend. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- armie hammer from "another period", natasha leggero and music from big talk with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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