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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night. i'm sarah bloomquist. >> aim walter perez. >> teenage drivers pick up
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valuable skills that could one day save their lives and lives of others on the road. >> football fans celebrate a preseason win. "action news" has team coverage of the victory over the colts. >> big story on "action news" tonight is heat. middle of of august is bringing dog days of summer. we hit 90s and one more will be another heat wave. "action news" meteorologist melissa magee with the accuweather forecast. hi there, melissa. >> hi, walter perez walter, we had another one. high 9. still hot at this hour, 9 city. 91 trenton and along the coast you go to beat the heat today. 79 boardwalk in atlantic city and 81 currently in beach have haven. something to keep in mind. high pressure dominating and we have a stagnant air mass overhead. it means we have an air quality alert. ozone action day. if you're young, elderly or
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suffer from respiratory illnesses you want to monitor outdoor activities for rest of the evening. speaking this evening and tonight last night of musikfest taking place in bethlehem in the lehigh valley and alice and chains up on the stage at 8 p.m.. partly cloudy and warm for the start of the concert temperature 84. we'll talk about what we can expect the receipt of today and for that matter into the hot week ahead. a shot stretch on the way. near records for 13478. early as tomorrow. also i'm tracking what could be potentially heat wave number four as early as monday. we'll stalk about details and show you those numbers you may or may not want to see, sarah, with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. the fans did not let the heat keep the fans away from south philadelphia. the birds delivered a win beating colts 36-10 first preseason game at the linc. live now south philadelphia with reaction: had hi, annie.
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>> it's early now but this game has fans excited and newest eagles impressed some of the most die hard fans. >> happy fans left the linc sunday afternoon. >> it was awesome. they looked fantastic. everything was facts paced. they ran like they do and played phenomenal. i love them. >> they're the best offense in the league. it's what it is. >> if the first preseason is taste of the real season fans are confident. today's game against indianapolis colts got to show off some of the newly acquired birds and ended 236-10. >> we got to see a lot of different players. they look good. >> i definitely enjoyed tim tebow there. and tim tebow got a standing ovation and touchdown. first round draft pick nelson avalar impressed to. some fans disappointed demarco murry and sam bradford were ou
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out. ahead of the game they dusted off their grills. >> the game is ultimately why we're here. >> and continue traditions. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!.d the eo practice on stus. expect to say more tailgaters at the next preseason game which is against the ravens. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> any, thank you. there was a lot on the line today for many players battling for a spot on the roster. >> the biggest questions remain who will get the third string quarterback spot. highlights breaking down performances and jeff overall a pretty good performance. >> tim tebow looked good and matt park barkley looked good and sanchez needs and and it looked sharp. it's preseason football. stlz a lot of football to be played before think figure it out. eagles fans get a glimpse of
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chip kelly's new look game today. kelly keeping a few off season additions out of harm's way to kickoff the preseason. both quarterback sam bradford and running back di marco murry on the sidelines against the colts. both expected to play next saturday. mark sanchez starts, his throws off. nelson agular what a great catch first round pick. 34-yard score. matt barky comes in next series battling for third string quarterback job. what a pass to miles austin. 200 yards passing and chip kelly called for tebow stixt second half. doesn't throw a touchdown. runs one in from the 7 in first game in two years. eeingeleds win 36-10 now that's how you kickoff the preseason. >> we got a lot of depth here. there's a lot of guys fighting for spots. everybody is aware of that.
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you don't want a big rahrah speech this is live, real, going i think our depth is going to give us a sense of urgeencery in a lot of positions i'm excited to see that. that's what we wanted from those guys today. >> and much more coming up from chip kelly and eagles in a live report from jamie apody in sports. and we'll hear from tim tebow and his first game in two year years. >> cool. thank you, jeff. >> visit for a full recab of the eagles preseason opener there you could view photos from the game and read game analysis from espn reporters. >> in other news tonight two people were injured after someone crashed a stolen vehicle in wilmington, delaware. the action cam on the scene here after it happened 3:30 at the intersection of fourth street and pat nal street. wilmington police say they were chasing the stolen vehicle at the time of the crash one of the people inside ran away and they arrested the other. no word on extent of injuries. >> "action news" has new
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information tonight about the swimmer that died last night in the schuylkill river by manayunk section city. investigators say a friend was watching the 52-year-old man swim on his sbak and soon lost sight of him off venice islandch the victim showed no sichbz being distressed. after 25 minutes people unsure called 911. they recovered the swimmer's body an hour later. >> a man in critical condition after slamming his pickup truck into a gas station in camden county, new jersey. it happened early this morning 2:30 at the speedway gas station in brooklawn. police say the man was speeding when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into one of the gas pumps causing a fire. police officers had been attempting to pull him over at the time. they were able to hit the emergency fuel stop switch and grab a fire extinguisher to help control the flames. no one else was injured. firefighters in camden, new jersey, recued a woman from the roof of her burning home overnightch the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning here along the 700 block of wood
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land avenue and when firefighters got to the scene they found flames shooting from the first floor and homeowner up on the roof screaming for help. they rescued her with help of a latder and safely evacuated a neighboring family from their home as well. no word tonight on exactly how the fire started. >> police in philadelphia are looking for a mana caused of stealing a van with two disabled men inside. it happened about 11:00 last night in the city hunting park section. the driver of that van had stopped at his home for a moment to turn off the house lights. he told police he was inside for less than a minute and when he returned the medical transport van was gone. investigators say when the thief ntsd patients in the backseat he apparently pulled over and left them out. police quickly found those two men unharmed but the van is missing. >> warminster was a place the rubber met the road today for teenagers learning finer skills of driving. it was part of the tire rack street survival teen driving school warminster community
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park. they learned emergency breaking and skid control as well. the fire department also put some water on the road to simulate driving and braking in rainy conditions and the teenagers used their own cars or parents' cars during the course so we can assume they were that much more careful. experts say classes like these are important so since car crashes are leading cause of teenage deaths nationwide. >> much more to come tonight on "action news" a hot air balloon accident lands four people in the hospital. the landing was not annie mccormick issue. what happened after that injured the rider. >> a second chance at life. local transplant recipients shared their success stories. melissa. >> walter, partly cloudy, hot that hour. it looks like we'll track a potential heat wave even as we head to the rest of the week. we'll let you know how long this could last with the accu uweather forecast. >> and and more the preseason eagles win in sports when >> and and more the preseason eagles win in sports when "action news" comes
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three people were injured one critically in a hot air balloon accident in new holland, lancaster countych the bloop handed in a field and hit power lines overhead as it deflated the people in the basket were shocked all three people suffering burn injuries. faa is now investigating. >> today organ donors recipients and families gathered in delaware country to help raise awareness of organ donation. "action news" reporter trish hartman was at corzer-chester as they celebrated five years of the kidney transplant program. >> i wanted to live. dialysis, believe me, i would never want to see anybody on dialysis. >> two years ago rose quatrini after five years on dialysis doctors at the kidney transplant center
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corzer-chester medical center saved her life with help of organ donor. >> they got me a kidney. unfortunately the person was deceased but i thanked her and her family tremendously for saving me for my family and old her one and little one. >> since the familiar started five years ago recipients, donors and families were brought together to celebrate organ transambulance. >> 20 successful kidney transplants have taken place since program started. 120 people are on the waiting list for a kidney. doctors stress the importance of becoming an organ donor or even considering becoming a living kidney donor. >> people who just have a desire to want to be a living donor we call that and all tru trueistic done or they can contact any franz plant program and be worked up as living donor to donate to a recipient. >> kenneth was waits foring a new kidney two years and he's
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hopeful and grateful for the support he received through the transplant program. >>fy knew wondering which is this or that that's living in a prison without bars and i'm only the prisoner making it as prison and i trust god for what happens. >> trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, jeff skversky has more on the eagles preseason win. >> and also breaking down the third string quarterback battl battle. tim tebow versus matt barkley in live report from the linc, next.
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not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. >> jeff back now with eagles highlight. first big preseason game of the year. did they win it, yes, they looked good. >> you wander how it plays out for the next four weeks, monday knight opener in atlanta.
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no sam broad ford and no demarco murry. no problems. eagles have things to work on and they look great in the preseason opener study against colts especially young guys and bradford and demarco murry expected to play next saturday. mark sanchez makes the start. not very accurate. jordan matthews would have been a touchdown. sanchez nearly over throws nelson agalore he jumps and gets it he scores 34 yards. 7-3 eagles next series barkley comes in battling for third quarterer back job. miles austin sets ape score. barkley 192 yards passing and into the half, chip kelly has to like to from former oregon player. kenyan barner trying to make the team as fourth running back and special teams player. how special is this college track star 92 yard punt return.
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eagles up 20 at the half. he's cruising in there. 3rd quarter, it is tebow time. tim tebow gets stand owing vacation as they comes in. tebow throws. what a catch by rookie free fraingt del-val. tebow completes half of passes. he doesn't throw a touchdown but runs for one. 4th quarter get in there. in first game in two years, it is tebow mania at the linc. eagles win 36-10 over 4 0 yards of offense. chip and tebow having a good time at the linc. >> jamie eagles fans deposit get to see two newest stars but bradford and barkley shine. >> they were entertaining. it should be interesting to see who wins out the 3rd quarter back battle. i have not seen this enthusiasm in a preseason game maybe ever. first round pick took his first
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touch to the end zone for a touchdown. run defense played well and barner purnt return and tebow mania had the crowd that a frenzy. all in all a whole lot of cheer about an a lot of good times in the first game of the new era. >> it was great. just to be back in the stadium to hear the fans and you know go through the whole drill again. it was nice to get things going and nice it's almost september and can't come fast enough. >> come a long way. i believe that. but riingts now where i'm at i feel great i can lead this team and score points and move the pal down the feextd i was happy how we drove the ball today. >> was scoring that touchdown like riding a bike. >> it was fun you know seeing that end zone and fighting to get in. you know it's something i've been blessed to have a few opportunities at in my life. it was a lot of fun. >> i thought that's the big concern with everybody coming in as he really changed. when guys run the right routes he had an opportunity to throw
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the football and i thought he threw it well. >> just as hot as eagles offense looked at times it was that hot here today 107 degrees on the field. that's not new for mid-august. here's what's new. this is the hotter game in a very long time because they have not had a preseason game this early on in the summer since august 12, 1968 at franklin field. it's been a long time. thankfully next week is a night game. live at lincoln financial field, jamie apody, jeff. >> that explains the no sleeves there. as we kickoff "action news" sports sunday 11: 35, half hour show. brandon graham tackles joining ducis, jamie, myself for analysis, highlights and reaction. well, go figure the phillies have gone ice cold against brewers. phils trying to avoid going 0-7 against milwaukee in a season for the first time in history. chase utley and miguel franco
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out today for finale. harang once again beat up by brewers. herrera the rbi single. harang throws a meat ball. ryan braun crushes it. phils lose 6-1. sweat to mill yauchy. score fours runs the entire series. hey, how about the eagles? >> that's right. thank you, jeff. >> the accuweather forecast thank you, jeff. >> the accuweather forecast coming up
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>> melissa here now with the accuweather forecast. we were talking about exercise outside today. >> that's a bad choice. >> very hot. but the humidity is not
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terrible for august standards. as we go throughout the rest of the week. >> at my age? pretty bad. >> we'll tell what you is going on. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry, quiet. high pressureeing rite now. sky6 live in hd. look at the shore live in atlantic city. we have maroon five in concert later tonight and gates on 7 p.m. and that's why you really want to go to beat the heat and humidity for some because the current ocean temperature in upper 70s and in atlantic city coming in at 79. wow, it looks packed down at the shore that hour. checking out highlights across the delaware and lehigh valleys, well, that heat is back. and it is humid for some. especially for august standard standards. check out some of the highs today. we're one day away from making this an official heat wave. we dmreed three consecutive days with temperatures in the 90s to have that. the we're one day shy of that.
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91 was the high yesterday. 93 today's high temperature in philadelphia average for us this time of year is 86. dew points it's a level of moisture in the atmosphere and any time you have dew point temperatures at the 50 degree range or slightly above it's not bad. numbers along the 95 corridor in upper 50s. lower 6 owes. you notice the humid air across dover in beach haven. so yes, it is humid for some. but certainly not oppressive for this time of year. currently in the is they 91 degrees. at the shore, 78, 79 beach haven and 83 poconos out west in plan castser coming in 89 and 90 in reading and here's satellite 6 and action radar dry and quiet across the region thanks to dominating ridge of high pressure. this ridge is staying put and this will allow us to pump into hot and humid care just south and west of the region working its way north ward over the next several days. the call from accuweather. clear, warm, humid, dropping down to 6 in suburbs and 75 in
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philadelphia for that overnight low. we've got the building heat on the way for the rest of the week. high pressure situated to the south and east. you tap into the return flow and that south westerly wind. it's hazy. hot, humid, not just tomorrow but prolonged period of hot and unsettled weather and heat wave number four we just need one more day with temperatures in the 90s to hit heat wave number four here in philadelphia. the exclusive 7 day forecast the heat continues tomorrow. high temperature 95. near record in the city. record 96 setback in 1997. and on tuesday, staying on the humid side, high of 92. we will bring back of threat of pop your shower or thunderstor thunderstorm. same holds true wednesday and thursday. high 90. clouds and sunshine on friday and in at 90 degrees and on saturday season any and hot with eagles at home with another preseason game. and in at 90. and on sunday mostly sunny and high temperature coming in at 89 degrees. sermently not far away from
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another heat wave for summer season. thursday an friday will be interesting because we're tracking a cold front. if the front plaintiffs on through that 90 may be knocked down to 89. >> lot of 9s there. >> like a heat tsunami. >> i like it. >> abc worlds news sunday is next on channel 6. "action news" continues 11:00. >> don't miss "action news" 10:00 on phl17 tonight then we're right back here on 6abc at 11. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll see you entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll see you at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." fires on the move. thousands of firefighters battling more than 80 major wildfires. now burning across eight states. homes destroyed. crews overwhelmed. why there's no relief in sight. flying high. republican front-runner donald trump gaining momentum. tonight, his controversial new immigration plan. and just how much money he's prepared to spend to win the white house. hero clerk. the man who came face to face with a suspected killer. how this man helped end a nearly three-week alleged crime spree. >> how this man helped end a nearly three-week alleged crime spree. deadly blast, what we're finding out tonight about that


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