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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  August 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> following several new stories on this monday morning. >> fires send three people to the hospital. >> pope francis will be in philadelphia in less than 6 weeks. >> get ready for another hot stretch. the thermometer is expected to reach the mid 90s today. >> good to see you, where have you all been? let's go over to david and karen, good morning. >> reporter: all right, guys
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we're off to a muggy start. it will be hot like over the weekend. code orange ozone alert during the hours of noon to 6:00 p.m. you can see there's not a lot of cloud cover out there, we are expecting a fair amount of sunshine today. there is fair weather cumulus developing as the day goes on. 71 in wilmington. 74 in trenton. 71 in sea isle city. not oppressively humid, but you'll feel the humidity as you start moving around. heading out the door, 65 by 6:00. 68 by 8:00. a few clouds and humidity evident. as we roll through the day, it's another hot one. 94 by 3 with a high of 95 degrees at 4:00 p.m. that 95 is one degree off the record high we're flirting with a record today.
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>> reporter: it's too hot and humidity to flirt, all right, it's almost 96. let's look at the schuylkill expressway, between belmont and city avenue. we have construction blocking the right lane, traffic moving better eastbound and web blocking the right lane. we continue westd around the area. cottman northbound traffic heading toward academy road. a new traffic pattern established over the weekend, we warned you about this, three lanes available, but we expect it to cause problems northbound looking live at cottman watch for that as you're heading out, matt. >> thank you, karen. it seems as if we're looking at 90-degree temperatures as far as the eye can see.
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people will be looking for ways to cool down. katherine scott joins us live from fairmont park. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt, another hot one out here today. temperatures are not too bad. but it will dial up a bit. we'll see joggers and cyclists, they will try to squeeze their workout in, it's a little lonely along kelly drive, it's august, we expect hot weather this time of the year. we're heading into the fourth heat wave of the season and expect temperatures in the 90s and humidity. when you walk out the door, it may feel sticky. along boathouse row it is not too bad. but soon we'll see the cyclists and jockers and runners and walkers, there's a lot of water out there, watch out for the air
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quality it could get poor in the middle of day. if you do head outside, do it early before it gets too bad. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." diswrl police are looking for a gunman in philadelphia's olney section else still on the loose. a private vehicle transported a man shot in the backside. police transported two other victims a young woman and young man, all in stable condition. no word on a motive. we're 40 days away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. the goal is to help connect with catholic charities and poverty in south jersey. bishop sullivan will urge residents to take up the challenge to hear the cry of the poor. "action news" is in pope
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francis' hometown, our jim gardner is in buenos aires to meet the people and see what shaped the pope's views and opinions. >> it is shot and dry out west that is fueling wildfires. it led to power outages in washington state and forced thousands of evacuations. kenneth moten has the update. >> reporter: dozens of fast moving wildfires eating away at tens of thousands of acres in california, washington, oregon destroying homes. >> our state resources are stretched so thin. it is up to us to defend our own property. that's what people do. >> reporter: the so-called reese fire burned 50,000 acres in a popular tour i also destination. an assault on the air and the ground thousands of firefighters
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are getting back up from the washington national guard. 75 homes and businesses are gone. at one point ten thousand people were without power. an 1500 residents were forced to evacuate. >> we don't have the resources the huge containment lionel around the fire. they have to prior toize that's where --ize. back in washington state residents like mike walsh did what they could to save their properties. >> reporter: it was a panic zone, but still we had enough time people coming up and telling us hey, man, it is heading your way. >> reporter: kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> two people are recovering after the driver of a stolen vehicle crashed into them. the crash occurred at 3:30 in
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wilmington. police say during a chase the stolen car ran into several other cars. after the driver crashed one person inside the vehicle ran away. but police arrested the other person. a dog who was one of the victims ran away after the crash, but in the end police reunited them. 50,000 fans packed the beach in atlantic city to see pop band maroon five and front man adam lavine. last night's concert comes always the resort tries to reinvent itself as a family- friendly destination. it will van impact on city of $20 million. >> we would not be here if it wasn't for the concert. >> no, we're here for the concert specifically. >> the town is jammed, the
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hotel rooms are sold out. it's sunday night. view. >> some concert goers were treated for heat related medical issues. >> a spokesperson for the atlantic city alliance said they are working with live nation to address issues for future concerts. much more to come on "action news," eagles fans are still enjoying and impressive preseason kickoff game. later the original papa john pizza car is missing. hear what police think happened to the 72 camaro. david. >> reporter: wow, 95 is the high, 85 degrees is the average high, so well above that. warm and muggy tonight, when does this pattern break? we'll have the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and we'll get you to the shore in case you're heading there for
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relief. >> eagles fans are feeling good
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after the outcome of the preseason kickoff game against the colts. it is an understatement to say
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they swept the colts. tim tebow scored a touchdown and got a standing o. fans were impressed with how the team looked. >> they are the best offense in the league. it is what it is. >> the eagles will be back at practice this week during an impressive heat wave. they need to get ready for the ravens on saturday. >> what did you think about matt barclay. he looked the best. >> reporter: this guy is we've got the best offense in the league, we haven't seen the starters. we look outside we have stars out over atlantic city currently and we'll see hazy sunshine build later on this morning.
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79 degrees, the dewpoint up to 67. that indicates humid air. today will be sticky, like yesterday, not oppressive, but noticeable. winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. not a lot of cloud cover out there, we'll get sunshine early and fair weather cumulus developing as the day goes on. 75 by 8:00. 85 by 11:00. 92 degrees, 95 by 4:00. holding on to a temperature close to that by 5:00 p.m. today's record is 96. we'll be in record territory. 94 degrees is the high in allentown. 95 in reading, 93 in trenton. pretty much everyone in the 90s outside of the shore. down there you'll stop in the upper 80s. plus a look at the shore shows us we have a moderate risk of rip currents swim near the lifeguard. 73 in the ocean, that's not bad. 87 on the beach in cape may, 75 in the mouth of the delaware
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bay. taking a look at tomorrow, high pressure sinking off the coast, continuing a flow out of the southwest. that will keep things hazy, hot and humid on tuesday, is of today we'll heat heat wave number four and keep it going with another high in the 90s. there's slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, but most of it is in the northern and western suburbs, that's the way it looks. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high is 95 right around the record. hot and humid today. mainly dry, i can't rule out a pop-up thunderstorm or instability shower somewhere. sticky tomorrow, high of 94. we have a chance of a thunderstorm especially in the northern and western suburbs. wednesday, humid, 92 is the hot high. thunderstorm around with the frontal boundary getting close to us.
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thursday, 87 is the high, not as hot. friday, clouds and sun, 87. saturday, 92, it will be a hot one the next time the eagles are at home. sunday, 88 degrees, more clouds moving in and shower around. the temperature start to ease as we go into the workweek. we have several hot even humid ones coming. head of the rescue operation from eastern indonesia said smoke is billowing from the passenger plane that crashed. the plane had 54 people on board, some children and infants when it went down early yesterday in bad weather. officials are not able to tell whether there are any survivors. a manhunt for the two escaped prisoners in new york state will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. new records show the search cost $23 million. most of which went to pay officers overtime. police spent 23 days looking for
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david sweat and richard matt. state officials have downplayed the extent of the search, the key thing that matters is the final capture of the two convicted killers. >> a first look at business monday morning. highly students are getting hitech when it comes to college applications using youtube videos. linked in for kids platform, high schoolers can create a free page when they upload documents to supplement their traditional application also. governor chris christie for the purchase of sales tax on yachts and other boats could move forward next month. he will cut the tax on boats this half. new legislation would cap the sales tax at $20,000.
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the bill sponsor expects lawmakers to consider the plan in september. apple is like rumored to be working on its own driverless car just like google. apple engineers recently made inquiries about a former navy base converted into a testing ground for self driving cars and other cutting edge vehicles. a deadly midair collision, federal investigators are trying to figure out what led to the two small planes to crash in california. details are coming in in the killing of morgan freeman's granddaughter the story is next.
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use parental controls or the v-chip. learn how at >> >> reporter: it is monday! and we have construction, matt o'donnell's favorite day, and just for him and you we have construction on the schuylkill expressway. congratulations blocking the right lane. it should be cleared in another 15 minutes or so. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound toward belmont. eastbound they cleared, westbound it is out there blocking a lane. on the big picture, speeds are looking good throughout the region.
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we are watching for heavier traffic than normal, i-95 northbound near cottman they have a new traffic pattern they set it you want over the weekend. we anticipate delays with that. that's something we're watching for later. in mercer county we have construction blocking the right lane, this will be out here on i-95 between scotch road and route 31 as you head out. >> two small planes collided in midair, let's go on if we can, here we go, two small planes collided in midair in san diego leaving five people dead. it happened while both planes were approaching brown field municipal airport. one plane was carrying four people who worked for bae systems. pilot of the other plane was on a cross country trip. the planes broke apart on impact and caught fire. jury trial begins on a life
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long antisemitic man in kansas. he is accused of killing three jewish people outside kansas. he said he was moralely object gated to do so. he is charged with capital murder and faces the death penalty. we're learning details in the stabbing death of morgan freeman's step granddaughter. police responded to the call they found e'dina hines lying in the street with multiple stab wounds to the chest. a man was taken into custody. that man is undergoing a psychological valuation at a hospital. no charges have been filed. freeman posted a statement thanking everyone for their love and support. hines is the granddaughter of freeman's first wife.
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police are looking for the men who stole a man that was transporting men with disabilities. investigators say when the van thief noticed there were patients in the back seat, he pulled over and let them out. police found the two men unharmed. the van is missing. we have a developing story coming up at 5:00. a person was hit by a train overnight. septa officials are investigating. >> up next, a man gets a home for free and he really deserves it, story when "action news" continues. blinds to go's
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look here at city hall from our temple university camera. it is currently 76 degrees getting up into the 90s again. could be near a record for this date, hot and humid once again. police in michigan believe the they was of three classic cars are all connected. someone swiped a 1972 chairmaro. a corvett and shevell went missing over the weekend.
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sergeant dry and his -- drew and his wife got the news at a state fair. ptsd forced him into medical retirement a few years ago. he recently started a career at a private security firm. now they are looking forward to life in their new home. >> it's awesome. >> construction starts next month. look at it, it's a gorgeous house, the group finally home coordinated the donation of the new custom-built house. tragic developments on a midair collision with two air show jumpers. food can have a major impact on arousal and we're not
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>> good morning, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, august 17. we're following several developing stories. three people including the suspected gunman were shot and killed during a standoff in north jersey. we'll give you the details. >> the eagles take to the field in their first preseason showdown and walk off with a win. we're dealing with a heat wave of the summer season and boy is it going to be special. >> special? >> because it's looking like days and days, and days. >> reporter: now, now, now, there's a little light at the end of the continual, but today marks heat wave number four. it's a code orange action day. you want to limit your outdoor activity especially when the ground level polluti


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