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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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pope's faith took root, next. breaking news tonight, from south jersey where five children were run over, as they were walk ago long the shoulder of a road and one of them was killed. victims range from three to 18 years old. and tuesday night jim will be along shortly from
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argentina, i'm monica malpass. the the big story on "action news" tonight is a terrible crash in southampton burlington count that i has killed one child and several other youngsters are fighting for their lives. lets get out to the scene and "action news" reporter sharrie williams, sharrie. >> reporter: monica, this incident has new jersey state police, very busy tonight, as they are live here, and now still working this accident scene. we will give you the vantage point where we are. i just spoke to one of the state troopers and they are informing me that this driver was on budd town road, driving, what they believed, at the correct speeds, and no drugs or alcohol appeared to be an issue. they say there is no shoulder on this street. the children were walking in the street actually pulling a small wagon when they were struck. it was a chaotic scene on a long, winding two lane road. a group of siblings were walking home on budd town road when a car struck them. >> we were out back.
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>> reporter: neighbors cheryl and paula neil heard the crash and came running from their homes. >> she heard just people screaming at the top of their lungs. so we came running out. we saw them laying on the grass and on the road. >> reporter: in all there were five brothers walking together, smallest one were being pulled in his radio flyer wagon. out of the side, four were struck out of the five. >> there was two kids laying on the street. there was a girl, laying in the middle of the street which the neighbor across the the street was doing chest compressions on her. >> reporter: the the children between the age of three and 18, were taken to cooper hospital. cheryl o'neill and her husband did their best to help the injured children. >> they were just so young. they had their whole life ahead of them and they were so little. this tiny little regular wagon with these tiny little kid, you know, it was very hard.
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>> reporter: a difficult scene for neighbors who heard this crash and then came running to help. neighbors pitching into try to save these children, as best they could. the latest is what we know as the children's condition, three are in critical condition at cooper hospital right now. of those three, one is said to be extremely critical. that fourth child, we are being told, has passed away. so again, four children struck, one of them has passed away. as for the driver, that vehicle is still here right now on the street, as this is still a very active crime scene. we are being told that the driver is cooperating, is speaking with state police, and at this point they say there appears to be no drugs or alcohol involved and it appears that this driver was going the speed limit. it seems as if the children were simply walking home. this is the street that they live off of, and they were near the roadway, when they were struck. of course, this investigation is still ongoing. as we get more information we will pass it along but for now
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we are live in southampton, new jersey, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". monica. >> thanks, sharrie. we have more breaking news right now, kennedy university hospital in stratford, new jersey is turning away ambulance patients right now. camden county officials tell "action news" that a person who recently traveled to west africa reported a fever and was taken to that hospital. a kennedy university hospital spokesperson tells "action news" that no patients suspect of having ebola is in the hospital, but ambulances as we said are being turned away at kennedy, walk ins are still being accepted and as soon as we get more information we will pass that along to you. wilmington delaware neighborhood where a little ten year-old is shot is now breathing a sigh of relief. police have the gun man in custody tonight and the young boy is doing better tonight in the hospital. "action news" reporter dann cuellar joins us live from delaware with the very latest, dann? >> reporter: that is right, monica, the the ten year-old boy has not been upgraded to
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critical but critical to stable condition at ai dew point. police say they have identified a number of suspects, in connection with the shooting. meanwhile, residents gathered tonight for an emotional vigil to pray for the little boy's recovery. >> ♪ >> reporter: in the 700 block of towns event place, very neighborhood where ten year-old boy was shot inside a home people gathered to sing and pray. >> i pray to jesus right now, over this community... >> reporter: it was overnight that a caravan of police cars followed the ambulance that rushed the ten year-old boy to the hospital shortly after being shot in the head. late today heavily arm police officers raided a home near the shooting. they later arrested a man in connection with the shooting but his role was moth immediately made clear. police announced that 24
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year-old jahlil goldsboro had been arrested and charged with the possession of the firearm causing injury to another person but once the shooting was intentional or accidental, police were not saying this evening as police left the crime scene with bags of evidence, people tried to make sense of what seemed so senseless. >> we must stay together. >> that is right. >> stamp out this violence. >> yes. >> and shootings and murders that are taking place in our community. >> yes. >> it is just heart breaking. i'm just praying that the child pulls through. right now my main focus is on the child, just pulling through. >> reporter: and as i mentioned the child's condition has been upgraded to critical but stable condition. police have not released the names of the others arrested or being sought and how and why that little boy ended up being shot. we are live in wilmington police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. a philadelphia mother is suing the germantown boys and girls club, alleging her son was molested by a counselor
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there he was arrested with accused of sexual contact with the the boy. it happened at the kimmel center in may. a five million-dollar lawsuit, claims that the boys and girls club was negligent, and should have screened employees better, in a statement to "action news" the the boys and girls club of philadelphia say that all staff, and volunteers, do undergo criminal background checks. quote we would never hire or retain an employee, particularly one that works directly with children, who we believe to be in anyway threat to the the health or safety of our kid. well, something is bugging, customers at a main line main stay, it is an alleged roach infestation that shut down renowned restaurant. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has the the latest. >> reporter: josh zuckerman did in the believe what he saw when he read this on yangmeng front door a note from the health department stating that the chinese restaurant is closed. the reason, insect and rodent infestation. the customers had no idea. >> yeah, i made reservations this morning at like 10:30 for
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dinner tonight. >> reporter: are you surprised? >> yeah, yeah. we really are. >> i have never seen anything in there that wasn't clean as a whistle. >> reporter: at ward winning restaurant voted one of the nation's best chinese restaurants has been here 25 years, reportedly friday, police responded to a dispute over a roach found in the customer's food and inside the establishment, found an infestation and called in the health department. yangmeng reopened only to be shut down gannon tuesday. some regulars made light of it >> i just was saying if they have roaches here they do a wonderful job because they are delicious. >> reporter: the manager allen wynn met "action news" with health department inspection papers in under. the problem a broken ventilation system. >> it never happened before. we just had a inspection, a week ago, everything is fine. unfortunately it has happened and we have to correct that problem. >> reporter: some customers say they won't come back.
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>> i don't think so, not after this: i will tell people i know that do come here. >> reporter: others can't wait until their doors opened again. >> when they get an okay from the health department, we will be right back. >> reporter: manager tells us tonight that they started those renovations and they are expect to cost $12,000 but it is up to the health department to deciding whether or not, they can open up again. reporting from bryn mawr, annie mccormack channel six "action news". residence of the chester apartment high rise are sweating it the out tonight. power is out at robert stenson towers. the building tonight dark and air conditioning does not work. peco energy is working on the problem but it does not expect to restore electricity, until sometime overnight. and congressman chaka fattah says he is innocent of the corruption charges against him, and he vows to stay in office even running for a 12th term. during his first appearance in federal court in center city
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the defiant democrat pleaded not guilty, even, before the judge asked. >> mr. fattah you have been here because you have been indicted by the federal grand jury. you don't to have say anything today but anything you say can be used against you. do you understand that. >> i do, your an or. i'd like to say i'm not guilty. >> reporter: fattah accused federal prosecutors of turning his friend and family in collateral damage in a bribery and racketeering investigation. "action news" is in argentina, ahead of the pope francis visit to philadelphia in less than six weeks. jim guard are in is live in buenos aires. jim, what are some of the ways when he was archbishop there made an impact on that city. >> thanks, monica. here in buenos aires they are calling bergoglio's infantry, the priests whom the former archbishop assigned to parishes across this city. now as pope francis is appointing new bishops across the world. in many cases more progressive
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then their predecessors. the the model for new bishops may just be the young priests in this city. it is sunday morning in buenos aires, and at saint frances of cab beanie church worshipers arrive for mask. we select this church for several reasons, then archbishop bergoglio came here to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this house of worship. frances was the first citizen of the you had to be canonized a saint and, of course, college that bears her name is located in radnor, delaware county. the church's pastor father martin duran was appointed by cardinal bergoglio and, of course, he know the bergoglio ethic. >> he used the expression poor church for the poor, what did he mean by that. >> the time he told me to go into what he calls, those places where you get in contact with people who are
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excluded from so site. poor neighborhoods. hospitals. prison. those places. get in touch with people who have come but have an open heart to receive christ message. >> reporter: after mass we met maria martha, she grew up across the street from the pope's childhood home. in fact, her aunt was bergoglio's baby-sitter when the future pope was a toddler. bergoglio officiated at maria's wedding and baptized her children. she told me that when she lost her parents she turned to her life long priest as a father figure. maria is proud on bergoglio is pope but can't hold back tears when she thinks that she has lost him to the vatican and to the world. the story of bergoglio's own
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revelation is legend in the buenos aires neighborhood where he spent his youth. it happened right here, inside of this church. on september 21st, 1953 the the first day of spring here in argentina, jorge bergoglio left his friend outside and walked into this church, the san jose deflores church, he didn't know exactly why he came in here. it was a matter of impulse but he did find himself walking left here, toward this confessional, this very confessional and he took confession. afterward he said, that he had felt the presence of god, here and that was the moment he decided to devote the rest of his life, to god's work. now, a catholic, a muslim and a jew, it sound like the first line of an old joke but not only is it not a joke, it is a
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real life trio of very close friends, headed by the pope, and they are making a lot of waves and attracting a lot of attention here in argentina we will tell you that story tomorrow, live from buenos aires. monica. >> thanks very much, jim. you might think with the world meeting of families just weeks away there would be no room at the inn so to speak but it turns out that there are plenty of center city hotels with vacancyies managers expected to be sold out but now they are questioning whether demand for this historic event is as high as first thought. >> i think that people thought it would be a nightmare, the whole week of world meeting of families as well as the weekend of the pope visit. >> a lot of the security has scared people away, with the road closures, et cetera, and that is very understandable but we want to tell people that we are opened for business. we still have rooms available. >> and now some hotels are reducing rates to lure in last minute bookings, rooms are going for $250 to $500 a night
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which we are told is typical of a convention weekend. remember, as jim mentioned he will be in argentina all this week reporting live from buenos aires at six and 11:00 p.m. bringing you the stories from pope francis hometown. still to come on "action news" a major development involving subway pitch man jared and a child porn scandal. you may have been hearing a lot about that so-called viagra for women just approved a few hours ago. there are some misconceptions floating out there we will sort out fact from fiction and how the drug really works, cecily. today was the fourth day of heat wave number four, now temperatures are dropping but humidity will sore and i'm tracking storms on the way, i will have details in the accu weather forecast. also sixers big man gets not just one but several surgeries today, ducis rodgers with the details and medical update for phillies as well when "action news" continues in a moment. narrator: first pat toomey
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mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. spokesmen for subway is expect to plead guilty to child pornography charges. the those charges come after federal agents raided jared
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fogle's indianapolis home. that was in early july. several computers and dvd's were taken in the raid. fogle's attorney would not comment but late today, subway restaurant released a statement saying they no longer have a relationship with jared. tonight, rosie o'donnell is thanking everyone for helping find her daughter who had been missing for a week. chelsea o'donnell was found safe in barnegat light, new jersey. earlier the comedian posted on line that her daughter ran away a week ago from their new york home. chelsea suffers from a mental illness and has stopped taking her medications. police, in thailand say that the man there in the yellow t-shirt is the bomber responsible for yesterday's deadly blast. he was captured on surveillance at the a packed religious shrine in bangkok right before this explosion. authorities say that he planted a backpack under a bench and then walked away. he killed 20 people, at least. bangkok is on edge as a second bomb exploded there today, at
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another popular tourist site, a pipe bomb was thrown in the river in the ferry pier today, fortunately, no one was injured. on health check at 11:00 tonight f.d.a. approved first prescription drug designed to boost sexual desire in woman. some are calling little pink pill viagra for woman but in actuality the drug called addy or flibanserin treats psychological issues rather than physical impotence like in a man. drug is meant for premenopausal woman who say they're motionly distressed by lack of labido. it is not a pill to pop an hour before having sex. f.d.a. is mandating it carry a warning on the box about potential side effects for dangerously low blood pressure, and fainting, if taken with alcohol. the agency twice has reject this medication, previously, there is still debate whether low sex drive-in women is even a manager diagnosis but surveys estimate one in ten, age 20 to 49, have the
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condition. it will be launching in mid-october as a daily pill. time for accu weather, temperatures where to drop but does not sound like humidity will be following. >> humidity will be soaring and showers and thunderstorm, much needed rain. our gardens need a drink desperately. storm tracker six live is showing. that we have rain free conditions. storm tracker six live will start to get more active as we head through the next three days. temperatures right now across the board in the 70's, philadelphia 78 degrees. down from a high of 92. allentown and reading the same, millville and wilmington 77. trenton 76. cape may currently at 74. dew points though really tell the story. they were generally in the 60's in philadelphia and areas to the north. now we can see dew points in the 70's are creeping up from the south as we really pull the wind out of the south east and what this will do is bring in more cloud cover and it will also bring scattered showers and thunderstorms. satellite six with action
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radar showing all this activity bubbling up, ahead of the cold front that is slice ago cross the midwest and this cold front will be progressing very slowly toward the east. we won't be reaching our region, until friday. so that means, the the next three days will be unsettled but i'm not talking about all day, heavy rain. future tracker showing 8:00 tomorrow morning instead of the bright sunshine over the past several days. we are looking at a good amount of cloud perhaps an isolated shower or thunderstorm but gets more active as we head in the afternoon and get the heating of the day, so 3:00 o'clock showing some scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly west of philadelphia, and this will be intensifying on thursday and especially on friday. this is what to expect the next few days. round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. humidity will be tropical, you will feel, those dew points in the 07's, and when we have that much moisture in the air, any downpour can bring down one to 3 inches of rain a and that can cause the the
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possibility of some flash flooding especially in poor drainage area. in the meantime we have tropical storm danny that was born today 59:00 o'clock. max sustain wind of 50 miles an hour moving west northwest at 14 miles an hour. it is heading in to very favorable conditions development. it could intensify very quickly. by the weekend becoming category two hurricane. first hurricane of the atlantic season and approaching windward island next week. i will keep you posted on. that exclusive seven day forecast, back at home, humid with a scattered thunderstorm tomorrow. eighty-seven. the same on thursday. we will drop temperature to 84. on friday the in most active day as that cold front pulls through. 82 degrees with showers and thunderstorms. we will dry things out for the weekend. mid 80's, still a possibility of some clouds and a couple of showers depending on how far east that cold front will settle. monday, warm and humid. tuesday, partly sunny and 86. we are getting rid of the heat but intensifying humidity. >> thanks, cecily. this week some of the
11:24 pm
philadelphia's best musicians will get to show off their talents. the it is kick off for phl live center stage. the music competition that started last year with the help of city councilman at large david oh. tonight there were several performances and a fashion show to highlight philadelphia fashion week. musicians can register through september the 30th. >> ♪ ♪
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here we want to hear latest on our injured phillies. >> we knew something was up but did not know it was this big. miguel franco will not play for several more weeks. phillies young star has a broken bone in his left wrist and been placed on the disabled list. franco was hit last week in arizona team thought it was just a bruce. franco, second on the team in home runs and rbi's, he will be in the splint for next two to three weeks. he might be out much longer than that. so franco forced to watch tonight's game with the blue jays. the first inning josh donaldson crushes one off of aaron nola. deep in the second deck. the blast makes it one to nothing toronto. in the second inning jeff franco hits one out too. not nearly as far but counts just the same. solo shot ties the game at one. frenchy goes two for three on the night. sixth inning donaldson again, off of gomez, a three run home run. the his 33rd of the season.
11:29 pm
phillies lose, six-five. chase utley trade rumors might be dying down a bit while he is opened to listen for more offers for a second base man he feels it is more likely utley finishes this year on the team. >> there are a lot of positives to have chase utley still in our uniform. happy to have him. continuing to do what he does for our fans, our team and young players watching him. he goes about his business exactly how we want our players to go about their business. i don't think there is anything bad about having him here. >> eagles are set to host baltimore rave thence saturday. we will have to wait and see if demeco ryans playness that one. did he not practice again today. kiko alonzo did practice but not fully. he is back from the concussion. tomorrow on the eagles will begin three straight days of joint practices with the ravens, a team that likes to trash talk. >> we are all professional. we like to talk trash and we like to compete. i don't think anybody here will back down from the
11:30 pm
challenge. >> we will get a chance to play begins flacco and suggs and dumberville, in terms of the pass rush. so that would be good match ups with our offensive line. i think competition parties what we're really excited about. still ahead we will hear from danny briere on his retirement plus a huge brawl, at cowboys practice.
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sixers center joel embiid finally had surgery on his injured foot. he posted on instagram his procedure went very well. former flyer danny briere was back in the house but this time to announce his retirement. he had a message for his three sons who were in attendance. >> thank you you boys for all of your patients, and being there, without me the past couple of years. >> i have had an amazing journey, and i'm very comfortable with where i am at
11:34 pm
this point and it is just fun for me to let someone else take my spot. finally tonight cowboys, will be cowboys, a huge brawl erupted between cowboys and the rams during their joint practice today. dallas receiver dez bryant gets popped in the face. he lost his diamond earring during the mala because you wearing earrings when you play football. security guard was able to find it for him. thanks, ducis. jimmy kim ill live next filled by tonight line. jimmy's guest are johnny knoxville, step curry and kelly clarkson. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jim gardner in buenos aires, i'm monica malpass. have a great night. >> ♪
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>> announcer: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight johnny knoxvill, from the golden state warriors, stephen curry, and music from kelly clarkson, with cleto and the cletones and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hi


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