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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 19, 2015 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, with homicides on the rise in baltimore. a very personal look at the violence plaguing the city. >> got shot receipt here. i got shot right here. >> and the hometown heroes, quietly trying to turn things around. plus, prep school rape. >> do you see owen in the courtroom today? >> the 19 year old charged with sexually harassing girls. and famously beautiful person donald trump says heidi klum is no longer a perfect 10. the celebrity joins the list of those insulted by the
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from the outside perspective, it looks awfully grim. here's a glimpse from the inside. this is baltimore, gritty, often angry, never any pretense. >> a downpour of bullets rain on the neighborhood. >> more blue collar than blue blood in the city i grew up in. >> i'm going to west baltimore to see what we can see. >> reporter: but riding undercover with d.e.a. special agent todd edwards, seeing my hometown through his eyes is sobering. >> drug transaction. yeah. one guy's on the phone. >> reporter: block after block of abandoned buildings, broken dreams in the poison of illegal drugs flowing through her veins. >> when you see one of these corner drug dealers, how much are we talking about? >> you can sell between $10,000 and $30,000 a day. make no mistake about it, it's
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very lucrative. it's a lot of money. >> reporter: according to the dea and baltimore police, the rioting that convulsed after freddie gray's death led to looting, sparking renewed turf battles and renewed bloodshed. this month, 35 murders, all while arrests were down 30% from that same month last year. and the people charged with keeping the peace? that's one of them. cold docking an unarmed man. it's in this environment that federal agents have been asked to step in. but even for them it's daunting. >> when i got here i looked around and said this is like gotham city without batman. >> reporter: that's baltimore. >> that's baltimore. >> reporter: gotham city without batman. it's an image i couldn't shake. >>. >> it needs heroes. >> reporter: so we set out to
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find some. in the neighborhood i grew up, too many medicating against old pains. >> brandon, you getting started early? >> no. sometimes you need something to wind down, you know? >> reporter: wind down in a city where nearly one in four live in poverty. an unemployment rate in some neighborhoods four times the national average and crime soaring. on the same streets where i walked to school, my bag was stoll stolen out of our car. i found it in this alley. >> 20 seconds. >> reporter: and yet, on those same streets. >> go up pennsylvania and go up. >> reporter: a resilience that felt familiar. >> i got shot right here, right here. it's like a baltimore thing, everybody got them. >> reporter: he was an addict, a drug dealer, arrested for attempted murder. >> instead of just wanting to lock everybody up -- >> reporter: but now he works for a state and federally-funded
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program called safe streets, mediating disputes between gang members, and we also found a resilience based in faith. preachers filling a void police can't or won't. >> so we definitely have to increase the door knocking. >> reporter: families alarmed by increased draw activity on the corner near this church. >> since freddie gray's death we have seen a scarcity of law enforcement whose presence was really keeping that corner under control. >> jesus! we have the victory! >> reporter: so now there are prayer walks on known drug corners. here amidst the small acts of heroism, we found giants. >> thank you! >> reporter: meet sean price, college educated, 28 year old native baltimore yan. >> we're hard-pressed to walk around and find somebody who didn't lose a loved one in
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baltimore city in the last year. and i'm not talking to cancer or something like that. i'm speaking specifically to murder. >> reporter: educated in one of the city's elite private high schools, sean played college football and returned home, though many of his peers left never to return home. baltimore as he sees it is in need not of super heroes but home-grown talent that will stick around. >> i think baltimore needs a bunch of every day people just rising to the occasion. >> reporter: he mentors boys from the same neighborhood that produced freddie gray. he's been a coach and mentor to 17 year old kwan oakley for five years. >> if i need anything, i can call sean. we talk about the stuff that black kids need to talk about, like, to help you get past the obstacles here in baltimore. >> he was right down the street.
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>> reporter: four days earlier, kwan was nearly caught in a shootout. sean asked what he would do if the police showed up. >> you shouldn't have to game plan on how to act innocent when the reality is, that you actually are innocent. >> right. >> you gotta have some sort of reference point if these things happen. >> me and freddie are just alike. >> yeah, no doubt. >> just be as compliant as possible. i hate to have to tell you that. >> when you have skin like this you have no idea what's going to happen. >> yeah, no doubt. >> reporter: it's in this complicated space that mentors like sean make a place to navigate. >> yay! >> reporter: sean lives in the same neighborhood as kwan with his fiance ashley and their 1-year-old son. sean and ashley's area is an oasis. the city has a sporadic redevelopment campaign.
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but when ashley walks to the bus stop, the rules change. the risk rises. >> there's a lot of activity and stuff like that, as far as addicts and people just not in their right state of mind. >> reporter: watch her demeanor change. >> you just basically stay on, stay on point and just have faith. >> reporter: ashley wants out of baltimore. as for sean. >> reporter: what do you think about moving away? >> i thought about it. >> reporter: i know that urge. for most, to be born in baltimore is to always want to be part of baltimore. but many like me left for opportunity elsewhere. >> great neighborhood. >> reporter: the same is true for the acting dea. a baltimore son just like me escaped to make a difference. we attended the same high school archbishop curly, ten years
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apart. your fondness for this neighborhood? >> i don't know if i can say it. my first girlfriend, the utility pole there, i kissed her in 1983. >> reporter: what are some things that make you sad? >> i think the senselessness. we failed somewhere. >> reporter: law enforcement and lay people, there are many shareholders in baltimore's future. >> this is a three-story house. >> reporter: we met shay last year. he just bought a vacant house in baltimore. >> i probably took a good five gallon bucket of vials out of this house. today he feels like he's home. i don't see any bars on the window. >> yeah. >> reporter: on the door. >> yeah. >> reporter: is that on back order? >> i figure my neighbors will of what out for me. >> reporter: despite the national narrative of a city out of control, baltimore is a collection of neighborhoods.
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one size won't fit all. but all in need of heroes. remember sean? he's now considering a major career change. >> i'm actually in the process of becoming a police officer. >> reporter: is that right? >> yeah. with everything going on now, why not me? >> reporter: it may not be batman, but it is a heroic notion. for the record, we reached out repeatedly to the mayor's office and the police department. they never responded. next, inside the rape trial rocking an elite prep school whose distinguish graduates include john kerry. is the campus culture to blame? to support your energy, immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you can help children all around the world grow up strong, thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here...
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tonight, an exclusive private school that boasts fancy facilities and famous alumni is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, a rape trial involving two students, putting the spotlight on what prosecutors say is not an isolated incident but a culture on a boarding school campus. gio benitez is there. >> this case is about sexually
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assaulting a 15-year-old girl. >> reporter: today just two miles down the road from the leafy campus of st. paul's, an exclusive prep school in concord, new hampshire, 19 year old olan la brie in court. >> did you live on campus at st. paul's? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: we're not showing you her face and we're disguising her voice, her attack she's describing that happened last year. >> this is the face that you're going to see in the next few days. it's probably not the face of an individual that you think of when you think of a sexual assault. >> reporter: la brie accepted into harvard looked quite different in glasses and a blazer in court today than his mug shot from last year. >> in a case like this, his lawyers are probably being very careful and methodical about exactly how he looks, what he
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wears, when he comes to court every day. he's facing that jury. >> reporter: but both teenagers agree they did meet up late one night here in an empty room in the math and science building and that they became intimate. the girl says la brie then became violent. >> she's going to testify that the defendant became very aggressive very faes. three tried to pull her bra straps down, that when he bit her breast, that was not okay with her. >> reporter: and then he allegedly raped her. >> she's a 15-year-old girl without sexual experience. she tried to say no. >> reporter: prosecutors argue the alleged rape was part of a tradition called the senior salute. seniors competing to wrack up intimate experiences with younger students. and according to an affidavit, mr. la brie told the police that he was trying to be number one in the sexual scoring at st. paul's school. >> some of the students said
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that the senior salute get together was as simple as walking to class. it might include kissing. it might include a little bit more. bu but basically the point of the senior salute was to be with someone they wan the to be with the entire time at st. paul school and they realize this is the last opportunity. >> reporter: boys kept a tally written on a wall behind a washing machine, according to the associated press, painted over by the school again and again until it was finally moved online. the defense will argue that the girl knew. and that's why she agreed to meet with la brie. >> it was a source of pride for girls at the school to be asked to participate. >> reporter: labrie's attorney showed an e-mail from the girl pledging to meet labrie if it's our little secret. >> she was selling him she would
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be willing to be with him that night. >> reporter: there were even messages between them talking about protection. >> if you have some, like a condom? yeah. that's owen. >> reporter: and even after the incident, the defense attorneys say they kept in touch. >> the response to your [ bleep ] was you're not too bad yourself. i also lost my earring up there. >> reporter: in a surprising twist from cases that usually differ, whether or not the sex was consensual, labrie's attorney insist the teens never even had sex that night. >> he walked back. he'll tell you as he told the police. he realized at that moment that that's not what he should do. the evidence will show is that they never did have sex.
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it was a lot of -- >> reporter: the prosecution says the teenage girl will testify that it was not consensual. >> this is going to be a case about credibility. it's going to be her word with some physical evidence against his word. and prosecutors still have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: school officials releasing this letter to parents yesterday, saying these are indeed allegations and not proven facts, and the judicial system will weigh them and determine how this case is ultimately resolved. we will move past this as a school community, stronger, united and committed, as always, to ensuring our students' safety and well-being. the trial's expected to last two weeks, hopefully ending before a new school year begins. for "nightline," i'm gio benitez in new hampshire. our thanks to geo bio benit.
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♪ ♪ and finally, tonight, heidi klum is an instantly recognizable, internationally famous super model. but if there's one thing donald trump feels he's an expert on, it's beautiful women, and he seems to think she's past her prime. luckily, turns out heidi's sense of humor is as good as her looks. as the old adage goes, beauty is
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in the eyes of the beholder. but trump's comments about heidi klum have a few people scratching their heads. the presidential hopeful was quoted in the "new york times" as saying of the super model, sadly, she's no longer a 10. klum responding, letting this video do the talking. >> oh! >> reporter: adding #, i had a good run, and trump's trump. >> i never thought about or worried about what people think. >> reporter: she's not the only woman who's had her looks evaluated by trump. he was unimpressed by kim kardashian and jennifer lopez. in the old days, they'd say she's got a bad body. trump sounded off on jennifer law rinse as well. >> who is more beautiful, scarlett johansen or jennifer
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lawrence? >> i think they're both fine. jennifer has a little skin problem, a little rough with the skin tone. polka dots all over the place. >> reporter: even with all the criticism of the women's looks, the donald remains pretty popular in the polls. >> make america great again! make america great again! >> reporter: more female republican voters support him than any other candidate. in this debate over beauty, it was the late american poet and pulitzer prizewinner, edna st. vincent millay who said, beauty is whatever gives joy. tune in to good morning america tomorrow and as always, we're on line 24/7 on our facebook page and at abc goodnight, america.


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