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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday august 19th and here's what's happening. >> tragic new developments after a car barrels into a group of children walking home on a south jersey highway we have a live report. >> south jersey officials say they have ruled out ebola with a woman who was hospitalized with suspicious symptoms. >> the humidity is going to soar. we're also tracking some showers and some possible storms. >> we sent dave murphy out there to experience it for himself and map is in for matt n for karen. >> we expect the clouds to backache up. over the terrace right now we have some clearing under way. so, some sun and clouds, very humid, though and you see every now and then a little blip of green. there is the chance of a pop-up shower or drenching thunderstorm in a couple of spots today. 75 degrees in philadelphia.
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everybody in the mid to upper 70's across the region and how about those dewpoints? these are much higher than yesterday. pretty much the entire region in the 70's and anything over 70 is oppressive humidity and you will feel it especially as the sun gets over the horizon and you start moving around and trying to get in some activity. by 8 o'clock, 76. by noon, 86. the one good news about today, 89 is your high at 3 o'clock. so, technically it look like we'll end the heat wave but it's still going to feel pretty oppressive today. when i step inside we'll talk about lower numbers in the accuweather 7-day forecast but a better chance of some drenching rain. all that's ahead, matt. >> all right dee david. lower numbers we're expecting them on this speedometer in just a little bit with there normal morning volume increasing. here along 95 just starting to see a few people tap the brakes as they travel southbound and into the work zone at cottman avenue. slows slightly again farther south approaching the work zone at girard but as you can see delays are not bad yet. we've seen just a little bit of slow stuff here along the vine street expressway westbound headed toward the schuylkill. at the moment you see some
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people tapping their brakes but overall doesn't look too bad. construction crews return to the vine overnight last night but they're gone now. they'll be back again tonight but they're not closing it down this time around in each direction, it's just some lanes out here and there. still have a lane out the left lane on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound side here in malvern near route 29. the e-z pass only interchange. that's still for overnight construction. and here along 422 coming eastbound right by the exit for route 23 watch out for this broken down tractor-trailer. they've unhitched the cab from the trailer portion and everything is off to the side but people might slow down just a bit to see what's going on there. from 422 to 42 here in bellmawr, camden county, no extra construction. northbound headlights moving along still at a pretty good clip headed up towards 295 and overnight construction on 295 in mercer county has cleared out but on 95 southbound approaching scotch road, watch out for restrictions until 8 o'clock. they could be blocking up to two lanes. tam. >> thank you, matt. a south jersey family is
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in shock this morning coming to grips with a horrible reality. last night their five children were out playing walking home. a car plowed into them leaving a number of the children hurt and one child, a toddler dead. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at cooper university hospital in camden. that's where these children were taken. she's got the latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. these siblings were on their way home when they were struck. a three-year-old died. three other siblings were taken to the hospital. one of them remains here at cooper university hospital in extremely critical condition. two others are critical but stable. first responders rushed to the site of this accident in southampton township last night. police say a group of siblings was struck by a car on the 100 block of buddtown road around 8:30 last night. one of them died. three were injured. cheryl and paul o'neill came running when they heard this crash near their home. >> heard people just screaming at the top of their lungs.
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so we came running out and we saw them laying in the grass and on the road. >> it was two kids laying on the side of the street. there was a girl laying in the middle of the street which the the neighbor across the street was doing chest compressions on her. >> reporter: police say buddtown road lacks a real shoulder. in all, five sisters and brothers were walking together. the smallest ones were being if you would a radio flyer wagon. the siblings believed to be between three and 18 years old were rushed to area hospitals but police say the three-year-old later died. >> they were so young. you know, they had their whole life ahead of them and they were so little. you know, and this tiny little red wagon with these tiny little kids, you know. >> reporter: the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. police do not believe the driver was speeding or under the influence. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine.
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new information here. a south jersey hospital is back to normal operations after testing a woman who recently visited west africa for an illness. camden county officials tell "action news" that the traveler from africa had reported a fever. the patient was taken to kennedy university hospital in stratford at 8:00 last night. the nature of the illness was not disclosed. the hospital spokesperson says it is not ebola. officials will reveal more details on the patient during a news conference later this morning. >> it is 6:05 and developing right now, south jersey police are looking for the man who shot another man in the face. police tell "action news" gunfire erupted at the intersection of south fourth and sycamore streets in camden around 10:30 last night. no word on what may have sparked such a shooting. the victim is currently in serious condition at cooper hospital. >> a mom is suing the germantown boys and girls club over the molestation of her son. purceval out land was arrested.
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the incident happened during an organized outing to the kimmel center in pavement the 5 million-dollar lawsuit claims the organization was negligent and should have screened employees better. the germantown boys and girls club sent "action news" this statement. "we would never hire or retain an employee particularly one who works directly with children who we believe to be in any way a threat to the health or safety of our kids." >> word is a major american car maker may start selling a car any other made in the u.s.a. maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square with more on that. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, tam. general motors is under fire for possible plans to import a car from china. the united auto workers calls speculation that gm will import the car "tone deaf. the union says it's disappointed given the effort to u.s. taxpayers and auto workers made. if gm goes ahead it would be the first automaker to import a chinese auto in the u.s. right now futures point to a lower open. wall street looking at
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inflation today with a report on consumer prices. finally philadelphia loves cheap snacks. the city was ranked number five on a list of frugal cities for snack lovers. a list from analyzed the list on coupons on snacks in cities around and baltimore ranks number one. >> i like those andy cap's hot fries. those are cheap snacks. >> really. >> they're hot. >> yeah. >> my husband jax which is why he named the dog jax. >> i kind of like those, too. ooh but i try to stay away from them. never moderation, right. storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we are precipitation free. it's cloudy out there but there are some breaks. as the sun gets higher over the horizon you'll start to see it building through. not that you neath are want a lot sun on your shoulder today, though. 75 in allentown. most of us in the mid 70's and
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it's very, very muggy this morning and the humidity isn't going anywhere. you get the sun on you, it feels even worse. future tracker6 right now shows you that we are cloudy in the morning with some breaks every now and then and then by late in the morning and midday, you're starting to see a couple of showers pop up here and there. not everybody will see thighs all at once. some of you might get away without seeing anything but those that do in this warm and humid air mass could see some drenching downpours that could put down enough rain in a hurry to produce some poor drainage area flooding on roadways. so, if you get caught under some of this stuff today slow it down because you might be finding yourself hydro planning. again it's scattered stuff, that 4 o'clock and by 8 o'clock we're hoping that most of it is beginning to push away from us. for the lehigh valley today we're going for a high of 85, not quite as warm as yesterday but very humid. a spotty storm can't be ruled out. down the shore, humid, rip currents possible along the jersey coast. not so much in delaware. a high of 83 degrees. ocean temperatures close to 70 degrees. in some places we're getting
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buoy readings in the upper 60's. 89 is the high in philadelphia today. if we can hold that high temperature out of the 90's it will end the officially end the heat wave even if we do manage to tick up to 90 degrees tomorrow it will definitely end and either way it's still going to be very uncomfortable, humid with that isolated thunderstorm chance. 76 by 8 o'clock, 85 by 11 o'clock and as soon as 11 o'clock it's getting pretty sweaty and pretty warm out there and then we spend the afternoon in the mid to upper 80's with a high of 89 probably around 3 o'clock. if you are headed to the ballpark tonight phillies wrapping up that very quick two-game home stand with toronto. 82 degrees for the first pitch. 77 in the ninth inning, warm and humid. probably dry. if you have a problem with a shower or thunderstorm it's likely in the first half of the game and not so much in the second half. and then tomorrow more of the same. warm and humid. we've got some more of those drenching showers and thunderstorms possible at times. and there's another chance of this thursday night into friday as well and some of these could be drenchers. tropical storm danny has formed way out in the atlantic. it's making a slow progression
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toward the leeward islands and we've got a long way to go before it starts to hinder any of your vacation destinations, probably early next week. but it does look like it's going to grow into the season's first hurricane, category two would not be out of the question and it may be even bigger than that as it continues to push towards the east -- the west i should say. 89 degrees is today's high. warm, still humid out there today. tomorrow still unsettled, a high of 85. and friday unsettled with a high of 83. warm and humid through here. any thunderstorm or shower that pops in the next three days could produce drenching downpours but looks like friday is that probably the best chance of producing more widespread action. and then saturday clouds and sun, sunday clouds and sun, a little humid, mid 80's. and a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. it doesn't who look like the weekend is a washout. hopefully it's dry for the eagles on saturday. >> thanks, david. time now is 6:10. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the little league softball team accused of intentionally losing a game.
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>> dirty little secrets leaked. the ashley madison hackers made good on a promise to post all the data they stole. matt. >> construction to the girard point bridge. after 9 o'clock you don't want to be in the northbound lanes. further north at cottman we'll show you what's going on after the break. >> the government is ready to put itself out there and get ready to be yelped. we'll see how that goes in tech bites. that's next.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here sky6 looking down the shore into atlantic city. the sun not our friend these last few days coming up over the horizon. won't get into the 90's again. we'll be in the 80's but the humidity will still make eight swelter oumake it aswelter out . >> beautiful picture. what you got matt. >> speaking of which it is photography day in addition to aviation day. we have so many things to celebrate on this wednesday but matt and tam we're not celebrating this. in northeast philadelphia a broken down vehicle in the northbound lanes of 95 right in the work zone just north of cottman avenue. you can see penndot is out there helping out and the police officer is, too. it's mostly off to the side so northbound traffic is getting by without too much of a
6:15 am
delay. coming southbound you can see the vehicles just starting to slow entering the work zone here at cottman avenue. then you slow again farther south with 28 miles per hour headed toward the work zone at girard. over on the schuylkill expressway so far 40's and 50's so we're not complaining about those speeds. phils back in town again tonight at 7:05 in south philadelphia. let's talk about some work zones. starting tonight they'll be tearing up west chester pike route three in delco. kind of a stretch just to the west of the blue route. so watch out for that happening the next few nights and during the middays conestoga road continues to close. that's for long term construction. construction on the pa turnpike near malvern is reopened. in bucks county they started this week milling and paving a 15-mile stretch of 212 between 313 near quakertown and 611 up to the north. meanwhile over in burlington county in mount laurel watch out for work along ramblewood parkway, the westbound side at
6:16 am
brentwood drive. in medford hartford road is shut down between church road there by johnson's corner farm and route 70. that's lasting until 6:00 this evening. 541 is an alternate in that area. matt. >> okay, thank you matt. new this morning, a scandal is brewing in the little league softball playoffs. a team from snohomish washington state is accused of throwing a game to keep a team from iowa from advancing to the semifinals. the coaches are accused of benching all of its starters telling players to swing at pitches in the dirt and burned on two strike counts. snohomish lost eight to zero. iowa's coach protested saying the intentions were clear to throw the game. the little league organization decided to have the washington and iowa teams play for a spot in the semis and guess what? iowa won three to two. >> ♪ >> now onto the race for the white house. we knew that hillary clinton had met with black lives matter activists last week. but now we know just how contentious that meeting became ann little bit more on exactly what was said.
6:17 am
>> you're seeing what the black lives matter movement needs to do to change white hearts. >> no, i don't care about -- look, i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. you're not going to change -- >> the movement is working to draw attention to police-related deaths of african-americans and high incarceration rates for blacks. mean clinton is fending off the fallout from her decision to use a private e-mail server as secretary of state led to a testy exchange with reporters yesterday. the newest national poll puts donald trump solidly in the lead for the republican nomination for president. the cnn orc poll shows nearly one out of every four registered republican voters wants trump in the white house. former florida governor jeb bush stands in seconds with 13 percent support. neurosurgeon ben carson is in third with 9 percent. >> 6:17 now and heads up. a new strain of lice might be
6:18 am
resistant to most common remedies. now tech bites. >> in today's tech bites hackers making good on a promise. >> hack kearse promised to expose data of millions of people who use ashley a dating web site that caters to cheating spouses. now personal information has reportedly popped up online. including names e-mail addresses and credit card numbers. >> verizon is number one in the latest rankings on the nation's wireless carriers for overall performance. at&t came in second place followed by sprint and t mobile. >> and when it came to call performance, sprint tied with at&t for second place. yelp is no longer just for restaurants and businesses. >> the federal government now putting its agencies on the web site for people to review. as you can imagine some of the reviews for the t.s.a. not too friendly. right now the t.s.a.'s yelp page has only two and a half stars. ouch. >> not too good. those are your tech bites. feeling intense lower back pain?
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>> speaking of the zoo if you're headed toward it later on today, i think you're going find some delays on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side. they're going to be trimming the trees so blocking the right lane just like they have the last couple days in the eastbound lanes between montgomery and spring garden. that's right by the zoo. this morning just some building eastbound volume traveling here by montgomery on in towards center city. mass transit's on time so far this morning. don't forget with those septa trolleys they're running in the tunnel again headed towards center city but the route 10 is busing during the overnights for the next few nights between 33rd and market and 63rd and malvern. david. >> i saw them doing that along another highway recently. i can't remember which one but yeah, it's the season, you know, trimming trees along the schuylkill. 80 degrees at 9 o'clock this morning. we're already in the 70's. very humid today. 86 by noon. if we're lucky we'll stay in the 80's which will end the heat wave. any thunderstorm that forms this afternoon or this evening could produce drenching downpours. wide view shows you there is
6:22 am
rain in the central portion of the country but earlier watch boxes are fading off the map and the only chance we have of strong gusty thunderstorms would be in michigan probably away from detroit which is our main airport. there's also the slight chance of some tornadoes back up through the body of michigan and the upper peninsula as well. as we take a look at the airport in philadelphia, all green aircraft early this morning and no rain reported right now at any of our most commonly traveled destinations, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you david. head lice are common among school children but this year the unwelcome guests are showing resistance to over-the-counter drugs. according to reports six to 12 million kids are affected by head lice in the u.s. every year. infestations can lead to an itchy scalp irritability and poor sleep. but now studies suggest that there is a mutant lice out there that does not respond to the drugs and they may not be killed by the over-the-counter treatments like rid shampoo or nix rinse. instead parents are being advised to pick up stronger and more expensive prescription remedies. >> eagles begin joint
6:23 am
practices with the baltimore ravens today as they prepare for their second preseason game on saturday. that are still questions as to whether linebacker demeco ryans will take the field. he didn't practice again yesterday. other linebacker kiko alonzo had a light practice as he returns from a concussion. the eagles face the ravens at lincoln financial field on saturday at 7:00. >> 6:23 now. former subway pitch man will make a plea in court. >> and katherine scott has details on a terrible crash in south jersey that has torn a family apart. katherine. >> reporter: matt, one child died, three other siblings remain here at cooper university hospital with serious injuries after they were hit by a car last night. we're live with the details coming up at 6:30. >> ♪
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>> happening today, the former spokesman for subway is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. the charges come after federal agents raided jared fogle's indianapolis area home in early july. several computers and dvs were taken during that raid. fogel's attorney would not comment. fogel rose to fame with his substantial weight loss which he attributed to a regular diet of subway sandwiches. subway released a statement saying that they no longer have a relationship with fogel. congressman chaka fattah pleaded not guilty during his first appearance in federal court in center city yesterday. the philadelphia democrat also accused federal prosecutors of turning his friends and family into collateral damage in the bribery and racketeering investigation. >> concerns over a roach infestation has forced a well known restaurant on the main
6:27 am
line to shut its doors. yangming in bryn mawr closed indefinitely after a customer reported a roach in a meal. police were called to the award winning restaurant to respond to a dispute over that discovery and they found an infestation and called the health department. the manager of yangming says the problem is a broken ventilation system. the restaurant expects to be closed for a few days. it must get approval from the health department before it can begin serving meals again. >> 6:27 now and relief from the heat is on the way but so also coming our way is the chance for rain. dave murphy will have your accuweather update. >> and new this morning, the narrow escape for some camden residents whose house was quickly consumed by smoke.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> ♪ >> now on "action news," a car strikes young siblings along a south jersey street and one of them was killed.
6:30 am
>> developing overnight a powerful gas explosion destroys part of a motel in washington state. what one guest noticed that help everyone get out in time. >> the search is on for the bandits who picked the pockets of a businessman who was carrying around a large amount of cash to make a deposit. >> good morning. it's 6:30 now on this wednesday august 19th. matt pelman is filling in for karen and he's got traffic but first up, let's head over to dave murphy for weather. good morning. >> it is a warm muggy one this morning. you feel it as soon as you step outside especially as you start walking around. cloud cover still fairly prominent but as you take a look at satellite, we are looking at a few breaks out to the west and i think overall we're going to wind up way mix of clouds and sun. could be a couple of showers popping up later, too and maybe a thunderstorm. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. everybody in the mid to upper 70's and as you take a look at dewpoints, brother, is it humid this morning. almost everyone is in the 70's. anything over 70 is considered oppressive humidity and that's where the majority of the region sits right now. 76 degrees by 8 o'clock.
6:31 am
by, into up to 86. one good thing about today is that it looks like a high of 89 which will end the heat wave but it will still be very warm and muggy and again showers and thunderstorms today, very spotty. not everybody sees them but where they hit in this humid air mass they could produce drenching downpours and you definitely want to slow it down on the roads if you get caught in one of those. when i step inside we'll see how long this warm and muggy pattern lasts. matt pelman, what about roads early on? >> we're feeling warm this morning but don't have really warm feelings toward the roads. at least not this stretch, david. it's 95 at cottman avenue in the i don't know going work zone. my goodness are we having trouble navigating this work zone lately. southbound lanes now there's a crash in the work zone at cottman avenue taking out the left lane. so southbound traffic is now jammed solid coming away from academy road through that accident scene just up ahead and just a bit ago i told you about the broken down minivan here on the northbound side just north of cottman avenue. luckily that's off to the side but police are still there assisting. on 95 in mercer county, we still have construction going
6:32 am
until 8:00 this morning so about another hour and a half in the southbound lanes approaching scotch road watch out for restrictions and on 95 in delaware, yeah, it's the the 95 show, northbound side by the maryland state line there's a crash but that sounds like it's mostly off to the side. if you're trying to get to the southbound lanes of 95 from highway one in christiana, watch out that ramp is blocked until 7:00 this evening. they're doing that weekdays through early september. headed to the delaware memorial bridge, you're still looking at construction in the northbound lanes headed toward new jersey. right lane remains out of commission. if you're going for our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge, well, here's how he looks from camden this morning westbound of course the right lane is still closed for construction but so far no major delays headed in towards center city on this wednesday morning. matt. >> thanks, matt. new jersey state police continue to investigate a horrific crash in burlington county that killed one child and seriously injured three more. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside cooper university hospital in camden where the victims are being treated.
6:33 am
katherine. >> reporter: matt, five siblings were walking together last night when four of them were struck. a three-year-old died. three others survived and are here at cooper university hospital. two of them are in critical but stable condition. a third is in critical, extremely critical condition. that's a 16-year-old girl. that fifth sibling was not injured. >> we were out back and we heard a loud boom. >> reporter: cheryl and paul o'neill went running when they heard this crash near their southampton township home. police say a group of siblings pulling a red wagon was struck on the 100 block of buddtown road around 8:30 last night. one of them died. three were injured. >> two kids laying on the side of the street. there was a girl laying in the middle of the street which the neighbor across the street was doing chest compressions on her. >> reporter: in all, five sisters and brothers were walking together. the smallest ones were being pulled in a radio flyer wagon.
6:34 am
police say buddtown road lacks a real shoulder and it seems the children were near the roadway at the time. the siblings believed to be between three and 18 years old were rushed to area hospitals but police say the three-year-old later died. >> they were so young, you know. they had their whole lives ahead of them and they were so little. you know, and this tiny little red wagon with these tiny little kids, you know. >> reporter: the driver did stay on the scene and is cooperating with police. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. heavy smoke poured from the second floor of a camden row home while the residents were still inside. this is viewer video of the fire. the action cam was also there on the 1200 block of thurmond street. firefighters arrived around midnight to reports of people trapped. everyone eventually made it out safely. >> this is also new. police are sorting out the details of a shooting in upper darby. the victim managed to run two blocks before collapsing
6:35 am
outside of an apartment complex on the 6700 block of marshall road. the shooting happened around midnight. police are looking at two separate scenes as their investigation continues into who shot the man and why. and we were the first to tell you about 10-year-old boy shot in the head in wilmington. word this morning is that his condition is improving and there's also been an arrest. yesterday police raided a home near the site of the shooting. that's on the 700 block of townsend road;, place i should say. police took a man jaleel goldsboro into custody in connection with the gunfire. the 24-year-old has now been charged but so far police have not determined whether the shooting was accidental. the community held a vigil last night for the little boy as they tried to come to terms with the shooting. >> we must stand together to stamp out this violence and shootings and murders that's taking place in our community. >> the boy remains hospitalized at a.i. dupont children's hospital. his condition has been upgraded to critical but stable. police have not identified the
6:36 am
other suspects that they're seeking in connection with the shooting. >> coming up on 6:36 now, and police in montgomery county are searching for two men who robbed a philadelphia businessman of $85,000 in cash. the man was on his way to make a large cash deposit when the men held him up at the h mart plaza on old york road in cheltenham yesterday. investigators believe two people who were spotted here on surveillance may be involved. the robbers were able to get away with the wads of cash in a duffle bag. the victim was not physically hurt. >> it was a hot start to the night and it has thankfully given way to a cooler morning after the power was turned back on in a senior center. the action cam was at the robert stinson towers in chester. it's an affordable housing complex for senior citizens. the building lost power around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon and that meant hours without air conditioning on a very hot day. >> it's a heat wave going on so it makes people like us suffer a little bit more. >> peco finally restored
6:37 am
electricity to all of the residents by midnight. >> david's predicting the end of the heat wave but is it going to really feel any better than yesterday? >> not a whole lot. the humidity is actually a little bit worse today than yesterday. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry. taking a look outside, we have a lot of cloud cover overhead above philadelphia but yesterday by about 8 o'clock we started to see some sunshine poking through and i think later on this morning we'll probably see the same today. it is going to be warm and muggy as you step outside, though. 76 degrees currently in philadelphia. most of the region in the mid 70's. and 72 is your dewpoint. that's pretty rare. we've had it a few times this summer but any time you get dewpoints over 70 it really is rather oppressive humidity and that's what you're dealing with this morning. future tracker6 shows you that by about 11:00, maybe 12:00 there could be a couple spotty showers popping up in this warm and humid air mass as we go through the day. every now and then we might actually pop up a real drenching shower or even a drenching thunderstorm. now, if you get caught beneath some of this you're in the minority but you want to slow it down because obviously this
6:38 am
is going to be heavy enough rain and a slow enough moving storm or shower where it could put a lot of rain down over a one given area and produce a lot of ponding and puddling on roadways and maybe flood some poor drainage areas. 76 degrees by 8 o'clock today. 85 by 11:00. your high is 89 if we can hold it in the 80's it will officially end the heat wave as matt suggested but it's still going the feel pretty muggy and pretty uncomfortable ought there. high temperatures up north are a little better today. 85 in allentown, 86 in reading. 88 in wilmington and then down the shore, low 80's. isolated downpours, warm and humid otherwise. a closer look at the shore shows you that we're back into that pattern where there is a moderate risk of rip currents along the jersey coast. not so much in delaware but this is an issue here. an isolated storm but most of the day you'll be dry. swim near the lifeguards. ocean temperature off ac is about 76. a little warmer in the water at the mouth of the delaware bay and mid 80's down along the delaware beaches. for the phillies tonight, the end of that quick two-game home stand with the toronto blue jays. warm and humid.
6:39 am
if we see any storms around i would think the best chance would be in the early innings versus the late innings but there's a decent shot that we won't see anything at the ballpark and you'll just get the game in. it will be warm and humid, though. 82 for the first pitch so plan on cool drinks down the ballpark and as we look ahead through the rest of the week and into the weekend there's a chance of rain each and every day but it really gets worse thursday and then friday and i think thursday night and through the day on friday would be the best chance of more widespread drenching showers and thunderstorms. saturday and sunday it's more of a spotty thunderstorm. and out in the atlantic tropical storm danny has formed and this may become the first atlantic hurricane of the season over the next several days. it does look like it is far enough away where it won't get in toward the wind ward islands and any of your possible vacation destinations until early next week. after that, i'd keep my eyes on this if you're planning on heading to the dominican republic or puerto rico. 89 degrees warm still humid today. a spotty drenching thunderstorm possible and more of the same on thursday with a high of 85. 83 still very humid, unsettled on friday and any
6:40 am
thunderstorms or showers on friday could also produce downpours and at some point either thursday night or friday through the day there is the chance of a more widespread period of those drenchers. and then saturday and sunday as i mentioned mid 80's. probably a little muggy and just a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm there. >> okay, thank you david. it is 6:40. we're following a developing story. hear from the guests of a washington state motel that was leveled by a powerful gas blast. >> and authorities release a new sketch of the suspected shrine bomber in thailand and also reveal whether they think it was a singular act. matt. >> matt, we're stalled here along 95 in the southbound lanes headed toward the work zone at cottman avenue. it's because of a crash up ahead. we'll show you the scene and talk about a new crash in norristown after the break. >> a "dancing with the stars" judge will soon have a very special dance to choreograph. we'll give you details when we come back. patients recently rated their care experience at
6:41 am
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. cloud cover moving in along the jersey shore. that's a live picture from atlantic city. it's 77 degrees. getting up into the high 80's so the heat wave will be broken today but the humidity will make it feel just as bad as yesterday. >> let's go over to matt pelman, see what it looks like for your commute and it looks like there's an issue. >> you know we would like to make it through just one morning commute without a major issue, matt and tam. in this ongoing work zone along 95 at cottman avenue but this morning it's another major issue. it's a crash in the southbound lanes right here by cottman
6:44 am
avenue. the accident involved a couple of vehicles and then the emergency crews arrived on the scene. the fire trucks there. penndot is there. they're talking about how can we get this thing cleared out, how can we get those two left lanes reopened. so, with just that right lane squeezing by here through the work zone at cottman you're looking at speeds like a very unpleasant 10 miles per hour as you come down from academy road. it is even worse than normal southbound through the work zone at cottman avenue. then farther south entering the work zone at girard along 9518 miles per hour. on the schuylkill delays are also forming now, 27 westbound between city avenue and gladwyne, 35 on the eastbound side as you pass girard avenue. and we've got a new crash we're watching in norristown along noble street at airy street. of course in plymouth meeting they're still patching that sinkhole. they started patching it back in march. it's scheduled to finally reopen plymouth road scheduled to finally reopen on august 31st so just about a week and a half you should be back in business and i know that's a relief for a lot of you in that area. but bad news for those of in
6:45 am
you horsham today. welsh road will shut down from 9:00 until 3:00 as they replace a pipe. horsham road or limekiln pike are possible alternates and in loveville delaware 41 newport cap pike is going to close again today. this is happening weekdays 8 o'clock until 4 o'clock. you can stick to mill creek or centreville road to get around that work zone. tam. >> developing right now a moat technological explosion critically injured a gas worker in washington state. this happened at the motel six late last night. fortunately the building had been evacuated moments before the blast when someone saw a gas line had been leaking. >> it shook everybody here. i mean, it was like we were stunned, like what happened and then i guess a good part of the building is gone. >> fire officials plan to go through the rubble today to make sure that there's no one still trapped underneath it. >> three men who disappeared in the debris of an alaskan landslide are now presumed
6:46 am
dead. problems with stability have hampered the search and recovery in the coastal town of sit today. the city has declared a state of emergency and alaska's governor will tour the damage today. new from the overnight, authorities in thailand have released a sketch of the bangkok shrine bomber, a new one. and also say he did not work alone. that's the new sketch they've just released. the police cleve says the attacker is part of a larger network. buddhist monks led people in prayer for the reopening of the shrine today. more than 20 people were killed in monday's attack. >> new this morning, a $20,000 reward is being offered for information on two stolen nc wyeth painterrings. the fbi announced the reward yesterday. officials say a total of six painting were taken home from a businessman in maine in 2013. four were recovered from a pawnshop in beverly hills in december. but the remaining two were never found. so far three people have been charged in connection with the art heist. wyeth spent most of this adult life in chadds ford pa.
6:47 am
>> 6:47 just about an live preview of "good morning america" is next and also disorder in the court. see the fight that force adhering into lockdown. david. >> guys if you're headed to the pool today and no doubt some people are going to want to head to the pool, the beach or even if you're just working outside, you do want to keep the cool drinks handy. the other thing i'll let you know about, you want to watch for storms. they're not going to be everywhere but it's one of those days where something could pop up in a a hurry. make plans heading off the pool deck and taking cover if that happens. we'll be back with your day planner forecast.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
>> less than 10 minutes away from "good morning america." >> let's check in with dan harris and see what they've got coming up. dan, what's on your show? >> reporter: hey, matt and tam great to be with you on a wednesday morning. coming up on "gma" we're covering the race for the white house. hillary clinton facing those tough questions about her e-mails on the campaign trail. this morning the democratic frontrunner did he have finder telling reporters she has turned over all e-mails relevant to her work. it got a little testy. we'll show you coming up. also coming up big news about the so-called female vying a the fda approving this little pink pill for the first time after rejecting it twice making this the first drug to increase sexual desire for women. my night line coanchor jew jew chang ichangis here. the alleged victim taking the
6:51 am
stand and accusing a graduate at new ham saint paul's school of sexual assaultbacking down while identifying him in the courtroom. question now is will the suspect take the stan. switching gears we want to tell you one more story we're doing this morning. in our stress rescue series we'll focus on kids. surveys show children's anxiety increases over the past five decades intensifying this time of year especially when everybody is trying the get ready to go back to schooling. we have all you need to know to help your kids stay calm and focused and it's all coming up on "gma." we'll see you guys very soon. >> okay, dan. >> staying calm and focused works in just about every situation. >> good idea for drivers but we have a couple things that could cause them some anxiety. upper dublin a crash on the southbound side of 309 just up ahead and you can see how well we're not moving on the southbound side from just past the bethlehem pike split on down to approaching susquehanna road in ambler. that's where the accident is. you can see emergency crews
6:52 am
looks like they're going down the ramp there but southbound traffic not moving well at all on 309. head for bethlehem pike as your alternate. moving much better just a gathering crowd here on 42 northbound from 41 up to 295, speeds are just starting to drop. david. >> cloudy over 42 matt but on 309 i think i saw a little bitter of sun starting to break through the clouds. like yesterday we'll see that occur. boy, it's warm and muggy, though. we've got temperatures in the 70's in all of the northern and western suburbs. pretty much the same story from cinnaminson down to the shore and up and down the state of delaware. if you're out running errands, the morning is the better time to do it as it won't be quite as intense. we'll be in the 70's up until about 9:00, then 80 but by noon 86. it does look like we hold in the 80's today ending the heat wave. it will be a close call with that forecast high of 89 but very muggy today and there is the chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm in a couple of spots that could produce a drenching downpour in this warm and humid air mass. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you david. >> courtroom chaos erupted during a murder trial in tennessee. a fight broke out between the
6:53 am
murder defendant and a witness who was scheduled to testify against him. the jump kicked several people out of the chattanooga courtroom and put it on lockdown for a short time. he reschedule this hearing for next month. >> on the people scene two time "dancing with the stars" champion julieian hough and washington capitols forward brooks lake are getting married. the couple posted a photo to announce the engage. they started dating last year after being set up by a mutual friend.
6:54 am
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>> welcome back. here are the top stories on "action news." a three-year-old child was killed when a group of siblings was hit by a car in southampton burlington county last night. three of the siblings are in the hospital. one is in extremely condition. the driver did top at the scene. ebola has been ruled out for a patient rushed to kennedy university hospital last night. the woman recently visited west africa and is being tested. >> 95 southbound jammed solid because of this crash in the work zone at cottman avenue. just the right lane squeezing by and 309 southbound in ambler another accident. head for bethlehem pike instead. david. >> warm and muggy this morning. temperature in the 70's in most spots. up to 86 by noon. your high today 89. if we hold in the 80's we'll break the heat wave but it's still going to be pretty oppressive and any spotty thunderstorm or shower that forms could produce a
6:57 am
drenching downpour today. >> look out for those. the storm tracker6 app. thanks for watching everyone this morning. "good morning america" is next. for matt pelman, karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. head to when we're not on the air for all your news and headlines. see ya'. >> ♪ ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. happening now, tornadoes tear through the midwest taking down trees as massive lightning bolts rip through the sky. this as tropical storm danny brews in the atlantic. it could strengthen to a hurricane. fed up. hillary clinton defiant facing questions once again about those e-mails she turned over to the fbi. >> did you wipe it? >> what, with a cloth? >> the democratic front-runner throwing up her hands in frustration. taking the stand, the young accuser in that alet prep school trial testifying about the fellow student who she says sexually assaulted her. the defense firing back. the e-mails they say tell a completely different story. and breaking overnight home at last. rosie o'donnell reunited with her mis


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