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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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august 21, here's what's happening. a driver crashes into a utility pole and brings down live wires. >> special rail passes for the pope's visit go on sale today. you will need to leave your house to get them. >> storms disturbed you from your sleep last night, but the clouds are moving out. >> let's go to david murphy and matt pellman filling in for karen. >> reporter: we have clouds if you look toward the coast, but there are breaks, the exception
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the shore where you're getting showers and thunderstorms. obviously things are improving though, out to the west of us, you see a break in the clouds we're expecting no worse than partly sunny skies as we roll through the majority of the day. 75 in philadelphia. of 6 in allentown. 71 in wilmington. as you look at dewpoints it is humid in and around south jersey with dewpoints in the oppressive 70-degree or better range. philadelphia has dropped into the 69-degree number. notice how the winds are dropping out of the northwest bringing drier air in, the humidity levels drop in the morning and afternoon. 76 by 8:00. noon, 84. we're going for a high of 88 at 3:00 p.m. with sun and clouds, and 86 by 6:00 p.m. looks like a nice night to head out for a dinner and movie, i'll cover that, as well as weekend call coming up, matt pellman. >> reporter: drying out on the roads this morning, not a lot of volume at this point, we're hoping it is a summertime friday
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morning when there isn't a ton of traffic. this is the schuylkill expressway at university avenue, westbound headlights heading toward the vine. overall we're fine heading toward 76. we had debris because of the storms 3 20e block at the schuylkill expressway, gulph road and trinity lane shut down. stay on king of prussia road. in bridgeport watch out for a crash where river road meets up with east 4th street. flooding in horsham, the water receded along keith valley road. sandy run watch out for high water at walnut at camp hill road. there's a crash by the oxford valley mall business 1 at 213. down the shore, flupgd -- flooding and local power outage is giving us problems at east
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central avenue. we have power delays on airport, warminster, west trenton and lands and doyle lines. >> police in chester county are trying to sort out how a man died overnight. the action cam was on the scene in west chester. police say they were called out to a scene of what they said was a crash involving a pedestrian. the road is rural and poorly lit, when they got there, they discovered it is not clear if the man was hit and killed by a car or something else happened. so far no word on the man's identification. a driver crashed into a utility pole in montgomery county and that brought down power lines that landed on the vehicle. it was a dicey scene they had to stay there while rescuers went to work. let's go to katherine scott who picks up the story live at the scene in upper moreland township. good morning, katherine.
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>> reporter: good morning, tam, the driver was taken to the hospital with various injuries. he was conscious. he was trapped in the car for about an hour after he hit a utility pole and wires fell on top of the vehicle. you can see here the last crews are wrapping up. peco crews have been at work making repairs to the wires and making repairs to the utility pole. you could hear first responders telling the driver to stay in his car with the downed wires the wet ground, the worry was he was going to get electrocuted. let's go to the video. >> this is a request, do not get out of your car. >> reporter: this all happened around 2:30 a.m. at the wellington apartment complex horsham road in upper moreland township. the driver lost control, the car slammed into utility pole. peco shut power off so first responders could get the driver out of vehicle.
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the driver was taken to abington memorial hospital with various injuries, but he was conscious. police are not sure why he lost control of the vehicle and what led up to it, it remains under investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." the two police officers have bridgeton, cumberland county will not face criminal charges for a deadly shooting during a traffic stop. the grand jury voted to not file charges against the officers who shot and killed jerome reid. the shooting happened after reid divide orders to not get out of car. the intense confrontation was caught on dash cam. his widow said she was disgusted by the decision and filed a 1 million-dollar federal civil rights lawsuit. two women were attacked at the cobbs creek golf course, they were not golfing, but cutting across the course.
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the most recent attack happened friday night. the first one happened on july 11. both victims described their attacker as a muscular hispanic male 5'3". special papal passes go on sale today. special rail passes will be sold today. customers may purchase up to ten passes including a reduced fare pass. it is to help the disabled and elderly and those on medicare. our coverage of the pope's upcoming visit along with jim gardner's report from argentina can be found at we have the information you need to know like maps, highway closures and security zones for the pope's visit in september. concerns about the chinese economy had a negative impact on u.s. markets.
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let's go details on what it's meant, maribel aber is live in time square. >> reporter: the dow tumbled 358 points or 2%. it was the worse sell off of the year. signs of china's slow down has investors worried about a wider global economic slow down. futures are pointing to a mixed open. carli lloyd has a book deal. the delran, new jersey native is working on a book talking about how she nearly quit soccer, but went on to win a gold medal. if you need a cinnabon you may be able to to have it delivered. focus brands is rolling a deliver app for its foods. they partnered with postmates to
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offer it is deliver in less than a hour, it will be available in new york, atlanta, los angeles logs, no word if it will launch in philly. i'm thinking maybe i'll walk for my cinnabon. it's 880 calories. >> i'm with you. >> if the future, we will never leave our houses ever. >> reporter: i still want to go to the ballpark. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're showing rain move be toward the east in a hurry this morning just as future tracker 6 suggested it would, as we were showing you the model yesterday. we're looking at heavy downpours on the garden state parkway, north of atlantic city and brigantine and surf city. atlantic city to cape may clearing out. we have drying conditions across the region, atlantic city saying goodbye to the rain drops at this point. the temperatures are mild, 75 degrees in philadelphia. the northern and western suburbs in the 60s.
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the dewpoints are dropping start in the northwest especially down the shore. we have turned the winds out of the northwest that will be drier, lower humidity air that comes in during the morning and afternoon. with the frontal boundary off the coast we're looking at the return of sunshine. looks like no worse than partly sunny skies today. allentown, 83 degrees, partly sunny, less humid. already less humid in the lehigh valley, dropping later on. 84 down the shore, rip currents in the ocean, the ocean temperatures in the 70s. you want to swim near the lifeguards today. take it easy, all right? partly sunny, high of 88. cool drinks if you're out there concerting universal in some way -- exerting yourself, in work or play. 87 degrees by 2:00 p.m. a high high of 88 around 3:00 p.
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frontal boundary off the coast stalls saturday high pressure will give us a fair amount of sunshine, lower humidity and high of 86 degrees, but on sunday looks like the front wants to nudge back closer to the coast. we'll get more humid, high of 88. more clouds on sunday, and scattered shower is possible him for the eagles game on saturday night. looks like a nice night for football, partly cloudy, 82 for the kickoff. 77 for the 4th quarter hoping for another win for the birds in the preseason hurricane danny strengthening a little bit but it will weaken into a tropical storm next week, it's probably a rainmaker for puerto rico and the dominican republic after that. we'll batch we'll keep watching it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 today,
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tomorrow, 86. sunday, 88. monday, 89 a couple of showers or thunderstorms. after that a stretch of tranquil weather back in the low 80s tuesday and wednesday. how about them apples. >> we like them apples. >> up next, renewed outcry against gun violence in ferguson, new jersey. someone shot and killed a 9-year-old girl. >> two more women come forward to accuse bill cosby. >> reporter: no problems on route 1 at conshohocken avenue. which is route 23. we'll follow 23 out toward valley forge national park and check in with 422. >> the coast guard find an injured fisherman off the coast of delaware, see his rescue later on "action news." good morning, everyone,
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taking a live look at that traffic scene on i-95. 74 degrees getting up to 88. looks like a lot of rain moving off the coast, some of it left over along the jersey shore right now. >> let's go over to matt pellman and see what the friday
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morning commute looks like, good morning. >> reporter: looking dry on i-95 looking dry near valley forge national park along 422. that's a good thing. we have enough issues to worry about without wet conditions. this is the eastbound side of the 422 heading toward king of prussia no morning delay just yet. we expect it, something of a delay in just a little bit. it is a summertime friday morning, i don't think the delays will will be huge. from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they will block one of the two lanes for construction. that starts at 9:00 a.m. if you're bailing at route 23 to head into valley forge national park, a tree came down at the busy intersection of 23 and 252. i'm waiting tore the park rangers to get in and tell me if the road is still blocked. we're getting word there may be restrictions there. to palings road or country club road are possible roads to
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utilize. river road east 4th street watch out for a crash in bridgeport. 320 citizen shut down by gulph mills that's the schuylkill expressway because of debris from the storms stay on king of prussia around that. oxford valley road there's a crash lincoln highway business 1 at 213. in loveville delaware, they are closing 41. 8 to 4:00 p.m. mill creek road or centerville road are possible alternates. >> new cries for justice in furgeson, new jersey. a 9-year-old shooting victim was gunned down while doing her homework on her mother's bed. it happened tuesday, they don't know if the shots were fired from a car or someone standing outside the home, or if this was a random attack. the shooting happened a few
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blocks from the site where michael brown was killed by police last year. >> two more women come forward saying they were drugged and assaulted. they are being represented by a lawyer. the women say the abuse took place in the 1970s. one woman described being drugged and assaulted at the playboy mansion. one said she remembers cosby encouraging her to drink saki at a jeabs restaurant. there are lows to 50 women who made similar claims against cosby. >> a rescue at sea. you will watch as the coast guard swoops in to save a man in need of medical care. >> reporter: looks like the sea is where most of the rain is right now. sea isle, cape may drying out. we have downpours in coastal burlington county and ocean county. we'll be back with the day planner vast and get you to the airport in case you're heading out of town on vacation perhaps. that's coming up. americans...
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to the rescue of a man who was hurt while working on a fishing boat off the delaware coast. the coast guard sent "action news" this video as the man was hoisted into the helicopter. he suffered a puncture wound and needed to go to the hospital. the man was rushed to atlanticare regional medical center in atlantic city for treatment. >> scary stuff. made it to friday, though, happy friday. thank you, as we head out this morning along the schuylkill expressway. so far not so bad, a little bit of building volume westbound by gladwyn. warning for you from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 they will block one of the two lanes between gladwyn and conshohocken and trim trees, expect saturday delays on the schuylkill expressway during the daytime. 20 minute delays on four different regional rails lines, west trenton, lansdale,
6:21 am
warminster and doylestown because of power problems. >> reporter: the pennypack creek took a lot of rain water overnight and running high. there's a flood warning along the pennypack in northeast philadelphia until 7:30. be careful on low lying roads or walkways, stay away from any flooded areas. 78 degrees by 9:00. noon, 84. the high is 88. the rain is gone, we'll get mostly partly sunny skies for the most part. humidity will drop as we go through the day, already dropping in the northern and western suburbs. if you're traveling around the country. no big issues as the cold front gets off the coast, a little bit of a thunderstorm by houston. no big threats for severe weather. it's all green aircraft, the only place seeing rain is jfk, over the next couple of hours that will dry out as well. in "healthcheck," in his characteristic calm and folksy
6:22 am
way, jimmy carter talked about his cancer diagnosis for the first time. yesterday he underwent his first radiation treatment at emory university in atlanta. >> i've been lucky that the doctors have controlled any aspects of pain from the operation or the presence of the cancer. >> carter said doctors removed melanoma from his liver earlier this month, but discovered four small tumors in his brain. he said he had a wonderful life and surprisingly at ease about all this. doctors say his prospects are good even at 91. >> darnell sweeney was acquired in the utley deal. whoa, this is bad. now the phillies rallied, but lost 9-7. the series continues tonight. chase utley could make his
6:23 am
dodgers debut in houston. the eagles and ravens hold a head to head practice in south philadelphia and square off tomorrow night. coach chip kelly says he doesn't know if quarterback sam bradford will see his first action as an eagles. marcus smith will have an mri today on his injured hamstring. >> a kayaker's close call, a shark tries to shred the boat with the kayak kayaker watching.
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>> caitlyn jenner could face manslaughter charge for her role in a crash in malibu. he was known as bruce and reended a car and the driver died. the district attorney recommended manslaughter charges against jenner. if convicted he could face up to a year in jail. jeb bush and donald trumps seem unaapologetic for using the controversial term anchor babies, it is used to describe children who are undocumented immigrants. two years ago, bush's charity asked conservatives not to use the term. trump is expected to have his largest campaign event tonight
6:27 am
is vowing mass deportations of illegal immigrants. a kayaker had an encounter with a shark off the coast of california. he said he was fishing in his kayak when the shark emerged into the water and bit into the front of the kayak it overturned throwing him into the water. a nearby boater pulled him from the water uninjured. they believe the shark may have been hunting sea lions in the area at the time. fast moving storms left behind damage at the shore. brand flue flood video is coming into "action news," the story next! >> developing overnight murder
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mystery, detectives are trying to figure out who would want to kill someone who just moved into the city. from soggy to sun later
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we're drying out from overnight storms that are pushing off the coast right now. >> a family of bears throw themselves a bear bash in a new jersey backyard. if it wasn't for the fur you would thing they were a bunch of kids. >> they had a great time. good morning, 6:30, august 21. let's head over to david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: barely humid out here right now. we're seeing the humidity levels drop, we're getting breaks in the clouds. over by the coast it's gray, i'll show you why, the storm that came through overnight is clearing the coast in ocean county and burlington county the clouds with the rain in place. we have a flawed warning for another hour along the pennypack creek in northeast philadelphia that waterway running high. be careful there. 75 degrees currently in philadelphia. 66 in allentown. 67 in reading. 74 in millville. 72 in cape may. still a bit humid in south
6:31 am
jersey, with dewpoints in the 70s, you can see the farther north you look to the northwest, the lower the numbers are. the winds are coming out of the northwest that's bringing in the drier air. dewpoint numbers will drop it will feel less and less humid as we go through the day. northern, 84 degrees, high of 88. sunshine in play, overall a summer afternoon ahead. the weekend is looking up, at least most of it. i'll have the details, matt. >> reporter: speeds are looking down as we look at i-95. not a lot of big delays on this friday morning, but you know i-95 is slow from the betsy ross bridge to allegheny and into girard. i-95 through bucks county and the turnpike and route 1 the super highway look fine this morning drying out. there was a crash by the oxford valley mall by lincoln highway at 213 that cleared out. waiting for water to recede in
6:32 am
orland sandy run. water blocking camp hill road. debris in gulph mills, 320, gulph road trinlt -- trinity lane shut down by the schuylkill expressway. watch out for a crash along 23 where it changes from river road to east 4th street in bridgeport. we have a downed tree valley forge national warning intersection 252, a bills spot. my ranger -- a busy spot. my ranger said she will drive out and give me a report. for now avoid it. in north wildwood flooding and power outage along east 1th avenue. expect the lights to be out by the public school. gunfire in the city's tacony section leaves a man dead in a car riddled with bullets. the victim was found bmw park
6:33 am
along long shore avenue at midnight. >> we believe the victim was just getting into or exiting the bmw, because we found the victim right next to the vehicle with the driver door still wide open. >> it is unclear who shot the man or why. police say the victim was new to the neighborhood. >> reporter: police in camden, new jersey need your help identifying two women involved in an assault. this is newly released surveillance video of the incident. it happened august 9th on mount ephraim avenue. one of the victim distracted the victim while the other one hit her with a pole. if you think you know the women call police. a gun wielding robber is on the run after holding up a post office in northeast philadelphia. he demanded cash and checks and stamps on the 6300 block of castor avenue.
6:34 am
>> he entered the post office rather calmly and goes in up to the counter rather calmly and proceeds to rob. >> the man is 50 to 60 years old, gray white beard, tan cargo shorts and bucket hat. call (877)876-2455 if you have a tip. we have posted these surveillance images at people in pennsylvania who use the cheating website ashly madison don't just have to worry about angry spouses, state officials are looking into the website to his if they were misbehaving on time. among the e-mails thousands ending in .gf -- gov. harrisburg is looking into whether state commuters or
6:35 am
e-mails accessed the site. meeting was to talk about proposed cuts to the special ed programs. they are publicly financed and they said the costs are too high and chester has more students than the statewide average. pope francis arrives in philadelphia in five weeks. mayor nutter wants to make the visit less complicated. a papal visit play book will be posted online at noon. it will be a comprehensive guide to transportation and services. it aims to help residents who live inside the restricted areas where information on grocery stores and hospital and pet care. businesses are taking at advance of a new hot line to help them plan for the pope's visit. the hot line has received 100
6:36 am
calls since monday. i tweeted out the hot line phone number in case you're interested in calling it. remember, jim gardner's report on pope's hometown is online. this is brand new video, some roads are flooded in wildwood and north wildwood. it took down wires and power outages are reported that's a lot of water in the road. >> reporter: when you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan you get the idea the heavier rain up the coast in the north is what cape may county had earlier. cape may is beginning to clear, you can see heavy downpours around surf city. the water has piled up, it will take a while to recede. the green you see by reading that's ground clutter. the rain is over by the coast and in the process of getting out of here. as we look outside, we have sky
6:37 am
6 there's the platt bridge. looks like we might be seeing brightening in the sky cover there. there's clear space over philadelphia with the dominant clouds down the shore. 75 degrees, the dewpoint has slipped out of the 70s in philadelphia and continue to drop because of the north/northwest winds rolling in at 12 miles per hour and drawing in better quality air. it won't be as humid as it's been over the last couple of days. it's already below that level. as we look to the west, sun and clouds, partly sunny overall as we head through the afternoon and, again, getting more comfortable. it will be warm, so keep the cool drinks in mind if you're heading out to exert yourself. 82 degrees by 11:00. 87 by 2:00. high temperature of 88. 83 in allentown. 84 in reading, 85 in wilmington.
6:38 am
86 degrees in trenton, new jersey. down the shore, looks like we have 70s in the water which is tempting because it's rather warm on the beach. but there's a renewed chance of rip currents down the jersey shore, swim near the lifeguards. that's a good idea no matter what the water conditions. 73 around the inlet in the delaware bay. the if you're heading out for the movie you picked a great day for a date. 5:00 p.m., 87. 7:00 p.m., 84, low humidity. 78 by 9:00. 11:00 p.m., 75 degrees not bad. for the weekend, frontal boundary stalled off the coast far enough off the coast where high pressure can settle in give us a nice high of 86 lower the humidity and give us sunshine. watch what happens with the front as we head into sunday. it pushes into the coast we get 88 a little more humid and scattered showers around.
6:39 am
hurricane danny is category one. looks like it will degenerate into a tropical storm by the time it hits the lessor antillies and hits puerto rico and the dominican republic. it will provide a lot of rain down there for those vacation spots. today, 888 pleasant on saturday, 86. sunday, 88 late pop-up shower or thunderstorm not out of the question. monday under settled high of 89 nighttime thunderstorm. mid 80s on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, dry, comfortable. >> comfy is always good. 6:39 high school science equipment sparks an explosion when contractors get too close to the gas. >> police say gene simmons home a visit, but say the rocker is not in trouble. >> reporter: thing are going
6:40 am
down in downingtown the 30 bypass, eastbound side by 113. the gathering crowd as we look live. check 422 and checking flooding in wildwood coming up after the break. >> coming we'll have the latest on the devastating wildfires out west, that's all next on "action news."
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6:42 am
>> 6:42, the fog along the jersey shore coastline can move in fast. seems like we looked at ac, 15
6:43 am
minutes ago it was cloudy and now there's fog out there. there are storms eght getting off the -- getting off the coastline right now. >> we have fog down the shore, people need to take it easy. >> reporter: let's look at the flooding video from wildwood east 12th avenue at central avenue close to the public school. can you see the high water kind of coming up to the base board on that pick up truck. you can see trash floating in the water, as well. this caused a power outage, too, expect the traffic lights to be dark, some of the vehicles rolling through the water. there's a lot of on the roads as you travel through north wildwood if you're down the shore early this morning. looking drier along 422 as we head eastbound around the saint gabe's curve heading toward king of prussia. no delays yet, either. expect them later today. after the rush hour from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they will
6:44 am
block one of the two eastbound lanes for construction just like yesterday. if you're bailing out into valley forge national park, i heard from my ranger friend there, everything is open along 23 at 252. that's good news. there was a downed tree that's been cleared out. 23 at 252 reopened. 23 in ask can township -- schuylkill township is closed because of bridge construction. 23 is closed at gulph mills stay on king of prussia road. we have flooding in some of the typical flooded out spots. orhandle sandy run walnut avenue is closed. valley green road at stenton avenue is blocked. on the big picture, the normal slow stuff, westbound schuylkill expressway i-95 southbound, a women of faith concert at the wells fargo center. it's going to be a bills -- busy
6:45 am
evening ride, right now not terrible. >> washington state is preparing for more wildfires. extreme heat and low humidity has prompted red flag warnings in eastern washington, as well. one inferno engulfed a crashed fire truck killing three firefighters. some residents have scrambled for shelter. >> an unexpected explosion rattled a highrise in los angeles. the video shows firefighters making their way into the highrise. 89 explosion caused significant damage to the building and knocked out power to the staple center during a concert. two people in the highrise suffered minor injuries. authorities believe a faulty generator caused the blast. >> a gas explosion blew apart a
6:46 am
high school in the bronx. worker was working near a lab that had bunsen burners. a custodian described the explosion. >> i was on the 6th floor, that's when you heard a rumble about 20 second sound explosion, it was bad, crazy. >> the rest of the buildings appears to be in tact, nothing collapsed, but an inspection must be done to determine if the building needs to be demolished. classes were not scheduled to start for two moo are weeks. as long police have served a search warrant at the home of the kiss bassist gene simmons. detectives said neither simmons or anyone in his family is suspected in the case and that the family is being cooperative.
6:47 am
>> a live preview of "g.m.a." is up next. bears having a ball at one new jersey family's and he expense. >> reporter: atlantic city is clear, the coast is clear, what's in store for the rest of the day? i'll have that coming up in the day planner forecast.
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6:49 am
>> reporter: an old friend is back with us as we look outside, the sunshine. it was gone for a little while, welcome back, 202 close to 401.
6:50 am
no delays despite the sun glare that we're seeing in the western burbs. we'll see big delays on the delaware memorial bridge a lane will be out all weekend for the on going painting. use the commodor barry bridge instead. on the septa regional rails delays on two lines, 20 minutes on the warminster and wet e -- west trenton because of power problems. >> reporter: rain has left along the coastal areas of burlington and ocean counties. sunshine is working its way back in. 84 by noon. shy today of 88. warm enough for cool drinks. the humidity levels are in the process of dropping it should be more comfortable later on. as we look at the shore today and through the weekend not too bad overall. clouds and sun, 85. rip currents in the water, be
6:51 am
careful of that. 84 saturday, sunday, a little more humid, and 85. in the poconos, nice, 77. nice on saturday, 77 and 78 on sunday. >> dan harris has our friday morning lineup you have a big concert. >> i was busy making fun of amy robach. happy friday great to be with you, coming up donl trump continues to dominate the headlines in the race for the white house. tonight he'll be holding a pep rally in alabama. this event is amoving to a larger venue holding 40,000 people. we'll have the latest on the former student at the prestigious prep school accused of raping a classmate. the victim taking the stand
6:52 am
giving emotional testimony. we'll be live with the latest. a surfer hailed as a hero after saving two teenager girls caught in a rip current. >> reporter: the dramatic rescue was caught on camera. five seconds of summer is here, live to rock the battery in the park. there they are, you don't want to miss it, a busy friday right here. thank, dan have a great weekend, we'll see you in a little bit. >> animals act just like us in so many situations. these bears in north jersey wanted to take a dip in the pool. the family scrambled to make sure their children and dog were safe. with everybody inside they took the recording. family called 911 and said they couldn't do much, the bears mother and cubs played with the toys and went down the slide and
6:53 am
left. today is we day a day to transform lives. michelle obama is a proud supporter and so is abc. host selina gomez and other stars will be on hand to celebrate young people who are helping to change the world. we'll be right back. >> wires cr
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6:56 am
that slammed into a pole. he had peco had to turn over the power before freeing the driver. the driver is in the hospital. septa rail passes are being sold for the pope's visit is posting which stations are selling them. i've tweeted it out. >> reporter: we're drying out and slowing down on the westbound schuylkill expressway from past the boulevard to gladwyn 60 off the gulph mills interchange, 320 is closed because of debris in the road. use king of prussia road as the alternate. >> reporter: matt it looks like the sun is starting to come back through, that's what we were dealing overnight heavy line of rain. it is not process of moving off the coast. it will be warm, high of 88. the humidity is lowering as we go through the day. cool drinks because of the temperature, but so much because of the humidity today.
6:57 am
>> it's good to get rain, though. looks like the show is about to end. we gotta go. for matt pellman, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and great weekend
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katrina ten years later. be sure to check good morning, america. breaking overnight, an underground explosion shaking los angeles. >> looks like we got a large multistoried modern sealed building. got smoke showing. >> more than 150 firefighters on the scene. the blast sparking a power outage even bringing a huge shania twain concert to a halt. severe storms in the east. flash floods spanning the coast and now official hurricane danny brewing in the atlantic. winds set to approach 0 miles an hour and ginger has the latest track. new overnight, jeb battles back. 9 republican candidate taking on trump. >> he's been a democrat longer than being a republican. >> as the debate over immigration heats up again. >> check this out, the surfi ii savior. the hero who


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