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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  August 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night i'm walter perez. sarah has the night off. west chester takes new steps to
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stop the spread of legion airs bacteria and in wilmington a bullet just miss as i toddler. >> the death of a philadelphia officer in a car crash last night. the accident happened before midnight. annie mccormick is live outside the 39th police districts with the full story, annie. >> sergeant rafael had step years opt force. tonight the accident investigation division is trying to piece together exactly what happened. in the meantime, his brothers and sitters in blue here at the 39th district are in mourning. >> sergeant rafael lee was supposed to be at work at the 39th district instead his colleagues are he coping with hisen timely death. >> sergeant ali was off duty and his dodge ram pickup was a crumpled mess when they got
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there just before midnight. they were able to extricate ali but he was critical. >> he was henry avenue past dupont and lost control and struck a tree and short time later was pronounced deceased at einstein medical center. >> emotional procession from the hospital to the medical examiner's office followed. investigators do not believe alcohol was a factor but they think he wept above the posted 35 mile an hour speed limit. >> speed was a factor and losing control for sure. >> with no surveillance or witnesses of the single vehicle accident circumstances could remain a mystery. ali left work here at 6 p.m. saturday and detectives are piecing together a timeline of what he did afterwards. his colleagues remain in shock. >> i talked to him yesterday. two hours prior to what happened. i mean, i talk to him every day. >> ali worked his way up the ranks. as of lights he was studying for lieutenant test.
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fellow sergeant says his friend looked out for new officers. >> sometimes we would have a generation gap. he was young with them and supervisor and he could talk to them on what to do and not to do and he was really good with that. >> reporter: and we're told ali was also a father of two. now, aid is awaiting autopsy results and have not ruled out two possible factors that he may have been testing or may have had a medical emergency behind the wheel. tomorrow it's expected we see the 39th district in honor of the sergeant. now live in tioga-nicetown. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." from the delaware newsroom the search is underway for the driver that left a hole in the side of a house in wilmington. the crash happened during a police chase just a few hours ago. police were pursueing a suspect wanted for a hit and run when the driver of this su vuxt lost control and slammed into a house at 28th and west streets.
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that's when the driver jumped out and made a break for it on foot. nobody was injured and as you can see the home was badly damaged. for the first time the national anti-crime organization the guardian ange angels is opening a chapter in wilmington in response to increased violence in that area. for one family that violence hit close to home yesterday. jeff has the full details. >> reporter: walter, the guardian angels have been around in other cities since the 70s. crime has gotten so bad here in wilmington it's time to on a chapter. meanwhile a grandmother speaks to "action news" about the close call she had when a bullet ripped through her house. >> guardian angels walking the streets of wilmington meeting police and the public chb the crime prevention group founder curtis leewall said he's responding to calls from residents tired of the gun violence. >> wilmington has highest crime rate of any small city in
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america surpassing cam pen den. never thought that would happe happen. we're here to recruit and trai train. >> the news journal reports 88 people were shot in wilmington so far this year and 18 killed. on tuesday a 10-year-old was in his home and was almost injured from a gunshot wound to the head. and violence hit close to home yesterday a bullet struck her house corner of stroud and anchor streets. >> i heard a pop and crack. and i looked up and to see the hole bullet coming through. and then it came right through here. >> shamika asked we not use her last time. she was watching a movie treat where the bullet hit. >> home and not safe, that's terrible. >> you think you'll be able to help city. >> we help citys in 18 country and 113 cities why not in the
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usa. >> real estates web site ranked wilmington most dangerous small city in a report it released last year based on fbi crime data. i contacted police to ask their thoughts about the guardian angels coming to town but the department had no comment. jiv geoff, "channel 6 action news." >> from the new jersey newsroom a 17-year-old recoughing after shot late last night at his home in mount laurel it happened 11:30 at the home 3300 block of lauren highway and the teenager was rushed to cooper university medical center where he remains in stable condition with a gun shot wound to the chest. in camden police are investigating an overnight homicide 1:00 this morning and someone called police to report a body lying at the intersection of sycamore and/orchard streets. medics arrived to find a man in 0s shot in the head. he was taken to cooper where he
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was pronounced dead a short time laterch the victim was not identified that time and no arrests have been made. >> this nasty dmrash city oxford circle section this morning ended with two people in the hospital. it happened 9 a.m. intersection of levick street and summerdale avenue. investigators say two cars were involved and the impact was enough as you can see to flip one of the vehicles on to the front yard of a home. and the two people injured remain hospitalized and but no word tonight on their conditions. >> and moving on to the accuweather forecast, what started as a perfect saturday turned into a floorious summer weekend. today was a beauty. sunny skies and light breeze. meteorologist melissa magee joins us outside with the first check of the accuweather forecast. hi there walter we had a nice start to the weekend and finish not bad either. check out the numbers across much of the delaware and lehigh valley. 84 degrees in philadelphia that hour. 81 trenton. along the coast in the beach haven 79 and bit of south facing wind at this hour in atlantic city at the boardwalk. and 77 and you look off to the
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west in reading also a pair of 7s at this hour. if you step out on the town enjoy it. 7 p.m. tonight dropping down to 8. still a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds. 8 p.m., 80. 9 p.m., dropping down to 78. it's mostly clear at 10 p.m. with that temperature coming in at 76. and a couple changes on the way for the start of the workweek. here's stormtracker 6 double scan radar. dry and quiet across the mid-atlantic region. there's a cold front stretched out across the great lakes to ohio valley. that will work its way east ward as you get to the end of the day tomorrow. so we'll talk about what is ahead. it will be a warmer day for us monday. but, there is also the threat of a popup shower or thunderstorm by day's end. and then after that get ready for a dry and sunny in fact seasonable stretch on the way. and also update on the tropics we have tropical storm danny and there's another disturbance that we're track ago long the atlantic off the koeingt coast of cape verde islands.
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we'll track that in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. in less than five weeks pope francis arrives in philadelphia for the meeting of families and tomorrow you'll have access to a special play book to navigate the big event. papal visit play book will be posted online starting noon tomorrow and answer a lot of questions about transportation and other services especially for those who live inside restricted areas. and it will also have details about all the events scheduled for the world meeting of famil families. and a father honored the memory of his son today by give ago way back packs to children in wilmington. a mailman that deliveries to the lancaster court apartments he says he saw kids in need and wanted to help out while stres stressing importance of education. students and parents even got to go shopping for free filling new bags with donated school supplies. hamlin's son cam room ron was shot and killed nine years ago. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. we told you about the birth of a panda at the national zoo a
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few hours later though mama bear gave birth to another cub. we'll show you amazing picture and leemingon airs at west chester and what the school has done to contain the situation. >> and eagles fans talking about the big preseason win. jeff skversky has sports when about the big preseason win. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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after surgery to remove a brain tumor and six months in the hospital this child got go home with an escort. darian's prognosis is g he was decked out in superhero cape as you can see as 200 motorcycles led the way from dupont hospital for children to his house in mount holly, new jersey. >> and west chester university has turned off the hot water to ten of its buildings as a precaution after finding leemingon airs bacteria in the
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water supply. it was done after a school worker was diagnosed last mont month. leemingonella back tier was found in the cooler towers of the building. that official says it's been cleared and the laboratory that tested hot water determined that the amount of bacteria found in the water is not cause for immediate concern. well the hot water is turned off and the hot water systems in the buildings are being chlorinated. you can find list of buildings affected on our web site and former president jimmy carter taught two sunday school classes today, days after receiving first radiation treatments for cancer. carter routinely teaches those lessones and has been teaching surprised school since a teenager. today's crowds were large as you can imagine. he recapped details of his health and moved to a lesson of faith, love and personal relationships. his cancer has spread to his brain.
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>> a surprise for zoo keepers last night at the national zoo fire hours after giving birth to a cub mama panda gave birth to a second baby and mom is caring for two newborn twins. they're optimistic they will survive and both appear health healthy. we won't note gender for a while. 0 years ago survival rate for cubs in captivity was 20%. today it's more than 08% this is third time a giant panda living in the u.s. has given is third time a giant panda living in the u.s. has given birth to twins
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>> flyers fans were given a chance this weekend to learn the game of hockey from some of the best. eight former flyers coached the team's first ever fantasy cam in atlantic city. the action cam on the scene as assistant coach joined legends
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dave schultz and bernie peronts. proceeds will benefit flier's charities and alumni association. >> checking on sports, jeff skversky is here and sam bradford is okay. >> he's alive and well. >> walking, breathing, everything. >> he looked good and he hopes to get his feet wet and more playing time next. >> sam bradford wanted to get hit. he walked away with bloody lip last night and gave ravens line packer suggs lip too for a cheap shot at his knee. against baltimore bradford gets hit twice including on this twice surgically repaired knee the same he tore a year ago to today. suggs says it as was legal and eased up. bradford, look, gets up and throws a piece of mind at suggs and then 33 yards on completed passes. afterwards the eagles not
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pleased with one suggs. >> i deposit like it at all and being a veteran player like hi himself and all pro you would think he would have better sense than that. they took a cheap shot at the quarterback i'm pretty sure he plans that we practiced against it all week i'm sure he thought about it. >> i was upset not sure i can repeat what i said to him and like i said it's part of the game. i'm sure that's not the last time something like that will happen this year. hopefully it doesn't. >> is time running out on tebow time. tim tebow and matt barkley battling for the job. misses an on wide receivers in the end zone and ends up running for more yards than passed through and afterwards chip kelly trying to. >> i'm worried about what i can control.
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i'll continue to that that. that's my humid, my focus going out there and trying to compete and be the best i can be and the best teammate. >> more on tebow and quarterback plus special teams on the season. "action news" at 11:35 linebacker brandon graham joins us in studio. eagles go to game play. you never know he could come down with a case of region airs disease. bradford wants extensive playing time. eagles defense won't have to worry about being joined by jord jury. after going again the steeleders they're waiting for result of the whiteout. >> ryan howard big bat and sa sally back on the bench today in miami. for the fifth time in six games howard makes more than 150,000 per game dot math that's a lot
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of money for tou sit around. without however the phils have no issues with the long ball. three homers today. in the 7th cameron run opposite field off the foul pal gone. phils up two on marlins. with near no hit stuff today last year's first round pick on fire doesn't allow a single ru run. phils win 2-0 their first fwhxt miami in a series win over 2 years, nola has been quite the catch. >> avena football. >> lon jaworksi's team right there. >> hosting a title game tonight at wells fargo. 2nd quarter. how about ryan mcdaniel running it in towel so you 28-14 in
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second and indy car race rising and ryan hunter just won the race in the poconos. >> up next on "action news," meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast. when "action news" comes right forecast. when "action news" comes right back. wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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>> dozens of people as you can see came together to build a very cool urban garden in south west philadelphia today. they transformed a 10,000 square foot as fault covered lot into a garden oasis and features organic conveniently
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table labyrinth and. >> all right. time for a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> it's gorgeous today, walter, and that's a conclusion to our weekend. couple changes on monday as we track the cold front that moves through. spotty showers likely by day's end tomorrow. we'll talk about the details. stormtracker 6 doubling scan radar dry and queue eight cross the levies. no other place to be than outside. so we'll show you the picture. the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon looking along kelly drive there in fairmont. you can see we have really comfortable conditions. high, thin, cirrus clouds moving into the region as it gets closer and closer to the area. highs today in philadelphia, 8 82. normal is 85, 86.
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, 83 wilmington for high today and up in the poconos comfortable at 5. outside this evening sitting at 4 in city. 77 reading. up in the poconosp. along the coast in cape may 78 and here satellite 6 with action new rar quiet across the region. moving across the west and great lakes it spirals down to the ohio valley this works east ward as we get to the end of the day on monday w that comes a few changes we're tracking so future tracker 6 will point it out for you. you can see clouds and pockets of up shin up the area not a bad day for a monday commute. the front gets closer and closer to the region and you tap into might tour from a southerly direction. spotty and isolated showers possible along the i-95 corridor and point north and west. it looks like the bulk of that precipitation moves in as we
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ged into tomorrow night. 11:30. future tracker 6 showing awe a broken line of activity moving across the region and looks likes it will depart early in the day on tuesday ach that. >> nace changes on the way. keeping a close arm of tropical storm danny. wind 45 miles an hour moving west 16 miles an hour and it wilton the bermly job over the emit's not a tropical depression as asly as tomorrow night. 2 to 4" of rainfall across puerto rico and dominican rep and another area of disturbed weather off the coast of cape verde island. showers and storms with this structure and this has 80% chance of strengthening. >> the call from accuweather at some time, clear, comfortable, take it in. 58 for the overnight low in
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suburbs. 68 about the low overnight in the city. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it's cool tomorrow. isolated shower or thunderstorm is likely by take's ends. a couple showers likely each of the city tuesday morning in the wake the humid till will lower by the afternoon and it's house, gorgeous wednesday, sunny, nice, 86. thursday, mostly sunny and 85 and still staying comfortable and on friday, sunshine and clouds, 85. seasonable start to weekend on saturday. 86 and 87 as we get into next sunday walter. >> all right. thank you, melissa. >> "abc worls news" sunday is next on channel 6 and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we're back here on 6abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez see you back the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez see you back here at 11:00
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welcome to "world news tonight." fight to the end. tonight, we're hearing for the first time from that brave american serviceman wounded during a takedown of a suspected terrorist. >> all three of us started punching him when he was in the middle of us. >> how instinct kicked in. ready to run? vice president biden, holding a secret meeting with one of the most powerful and influential members of his own party. could it be a sign that he's ready to take on hillary clinton? air scare. just one day after that deadly air show disaster where an aircraft plunged into a busy road. a pilot is killed during another airshow. with aging aircraft and ever-bigger crowds, are these shows getting too dangerous? and, high-speed confrontation. >> there she goes. >> the man who triggered a viral video by pulling over a woman driving erratically.


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