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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 26, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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it began at chester county justice center with a man attacking a sheriff deputy with a knife. it ended, with that man, dying
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from a gunshot wound. it turns out we have heard of this attacker before, when he jumped the fence at the white house. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is 34 year-old curtis smith, gunned down by a deputy sheriff inside of the courthouse, in west chester. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the justice center tonight, dann, what is the latest on this. >> reporter: jim, people here in west chester tonight still reeling over alarming incident at chester county justice center but sheriff deputies being credited for reacting quickly before the apparently deranged man could harm anyone else. authorities have identified the assailant as 34 year-old curtis smith of coatsville, the same man who made international headlines earlier this year. >> curtis smith appears to be the same individual, who jumped the white house fence, in march of this year. >> reporter: witnesses say it was around 11:00 the smith barged in the justice center wielding a knife. >> he went right through
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security, and i remember, i said i will get you. next thing i hear, pop, pop and then went down. >> reporter: before being shot authorities say smashed slashed a deputy in the arms and wrist. we are told he will be all right. smith was rushed to paoli hospital where he later died. the justice center was placed on lock down for a few hours to make sure no one else was involved. >> nobody else was injured. the sheriffs did their jobs. the lock down went perfectly. >> reporter: meanwhile in smith's coatsville neighborhood friend and neighbors say despite appearances smith was a good husband and father of two. >> i know he was real good to his boys and stuff like that, you know what i mean. he have is a christian guy. a real, strong, strong, willed file, a good guy. >> reporter: authorities say they have no idea what curtis smith's motive might have been in today's attack. he was scheduled to appear in october for jumping over the the white house fence. ironically he was not going to be prosecuted, if he simply stayed out of trouble.
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we're live from west chester, i'm dann cuellar. channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. camden fire fighters battled a multi alarm blaze, just two hours ago. smoke filled the streets, around seventh and toll to lip, they broke out and then spread to a neighboring house. fortunately the properties were vacant and nobody was hurt. they say it was the smell that first brought them out, but the what was discovered inside this strawberry mansion garage was enough to make anybody sick. three decomposing human bodies two. were stuffed in cardboard boxes, one left in the casket. neighbors watched the gruesome scene today while covering their mouths, and noses to ward off the smell. the garage in the 2600 block of haggard street is owned by janet powell-daily, who runs the powell funeral home around the corner. she allegedly said that this was no big deal. but she wouldn't explain why, to "action news" reporter chad pradelli. >> would you like your loved
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ones to be stored like that? you said this wasn't a big deal can you you explain why? >> investigators say it is obvious that the bodies were not stored appropriately but it is not clear if charges will be filed, we're told daily's facilities is not properly licensed. a judge tonight refused to allow governor tom wolf's plan to reduce special education funding for charter schools, in the chester up land school district. this is an issue that has sparked passions on both sides. that against a backdrop of the school funding crisis. "action news" reporter sharrie williams has the full story. >> we are asking you to be fair as to how we get our schools funded. >> reporter: passionate comments tonight as parents, students, educators spoke out about funding concerns in the chester up land school district. >> to make sure that accountability measures are in place to hold every school in chester up land school district accountable.
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>> reporter: the the cash strapped district, says that its millions of dollars in the hole ape needs to make up enough funding, in order to run properly for the upcoming school year, which is supposed to start next week. to save money, the district had asked a judge to step in and allow to it reduce certain funding for charter schools. currently, charter schools receive $40,000, for each student, listed with learning disabilities. while non-charter schools received around $15,000. the district wants charter schools to be in line with non-charter schools. parents with special needs children like asia gibson are outraged, that charter schools receive more money in the very same area. >> i feel as though it is unfair. i honestly feel it is because where we're at. i do believe it is demographic. i believe it is the status of where we are as to why we're kind of looked over. >> reporter: others say the funding issues are pitting students at non-charter schools against those at
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charter schools. >> unaudible. >> for all of our chester up land students. >> reporter: late tonight, a delaware county judge has made his ruling. the ruling is the chester up land school district must continue to pay the charter schools, at the the same current rate, the judge, however, did decide that the district can hire a turnaround specialist to help them get on the right track. in chester, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". the man found murdered in his car in hockessin delaware last night has been identified as a 27 year-old who just graduated from temple law school last month. authorities say that sheseem upholt was shot several times in the chest. they are not saying if they know who shot him or y his body was found slumped inside the car last night in the pardoning lot of genesis health care on saint claire drive. police in montgomery county of released new
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surveillance video showing two men, that they say, were involved in the robbery, investigators say that these men robbed a philadelphia businessman, of $85,000, last tuesday. and, it happened in the h mart plaza a, in the 7300 block of old york road in cheltenham township. the man was on his way to make a deposit at a bank. the victim was not injured. the popular main line restaurant that has been shut down by a roach infestation is now trying to make amend with the customers. yeng meng posted what it is called a sincere apology on facebook. bryn mawr restaurant says quote there are no excuses, we owe you better. we will ren mate, refurbish, renew, refresh our establishment. gladwynn township officials forced the chinese restaurant to close its doors after the discovery of roaches. further inspections last week uncovered numerous other food safetyviolation. word has come from a tragic death the of bacterial
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meningitis. the victim was five-year old lily fernandes. she developed an ear infection and five days later she was dead. she was flown to children's hospital in philadelphia for surgery to relieve pressure on her brain, but she died last friday. well, stock market, attempt of the stock market to rally fizzled on wall street. major indexes all closed in the red, extending their losing streak to six days. the morning did show signs of promise. at one point the blue chip index was up 441 points. but the rally faded, with an hour to close, and plumetted in to negative territory, ending down almost 205 points. that is a wild swing of almost 650 points during the trading day. experts say we should expect more volatility, to continue. >> still plenty of uncertainty to make people nervous, sell offs, maybe a little bit of panic selling, beyond what is
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necessary. so, strap in for a bit of the bumpy ride. >> there were some glimmers of optimist tomorrow day, china lowered interest rates to stoke its economy. that may ease concerns over growth in that country which is what analyst believed sparked the stock sell off in this country to begin w european markets, all ended on the the upside. reports found that consumer confidence in the united states is up, along with sales, of new homes. well, donald trump got into it with another well men television news personality tonight. jorge ramos, the the news anchor for miami based univision and perhaps the the most influential, latino television journalist. ramos angered trump when he stood and fired questions about trump's immigration proposal. this was trump's response. >> excuse me, sit down, you were not called. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't.
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you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> trump then had a security guy remove ramos from the room. ramos later returned and engaged in an exchange, a and extended exchange, with trump. trump later delivered a speech, of about 50 minutes, talking about immigration, mexico, iran, military, and the news media. new jersey's bid to legalize sports betting is in serious jeopardy tonight. third u.s. circuit court of appeals panel upheld a federal ban on sports gambling in all about four states, nevada, oregon, montana and delaware. however, today's two-one ruling does leave open the possibility of era peel. new jersey officials say that they are considering, the next steps. a judge today approved a settlement between the state of new jersey and exxon mobile, a settlement that opponents called a sellout. the state originally sued exxon for $8.9 billion in 2004
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for pollution, dating back decade. but the the christie administration and exxon, agreed to settle for 225 million-dollar. opponents, and democrats say that is just a fraction on of what new jersey should have recovered. governor christie hailed the deal as the nation's second largest of its kind, against a corporate polluter. 1,000 trump taj mahal casino workers are getting ready for a possible strike. the members of the local 54, unite here union, packed up a storage contain tore day with items that they would use in the event of the walk out. union officials began training, so-called, picket captains. the union authorized a strike last month, which means it could come at the anytime. three pennsylvania state lawmakers are proposing new legislation to protect pets, left in cars. the bill would make it illegal to endanger a dog or cat by leaving the animal in an unintended or unattended vehicle. it will also allow a police officer, humane officer or
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public safety professional to remove the the animals. and the not be held liable for any damage to the vehicle. seventeen states currently have similar laws. the pope may not be arriving in philadelphia for another month, but his wardrobe, did arrive today. these are the specially made vestments the pontiff will don the weekend he is here. on saturday it will be white vestments for the mass at the cathedral basilica of the saints peter and paul. sunday pope francis will wear green to celebrate mass on the parkway. these robe where is made in spain. "action news" was at the poor claires in langhorne today, we were able to see the nuns making the commune yan wafers that will be used for the the two masses during the visit of pope francis. sisters have been working and working, to prepare 100,000 wafers, but they say that they are thrilled to be able to contribute. and remember you can always get latest details on
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the pope's visit by following our special twitter account at six abc pope. still to come on "action news" tonight, the new victim of ice is, that had survived thousands of years until now. plus the hostage situation at a high school as a student who started this standoff. we will explain the new concern over one of the twin panda cubs, just born at the national zoo this weekend, cecily. bright sunshine we have hit a high of 89, i'm tracking cooler weather for next few days before heat and humidity makes a come back. i will have details and latest on tropical storm erika in the accu weather forecast. michael vick has a new team tonight, ducis rodgers will tell us where when "action news" continues.
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the national guards men who helped foil a gunman's
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attack on a french passenger train will receive the u.s. army's high's award. alex skarlatos and two other americans were awarded france's highest honor and today anthony sadler returned to oregon. the three americans, long with the british businessman, are credited with stopping a gunman, from, carrying out an attack on a train headed to paris last friday. and a 14 year-old is facing serious charges tonight after police say he held his classmates and teacher at gunpoint. nobody was hurt in the hostage situation, which bee began this afternoon at a high school in west virginia. the teen eventually released the 27 students, and teacher, after police began to negotiate. the teenager surrendered. he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. there are new details about a plane crash, earlier this month, on long island, new york. investigation shows that the crash, may have happened because a air traffic controller gave the pilot wrong directions. according to the report by the
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ntsb, when the pilot reported problems, the controller gave him several options, of where to land. including a nearby runway that closed, back in 1990. the landing strip is in longer there. the pilot died, after crashing, on to a railroad track. we're getting an up close look at some of the those wild fires burning out west. fire fighters on the front lines in southern california, shot this video by themselves, there are 65 fires, burning in the west tonight, and more than 20 members of the new jersey forest fire service are heading to northern california, and they will spend two weeks out there, helping fire fighters deal with the crisis. isis has released pictures that show militants blowing up a 2,000 year-old temple, in the syrian city of palmyra. these pictures appear to show isis fighters car anything barrels of explosives, and wiring charges to the walls, and columns of the temple. then we see a plume of smoke
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from the distance, and then a temple reduced to a pile of rocks. the associated press has not verified the images. on health check at 11:00 tonight a new study calls into question whether a popular supplement can ward off dementia. research published in the journal of the american medical association found that no difference in cognitive abilities for seniors who took omega three fish oil supplements compared to those who did not. the jury is still out on long term effects since this study only examined adults between the age of 70 and 90. researchers say that by then, it the may be too late to start taking a supplement, and see an effect. a healthy diet is more important. the gay and lesbian, latino aid education initiative showed off its new location in north philadelphia tonight. organization held a open house, so people could tour the the new space on susquehanna avenue. democratic mayoral candidate
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jim kenney, along with dozens of other community members, attended the event tonight. there is concern tonight about one of the new born panda cubs, at the national zoo in washington. it seems that the mother is ignoring him. the veterinary staff is giving it round the clock medical care and worried that the cub is suffering from digestive issues. this is, the smallest cub. the mother, is caring for the larger of the two, but won't allow the staff to place the smaller, sickly cub back into her care. that is the nature of things, it happens a lot and man is trying to intervene to save the smaller cubs. >> those things get really cute once they get the fur. >> not so cute now. >> not really. >> accu weather forecast with cecily tynan. >> we have a nice stretch of weather. storm tracker six live double scan is showing we have rain free conditions out there. very comfortable. the action cam hanging out in
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penns landing tonight, taking a look at the mushulu on a very comfortable evening. it was a warm day. we reached 89 degrees. with the low humidity it didn't feel that bad. currently 75 degrees in philadelphia allentown 66. reading 63. millville 66. cape may 76 degrees. poconos almost feeling like fall. 58 degrees. dew point what is a difference a day makes. that front that moved through last night has dropped humidity levels substantially. dew point is a cross the board in the 50's, very comfortable air mass, and this air mass, will be sticking around right in the weekend. satellite six with action radar is showing we have dry air over us. as we look to the north and west you can see that over canada, that is from an upper level low. pool of cool air higher in the a atmosphere but that cannot get to our neck of the woods. that means we're stuck in the sunshine. morning rush, forecast, it will be sunny, comfortable. open up window if you don't have allergies, and don't
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forget sunglasses at 6:00, 65. by 8:00. sixty-seven. by tomorrow temperatures will drop 5 degrees from today. this is seasonal. high of 84 degrees. still lots of sunshine. heading in to thursday this trough lifts up to the north. high pressure is building in. lots of sunshine and temperatures drop a little bit more with a high of 83 degrees. if you are down the shore tomorrow enjoy it. gorgeous day on the beach. beach haven and surf city 82. the atlantic city, 83. rehoboth and bet hen i beach 84 degrees and ocean temperature 77 degrees. tropical satellite shows tropical stormer contact if you look at this, this is not a healthy looking storm. it is not a lot of activity, not tightly wild. it is 495 miles east of antique was, moving west at 18 s like this has very little chance of developing into the hurricane. it will be moving into, wind sheer and dry air, so it
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likely will be heading over lesser antilles overnight into thursday morning, a approaching virgin island and then likely north of the puerto rico. the island by the weekend and then i think is there a good chance erika will be just like danny and will be ripped apart by the land. i'll keep you posted. back at home the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, just beautiful tomorrow. 84 degrees. thirty-eight on thursday. friday lots of sunshine. we will warm up. 85 degrees. heading in the weekend it will get warmer saturday. still low humidity. eighty-eight. we will bump up to 89 degrees on sunday. add moisture in the air more humidity. on monday and tuesday, this is when the heat and humidity making a come back for beginning of september, with highs near 90 degrees. is there a chance that could be the beginning of the heat wave number five, but until then, very comfortable air, at least for the next three days. >> lets talk about the fall. halloween may be months away, but tonight actors did their best to show off their spooky
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skills. they auditioned to become zombies and other ghoulish creatures at eastern state penitentiary's long running and ever so popular halloween horror attraction terror behind the walls. tomorrow is last night for tryouts, they need 200 zombies.
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phillies/mets again tonight. could phillies come back from that strange game last night. >> they didn't have pitching tonight. for second straight night they do not have pitching n way phillies and mets were going to equal that power output last night but they sure do try. after 11 home runs last night they hit three more last night. freddie galvis in the third inning, two run shot. phillies pull within one, down three -two. two batters later ryan howard. he had 21 home runs, 72 rbi, four-three phillies. sixth inning tied at four, bases are loaded for michael, and that will bring in a run. mets take the lead six-four.
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heated moment in the sixth inning. he quick pitches darren rupp. sixty-nine year-old larry bowa. there is still fire in the belly. and he is ejected. bow, go get your money a's worth. and, phillies lose, six-five. >> he tried to quick pitch. he tried to do it again. the umpire stopped it. larry just got a little bit aggravated because it happened two days in a row. it is a legal play. there is nothing wrong witt. umpire has to make sure that the batter is ready in the box. >> i think larry is still yelling somewhere. eagles are gearing up for that all important third preseason game saturday night. they visit green bay. michael kendricks has a load off his mind and load of money in his bank account. he signed a four year contract extension worth 29 million-dollar. kendricks could have waited until after the season to see if he got more money in the open market but he wanted to be something part of something that he feels will be great.
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>> i feel like, i'm a part of something special. i feel like we're doing things that no other team in the league is doing. there is in other team doing the things that we are doing and i'm happy to be part of it. i really believe in this team. i feel like we're on a path to greatness. still ahead a couple former eagles have found new home
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a pair of former eagles found new homes.
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evan mathis land in denver with payton manning and the broncos. former eagles guard signs a one year deal that will be reportedly worth up to four million-dollar. the soon to be 34 year-old is expected to start at left guard. michael vick is on the move as well. he is a steeler now. thirty-five year-old gets a one year deal to be ben roethlisberger's backup. he spent last season with the jets. villanova named mark jackson as new athletic director. he comes from southern cal. penn foot the ball is gearing up for its open's begins lehigh september 19th this year marks a big change, long time coach al bagnoli moved to colombia. long time assistant ray priore takes over. >> i love the opportunity but there is a lot of firsts. i have said quite often this is my first time in the pilot seat. i'm in the co pilot seat for a number of years. it is difference when you have to make those important calls, third down, personnel decisions but excited for those challenges. >> i need to check record books but i don't believe this is first time larry bowa has ever been eject.
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i have to check that. >> about the 100th, perhaps. thousands of students will start the school year with a new book. federation of pottstown teachers handed out free books at pottstown middle school. working with the first books organization, the teachers union secured more than 16,000 books, and they have enough books for every student in prek, through 12th grade. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest seth mcfar lane, brian gracer and music from pauley. do you like that. >> yes. >> "action news" continues at 4:30, now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, have a good night tonight. >> ♪
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