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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick and sara are off and i'm matt o'donnell. the big story is breaking. a local news reporter and photographer were shot and killed while they were doing a live television report, the gunman has killed himself. meanwhile someone posted a video of the killings online from the perspective of the gunman himself, it started as the victims conducted a live interview 25 miles southeast of roanoke, it appears to be a well planned out ambush, allison parker for wbbj and marcy
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gonzales he is is live with more on the shocking developments. >> good afternoon, we are waiting for more details, law enforcement tells abc news that the manhunt is over for the killer of two young journalists and there was no warning, a smiling reporter on the air doing her last live report of the morning. gunned down along with her camera man, colleagues and viewers and other local news team in heart broken horror police rushing to the scene finding allison parker and adam ward dead. police looking for the killer believed to be a former disgruntled employee of the news station where people are mourning today.
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>> we are in shock, can you hear people in the newsroom crying, it's hard to even comprehend and we cover them all the time. it's tough covering it when you don't know the people and when it's two of your own and so young. >> ward was 27 years old and just that morning wbdj was celebrating her last day on the job because the couple planned to move on start a new life together. >> it was a day of celebration. we brought in balloons and a cake. >> allison parker just 24 years old, chris hurst tweeting we did not share this publically, we were in love and we just moved in together, i am numb. >> the young woman also shot in the story, that they were interests viewing no word on her condition and still no word on a
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possible motive. other news a man is in serious condition this news, philadelphia police shot him in the stomach, they were responding to a robbery call in west philadelphia this morning when the man tried to ambush them. katherine scott is live at the scene with more on this. >> reporter: matt, police say that that suspect intended to ambush the suspect that chased him up walnut street and the suspect hid around this corner and refused to drop his weapon before another officer fired and saved his partner's life. >> a robbery suspect shot, and a gun allegedly his found at the scene. gilbert was in his west philadelphia home and heard a gunshot at 6:00 a.m. >> i started hearing sirens and all of these guys pulled up on the scene. >> heard a whole bunch of helicopters in the air and i wondered what was going on. >> police were called out to
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60th and spruce where a person walking to work was robbed at gun point, they saw a man fitting the suspect's description and was identified as marquise kantlin of madison street. one chased on foot and the other in a car, two blocks later he turned the corner on 56th street and waited to ambush the officer on foot. he ordered the suspect to drop the gun multiple times waiting for the officer to turn the corner. when he failed to drop the gun the officer fired one time striking the suspect in the stomach. >> and he remained in the hospital in critical condition, police say he has prior arrests for narcotics and aggravated assault. we are live in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> the last shot bar in port
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richmond turned into a shooting scene, two men were arguing in the bar and took it time-out side and one took out a gun and started shooting, he kept firing even as the victim ran back into the bar. no other patrons or employees were hit and they traced the car to a nearby address where a suspect was taken into custody. flames ripped through montgomery county forcing 30 people out of their homes in the darkness. on bill smith boulevard at 1:30 a.m. one resident told "action news" that she woke up to a funny smell and ran down the hallway knocking on doors trying to get people out. at least eight buildings were destroyed along with the roof. fire investigators ruled this an accidentsal fire. firefighters knocked down flames in a home in the city's
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logan section, chopper 6 hd was over the scene, the home was badly damaged, initial reports say that someone may have been trapped inside of the home but no words of injuries there. the first female president of la salle university announced nearly two dozen layoffs, she was not aware of the extent of the debt that the college faces, faculty members will not be among the job loss, they predict a freshman class of 725 studentses well below what la salle thought it would be. accuweather offers two different perspectives, repetitive and dry or sun soaks, take your pick. karen rogers is outside in for david murphy with the glass half
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full. >> you are not calling me monnot nus monotonous. >> hardly a cloud in sight, we have them with an upper level low with the cold air aloft, we'll keep the mostly sunny skies this afternoon, if feels comfortable out here, 74 in pottstown and 76 in saint david's, it's 80 in center city the warmt spot there in the city, 76 in browns mill and 77 in glassboro, new jersey, and 76 in dover, delaware, absolutely gorgeous and the humidity is way down there, i checked the dew points and they were down in the 40s, that is unheard of for this time of year, any time you get
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below 60 it feels good, at the shore it's bright and sunny and we have a moderate risk of rip currentses if you are headed there, please be careful in the water, 82 for your high there. why not hit the playground it's not too hot to do that. mostly sunny skies and comfortable, 83 at 4:00 p.m., that is our high for today. if you would like something different, i have that too, something for everybody details in the seven day matt. >> thank you. pope francis will land in philadelphia exactly one month from today as part of his historic trip to the united states, with just weeks to go city officials are working hard to make sure questions and concerns for business owners alike. mayor nutter will lay out plans for the world meeting of families and his update begins today at 1:00 p.m., we'll bring
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it to you live here at 6 abc and widener university is welcoming its class of 2019 to campus today. family and friends helped them move in in chester this morning. orientation begins this afternoon as they welcome the freshman class with an ice-cream social. a better day for wall street so far after fears continue to grow over the economy. we are continuing to monitor the breaking news, a local news crew was shot and killed in virginia, this is live picture from virginia. virginia state police are now backtracking the statement that the gunman is dead. they are now saying he has been wounded but still alive. updates continue throughout "action news."
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lets update you on our breaking news story, a live picture from virginia countycks new jersey, west of washington, d.c., and police believe they
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have found the vehicle that belongs to the man who shot and killed a tv news photographer and reporter live on the air near roanoke further southwest in the state, they believe he is here this morning or this afternoon, they told us earlier on that they believed that he shot and killed himself. they have retracted that statement, they believe he is shot and wounded and still alive, and they are looking for him right now. fire at a hangar at the interests national airport in dublin, ireland, caused flights to be delayed this morning. there were no reports of injuries, flights were halted for an hour and a half, no word on what caused that fire. more than 1,000 firefighters continue to battle the large of the firefighter in washington state history and has burned an area roughly the size of los angeles, help from around the world as poured in to help fight
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the fire in south central, washington. the concerns are now turning from high winds and dry weather to lightning, thunderstorms are expected in that area later in the week. wall street is trying to rebound after an oversea stock slump caused panic on monday. stocks quickly vaulted into the green this morning despite more concerns over a slowing chinese economy but investors fears were eased as several technology stocks made early gains, here is a live look at the big board on wall street, the dow is up 180 points or so. that is not as much as it did at the open. the dow went up with the s&p and nasdaq and then closed in the red. we'll be following the markets in the afternoon and we'll have an update after the closing bell on "action news" at 4:00.
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lock up the liquor cabinet at the international space station, the astronauts are getting a new stash, but not for human consumption, they send a case of liquor to the iss, why conditions in space effect the alcohol aging process, the booze is part of a cargo shipment that arrives at the iss on monday. still to come on "action news" why the commission's economic recovery created bad things for your morning and evening commutes and sickened by wifi, a massachusetts family claims their child's nose bleeds and nausea was caused by the signals.
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the new study finds that traffic is getting worse around the country and a boost in the economy may be to blame, researchers from texas a&m and the traffic tracking company say that american drivers are stuck in traffic 5% more now than 2007.
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more jobs and cheaper gas are the main cause. commuters in washington, d.c., los angeles and san francisco battle the most traffic. philadelphia surprisingly was ranked number 14. kraft is recalling more than 200 pounds of turkey bacon, it could spoil before the best buy date on the package. the workers discovered the problem when the feds were investigating spoilage consumer complains. they have the number po 970 on the mark of inspection and rx 19 is also in the line number. in health check, the childhood obesity rate in the u.s. grew twice as fast as the rate in canada. the obesity rate from 3 to 19 was 5% in both countries in the 1970s, now 13% in canada and
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nearly 18% in the u.s. the new study shows that obesity rates have leveled off in the last 10 years, researchers believe the difference in increased marketing of fast food to children in the u.s. a family in massachusetts insists that the wifi network at his private school is making him sick. he has electro magnetic hyper sensitivity syndrome and it gives him nose bleeds and nausea, they want him to fix the problem and lower the frequency and they want cash too. there is no conclusive evidence that it can affect humans. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for today beginning at 4:00 p.m. here is alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. coming up we'll have the latest on the shooting death of the reporter and photographer in virginia and also coming up on
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today's show is big talkers, the hashtag taking off like a run away train, laughing while black, members of a book club were kicked off a wine club for doing just that, what the company is saying today. plus, in one week crowds will be enjoying the sand, surf and sky thanks to the atlantic city air show and probably be enjoying sweet, sticky taffy, a.c. claims to be the creator of the sticky snack, but the originator is a sticky subject itself. matt i'll see you in the studio in the next half hour, to talk about the lodge gistics of the air show. center city philadelphia, when will it rain again? meteorologist, karen rogers, has the forecast next.
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if our lawns weren't sort of brown we would 100% be loving this so it's like 98%. >> it's tricky to get trigger mechanisms and we are not seeing any. we are dry and staying dry today. but it is beautiful out there. right now the temperature tells the story still just in the 70s, 79 degrees and how about the dew point, 48, what is so low, any time you are below 60 you think it feels comfortable, the winds outs of the northwest, you have a nice refreshing breeze and high pressure builds in and gives us a bit of a change over the weekend, hardly any cloud cover over our region, clouds are out to the west and no storms coming but upper level
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air with a low pressure area, that sits and spins to the north and east and those clouds don't make it over the mountains, it's a beautiful afternoon with low humidity and breezy, 3:00 p.m. 83, 5:00 coming down from the high of 84 and 7:00 p.m. 79 degrees and moonlit skies at 9:00 and a nice and comfortable 65 overnight. cooler in the lehigh valley, 89. sitting on the beach in atlantic city a chance of rip currents. hurricane erica specifics up strength a bit, 49 miles per hour winds currently but it will enter an area of wind shear and will not be able to pick up speed. the spaghetti models indicate it will head towards the bahamas by the weekend and the coastline of florida, it could at that point
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be a hurricane, but the models are not in agreement, the high pressure coming in for the weekend and bringing us bathroomer weather, will help keeper can an out of the northeast. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it is nice, it is bright and beautiful weather out there. 84 for your high, great for the phils if you are headed out tonight and a repeat of today with low humidity, dry and sunny, and 86 degrees, we are heating up, more humid on sunday and just a chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm p. but not everybody will see it. 91 for your high and monday hot and humid and 91 and tuesday partly sunny skies and 90 degrees with a chance of a thunderstorm, so yes matt your lawn is staying brown. >> unless you water it yourself.
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a lot ahead next on "action news" at noon, we are going live to virginia, where they think they found the car of the gunman that shot and killed the news crew live on the air this morning, a reporter and photographer is dead. the gunman appears to be in shot and in critical condition.
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police believe that the man that shot and killed a tv reporter and her photographer is in critical condition of himself. and add that he is a former employee of the station wdbj, the reporter allison parker and adam ward the photographer were doing a report and the shooter showed up and blindsided both of them. and it was caught on camera held by the gunman himself. it's increasingly clear this was personal. >> lots of developments even within the last hour or so, law enforcement officials say that the man they were looking for in connection to this shooting has shot himself, he was being pursued by law enforcement on
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interstate 66 in virginia, law enforcement says he did shoot himself but we don't know anything beyond that, all the events beginning to unfold on live television at 6:45 a.m., unfortunately two young journalists for that station in roanoke are dead. >> the general manager of wdbj says he is trying to stay strong for the employees. >> you send someone out to do a story on tourism, how can you ever expect something like this to happen. >> a gunman opened fire on allison parker and her photographer adam ward, killing them. they were interviewing vicky gardner, a commerce employee was shot in the back. >> you use the words senseless and devastated, those catch words but they all apply. >> ward was


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