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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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announced for north broad street in philadelphia, but the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on this morning's explosion of deadly violence seen live on virginia tv. a reporter for roanoke tv station wdbj was conducting an interview with a tourism official when a former employee approached with a gun and fired at the reporter, allison parker, age 24 and photographer adam ward age 26. the shooter is identified as vester lee flannigan, he used the name bryce williams on the air and several hours after the shooting police spotted his car and gave chase and lawmen say he shot himself and died at a local hospital. the station manager says that flannigan was difficult to work
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with and looking for people to say things he could take offense to. in the manager's words, we dismissed him. walter perez is in the satellite sender and both victims were involved in relationships with people from this area. >> tv news a small business and from the delaware valley to virginia and across the country, many people are mourning this hideous crime. they were living out their dreams as tv journalists. >> i'm allison parker -- >> now photo journalist, adam ward and 24-year-old reporter, allison parker are being remembered as hard working and lots of fun, wdbj general manager, marks says parker is the type of woman you don't
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forget. >> she was exuberant on the morning news and her personality came through and we are learning more about local ties. adam ward was engaged to producer melissa ott who hails from gibbs town, gloucester county and did a tv internship in philadelphia before getting the job in roanoke. she was watching the show from the newsroom. allison parker meanwhile, was in a relationship with chris hurst, who can cors the 11:00 p.m. broadcast. he posted a moving tribute to parker is from philadelphia. the outpouring of love and spupt is coming from around the world and right there in virginia from the governor. >> it breaks your heart you think of the families and so many friends and co-workers that are impacted today. >> the gunman vester flannigan
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recorded it and posted on twitter and facebook and comments paining himself as the victim and his social media accounts have since been suspended. >> many former coworkers came forward as describing flannigan as easily offended and difficult. and when he was fired from wdbj he had to be escorted from the station. >> thank you walter. monica malpass was at the white house today for a one-on-o one-on-one interview with president obama they stused topics including the tragedy in virginia. >> we know that the number of people that die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism. we are willing to spend trillions of dollars to
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prevent -- but to impose common safe gun safety measures that could save some lives. >> you can see monica's full one-on-one interview tomorrow on "action news." and world news tonight on david muir will have continuing coverage from virginia next at 6:30 after "action news." an armed robbery suspect is in the hospital after being shot in the stomach by a philadelphia police officer, it happened at 61st and walnut in philadelphia, "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is there live. >> reporter: jim, let me set the scene for you, the suspect was running down the sidewalk here, and turned the corner and chasing on foot a short distance behind and in his cruiser halfway down the road. he stopped the suspect there, he ordered him to put the gun down and shot the suspect once in the
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stomach. >> police say that the suspect's .9 millimeter was on the ground. >> there are no guarantees in this job, everybody that putses the uniform on knows the dangers we face every day. police spotted catlin a few block as way and one officer chased on foot and the other officer sped ahead in his police cruiser and the suspect turned the corner at 56th and walnut and waited for the officer on foot to turn the corner, his partner inside of the vehicle ordered the suspect to drop the gun multiple times as he stood and waited for the officer to turn the corner and when he failed to drop the gun, the officer fired one time striking the suspect in the stomach. >> police took the victim to the local hospital and they
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identified the gun as the one used in the crime. catlin has prior arrests for aggravated assault and narcotics, several reads were startled away by the gun fire. >> started hearing sirens and all of these guys pulled up on the scene. >> people do crazy stuff, you hear stuff like that happening it's very sad. >> reporter: and at last check catlin remained in critical condition at a local hospital, the robbery victim was uninjured. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the pennsylvania supreme court has unsealed more than 1,000 pages of documents that are part of a grand jury investigation into attorney general, kathleen kane, these are documents that kane says prove the criminal charges against her are nothing more than retaliation, they include pornographic emails and offensive jokes distributed
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amongst prosecutors and high-profile figures, kane is accused of leaking grand jury information to the media and lying under oath, earlier this week a judge ordered kane to stand trial on all charges. a -- was burned down to its wooden skeleton and the fire forced 30 people from their beds. eva pilgram is live now with more. >> reporter: well, that huge fire destroyed this upper merion apartment building you can see workers have enclosed the area where the damage is, just for safety purposes and to make sure that no debris falls on people passing by, it appears to be accidental and that it started somewhere outside. they forced 30 people out of their beds in the abrams run apartments in montgomery county. >> you could hear the alarm from the building going off.
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loud. >> the flames were high. >> i looked out the window and it starts to catch up and the flames were coming into my room. >> a neighbor shot this video on his cell phone of the flame sflz when i walked out of my building the fire was 10 to 20 feet in the air, the first fire truck was just coming up. >> a woman that lives in the apartment where the fire appears to have started was lying in bed when she smelled something and she put her hand to the wall tonight bad hot and weren't to her balcony and saw flames. witnesses say they woke up to a female police officer knocking on doors. >> she says she was banging for 5 to 10 minutes and we were sleeping. >> most people got out with just what they had on them. bobby was one of the lucky ones. >> i was leaving and catching a flight, at 6:30, i had my stuff packed up and i took it and
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headed out. >> when he returns he will figure out where to live. >> we lost everything but i am glad we are all okay. >> that is terrible, nobody wants to see that, everything is damaged. >> nobody was hurt and everybody got out safely. that is the important thing. >> the red cross is helping eight families, 14 people with food, clothing and a place to stay. other victims are staying with relatives or found their own hotel rooms for the night. >> we are live in lower merion township, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." a new look is coming to broad street in philadelphia, mayor michael nutter announced the north broad streetscape as part of an $8 million project new decorative lighting will be put along with landscaping 2.5 miles from hamilton street to glenwood avenue. coming up on "action news"
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city officials hope to change attitudes about the pope's upcoming visit with a new campaign. and it may be just preseason but the eagles are looking to avenge their big loss to the packers last season. jeff skversky has that story. a perfect day outside and low humidity and a high of just 83 degrees, a few similar days before we crank up the heat and humidity. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia city hall is trying to convince people not to jove react on the visit of pope
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francis, at the same time mayor michael nutter launched the upbeat i'll be there campaign. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: pope francis' arrival in philadelphia is just one month from today. one month! >> world meeting of family organizers and the city urged business owners to stay open touring the papal weekend and the days leading up to it during the world meetings of families, they helped people work on deliveries and employee transportation, the mayor announced that reading terminal market will now stay open. after announced of road and bridge closures and concerns of not having enough food. jack's firehouse lent their support today. >> worst case scenario, you'll have to close your doors because you run out of food, is that the worst thing that can happen to
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you? >> they wants the crowds to show up and renaming the restrictive traffic box as the francis festiv festival grounds. signs and buttons will go out. and septa and patco will drop people within miles of the events. there are check points as you get close toward independence mall and the parkway. >> for those of you that think there is no hotel rooms, think again. >> those rooms are available for the general public and men why i have of them as of now but they will go quick. >> one of the extra inseptemberive for those is a holy mass card or a medal that is blessed by the pope himself.
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>> we have all the details online at and my series of reports from argentina is posted along with the latest details about road closures and security zones for the visit of pope francis. >> widener university welcomed the class of 2019 to campus today, upper class men and family and friends moved into the newest pride dorms this morning. they unloaded cars and hauled all of their belongings into the new rooms.
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three days away from game three of the preseason in green bay. captain wait. the starters will likely play move time and likely the last time to see these guys before the opener, they likely will not play the last one but eagles tackle, fletcher cox says he
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can't wait to play in green bay, because he is still embarrassed about the 53 points they gave up in lambeau. one of the things the eagles love about bradford is he can take a hit or two and can got up. showing love for left tackle peters who took a shot at terre terrell sugs after the cheap shot on is it a. >> i have his back no matter what, whether it's wrong or right. >> what do you want to see? >> touch downs, if he is throwing touch downs, i am doing my job and he is doing his job. keep the drive alive and convert on third down, they need to prevent touch downs on the other side, and tough job where aaron rogers on sunday but they hope
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to have extra confidence for the opener, and safety malcolm jenkins does not believe so. >> none of that matters, every day we try to get better. the preseason doesn't count for a reason. nothing we do, last week or the week before that, this week will guarantee we have success in the season. more on "action news" sports sunday, eagles line backer, brandon graham, joins us for the in-depth nal list. and everybody's favorite team from the big apple has been a big pain for the phillies. they dropped their last seven straight to new york, all eyes are on jared -- he makes his first start at citizens bank park, and he picked up his first w. in his first big league
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debut, and the first place mets have hit nine homers the last two days. >> there are a lot of good hitters, but that will not change how i approach them and i will go at them like i go at anybody else. that is knowing myself and what i do to get guys out. >> it's a frustrating few days around here and the mets have come in and scored 22 runs on the phils and fast pitched him at the plate. he is not waiting for phils batters to get in the box and larry bowa goes nuts and gets thrown out. as manager pete mccannon says larry was mad at everybody. you don't see the managers and coaches going nuts anymore.
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larry was being larry. >> a dozen students were honored for what they did over the summer, they were given special diplomas from the free library in philadelphia, the studentses were nominated by their librarians and the eight week program encouraged kids not only to read but explore other learning opportunities during the summer break.
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beautiful late summer week, here is adam joseph. >> we stretch it time-out for the rest of the week but we are heating things up as well as the
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humidity. but as we look at double scan live radar a few fair weather cumulous clouds popping to the north and west and they continue to fall apart and they continue to do so through the evening hours, we look at the skies earlier today in center city along the parkway and city hall in the background and the blue sky sharing a little bit of the fair weather cumulous clouds that develop in the afternoon but did no damage whatsoever in the form of rain in the region, as you look at numbers, it's cool to the north and west, 75 in reading and 74 in lancaster, and the poconos 66 degrees and 80 in philadelphia and many numbers to the south also falling back into the upper 70s. we are looking to the north and west as clouded broke that way off the westerly winds off the great lakes and from the north in southern canada and the low continues to fall apart season
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really move away as high pressure comes in to rid any sort of clouds developing during the rest of week, for tonight mostly clear and open up the windows if you can and 50s in the suburbs, chilly air, 65 degrees for center city and the low continues to move off to the north of nova scotia and newfoundland. and this trough is a little extra moisture beginning to pull away into northern new england, sunshine and humidity and 83 degrees and then the high comes over head and parks itself here and wall-to-wall sunshine and seasonable and low humidity and a high of 83 degrees, 73 is the ocean temperature, ma is mild and tomorrow lots of sun and 83 degrees and watch for dangerous rip currents, swim where the lifeguards are on duty and the beaches are guarded. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast,
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another winner here tomorrow of 83 and we mimic that on friday as the temperature comes up and the humidity stays low but then the temperature and humts both will start to climb back up over the weekend on saturday, and 88 degrees and hot and humid on sunday and you'll notice high clouds on sunday afternoon as we touch 90 and stay here 90 monday into the first day of september on tuesday we could have a scattered thunderstorm around and heat wave number five on the way earlier next week and wednesday we back it off a little and 89 and very muggy, the new month of september coming in on the hot and humid side. >> thank you adam. for the fourth straight year, just peachy salsa is returning to store shelves, the food bank of camden, are producing 37,000 jars of the product, the salsa is made from thousands of pounds of blemished
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south jersey peaches that would have been thrown away. money from the sales goes to the hunger relief programs, they have raised $250,000 so far. abc world news is next on channel 6, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, adam joseph, and ducis rogers, then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, jeff skversky, and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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. tonight, deadly shooting targeted on tv. a young reporter and her cameraman gunned down. the shooter, a former co-worker stalked them from behind, opened fire on live tv and taped it all himself. the gunman's motive, range, race. we have the document he sent before the shooting. team coverage tonight. donald trump's heated exchange kicking out a top journalist, grilling him about his immigration plan. on the stand, the former student accused of raping a girl at an elite prep school makes his case. did he convince the jury. and ten auto makers face a major lawsuit. the new device used by millions of americans, why some say it may be putting lives at risk.


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