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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 27, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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following for you on "action news." we are learning more about the former tv reporter that shot and killed two young journalists in virginia yesterday morning as the community tries to come to grips with the tragedy and drexel university students are on alert following a series of break-ins and philadelphia's police athletic league are celebrating after receiving a mults eye million dollar donation. and now tributes continue to pour in as loved ones of allison parker and adam ward share their grief with the nation, they were gunned down by a former disgruntled employee, vester flannigan. >> reporter: it's amazing the
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words of comfort and condolences that have come in. not just for the journalists and the woman injured but the resilience we have seen with the wdbj team, they are out here with mikes in hand working through the tears. they are doing this not just because it's their job but they are trying to honor the legacy of their colleagues. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> wdbj's newscast marked 24 hours since the shooting of their journalists, the memorial has piled up outside for allison parker and adam ward. >> they were described as good natured. >> whether it was playing or pursuing his career, he had the goals and achieved them with relentless effort and effusive
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joy. >> the woman beingrviewed vicky was shot. and her husband was watching it. >> there is no making sense of it, my wife had to be there at the wrong time. >> vester flannigan was fired from wdbj two years ago and posted a video of the shooting on social media and sent a rambling letter to abc news. >> my soul has been crushed. >> allison parker's father promising to push for new gun laws. >> she was so loved by all. and i know my heart is broken. i want to try and do something that will change that. >> as you may have imagined
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there say lot of pain being felt in this parts of northwest virginia and those that may be trying to put them behind them and focus on the lives lost here, it's difficult to do that rick, because if you drive up and down the street, you see the reminders, the yellow police tape has not been taken down and police officers are stationed outside where the shots were fired. the investigation is far from over and looking ahead we expect police to focus mainly into the past of this gunman trying to find out what triggered the shooting. >> thank you. meanwhile, the boyfriend of allison parker, evening anchor chris hurst and the station manager talked on "good morning america," they spoke of parker's father, whose life mission is to fight for tougher gun control. >> as a journalist, the issue i look at extensively ismentsal
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health, there arementsal illnesses in my family that have effected me personally and it's something that i will report on regular regularly. i support her father and i support their family immensely. >> station manager, jason marks says nobody knew he had issues at his previous stations until he started to have problems at wdbj. >> this story continues at, there is reaction from their colleagues and loved ones, all there right now at in other news, a chain reaction crash in philadelphia's logan section cents one driver to the hospital, this is the scene at old york road at wyoming avenue, a pickup truck collide with the suv and the impact forced the suv into a
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parked car and on to the sidewalk. philadelphia police are looking for a burglar who busted into larry's steaks in north philadelphia last thursday, this is the surveillance video from the break-in, the suspect broke the glass front door and took a large bag and threw two cash registers into it. if you recognize the man detectives would like to hear from you. the fbi is teaming up with philadelphia police to catch a bank robber that struck yesterday afternoon, this shows the suspect at the counter of the citizens bank branch at north 21st street, he gave the teller a note demanding cash and then got it and took off. he is considered armed and dangerous and anybody that recognizes him should call 911. drexel university students are on alert, they targeted two
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residences on sunday morning and then on monday burglars forced their way into two apartments on north 33rd street and nearby residents are heading the warning. >> there is a sign not to prop the door open, i make sure it's not propped whenever i go inside. >> it's scary and students start to feel it, you wake up in the middle of the night, and see an alert that there is a burglary right next door to my house, it's a sense of unease. turning to our weather now, it's another picture perfect day on tap with low humidity and pleasant temperatures, lets take a live look at the sand and surf along cape may from our sky 6 cameras, get down to the beach if you can as the summer season winds down slowly but surely. karen rogers is here with more.
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>> every time you show that picture i feel like i'm plodding away to get to the beach. how about this 57 in reading and allentown this morning and 56 in lancaster and 58 in wilmington and 64 in philadelphia, and 59 in trenton and 55 this morning in millville, new jersey, even on the boards in a.c., it was 57 degrees. we'll see similar numbers later on tonight and into tomorrow morning, a bit a cool start this morning and tomorrow is the same, we have rebounded nicely from that, we are at 77 in philadelphia and it feels great out there with the flow out of the northwest and 73 in lancaster and 75 in wilmington and 76 in millville and 73 in cape may, we once again have the low humidity and we don't often see stretches like this, the dew point is about 53 and it feels nice and comfortable out there
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throughout the region right now, satellite 6 along with action radar showing clear skies and not a cloud in place and we can start to see the high clouds moving in because of the cold air aloft. if you want to head out to the golf course, if you want to get out of work, i guess that is where my husband is now. by 2:00, 81 and 4:00 p.m. 83 degrees. some changes this weekend and we'll have details coming up. it's an exciting day for the philadelphia police athletic league, a sports team owner made the largest donation in the charity's 68 year history. eva pilgram is live now with the good news. >> the owner of the 76ers made a major donation to the police athletic league, josh harris the managing owner donated $3.5
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million over the next five years, the police athletic league is a nonprofit that provides athletics to the children in the city and it works to help in their education and character vemts through its many programs, some are sports related and some aren't. and commissioner ramsey credited him with lowering crime in the neighborhoods. he feels its his obligation to find a way to give back. >> we have done well in our lives, we have the responsibility to give back and to allow other people, i myself grew up playing sports and it lifted me. >>. >> reporter: now this is just one of the many centers that are affected. the program is for children ages to 18 and it's totally free to
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them, to this day and this current time, 15,000 children are participating in those programs. we are live here in philadelphia, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a community meeting will be held for residents that plan on renting out their homes during the pope's business. there are logistics to pass along to out of town guests, septa and the philadelphia visitors bureau is on hand to take questions, the meeting starts at 6:00 this evening at the grand building. and head to for details on the pope's visit next month as well as the city's so-called papal play book and jim gardner's reports from the pope's home town in argentina. attorney general, kathleen kane, asked the court to release the porn documents and it could
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create problems for the philadelphia district attorney, they are combing through pages of sexually explicit emails. some of them now work for d.a. seth williams, she has accused these two men of creating her perjury case to protect themselves but his office says there are clear human relation policies. two professional poker players are accused of cheating the borgata. they claim they use free liquor given by scantly clad waitresses to distract distract people. the defendantses claim it was the result of skill and good observation. intel wear lawmakers are
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meeting to discuss new procedures for passing of the state bunlts after a recent resolution that the annual state bunl should have more than a majority of votes for passage. coming up, the little boy nearly killed by a small plane landing on a california beach is finally able to talk about the frightening moments.
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incredible video from china this noon, five people waiting for the bus are swallowed up by a giant sinkhole that opened up beneath them. it was near a nearby noodle shop, people clung to the pope and other people fell in the
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hole and sustained minor injuries, amazingly everyone is expected to be okay. president obama is marking ten years since hurricane katrina by celebrating the revival of new orleans. he will stop at a newly renovated community center in the ninth ward. we'll have more on the president's visit tonight on nightly news beginning at 4:00. and as tropical storm erica heads to the east coast, florida power and light is prepping just in case, they have nearly 4 million customers in southern florida. right now it's on a path expected to take it to south florida next week. the small boy that was hit bir a plane when it made an emergency landing on a california beach last month is talking about his brush with death.
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>> reporter: for the first time since this plane crashed into a crowded beach on july 4th, 12-year-old nicholas bear who was hit by the wing is speak ougt. >> what is the last thing you remember walking in the water? >> yes, i was transition to skim boarding and then the plane just came down. >> we have one plane down at the water's edge. >> watch as the single engine plane plummets from the sky tumbling across the beach its wing hitting nicholas in the head. >> we thought nick died. we thought the plane was on top of him. >> the 23-year-old pilot was uninjured but nicholas needed help, bystanders came in and held him steady while paramedics arrived. >> i remember going into the ambulance and going to the hospital. >> despite a concussion and
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fractured skull bone that required surgery nicholas was in the hospital for just four days and his recovery amazing, his new nickname, miracle dude, he can do without. >> i don't really like the name, i'm just another person that got hit by a plane. >> 12 of his buddies shaved their heads as well. >> he was happy that they did it. it doesn't make me feel awkward with their shaved heads. >> happy for friends like his and first responders that worked to keep him alive after the terrifying crash. >> i just want to thank them for, i guess saving my life. for "good morning america," action news san diego. one wrong move by an out of control driver created a scene on a california roadway this morning. a white car slammed into a fire
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hydrant in hollywood and a guiser shot straight into the air, and it's not clear if the driver was injured. wal-mart is giving customers a head start on holiday shopping, by launching their lay away program two weeks earlier than last year, they can put their items on hole starting tomorrow. all items held but be worth a total of $50 and they will have more time to pay for the items, 90 days instead of 60. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. meteorologist, karen rogers is back now in for david murphy, august is going out on a pleasant note. >> are we loving this? one of the best augusts, it's time to end like this. september -- >> not nice? >> it will be terrible -- no.
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double scan live radar around the region we are dry and looking good, if you want a last hoorah down the shore. looking at the conditions, we have clouds mixing with sunshine and still pretty and beautiful and feels good out there. lets take a look at the numbers, 77 degrees in philadelphia and the dew point only 53, nice and low and comfortable with the wind out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. pressure is rising as high pressure is building in, satellite 6 along with action radar we can see how the clouds have filled in a bit but still a beautiful day with sunshine and clouds and looking pretty nice, because of the cooler air aloft, not because a front is effecting us. a wider look, to see rain we go well to the west. we are looking pretty good. by 3:00 p.m. 83 degrees sunshine and clouds, 5:00 p.m. 82 and clouds and mixing with clouds and 9:00 p.m. 73 but look at the
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overnight low, 65 in the city, in the suburbs we get down to 55, 56 degrees, it will feel cool again in the suburbs. 83 in the city and upper 70s in the suburbs and mostly sunny skies and pleasant at the shore. high pressure is above us tomorrow and it's a gorgeous day, wall-to-wall sunshine and 85 for your high, can't beat it. tropical storm erica, picked up and has been interacting bringing rain and gusty winds to the leeward islands and now expected to go north of puerto rico tonight and north of the dominican republic by friday, here is the spaghetti plots, it could be interacting with
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eastern florida but it's a long way off, it could be a hurricane strength at that point so we are following it closely. seven-day forecast mostly sunny and 83 degrees, yes a lot of clouds and sunshine but it's still pretty out there. saturday turning warmer and 88 degree, great for the phils and the union game. and sunday it's hot and humid and the flow from the southwest you feel the humidity more for the weekend and you feel the heat and hot and humid and 90 and a slight chance for a thunderstorm. monday hot and humid and around 90 and tuesday around 90, we could be talking another heat wave and wednesday 86 for your high, a nice forecast. if you like the heat and humidity we have that too. >> thank you karen.
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meteorologist, karen rogers, one last look at the forecast before we head to lunch. >> lets take a look real quick, we have nothing but clouds mixing with sunshine and it's beautiful out there. 3:00 p.m. 83 that is your high, 7:00 p.m. dipping into the 70s, 79 degrees if you are head to the phils, by 9:00 p.m. 73, overnight low is 65 and the suburbs just in the 50s, you'll wake up and be a little cool. well, finally this noon, there is a new resident roaming bear country at the philadelphia zoo, her name is kayla, a sloth bear, she got busy exploring her new environment, she arrived
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from the san diego zoo last month, they eat mainly bugs and she did a lot of digging this morning in search of food. a look now at stories coming up later today coming up at 4:00. the options for compliances can be expensive, we have a list of recommendations that work. ♪ ♪ and philadelphia police officers connect to their community through dance. see them do the na na coming up in big talkers on "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us on "action news" at 5:00 and 6:00, for karen rogers, sara bloomquist and david murphy, have a nice afternoon.
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