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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 28, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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intrgummy multivitaminever from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support your energy, immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you can help children all around the world grow up strong, thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... change lives everywhere. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> now we know it was a female driver struck and killed by a truck this afternoon route 06
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southampton township burlington county. that was only half the tragedy. a passenger in the truck that hit the woman was also killed. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the police investigation into the deaths of two peopleen including a woman who was just out for an afternoon ruin run. live at the state police barracks is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, terrible mishap and not the first one this summer. >> reporter: that's right, jim, authorities say the month of august turned out to be one of the deadliest months in southampton in terms of fatal vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. this vovrlz a woman jog ago long busy route 206. >> a tow truck car questioned away the mangled wreckage of commercial vehicle that flipped several times landsing in a ravine after strikeing a pedestrian. the accident happened just after 2: 15 route 206 garden street. police say that a woman was jog
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ago long the shoulder of the roadway. suddenly a driver somehow losses control of his truck and strikes the woman and landing flipped on its side. the pedestrian, who has not been identified, was killed instantly and a passenger in the truck was trapped and later pronounced dead. the driver suffered severe injuries and was transported by chopper to cooper university hospital. both sides route 206 between retreat and new roads were shut down over 5 hours as the investigation went on. last week on tuesday night there was another fatal accident involving pedestrians. this one on budtown road. a group of kids was pulling 2-year-old in a wagon walking a long side the roadway when struck by a vehicle. the 2-year-old boy was skilled and his 18-year-old half-sister who was pulling the wagon died a couple days later from injuries she suffered. two other relatives 6 and 8-year-old remain hospitalized at last word we got. the street has no light, no sidewalks and no shoulder. the driver was not charged in connection with the accident:
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and then late word tonight a 1 13-year-old girl struck by a vehicle august 2 on new bold corner smithville died. suffice it to say it's been a stressful month for the famil families involving southampton and first responders. live at state police barracks in bordentown new jersey, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> chopper 6 was over a deadly wreck tonight. a corvette driver slammed into a branch butment millcreek road route 13 under pass in levittown at:30 and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. community members in roanoke, virginia gathered tonight to pay tribute to a reporter and photo journalist gunned down yesterday morning on live tv. a candlelight vigil and prayer service was held outside wdb sdwroxt remember alison parker and adam ward shot this death by a former co-worker
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investigator plan abegan who was fired from the station more than two years ago. this it morning members of wdbj news team held a moment of silence during their proodz broadcast at the moment of the murder. >> we cannot undo what happene happened. i wish to god we could but we can't. we can only just go forward and tell their story and hopefully this never happens to anybody ever again. >> alison parker's father spoke to the news media today and said the loss is just starting to sink in. >> we used to also go kayaking i look down the river and realized that you know, she -- i'm sorry, that she is not going to be there with me [ [ crying ]. >> flanagan shot and killed hillself while on the run in a suicide note, he called himself a ticking time bomb. abc's "20/20" will devote tomorrow's broadcast to the tragedy on live tv. they'll report on new details
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from the 23-page suicide note. flanagan sent it to "abc news" and how companies handle anger management in the workplace tomorrow at 10 before "action news" at 11. former 76er star darryl dawkins died. the man they called "chocolate thunder" had a heart attack today, that according to the familiar live the lehigh county coroner will perform an autopsy tomorrow. they lived in south whitehall township. he was first man to go to nba directly out of high school and became known for his dunks and giving them names. darryl dawkins was just 58. chester-upland schools are scheduled to on september 9 and today teachers and support staff said they'll be there. and that's notable because the administration says that it probably won't be able to meet payroll for the start of the school year that because of the district's financial crisis and it is dire. said the president of the teacher's union today, "we've
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always put our students first and we always will" an a double inging in west kensington if philadelphia claimed the life of one man and critically wounded another. philadelphia police say the deadly gunfire rang out 5:00 on the 3000 block of north water street. and they have not identified a suspect nor the victims. >> and it is that sort of violence that organizers of this event hope to prevent. and this is the final night of the five-day festival of life in the the nicetown section of philadelphia. speakers delivered messages of hope and encouragement. and tonight's event included grocery giveaway and drawing for other prizes. monica malpass was in washington this week to interview president obama. of course, obama is trying to circumvent an effort by the congress to derail his proposed nuclear deal with iran. and monica, that is one of the subjects you discussed with the president. what is his current thinking on
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iran deal. >> he is adamant this is the only choice we have for military action and he's facing tough domestic and international issues now. volatile u.s. economy and controversial nuclear deal and reduction or not and whether he'll have to choose between biden or clinton to be the next president. i got to meet with him yesterday to talk one on sglun glad you have here. >> i met with the president in diplomatic reception room of white house and he was adamant that this historic jet controversial deal is urgently needed and he says almost every nuclear expert concurs. >> we shut down a whole bunch of their facilities and they ship out enriched uranium they have and they do so for a 15-year period. >> obama secretary of state wendy cherman and secretary josh ernest repeated stance in press briefing and republicans and some democrats like new jersey senator robert menendez are adamantly opposed. >> this deal does not require
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iran to destroy or fully decommission a single uranium enrichment serment fuj. >> i asked whether he faces a quandary if joe biden throes his hat into the ring. >> if joe biden runs for president it will be tricky to decide who to support. would it be easier if he doesn't run. >> i think he's a great president as we've seen in american history and hillary rodham clinton was one of the best secretary of state. and helped work on owe a whole range of really important issues including iran deal at the outset. >> what would you say to hardworking philadelphians that lost jobs in 2008 and saw 40 1. 1 k disintegrate and this week major economic correction. is this exception or rule. you can do something actively about it. >> i think it's morning foreign look at the long term trend lines we've seen. we've had more than five years
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now of private sector job growth. >> well president added biden and clinton would make good presidents in his opinion. he of course did not tell me who he will be endorsing if that occurs. >> if he endorses either sfwler thank you, monica. >> can you see the entire interview with president obama now on we posted video on the home now on we posted video on the home page. at some point next week it will be sembleed at the cathedral of saints peter and paul referring to an exhibit inspired by mary the undoer of knots. it's a painting that has own pilgrims and is be loved by pope francis. sharee williams has the story. >> it's all wood, ash, mow hog any. >> this work of art is on display for the world to see and there's hope it will catch the eye of pope francis. dann ostrob is lead artist of the piece called not grotto.
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>> purpose of the structure it's a visual representation of people's prayers and struggles that they go through in life. >> meg salagman is overseeing all official artwork being prepared for pope visit. she says theme of knots is based on one of pope francis favorite paintings marry undoer of knots. >> and our contemporary interpretation this trad significance knotted grotto of mary clearing pathways for people to help twhem struggle. >> as people submit knots they will be interwoven on to the structure. marylou kline and their husband brought knots asking for prayer for family members and world peace. >> mary can do everything that's how we feel and it's just visible sign.
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>> frem all over the world are submitting knots or struggles to be a part of artwork on display during the time of the pope's visit. so far, tens of thousands have already been sent in and they expect that number to only grow. the wooden kulp tour will be moved from this garage in east falls to basilicas of saint peters and paul where it will be parts of a larger art display that opens next week. east falls, sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." >> and step says there's plenty of room to comma board at least 100,000 of its special papal train pass as still unsold and another 140,000 may become available. they're required to ride the regional rails on september 26 and 27 when the pope is here. and step says it will make 23,000 parking spots available near train stations and those locations will be released next week. >> we'll be sure to tweet out details as soon as the
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information is available. just follow our special twitter accounts at 6abc pope for the latest updates on the papal visit. >> and still to come on "action news" tonight the news about the u.s. economy that prompted a turn around on wall street today for a second day. and scary moments as the ground beneath feet gives way. and we'll show you surveillance video capturing a sinkhole opening up. and plus this is what tropical storm erika is doing in the eastern caribbean tonight and in several days could be come ago shore in the united states, cecily. >> latest on the track of erika and changing temperatures. now i'm tracking what will likely be the next heat wave. all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> and mets steam have the phillies' number but contact phils take one from new yorkers tonight. that and more when "action tonight. that and more when "action news" continues.
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>> in china this is dramatic video as surveillance cram captures the pavement collapsing beneath the feet of group of people waiting for a bus. you can see one woman clinging to a pipe trying not fall into the hole. four people were not lucky and fell in and suffered injuries not too serious. there's no word what caused pavement to give way. investors were in a buying mood on wall street today. stocks closed for a second straight day during this roller coaster of a week. part of today's rally was fueled by a government report showing that u.s. economy grew 3.7% in the toop june quarter. that's much better than expected. and hoyl its biggest gain in more than six years spiking up 10%. let's look at numbers on "action news" big board the dow was s up nearly 370 points and nasdaq closed 4812 and s&p tros
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1987. >> three bodies were found decomposing in funeral home garage yesterday and charges may be forthcoming. but whether or not anything illegal actually happened well tonight we're nraering relatives who are outraged my grandfather lived 90 years almost 90 years on this earth and you through anymore a garage. >> you can literally smell my grandfather coming out of the hearse. >> edward nelson says his grandfather died august 11 and they were able to bury him yesterday. he believes the strawberry mansion funeral home refused to on grave initially in dispute over money and state officials say powell mortuary services has been operating on expired license since 2012 and donny andrews says funeral to homeowner told janet powell that his uncle albert was cremated july 30.
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>> that's what it it look like. i'm pretty sure there's more investigation than that this. we'll get to the bottom of it. >> andrews was finally cremated yesterday. >> philadelphia police are questioning a suspect in connection with a rash of burglaries near drexel university. suspect was taken into custody this afternoon. investigators say he was trying to break into an apartment at the evo building 29 and chestnut. in the past week several drexel students have come home to off campus apartments to find electronics and jewelry taken. >> at least four people were killed and 20 reported missing after tropical storm erica pummeled eastern caribbean eye land of dominica. three victims were killed in pud slides. 08% of the island is without electricity and water supply cut off. erica could become a hurricane as it heads to florida next week. >> president obama marked
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anniversary of hurricane katrina to hardest hit areas of new orleans. first he mehta long magic street and visited a community center in the lower 9th ward which once stood under 17 feet of water and told the crowd the progress they made is remarkable but acknowledged much still needs to be done. >> because project of rebuilding here was not just to restore the city as it had been it was to build a city as it should be a city where everyone no matter what they look like how much money they got where they come from where they're born has a chance to make it. >> obama was a new u.s. senator when katrina came down on them. 2,000 people died mostly in new orleans. on hel edge check at 11 are school lunches getting healthier. it appears so after years of being derided for poor nutrition a new cdc report
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shows they may have turned corner. new standards established in 01 called for fruits and vegetables and whole grains and less salt. those guidelines were supposed to be met within a decade. it seems it's happening more lickly than that by last year 95% of schools in this country met these nutritional requirements. that is acting quickly. much to the benefit of millions of young children. >> yes, very important. and it's that time of year back to school time. >> so it is. >> already for a lot of kids starting to feel like that as well. had to put my jacket on. chill in the air. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have rain-free conditions out there and could use the rain at this point. we're 2" below normal and what a sunset. and i would like to thank our viewer april for tweeting this to me from campbell's field looking at center city sky line and sun now setting at about 20 minutes to 8 setting earlier and earlier every night. pretty comfortable out there.
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71 in philadelphia down if high of 81 degrees and that's three below average. and millville, 62. trenton 65. allentown 30. dropped down to 61. wilmington 63. poconos 64. poconos dropping down to 40s overnight and satellite 6 along with action radar showing any clouds that bubbled up in the afternoon some up stability clouds left the the region and we have clear skies tonight and that means temperatures will drop down into the 50s cooler suburbs and morning rush will be very comfortable. lots of sunshine. comfortably cool, 6:00, 64, by 8:00 and 68 low humidity. we begin to warm things up as we head to the weekend. if down the shore a great weekend. loads of sunshine on friday. 80. on saturday, bumping up to 82. mostly sunny and sunday little more in the form of clouds. slightly more humid. still a great beach day high of 82. if you head up to the poconos take a jacket for the evening
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with overnight low dropping to 40s and tomorrow, surprise any and 74 and saturday up to 79 with few clouds and sunday it will be warmer with possibility of slight chance of isolated thunderstorm nothing wide spraet high of 80. of course all eyes on caribbea caribbean. erika, has not strengthened if you look at the last couple of bands outer rain bands of eric are are approaching san juan. 100 miles south, southeast of puerto rico moving west at 17 miles an hour and looks like it brings flooding rain to visual inislands and puerto rico and head towards bahamas over the weekend and pretty good model consensus showing that it likely will hit the southeast coast of florida early next week between monday night and tuesday morning and could strengthen to category one hurricane of course still many days out and have to see
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thousand works over land and wind sheer if it stays together and strengthens, back at home exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast. georgous tomorrow, 85. low humidity on saturday we warm up to 88 degrees. shiingtly more humid. sunday is when that heat and humidity returns with a high of 90. and then as we say good fwi august and hello to september it stays who the highs in 90s. looks like we keep the heat and humidity through thursday. likely will be fifth heat wave of the year. if you like cooler comfortable weather you have one more day before things begin to warm up. up. > all right. cecily. this is say good night to have a few drinks outside and support a good cause at the same time. this is pours for paws fund raezer robin's nest restaurant mount holly and benefits burlington county animal alliance which works to save homeless dogs and cats. some pups were on hand tonight
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>> pennsylvania secretary of education pedro rivera was keynote speaker at forum
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tonight in philadelphia on the state of public education in the commonwealth. and the sold out event was held pyramid club in center city and presented by al dea news media and 6abc and representative from more than 70 business government and community organizations were there tonight. phillies tried to salvage one out of four tonight against mets. >> they are about to get swept and four game series unless they have math nick bottom of third upping. they've given up 31 nrunz three games and pitching staff cannot wait thl they left city limits. phillies jump out to early big lead. darin ruf two run homener the lead and kelly johnson, it's a solo homer. the game is not at 5. tenth inning watch how jeff frankor gets robbed.
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murphy flips behind his back to torres. unreel. 13 inning still tied. that will bring in not one but two runs. the mets play another one. we're still top of 13 and mets lead this game 8-5. >> eagles visited packers saturday night and we get a good look at the startersen including sam bradford. we think. he has no set how much he'll play or if he'll stay at all. bradford played a series last week in baltimore and he want to play this week and says he could use the work. >> it ramps up and getting back out there and body as around me in the pocket and being able to move away from those in pocket, you know, just getting a feel for everything. >> you know not making -- he's
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a coachable guy. >> we continue to see growth for him i think it's sglorn former sixers great darryl dawkins died at 58 this mornin morning. his game was only matched in size by his larger in life personality. in 1975 game first high school player selected in first round of nba draft and "chocolate thunder" spent 14 seasons in nba and 7 with sixers and thunder us dunks that shattered back boards are the are on the nba wept to break away rimingz. his family says he suffered a heart attack and autopsy is scheduled
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>> sixers owner is make ago i impact in the line of children. harris was in theception of philadelphia to donate 3.5 million. harris was optimistic about center joel embiid. when he got the news he says he was a bit stick to his stomach. >> i'm not going to -- i'm -- it took me two weeks to pick myself up off the floor. >> everything is stats in favor of him having successful recovery. singers rock. >> and finally tonight a minor league baseball game routine foul ball check out my man with cup of beer he catches ball in said borrow and decide to reward himself with a cold one all over his threat and chest. >> there you go. >> here's to you.
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>> finally tonight was movie night for about 120 children thanks for delaware state police. troopers putp a screen inside troop 20 to show despicable me 2 the monthly events is on to children ages 5 to 13. next month movie "big hero 6." >> "jimmy kimmel live" on channel 6 followed by "nightline". his guests, pierce bron san and music from lamb of god. "action news" continues at 4:30 with testimony tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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