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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, august 28. we've got breaking news. >> two women were unexpectly front and center in a wild pursuit and carjacking and former inmate is on the loose, we're live with the details. >> a jogger is the victim of a tragic crash in south jersey. tropical storm erika batters the carribean and now
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bahamas and florida are on alert. >> karen rogers is here in for david. you better enjoy the next few days. and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i want to show you the numbers in the suburbs we're down to 52 in quakertown. 58 in pottstown, 52 in coatsville and oxford. 354 in kennett square. 66 in center city. most of the suburbs in new jersey are in the mid to upper 50s. 57 in woodbine. 65 on the boardwalk in atlantic city. satellite and radar showing just a few clouds up above. we have high pressure right overhead it will give us that beautiful sunshine once again today. it feels cool and nice with the low humidity, so, nice and comfortable with dewpoints well below the 60-degree mark no worries there. 8:00 a.m., bright sunshine, 69.
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noon, 79. 3:00 p.m., 84. 6:00 p.m., a cloud or two mixing with the sun, 83 degrees. the high today 85. even though we have a cool start we warm up, and certainly so by the weekend. details on that coming up. tracking the weekend, matt. >> reporter: you've been giving us good things on the weekend, you are a giver karen rogers. we have a few issues on woodhaven road construction ran late, but it's all gone now you can see the crews picking up their cones. these are the eastbound lanes of woodhaven. look at the dust coming off the road as the cars come off the boulevard heading toward thornton and academy road. you've got the stones flying up and the dusty situation, something to be aware of, although all lanes are reopen. academy road southbound is not open because of an overturned vehicle crash by chalfonte drive
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stay on knights road. if you're coming down woodhaven to academy you'll hit traffic by cottman more substantial delays cottman to girard. new hanover township, crossroad and is an together -- sanatoga road stay on swamp park. in barnegot activity blocking route 9 at bay avenue. >> breaking overnight, a police chase leads to a crash and wild carjacking in south philadelphia. the car thief didn't realize two women were in the back seat of the stolen car. katherine scott is live in south detectives, the carjacker is still on the loose. >> reporter: that's right, police believe thern who they are looking -- they know who they are looking for.
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all four victims were taken to the south detectives to be interviewed after the wild night. let's start with where the suspect's car crashed on camack street. this started at 12:30 a.m. police say they were trying to stop a black mustang that was running stop signs and driving erratically. as the police walked up, the driver sped off. it crashed into two parked cars, police witnessed that happening. driver got out and ran to the nearest car he saw, a nissan, four people inside all in their 20s. police saw the suspect force the driver out of the nissan, the front-seat passenger got out to help his friend, the suspect got in the car with two women in the back seat. the women told police the suspect drove to 5th and shunk where he fled on foot. police drove the car to 9th street where they flagged down a police officer.
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police believe they know who they are looking for. >> we saw an inmate identification car in plain view. that picture did match the description of the person the 17th district officer attempted to initially stop. one of the victims did have some minor injuries, but rivered million treatment. if you have any tips call south detectives, live south detectives, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a deadly crash in burlington county claimed the lives of two people including a woman who was out for an afternoon jog. it happened along busy route 206 in southampton township. the driver lost control of the truck and veered on to the shoulder of the road and fatally hit the woman who was out for a jog on the highway. the truck flipped several times before landing in the ravine. the passenger was killed the driver suffered severe injuries, the names of the victims have
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not been released. we're expecting to learn more about the death of darrell dawkins, it is believed he had a heart attack. the coroner will perform an autopsy later today. he lived in south white hall township and was the first man to go to the nba out of highly. dawkins was just 58 years old. developing right now puerto rico is bracing for tropical storm erika. it already left four people dead on the carribean island known as discipline can a. 20 i'm -- administer can -- doe dominica. rob marciano will have more
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on the storm's path at 7:00 a.m. we're trying to keep our eyes on the markets after all the turmoil. stacy dellcot is live at the nasdaq with whether things are looking up or down. >> reporter: it's been a rollercoaster of a week. yesterday the dow was up 369 points. the dow two day total wednesday and thursday, 988 points that's the best two days ever for the dow. futures indicate a sharply lower open. in other news, tesla was rated as the best car ever tested. investors rated the stock a buy and shares of tells will a went up 18%. we have a few weeks of summer left, but the counts down for
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christmas is already on walmart is kicking off it's first ever toy week and starting the lay away program earlier than ever before. the biggest holiday toy trends will be revealed and the week will come nate with force friday, that's with new and exclusive star wars merchandise will be unveiled. >> my husband plans to tailgate for that force friday. thank you,. we're a month away from pope francis' arrival in philadelphia. it's an event that will have a lasting impact on the city and the faithful. when the pope goes back to vatican city. there will be a reminder of his time that may stand out more than the others, this wooden sculpture will be on display at st. peter's and paul. it is based on on mary unduer of knots. he brought a copy back to
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argentina, it has become popular because of his love of it. the exhibit at the basilica stands 20 feet wide and 13 feet tall. it's meant to be a reppresentation of the struggleses people go through in life. -- struggles people going through in life. >> today is like yesterday, and the day before. >> reporter: i'm boring everybody. >> no. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have another dry day, yes it is sunny and low humidity, some of that will change over the coming days, so enjoy it. let's go outside and see what it looks like, what a gorgeous shot as we look over the ben franklin bridge. we have mostly clear skies we'll see them brighten nicely with wall-to-wall sunshine with high
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pressure overhead. 54 degrees in allentown. 56 in lancaster. 58 in wilmington, you've dipped down to 54 in millville. upper 50s in trenton. 64 right now in the city not feeling too bad in the city. satellite and radar showing just a few clouds mixing in with what will be lots of sunshine through the day today. we've got another good one for you. 8:00 a.m., 69 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 78. it will take a little while to rebound with temperatures on the cool side. the afternoon will be warmer than yesterday. 2:00 p.m., 83 degrees, the high is 85. we'll be coming down from that at 5:00 p.m., 84 degrees with sunshine and a few high clouds. another beauty. it's a good weekend. try to enjoy the last weekend in august, whether the shore or the poconos. let's get you to the shore forecast. sunny and pleasant, 80.
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saturday, 82 degrees, sunday, 82. in the poconos, we thought we would see a shower to the northwest on sunday, now it's dry. let's check the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got a cool start, 85 degrees is the high. tomorrow, 88 great for the union or the phils. sunday hot noticeably more humid, you'll notice more clouds in the picture on sunday, but still a nice, pretty day and staying dry. monday, hot and humid, 92. we heat things up and have a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. tuesday, september arrives, 92. it's feeling humid, wednesday, sticky, 791. a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. thursday, 90 degrees, chance of a shower or thunderstorm. we'll continue to watch to see if tropical storm erika will
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come our way. >> stranger danger a white van with a creepy message in california has parents concerned, but the driver said it was no big deal. cars pile up like pancakes, nobody is seriously hurt here. matt. >> reporter: that's good news, tam, we have midday construction on i-95 at the girard point bridge. for now all lanes are open and the traffic is moving well. we'll see how well we're moving along other roadways and talk about a crash after the break. >> you'll see local senior citizens do their best naynay later on "action news." hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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welcome back you're taker ago live look down the shore into atlantic city. beautiful start to your morning. 6:15. right now 65 degrees getting up to 85 later today. >> let's wrap up this workweek, matt. >> reporter: let's do it, i think some people might be in the bus yard shining up the yellow school buses for some kids. it is that time of the year, we start to see more traffic on the roads. this morning not a ton of traffic so far along the schuylkill expressway still moving okay in the eastbound lanes heading toward center city
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passing spring garden street. these ramps connecting spring garden with 76 will close in the overnight some of the nights coming up. there's our 6abc zoo balloon. we have a disabled tractor-trailer in new hanover township that continues to block crossroad and sanatoga road. swamp pike is a good way around that. plymouth road reopened after being closed since march. repairs are finished for the 15,000 of you who used to use plymouth road everyday use the new refurbished bridge. woodhaven road is open, but it's a dusty bumpy road because of the milling work they did overnight. academy road southbound is not open because of an accident head for knights to get around the blockage.
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blockage later today and the next few days in trenton of avalon way they will do milling and paving work there, quaker bridge road is the alternate. cherry hill old orchard road starting at 7:00 p.m., head for lamp post lane to get around that one. >> new on "action news," a multicar crash in ohio left cars stacked up like metal sculpture, four cars were involved in cincinnati. three were left wedged together bike fallen dominoes, the only person hurt was the driver perched highest in the air. a recovering alcoholic was struck and killed on his way to an alcoholic anonymous meeting in new hampshire. the suspected driver may have been drunk. the truck driver was drunk and high and added he was drinking a beer at the time of the crash.
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the motor cyclist had been sober for 18 months. a suspicious van in california was making residents nervous, the van with free candy was driving around. it was driving alongside a school bus. the turned out the van belongs to a man who was on his way to the burn manifest val in inform. -- burning man festival in nevada. looking at the numbers, check out this, the high today 85 degrees, the low 67. go outside and enjoy that sunrise you'll see it at 6:25. i promise it will be a beauty. details in the seven-day forecast summing -- coming up.
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residents of luther woods
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nursing home and rehab in hatboro, montgomery county are just as hip and cool as you. this youtube video shows the seniors learning how to whip and how to nay. nay. >> i have a lot of this in my back seat. >> look at that. >> reporter: the whipping. points for trying. as we head out this morning, on the ben franklin bridge from center city headlights coming westbound, we still have that westbound light lane out of commission, but only another week of that, but that should be reopened after labor day weekend. delaware memorial bridge the painting work continues expect restrictions in both directions all weekend long. in wilmington edgemore road westbound is closed through the end of september for on going construction. getting word of inbound delays
6:22 am
on the regional rail lines because of signal problems near ivy ridge. the delays 15 minutes so far. >> reporter: we have comfortable numbers right now. check out the poconos, 48 degrees. 54 in allentown. 60 in reading. 56 in lancaster. 58 in wilmington. the 64 feeling a little better in center city. but millville, 54 degrees, 48 in the poconos. in the low 50s in the suburbs. a cool start for this time of the year. normally we would have an overnight low of 66. noon, 79, bright sunshine. 3:00 p.m., 84 degrees, the high is 85. just lost an earring. cool start, nice breeze, 85 degrees for the high. warming up, 88 degrees, tam. the. >> thank you, karen. >> "healthcheck," f deferment a aproved a cholesterol lowering drug, but it will cost you, it works by making the livermore
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efficient. high levels of bad cholesterol have been linked to heart disease. health insurers expressed concerns about the costs. the drug is $14,000 a year. >> if you ask any member. phillies who owns you, each should respond the mets. the mets own me. the phillies took the game into extra innings, but the mets closed it out with a 9-5 victory, it was the first four game sweep of the phillies in 13 years. the phillies have lost 12 of their 13 games this season. they start a home series against the padres tonight. cameras are rolling when a sinkhole swallows up people on the street. >> katherine scott has more on a wild police chase and carjacking. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, a man evades police and car
6:24 am
jack's a vehicle and takes off with two women inside, we'll have all the details coming up at 6:30. >> in china dramatic video of
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surveillance camera captures the pavement collapsing beneath the feet of a group of people waiting for a bus. you can see a woman clinging to a pipe trying to not to fall in the hole. they fer no word on what caused the pavement to give way like that. a 13-year-old boy use his
6:27 am
survivallal training to save his dad while they were hiking. a bolder the size of refrigerator brock loose and hit the boy's father who became trapped. he spent two days keeping him hydrated and dressinged wounds and hiked miles away to find a ranger who came to save his dad. >> he said he kept remembering his boy scout training to keep calm. >> the search for a carjacker in south philadelphia who might be fresh on it out of prison. >> a student shot dead down south on a campus goes into lockdown mode. we're monitoring the situation on "action news."
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>> breaking now on "action news," we're gathering details
6:30 am
on a wild police chase involving a crash and carjacking. >> local teachers step up big time when the cash flow could affect the start of school. >> papal passes that people thought it was going to be hard to get, turns out there's a lot of left over for the papal visit. >> karen david murphy is off,t means karen rogers and matt pellman. >> reporter: we are enjoying the beautiful weather. the i decided i'm running to the beach right after. 54 degrees if martins creek. tanersville, 48. 58 in pottstown, 52 in coatsville. 53 in kennett square. in the city itself it's average.
6:31 am
56 in browns mill. 54 in hammonton. 55 in dover. avalon a nice, beautiful 63 degrees, makes you want to head down there again. satellite and radar showing us we have dry conditions, we have just have a few patchy clouds, a gorgeous start to the day, once again the humidity is way down there. today is the last day it's this low, so it's nice and comfortable out there, try to get outside and enjoy it. 85 is the high, this afternoon it will warm up a bit. 9:00 a.m., 70. noon, 79. # p.m., 84 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 83. we're getting the latest on tropical storm erika we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> reporter: do i get the sense you would rather be at the shore? >> everyday. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, lots of people heading for i-95 starting to see the crowd on the southbound lanes from approaching academy through this point at girard avenue.
6:32 am
it's normal morning volume building in heading toward center city. we'll see a whole lot of sun glare this morning, as you can see from this shot in delco. i-95 northbound lanes approaching highland avenue they are not backed up yet, but they will be with the bright sunshine. woodhaven road they did more milling work, it's a bumpy road there's stones flying, dusty situation. just keep that in mind if you drive on woodhaven. a bit to the south we had an overturned vehicle crash that was blocking the southbound side of academy road that just reopened. the crash is cleared out of the way. we have a disabled tractor-trailer in new hanover montgomery county blocking crossroad near sanatoga, stay on swamp pike to get around that. born got we have police activity blocking route 9 bay avenue at doyle's poorhouse. >> this story is breaking right
6:33 am
now, a man crashes one car and car car jacks another with people inside. he did it in front of police, they think the suspect may have just gotten out of prison. let's go over to katherine scott outside of south detectives, katherine you imagine police standing there watching this. >> reporter: yeah, well they were trying to get the suspect, of course so far he is on the loose, police did find and identification card a prison inmate identification card in that vehicle, so police believe they know who they are looking for. all four victims were taken to south detectives to be interviewed. let's go to the video of the scene on camack street in south philadelphia where the suspect's mustang crashed into two parked vehicles. it happened at 12:30, that's when it all started. police pulled over a black mustang that was running stop signs and driving erratically.
6:34 am
initially the mustang stopped. as the police approached the driver sped off. the mustang went several blocks before crashing into two parked cars, the officers witnessed the crash. the driver ran out and got in the to the nearest car he saw, that was a nissan. there were four people inside, he committed a carjacking in front of the police, the front-seat passenger got out to help the driver, the suspect took off with two women in the back seat. police followed him but lost him. the women said he drove to 5th and shunk where he ditched car and fled on foot. the two women drove to the car to 9th where they flagged down a police officer. he faces additional charges. >> after carjacking the vehicle he took off with two females in the back seat. else facing kidnapping in addition to the carjacking
6:35 am
robbery. one of the victims did have minor injuries to his knees, he refused medical treatment. all the victims are expected to be okay. if you have any information, south detective's want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning, a firefighter got hurt battling a blaze in reading, berks county. heavy smoke sent the fire to two-alarms. the fire fire marshal is investigating the cause. the firefighter's injuries are not serious. i'm seeing this for the first time along with you, sky6 live hd showing smoke rising from camden, new jersey, fire location 1100 block of mechanic street along mount ephraim avenue, a highly populated area. this is something we're following and get the action cam on the ground and get video of
6:36 am
this, as well. teachers in the cash-strapped chester up land school district are taking drastic measures to make sure the school opens on time. they will start without pay. a representative of the teachers said we'll always put our students first. the judge ruled against the district's request to save money by cutting special education funding to certain charter schools. police are questioning a suspect in connection with the rash of burglaries near drexel university. investigators say he was trying to break into an apartment at the evo building at 29th and drexel street. several students have come home to their off campus apartments to find electronics and jewelry missing. septa says 100,000 train
6:37 am
pass are for sale, and another 140,000 my become available. septa says they will make 23,000 parking spaces available those locations will be released next week. you can follow our special twitter account @ 6abc pope for the latest updates. >> we could see a baby heat wave. >> reporter: it's just a little bit above 90. it's been a bit warmer than average this summer and this weekend it will i know continue. storm tracker 6 live double scan live around the region, it's looking good, and feeling good. we looking through the temple university camera looking at this beautiful view of the center city skyline.
6:38 am
looking good, blue skies. 54 in in in allentown. 54 in millville. feeling cool for this time of the year as you step outside. satellite and radar showing it's bright and pretty all day. we continue with the quiet weather pattern. today, sunny skies it's warmer, 835 degrees is the high. yesterday's high, 81. 8:00 a.m., 69. 11:00 a.m., 78, bright sunshine. it will take a little while for temperatures to recover. 2:00 p.m., 83 degrees, nice and warm. high 85. the 5:00 p.m. coming down from that a little bit, 84 degrees. in reading, gorgeous day, 80. 8 old degrees in atlantic city and cape may. 82 in millville and dover, delaware. we'll have changes this morning with tropical storm erika.
6:39 am
winds were at 45 miles per hour now sustained 50. it inincreased a little bit. as it moves toward puerto rico and heading toward the administer can -- dominica re il make level near florida. that's early next week. at this point it will be a tropical storm, it won't have the time to intensify to a hurricane. cool start, bright finish, 85 is the high, tomorrow, 88 dry and nice. sunday hot, humid, 90 degrees, by monday you're starting to feel the heat and humidity, 92. slight chance for shower or
6:40 am
thunderstorm each day. tuesday, 92. wednesday, sticky, 91 degrees, on thursday, partly sunny skies and 90 degrees with just a chance, again, for a shower or thunderstorm. not a lot of heavy rain in the seven seven-day forecast, just a chance of a shower. a student has been shot and killed on a college campus down south. brand new video released showing a bus rider snapping and pinching the driver. the attacker said he doesn't remember doing it. >> reporter: shades are down and speeds are down, sun glare 340 into 113. we'll talk about several issues in south jersey after the break. >> speaking of south jersey, chopper 6 is on its way to breaking news you can see the smoke in camden, we'll give you the latest when we come right back.
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>> welcome back chopper 6 is live over our breaking news coming to us from camden in south jersey. take a live look at this this is the 1100 block of mechanic street this is evolving in the last 20 minutes. firefighters got a call that a fire was going on they got there torched one house with -- to find one house with fire on the second floor and the fire is spreading. they have the fire crews out there and water is trained on it. upper wood is burned out. a lot of smoke, we don't see
6:44 am
flames. we'll keep an eye on this and let you know about that and any injuries as it comes into us. >> matt pellman is covering that traffic. >> reporter: mechanic street and the closest intersection is mount refrim -- mount ephraim avenue. instead of mechanic use kaign to the north. vine street expressway just a bit of brake tapping approachingment schuylkill expressway. on the schuylkill expressway 26 miles per hour by belmont. normal morning delays on i-95 southbound from the betsy ross bridge into girard. in kensington tool -- tulip is blocked. cedar street is an alternate there. the i would like to invite you to go ahead and enjoy plymouth road back in business for the morning mute commute on this
6:45 am
friday. not in business is crossroad in new hanover montgomery county. there's a disabled tractor-trailer, stay on swamp pike. 422 eastbound here's how it is looking at the saint gabe's curves a little bit of sun glare, delays are not too bad, sluggish from saint gabe's into 23. we'll have construction blocking eastbound lanes, 422 to 42, northbound a little bit bunched up by 55 the otherwise not too bad as you head toward 295. starting at 9:00 and lasting all weekend long, the ramp from the black horse pike to 295 southbound will be closed for construction, use the ramp at the white horse pike instead. >> "action news" has learned that a student who was shot on a georgia college campus has died. the shooting triggered a one hour lockdown at have a -- is a
6:46 am
savannah state university. he was shot at the student union during an altercation. allison parker attended james madison university in virginia. a scholarship has started up to honor her. a vigil was held outside the station. parker and adam ward was killed by vester flanagan who also shot and woman who was being interviewed by the news crew. >> he missed twice and dove to the ground and curled up in a ball and that's when he shot her in the back. >> the family of the murdered crew are calling for stricter gun control. vester flanagan had a wig and
6:47 am
sunglasses and different license plates. 20/20 will devote their entire broadcast to the tragedy that unfolded on television and how companies around anger management in the workplace. >> a live preview of "g.m.a." is next. what is the deal with the lemonade stand in front of the jerry seinfeld's house, who are these people who call the police? >> 6:49 we just more
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
information on the breaking news story we are told that the three homes burning in camden, new jersey were vacant. as far as anyone knows nobody was inside. that's good news. it's happening on mechanic street in camden. firefighters have put most of the fire out, but it's smoke. >> kaign avenue and haddon avenue better bets than mechanic. >> reporter: it's bright sunshine and sun greater on the schuylkill expressway, by the curve you can see the headlights coming toward the blue route. mass transit front, norristown regional rail lines have inbound delays because of signal issues by the ivy ridge station. elwin media line running on different schedule, check out
6:51 am >> reporter: 54 in martins creek, 52 in coatsville, oxford and kennett square and saint davids, as well. 56 in ewing, the numbers have come down. the update just in, 53 degrees very cool for this time of the year. 535 in dover, delaware. this afternoon it will be warm and sunny even a notch above average. 9:00 a.m., # 0. noon, 79. 3:00 p.m., 84, 6:00 p.m., 83 down from 85. >> time to check in with "good morning america." >> amy robach in the "g.m.a." studios. >> reporter: matt and tam, coming up next, tropical summer erika battering the caribbean. the next stop could be the state of florida. weather team tracking it all.
6:52 am
abc exclusive, the husband of the soul survivor of the deadly on air shooting is speaking out to abc sharing exclusive new details. the jury heading back for a second day of deliberations in the high-profile rape case involving an students at an elite prep school in new hampshire. we have more on that. home coming for an american hero one of the three americans who helped take down a terrorist on the french train is joining us live in time square for an exclusive interview all coming up on a friday on "good morning america." back to you. >> see you in seven minutes. >> new this morning, just released surveillance video shows a passenger brutally attacking a bus driver in phoenix. it caused the driver to lose control and crash the bus. the attacker was charged with
6:53 am
endangerment and aggravated assault. he claims he was on drugs. east hampton neighbor of jerry seinfeld is a sour pus, they claimed they didn't have a permit and were snarling traffic. seinfeld joked about the incident on his instagram page. he posted the picture of him and his family after cops ticketed them.
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>> top stories a police he chase led to a crash and wild carjacking in south philadelphia. it started on the 1900 block of camack street. the car thief didn't realize two women were in the back seat. he fled on foot. police are searching for the carjacker. septa says there's plenty of room to hop aboard to see pope francis. one this one thousand train passes are still for sale. you'll need them to ride the rails during the pope's visit. >> reporter: sun glare on the 30 bypass jammed from 340 to 113. >> reporter: it's friday i'm so happy. 56 degrees in millville.
6:57 am
beautiful sunny day ahead. this is the last day with low humidity and the high today is 85. warming up this afternoon. >> we'll make the most of the beautiful weekend before the heat comes in. we'll see you in 30 with updates.
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good morning, america. breaking news, tropical storm erika on the move hitting the caribbean right now. the deadly storm battering the islands with powerful winds and raging floodwaters. sweeping cars away and swallowing roads and now the storm is taking aim at florida. 10 million americans in its path. new this morning, soul survivor. exclusive new details about that deadly shooting on live tv. the woman recovering from that attack, now telling her terrifying story. >> she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball. >> her husband speaking out only on "gma." >> badge of honor, the 13-year-old boy scout who saved his father after he was hit by a massive boulder on a remote mountain. how he kept his dad alive for three days all while desperately searching for help.


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