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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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for national presidential debate, and that is next. tonight, in haddon township, new jersey, a neighborhood comes together, to remember the life and mourn the death of the three-year old boy. at the same time, police are in the middle of a full scale investigation. who killed brendan creato, and
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why. it is to tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on a mysterious death of the little boy. tonight, the probe seems to be focusing on the boy's father. a "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in the camden county prosecutor's office. dann, you've got the details. >> reporter: that is right, jim. homicide up investigators from the camden county prosecutor's office have been questioning the three-year old's father but so far no charges or arrest have been made in the case. meanwhile as you say family, friend, neighbors were remembering the little boy tonight. >> ♪ >> reporter: about 100 neighbors and friend gathered a along cooper street in haddon township many holding candles, praying and singing in memory of the three-year old brendan creato. >> he loved pirates. he loved cats and dogs. he was going to be the hulk for halloween. he had his costume ready.
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he was a joy. >> reporter: hours earlier brendan's lifeless body was found half mile from his father's home in the wooded area off south park drive-in cooper river park. the authorities would not reveal any details about how the child died. >> we need to wait for medical examine tore give us an autopsy to determine a manner of death. >> reporter: there are any obvious signs of injury? >> we're not going to discuss that at this point. >> reporter: family friend say the child's parents, live in separate homes, but authorities say child's grandmother dropped the boy off after his father a's apartment 9:30 monday night the but he was reported missing by a family member by 6:00 the next morning. the authorities have been questioning the father. >> they won't let him talk to his parents, because the police won't let him talk to his parents. he has been there. he said i don't need a lawyer because i didn't do this because he didn't do this. we know he didn't do this. he loves his baby. >> reporter: family friend said despite number of personal problems in dj creato's life his son was the
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the most important thing to him. >> no matter what happens in your family's life, which is your relationship with your wife, his work, issues, but he saw brendan all of that fell away and all he knew was this is the most important thing in my life. >> reporter: late tonight the child's mother samantha denotto issued a statement that read in part we are heart broken by loss of our beautiful boy, brendan creato. we do not have any answer about what occurred. we thank the community, which searched this morning for brendan and gathered tonight in his memory. that is very latest from here, live from the prosecutor's office in camden, new jersey, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> dann, thank you. our coverage of the death investigation continues, on six we will have the latest information, and as it unfold was photographs, videos of the latest social media posts from our "action news" team.
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a 14 year-old boy who was shot in north philadelphia has died. last night at 11:00 we were live in the 1200 block of north tenth street where police were looking for the the gun man. tonight, family and friends gathered at the the scene to remember duvall johnson, police say they do not know who shot the teen, or why. police are hoping that a $20,000 reward will help them track down three men involved in a deadly home invasion in southwest philadelphia. fifty year-old tony harris was getting ready for bed last night when the trio broke into his home on south ruby street. his wife says that the intruders demanded to know where the cash was before they shot him in the head. harris sells and repairs electronics. police say that they are aware of the photograph that he posted on facebook earlier this month of his wife holding what appeared to be a large sum of cash. philadelphia police are trying to round up a woman who has been committing brazen burglar is in west kensington, as many as nine of them.
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"action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at east detectives headquarters in hunting park. chad, are police making any headway in this case. >> reporter: yes, jim. police know who the suspect is. she's expected to be arrested and charged tomorrow. in an "action news" exclusive i spoke to several of the alleged victims. they are older, they are very sweet, they are very generous and police say the suspect prayed on those sensitivities. police say this woman shown here committing a burglary in the 2900 block of north third is the crook, who prays on the elderly. >> she come to my house and she said that she know me. i said i don't know you. she said yeah, you know me. i go no. >> reporter: hope morero said the suspect came to her house a week ago with a baby in hand. morero was leery but still allowed would the man into the house. zoo. >> said can i use the the bathroom because i'm bleeding. i'm having surgery. i'm bleeding. i said owe rye.
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>> reporter: she said would the man went upstairs and then left but not before giving morero a kiss on the cheek. she soon realized a piggy bank was gone. >> i have a lot of pennies. she got the quarters. >> reporter: neighbor nieves has a similar story. last thursday the suspect came to her home claiming she was an old neighbor, this time with her five-year old child. she allegedly told nievthat he is she needed a band-aid and then she went upstairs. >> when i went upstairs she took my purse, my daughter's purse. >> reporter: police say the suspect burglarize $5 homes in the 3300 block of masher just this month. she's wanted for four other similar crimes in the neighborhood. morero's piggy bank contained $300. it was money saved for christmas gifts for her grand kids, one with a serious illness. >> you have been saving that money all year. >> yeah, yeah. my husband too.
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>> reporter: and jim, we are not naming the suspect because she hasn't yet been formally charged. again she's expect to be arrested and charged, tomorrow. i'm live in hunting park, chad pradelli for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, chad. there is still no sign of the young woman missing since pope francis's visit, 24 years old julia milln of philadelphia was spotted at broad and cherry the night of the papal concert, festival of the families. police say she suffers from bipolar disorder and need medication. tomorrow the former president of the philadelphia chapter of the n double naacp jy mondesire will be laid to rest. a viewing was held at bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia. friend and family were on hand along with police commissioner charles ramsey. there was a celebration have of life services at the church, tomorrow morning at 11:00. voters tonight got to hear 59 democratic candidates for
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president, and most of the spotlight felon hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. they were joined by former maryland governor martin o'malley, former rhode island governor lincoln chefee and former virginia senator jim web. the debate covered topics ranging from american policies in syria to gay marriage. of course, clinton was called on to address the e-mail controversy, and the investigation into that controversy, by the fbi. she acknowledged using a personal e-mail server was a mistake and she will testify before congress when she and sanders, had this to say. >> tonight, i want to talk in the about my e-mails about what the american people want for the next president of the united states. >> let me say something that may not be great politics but i think the secretary is right. that is that the american people are sick and tired of
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hearing about your dam e-mails. >> me too, me too. >> clinton and sanders also clashed on gun control. she lashed out at sanders for voting against a major gun control legislation. still to come on "action news" tonight we will tell you why a new york woman tried to sue her 12 year-old nephew for $127,000. plus a lawsuit that could set a precedent, two police officers shot in the face, sue a gun store and tonight the verdict is in. protesters interrupt a town hall meeting attended by police commissioner charles ramsey and this isn't the first time. we will tell you hoe how he responded, cecily. cold front that brought showers and thunderstorms in south jersey and delaware is pushing off shore and will usher in a cool down, first of two, second one arrives this weekend with the coldest air mass so far this season.
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i'll have details in the accu weather forecast. chip kelly talk about one of his rising defensing stars when "action news" continues tonight. ♪
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philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey took part in a timely conversation tonight, about policing in a democratic society. his presence sparked protests. "action news" reporter annie mccormack was there. >> reporter: only a few minutes into philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey's town hall meeting, protesters opted exercised their freedom of speech as he was mid sentence. >> a all of those things... >> reporter: but unlike his last run in where ramsey walk a away, this time he stayed, and listen. >> ma'am, listen. >> reporter: the the protesters were removed after a organizers thought they were too disruptive and then the forum continue. >> this was handled, a different way and we wound up with good dialogue which is really what this event was all about. >> reporter: the national constitution center hosted the
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event. the topic policing and democracy and constitution's role. ramsey who recently co chaired the president's task force on 21st century policing talk about implementing recommendations including one that officer involved shootings and investigating police brutality. >> not to say that we cannot conduct our own investigations nor is it to say that the prosecutors are incapable of reviewing, these cases objectively. but it is perception. >> reporter: ramsey did not shy away from controversial topics like releasing names of officers involved in shootings. >> i think at some point in time we have to come to and understand that you cannot shoot people and remain anonymous. >> reporter: his ideas on stop and frisk. >> just because you stop an individual you don't automatically have have to search him. it depend on the stop. it the depend on whether or not you think that person is in possession of the weapon. >> reporter: reporting outside the constitution center, annie mccormack for channel six "action news".
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jury ordered a wisconsin gun shop own tore pay nearly six million-dollar to two police officers who were shot the with the gun purchased at the store. the the officers filed a negligence lawsuit against the the owners and operators of the badger guns. the suit alleged that the shot store allowed an illegal a sale despite warning signs that the weapon was being purchased for someone who could not buy it legally. the officers were shot in the face during a traffic stop in 2009. a court has reject a manhattan woman's attempt to sue her 12 year-old nephew. it took a connecticut jury only 25 minutes to reach the decision. jennifer connolly says the boy acted unreasonablely when he shouted i love you and jumped in to her arms at his eighth birthday party. she fell and broke her wrist. she told the jury that she still has lingering problems. the jury didn't buy it. former nba player, and reality tv star lemar odom is in a las vegas hospital this evening. he was found unconscious at a
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nevada brot he will. he check in saturday and was discovered this afternoon. police are investigating lemar odom who played for the the lakers and he spent four years married to chloe kardashian. on health check tonight if you are thinking of having a babe you, you might want to consider giving birth in the summertime. researchers a at cambridge university say that babies born then have a healthier birth weight and they are taller. girls may also begin puberty later in life compared to girls born in other seasons. researchers say that more work need to be done but they think that this is all because of the expectant moms get more sunlight and more vitamin d, in their second trimester. >> it is no fun being pregnant in the summertime especially during heat wave. it is like a giant heating pad over you. >> so i have been told. >> yes, i have experienced that once. >> cecily tynan and the accu weather forecast. >> feel like summer lately a
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little bit. storm tracker six live double scan is showing that we have scattered showers just lingering along the the coast, a line of some showers and thunderstorms moving across south jersey and delaware with a cold front. behind that front, we have a reality check, because the past three days has not felt like the middle of october. the it felt more like september. sunday 7o yesterday and today 76 degrees. that is 8 degrees above average. right now temperatures still pretty mild. still some cloud cover up there. 68 degrees in philadelphia trenton 61. millville 6o sea isle city 63. allentown 59. redding concernedly 61 degrees. the satellite six is showing that we are dog with a mixture of cloud and sunshine all day long with scattered showers. now you can see those showers, rolling off the coast. if you look across central pennsylvania, cloud are clearing. that is dryer air that is moving in and that is what will continue to push in, through the overnight hours. so the bus stop forecast, it is looking nice. mostly sunny, cooler then this
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morning but still pretty mild for this time of the year. at 6:00 o'clock in philadelphia 56 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 57. tomorrow, breezy, cooler then today but still couple of degrees above normal. close to 70 with a high up to 69 degrees. mixture of cloud and sunshine. on thursday this high pressure will move a little bit further east. what this will do is bring us more sunshine, diminished wind and drop temperatures down a notch to a seasonal 67 degrees. if you compare the forecast temperatures, with the average temperatures for this time of the year. we are right on target on thursday. but then temperatures drop. friday another cold front will move in with cloud or showers. so a temperature 3 degrees below average. here comes the the weekend, saturday our high 8 degrees below average and sunday, it is going to feel like november. 12 degrees below average with overnight lows in the 30's, and it could even be patchy frost in the suburbs on sunday and monday morning if the the
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breeze diminishes enough. you will feel that change in the air mass. so the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow cooler then today. still relatively mild. mixture of sun and cloud. high of 69 degrees. it will be breezy tomorrow. on thursday beautiful fall day. mostly sunny. low humidity. wind not a major factor. high of 67 degrees. on friday, the the next cold front moves through like today mostly cloudy skies, some showers, not a wash out, and 64 degrees but behind that front we will really open up the the door for air to stream down, straight from canada so saturday will be breezy, and cool with a high of 58 degrees. if you are heading to the temple football game you want to dress in layers and temperatures continue to drop on sunday, brisk, chilly with a high of 54 degrees. machine will still be cool, 59 y skies. if you are heading to the link for eagles monday night football game, temperatures
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will be dropping down in the lower 50's during the game. so definitely bundle up. and then on tuesday wind shift out of the southwest up to 67 degrees. definitely feeling like late fall, this weekend. >> in early fall. >> exactly. >> mid fall. >> mid fall. >> thanks, cecily. they have honored a couple of women tonight because they do what they love and they do it so well. claire bowman and helen myths have been crossing guard in cherry hill for 50 years. the 88 and 87 years old have been friend even longer. their friendship began in first grade. they became crossing guard in 1965, just a month apart. the tonight at township council meeting they were both presented with proclamations for their decade of services. >> we're overwhelmed. as long as we can do it, we will do it. >> i feel the same way. in signs of retirement yet. >> both women love watching the kid grow up and even
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tonight one of their former students was their limo driver. in delaware county tonight community leader david freeman woolly was recognized for all of the work he has done promoting wilmington -- i said delaware county. of course, i meant the state of the delaware, first state, mayor dennis williams and music legend die on warwick honored him tonight at the grand opera house. one of the things freeman woolly is known for is creating the clifford brown jazz festival which attracts thousands of tourists every year. president obama crashed a wedding over the weekend in san diego and they have pictures to prove it. brian and stephanie were preparing for their big day at torey pines. they got word that the president obama was on the golf course and they had to delay their ceremony. after he finished playing 18th hole the bride and groom ran outside to meet him. >> yeah. >> i just started crying. i was running up there.
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it is overwhelmed with emotions. >> the president posed for a few pictures with the couple. he congratulated them and wish them good luck
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spring, about 8,000 boys and girls in the city will have access to free baseball and softball training year round. a state of the art practice facility is thanks to the generosity of the phillies, major league baseball and the city of philadelphia. believe it or not, the the eagles will be playing for first place, come monday night. >> monday night against the giants. who can believe it. two-31 game behind those first place g men. eagles are pleased with how they played sunday but as connor barwin said it won't mean anything if they lay an egg monday against new york. fletcher cox can duplicate what they did to drew brees and saints, eagles will have a good chance. cox has been a monster for a while but for some reason he was left out of the pro bowl last season. the the voters should not make that mistake again. >> i think he is just starting to get noticed, where he should have gotten before. i think you go back to last year and opponents talking about going in getting ready
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to play us and they are talking about fletcher's name this wasn't his first big game for us but it is something that we have become accustomed too because of the player fletch is. >> he is a good one. >> we and our friend at phl17 are teaming up to bring you game monday night. join us for our pregame special at 8:00, live from the link, kick off is immediately afterward. according to espn chase utley's appeal of the two game suspension will be held on monday. dodgers/mets series, well, going in to tonight would be over tonight. mets looking to close out dodgers tonight the in game four. first inning, jeff turner, a former met, two run double. that makes it three to nothing l.a. dodgers do not look back. they win three -one to tie the series at two, it is back to game five, thursday back in l.a. harry carry is smiling. the cubs hit three more home runs today. anthony rizzo breaks a four all tie in the fifth with the solo blast. cubs hit ten home runs in the series. they win six-four. they take series in four
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games. they have advanced to the national league championship series. still a head hear why the the sixers are being cautious with jahlil okafor. plus james franklin necessary penn state will have its handful with ohio state this weekend.
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well, go to basketball now sixers rookie jahlil okafor missed last night's game with the new york mets with the sore knee. okafor top draft pick this season is one of the pillars of the team, and team hopes to build around him now and in the future. sixers would like to be smart
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with the way they handle him. >> this is a lot going on in the past half year for any draft pick let alone a 19 year-old seven footer. so, we just have to be on top of it to where we can manage him and navigate through 82 games and deliver him to april. >> college football now penn state has been on a role after lose to go tell tomorrow open up the season, tonight the any lions have not lost a game since. saturday night they will visit number one ranked ohio state, and life is about to get hard. >> five games in a row at home, now going on the the road, you know, to ohio state my first time ever going there. and face, you know that type of adversity and that type of of environment will be a challenge and it will be interesting. >> it will be a nutty environment. penn state/ohio state saturday night, buck eye nutty. 8:00 o'clock here on six abc, anything can happen. temple is off to the best start since 1974, five-zero
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owls will host central florida saturday night this may sound like a give me but owls dropped two meeting between the two schools. >> we have our work cut out for us and we are working hard right now to have a chance to beat them. obviously we don't like the fact that last few years it has been us walking off the feel as losersy feel like i a said this last few weeks but temple is on the cusp of the breaking in the top 25 might get thereafter this game. >> chase utley didn't play tonight, last night did they keep him away from mets pitchers. >> oh, absolutely. >> baseball players have a a long memory so next season, if he doesn't get in the game thursday he might get one in the back. >> all right. this was night to celebrate one of the most, well known mentoring programs in the state if not the the country. big brothers, big sisters organization of southeastern pennsylvania held its 100 anniversary gala. hundreds of people attended the star studded event at the kimmel center. night was filled with celebrity appearances, marilyn
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wayans was events master of ceremony and little league star mo'ne davis helped hand outward tonight. jimmy kimmel live tonight followed by night line. jimmy's guests are taraji p henson, matthew fox and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, from "empire," taraji p. henson, matthew fox, "lie witness news," and comedian byron bowers, with cleto and the cletones. and now and furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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