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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 18, 2015 12:37am-1:06am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, a world on edge. a terror scare in germany prompting a massive evacuation at a stadium as police in france say they're now searching for one more suspect believed to be a ninth attacker. both france and russia hitting isis in syria. and here at home, mounting opposition against admitting refugees. a pastor's heartbreak. a father and husband speaking out for the first time as new details emerge in a search for the killer of a young mother. the suspect caught on surveillance video. ♪ and one direction, a perfect performance. part of "good morning america's" birthday bash 40 for 40, a nonstop record-breaking live
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good evening. tonight there are fast moving developments in the investigation into that terror attack in paris. police are search for two suspected terrorists on the run. this as an entire stadium in germany was evacuated because of
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a possible bomb. with france, russia, and america all now hitting isis in syria, there is a major backlash against syrian refugees brewing here in the u.s. abc's matt gutman is covering all of this tonight from paris. >> reporter: tonight a tale of two soccer games in a europe on edge. in hannover, germany, less than 90 minutes before kickoff the soccer stadium suddenly swarmed with police. loud speakers ordering people to go home. the german players, the very same ones that were on the pitch in paris when the suicide bombers struck. you can hear the explosions in the background. after an extensive search the german interior minister saying no explosives were found. add that germany is taking every precaution to keep its citizens safe. with the memory of a brutal rampage that killed 129 people
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in paris, still so painfully fresh. but in london tonight, the game went on. french flags and brazilians on full display in a mostly british crowd during a friendly match between the two teams. prince william was there laying a wreath in honor of those who died in the coordinated isis attacks on friday night. >> we're standing with one with france. >> reporter: the stadium lit up in french colors while the entire crowd joined in in singing france's national anthem. and across the channel in paris, crowds in cafes and bars touched. >> everyone was standing up and was singing it. it's really great to see that everyone supports us all over the world. and we are touched by this. >> reporter: here young parisians drank and laughed as if an open defiance of the terror that struck the city. >> we need to go out. we need to go out on the
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terrace. we need to show people we are not scared. >> reporter: the city of paris has been jittery since the attacks on friday where at least nine men targeted a concert hall, a soccer game, and several busy cafes killing 129 people. isis claimed responsibility. 10 9 people still remain hospitaliz hospitalized. french police over the past couple of nights conducting well over 200 anti-terrorism raids. so edgy here in paris that false alarms have been triggered like this stampede sunday outside a memorial. >> right now everybody is running were we were there as the entire square emptied. diners ducked under tables, taking cover. but police said it was a false alarm. perhaps from fireworks. and there is still reason to fear at least two suspects in the attacks remain on the run. 26-year-old belgian salah abdeslam who opened fire on c e cafes and another unidentified
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man. salah abdeslam's brother is speaking out saying he had no idea his two brothers, one was killed while perpetrating the attack, were there at all. he also urged his brother to turn himself into authorities. they retraced tracks to this hotel where it's believed they stayed that night. new pictures showed the room the men may have stayed in torn apart after an extensive police sweep. authorities also asking the public to study this photo of one of the bombers looking for any identity, his body found outside the stadium with a fake syrian passport. authorities say he used it to sneak into europe posing as a refugee. meanwhile, the international search is continuing for the alleged mastermind behind the attacks, belgian born abdelhamid abaaoud seen here in this isis video. a man known to both belgian and american authorities. just this may a u.s. intelligence assessment actually
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warned of abaaoud by name. the u.s. said a police raid in belgium just this past january revealed abaaoud was plotting a massive attack involving a large group of terrorists is now believed to be back in syria. in the wake of the attacks, the french government has launched fresh air strikes against isis strongholds in syria. and today, russia is getting its own retribution launching its own attacks against isis, 34 cruise missiles today alone. this morning russian intelligence declared that the evidence was clear that it was a bomb that brought down metrojet flight 9268 two weeks ago. today the kremlin releasing a strong statement, quote, we will forget no one or nothing. we will find them everywhere where they have hidden themselves. today my colleague asked secretary of state john kerry about isis' new video threatening an attack in
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washington, d.c. >> washington is always a target. new york is a target. major cities, big public events. >> reporter: it's not just the threat of an isis attack that's on the mind of political leaders, it's the 10,000 syrian refugees u.s. has pledged to take in this year. today republican presidential candidate jeb bush suggesting that the u.s. should accept only christian refugees from syria. >> there are no christian terrorists in the middle east. they're persecuted. you're a christian. you can prove you're a christian. >> how? >> i think you can prove it. >> reporter: fellow candidate donald trump also weighing in in an exclusive interview with barbara walters. >> some people are saying that only christian, not muslim, refugees from syria should be allowed in. should we make that test? >> the problem is we don't know if they're christian or not. i would certainly say that would be superior. but we don't know if they're christian or not. we have no idea who the people are. they have no papers. >> reporter: president obama responding with outrage tonight.
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>> when individuals say that we should have a religious test and that only christians, proven christians, should be admitted, that's offensive and contrary to american values. >> reporter: mohammed was one of the families welcomed by the united states. he says the conditions in syria were extremely brutal. the family resettled in phoenix, arizona, in april. forced to flee, he says, to save his family from death at the hands of bashar al-assad's regime and isis. mohammed says he loves the feeling of security that he feels here in his new home, that his family has been welcomed by his neighbors and that he hopes some day he can feel the same protection and safety in their own country, syria. a feeling that today may feel fleeting as the governor of arizona joined 28 other state governors hoping to halt the resettlement of syrian refugees
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in their states. these remarks, mohammed says, it's unfortunate to see innocent people, especially children, suffer because of the acts of a few. but the organizations that are working with these families say this backlash is misplaced and will hurt america's legacy as a sanctuary for those in need. >> i think it's reckless to suggest that a refugee is likely to be a terrorist. the very stringent security arrangements that are in place mean that it's harder to get to the america as a refugee than almost any other fashion. >> reporter: while the political battles play out in the u.s., in paris tonight an overwhelming sense of triumph over tragedy. a partial return to old paris. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman, in paris. next on "nightline," for the first time we're hearing from the pastor whose young, pregnant wife was shot dead inside of their home. what he is saying with the
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new developments to report tonight in a murder that has made national headlines. a pastor's wife, 28-year-old mom, pregnant with her second child, shot dead inside of her own home. as police release new images of the suspect, we are hearing from the first time from the grieving husband. here's abc's geo. >> reporter: davey and amanda blackburn seemed inseparable. >> that's when i knew that i had met the girl that i was going to marry. >> reporter: today local pastor davey blackburn by himself on "good morning america" answering questions no husband ever wants to hear. >> do you have any idea why anyone might want to hurt amanda? >> there's not -- amanda didn't have an enemy in the world. i can't -- i can't imagine any reason why. >> reporter: just one week ago 28-year-old amanda blackburn, a wife and pregnant, mother, was shot and killed in her indianapolis home. blackburn telling my colleague george stephanopolous that his wife's murder has left their
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family devastated. >> we're confused. we don't understand why. we -- you know, we're angry. we're not really sure what to do. >> reporter: blackburn says he returned home from the gym last tuesday to find his house broken into, his wife on the ground, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. >> saw the police tape around the blackburn house. my heart sank. >> reporter: their 1-year-old son home at the time. amanda reportedly 12 weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital, placed on life support. but could not be saved. she was pronounced dead. >> the outrage of a woman, a mother, the blasphemy in broad daylight of gunning her down in her own home. >> there was a neighbor that did report hearing shots. >> reporter: one week later her
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assailant is still on the loose. images obtained from the surveillance camera system of a neighboring home. >> to the individual that committed this crime, you are not as good as you think you are. you left behind evidence. we will find it. we have found it. we will find you. and we will not stop until we get you. >> reporter: police they they are on a hunt for an african-american man of medium complexion, last seen wearing a dark colored hoodie. about an hour before the murder there was another burglary just two houses down from the blackburns. a crime they believe is connected. >> there's a burglary that morning. that very morning. two to three hours before her murder. now, as i often say, there is no coincidence in criminal law. >> reporter: according to the fbi, nearly 2 million burglaries occur each year and 60% of those involve forcible entry. >> i moved to south carolina with davey. >> reporter: the blackburns had moved to indianapolis from south carolina just a few years ago to
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build the church. >> we had a really great honeymoon. drove all of the way to south carolina. so in love, taking pictures. >> reporter: the two appeared to be madly in love. >> beautiful, beautiful girl right here. >> thank you. >> reporter: traveling the world, posting youtube video after youtube video. >> this is us. >> reporter: from their honeymoon. >> we've got drinks on the house, little virgin pina coladas, water. >> reporter: to this two weeks ago. >> on our way to chicago to take a romantic get away. >> by all accounts they were very, very loving. she would often speak about her relationship with him and how to further a happy marriage. by all outward signs they were very, very happy. >> reporter: here amanda blackburn even offering some traditional marriage advice to men. >> you can lead your wife best by just being a really, really godly example to her. >> reporter: and here the whole family dressed up for halloween, showing how quickly lives can
12:57 am
change. >> the blackburns were members of our community. and we're neighbors. >> reporter: neighborhood crime watch captain is a family friend. >> amanda was an amazing person. she's just an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. she was a good mother, a good friend to a lot of people in the neighborhood. and davey is a happy, proud father and also a good husband. and we've had some break-ins in the neighborhood, but certainly nothing to this magnitude. nothing even close. >> reporter: mcconnell and davey blackburn say this crime has shocked this tight knit community to its core. >> our neighborhood was so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood and so this is devastated all the neighbors. we knew all the neighbors and we had just had lots of cookouts with them recently. and so, you know, we're just as confused as everybody else at this point. ♪
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>> reporter: and on sunday, friends, family, and members of the congregation came together to remember amanda. >> you know, the funeral just this past sunday was just an amazing celebration of her life and we just -- we were so grateful for friends and family coming to show support. >> reporter: for "nightline," in new york. up next, something entirely different. one direction, the big concert all part of an extraordinary live 40-hour event celebrating 40 years of "good morning america."
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all right. that was one direction's american debut of" perfect." they performed it in a private session for fans as part of a ground breaking event called "40 for 40," 40-hour nonstop gma live stream event. gma cohost lara spencer was right there with a front row seat. i'm curious to know how your ear plugs are doing after being in a room of screaming tweens. >> you said it was an intimate setting. you would not have thought so by the desi believe level. serious fans screaming their heads off. perfect comes to mind. it was a perfect event. the band was really into it. they spent a lot of time talking to fans. giving the stories behind all of
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the songs. they performed four songs, three of which have never been performed in the united states before. they did that for us in honor of our 40th birthday on "good morning america." it was a really special event. >> and how would you describe the crowd reaction? >> well, i think you just heard it. i'm still hearing it, the ringing in my ears. it was -- these were super fans. these are people who have devoted a lot of time and money to go to multiple concerts. this is a band that really does appreciate their fans. it's not lost on them that they're taking a hiatus after this album, made in the am is the name of the new album they happen to be promoting. by the way, we're at "jimmy kimmel." they're performing live on thursday. the fans were so psyched because it was so small and they spoke to them. they sang to them. it was terrific. >> thank you, lara. >> special event. >> it looked like it. lara, thank you very much. by the way, this is only hour
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eight with 32 her hours to go all part of the celebration of a show that is marking its 40th anniversary this week. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, america. >> we've been saying those words for 40 years now. >> this is "good morning america." >> that first broadcast back in 1975. >> good morning. i'm david hartman. >> launching a morning show that would become a huge part of the daily lives of millions of people. >> breaking. >> breaking. >> breaking news. >> from breaking news around the world. >> they woke up to this image today. >> adrenaline pumping feat of courage. to sweet human moments. to the absolutely unpredictable. >> did you hit your head? we'll be right back later. >> i joined the weekend gma team five years


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