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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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over to dave and karen. >> reporter: we have heavy downpours, one over delaware county pushing into center city before too much longer. northern camden county seeing this. a little heavier batch heading into the ac expressway and atlantic county. and heavy downpours pushing over the maryland border and northern wilmington. northern suburbs have this, northern bucks and montgomery county. much of south jersey lighter rain. the heavier stuff is dieing down during the morning commute. the rest of the day looks gray and damp with shower activity. 49 in millville. 48 in cape may. 46 degrees in allentown with a bit of a breeze coming in off the ocean. on the bus stop, cloudy skies and wet conditions between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. keep the rain gear handy. keep the coat handy.
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it will be cloudy and dreary with spotty shower activity on and off all day long into the evening. you can see a high of 49 degrees we'll hit that around 1:00 p.m. and slide back to the mid 40s by 6:00 p.m. karen, looks like the damp condition may continue into tomorrow morning, as well. we'll have more on future tracker 6 coming up. looking outside live, the roads are wet. we're not seeing major problems, but we're driving through ponding and puddling on the roads. slow it down. looking live on the blue route, ridge pike southbound traffic moving just fine. as the cars go by, you can see the spray on the windshield behind you. vine trees express way. -- vine street expressway, no problems, web -- westbound, eastbound all lanes open. tacony-palmyra we had an opening, it's closed and traffic is moving.
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we had an accident at sumneytown pike that has cleared out. northeast extension speeds 59 miles per hour moving good at this point. officials in maryland say a crowning police officer was executed cut down on purpose by gunfire. jacai colson was from delaware county. our katherine scott is in front of chichester high school where he want to school. >> reporter: that's right it, officer jacai colson was was born in boothwyn and went to chichester high school. he was days away from turning 29. police officers joined hands outside prince george medical center after officer jacai colson was killed in an unprovoked attack outside a police in maryland. today we witnessed another
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horrific act of evil, an act of cowardice, a new low. >> reporter: the gunman fired at the first officer he saw outside the district 3 station. a gun battle followed with several officers firing back at the suspect. the suspect was wounded, but expected to survive. a second suspect was arrested soon after. colson was pronounced dead at the hospital. jacai was important to his family and his entire community. we have another mother tonight who is without her son and for that we are deeply sorry, we are deeply sorry. >> reporter: and police say the officers were in no way engaging the suspects at the time this occurred. the motive for the shooting remains under investigation. we're live in boothwyn, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. and today the final goodbye for a new jersey state trooper who lost his life in the line of duty. friends family and colleagues
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streamed into saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson yesterday to pay their respects to sean cullen. that was the first of two viewings of trooper cullen who died in a traffic accident in south deptford. the second viewing starts at 8:00 a.m. followed by a funeral mass at noon. a laundromat in southwest philadelphia has a gaping hole this morning. a driver slammed into the front of the buildings on cobbs creek parkway. everyone inside managed to avoid being hit. philadelphia police have two suspects in custody in connection with a pair of unrelated stabbings in center city. the latest attacks happened at broad and arch streets at 6:00 p.m. one kid in his hand and one
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in his mouth. nose like slashed off. that attack hours after a 24-year-old man was fatally stabbed in rittenhouse square early sunday morning. authorities say the victim was celebrating st. patrick's day when a homeless veteran attacked and killed him. it was a rough weekend when it comes to politics, both literally and first first figur. a trump rally was postponed as supporters and protester also clashed. the democrats echoed the other republican contenders when it comes to one thing they say donald trump had a hand in whipping up the scare j political times. he insights violence. -- incites violence.
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trump has to tell his supporters, violence in the political process. they are disrupt he heers. >> reporter: the question becomes how does it play out when it comes to the voting whet will it mean for trump? a new poll shows him gaining support in florida and ohio that's where they have gop contests as well. both respects and democratic voters vote in illinois and missouri and florida and ohio. questions about trump and whether frontrunners will separate out from the pack we'll see. developing right now, an amtrak train derailed in kansas this morning. these are the it is first pictures just in from the scene. the train was traveling from loss anger loss to chicago. 128 passenger and 14 crew
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members were on board. 20 people were taken to nearby hospitals. five cars are on their side. amtrak is trying to figure out how the train derailed. swollen rivers in louisiana continue to tip over the banks causing widespread flooding. authorities say floodwaters have submerged nearly five thousand homes. cars and all sorts of other things are floating down what were once streets. national guard is assisting with water rescues. four people have died from the flooding including a 6-year-old child. mississippi is experiencing flooding and saw more heavy rains overnight. wow that's a lot of flooding. >> reporter: it is. time to turn to talk about what's going on here. >> reporter: we don't have flooding, but we have steady downpours on the morning road roadways. storm tracker 6 live double scan, there's the rain extending west to east.
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as we come in closer, you can see we're getting heavier stuff in philadelphia. in media, the county seat of delaware county, the blue route, you can see it popping up through media or the east of it anyway. on up into southern montgomery county and southern and western chester county all of these areas looking at fairly steady rain. up north it's not as bad, but there are pockets of the steadier stuff highlighted in yellow as far as north as doylestown and green lane and quakertown. finallily as we look to the south, new castle county delaware about ready to get hammered. the western portions around newark is getting good rain, wilmington will pick it up before too much longer. farther south you go in south jersey, the less chance you have of the steady stuff. it's wet on the roads, you want to slow it down. you can notice down by baltimore, things are drying out a bit, i expect we will transition to spotty showers and drizzle for the end of the
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morning commute with the heavy stuff wrapping up over the next couple of hours. the next of the day looks dank and cloudy. as we take a look outside, that's what you got right now, dank an cloudy with rain falling around chester as we look at the commodor barry bridge. 48 degrees currently in philadelphia. the wind 14 miles per hour, so it's a bit on the breezy side. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 1:00 we taper off and -- 12:00 we taper off and wind up with more spotty act tiforts. activities. steadier stuff for the next couple of hours. in the afternoon, gray and dreary. 6:00 p.m., showers for the evening commute. it starts to die down later on. as we get into tomorrow, some of the drizzle and spotty shower activity continues especially in the morning. cloudy, darchl -- damp and windy today, i showed you the steady
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rain in pockets and and then wey down. tuesday, 62, breezy and milder, and sun. wednesday is the warm day, 70 degrees, most of wednesday looks good. spotty showers thursday, st. patrick's day, not a washout, just a shower here or there. sunshine on friday, around 60 saturday anticipate sunday, spring arrives sunday -- saturday and sunday, spring arrives sunday, we'll get a spring shower that's typical. scientists are launching a mission to mars this morning. meet the 104-year-old woman who managed to frighten a burglar who tried to break into her home. karen. >> reporter: we're looking live, a new dissent scene i-95 southbound at the girard point bridge. it's hard to see at this angle, you can get the flashing lights right there.
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i-95 southbound, we'll check the wet roads and see what it is doing to traffic when "action news" comes right back.
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welcome back taking a live look here, the view out across philadelphia international airport. you can see the slick runways there. we are dealing with rain for the morning commute, 5:43, 48 degrees. seeing any pong on the
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roads -- ponding on the roadways, karen? >> reporter: i sure him, this is 202 at welsh road, we have ponding on the roads. we have the rain coming down and in some areas it's coming down steadily. let's switch to an accident, several vehicles involved on the northeast extension, it southbound past quakertown because of debris on the road. northeast extension southbound past quakertown this is new and just coming in right now. watch for that with some lane reevictions due to the accident. we have an -- restrictions due to the accident. we have an accident girard point bridge blocking the right lane, you will see restrictions there. that will cause problems with the morning commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing most of the area is blanketed in rain. some areas you have the area of yellow that means it's coming down. you can see it in media on the
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blue route and much of it heading into the city in the next few minutes. 295 woodbury. wilmington you're about to get hit by the heavy rain that will be heading toward chads ford and media. affecting visibility just a little bit, visibility down to 4 miles in many locations. be careful of that it's hard to his. you've got the rain coming down and in some cases you have accidents blocking rain. the temperature 48 degrees it will be chiller than it has been. a new mission to mars is currently underway. you're watching the launch of exo launch 2016 a collaboration with the european space station in russia. it's happening in kazakhastan. it will deliver a lander to the surface, remember matt damon bring him back in time. it will float around the martian
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at and collect data and look to see whether life did exist on or below the surface of mars. a woman is hoping that judge will show her leniency after her attack on a gay couple. she was sentenced to five months in jail for her attack on the gay couple in center city. her attorney is calling it excessive and pushing for probation instead. new jersey state senate is going to vote on a bill that will allow for a state takeover of the atlantic city finances this was approved by the state budget and appropriations committee. under the lej layings, the state -- legislation, the state will have greater power over the finances for the next five years. they are mired $400 million in toablghts -- total debt and it could go bankrupt in weeks.
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104-year-old woman scared away a burglar. she saw a shadow figure cutting through the screen. she turned on the lights and scared him off. the would be intruder left behinds sliced screen and two footprints in the flower beds. they didn't want to call police. i heard they were so busy, some little thing like this they have to skip it. she has lived in the home for 7 decades at it is the first time someone has tried to break in. later on "action news," a viewer sends us video of a brawl that broke out after a local high school hockey game. >> reporter: we're gearing the
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kids with umbrellas this morning as we have steady rain in areas. even this afternoon we have spotty showers, i'll have a look at live radar next as well as the day planner forecast. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's."
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looking good for a good cause. they moved to the groove in delaware county. the millmonth fire company hosted a jingle on this yesterday. they raised money for mental and mild intellectual disabilities. people of all ages have a
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good time with that one. >> reporter: we have an accident on i-95, you can see how you're backing up, i-95 southbound at the girard point bridge, an accident blocked the right lane, the roads are wet, a couple of accidents this morning, be careful as you're heading out that you don't encounter that slow it down. mass transit is running fine no problems. patco on a special schedule. new jersey transit no strike looking good to go, david. >> reporter: pockets of steady rain for the first part of the morning commute. you can see this coming through philadelphia at this point, parts of southern montgomery county, delaware county has been in and out of this, even though you're in a lull right now there's more on the way. wilmington is about to get so socked with the heaviest downpour of all. these a batch coming into southern gloucester county and northern gloucster county and atlantic county and dover more is coming in. the steadier stuff will be around for another hour or two.
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and taper off into spotty shower activity. 47 by 9:00 a.m. 58 by 11:00 a.m. the high at noon 49. we're back in the mid 40s at 4:00 p.m. spotty shower activity through the day into the this evening. if you're wondering when is the best time to run out and get things done. find the storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at new on "action news," the ncaa is looking into how it's tournament bracket leaked on the internal before was unveiled yesterday evening. the correct bracket leaked across twitter. the tweet was labeled spoiler alert and it used a kansas logo as its avatar photo.
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ncaa is looking into how the blarkt -- bracket leaked. temple will face iowa. also in brooklyn on friday. i didn't know we were getting in. after what happened last year, you have second thoughts going through your mind, just grateful to be in and you've got a great team like iowa to have the first challenge against. better, nova and temple could face each other in the second round if they win their games. st. joe's placed an automatic berth yesterday wins a-10 championship. they had west and take on spokane on friday.
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look here, sky6 live hd looking into wilmington, delaware, rainy morning out there for you, 5:56, 48 degrees, not going to get much higher than that today, a little cooler than recently. police are investigating a brawl at an ice rink in chemplet chemplet -- chester county that broke out after a hockey game. it happenedty west line -- it happened at the west line rink in goshen township. springfield high school is working with authorities to find out who is involved.
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philadelphia police are cracking down on dirt bikes and atvs in the city. they found 53 vehicles. we have complaints from the community it's lawlessness. these individuals run up and down on the sidewalks, people are afraid to let children play where the dirt bikes are riding. they rip up the passion they are in, they have -- they rip up the parks they are in they have no regard 0 for the safety of any one. police encouraged people to call 911 if they spot a vehicle breaking the law. another move into the future. they have unveiled the first robot with emotions. comedian jerry seinfeld must have been real and
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spectacular, and how much they want for at an auction at 6le. three questions for the us senate:
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congress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling.
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tell senators carper and coons to stop the dark act. is 6:00 a.m., monday, march 14. developing this morning a fast-moving fire tears from one philadelphia home to another. >> the family of a teen who was killed by a stray bullet pleads for her killer to come forward. airline passengers on their way to new jersey mahan unexpected and -- made an unexpected stop over the weekend. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: the rain is coming down in a steady downpour.


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