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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 17, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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the big story on "action news" tonight, it is turns the toll toll plaza in newark delaware into a massive twisted steel and shattered glass. the this is the way it looked on i-95 tonight, a after a cadillac plowed in the suv. second suv, not to the mention the toll booth suffered serious damage. total of seven people were hurt, four of whom were transported to the hospital by ambulance. a 51 year-old passenger is rear ended suv was trapped for 15 minutes. and rescuers had to use the jaws of life to cut her out. needless to say, the accident is under investigation. parents came to a philadelphia school tonight, to learn more about the tragic death of a student from bacterial meningitis. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at the george washington carver high school for engineering and science, chad, parents must have been enormously concerned. what did they learn tonight. >> reporter: jim, parent left tonight's meeting and said they were satisfied with what
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they heard from health and school official about that bacterial meningitis. they are confident that their children are safe and ready to move forward in light of this tragic death. outside of george washington carver high school of engineering and science, students and faculty released balloons into the a air, a a tribute to freshman jonathan briggs, who passed away from bacterial meningitis. a few hours later parents and students met with district and health officials to get their questions answered. >> i just wanted to make sure that they didn't down play anything today and that all questions and concerns were answered, and our hearts go out to the family especially that lost their child. >> they said that it takes, intimate contact, body fluid, kissing, if you are shared soda bottle, passing a cigarette around, things like that. >> reporter: briggs was remembered as a happy young man, a good student, who played on the jv basketball team. he left school early on monday
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and was dead, 24 hours later. >> it hit me kind of harden though we never had that, like seeing somebody one day and not seeing them next day it is kind of like an emotional thing. >> always did what i asked him to do. an amazing kid. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis is a infection that inflames the brain and spinal cord, usually severe, but most people recover. school officials just don't know where briggs contracted it. >> we are working with the philadelphia department of public health to follow any guidance that we need to follow to make sure everyone is safe, and the school. >> it is just strong community, and we will pull together. >> reporter: a jv basketball coach says she will retire, briggs number 44 number. i'm live from north philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim. thanks, chad. philadelphia police are investigate the stabbing death of the man in north philadelphia. the incident happened in the 2300 block of west oakdale street just before 5:00 o'clock tonight.
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police say a 61 year-old man was stabbed once in the the chest and victim was taken to temple university hospital where he later died, and no arrests have been made. authorities in maryland are saying police officer jacai colson was mistaken for a criminal suspect because he was wearing plainclothes. colson, who grew up in delaware county, was accidentally killed by another law man. live at the satellite center tonight, "action news" reporter christie ileto with the latest details, christie. >> reporter: jim, i spoke with colson's grandparents off camera but they were too upset to talk about this new development, understandably so but they are struggling to make sense of how their grandson died. the friendly fire that killed officer colson was intentional >> the shot to that struck and killed detective colson, was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. >> reporter: prince georges county maryland police chief says a fellow officer viewed plainclothes colson as a
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threat during a gun battle outside the police station. >> there is no intention, as i have seen the facts, as they have been explained to me to indicate any malice, or anything along those lines. >> reporter: the 28 year-old under cover narcotics officer from chichester delaware county. fellow badges responded to the attack, allegedly unleash by michael ford and his two brothers who call usually filmed the encounter. officials are sorting out why colson got caught in the cross fire. >> we're not able at this point to be able to say what and why the office are perceived and yes perceived it. >> reporter: something that the department's top cop calls a tragic dimension to the investigation. so there were six officers involved in the incident. solve have not provided statements, including the officer who killed colson. reporting live from the sat center, christie ileto, channel six "action news". >> thanks, christie. officialness wilmington say gun violence is city's most pressing health problem. and tonight, the centers for disease control presented a
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report to try to tackle the the issue. one of the solutions, target at risk youth. scientists from the cdc studied more than 500 wilmington residents who have committed violent crimes, research show that better support were available they may in the have resorted to crime. word tonight that drivers can soon legally pick up speed on the pennsylvania turnpike. starting this spring, the speed limit will go up from 65 to 70 miles an hour. areas posted at 55 miles an hour will stay that way. the legal assayings of medical marijuana in pennsylvania, is a major step closer tonight. the house today voted 149 to 43, in favor of a bill that would set standard for growers, dispensaries and doctors. patients could take the drug and pill in pill or oil liquid form. they could not smoke it. the legislation goes to the state senate. president barack obama introduced his many in minute knee to the u.s. supreme
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court. he is merrick garland, a respected, moderate judge, on the federal court of appeals, from the district of columbia's circuit. he will replace conservative justin scalia, but it is far from clear that he will ever sit on the high court. republican leaders in the senate said they will not hold confirmation hearings insisting that the next president should appoint scalia's successor. fresh off his first win, a big one in, his home state of ohio, john kasich made an appearance in the delaware valley today. governor held a town hall meeting a a at villanova university. on invitation from the student government a association. after scoring another round of convincing victories last night, donald trump says it is time for the republican party to come together. trump warned that riots could take place, he used the word riots, if the party tries to block him. ted cruz pick up
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endorsement today of south carolina governor nicki haley. haley supported marco rubio who dropped out last night. democratic front runner hillary clinton has set her sights on the november showdown with donald trump. her sweep in last night's primary dealt a harsh blow to rival bernie sanders, but sanders remains optimistic today telling supporters they have come a long way in the last ten months. sanders must win 66 percent of the remaining delegates in june or through june, to erase clinton's lead, a tall task indeed. pennsylvania governor tom wolf, revealed more today about the course of action he is taking to treat his prostate cancer. today the 67 year-old governor said doctors will implant radioactive seeds in his prostate. those seeds will work to kill cancer, overtime. doctors say that it is a common treatment for early stage prostate cancer. wolf has said it will not impair his ability to perform his duties as governor.
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the governor disclosed his prostate cancer diagnosis last month. the future of playground was front and center at a academy of natural sciences of drexel university tonight. several of the nation's top designers showed off their work during the finals of the play space design competition. the competition began back in september with a global call for entries. well, tonight five teams, including one from philadelphia, revealed their final designs. still to come on "action news" tonight, let the madness begin. the villanova, temple and st. joes student bodies give rowdy send offs, as their basketball teams head off for the big dance, cecily. thunderstorms this evening have moved on but we're tracking more unsettled weather on the way including a chance for a snowy start to spring. i'll explain in the accu weather seven day forecast. wendy saltsman is teaming up with abc news for an in depth investigation into
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emergency air. >> it could be ride that save your life but some say they had sticker shock after receiving unexpect medical bills. coming up we will investigate why some local families are left footing sky-high fees for air lift transports and they say they were never warned about the cost, a $54,000 bill, and that is just for the flight to the hospital. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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suspects are under a arrest for an art heist in italy. newly released video shows masked men at work last november. one of the suspects, a guard, who was on duty. authorities are still working to recover 17 stolen paintings, the art valued at 16 and a half million-dollar.
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well, frank sinatra junior died unexpectedly today. the seven two-year old carried on his father's legacy, he was supposed to perform tonight in daytona beach, but fell ill before the show, the sinatra family released a statement saying frank senate the that junior died of cardiac arrest. a gloucester county township has a new fire truck and it is already dressed for st. patrick's day. fire fighters, in west deptford, unveiled the truck tonight and as you can see the fire engine red has gone by the way side in favor of green. the truck was purchased by sunoco, in the settlement over property taxes at the eagle point refinery. it could be the flight that saves your life but tonight, a six abc/abc news collaboration is uncovering high prices and aggressive collection practices of the country's largest air and ambulance provider. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman has been working with abc's brian
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ross and affiliate is a across the country to dig into air methods profits and customer complaints that the company's bills are sky-high. >> jim, if you are a loved one or anyone else critically injured is there a goldenhauer for an acute patient to receive care. that may self a medivac'd. but some patients say they later got shock of their lives when they received an astronomical bill. >> hey, buddy. >> september 2013, kathy dennis son shawn went in the surgery to have a bullet removed from his spine. >> every day he almost died. >> they believed stress from that surgery set off a crane reaction, four days later something went very wrong, he showed up to work slurring her words. >> i drove into work, that is all i remember. >> there you go. >> she was on the opposite and her mutt was not hooked upright and it was disfigured permanently. >> she was rushed to nazareth hospital, sign outside, as a
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national certified trauma center but they were told she would have to be medivac'd to jefferson university hospital. >> helicopter. >> but despite that. >> i was on the gerney, it was too late, they had me in the helicopter. >> mcgonigle's say they were never toll the cost. >> believe my have would have gotten up if i had energy or if i was able. >> dennis had to quit his job to care for his wife and adult son and then bill came, to 26 you this dollars for an estimated 9-mile ride. 18,000 was paid for by insurance. the air transport provider filed lawsuit suing them for $10,000 for, the remainder plus interest. >> i have to keep, this house, so, my wife and my son and myself don't wind up being homeless. >> abc news collaboration has found air methods customers across the country with similar stories of getting stick are shock for what they were told was a life saving service.
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>> joe, was go transported by air methods from bb medical center in lewis, delaware to jefferson. >> i asked, is there any other alternative, hospital, close by, nearby ambulance and doctors looked at me and they just said no, you have to go by helicopter. >> once they got to the hospital he was monitored overnight and then released. >> and then weeks after the emergency flight, $54,000 bill arrived in the mail. >> he could have went by ambulance. an ambulance, would have been 50-dollar co pay. >> very aggressive. >> abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross interviewed paul webster the vice-president for air methods as part of this national investigation. >> our profit was 108 million. >> air methods transports more than hundred thousand patients annually across 48 states. their ceo was paid almost five million-dollar in 2014. >> our ceo i think is fairly compensated for what he does. >> because they are considered an airline and not regulated by government, there is very
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writ will if anything on what they bill. >> are you gouging people. >> no, we're not gouging people good air method justify their pricing say they are trauma nurses and they have to be ready to go 24/7, 365 days a year. and they say they have to raise price for those with health insurance because 70 percent of their customers are covered by medicaid, medicare or are uninsured. >> the insurance company that under pays the claim is the one that really sticks them with the bill. >> it is your bill. >> people like mcgonigles and other families split cost for others who cannot pay. >> that is why we have insurance. you don't go, after the little people. >> after abc news got involved health insurance agreed to pay all of her transport bill, air method say they are willing to negotiate with customers who prove financial need. we have contacted air methods to get a resolution for mcgonigles and we want to point out it is doctor and hospitals who actually call
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for these transports it is not air methods. >> of course, financial victim here is that the most vulnerable point, in their lives. >> absolutely, some people are questioning if they even have the ability to consent, to be taken on a flight because they are in these situations. >> wendy, thank you. president barack obama has declared a major disaster in delaware because of january's blizzard. declaration clears the way for local governments and sussex county to get federal aid. the money will help with beach replenishment and other repairs. pop up storms produced hail, in some parts of the region this afternoon. "action news" viewer jen, sent this video from her home in havertown. you can share your weather video on social media with #six a abc action. kid like the hail. >> we had a lot of hail, broomall, downingtown, and it shows really dynamics of the atmosphere. cold air higher in the atmosphere and warm air at the
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surface and we could have a few more showers and thunderstorms you next few days and maybe some snow on sunday. >> but no hail. >> maybe we should get a thunderstorm in the spring, if you have a chance of hail. storm tracker six live double scan showing jimmies correct, we don't have any correct, the storms moved through pretty quickly. they are moving at 40 miles an hour. moved quickly enough for, photos like this. michelle posted this on my facebook page from national park new jersey, beautiful sunset over delaware river. sunsetting a at 7:09. sunrising at 7:10. almost exactly equal parts of day and night this time of the year. satellite six with action radar showing that line of scattered thunderstorms has pushed away from frustrates. that is from a frontal boundary, part of the reason why we are intense. but it was warm. 71 degrees our high. even current temperatures average high for this time of the year is 53. we are close to that now. 52 degrees in philadelphia a
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reading 52. allentown 51. poconos mild at 54. cape may currently 51 degrees. bus stop forecast tomorrow for your st. patrick's day looking nice. mixture of sun and clouds. not too chilly for kids at 6:00 o'clock, 48 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 50. tomorrow will be very similar to today. we will see if amount of sunshine and luck of the irish for st. patrick's day. first half of the day as we head in the afternoon could get a few pop up showers or thunderstorms, not quite as warm as today, but temperatures in the 70's we will be in the low to mid 60's but definitely mild for this time of the year. on friday another frontal boundary moved through in the middle of the day so that will bring us the possibility of some showers right around lunchtime, sun early in the morning. sun in the afternoon. a high of 55 degrees. what that front will do is open up the door for high pressure to move down from canada. this will bring us a fresh supply of cold air. that could be the potential for a snow maker. we have got the cold air in
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place. what we need is coastal storm. it looks like one will develop, pretty even tense coastal storm, plenty of moisture from the gulf of moisture and the atlantic. big question is how close to the coast does it track f it tracks very close we could get a accumulating snow all the way from d.c. through philadelphia, up through maine. fit tracks further off sea we were just get a glancing blow and more new england storm. at this point is there not a clear consensus on the the computer model but potential is there so we will keep you posted. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow, pretty nice day, partly sunny, brief shower, breezy, 65. friday will be wind which midday shower with the cold front, 55, behind that front. finally full sunshine on saturday but it is chilly, 46 degrees and sunday the first day of spring and home opener for union, possibility of that coastal storm, with perhaps some snow, 42 degrees, behind that system it stays on
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the cool side on monday, 48 ape if we do get snow it will be melting quickly, 50 by tuesday and wednesday mostly cloud which a high of 59 degrees. i am stressing potential. i said you don't have shovel potential, so just stay tuned. >> thanks, cecily. we have a celebration tonight to honor supporters of the much needed resource for people under going organ transplants. the organization gifts of life held it fifth annual president a's reception to thank supporters of the family members. family house which is located in northern liberties in philadelphia, it is a home away from home for families lost loved ones are receiving organ transplants. students from the h ms school for children with cerebral palsy in southwest philadelphia, teamed up with students from the philadelphia school, to perform an original musical called the return of haley's comet. h ms students use technology to help tell story, narrator of the musical used a device
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flyers played their biggest game, since last night's biggest game. >> that is right. guess what, the next game is going to be their biggest game since tonight's biggest game. >> would i imagine that is true. >> october 28th, jim, that is the last time the flyers were in the playoff position. what is tonight? march 16th. >> it is night to remember what a 24 hours for red hot orange and black coming off a emotional win against detroit they had to get right back at it in chicago. ryan white ties the score with a deflection. then in the second down two-one. look at this pennsylvania from giroux to brayden schenn to tie it backup at two. great play there. ratco godas with the first lead of the game. only one that matters. flyers hold on three-two. guess who would be the playoffs, if the season end today. the flyers. away they go, three local teams to the big dance all playing on friday, a all hit
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road today. nova nation came out for a sweet send off for second seeded wildcats. so, they record every second. they cheered team as they board bus bound for brooklyn in the friday match autopsy begins 15th seed unc nashville, everyone including jay wright hoping brooklyn is beginning of the journey and in the where it end. >> oh, yeah, i know everybody in philly is desperate for a deep run. i hope we can do it this year f in the us, st. joes, temple. i know philly basketball needs it, and i know everybody is good enough to do it but tournament is, the tournament, it is match ups, machine man. the band, cheerleaders, fans all on hand to wish these guys well in their quest to upset, iowa. >> juice is flowing every single day. practices have have been good, not flawless but good. we are excited about going to new york. that parties g we don't have a
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long trip we will make, but we know what the job is in front of us, iowa is a a good basketball team. i love it. over on hawk hill, st. joes got in a little practice before heading off on their journey. hawks will go all the way to spokane washington for their game against cincinnati. so coach, are you guys ready. >> not a hundred percent. we still have things to do we practiced this morning and we had a couple of the guys that i think were thinking about the trip as opposed to the preparation. >> jeff skversky will join owls and wildcats in brooklyn, two teams, where all of the axis and his live reports begin on "action news"
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the eagles, signed a wide receive tore day, chris givens not a guy to get crazy excited about but potential is there that is because of his, in the fourth season of nfl his best numbers were as a rookie with the rams where sam bradford was throwing it to him. given a keep threat he signed a one year deal and looking forward to working with bradford once again. >> we had a good chemistry. we worked together after practice. it was one of those things where the coaches, everybody else, saw what we had. we had a connection. everybody did everything that we needed to do to work to make it better. >> he didn't get invited to the combine but offensive lineman kyle friend proved maybe he should have been. at temple pro day, he benched
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fred 245 pounds, 41 times, seven more times then anyone at the combine lifted. does he deserve to be drafted? they had scouts there. >> how many times have you done that. >> never. jimmy kimmel live, next on channel six, followed by night line. jimmy's guest, harry connnick junior, erin andrews and music from two chains and lil wayne. "action news" continues, at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, jamie a apody and ducis rodgers inn a the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. >> ♪
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