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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara is off, in the news a south jersey couple is unscathed after a truck slams into their home and
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sparks a fire. and tradition continues on this saint patricks day on the streets of wilmington. but the big story is developing news a building has collapsed in old city, debris fell on top of a school bus. both lands on top of that bus here at 5th and ray streets. and slabs of debris crumbles from the building and john rawlins is on the scene joining us now with details on the collapse. >> reporter: hi rick, a near miss to say the least here. the consensus is that if the bus was full of kids there would be a different outcome here. this is an old building being demolished, something went terribly wrong when the concrete fell off the south side of the building and triggered a chain reaction. >> it appears that the school bus was not hit actually by
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debris from the building and the debris hit a light post that then hit the bus which fortunately was empty. >> the bus drive ever dropped off children at harleysville and then was directed down the street. >> i heard the rumbling and saw the dust and the rest was scrambling. four or five windows busted in and glass all over the seat and stones were flying across the steering wheel. lni inspectors were back at the site but was all the safety measures in effect and should ray street have been closed off. >> we don't know right now. that is something that the department will be looking at.
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so a lot of unanswered questions at this point. should the street have been closed and should there be a wider safety net around this building and more on what triggered the actual collapse. >> thank you. flames shot out of a home in pennsville salem county after a truck slam nood it. this is video of the flames after the truck clam nood a gas line and a couple sleeping inside at the time were not injured. gray hall is live now with more. >> reporter: a very scary morning for the couple inside of this home, they said they only had minutes to act. and behind me you can see the damage left behind by the fire. they heard the sound of the truck crashing into their home and they quickly got outside. a viewer captured the intense
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flames. on north hook road in pennsville, new jersey, it happened after 5:30 after the truck lost control and slammed into the house, cathy and her husband were asleep at the time. >> we heard a loud bang and my husband woke me up and saved my life actually. he dragged me out of here. >> they made it out with no injuries, walters says her husband is a retire sd firefighter and worked with the same department that fought the fire and credits him with saving her life. >> we are lucky, very lucky, things can be replaced. >> a ruptured gas line caused the blame and the driver was not hurt and now they are working on finding out what caused him to lose control. >> there was a two vehicle crash and then a vehicle into a residence that then caught on
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fire. >> people are thankful no lives were lost. >> everybody is safe and this could have really been tragic. a small house like this. a one story house, the parents were not upstairs, they are in the back of the house. it could have been really bad. >> reporter: back out live everybody is thankful that no lives were lost and the big question right now is what made that driver lose control and police are still investigating that. and they do not believe he was under the influence and they do not believe this morning's fog played a role in the crash. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." rick back to you. >> from our new jersey newsroom now, a fire ripped threw a home on fourth street in camden, the first and second floors of the end row home was badly damaged. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. philadelphia police made another arrest in a triple murder that happened two years
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ago. quadir jeffreys facing charges for the deadly shooting in lawn crest back in february of 2014. three men were shot execution-style on the 6300 block of martins mill road. jeffrey was one of two killers at the scene and the other suspect was arrested last year. vernon odom will have a full report live at 12:30. and an early morning police chase in philadelphia. one of the responding police officers was almost hit by the speeding van and the chase came to an end on the 2200 block of south carlyle street and the suspects took off on foot and remain at large. and it fits the description of one that was used in a burglary. turning to weather your st. patrick's day is a mild one but you may want your umbrella handy as you celebrate today. looking at sky 6 hd it's an
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irish memorial at penn's landing, there are still folks left from a wreath laying ceremony this morning and we see a mix of sun and clouds. and the showers may return later today. david murphy joins us outside with a look at your forecast. top of the morning to you. >> top of the afternoon. we are looking at sunshine in philadelphia and it sure doesn't look like rain. there are thicker clouds on satellite to the west and if we go in closer on stormtracker 6 live double scan these are real light so far and parts of lancaster and berks county and neighbor the upper northwestern corper of chester county getting a light sprinkle. there is a chance that these get more sustained into the afternoon and maybe a gusty thunderstorm in parts of the region. for now most of us are enjoying nice weather, 54 in philadelphia and trenton has shot up to 60 and down the pike in millville
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52, and 56 in wilmington and nice numbers and winds are light across the region too. only running at 10 miles per hour in philadelphia, 13 in allentown and areas ranging from 5 to 6 miles per hour all the way down to calm, a couple of zeros on the map there. the rest of the day for st. patrick's day does not look bad. 4:00 that is your high of 65 degrees, we'll be sitting on that between 3:00 and 4:00, and by 6:00 not bad 57 degrees and breezier into the evening. and 10:00 we are down to 50. you want to have an escape plan a place to duck inside if you are out and about on st. patrick's day, and later this afternoon and evening there is a chance of a pop-up shower and a thunderstorm in a couple of neighborhoods. when i step inside we'll examine the rain on future tracker 6 and cooler air coming in real cool for the weekend and there may be a bit of wet snow for the region
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sunday night. i'll have details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> with more clouds and potential showers in the forecast this taff noon, keep on that of that forecast at go to our website where you can have access to stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to stay ahead of changes in the accuweather forecast. well, a saint patty's day tradition kicked off in wilmington. they held their communion mass at saint patricks church followed by a parade on king street. this provides money for saint patrick center that provides food and resources for the holeless. there is more to come on "action news" at noon, a professional baseball player says good-bye to the sport he loves. why adam laroach is walk ago way from millions of dollars.
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and we'll look at the killer whales and the shows they are involved in. and the u.s. government makes a strong claim against isis. that and more when "action news" continues.
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>> secretary of state, john kerry says that isis is committing genocide in the middle east. the first time he has used that word. this comes after the house unanimously passed a resolution to use the term. >> daesh is genocidagenocidal, it says and what it believes and what it does. the entire world view is based on eliminating those that do not prescribe to its per verse ideology. >> the last time the u.s. declared a genocide was in 2004 in sudan. and merrick garland is expected to meet with top senate democrats, he has a sit down
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with harry reid and patrick leahy. republicans are refusing to meet with him. d.c.'s metro subway is back up and running this noon, commuters return to their regular routines after an impressive day long shut down of the nation's second largest subway system. it was shut down for 29 hours so electrical cables could be inspected. they found 26 areas need of replacement or repair. sea world announced they are ending their whale breeding program. the current generation of whales is the last they will keep in captivity. this after recent criticism and ending all of their signature or
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nike has unveiled a sneaker that could mean the end of tears for children that can't tie their shoes. you press a button and the laces tighten for you. they are expected to be available for the holiday season and no price is revealed just yet. turning to health check. a new study finds that air pollution is not just bad for your lungs, it can increase your chance of developing diabetes. researchers in los angeles studied 1,000 mexican americans and found the exposure to contaminated hair caused high cholesterol and affected the
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bodies ability to process sugar and it triggers a chain reaction making it harder to process blood sugar. in this week's art of aging report, tamala edwards meets a woman that joined the marines back in world war ii. >> reporter: 94-year-old annette nichols was working when a walk up north broad street changed her life. >> saw this big picture of uncle sam that said we want you, we need you and i said okay i'm coming in. >> she was scheduled -- i had a jeep. >> driving around the island she saw a lot of war damage but she and members of her platoon had no fear. >> we were young and didn't worry about a thing. >> and some of her fondest memorys playing for the marine
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corps softball team during the midst of war. >> i played first base and i hit a home run and was so happehapp >> he was on leave 30 days. >> years later she is still proud of the medal she earned. >> but her service is something she rarely talked about until i got older. >> i never knew. >> her father was an army sergeant in the first world war and both of her brothers joined the military and so did her son. >> it's a great experience. >> getting to know her marine background over the last few years, i'm really proud of her. >> the "action news" team sought working on news tories for tonight beginning at 4:00. newvy shows a woman overcome
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meteorologist, david murphy, back inside now, did you wake up in a fog? >> yes, it was foggy for the second straight morning. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we are mainly dry, a lot of supacross much of the region and the northern and western suburbs, a little bit of a change out there as we have
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showers pushing through lancaster county and berks county and some of these pushing north of allentown and light precipitation for the most part and a sign of things to come, and at times you deal with off and on showers and maybe a thunderstorm popping up a little bit later this afternoon. as we take a look outside, there is the shore and there you see the low lying cloud cover, and it does look like the last of that process of moving on out. comfortable on the terrace and the winds not all that strong yet. winds out of the west at 10, a nice early afternoon to get out there assuming you don't have the showers in the northern and western areas. 54 in philadelphia and 56 in wilmington and 60 in trenton and 54 in allentown and 53 in trenton and 51 in cape may. from now until 3:00 more of these pop-up sprinkles and showers are possible and at
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times we get a brief heavier downpour and don't be surprised to hear thunder, we can hear more of that tonight and any thunderstorm that pops up could be briefly gusty. so take cover and at 9:00 we are done with the rain and clearing things out. 63 in the lehigh valley, sun mixing with clouds and a thunderstorm cannot before he ruled out. at the shore a spotty shower and 65 degrees, milder at the shore because the wind is not coming in off the cool ocean water for a change. a shower and thunderstorm at times but by no mean a washout. most of the time it's comfortable out there. later in the afternoon and evening the winds pick up too. it could wind up getting blustery. for the evening commute it treats us well at 47 and all the numbers above average and a pop-up shower or maybe a thunderstorm possible in that
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period. 44 degrees and clearing and chilly overnight tonight. tomorrow with the frontal boundary coming in we transition to cooler air. tomorrow's high only 58 degrees and windy and chillier and again there is the chance of a spotty shower around and behind the front for the weekend, real chilly air comes in and in fact a coastal system may have enough air to get rain on sunday afternoon that could mix with wet snow. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 65 degrees for st. patrick's day with a mild shower or thunderstorm in spots. 46 and sunny on saturday and only 38 for a high on sunday. rain in the afternoon possibly mixing with wet snow and at night we could possibly see
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accumulation on grassy surfaces, and you'll have to take it slow on the roads as well. dry and then up into the 60s by next wednesday. >> see you later. well, if you wanted to visit the happiest place on earth, you'll have to book a flight for ben mark, the small country was given the decision by the united nations, and residents say they feel secure in a country with few national disasters and almost no catastrophic events. the u.s. was 13th. and there is more ahead next half hour at 12:30. wildlife authorities are trying to take away a woman's pet alligator she has had for years. we'll tell you why.
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those stories and much more when we come right back. it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor wate. for the spring break adventure of a lifetime, visit
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hello again sara is off. part of air building comes crashing down on to a sidewalk in old city trapping a school bus. details are coming up.
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and three men were shot and killed on a snowy day in 2014 and philadelphia's district attorney announced charges against an accused gunman. we are live with the latest who put dollars over the fundamental safety do not belong in government. >> members of congress called for the governor of michigan to step down in the wake of the water crisis in flint. but we begin with the latest details on that story we are following in old city, part of the building under construction on 5th and ray street collapsed. the driver said he had just dropped off kids at the national constitution center. he jumped out as bricks and other debris was dropping on to its roof. the department of lance and inspection is at the scene and we'll follow it through


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