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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 24, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, new details of those deadly brussels terror attacks. inside the minds of the suspects. the investigators' new discovery. the all-out manhunt ramping up even more tonight. what we're learning about the victims, those still missing, and the urgent warning, what terror groups may unleash next. plus hail haleigh. 6 years old and a physical examination niece sta rising. >> what i am wearing is gucchi. >> the insta kid's making a lasting mark on the social media landscape. their moonlighting instamoms in the style groove. >> that's a pretty dress. >> would you believe this trendy tot has 89,000 followers and growing? big fame, big money, and big risk. but first the "nightline 5." >> they'll always be our babies. so there will be things to keep
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good evening. thank you for joining us. we're learning dramatic new details tonight about those horrific terror attacks in belgium. as investigators around the globe intensify efforts to piece together key clues, the all-out manhunt, the major forensic
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surprise, and the dark chemistry discovered in a neighborhood bomb factory. we turn to chief foreign correspondent terry moran in brussels with tonight's developments. >> so you never saw your neighbors? >> never seen him. >> you didn't know they were making bombs? >> reporter: tonight in the heart of this city of fear, we're outside the apartment of brussels attackers made into a virtual bomb factory. the alleged bombmaker now believed to have blown himself up. the building scoured by investigators in protective gear as seen in this video captured by a neighbor, searching for clues and for the whereabouts of this man in the dark hat standing next to two suicide bombers who are still at large tonight. a bomb factory in the middle of this brussels neighborhood and people have a lot of questions. how could the landlord not know? how could the government, which checks every rental, not follow up? it seems almost incredible that no one saw anything. it was an attack that shook this
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city to its core. two bombs detonated at the brussels airport. then another inside the molenbeek train station. at least 31 kill and the 300 injured in the attacks. the human cost seen everywhere. 150 people still in hospitals. 61 of them in intensive care. but an unknown number are still missing tonight. one of them emily eisenman's boyfriend. >> i really want to know if he is okay. that i'll see him again. that his family will see him again. that this can all be over, as if it never happened. >> reporter: but for some american families, the wait is over. ashley bruggerman running into her family's arms in a new york airport wearing the same clothes she had on when she fled the brussels airport. >> we found him. >> >> reporter: receiving word her 21-year-old stepson was found. he had been unconscious since the attack and is said to have no memory of it at all.
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>> it's over. it's like -- whoo. >> reporter: karen northshield has been living and working as a personal trainer belgium. she was found, according to her friend paul tucker, she's in a medically induced coma. >> someone went to see her and said she wasn't in the best condition. we hope she pulls through and gets well as soon as possible. >> reporter: journalist kardava took this jarring photograph in the brussels airport after the blasts. >> we now realize that i was alive. first i wanted to picture everything. because everyone was on the floor. and everyone was in blood. look at her face. it was horrific. >> reporter: 27-year-old shareen was checking in at the american airlines counter when she felt a huge explosion. >> a lot of the people on the ground. almost like a blood pathway to the exit. we saw a gentleman leaning up against the wall there. i mean, he was -- he was -- he was bleeding. it just seemed surreal. >> reporter: inside the
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attacker's apartment a grim discovery. the ingredients that may have caused these powerful blasts. about 33 pounds of tatp, the so-called mother of satan explosive used in the paris attacks last november. almost 40 gallons of acetone used to make tatp. detonators, a suitcase filled with nails and screws, ventilators. >> what the bomb tells us is isis is able to live off the land. they're able to instruct people to buy commercially available products which, when put together properly, become highly destructive bombs. >> reporter: police believe this man, najim laachraoui, is the leader of the ring responsible for yesterday's bomb blasts as well as the november paris attacks. he is one of the two men below dressed in black from the brussels airport. the other 29-year-old ibrahim bakraoui. each wearing a single glove that could be hiding the bomb's
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triggers. the third man still at large. five minutes after that photo was taken, police say they detonated their suicide bombs in two separate explosions. the blasts tore through brussels airport, creating scenes of chaos and carnage. new images today of the aftermath. a soldier carrying a victim on his back to safety. while others lay injured and waiting for help. and many more fled for their lives. about an hour later, police say ibrahim's younger brother, 27-year-old khalid bakraoui, would explode his own bomb inside the molenbeak subway station. police believe all were part of a cell which includes abdeslam, who was arrested after four months of evading police. authorities now say that timing of yesterday's attack may have been triggered by that arrest. supported by a note found by authorities on the computer of airport attacker ibrahim el
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bakraoui, he wrote about being in a rush, no locker knowing what to do, being sought everywhere, spending the rest of his life next to him in a jail cell. >> those remaining members of the cell saw that their comrades were being picked off one day after another. and probably thought they had very little time left to conduct the next round of attacks. >> reporter: for the first time today the state department warns americans that there is a risk of imminent attack when traveling to all of europe. this morning, prosecutors revealed both el bakraoui brothers, born in belgium, had extensive criminal histories. but that they knew of no ties to terrorism. this afternoon, we learned that is not true. both brothers had documented terrorism ties. in fact, last june a worldwide alert about khalid el bakraoui saying he was wanted in belgium, the charge, terrorism.
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and today turkey's president saying that same month, brother ibrahim el bakraoui was caught on the syrian border and deported to europe. the belgian authorities were warned he was "a foreign fighter." >> what's now clear is the paris attacks and brussels attacks were all of one cell. one cell that straddled the two borders. >> reporter: bombmaker najim laachraoui was well known to authorities, the bomb found in that apartment a signature of isis bombmaking found in seven places across paris. >> the materials in the apartment suggest more bombmaking in progress. they had the precursors there in fairly large quantities. >> reporter: those three suitcases seen in the surveillance photo believed by police to be the likely source of the explosions. >> one of a small group of explosives that can function in a small area. so in a laptop. in a shoe. in underwear. there are others but this is one
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that goes under the classification of homemade explosive. >> reporter: despite the horror of yesterday -- ♪ imagine there's no country >> reporter: the people of brussels are already rising up in solidarity and sorrow. >> they're going to make us scared? we're going to fight back. >> i was scared yesterday. here when i see everyone laughing, everyone has a smile on their faces -- it means like it's not terror. ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer >> reporter: but their city, their lives, will never be the same. for "nightline," i'm terry moran in brussels. >> we'll of course bring you any new late developments in this investigation as they emerge. next, on the lighter side, tiny but mighty forces in fashion. mid america's pint-sized instagram stars. opportunity to . so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio,
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get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. how about taking some style tips from children who are not even yet in preschool? but that's the growing army of small fry fashionistas with millions of instagram followers among them. they're known as instakids and they're having a sweeping impact on the fabric of social media. >> what i would wear is this with my converse. so this is a yes. this is a yes. >> reporter: little haleigh talks style like an advanced fashionista. >> what i like about this is it could go with this. this is so nice. this is perfect. >> reporter: to say she's obsessed with fashion is an
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understatement. haleigh vasquez is an instagram model. her page hails world has over 123,000 followers. >> this is dolce gabbana. >> wow. how does it feel to wear these super-luxury, high-end designers when you're only 6? >> it's really fun. i like wearing cool clothes. because kids in my school say, i love your outfit. >> reporter: haleigh is just one of many tiny trend setters, pages filled with children wearing the latest fashions like 4-year-old ryan secret with his signature fauxhawk smiling for 119,000 followers. and 6-year-old gavin giving his best blue steel look to his over 200,000 followers. behind the kids are the parents. fueling their instagram stardom. haley's mom said her first post
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when is haley was 3. >> first picture was -- it literally like broke the internet. >> reporter: and that instagram fame catapulted haley onto the runway and for some kids that can mean big money. >> for some parents it's just posting cute photos of their child. for others there's another goal, it's getting exposure, setting their kids up for modelling or acting careers. >> what happens with all the jobs she gets, where does the money go? >> 15% of it has to go to her trust fund. but the money actually goes into her savings account. so i'll just put it there and let it grow. so if she decides at some point she no longer wants to pursue this, you know, she wants to go to mit or harvard, she has the funds to pay for that. >> what do you say to critics who say you're just capitalizing on your daughter's good looks? >> for us this is a hobby, she just happens to get paid for it. so i feel like it builds her up for the future, her confidence. she looks at herself and says, wow, i'm beautiful. >> what do you want people to
12:55 am
know about your instagram account? >> i want them to know that i'm really fun. and i love pictures, fashion shows. >> when you grow up, what do you want to be? >> a fashion designer. just like k acharl. >> karl lagerfeld? >> he's a fashion designer. he's really fashionable. and i am too. >> reporter: and we were there as haley sashayed down the runway in new york's fashion week. joined by other pint-sized prodigies taking the fashion world by storm. after the show, she gave me a lesson in fashion. tell me what you're wearing. very stylish. >> what i am wearing is gucci. >> whoa. i'm wearing j. crew. >> j. crew? where to the jeans come from?
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>> the jeans, they weren't supposed to see them, i was cold so i put them on. i'm not trying to make a fashion statement. it's because it was 10 degrees in new york today. i was hoping nobody would notice. it's probably a bad choice for a fashion show, huh? >> yeah. you should probably wear like shorts. >> reporter: but the free world of social media stardom can come with a price. potentially exposing kids to dangers. raising questions about privacy and oversharing. >> did you have 100,000 followers, parents have to ask themselves, are all of these people good-intentioned? people can develop a scary obsession with your child. >> reporter: she says she's taken protective measures to keep her daughter safe, posting only a few times a week and never tagging their location while they're still there. >> i make sure that she knows that if people come up to her, she knows and she's aware that, hey, this person is not my friend. >> if she were to say to you, mom, i want to be a soccer player, i don't want to work in fashion anymore? >> i would say, okay. then that's fantastic.
12:57 am
and i would find her the best soccer school. at the end of the day i'm just trying to do what makes her happy. >> reporter: more than 2,500 miles away, in yuma, arizona, another trendy tot elle. >> that's a pretty dress. >> reporter: at 3 years old, she has over 89,000 followers on instagram. think about it. that's 2,500 followers for every month she's been alive. >> cheese! >> that's a good smile. i started posting pick tours maybe when she was 4, 5 months. it's been two years later and i'm still in shock. >> reporter: she says the response online has not always been positive. >> there's been a few comments. like let kids be kids. i mean, i think it's because they think i dress her up, that she's not a normal kid. but she is. she plays in the her clothes, she goes to school in them. >> reporter: mom works as a
12:58 am
dentist and runs a boutique, the house of posh tots. >> i've been offered to me, but then it doesn't seem organic anymore. i'll take the merchandise and style it any way that i like. but i don't really want to get paid. this is fun. and i have two jobs. i don't want to have a third one. >> reporter: back at home in new york, 6-year-old haley shows us that she can flex a few other muscles. what's your favorite subject in school? >> my favorite? my favorite subject in school is math. >> really, are you good at math? >> really good. >> what is 2 plus 1? >> 3. >> wow sdlr she. >> she approaches her wardrobe with just as much pizzazz. >> i have a lot of clothes. i have a jackets. i have capes, leathers, rain coats. >> if you had to pick one item, what's your favorite item right now? >> well, i have a lot of favorite items. so -- first here, it would be this one. that one's burberry. >> when people see haley's
12:59 am
pictures what do you hope they walk away with? >> i would hope that people would just see her for who she is, an amazing person. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rita ninan in new york. and next, first her, now him. till jail cell dozen they part. the first night in captivity for a real husband of new jersey. together is great... but i think women would agree, getting home... to cuddle up with their man is nice too. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level.
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finally tonight, some real
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time behind bars for a real husband of new jersey. months after his celebrity wife was released from prison, joe guidice surrendered to authorities to take his turn. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> we're in a situation we need to slowly climb out of and it never look back. >> reporter: tonight it's joe's turn to face the music. >> you never know how strong you are until it's the only choice you have. >> reporter: three months after his wife, "real housewives of new jersey" star teresa guidice, was released from prison, he's checked in for a 41-month stay starting today. giving his wife one last kiss. >> i'm the queen. >> reporter: the couple once were accustomed to mansions as opposed to cell blocks fell into legal trouble when they pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud. they spoke about their ordeal with andy cohen on "watch what happens live." >> do you feel guilty? >> i do. but i mean, at the same time, what am i going to do? >> he didn't mean --
1:05 am
>> i did everything i could to get her out of it. didn't work. >> reporter: a judge allowing them to serve their sentences consecutively so someone could be home to care for their four daughters. >> love, love, love, love you. >> did you know you were committing a crime? >> definitely not. the government saw it differently. >> reporter: in her first tv interview after her release, guidice spoke to amy robach about how it felt to be reunited with her husband. >> what was the like seeing joe? >> it was amazing, oh my god. couldn't keep his hands off of me. i'm like, honey! >> it had been a long time. >> yes. >> reporter: there could be more than years of jail time separating joe and teresa now. he still faces possible deportation to italy. >> would you move to italy with the girls if that ended up becoming reality? >> we're just taking one day at a time. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, guidice's lawyer said it was obviously a very emotional day. they will get through this just as they did when teresa was away. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york.


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