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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 25, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, hogan's heroes. the jurors speaking out about why they feel hulk hogan deserves $140 million for that sex tape lawsuit against gawker. the website's founder nick denton demanding a rematch. a story of survival. the professional basketball player whose photo touched the world after the brussels bombings. we're with him as he recovers. telling us what he stood to lose. and chilling new evidence. security sources now saying the alleged attackers spied on one of belgium's top nuclear scientists. and the hip-hop founding father. the man behind the broadway sensation "hamilton" who's been
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preparing his entire life for the stage. but first the "nightline 5." ♪ ♪ come on let's do it come on let's go ♪ if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec, different from claritin because it starts working fast over the first day you take it. try zyrtec, muddle no more. >> number one in just 60 second
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good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight you're about to hear from the jurors in the sex tape lawsuit billed as a clash between freedom of speech and
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the right to privacy. in a broad was it exclusive why the jurors think hulk hole began's privacy deserves $140 million. gawker founder nick denton telling my "nightline" coanchor dan harris he's taking the case back to court. >> wait a minute! >> reporter: known for his choreographed battles and scripted banter -- >> well, let me tell you something! >> reporter: inside the wwe wrestling ring -- >> $60 million. >> reporter: hulk hogan could not control his emotions as a jury awarded him $140 million last week. >> water came pouring out of my eyes. >> reporter: the judgment against gossip news website gawker centered on portions of a sex tape posted online, hitting the embattled wrestling star against a digital media giant in a battle over the first amendment. >> if it had been gawker in a steel cage with hulk hogan, i can tell you what would happen there. >> i think this is a more serious matter.
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and probably shouldn't be treated as using wrestling as a metaphor. >> reporter: but today nick denton, considered the bad boy in chief at gawker, fought back with his legal team preparing its appeal. >> i'm confident that this decision will be reversed or radically reduced. >> reporter: and for the first time the jurors spoke publicly about their verdict. >> gawker made it clear to everybody that they were all about crossing the line. >> reporter: this whole sex tape ordeal started back in 2007. at the time his marriage was strained and he had sex with heather clem, wife of his then best friend, a radio deejay by the name of bubba the love sponge clem. >> i knew they had an open marriage. it kind of turned into a joke. >> reporter: during the trial, hogan, whose real name is terry bollea, spoke about how a visit to clem's house that joke became real as heather grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to the bedroom. >> bubba walked in behind us, okay, you guys.
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i said, bubba, you're not filming this, are you? and he just lashed into me, what the hell's wrong with you, i'm your f'ing best friend, how dare you say that to me. >> reporter: hogan says he didn't believe his friend clem would have lied to him until gawker published its story along with excerpts of the video. >> they confirmed bubba was on the tape. i started violently shaking. >> reporter: hogan sued clem for making the tape but also gawker who he believed violated his privacy by posting portions of the video. >> they made a conscious decision to expose terry bollea naked and gaengaged in sex. >> reporter: gawker argued hogan is a public figure and posting a portion of the tape was protected free speech under the first amendment. >> you need a first amendment to protect speech that is controversial. >> but the conflict between the state law in a sense and the federal law, what hulk hogan is doing is suing under a florida law that says if you publish private embarrassing facts about
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someone, you can recover damages from the person you published from. >> reporter: my colleague linsey janua janice sat down with members of the jury. >> what did you feel about the first amendment argument? >> it wasn't applicable. >> reporter: and they stood by their decision to punish the website. >> there's no doubt the decision we made was absolutely correct. >> if we were all in the same circumstances, how would we feel about it? >> did any of you think he might have been behind that tape? >> there's still no right to put that out there if he doesn't want it put out. >> reporter: the jurors clearly felt hogan would have acted differently if he knew he was being recorded. >> it's pretty clear it's not something you would want to put out to the public. it was things that -- i just ate and i feel bloated, i don't feel good, things you wouldn't say if you're filming a video -- >> not very hot? >> not very hot at all. >> reporter: they say even if hogan is a celebrity, he deserved privacy in the bedroom. >> he's still a human being like everyone else. no matter how many people know
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his name and his face. >> people said we've wrapped ourselves in the first amendment. but he's wrapped himself up in the public's very justifiable concern for their personal privacy. >> reporter: nick kenton, founder of gawker media, stands by his company's decision to post that video. >> this has got nothing to do with privacy. this is all about publicity. the sex tape that we talked about, he didn't like our story. >> isn't there a difference between talking about his sex life as a public figure and showing him actually having sex? >> i don't think we were particularly revealing anything that hadn't already been talked about or even shown. >> reporter: denton says the tape was newsworthy because hogan made it newsworthy by talking about his sex life throughout his career. >> do you think if you're famous and you talk about your sex life and a sex tape emerges, that journalists have a right to post it? >> i think everything has to be proportionate. but in hulk hogan's case, it wasn't simply this celebrity news show, he writes about his
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affair in his book. >> reporter: hogan even discussed the sex tape "the howard stern show." >> there's a tape of you [ bleep ]ing heather -- >> first off, i never made a tape. >> you swear you were not in on this? >> swear to god i wasn't. >> if you are going to live in character and that's going to be your character, you're going to open yourself up to more examination than an ordinary person leading a quiet life. >> reporter: denton says he's confident the judgment will be thrown out on appeal in part because of the evidence that was not allowed into the trial. >> you have said that the jurors didn't get to hear key evidence. >> i think the jury had a right to hear from bubba clem, to hear how much hulk hogan knew about this whole arrangement. >> reporter: clem told the fbi that hogan knew he was being recorded, though he later recanted, and he did not testify at trial. >> the person who made this tape, who arranged the whole situation, paid $5,000 in settlement to hulk hogan. and the promise to help hulk
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hogan in his case against gawker. i think it puts a lot of things in context. >> reporter: denton says he believes hogan's lawsuit was an attempt to suppress another recording, one of hogan using racist language directed towards his daughter's boyfriend at the time. >> he had complained using pretty brutal language about the black man that his daughter was dating. >> reporter: the consequences of that tape were devastating for hogan. the wwe fired him after it leaked and wiped him from wwe history. hogan hopes this verdict can help propel him back into the ring, telling tmz he would jump at the chance. >> i'd love to hit vince mcmahon in the nose! >> reporter: hogan has not been reinstated by wwe and with that appeal still looming, he may never see a cent from gawker. but he maintains the case was never about the money. >> my original intention was to do what was right. all i pray is that they change
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and become actually journalists and legitimate journalists. >> reporter: ironic as it might seem that responsibility is something denton says he takes seriously. >> it was one of the few honest things i think that have been said or been written about hulk hogan. he's such a character. he's been living in character almost all his professional life. and in a way he's a sign of the society that we're moving into this which people are not simply actors, but their whole lives are performances. >> reporter: while gawker might get a bad rap, denton insists it's for all the right reasons. >> hulk hogan is very charming on the stand. but he's been shown to have lied on the stand as much as he's a charming liar. we were a bunch of honest jerks. >> reporter: for "nightline," this is dan harris in new york. up next, terry moron on the ground for us in brussels. were the alleged plotters spying on a nuclear scientist?
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first, remembering famed comedian garry shandling. he died suddenly today in an l.a.-area hospital. >> i had a great day. i went to the bank earlier today. >> reporter: he began as a comedy writer, rising to fame on "the tonight show" starring johnny carson. >> that's a nice welcome, obviously some of you haven't seen me before. >> reporter: the actor and producer perhaps best known for his hbo series "the larry sanders show" earning 19 emmy nominations. >> very funny show. >> tonight, celebrities and late-night personalities alike reacting to the news on twitter. jimmy kimmel tweeting, garry shandling was as kind and generous as he was funny. amy schumer writing, good-bye, garry shandling, thank you for your kindness and your generosity and for making me laugh so damn much. shandling was 66 years old. together is great... but i think women would agree, getting home... to cuddle up with their man is nice too.
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the investigation into the terror attacks in brussels tonight taking a chilling nuclear twist. while the community of molenbeek, which many call a jihadi enclave, feels misunderstood. yet one victim of the terror, the pro basketball player whose poignant image touched hearts around the world, shares his experience in the moments after the airport bombing. here's abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> it happened so quick. just a deafening boom! ceiling starts falling. you don't really know what's happening. >> reporter: tonight in a brussels hospital, sebastian bellin says he is lucky to be alive.
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he was hit by the bomb blasts during tuesday's terrorist attacks at the airport here. >> because i fell to the ground, when the second explosion went on, all the shrapnel missed me i think. but my leg was just complete ly severs, i was in shock. i tried to move as quick as i could but i couldn't move anything. >> reporter: we visited the former oakland university basketball player. >> the whole -- the whole time i was just -- just trying to tell myself, i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it. when i got to the ambulance, i knew i was good. but until then -- no idea. >> reporter: brussels is wounded too. and the city is now trying to recover as well, following the attacks at the brussels airport and the molenbeek train station that killed at least 31 people and left at least 300 injured. day and night here now the
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raids, the searches, the deployments continue. we were there on the streets as the police activity intensified tonight. the police have been on the scene here now for several hours. they've cordoned off the street and they took one suspect out of a house down there. this is the kind of raid that's been going on in these neighborhoods for months. it's impossible to say right now whether this represents a major break in the case of the attacks here in brussels or whether this is just more of counterterrorism whack a mole. police tonight are still actively searching for two suspects. the man seen here in this photo, and another suspect seen on cctv footage inside the maelbeek subway station. security sources reveal brothers khalid and ibrahim had been spying on a top belgian nuclear scientist using a hidden camera to film him, ten hours of video has been discovered. six people were arrested tonight in raids across the city. and then word of a mall being
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evacuated. we rushed to the scene. >> there's a bomb? >> yeah, i think. >> reporter: it's a suspicious package left behind in the parking lot. they are taking no chances. that's a robot back there. the police have set up a perimeter around this mall, cleared it out. the city is on edge. and that robot is going in now to check it out. a controlled explosion. no come. this is life in brussels now. life during wartime. for that is what it is. and this is a main battleground. molenbeek, the gritty neighborhood mostly muslim which spawned so much terror linked to attacks in spain in 2004. paris in january 2015 and last november. and brussels itself. know this, almost everyone we meet her wants nothing to do with terror and they hate the reputation they have around the world. the main muslim neighborhood in brussels has been the focus of relentless law enforcement activity since the paris attacks
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last november. raid after raid after raid. and after the attacks here, this week, that has just intensified. asan is a community leader here. city councilmember and local businessman. we wanted to know what's gone wrong in molenbeek and in belgium. >> i grew up here. i'm the third generation. this is our country. this is our home. >> reporter: but what about molenbeek? honeycombed with hideouts, it seems. just last week suspected paris attacker salah abdeslam captured a few yards away from where we sit. would ordinary people in this neighborhood take him in and hide him? >> terry, what question is that? you tell me like if we know if this abdeslam is somewhere we would just say, no problem, leave him, poor guy. he's not a poor guy, he's a terrorist, a [ bleep ] terrorist. even if he was my own son, own son, i would take him from his hair, if he has hair, and take him to the police.
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>> reporter: asan is a devout muslim and a belgian patriot but he says there is no trust between the communities here and that must change. >> it's why i'm very optimistic, honestly. it's time to live together. >> reporter: terrorism has many causes. but the havoc and wreckage it wreaks comes one victim, one family, at a time. in the hospital tonight, david muir asks sebastian bellin about his struggle with the trauma and the long road ahead. >> in the moment you're thinking about your wife and your kids? >> yeah. i just didn't want my girls to grow up without a dad, you know? it's funny how many things you think of. i started playing tennis with my oldest, my 7-year-old. she's a hell of a tennis player. >> and your leg is going to be okay, you think? >> yeah. i think it's not going to be playing tennis tomorrow, you
12:59 am
know. but -- >> she'll have to wait. >> she'll wait. >> reporter: bellin hopes to be reunited with his family soon. so many remain missing. in this 21st century war of terror, there is no end in sight. for "nightline" i'm terry moran in brussels. >> our thanks to the abc team in brussels for our ongoing coverage. up next for us, the man behind the revolutionary hip-hop musical "hamilton." going out for date night with your man is nice... but i think women would agree... snuggling up after is kinda nice too. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension.
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you know, it's not just the hottest ticket on broad way. it's a mind-blowing mix of hip-hop and american history. tonight we go back to the beginning. hamilton's miranda shares his inspiration. here's katie couric. ♪ >> reporter: it's the hottest ticket in town. broadway's smash hit "hamilton." and it's already sold out until next january. >> i have about ten different pinch me moments a day. >> reporter: the idea for a hip-hop musical about a founding father came to miranda on a vacation. >> you're picking up alexander hamilton, this big tome. when did it strike you that, wow, this is musical theater? >> end of the second chapter. i got to the end of the second chapter, it reads like a dickens novel. >> reporter: miranda had to sell the concept to skeptical audiences, including this one at
1:05 am
the white house. at first people didn't know how to respond, right? >> a concept album about the life someone i think embodies hip-hop, treasury secretary alexander hamilton. >> you see me set it up and everyone laughs. by the end you see them kind of get sucked in by the story of it. >> reporter: the accolades soon started rolling in. miranda accepting a grammy like only he can. ♪ we adore you sebastian daddy's bringing home a grammy for you most ♪ >> reporter: he says he's a natural performer. stealing the spotlight from a very early age. >> i really fell in love with musicals by doing them. i got to be bernardo, captain hook, and conrad birdie in "bye-bye birdie." which was the killer because suddenly i'm 12 years old, 3 feet tall. every girl in my grade has to pretend to be in love with me. ♪ i'm doing this, whatever this is, i'm doing this for the rest of my life. >> reporter: to say it's worked out would be aas


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