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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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are off today and i'm monica malpass. here are the stories we are following for you. a man is dead after a violent one car crash and officials are looking to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. the zika virus is close toward home than you might think, we'll show you the cdc's new map of affected parts of the u.s. and he is famous for being a great coach but also known for great suits on the court. and a man is dead because he crashed his car in delaware county. it went off the road through a fence and landed on a lawn. katherine scott has the scene from bryn mawr. >> the road opened up five hours after the early morning crash. a passing driver had seen debris all over the roadway, and called police believing there could be an accident and they found the wreck right over there.
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>> a mangled car on the grass and debris scattered across bryn mawr avenue. this violent crash killed the driver, the only occupant. >> he must have went airborne, and jumped over the part of the fence over there. >> radnor police got the call for a possible accident at 3:24 a.m. and located the jaguar when they came to investigate. the driver had already died. they believe it was coming around the hill and lost control and slammed into the embankment and over the driveway and crashed into the stole -- and investigators will review the medical examiners findings. >> we'll get the blood results and see if there was intoxication which could be a factor. we have to weigh the factors and see what the result was.
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>> investigators are taking measurements to determine in speed was a factor. there was no sign the driver applied the brakes. they towed the car for further investigation. >> to make sure the brakes were functioning properly or if there were mitigating factors. >> authorities are trying to figure out what led up to this fatal crash. police in delaware county, need your help tracking down a suspect in a disturbing murder. 36-year-old markia benson was found dead in her apartment yesterday and police tell "action news" she was strangled and beaten to death. a concerned co-worker and friend found her body after she didn't get to work. they say the crime was particularly heinous, an autopsy is expected today. a car and a fire truck
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collided this morning sending one person to the hospital and you can see the damage to the front end of the car at brookmont drive in bear, it involved a fire truck from the christiana fire department. we don't know if the truck was headed to a fire at the time. in delaware, the state fire marshall believes an arsonist is responsible for setting fire to homes in the last month. the latest was in the trailer park off polanski highway. these date all the way back to january of 2015. all the trailers have been vacant and the police say that the suspect is disabling the fire hydrants in that area. turning to the forecast another windy day and it's feeling warmer and there is rain coming tomorrow. a good idea to get out and about if you need to run around. david murphy is out on the
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terrace. >> we have more clouds than at sunrise. take a look at satellite, you can see the sunlight getting thicker over the last couple of hours and it continues to do so. but a nice bounce up in temperatures, we started in the 50s, and definite lit better this afternoon up to 70 this afternoon in philadelphia and the mid-atlanticic region is look going 70 in richmond and 67 up in central park in new york city. we have winds to deal with though and the gusts are up over 30 miles per hour in spots. the way gusts work it's not all right in your face but every now and then this is what could be hitting you. you notice if you are driving around in a van or truck today. temperatures continue to get mild, we think we'll get up to 74 degrees at 3:30 and by 4:00 or so at 73, we start to fall off the table but not all that much. maintaining the mid-60s through the overnight period and that
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sets us up for another mild day tomorrow. the pollen count is dry today and you notice it drops off today and overnight and especially in through tomorrow morning, here is 6:00 in the morning, we'll see some rain filtering out the pollen particles. at times through night and midmorning we could see downpours and gusty thunderstorms, and another round of that later tomorrow. we'll give you the complete look on future tracker 6 as we have the exclusive accuweather forecast someone was asking me when do the winds die away and we may be stuck with high winds straight through the weekend. >> march winds continuing into april. thank you david. >> with the ups and downs in the forecast, keep track of the changes on, and follow our teams of meteorologists on social media for real time updates. >> there were tornadoes and thunderstorms and major flooding in parts of the south and midwest.
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and some areas remain on high alert as more severe storms are in the forecast. adrian banker shows us the aftermath now. >> reporter: a flash flood warning remains in place for texas all the way to georgia. six tornadoes touched down wednesday with the potential for more today across the south and midwest. >> the morning after tornadoes ripped apart homes in tulsa leaving a trail of devastation. >> look -- oh my gosh -- you are right -- >> on wednesday four tornadoes hit oklahoma with two more confirmed in arkansas and kansas. four people were hospitalized but no deaths were reported. in arkansas there was a record day of rain, several areas remain under water and three commuters were found clinging to a tree as firefighters rescued them from rising floodwaters. in the skies an american airline jet heading to memphis had to
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make an emergency landing after turbulence, and two flight attendants were injured. >> it flips in midair and drops on top of the male flight attendant. >> more rain expected from the gulf coast to the south and east. >> we heard from one family they are lucky to be alive after the tree fell on the car they were thriving in when the tornado hit. more twisters could form today and move east. channel 6 "action news" sub-contractor workers at philadelphia international airport went on strike this morning, they are baggage handlers and wheelchair assistance, they say prime flight their employers are not paying them enough or giving them sick days. similar protests are happening at other airports today. the villanova wildcats are in houston as they continue their march to the championship. they are just days away from taking on the sooners in the final four. they were greeted by the
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military when they arrived last night. and we'll be with the wildcats all the way. jeff skversky and villanova grad, alicia vitarelli will be there and have live reports and a news sports special called march to a championship. complete coverage from philadelphia to houston, tomorrow night at 7:30 here on 6 abc. the wildcats head coach, jay wright is said to have a cool stylish look court side. and his suits fit well because of this man. he operated men store for years and worked with jay to create the winning look for the coach. >> elegant best describes the suits i make for him. it has a rich look to it, and an elegant look and a look of authority. >> the custom suits can take 30 to 40 hours to make and by the way they don't come cheap, they
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start at $3,000 and with special fabrics, the costs could soar to over $10,000 pursuit. wow. whether or not you are a fan of coach wright or the entire team. we want to see how are you cheering on nova nation, use #6abcaction. more ahead on "action news" for you at 12:30, the alabama governor scandal leads to the resignation of his top aid just weeks after denying having an affair but making inappropriate remarks to her.
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republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is fighting to improve his standing among women voters. he angered many yesterday by saying that women should be punished for getting abortions.
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he backtracked and his opponents say he doesn't think through the issues. >> and hillary clinton says we can't let someone with this much contention for womens rights anywhere near the white house. and we'll talk to the supporters the union league, kasich is running third in the gop contest. and there is controversy surrounding the governor of alabama. his top aide has resigned surrounding allegations of an affair. calls for him to resign are growing. >> reporter: the alleged girlfriend of the once very married alabama governor is making it harder for his critics to believe him. >> i want everyone to know though that i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. >> his top political adviser,
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rebecca mason, the woman they believe on the other end of the phone sex humiliating the governor. the recording heard around alabama was made in 2014 before the governor's divorce but was released just last week. despite the sound of things, the two term governor and baptist decon said inappropriate things. >> i apologizing to her and to my family and the state of alabama. >> a top state lawmaker will introduce a resolution calling for the governor's impeachment next week. >> the affair is just a continuance of his inability to be the governor. from the beginning of this second term he has done nothing but lie and deceive to the people of alabama.
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>> governor bentley keeps saying he is not leaving. mosquitos carrying the zika virus may live closer to us than previously thought. the cdc released this new map, the cdc expanding the range and includes all of new jersey and delaware and the southeastern part of pennsylvania. and officials stretch that the mosquitos presence doesn't mean it will cause disease in those areas. it may not be news to people in the nation's capital or want to hear. but the metro has put them on notice, be prepared for extended shut downs, they may shut down subway lines for up to six months of maintenance, the system closed for 29 hours earlier this month for safety inspection. the hit musical hamilton may be in trouble for posting a
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casting call looking for strictly non-white employees. the broadway union approved the language but in a second casting post it said all ethnicities can apply. actress and comedian whoopi goldberg is taking on a new business venture selling cannibis, "the view" host is opening a new business called whoopi and maya, it will target women suffering from extreme menstrual cramps. still ahead on "action news" another check of the accuweather forecast, stepping outside. sky 6 hd showing you the plat memorial bridge.
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check this out. dozens of children used easter egg hunting skills to find a home run ball in the bushes. this is last night's spring training game against the san francisco giants. check it out tiny fans tackled the landscape and one eagle eye boy discovered it and pulled it out of the plant. will he keep it or put it on ebay. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan right now and our only issue is the wind and no precipitation currently. as we take a look outside. fdr park down by the stadiums, we have a fair amount of blue in play and you can see the branchs on the trees waiving around a bit. and after we packed up the camera and headed home, the clouds thickened up and that is what we have right now, 71 in
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philadelphia with the winds running south-southwest at 20 miles per hour. and it is blustery out there. temperatures treating us well in most of the area, 68 in wilmington and dover is at 70 and cooler along the ocean front. 58 in cape may, and 68 in millville. and up north 62 in reading and those numbers are not bad for this time of year. and here are the skies we started out with and boom the cloud cover has started to overtake us and there is rain out to the west but that will take its time filtering east. maybe a spotty sprinkle or shower today. but the bulk of it will start tonight. 71 in reading and 71 in allentown un72 in trenton and 69 in millville. 60 in cape may and march indeed going out pretty much like a lamb if you don't count that strong blustery wind. 72 at 2:00 and 74 is your high
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at 4:00. and those are fairly mild numbers, in fact overnight we only dip to 61. checking the future tracker 6 take on precipitation, again dry through 6:00 and later tonight maybe a couple of light showers or sprinkles beginning to develop and this is the 11:00 view. and adam joseph has something to show you on radar as soon as 10:00 on phl 17 and cecily is dealing with this at 11:00 here on 6 abc. i'll be back in the morning at 5:00 a.m. we see off and on precipitation, i think the next chance of heavier cells coming through come through in the morning and rush hour the way things are looking now. pretty heavy rain and downpours, that produce brief gusty winds, and take cover from the storms. another branch shows up and we wind up with heavy downpours and gusty thunderstorms mixed in along that line. it does look like 8:00 or 9:00 it's mostly off the coast and
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done. tomorrow is mild again and it won't be raining all the time and 77 degrees and kind of windy out there and overall a quarter to half inch of rain, your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today it's mild, windy but not bad. 74 degrees and clouds continuing to increase. tomorrow as you saw we have periods of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. some of these are in the morning and another batch coming in late in the day or evening. 77 is the high. two waves of cold air coming in for the weekend, 62 and not bad for saturday. rain in the morning and breezy in the afternoon. and then on sunday gusty winds developing and 49 is the high and chance saturday night into sunday we wind up with a wind advisory in the area. on monday we have sun giving way to clouds with rain and 58 is the high and then back to 49 for the high on tuesday, and at some points there will be cold enough
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air where we could see rain or perhaps a snow shower. i doubt it would amount to anything. but an indication we are not done with the cold air yet. down at the ground 49. 29 is the overnight low. sunny and cool on wednesday. high back up to 53 there. and generally speaking the first half of april looks to be on the cooler side. >> we'll keep our sweaters handy. thank you david. coming up tonight an all new many episode of "scandal" here is a preview. >> i don't care if elizabeth thinks we shouldn't be doing this. >> tell me something i don't know stupid face. >> that we tried and are focused on working for the country. >> david continues to deal with fallout from his dating life and cyrus continues with his political agenda and olivia is presented with damaging
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lets take a look at the accuweather forecast with david. >> mild and 70s in the northern and western suburbs, that is what to expect. you are in the 60s most of the
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time. and it's windy and the winds will gust up to 30 and higher than that at times this afternoon. you like the low to mid-70s along the i-95 corridor not bad and the closer you get to the shore the cooler it will be because the wind direction is from the south and that is from cool late march ocean water, 60 to 62 on the beach. still not bad and no rain until late tonight when we start to develop light showers. >> thank you david. finally at noon, seattle's food truck is given two paws up. they came up with the barkry truck to expand their dog lovers business. their dog is the chief tasting officer. >> he takes everything seriously. don't let the tongue fool you he is all business all the time. >> all the money collected at the barkry, goes to the
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nonprofit that helps senior aged pets. here are stories we are following on "action news" at 4:00. a woman is under investigation after she claims her child was assaulted. and a woman is attacked on the streets of philadelphia and it happened in broad daylight. police want your help to find those responsible. that is it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm monica malpass have a good day we'll see you later tonight. i drive a golf ball.
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