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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 1, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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you are looking at the roads leading out of the king
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of prussia mall. police are checking vehicles desperately looking for a seven week old boy. somewhere, this woman was in possession of the baby. but she is not the mother but a kidnapper but this potentially tragic story has a happy ending tonight. little asir simmons has been found. thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a baby kidnapping at the food court of the king of prussia plaza. it happened at 5:45 tonight. we are still learning how the kidnapping was resolved. just about a half an hour ago. "action news" reporter trish hartman and dann cuellar are live at the mall tonight. trish, let's start with you. you have basic facts as we know them. >> reporter: that is right, jim. just about 30 minutes ago we found out from the police chief that seven week old baby boy was found and he was found safe and sound. asir simmons was found along with his abductor who is now
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in police custody. police say surveillance video of the woman taking the baby led them to multiple tips, after it was shown on air and on social media. the those tips led them to the suspect, location in tredyffrin township. the name of the suspect has in the been released, police say she befriended the family the at the mall earlier today and then took baby in the food court when mother a's back was turned. we are told she does have ties to the king of prussia area. police say she was showing that baby off to family and friend and then that got back to police. >> we were able to go to a number of locations tonight in both upper merion township, malvern and then eventually into tredyffrin township chester county where we did locate the woman, who was seen on video leaving with the baby, and the baby. as i said, the baby is safe and sound but is getting checked. at this point we're not ready to release the names of the woman, we will in the later press release.
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>> reporter: chopper six is live over the arrest scene tonight. lots of police activity here where we are told they have located the woman and infant. this is the scene at upper gulf road and mount pleasant avenue in wayne. in tredyffrin township. charges are still pending against this woman. this is a very large police effort including multiple police departments and fbi. that infant taken from the mall has been found earlier, safe and sound. we are live, trish hartman, channel six "action news", jim. >> trish, thanks very much. lets move to dann cuellar live in upper merion police, dann, the police chief says that the finding of the baby and the arrest of the suspect was a case of terrific police work. what do we know about that and what about the family tonight. >> reporter: well, it was a team effort tonight here, jim. the fbi, the montgomery county detectives, all of these agencies joined in and all of them, refusing to go home
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until this baby was found, safe and sound. that is dedication. real dedication. and i have to tell you the family members were very worried, many of them gathered here at police headquarters, waiting to hear latest. here's the reaction when they got the good news. there was jumps of joy, and, shaking up and down. it was beautiful to see this family getting good news. it was wonderful. they have been worried, terribly upset, worried about all that, that has happened at the king of prussia mall. meanwhile, shoppers over at the mall were in disbelief that something like this could happen with all of the security and surveillance cameras at king of prussia mall. >> unbelievable. it is crazy. i feel so bad for the mother. >> reporter: shock hain disbelief was every where around the king of prussia mall people startled by police presence. >> i mean, i saw the officers
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a at every exit. we were like they are looking for someone. >> i didn't know fbi is in there right now. >> bunch of police officers in there. i saw was just the choppers above and then police. >> reporter: yes there, were others completely oblivious to what was going on while in the mall shopping. >> they didn't make an announcement or anything. they didn't say anything. >> reporter: say what. >> they didn't say anything. >> reporter: what do you mean. >> in the mall usually they will make an announcement or something. >> like how am i supposed to know what is going on if no one said anything. the it was business as usual. >> reporter: how long were you there. >> since around 4:00. >> reporter: well, again good end to go this story tonight. an extremely rare occurrence, that something like this could happen at king of prussia mall but comforting to know when it does happen all of the law enforcement resources, came together, to try to bring a peaceful and safe resolution, to a terrific, who are story
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here at king of prussia mall. we are live at upper merion police headquarters i'm's dann cuellar for channel six "action news". back to you, jim. >> we should say an amber alert was called tonight and presumably that has now been canceled. indeed a happy ending in upper merion township. thank you, dann cuellar. a gunman and virginia state trooper have been both killed in a shoot-out at a gray hound bus station. two civilian woman were hurt amid gunfire in richmond, this afternoon. thirty-seven year-old trooper chad dermeyer was with a dozen other troopers for a training exercise at the bus station when a brief encounter turn violent. he was shot at close range, multiple times. police say that he was not wearing a bullet-proof vest. the gun man then continued to fire, hitting two other bystanders, until other state troopers shot him dead, and investigators don't know what sparked the shooting and they are not ready yet to name the gun man. police have questioned a person in the murder of 36
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year-old markia benson. she was found name, beaten, stab in the bathtub of her secane delaware apartment yesterday. a killer wrote a slur in blood on her apartment wall. upper darby investigators and police chief, michael chitwood, say that there is no sign of forced entry and that the killer lock the door with a key before leaving. a u.s. marshals task force has caught one of the suspects accused of tying up, beating and robbing a nine two-year old woman inside of her home. the it happened overnight monday into tuesday, on manor drive-in ewing, new jersey. twenty-one year-old joseph blanche is being held on two million-dollar cash bail tonight, police say he had help, they are looking for his allege partner in crime. the focus of the college basketball world is on nrg stadium in houston. the it is norm willly a football stadium but its size
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isn't even enough to hold all of the hopes and dreams of nova nation. it is the final four and jeff skversky says villanova is focused like a laser on the task at hand. >> reporter: just about every where you go, every where you look here in houston, there are pictures and murals of ryan arcidiacono and villanova wildcats. this is the biggest stage in college basketball, the final four but villanova is doing everything in their power to not get caught up in the hype. >> it is something that you dream about since you are a little kid. to be in it it is just crazy. >> nova. >> nation. >> reporter: villanova guard josh h art has always dreamed about performing on the big stage, the final four. but the cats are trying to focus on the game and not the hype. tip off against oklahoma a is just two days a way. >> players, pictures all over the walls, bigger than life size, you know, a military reception, flags, and solutes, and it is just larger than
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life. >> thinks a whole other level, walking up to the hotel and seeing our pictures of the walls of the hotel, seeing everything surrounding us, people cheering us on when we get there not even after we leave. just a new experience. pretty neat but we have to stay focused on each other. >> reporter: villanova coach jay wright is trying to keep them focused by using his experience from the 2009 final four run reminding them this is just a next step in the journey to win the national championship. >> it is in our grasp. we can definitely take this but we have two tough games. one tough game to get by first to even have an opportunity to get a championship. >> we're not satisfied. we're in the done. we have to take care of business on saturday begins a great oklahoma a team. >> reporter: villanova coach jay wright says he can feel it, that is how close they are to a national title but they cannot overlook a oklahoma saturday night. ville sofa a in search for their first national championship in 31 year. jeff skversky, channel six "action news".
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security preparations are made for saturday on the main line to make sure villanova students can watch the game in safety and that things do not get out offhanded. when nova clinched the national title in 1985, well, party spilled out on to lancaster avenue, radnor police don't want a repeat of this. they will be beefing up staff, watching surveillance cameras and monitoring social media. the university will also offer a party, right in the center of the campus to keep students there. that party complete with food, and dj's. so show us your spirit. nova nation. we're asking to you join the action by sharing your best pictures and videos on social media. just use the #six abc action. and "action news" reporter alycia vitarelli will be joining jeff skversky in houston for live reports beginning tomorrow and jeff will have have more on the wildcats coming up later in this broadcast. it took 69 years but the city of philadelphia has
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apologized to jackie robinson for the racism he faced when he came to play phillies in his first year. official apology came in the form of the resolution in city council today. robinson was viciously taunted by phillies manager ben chapman and phillies players when he came to bat. he was also denied services by a a local hotel, the apology went to his widow, rachel. governor chris christie today link a state take over to atlantic city which casino expansion plans in north jersey. the christie said he will campaign against expansion unless reforms of the financially crumbling atlantic city are approved. bills for an atlantic city take over has been stalling and democratic controlled assembly. christie says atlantic city is heading for disaster. presidential candidate john kasich brought his campaign to philadelphia tonight. kasich acknowledged that pennsylvania primary on april 26th is crucial to his chances, and central to his
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strategy of denying donald trump a majority of delegates that prior to the convention in cleveland. the kasich told brian taff tonight that trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is unprepared to be president. >> when i say he is unprepared, when somebody says that, you know, we think we might use nuclear weapons in europe or we might use nuclear weapons in the middle east. or he says we have to have a muslim ban on people coming in here. when he says he will appoint a supreme court justice who will investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. i don't even necessity how you do that. >> this was trump as he left a meeting with the chairman of the republican party in washington today. source is saying that the meeting concern the rules and delegates distribution at the convention. trump also met with his foreign policy advisors. he said he had what he called some amazing discussions about topics including his refusal to rule out nuclear weapons,
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including in europe. meanwhile pennsylvania state supreme court has ruled in favor of the ted cruz. voter in pittsburgh had filed suit challenging cruz eligibility to be on the pennsylvania ballot and to serve as president because he was born in canada. court let stand a commonwealth court ruling that a eligible candidate is any person born to an american citizen no matter where. on the democratic side today hillary clinton held a rally in new york in west chester county. she was interrupted by 20 bernie sanders protesters who shouted if she wins, we lose. then they walk out. the crowd chanted i'm with her, i'm with her. sanders campaigned in pittsburgh calling for what he called a moral economy. still to come here on "action news" tonight, the flu shot could be good for babies before they are even born. moment of collapse, hours of rescue have afterward. we have got latest on bridge disaster in indian.
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plus delran's carli lloyd ace monk a group of female soccer stars suing over what they see as sexism at play. wet weather is moving in tonight and i'm tracking more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. i will detail the timing and track a taste of wint they are weekend believe it or not. all of the details in the accu weather forecast. and ducis rodgers with more from villanova in houston when "action news" continues tonight.
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a police traffic camera captured the moment, an overpass collapsed in india. it killed at least 21 people, left scores injured. the overpass was under construction when a section broke off and fell right into traffic. rescuers have been using saws, small cranes and even their
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bear hand to dig through wreckage. concrete and metal fell right in the crowded neighborhood. the irony here, that overpass was being built to try to ease congestion in the area. back home, villanova university history professor christopher haas, has been charged were 415 counts of child pornography. radnor police say haas was also the subject of the federal investigation in 2012. villanova spokesmen says that the university was ant wear of that probe. haas is behind bars on $450,000 bail. several dozen people rallied outside philadelphia city hall in the wake of the terrorist attack on a park in pakistan that left dozens of people dead, on sunday, a suicide bomber targeted an area near a playground where children were playing. many of those who attended tonight's rally are muslim. they held signs condemning terrorism, and mourning lives of the victims. we are about 15 minutes away from tezsla unveiling its
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new mass market electric car that already thousands of people have put down a deposit, sight unseen, buyers camped out and lines were around the block outside most dealerships, worldwide this morning. as the electric car company started taking reservations for its model three. they won't even start production until the end of the year, until the end of next year, and buyers don't even know when they will get the car. won't be for a while. model three is expected to cost $35,000, significantly less than tezsla's current vehicles. we will find out for sure when they make their big reveal at is 11:30 tonight. on health check at 11:00 researchers discovered a potentially life saving reason why pregnant woman should get a flu shot. a australian studied tracked more than 58,000 births. the study found that the influenza vaccine was not only safe and effective for the mothers but provided a better chance for their unborn babies. pregnant mothers who were
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vaccinated against the flu, cut the risk of still birth and delivery in half. compared to women, who skipped the shot. one of the world's most famous architects died today in miami. she was first woman to win the prize, and that is known as the noble prize of architecture. she he was known for swooping modern designs, like the 2012 aquatic center for london olympics. her work is considered to be bold, beautiful and sometimes controversial. hadid was being treated for bronchitis, and she died of a heart attack at the age of 65. five of the top players in american women's soccer, including delran new jersey native carli lloyd say that they are under paid. now they are preparing to fight. they have filed a federal complaint with the equal opportunity commission, u.s. women's team has won three world cup championships and they are defending olympic
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champions. the mens team has never made it past the world cup quarter finals yet women make no more than $5,000 a game, while the men can make up to $17,000 a game, and women want to rectify that imbalance. >> it doesn't seem quite fair. >> i would happen to agree with that. >> what about the accu weather forecast. >> april showers arriving right on time, actually, a couple hours early, as we begin a new month. storm tracker six live double scan showing an arc of showers, right over the i-95 corridor, most of the showers are on the light side. a little bit heavier as we move north of media, moving toward willow grove and this is leading edge of the showers and perhaps a thunderstorm that will roll through tomorrow. but you step outside, it is really warm out there. philadelphia is 67 degrees. allentown and reading just as warm. trenton 65. wilmington 63. we have a wind off the ocean, cape may, little bit cooler.
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56 degrees. we will stay on the warm side throughout the day tomorrow ahead of the cold front. satellite six with action radar for you, showing the big story, you can see those scattered showers but the actual cold front is here across ohio. that will be moving through until late in the day on tomorrow. it has brought some severe weather, tornadoes to alabama but focus of the severe weather should slide to the south across the carolinas but we could get a gusty thunderstorm around lunchtime or afternoon ahead of the cold front. future tracker showing in the morning plenty of cloud. it will be warm. temperatures already in the 60's at 7:30 with a few spotty showers. it doesn't look to be heavy rain. around lunchtime we could get thunderstorms developing south of philadelphia. then later in the afternoon is when that coal front moves through and this could trigger a broken line of some thunderstorms and thinks also when we will reach the high for the day, 77 degrees, a good 20 degrees above normal. and then this front just gets hangs upright over the coast.
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what this means we have a front tied up. saturday will be unsettled, first half of the day, south east of philadelphia with a few lingering showers. 62 degrees. so then another boundary an arctic clipper rolls through on saturday night and that means sunday we're talking about wind chills in the the 20's and 30's, feeling a bit like winter. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow windy and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms. not all day rain. high of 77. saturday, still mostly cloudy, lingering showers especially south east of philadelphia, 62 e up, partly sunny but 47, factor in the wind, wind chills won't climb out of the 30's. we will bump up to 63 degrees on monday with rain ahead of the next cold front and then back down to 45, on tuesday, and wednesday increasing cloud 53 degrees and thursday a chance of rain and temperatures rebound back to more seasonal levels with a high of 59 degrees, so march
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is our fourth warmest on record but first week of april will definitely have its ups and downs. >> thank you. former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham was honored tonight for one of her lesser known endeavors. abraham was presented with the first trailblazer award from the woman's humane society. organizers say that during her time as district attorney abraham was dedicated to insuring that laws to protect animals were enforced. tonight's event took
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more from villanova, in houston, texas. >> final . >> i cannot wait, finally will be here in a couple days. at this stage of the ncaa tournament it is a long wait between games also a long wait for villanova to get another crack at oklahoma, more than three months. jeff skversky is with the cats in houston. >> villanova head coach jay wright says he does not want his players to get embarrassed when they suit up for final four in houston begins oklahoma on saturday. and they won't. the cats are motivated. chris jenkins says he thinks about their 23-point loss to the sooners earlier this
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season every single day. >> nova. >> nation. >> villanova is back on the big stage, at the final four, for the first time since 2009. the cat are doing everything that they can to avoid getting caught up in the lime light, and all of the hype. >> just because we're, playing on the biggest stage, doesn't mean we will not play villanova basketball and it goes out the window. we have to dot things that got us here. >> reporter: that is playing defense and rebounding. villanova looks like a complete liz different team then the one that score a season low 55 points begins sooners in december. >> we want them again definitely. they did back us, and they have gotten better throughout the year, we have gotten better. >> reporter: oklahoma star buddy hield, the leading scorer doesn't sound too impressed with the wildcats. >> no, west virginia is toughest team we have faced all year. >> i will just keep being aggressive. >> you cannot stop them but you have to try to keep him under control, and try to keep the other guys under control,
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you know. you probably could stop him, but then the rest of the team is so good they'd kill you. >> how does villanova plan to stop hield is a saturday in houston. they say it won't take one player but all five. with the wildcats at the final , four jeff skversky, channel six, "action news". check out our villanova special march to a championship tomorrow night at 7:30, right here on six abc. still ahead, nhl fines a player for cheap shot in last night's flyers/capitols game. phillies take on and take out their prospects in the exhibition contest. the crazy highlights next. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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ylysol with hydrogen peroxide. bleach. for a tough clean with zero percent bleach. lysol that. flyers were idol tonight hosting ottawa saturday night. flyers remain two points up on detroit in the wild card race. small consolation for shane gostisbehere, nhl has find the capitals forward $5,000 for this hit on ghost last night. and the team, the flyers have gone nine-three-two in march. dave hacks something to credits his players in believing in the message. >> it is about staying with it, when things aren't necessarily going the right way or going your way, you know, we have talk about our leadership group in this locker room, and the presence that they have brought to our team, that is the foundation
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for our success. >> and if only phillies could play themselves every night. tonight, in reading, big league squad takes on phillies top prospects. this is not a fair fight, darren ruf with two men on, three run home run off zach ekland. he gives up four home runs. future squad has a bright spot jp crawford goes deep in the fifth inning. that pulls the prospects to within 12. sixteen-four. ryan howard entered as a pinch hitter in the seventh. eleven home runs in this game. the phillies beat the prospects 19-four. save some for regular season. >> good time was had by all. >> thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest bill murray, neil, and music from 2088. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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