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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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reasonable defense of another. >> coming up at 430 vern load will have more on the investigation that led to today's decision plus reaction from lesean mccoy's attorney. >> and. welcome you on this monday afternoon i'm brian taff. >> i'm sharrie williams. we're following the villanova wildcats and their championship show down from the minute line to the main event we have complete team coverage. jeff skversky is with the theme houston as they get ready for the game and sarah bloomquist is in villanova but let's begin with alicia vitarelli live outside nrg stadium in houston where the motion and excitement they have to be building alicia. >> reporter: oh, guys, you can't even imagine. it is hot here in houston dan wildcat fever is on fire. we spent the afternoon checking in on nova nation to see how they're getting ready for tonight's championship game ton say that the super fans you're about to meet are
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gearing up is kind of an understatement. they have got their outfits ready and they are ready to roar. >> n-o-v-a. >> reporter: by day they're a group of friends and fraternity brothers from villanova's class of 95 but on game day they are. >> #blue nova guys. >> reporter: you're somewhere between dr. seuss and the blue man group. >> and a smurf. >> reporter: they've become nova celebrities around houston. the plow nova guys wigs one cease and all even made the game broadcast during the wildcats big win saturday night you. >> showed up to the game like this and it work. this was the good luck charm. >> we're one game away. >> reporter: steve albrecht even got a special little splash of blue courtesy of his daughter stella. >> when your seven-year-old daughter asks to give you good luck toe nail paint for villanova what can you do. >> reporter: you're a great damaged we were there as she
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they suited up for the championship game and helped get those duct tape letters just right. >> a pinterest project. >> reporter: this is a simple project. you just added matching sneakers. >> it's a challenge to the under grads out there. we want to see more of these next year when we bring home the national championship. >> reporter: while it may seem like it's all fun and game, these grads say letting the team feel the love shows some serious school spirit. >> if our team can put it up every day like this then it's the least we can do. >> reporter: and of course i had to ask, what do their wives thinks about all this? they said you know what, they know they are on board. this is nova nation, it runs through the family. they are bleeding blue and white. lots of blue. love the matching sneakers. love the blue toenails. the blue nova guys are going to be at a big prep rally pregame villanova event at nrg stadium. we'll be there.
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nova nation ready to roar you guys. we are live alicia vitarelli, channel6 "action news." one more win. >> that's right, one win away. blue head to toe. >> love those guys. no shame in their game. >> of course right here at home villanova fans will gather on and near the campus to clea cheered on their wildca. >> police want everyone just to stay safe and have fun tonight. sarah bloomquist live in bryn mawr where there's already a crowd gathering at kelly's, sarah. >> reporter: that's right, the doors just opened here at kell cannily's kind of a go-to place for villanova students. you can see for quite some time now this line has wrapped around the building. without a doubt they'll be celebrating in streets if villanova is victorious. police are encouraging everyone to celebrate responsibly and you better believe they'll be out in force ready to enforce the law. hours away from tipoff and nova nation is thinking about
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a victory celebration. >> this place is going to be a madhouse. >> reporter: and it was a madhouse after villanova's win over oklahoma on saturday night with thousands of students rushing into the streets and a handful of arrests. >> there were thousands who came to the campus and i would say that it was overall very successful. it was a good trial for the big event working with our local law enforcement partners. >> saturday was a -- what we'll call a dry run for the championship. >> reporter: radnor township police have set up a command center inside their headquarters. this is where they'll monitor the game and the activity out on the streets. law enforcement from the local to federal level will be seater at this table and they're prepared for a long night ahead. >> we have federal agents delaware county district attorney's office, septa pd, amtrak pd, villanova public safety's main dispatch will come out of here. ems, fire, public works. >> reporter: the pennsylvania state police mounted unit and helicopter motorcycle teams will all be mobilized. even this massive armored swat
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vehicle will be ready to roll if needed. we captured a crew greasing up a light pole making it more difficult to climb up. police want to everyone to celebrate response plea. >> if it's a krim when there's not a championship game it's still a crime. >> reporter: couple additional notes here. police are end can couraging every one to have a designated driver and a transportation plan. they will be closing down local roads and even access to and from the blue route as the end of the game approaches. they are also discouraging anyone who is not already in the area at the end of the game to please stay away. live in bryn mawr, sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news. >> sarah five hours away from the game but look how busy it is already. as the wildcats get ready we want to see how you are clearing on nova nation. send us your pictures or your video on social media. just use #6abcaction. >> i'm going to dress up like
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those blue guys tonight. >> great idea. >> adam is on board. >> let's do it. all through of us. >> speaking of adam he's standing by at the "action news" board. what a cold weekend we had. >> blue represents cold that color and it is moving in a big change overnight. right now in boston it is just 28 degrees, 27 syracuse, burlington 58 and philadelphia and the cold wind will be pushing in and rushing in during the overnight hours so the 50's we have right now, it is going to drop some 30 degrees by tomorrow morning. double scan live radar we're dealing with light rain showers coming in from there north and west. it has been raining much of the day up in the lehigh valley but you can see it is cold enough, it is all snow in southern and northern new england and boston winter storm warnings for to 8-inches of snow on this april day to the north but for us locally it is all green in the form of rain. some heavier rain developing in lancaster and southern and western chester county pushing to the east so a little bit of a slow go on the roadways as
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they're wet for that evening rush hour. but as we look ahead overnight the rain will slowly move south and east. it clears the coast by 11:00. temperatures quickly drop and all areas are going to drop below freezing. 20's for everyone overnight tonight and that is a killing freeze. we'll talk about that coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> all right, adam thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. >> all right. >> a team from the national transportation safety board in delaware county trying to figure out what led up to a deadly amtrak crash that killed two workers. john rawlins is live with the latest on the investigation. john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. well to be frank investigators have been pretty mum so far today though they did just call a 5:30 news briefing. among the issues they are expected to be examining in the course of their investigation at the maintenance work that was being done along the northeast corridor not far from the point of impact p the question is what impact did it have on what occurred.
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safety investigators want to know what went wrong. given longstanding established rail safety protocols how did the southbound palmetto end of slamming into a right of way work vehicle a backhoe on a clear sunny morning. yesterday the ntsb said it has the locomotive's recording device. that will supply some answers such as the train's speed and what the engineer saw and did approaching the collision. >> we're still gathering the facts at this time. as of now we have recovered the event data recorder. the forward facing video and the end ward facing video from the locomotive to send to our lab in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the palmetto came to stop near bishop street in treanor. the impact was up the track near the booth street bridge in chester. at the time this long yellow track maintenance machine sometimes called a vac train was in place on a closed track. we are told it's common practice for a backhoe he to at times assist the vac train's crew. it's also normal for an amtrak
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safety supervisor to be assigned to the location to be in radio contact with train dispatchers in order to avoid a collision with the work crew. investigators now must track down and review the various orders or instructions that should have been given to dispatch personnel, the engineer of the palmetto and to the work crews. did all the parties have the same critical information or was there at some point a failure to communicate? we should get a better idea of what the ntsb has been looking at today and what it has learned in the last 24 hours. as we said they have called a news briefing in about 90 minutes from now. live in treanor, john rawlins, channel6 "action news. sharrie. >> some more information to come on that. john, thank you. our coverage of the deadly crash continues on with the latest on the investigation, pictures from the crash site and videos of passengers describing that chaotic scene as it unfolded. >> the state of new jersey is now suing atlantic city. governor chris christie just
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announced that lawsuit this afternoon. it would block atlantic city from distributing payroll because the city owes its own school district $30 million. christie says the city has been funding its operations using tax money meant for the schools and he wants that to stop. the governor is also upping the pressure on assembly speaker vincent prieto to support a state takeover measure. christie says it's the only way to save a.c. in the long run but prieto is rejecting the measure because it would allow the state to get rid of union contracts. atlantic city is set to run out of money this friday. >> all right, it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> let's send you over to ma map standing by in the "action news" traffic center with the first look today. >> hi, guys. we're all feeling a little bit blue this afternoon not only because of villanova but also because of some of these traffic jams that are giving us big delays as we try to head home like this one. this is a crash on the ramp from 95 southbound to the walt whitman bridge, a ramp that a lot of people use in the afternoon to get over into new jersey. you can see a couple vehicles involved right here. penndot is on the scene as are
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police and the ramp is partially blocked. so, coming down from 676, the vine street expressway, you're hitting that wall of traffic and it really just crawls through this point at the exit for the walt whitman bridge. in the suburbs several bad accidents this afternoon. one in nether providence delco involving an overturned vehicle along 252 near possum hollow road. fire police are out there helping you through the area but i would avoid it if i were you. 15 miles an hour on the northbound blue route 476 coming off 95. the normal afternoon delay just starting to form there. we have a couple accidents in bucks county, one in richland township along three he 13 at thatcher road. the other in rockhill township is along old bethlehem pike at ridge road. lumberton burlington county a crash along 541 main street at fostertown road. so far not so bad along 295 or the new jersey turnpike. and down in galloway township atlantic county watch out for a crash along the white horse pike at cologne avenue. plenty of things going on. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour.
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>> sounds good. see you then matt. up next more average of villanova's shot at the championship. we'll check in with jeff skversky live in houston. >> plus the list includes world leaders athletes actors and drug lords. how they are all connected by a massive probe into tax evasion and off shore accounts. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we are learning more today of the specific names involved in a massive leak centered around off shore accounts for the rich and powerful. the international consortium of investigative journalism says it's sorting through more than 11 million documents leaked to them by an anonymous source. they're being called the panama papers and they show how one law firm allegedly used fake corporations and off shore accounts to hide money for some of the most powerful people in the world. the list includes people with ties to current and former world leaders and their relatives including russia's vladimir putin. they include athletes like soccer star lionel messy and
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actor jackie chan. ties to mexican drug cartels in the african diamond trade and dozens of global banks. no americans have been named but the editor of the german newspaper that that published the leak was asked about that on twitter and he responded "wait. just look at what's coming ." >> security guards went off control to go on the picket line today. dozens of unionized guards from 32bysaiu rallied on behalf of nonunionized guards at philadelphia university. they're demanding the school break takes with m mcgwynn security. mcgwynn provides security at philadelphia international airport where guards went on strike last week citing similar concerns. >> we continue our coverage of villanova's championship matchup tonight against north carolina. one of the key players for the wildcats this tournament has been forward kris jenkins. jeff skversky is live in houston this afternoon for us.
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you had a chance to talk to jenkins today. >> reporter: yeah, everybody on this team is pumped for the biggest game of their lives. villanova's in the national championship game for the first time in 31 years. and for only the third time in school history, and they're take on a north carolina team they haven't beaten in the ncaa tournament since 1985 the last time they won it all. we're just hours before tipoff and i went one-on-one with kris jenkins who has dreamed about cutting down the nets at the final four since he was a little kid. kris, to be here one win away from a national championship, what is your mind-set going into this game against north carolina? >> um, it's the mind-set that we take in every game just to accept coaching, be prepared, be focused, be dialed in defensively and, you know, just go out there and execute our defensive game plan. >> reporter: you talk about defense but the offense has been unbelievable, shooting
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the best shooting percentage since 1985 in a tournament up to this point. are you surprised you guys are shooting this well? >> not surprised just, you know, it's amazing that when you focus in on other things, how certain things pop up that you never really think of. we never thought that we would shoot the ball this well. we were all so focused on defense. >> reporter: describe the feeling in your mind, i know you've built it up probably since you were a little kid, if that confetti comes down and you're cutting down the nets and you win a final four. >> you know, i just would be so happy for our group of seniors because they've given so much to our program but, you know, we're not even looking ahead to that. we're taking it one second at a time, one minute at a time and, you know, in preparation to get ready to go. >> reporter: good luck against north carolina. >> thank you. >> reporter: kris jenkins has been villanova's leading scorer the last two months. they would not be here in this
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national championship game if not for that player. how about jenkins' family. they're not all necessarily rooting for nova. jenkins brother plays for north carolina. that story coming up at 5:30. for now we're live in houston at the final four, jeff skversky channel6 "action news." sharrie he. >> a lot riding on tonight's game. jeff, thank you. sticking with basketball he's one of the greatest players in sixers history and today he's officially headed to the hall of fame. allen iverson was formally elected this morning as part of the class of 2016. he joins five others including shaquille o'neill and yao ming. iverson was an 11 time all-star won the league m.v.p. twice including in 2001 when he led the sixers to the nba finals. he'll be officially inducted during a ceremony in the fall in september. >> big day in local hoops around here. >> big day in sports, right. time now for the
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accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph lalls more on the work week. a little bit of up and down coming adam. >> yeah, there's a big down especially tonight and tomorrow night. right now we're dealing with showers across much of the area on double scan live radar. it's warm south of philadelphia. it's been chilly to the north and west all day, even an area of moderate rainfall southern lancaster county and now southwestern parts of chester county. you can see he that batch moving towards coatesville downingtown across route 41 and also kind of extending all the way down to southern lancaster county. for the rest of the region very light showers. we'll watch this batch as it pushes to the east and heads towards center city during the latter part of this evening's rush hour. as we take a look at some of the numbers it has been a cold raw rain through much of the day up in the lehigh valley just 45 degrees, 47 in that reading, 49 in lancaster. then you jump to about 58 in philadelphia, 61 in millville and still 70 degrees right now in dover and upper 60's in southern parts of new jersey,
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so a tremendous difference from the south to the north during the day today but the cold air is going to win out. as we look at satellite and radar from 8 o'clock in the morning, there you can see that rain up in the lehigh valley. it kind of was going west to east the entire day and now it's finally pushing down to the south as this front will progress through and we will dry out as we go through the evening hours. in fact, by 7 o'clock, that rain is ending lancaster reading, lehigh valley, still raining philadelphia, down to the shore, temperatures in the 50's there. already 34 in mount pocono. by 11 o'clock tonight, below freezing already in those northwestern suburbs. 39 philadelphia, 45 in millville and by tomorrow morning, 25 in allentown, 28 philadelphia, 29 in millville. so we he do have a freeze warning in effect for tonight and this will also go into tomorrow night. protect the plants. if you have the tulips, daffodils anything that has bloomed they will get hit hard the next two nights. cover them if you don't want
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those particular leaves to burn out. as we look at wind chills tomorrow morning, teens across the area so very winter-like on your tuesday. as we look at that four day at 4:00 forecast, sunny, brisk, cold tomorrow with a temperature of 43 degrees. high clouds, dim sun on wednesday, 55 after starting once again in the 20's on wednesday morning. it's milder but it's rainy with a thunderstorm thursday of 63. breezy, cool with a shower on friday of 51 degrees. and another big dip in temperature coming this following weekend. i tell you, the peach trees in particular that have already bloomed in new jersey, it's going to be really hard to try to prevent them from almost dying off because of these freezing conditions the next few nights. >> adam thank you. >> yeah. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a man scams a local woman with a set of fake ncaa tournament tickets. now police want your help to track him down. >> we've got more coverage of our breaking news today. lesean mccoy will not face
4:23 pm
charges in connection with a bar room there was olde city philadelphia. we've got a live report coming up at 4:30. things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. >> ♪ >> police are looking for the man who sold counterfeit tickets to an ncaa tournament in philadelphia. the man placed an ad on craigslist. he identified himself as sebastian murphy. he met a woman and sold those tickets for $150 each. but when that woman showed up to the wells fargo sent she found out those tickets were fake. police want anyone who can identify this plan to please contact them. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf is calling for a list of government reforms. he wants to change campaign finance laws and require public employees to disclose their income. his plan also includes a statewide gift ban. the governor outlined his proposal at the philadelphia chamber of commerce today. he wants to create a more a more
4:27 pm
tranctransparent state governme. >> more tips to help you allergy proof your home. >> caught on video. crooks refuse to give up when a hammer didn't work when they tried to steal from a gas station in juniata park. >> our coverage of the ncaa championship continues. we are live with these fans and more in houston before the cat's big game. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the family feud that will play out tonight against two brothers on the basketball court. plus a shooting is caught on video in west philadelphia. see who police are looking an update to this police cheese that shut down the bay bridge in california. >> no charges against former eagles star lesean mccoy. despite this video of a fight at recess lounge in center city, the district attorney says there is not enough evidence to charge mccoy or the off duty police officers allegedly involved. "action news" reporter vernon odom was there for the official announcement. he's live now in center city with the details. vern. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this comes after more than two months investigation. district attorney seth williams saying tonight no charges are coming against
4:30 pm
football star shady mccoy or the three friends who were involved in an infamous bar room brawl back in late february at an after hours club. the d.a. says he probed this bar room brawl to the hilt after a nine week investigation, d.a. seth williams says there will be no charges filed against former eagles star lesean mccoy or his three friends or the two off duty cops with whom they tussled in that after hours club back in early february. >> while it is clear that a physical altercation took place and that several people were injured, there's insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the participant was the initial aggressor. >> reporter: this is 2:45 cell phone video of the brawl. two off duty cops were
4:31 pm
injured. the d.a. confirmed earlier reports that the fighting started over a $350 bottle of champagne. >> only two individuals gave any information about how the physical contact initiated and both of those versions were in direct conflict with the other. >> reporter: late today lesean mccoy's lawyer had this reaction to the d.a.'s decision. >> it's very clear that mccoy didn't start any fight, he didn't, you know, want to continue any fight. the most he did in this matter after this fight broke out, he went over to try to break it up. there was a guy on top of his friend tj and no matter what other facts, you know, have been bandied about out there, he was concerned about tj. >> reporter: tonight the fop president is blasting the d.a.'s decision today. john mcnesby has been calling for the arrest of the mccoy and his friends for several weeks now. now he's talking about going
4:32 pm
to the state attorney general to try to get him to press charges. live in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> all right, vernon, thank you. this week's weather forecast is being described as rollercoaster up and down to say the least. >> meteorologist adam joseph here with the very latest. >> we're going to be rewinding time back to the middle of winter here with the temperatures the next couple of nights so get ready for a big do. as we look at the numbers, high temperatures today depending on your location, it was 45 in the lehigh valley, 47 in reading, 65 in philadelphia and 70's today at the shore in dover. a huge difference from south to north. that cold air will win out, move in overnight tonight and as you can see on double scan live radar some showers across much of the area right now, snow up in boston, four to 8-inches of wet snow up there, but for us it is all rain and a heavy batch of rainier oxford and southern yesterday county going right up north on route one, watch that as it pushes towards center city but as we look at future tracker
4:33 pm
take a look at the numbers. at 8:30 tomorrow morning, this is not wind chill, this is air temperatures. 20's from baltimore all the way up into new england. teens in northern maine. so, we've got a freeze in effect for tonight as well as tomorrow night and that could also again happen over this upcoming weekend. we're talk about a very winter-like week ahead with a little bit of warmth here or there but some big changes coming in and not good for any of the crops out there. we'll talk about in it in the seven day. >> drugs that target high cholesterol have long been used by millions of americans. turns oute out those drugs could have a wider impact. rick williams live in the news room with more on this story. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. this new evidence is coming up out of a study on heart health. we'll tell you how experts say one of the most widely used drugs in the u.s. can can help people without cholesterol problems. also coming up tonight our team coverage of the villanova
4:34 pm
wildcats continues at 5:00 tonight jeff skversky live in houston to break down what a potential win means for the city of philadelphia. the county down the continues and we're all excited. that and much more coming up when we see you on "action news at 5 o'clock. brian back to you in the studio. >> hi, rick thanks. east detectives searching for the suspects who burglarized a the liberty gas station in juniata park. the two were caught on surveillance video. you can see the two struggled to get inside the secure area behind the counter. they tried using a hammer and even a microwave. once inside they grabbed cash cigarettes lottery tickets. the thieves made their escape in an suv. >> police just released this surveillance video of a shooting in west philadelphia. on this one you can see a group of men standing outside of a store on 51st and market street. then a man starts shooting. police say the suspect had just been inside this store moments before. the suspect was able to escape. police are still looking for him right now. the victim was shot in the
4:35 pm
chest and was last listed in stable condition can. today a new coalition was formed its mission to reduce the number of shootings in philadelphia. they made the announcement in the 300 block of south 52nd street in west philadelphia. more than 35 community groups joined that coalition. they say that within two blocks there have been nine homicides in the past two years. the community members are calling for more jobs, mentors other resources for parents. >> trenton's fire department took time to remember all of their colleagues who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> ♪ there was a memorial service to honor fallen firefighters at trenton city hall. since 81996, 23 firefighters have lost their lives including plan knee rivera who died in 2009. the philadelphia mayor's office is honoring a local man for end can couraging tolerance. today mayor jim kenney
4:36 pm
proclaimed sunday april 24th to be the 16th annual human family day in the city. the proclamation recognizes robert woodard for establishing the barbershop human family day foundation. it's a nonprofit that teaches self worth and encourages people to embrace diversity. >> still to come on a monday afternoon, princeton university makes a decision that it will keep president woodrow wilson's name on campus buildings. >> plus, a march madness matchup has now turned into a sibling show down. we'll introduce tout brothers competing against one another tonight. >> the fallout surrounding soccer star abby wambach's dui arrest. >> meteorologist adam joseph will be back with that full forecast from accuweather when "action news at 4:00 continues next.
4:38 pm
>> ♪ >> crews from the water department spent the day making repairs after a water main break in montgomery county. this is what the muddy mess looked like from chopper6 this
4:39 pm
morning at the intersection of spring view road and valley view road in east norriton. no word on what caused the water plane to break. princeton university will keep president woodrow wilson's name on campus buildings despite complaints from students about racism. wilson the 28th president of the united states supported racial segregation. in november students held a 32-hour sit-in in protest. princeton has agreed to several new initiatives to encourage diversity on campus. >> ♪ >> now to the race for the white house. voters in wisconsin are getting ready to weigh in during tomorrow's primary. the latest polls show republican frontrunner donald trump is trailing rival ted cruz in the badger state. both gop candidates are campaigning there today. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in wisconsin. they are still in negotiations for another debate ahead of the new york primary which is coming up in two weeks. all right, the fallout
4:40 pm
continues today after it retired -- a retired soccer champion abby wambach was arrested for dui. mini cooper has pulled commercials that featured wambach and also some famous men's sock can kerr players are coming under fire for their posts on twitter. alejandro bedoya tweeted must have been a foreign american player's fault. wambach was pulled over saturday night in portland oregon. she was arrested after she allegedly failed a field sobriety test. >> sharrie over at the big board now with the big talkers. there's no bigger talker today than this, the big game, villanova fans all of us villanova fans today but for one family tonight's championship game is kind of a family feud. nate brit is a junior at unc and kris jenkins of course is a junior at nova. they view each other as
4:41 pm
family. the two are actually friends and played on the same basketball team when they were 11. jenkins' mother ended up getting a basketball coaching job in columbia south carolina but she quickly realized it was not a good environment for her son and asked the brits to take care of chris permanently. they agreed and ended up becoming critz's legal guardians. >> for them to just take a total stranger in their house it was a blessing. >> cuss says flyers one you wants to beat more than his brother. so good luck to the guy in blue there tonight. now to video making the rounds pretty much everywhere today. a chihuahua, that little guy, chihuahua getting some much needed rest tonight after leading police in san francisco on quite a chase. yesterday the california highway patrol actually shut down the bay bridge while they tried to catch the little dog. now, police spent more than five minutes trying to corral that 10-pound dog. the dog was taken to an animal
4:42 pm
shelters. officials are trying to track down the owner. that made for quite a traffic jam in the city by the way bay as they shut down the bridge to find that chihuahua. >> police they have to deal with. >> everything you name it. >> all right brian, let's get another check of the roads tonight and see if there are any dogs on the loose out there, matt pelman. >> we're chasing some delays that's for sure but nothing as fun as that. good afternoon to you sharrie. good afternoon everybody. there's police activity, i don't think it's a dog claims but police activity in camden on the admiral wilson boulevard route 30 eastbound side by federal street. you can see the officers taking out the right lane. as you come east away from the ben franklin bridge you're hitting a jam headed towards the old airport circle because of that police activity in the right lane on the admiral wilson boulevard. aside from that it's been a couple issues on 95 this afternoon that we have been watching. one was a crash in the southbound lanes by cottman. that cleared out but you still are looking at speeds like 10 miles per hour as you enter the work zone. then there's a wreck on the ramp from 95 southbound to the walt whitman bridge.
4:43 pm
so it's also slow there with speeds in the 20's. don't forget this has been our first workday without the walnut lane bridge which shut down on friday night for five months. i know it's a lake for a lot of yolake for aheadache for alo. it will lost for five months. newtown township bucks county a crash this afternoon along 413 at richboro road. also one in upper providence montgomery county along 29 northbound side right at 422, the left lane out of commission. in villanova a wreck along lancaster avenue. throughout the night closures are possible in area and i would expect a lot of extra pedestrian traffic so if you're driving route 30 out on the main line watch out for the people walking around. there are going to be lots of them n west goshen watch out for a crash along pottstown pike at cass wall len drive. new castle delaware an accident scene to avoid along dupont parkway, 13 southbound a at at lang goal len
4:44 pm
boulevard. we'll check it again sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds good matt thank you. penn's landing getting ready for the philadelphia international festival of arts later this week. today more than 40 tons of sand were delivered. it will be used during fifa's grand opening show on article 13 is the name that of. the performance uses sand fire and water to tell the story of immigrants, their search for a better life. the festival takes and kicks off friday and goes until the 23rd. >> well, a lot of people are dealing with seasonal allergies right now as the grass begins to grow. we've got some -- four easy ideas that might help ease some of your symptoms. >> speaking of allergies stepping outside sky6 hd is looking live at atlantic city. gloomy. water on the lens here. colder air and weather is moving in. meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather
4:45 pm
7-day forecast next.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph here now and we are talking about a step back. >> yes. >> to say the least. >> heading back into the freezer here over the next couple of nights. sole, bundle up. you're going to need the winter weather gear the next two mornings. as we take a look at double scan live radar we're dealing with showers across much of the area, heavy at times especially in southern parts of chester county and lancaster county as we close in, wet roadways across-the-board. southern parts of new jersey now getting in on some of the light showers. steady rain through much of southeastern parks the northeast extension, the schuylkill expressway and then heading down route one, you bump into some very heavy rainier oxford and lancaster but just to the north and west of lancaster and reading, this is where it starts to dry out and that will be sinking to
4:48 pm
the south and east over the next few hours to kick the rain away but then we introduce those very cold winds in from the north. it is only 45 right now in the lehigh valley, 47 in reading, 51 in trenton. already in the 30's in the poconos. but 50's for philadelphia, 60's and even some 70's still in some parts of southern new jersey and delaware. the rain has been moving from the west to the east through much of the day but now it's finally pushing and collapsing down to the south. and we've been dealing with snow all day long in southern new england with several inches of that wet snow in and around the boston and providence area. as we look at future tracker back at home, 50's at 8 o'clock tonight at the shore with that rain, drying out but cooling down into the 30's north and west. by 11:30 tonight already 29 in reading and lancaster, 36 wilmington, 44 in millville with still a couple of lingering showers left but once we clear the sky and those winds come in and start to whip out of the northerly
4:49 pm
direction, you're going to want to take action the next two nights. if you have any tender plants outside, you have to cover them with plastic or sheets, even the tulips if they have bloomed or daffodils. they will die if you don't cover them up over the next couple of nights. fruit trees, if you have fruit trees, i know i have a peach tree in my yard, it's past bloom. have to cover that either with some plastic or even a bed sheet. strawberries as well you want to cover those up with temperatures going into the 20's areawide tonight and again tomorrow night. bus stop forecast for tomorrow morning, windy and cold. wind chills will be in the teens tomorrow morning with air temperatures between 28 and 29 degrees. and tomorrow not much better even with sunshine. it is a cold windy kind of day with wind chills staying in the mid 30's the entire afternoon with air temperatures only in the low 40's across-the-board. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 43 tomorrow again with that sunshine and then we're going back into the
4:50 pm
lower to mid-20's tomorrow night with a calm wind and then high clouds, dim sun 55 degrees on wednesday before we warm up briefly here on thursday but it comes with rain. even a thunderstorm. and then it's breezy, cool with a shower on friday at 51 and then here we go again. below freezing overnight over the weekend, highs only at 46 with a shower on saturday. you're 50 sunday and finally turning milder for the phillies home opener on monday of 60 degrees so i know a lot of farmers are really biting their nails here with those strawberries, peach, plums, and even some of the apricot trees. >> unexpected changes. adam thank you. >> yes. >> still to come tips to help allergy proof your home. >> plus perhaps you've noticed we're all rocking our blue and white today. we're not alone. fans have been sharing pictures and video of their team spirit. villanova all weekend long, keep them coming. show us how you're watching the big game tonight and how you're getting right now.
4:51 pm
joining the action by using #6abcaction on social media and keep those pictures coming. nova nation. highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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>> smoke filled the hallways at newark liberty airport today. a fire started in a boiler room in terminal b early this morning. about 200 passengers had to be evacuated while the terminal was ventilated. the fiery kindle about an hour later causing a second evacuation. no one was hurt in all of this but some flights had to be moved to other gates. officials think this was some kind of electrical fire but they're trying to pinpoint the exact cause. >> ♪ well, spring has sprung and as we have been telling you and as you likely know pollen count is also up but there are things you can do to make those allergies a little bit more bearable.
4:54 pm
>> yes. consumer reports put together a list of tips to help you allergy proof your home. reducing allergens in your home is nothing to sneeze at. a good place to start, bedding. wash your sheets weekly in hot water and running them through a hot drier can ease allergy symptoms. >> hot watery ducis pet dander. dust mites will drown or die in the hot air. >> reporter: cover mattresses box springs with a tightly woven fabric that's dust mite proof. >> control moisture in your home. humidity at 30 to 50 percent helps reduce mites and molds. >> reporter: the proper size air conditioner helps cut humidity. dee humidifiers also work but they generate heat. save those for your basement. air pure fires can be useful for removing dust and pollen. >> if you have a heating or cooler system that is forced air you may want to opt for a thicker filter which we found more effective but 33 may require professional installation to accept them. >> reporter: a good choice,
4:55 pm
this $29 filtrete healthy living filter availableline. your vacuum can kick up dust and aggravate allergies. consumer reports finds these vacuums are good for emissions. hoover wind tunnel max and kenmore for 350. allergy and asthma sufferers might want to stay away from bagless vacuums which can stir up dust. consumer reports also says you should make sure your home is well ventilated with exhaust hoods orphans in the kitchen and the bathroom. >> some bees were given out in one class in new castle today and they were real bees not the grade. students at william penn high school suited up to learn how to rear bees for pollination of crops. the students interested in agriculture and environmental studies and i know it's critically important to the environment but -- >> bees. >> i'm not going anywhere near that thing. >> quite the lesson there.
4:56 pm
>> yeah. >> that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. be sure to join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" on phl17 at 10 o'clock. >> and now here are rick williams and monica malpass way look at what's coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. hi guys. >> hi there. next at 5:00 we're getting new information about yesterday's deadly crash involving an amtrak train in delaware county. villanova wildcats as you know are just hours from taking the court in their final game of the season and we have live team coverage on their championship run with everything on the line tonight. >> also a big honor for former sixers star. how allen iverson is making his mark in nba history. those stories and much more are coming up next on accuweather and accuweather on "action news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
a little child with big dreams.
4:58 pm
dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> going to be a good game. >> villanova is pouring it on. >> it's a celebration 31 years in the making. tonight villanova plays for the national championship.
4:59 pm
>> this is what you always wants your last game to be. >> we know it's our last game. it's a blessing that it's the championship game. >> the team is ready. and so is nova nation. >> i love villanova basketball. i have been watching this team since i was a freshman. >> this is our family. >> it's so much fun. >> all eyes are on houston as the wildcats gear up for their final opponent the north carolina tarheels. >> but philadelphia's hoping for a big win and the city is ready to party like it's 1985. >> absolutely. >> monday night and the big story on "action news is the win that villanova has been waiting for for more than three decades. >> we're about four hours and countering until tipoff and we have live team coverage tonight. walter perez on campus where of course anticipation is building but first to jeff skversky live with the wildcats in houston.
5:00 pm
hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey, guys, villanova coach jay wright was only 10 years old when he says he fell in love with villanova basketball. he was watching ironically the final four game in 1971 that was played here in houston of all places. now, nova didn't win that year, they lost to ucla but now jay wright decades later can finally take home a trophy from texas. >> came here to win a national championship. >> reporter: and here we are in the national championship game tonight against north carolina. villanova is on the brink of winning their second title in school history, they're dreaming about cutting down the nets tonight. >> shining moment you're on the court you have the confetti flying on you with your brother, you definitely want to have a feeling of something that definitely drives you and if you have -- if we can be in that position, it's goingo


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