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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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wildcats on the biggest game of all next on "action news." it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a return to the chill of winter. we have got freeze warnings for much of the tri-state area. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking it all with live double
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scan radar tonight. cecily, what's the story? >> we're turning back the clock. it may be april, but it's going to start feeling more like february. the reason why, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the bands of the rain from a cold front that moved through, opening the door for winds to dive down from the north. and boston as much as 8 inches, and vermont 21, and syracuse 23 degrees. that weather settling in in the overnight hours. overnight lows dropping below freezing. 25 in reading, 27 in trenton. dover 31 and the boardwalk in atlantic city 32 degrees. national weather service issued freeze warnings for really most of the viewing area, everywhere where the arguing season has begun. you really do want to take steps to protect vegetation outdoors
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if you want it to survive. the fourth warmest march on record a lot of plants bloomed early. and the morning rush, bundle up it will be cold 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 temperatures in the 20's and wind chills in the teens. not the only cold snap and all those details later on. this afternoon the national weather service confirmed that this damage in cumberland county was the work of straight-line winds, not a tornado. and meteorologists determined a microburst with understand up to 85 miles per hour swept through saturday night. electric linesmen were busy today along route 77 in upper deerfield township repairing a half-dozen poles snapped by the gust. we have learned tonight the identities of the two men in the amtrak train derailer in chester. 61-year-old joseph carter, jr. of wilmington and peter
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adamovich in pennsylvania. and carter the backhoe operator and adamovich the track supervisor. and ntsb learned they were going 106 in a 110 mile per hour zone. and they applied the brakes five seconds before impact but don't know why both the passenger train and maintenance vehicles were on the same track. >> still gathering facts on that information as to who had the authority to be on that track. we secured all the communication downloads and equipment, and we will be reviewing that. but again, i have to stress there is a lot of data and a lot of information that investigators in our laboratory in washington, d.c. will be shifting through. >> 30 passengers onboard the train were injured. the crash is like a similar crash in january of 1988.
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a train hit a maintenance machine repairing the crushed rocks of the railbed in chester. two engines and 10 passengers cars derailed. 24 people were hurt. in that incident they placed the blame on the control tower operator for allowing the train on the track. and lesean mccoy not charged with a fight at a nightclub. the video shows the fight in question happening february 7 at the recess lounge. off-duty philadelphia police officers were involved. one suffered a broken nose and ribs. this afternoon, philadelphia d.a. seth williams said there was not enough evidence to hold mccoy responsible. >> while it's clear a physical altercation took place, and that several people were injured, there's insufficient credible evidence to determine which of
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the participants was the initial aggressor. >> mccoy could still face discipline from the nfl. ♪ villanova and north carolina engaged in a tense confrontation tonight for the ncaa championship. with less than 5:00 to go, villanova has a 10-point lead. we have alicia vitarelli in houston and christie ileto covering the security operation on the villanova campus and dann cuellar along the strip and walter perez in the pavilion where thousands of students are watching the game on the big screen. walter, let's start with you, this is getting serious. >> jim, this is unbelievable. every time villanova scores or rebounds the building erupts and the building shakes. i think i am going deaf. the energy level is high inside of the pavilion. a lot of people made the trip to
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houston, but it sure feels like a home game here tonight. >> a short time before tip-off villanova officials played a recorded message from jay wright dedicated to nova nation. >> thank you you for your support and everything you have done this year. >> from that moment on it has been a high-decibel affair in the pavilion. the fans say there is a reason why the wildcats made it this far and why they will win tonight. >> they play for one another instead of being selfish. they give up a shot to give it to another guy. >> and can't believing she spent the first year. >> i transferred here and this is the best days of my life. i would never transfer. >> we didn't want to bother nova nation during the school's biggest game in 30 years but had to ask what makes them so sure
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the wildcats are going to win. the answer was surprisingly simple. >> because we're a better team than unc, and we have better defense, better offense. we're just going to win the game. >> back out live. you can't see it from this shot, but there is a very powerful police presence here, so let's hope for a wildcat victory and peaceful cost-game celebration. the came coming down to the wire. walter perez for channel 6 "action news." to the wire indeed and switching to dann cuellar on lancaster avenue in bryn mawr. what is the situation there? >> oh, jim, i have to tell you the air has been electric here at kelly's tap room in bryn mawr. standing-room-only crowd with nova nation fans looking for a championship tonight.
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>> they are miles away from houston but it doesn't matter. nova nation fans charged for this game all weekend long. >> i know what's already going to happen to the national championship or bust. >> as long as we keep it up the way we have, we will win the game. >> and it used to be my dad's team and now it is my team. villanova. >> a team with such a great community, and everyone wants to rally together. everyone is here at the pavilion and so many at the game. getting together and cheering for the team that will take to us victory. >> back live here, as you can see the place is rockin. these guys, i think they smell a victory in houston tonight. i think they can smell that
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championship, wow. let's go nova! back to you, jim. >> thank you, dann. the lead down to 6 with about 4:00 to go. "action news" reporter christie ileto live in lancaster where radnor police will try to make sure the campus area remains under control after the game. christie? >> that's right, jim. this intersection is at the heart of villanova university campus, and also the very same intersection where hundreds ever students swarmed during the final four win. for that reason a lot of local and state agencies are posted at this intersection. what you are looking at is the motorcycle unit which again is on standby. what you are probably hearing faintly in the background is the police chopper overhead. if you pan this way across the street the mounted unit. of the officers on horseback going on villanova campus along with officers who were on foot
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and were in riot gear. and also seeing the septa police nearby, there is a train station and officers on motorcycles again patrolling the campus and neighboring streets as a means of crowd control. and we also saw earlier today work crews greasing up the light poles. they don't want them scaling them for celebration for for whatever happens as far as the outcome for tonight's game. people do want them to be able to celebrate, but just want them to do it state ofly. reporting live from campus, christie ileto live. and live in houston outside of the stadium is alicia vitarelli. and there has been a massive villanova migration to texas. >> that's right, jim. it is like philly south here. you called this game tense, i have been sitting inside for the
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entire game right there on the floor. people from nova nation are sweating, praying, crying and on the edges of their seats tonight. tonight their hearts are in their throats praying for these wildcats. one more win, we are almost there. we can taste it. and yes, they came from all over the country and even the world to be here tonight. the wildcats are roaring here in houston tonight. and most of nova nation traveled hundreds, even thousands of miles though be here. >> i was talking to a man that flew in from munich, germany. >> to be here for this? >> yes, he is an alum. >> and for alums it is like a big old reunion in houston. >> it is not only amazing, it is heart-felt enjoyment being part of this process. being part of the legacy of the university. >> robert and donald graduated from nova in 1961 playing on the
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men's basketball team for four years together. >> this is a sentiment beyond sentiments. i grew up in the shadows of the university and i had never, never seen any celebration like this. it's outstanding and we -- these kids deserve it. >> while pride is running high here in houston tonight, so are those nova nerves. >> my heart is pounding and i can't take it. i don't know how long i can take it. >> imagine how she feels now, a few more moments to go to clinch the title. and right during the half time as the guys went back on the court i got a chance to see the team pass asking their focus was laser. jim, they are in it to win it and i hope that you and i can have a really good conversation after the game with this big win
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that we are praying for. back to you guys in the studio. >> and alicia's heart rate is about 120 right now. she is a graduate of villanova university. but it's not going to be easy, because that lead is shrinking. >> it is shrinking down to 2:34 and they were up by 10 and the lead down to 5. 69-65. and nova down by 5 points at half time and owe scoured the tar heels 35-25 in the second half. phil booth, an unexpected name with 18 in the game and ryan arcidiacono with 16 points and villanova up by 5 with 2:44 to go in the game. for more we go back to houston and jeff skversky. >> how about the spark off the bench by sophomore guard, phil booth career high 18 points off the bench. unreal as nova just minutes away from winning their first championship in 31 years, if
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they can hold onto this lead. phil booth as we mentioned is lights out, missing only one shot. villanova is trying to overcome a half-time deficit. they lost 4-5 when trailing at the half and they are trailing at the half tonight for the first time all tournament and trying to do it on the biggest stage. we'll see if the wildcats can pull it out in the final minutes. jeff skversky for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much. and jeff following the team from the beginning of the tournament. again a 5-point game, 2:44 to go. and getting tight. >> let's do it. still to come on "action news" tonight, smoke filled the popular children's clothing store in delaware county. and a volcano sends ash and lava flying for miles. this is it the way it is going to feel tomorrow morning at 7:30, wind chills in the teens. this is not the only cold snap i am tracking this week. the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and we are asking you to
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show your nova nation spirit. these are just some of the pictures shared using the #6abcaction. we would love for you to post yours. you might be showing it or we might be showing it during our coverage. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security.
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i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. >> we are loo king live inside of the pavilion on the campus of villanova university. villanova now with a three-point lead. 1:30 to go. they are in a time-out. and you can hear the inhales, but no exhales going on from among these thousands of students in the pavilion. we want you to show us your spirit. nova nation. we're asking for fans to join the action by sharing photos of how you're celebrating. use the #6abcaction on social media and we might use your picture in our villanova coverage. other news, assessing the damage from a fire at the children's place store on 69th street in upper darby.
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authorities say a small fire start the behind the row of store and filled the building with smoke. shoppers and staff made it out safely. the lines clearly defined between the battle between chris christie and atlantic city. and saying they should sue them saying they owe the school district. and putting pressure on guardian and the speaker to support a financial takeover the atlantic city by the state. the pennsylvania primary draws near and the candidates are shift more attention to the keystone state. hillary clinton setting up an office on market, and michael nutter, an earlier supporter of hillary clinton on hand to thank staffers. clinton herself will be here on
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wednesday to speak to the afl-cio convention. and sanders on wednesday. and tonight they have both agreed to another debate. on april 14 in brooklyn, which is before pennsylvania and the delaware primary on april 26. for republican donald trump it is all about trying to prove the polls wrong and pull out a victory in wisconsin tomorrow night. his wife, melania, is making a rare campaign appearance, perhaps in efforts to improve her husband's standing with women. ted cruz, according to some polls is up in wisconsin by 10 points is sampling wisconsin's legendary cheese shops. and kasich is not in wisconsin. and saying that trump's calls to drop out of the race results in
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basic whining. two planes collide on a runway in indonesia sparking a fire. the aftermath in jakarta, a 737 slammed into a smaller plane towed off the runway and they all res -- escaped. and pushing minimum majors to $15, and new laws increase it by the end of 2021. experts say other states may follow suit. alaska airlines parent company announcing paying $2.6 billion to buy virgin america. the company hopes the move will make it a tougher competitor to american, delta and united on transcontinental routes making them the fifth biggest airline. "healthcheck" at 11:00, the
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federal government says man-made global warming making americans sick and only going to get worse. today's dire 332-page report is the result of 100 experts working over three years, including the e.p.a., nasa and department of defense. predicting that climate change will lead to more air pollution, more contaminated water. longer energy seasons and increases in diseases spread by mosquitos and ticks and thousands of deaths from heat wave. and it is spring but some dealing with winter weather as much as 10 inches of snow. hear that, 10 inches of snow in boston, upstate and rhode island today. and the april snowfall causing crashes and widespread power outages. and the snow is the cause of the snow front that brought us rain. not getting snow, but getting
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cold air. and stormtracker double scan showing the rain moved off the coast very quickly, and quickly enough with sunshine behind it. i had a lot of photos of this -- rainbows tweeted to me by donna from glocuester city, new jersey. and photos on my facebook page. and tomorrow is going to be a blast of winter. temperatures right now starting to cool off. 41 in philadelphia, down from the high of 65. and 5 degrees above normal. but allentown, reading and lankford down to 21 degrees. and the wind chills, feeling like 20 in allentown. and tomorrow morning wind chills in the teens. and we still have high, thin clouds that are breaking up in the overnight hours. that will allow the temperatures to plunge. futuretracker showing 7:00 tomorrow morning we are below
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freezing across the board. and we do have wind chills in the teens. because of that, the national weather service has posted freeze warnings. a widespread freeze. a big problem, we had a lot of plants blooming early due to the mild march, so a good idea to cover the plants with plastic or sheets. tulips, fruit trees and strawberries particularly at risk. not just tonight but tomorrow night. and despite the sunshine it is cold and 43 degrees. 17 degrees below average with the winds up to about 20 miles per hour. wind chills in the afternoon will be in the 30s. wednesday the high pressure moves offshore allowing the temperatures to rebound somewhat. 55 degrees, still 5 degrees below average. the next system will be pulling in on thursday. that will bring us milder air, but also some rain and some thunderstorms. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, sunny but brisk and cold. 43 degrees. and again the temperatures
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dropping below freezing tomorrow night. wednesday, we rebound up to 55 degrees. high, thin clouds late in the afternoon and thursday, temperatures finally above average, 63 degrees. but you'll need the umbrella and have periods of rain and perhaps some thunderstorms. and then on friday the it is breezy and cool and lingering shower. 51 degrees. another cold weekend and temperatures to the freezing point on friday. and saturday, only 46 degrees back up to 50 sunday. clouds with some sunshine and just in time for the phil philly -- phillies opener and the possibility of a late shower. and david murphy is tracking the cold air on "action news" beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> thank you. one of mexico's most active volcanos is proving its notorious reputation. and surveillance cameras capturing them erupting sending
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ash more than a mile high and lava more than two miles away. since the weekend the volcano as many as 40 exhalations.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards.
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but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. ♪ and this is now just in, because this just happened. villanova university has defeated north carolina to win the ncaa basketball championship. the score 77-74 on a buzzer-beater by kris jenkins.
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chopper 6 is now over lancaster avenue, just next to the villanova campus. actually it intersects the villanova campus. as you can see, students are now beginning to filter out onto lancaster avenue. chopper 6 above and, of course, radnor police are at the ready. they want this to be a safe night, a glorious night for students at villanova and the entire nova nation. but they want it to be safe. that's their job, to keep this under control. this now is again, outside -- no, this is in the pavilion. can we hear the audio in there? this is in the pavilion where thousands of villanova students have been watching the game on the big screens. and you can see that this arena is emptying out, perhaps more quickly than it ever has before. villanova beating north carolina
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and ducis rodgers, you said this game was going to come down to the wire. i'm not sure you meant it as literally as it did, because north carolina tied this game on a three-pointer with four seconds to go, and then just before the buzzer sounded, kris jenkins puts it in. a three-pointer to win the game for villanova. villanova university, their second ncaa championship. of course, coming after that glorious historic game in 1985. tonight, a different cast of characters. now it's jay wright and that young man is doing snow angels in the ka confessee. and thousands of the villanova
11:32 pm
students in houston, and tens of thousands of villanova watching all over and hundreds of thousands watching up an over the country and they did it, winning the national championship. >> it is unreal. there were stars from previous teams and the senior guard hitting the double clutch three-pointers to tie the game at 74-74, only about four seconds left and ryan arcidiacono dribbles up and gets the ball to kris jenkins who was in foul trouble a lot of the game. he hits the three-pointer with no time left on the clock to make the final score, 77-74 villanova. the first title since 1985. >> and glorious and gleeful
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students gathering on the avenue as they did after the game against oklahoma the other night. there were some arrests that night and the radnor police are doing whatever they can to make sure that everything is absolutely under control tonight. wouldn't it be perfect if there were no arrests tonight? wouldn't it be perfect if this situation here on lancaster avenue was contained and villanova students said to themselves we just won a national championship, let's behave in championship fashion on lancaster avenue tonight. chopper 6 high above the villanova campus where these students can say they're champions. >> this team good all season, they lost in the big east tournament to seton hall in the championship game, dropping them to the 2-seed and they get in the ncaa tournament and they get
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hot. and defeat nc-asheville, and crush them. the only one tested was the elite 8 with kansas shooting 46% from three-point land against asheville, 52% against iowa, 66% against miami, 61% against oklahoma and tonight, 57% from three-pointland. it's an incredible run. they got hot at the right time and they are still hot. it's hard to imagine that a team shooting the ball that well for a long period of time they they win against north carolina. and 77-74 the final in this. and phil booth, the guard, sophomore guard bench player, scores career high 20 points. you didn't see that one coming. but talking about this off the air, it is not that they have
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one single star like buddy hield. >> and i think jay wright would say that perhaps the most outstanding quality of this team was their chemistry and their ability to play together. and their lack of ego. and you almost got a sense that well i think it's true, that ryan arcidiacono took more pleasure in making the good assist than he did in making the good shot. and he became the quarterback of this team, and most people, most basketball fans in the philadelphia area probably new not a great deal about the individuals on this team before this championship tournament. and some of these players have really become celebrities, if you will. ryan arcidiacono and jenkins and josh hart. ochefu, of course, who now played his last game along with


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