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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 23, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight the loss of a legend. millions of fans work through their grief and investigators are working overtime trying to solve the puzzle between the mysterious death. the new details about how he died and what we never knew about how he lived. and the wait is finally over. it's been nearly a year since the season five cliff hanger, but now the game of thrones kicks off the sixth season this weekend. who will be the new lord commander of the night's watch and did we really see the end of john snow? first, the night line five. >> question, are any teeth yellow? >> have you tried the tissue
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do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns. bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground and threatens our drinking water. bernie -- he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. good evening. thank you for joining us. tributes have been overflowing for one of the woshl's most gifted musicians. we begin to learn new details about the death of the man who influenced so many. the end of his days cloaked in the same vail of mystery as was his life. we begin tonight with dan harris on the scene in prince's
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hometown of minneapolis. ♪ dearly beloved, we're gotherred -- >> reporter: tonight fans pay tribute to the man who worked, lived and died here, and we're getting a fuller picture of the final moments of a musical genius. >> he was last seen about 8:00 wednesday night. >> reporter: late today they held a news conference and said he was dropped off by an acquaintan acquaintance. the staff went to his house to check on him and found prince unresponsive and called for help. >> we need a paramedic at paisley park. person down. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived, they couldn't revive him. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma. >> reporter: the autopsy results won't be released for weeks. his health problems came out a couple weeks ago.
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>> they were saying it's the flu and he got dehydrated. >> reporter: a week later he put on an epic performance. ♪ >> to be in that room was electric, and he was phenomenal. he gave us artist tri. he left everything on the stage. he gave us his all. >> reporter: on his way home to minneapolis, though, prince's plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois. tmz broke the story. >> our sources say this was a life threatening emergency. they took him to the hospital, and we are told that when he was there after doctors looked at him they said you're going to have to stay for 24 hours. >> prince only stayed for three hours and then went home. >> the reps for prince told us it was because of the flu. that never made sense to us,
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because with the flu you tough it out for 48 minutes so you can get home and you're comfortable rather than in some strange city. >> reporter: the next day prince announced a dance party that very night at paisley park to give thanks for the good weather and all the love and support. >> he seemed great and fine and energetic. >> reporter: sharon jackson attended the event not as a reporter but as a fan. >> there on the stage was his big kind of a lavender color grand piano. >> reporter: that does not sound like a man on death's door. >> i did not get that impression when i was there. it just felt like we were being welcomed into his home in a way and got to share a few minutes with him. we had no reason to be concerned about anything. he said wait a few days before you waste any prayers. >> reporter: after the show he tweeted out a message, thanks everybody for your extra time. on sunday prince's lawyer and good friend gave him a call to check in on him.
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>> i asked if he was doing well. it was a very brief conversation, but he said, quote unquote, doing perfect. thank you. i truly believe that he felt well. >> one time protege and lover, sheila e believes performer had taken a toll on prince's body, leading some to believe he was struggling with pain. >> if you can imagine all these years during the purple rain tour, but even jumping off risers in shoes and heels and what it's done to his body. we've had so many injuries. you know? >> reporter: but it's not clear if anybody really knows because even to his closest friends, prince was a very private man. famously living behind this gate. >> he was very much about creating his own world, and that world had a name. it was called paisley park. >> there he could do him, and he created it, every room was made
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for what he wanted. everything was custom made to his liking. >> reporter: these exclusive pictures in the daily mail show an elaborate studio. the roof also in purple whenever the artist was inside, but this was not neverland. >> there was no ferris wheel or animals or monkey. >> reporter: it did have a basketball court where it turns out prince was the king. >> he could make every shot, any shot with his left or his right hand. you know? i mean, amazing. >> reporter: in this now classic comedy skit by dave chappelle, his skills were spoofed and celebrated. the fiercely competitive singer found the skit funny, but he wanted people to know his skills were no joke. >> he said, i knew i was the best basketball player in high school, that they could have had on that team, but that guy never let me play because i was too
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little. >> reporter: internalizing pain a prince trade marc hidden behind the beauty of his melodies. ♪ could you be the most beautiful in the world ♪ >> reporter: prince had one woman in mind when he pen third down smash hit back in 1994. a belly dancer half his age named mata who said his mother connected them at a prince concert in spain. >> he performed a number that was arabic style and my participants were like get him a tape. >> reporter: prince told oprah about the first time he saw her. >> i saw her and her mother outside the concert in frank forth, and i said that's my future wife. >> reporter: the couple went onto marry on valentine's day. >> i do feel that i've come closer to who i aspire to be by being with her.
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>> reporter: the marriage ended but there was a never ending list of beautiful women who found prince charming. ♪ tonight do you want to come with me ♪ >> reporter: sheila e revealed she not only dated him but they were engaged. >> prince did mouth to me as i was playing purple rain playing drums he turned around and looked at me and asked me to marry him. >> reporter: models, mamadonna, and tara lee patrick, who was carmen electra, all dated prince. >> he never stopped being interested in beautiful women and in their talent. >> reporter: with his stamina and style he was known to perform for hours giving fans more than their money's worth. >> it was always whatever they wanted, whatever took them higher, that's what he was going to do. he wanted to give them every ounce he had. so i know when he got to the
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gates of heaven, he can tell god, i left it there. i gave them all you gave me. >> reporter: a legacy that speaks volumes about the man and his music. people sharing their grief and respect for the man who set the pop world amaze. madonna, he changed the world. what a loss. justin timberlake. a once in forever artist. >> everything that prince did, you can't think about it without thinking about the talent. >> reporter: singer song writer john mayor eager to acknowledge prince's cultural reach from a sometime steeped in stars. >> he had all these great musicians. i think prince is sort of the pinnacle of greatness when it comes to musicians making pop music in the 80s. i remember a song called "how come you don't call can me anymore" ♪ i keep your picture beside my
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bed. ♪ i still remember everything you said ♪ . >> he brought the best out of people. if he wrote a song for you, he would help you to go into a place that you've never experienced. >> for sheila e, collaborating with prince meant some big hits. >> there's not a person whether they were in country music or jazz or even in sim phonic music that has not heard prince or been influenced by something he did. >> reporter: his legacy may include even more music. ♪ i want to be your lover >> reporter: thousands of songs that were never released. >> what's sitting in that vault we're going to be hearing about it for generations to come. >> prince did not create music for it not to be heard. we'll miss him, but he'll have the heavens jamming, having a
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great time listening to his music. >> reporter: for night line, dan harris in minnesota. >> our thanks to dan. next, we're just t mine us one day from one of this year's most anticipated television events. what we're finding out tonight about season 6 of "game of thrones". i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did.
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millions of fans are rearranging their schedules and counting down the minutes to a television event eagerly anticipated for nearly a year.
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season six of "game of thrones" premiers monday night. but there's a fever pitch about the man who is quickly becoming a household name, jon snow. >> reporter: more than 8 million people watched this murder scene last year. jon snow, betrayed and killed in cold blood by his closest c comrades. >> i think about what's taken from me. >> i know what happens. >> reporter: after a year of anticipation, game of thrones fans will get their fix. murder, betrayal, sex and power. all in the quest for the iron thrown. >> when you play the game of thrones you win or you die. there is no middle ground. >> reporter: for the few who don't know, game of thrones is an obsessive smash hit featuring war and families struggling for control of seven kingdoms.
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there are fire breathing dragons, seductive queens and hunky anti-heros. like the jamie lanister. >> how would you want him to die? >> i don't want him to die. >> but everyone dies, don't they? it feels like that. >> i'm sure he's going to die. he might already be dead. >> since it premiered, the show based on books has won 26 emmy awards. >> "game of thrones". >> garnering fans by the millions including president obama. >> the truth is i just show up every day at my office and do my job. i got a picture of this, i think. >> but the show is not without controversy. >> reporter: graphic depictions of torture, murder, and rape, and story lines involving incest
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and sorcery. >> we do to our enemies. >> reporter: this is a sister and love interest in the show. your character is very interesting. she has very interesting relationships, certainly with her brother. >> yes. >> it's going to get weirder i hear. >> i always say she wants to be him. he gets to do guy things and she has to be quiet. i think that's part of her love for him and her desire. she wants to be in his body, and he truly loves her. so it's a really -- it's crazy. >> reporter: personally you've had such a wonderful career and done such tremendous work. you were financial in "30". when you started game of thrones, did you think it could be this big of a deal? >> no.
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i don't think anybody did. you know, the notion is bonkers. >> reporter: what do you think motivates your character within the game of thrones? does it want it for herself? >> yes. i think that's indisputed for her. she's tried to put all her children on it. >> reporter: perhaps the most beloved character, jon snow, whose supposed death sent fans into a frenzy. and unleashed a tidal wave of sad vns online, and even though they've brought people back from the dead, no one is spilling the dead. is he really dead? >> he is dead. >> reporter: how does jon snow's death change the game? >> no one saw that coming. [ laughter ] . >> i'm saying nothing.
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>> reporter: and where the show excels is getting you uncomfortable. >> what is your name? >> reporter: those torture scenes, what head space do you get yourself in to play in those scenes? >> i guess to go to those dark places you keep it light between. it was one person who helps me through it. the person putting the pain on me was there for me. sorry to be mushy. but you were. >> remember what you are, and what you're not. >> reporter: what sort of things can we expect from your character? >> some more horrific behavior and real disgraceful stuff. you know, you wouldn't want to take him home to meet your mother. >> reporter: the men of game of thrones often wonder what fate will befall their characters next. if you could choose the way your character died, how would it be? >> slip on a stone and crack his head on the ground. >> romantic.
12:59 am
>> cardiac arrest. >> i'd like to be torn apart by sharks. >> a dragon related death. surely, battling a dragon or something. >> as much cpr as possible. you want something expensive to happen. >> make them pay for it. >> reporter: there's always hope they'll make it to season 7. "nightline," new york. and next, new york's great, broadway going crazy over one of the most talented artists. ♪ when a rear hatch remembers your height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective.
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finally tonight, sammy davis junior once famously said there's nothing that can match broadway for stature and dignity. theater's most brilliant luminaries pay tribute to
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prince. last night shining purple. the cast of hamilton playing tribute to the musical legend. the star leading the cast in a rendition of "let's go crazy". resulting in an onstage dance party fit for a prince. ♪ and a block away another broadway salute. the cast of "color purple" led my jennifer hudson performing nothing other than "purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain ♪ >> wow. how cool was that? it was a writer who said death ends a life, not a relationship. for those who loved


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