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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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line. rebound, livingston. barbosa, livingston, speights, barnes and green out there for golden state. speights gets an open look. speights, 7 more points off the bench. here's terry. terry chucks up a number. >> mark: there's some teams in this league where players would have been overlooked to start the ball game and they would be sitting on the bench pouting talking about the coach tripping. those guys stayed ready and understood. that's part of having high character also. >> mike: barnes. obviously helps when you're winning and winning titles.
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>> jeff: absolutely. but that doesn't mean everybody is happy on the warriors all the time with their role. that just means that instead of trying to bring the team down with back room cliques complaining all the time they stay focus on what's truly important which is winning. 1234 . >> mike: houston down by 25 and offensive foul is called. bogut just fouled out of the game. >> lisa: it's no wonder that iguodala has played so well. check out the treatment he was undergoing on the bench during that last time-out. he just looked like he was getting man handled by trainer
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chelsea lane. i went over to her and i said the video was great but what exactly were you doing? she said, i was just mobilizing his neck, just loosening his neck up so he could play better. >> jeff: i want to sign up for that. did you see how strong she looked when she was doing that? she looked like she'd been lifting. >> mark: wanting to put you in the headlock. >> mike: barbosa. throws it off. it's going to be golden state ball. >> jeff: she's digging in there. oh, my goodness. >> mark: iguodala, you got to save the faces. >> jeff: yeah, that's a good point. >> mike: he seems nice and relaxed. they were the best throw team this year but best throw record in the history of the nba as
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barbosa hits that one and it's up to 27. shot block. howard gets it. we'll take a time-out. 5:30 remaining here in the fourth. second half, a domination by the golden state warriors. ♪
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>> mike: after being tied at halftime the warriors have absolutely exploded from the three-point line. 10-16 in the second half. without the mvp steph curry. klay thompson and draymond green absolutely lighting it up. harrison barnes getting in the action. look at all these passes right on target. great passes lead to great shot attempts. and mark, i'm doing my three slide like the warriors do. they put it on them in the second half. >> mark: 34 assists for golden state. now they have got 19 threes. just one shy of tying the record. one of the teams that had the record was the dallas mavericks nba championship team in 2011. jason terry had 9 of their 23's in that game.
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barnes shoots. howard to rebound. >> mike: game five will be wednesday. as brewer throws it up and in. the number one good news is regarding steph curry. there'll be some anxious days ahead to see how curry responds to treatment, especially how he works tomorrow spraining his knee. >> jeff: would you be surprised if he played in game five up 3-1? >> mark: i would be surprised. this is a very good basketball team but to win it all you need the help of steph curry. because the competition is going to be better in this houston rockets team. >> jeff: the second round in the western conference is going to be incredible. >> mike: what did you call me
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earlier, captain obvious? >> jeff: yes. >> mark: just take a shot at me, mike. >> jeff: mike is subtle. i liked that. you win. >> mark: you guys so far in the first round of the playoffs. either a positive or negative. what's been the biggest surprise in the first round? drives and finishes. >> jeff: the indiana pacers playing well against the toronto r -- >> mike: hang on. you can feel... for an experience you won't soon forget. ♪ that's the more human side of engineering.
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>> announcer: nba playoffs on abc brought to you by the lincoln spring collection event. get exceptional limited time offers on a lincoln of your choice. clean, crisp coors lite and ihop, come together over breakfast. >> mike: here in game four, a terrific performance from golden state. but at what cost will be the question? it's the final seconds of the second quarter. steph curry slips on a wet spot and grabs his right now. he tried to start the third quarter. unable to go. only played the first half of game one. tried to start the second half of game one but couldn't. missed games two and three and the entire second half here at game four. how serious the sprain is will be determined and that will
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become the number one question in these nba playoffs over the next couple of days. brewer knocks it out of bounds. six to shoot for golden state. this was curry. he went out warmed up. the start of the third quarter. obviously upset. barbosa banks it in. he's been one of the most extraordinary seasons in the history of the league, what curry has done this year and obviously what the team has done. jason terry goes in and out. the right ankle in game one and the right knee in game four. nice speed inside. the layup delivers it. now the phrase let go of the rope, that's appropriate right now. brewer shot one.
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rebounded by green. when you look back at halftime, it was a tied game and the mvp was out. as barbosa knocks down the three and just tied the nba for most threes in a playoff game. second time this season it's been tied. cleveland did it in game two of their series with detroit and now golden state does it. >> jeff: capela. so they can get the warriors in. >> mike: many of the fans heading out to the humid afternoon here in houston. golden state, cleveland, dallas, nate macmillan led them in threes in that playoff game. remind earn, after sunday night baseball espn don't miss sports center at night. full coverage of the day in sports inincluding the nba and
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nhl highlights all on espn. >> mark: there's a side of me that wants to -- you look at this rockets team and the history of this game and say okay, well we're going against golden state with a chance to extend the series. but there's nothing in the rockets' play since curry has gone down and at moments throughout the course of the season that indicates to me that they want to -- >> mike: shot clock winding down. there's your nba record. 21 threes. golden state all by themselves now. 21 of 38 from downtown. terry misses. >> mark: when they made the threes. cool to be part of history. well, that's gone now.
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>> mike: the regular season record is 23. houston did it back in 2013. >> mark: houston did it against my warrior team at the time where we were just fouling them. they were red hot. >> mike: capela misses. rebounds. throws it back out as 1:51 to go. mcdaniels. boy, what a complete annihilation of the second half. >> mark: well said captain obvious. >> mike: i deserved that. >> jeff: that trophy is getting passed around. >> mike: ezeli comes up short. >> jeff: we were debating dell
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l delladagova's salary. i'm going at 15. the only thing bringing it down, injury issues have always plagued him. >> mike: golden state have outscored houston 65-34 here in the second half. >> mark: people probably listen to you say those numbers, not a way of -- those numbers, you're going to see contact over the summer. you're going to be amazed. >> mike: mcadoo is out of bounds with 34.8 remaining. dwight howard and the rockets will face elimination on wednesday night, game five in oakla oakland. golden state, they win a road game and a series for the eighth straight series. that might not sound like a big
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deal. but now it's going to be eight straight series with a road win. the best road team single season road team in the history of the nba. will go up three games to one. thompson, 7-3. third quarter when they scored 41 points in the third. it set the nba playoff record with 21 from downtown. golden state eruptions that we have seen all season long time and time again. they hit 21 threes with steph curry, hitting one and playing only 18 minutes in the first hour. showed you the depth of this warrior team. mcadoo by mcdaniels.
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drives inside. throws it down. the warriors will take a 3-1 lead in this festive set of series. the key question, how badly did steph curry sprain that knee? klay magnificent today as well green. the warriors will await word. plenty of treatment. see how he wakes up tomorrow as curry did not return. second injury of this opening round for the league's mvp. thompson had 23 in just 31 minutes. and andre iguodala, another terrific performance with 22. he's with lisa. >> lisa: thank you, mike. andre, no problem, like how did you guys collectively step it up when you saw he wouldn't be able to play? >> tough loss for us and we're praying for my brother. he really wants to be out there
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and fight with us. but he's strong and we're going to carry him but we always say strength in numbers. one guy can't just do what he does for us. >> >> lisa: how did the game change for you knowing he was going to be out? >> i knew had to be a bit more aggressive looking for my shot. really good the last week or two. and just knew i had to kind of treat it like i do and practice. i really go at those guys. so it's trying to do the same things. teammates looking out for me. >> lisa: you and draymond blew up the game. what was clicking for you guys? >> we have a lot of confidence. and there are things we can do that we hold back with because our team doesn't need it and it's nights like tonight, okay, the guys need us to do this tonight so we're ready to go. >> lisa: take a look at this video andre. this is the treatment you got on the bench from trainer chelsea lane. is that as painful as it looks?
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>> that's pretty painful. >> lisa: she is dominating you. >> it's like getting a colonoscopy checkup. i'm 35. do you get that at 35? i'm sure that feels like that. >> lisa: oh, no. it looked awful. >> i came down weird. chelsea is the best. she'll get me right. >> lisa: congratulations on the win. mike. >> mike: all right. you never know where an interview will lead you. andry iguodala and golden state just destroy houston in the second half. now they're up three games to one. clippers up two games to one. san antonio winning earlier defeating the grizzlies. the big story still for golden state, steph curry and that sprained knee. final seconds slipped on a wet spot. tried to play in the second half but they wouldn't let him start it. he'll have obviously plenty of
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treatment updates throughout the night on espn. so for all of us mike breen saying thanks for watching abc the nba finals. stay tuned. coming up after these messages on abc. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. your choice of the lincoln mkc or mkz for $289 a month, or get 0% apr for 60 months.
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here we are wrapping up an interesting sunday on nba playoff action. the warriors are officially up 3-1 in this series. no surprise there. let's start with the results of the game before we get into the injury situation. there's at least one for each team significant however third quarter jaylen rose the golden state warriors were tied and exploded in the third. what was the key.
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>> plus 21 in the third. they played like a team that saw their leader down on the canvas and said we can't play any extra basketball games by coach collins continuing to stress and draymond green, their other all-star. klay thompson both will be nba performers led a three-point barrage in the third quarter. we're going to talk about the rockets not showing up to play. >> i was going to ask you. when you see, you have been there i haven't. when you see the mvp go down, steph curry go down don't you want to say okay here's our chance let's go for the jugular. there was none of that there from the houston rockets. >> does that surprise you? i mean that's what they have been all year. >> exactly. >> to me, it's what you saw remember the one year they won and they were done 0-2 and came back and won and everybody said don't ever underestimate the
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heart of a champion. that's what you saw in golden state today. the heart of a champion. if you are the houston rockets, i mean you don't know how long steph curry is out. let's hope it's not going to be long. >> sure. >> but you even up this series 2-2 and he might not play in game five and you come out and you give up 41 points in the third quarter. you get beat by 48 points from the three-point line. give up 38 assists on 46 field goals. >> after a very good first half. things you said were important. they did it in the first half. >> but it's been the whole series. he's averaged good first half and came back and had one basket in the second. it's collective team. i'm watching at the end of the game and even guys who came in at the end, the shots were wide open. i said i think i could get a jumper off a game like that. that's discouraging for me and j.b. bickerstaff to sit there as a coach because a team is a
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reflection of the coach. when a team plays like that it rips your heart out. you go in the locker room, jay, because you say i can't get my message across to this team. >> and even could kevon mikhail. >> uncontested layups, threes, not running back on defense, it just showed low basketball character for a team that's in the playoffs and you should be enthusiastic to play in front of your home fans you see an opportunity with steph curry on the canvas. maybe we have a chance to tie this series up and for them to play the way they played in the second half it's almost embarrassing that they were a playoff team. >> we don't have too much time left. let's get to steph curry. that made everybody across the country whince when you saw him go down. he was emotional. you can go in several different directions. what happens to the warriors?
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>> no steph curry. they get by this series if he's unable to go and unfortunately we would have to look forward. i don't think because the west is that tough that they would advance past the second round. that's giving credit to their opponent. >> well, you know, i get it with steph because he just gotten back from the ankle. now this happens. you could just see how much the kid loves to play. i'm just praying, i'm telling you i hope the kid is going to be okay because i want to watch him play basketball. >> i do, too. a couple of freak things that happened to him in houston. he took a nasty tumble in the gym. what happened today. hopefully he gets it right. >> you know they'll have mri's and tons of reports. game five wednesday on tnt in oakland. "world news" or your local news is next except on the west coast. thanks for watching. enjoy action tonight over on tnt
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as well. see you next week.
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